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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 20, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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now from abc 7 live breaking news.
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>> and that's a stand off right now onnorth sacramento neighborhood where a police officer was shot and trapped in a yard of a home. >> the gunman continued shooting, keeping other officers at dustance. they saw he is still firing a rifle and it's a very active scene. >> a nearby elementary school an evacuation center for neighbors. we had multiple people on the scene and while on the scene one of our officers was shot. >> about two hours after the officer was shot, they used an armored vehicle to take there hospital. >> abc 7 had a push alert about the officer. download the abc 7 news app and push alerts to get updates on your mobile device.
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>> new updates on stabbing deaths, both along skyline boulevard. one victim had family spread across the south bay. that's where amanda is live from the south bay bureau tonight. you spoke with his family, right? >> reporter: yeah, dan, the second stabbing victim is 31-year-old and his family describes him as a devoted father of two. many of his family members live right here in san jose. >> they returned late tuesday night to search for additional evidence. the stabbing death off 32-year-old abdul of pacifica. just before midnight those deputies heard someone calling for help. they heard 31-year-old john pepikaki suffering from stab wounds. he didn't survive. >> i will be missing you and for
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the rests of our lives. i know he is in good hands. >> reporter: similar to monday night's victims, peggy pepikaki says they received a call. a job came up tuesday evening while working for a tow company. >> he got a call to go to that area and puick up a vehicle. highway 35. that's when it happened, when they killed hum. >> reporter: shortly after deputies found him, they found someone responsible for the stabbing. 26-year-old malik of pacifica was attempting to leave the area. >> a deputy fired at an oncoming vehicle. the suspect was not hit by gun fire but the vehicle went off the road way into a ditch. >> reporter: investigators are still working to confirm whether the homicides are connected. we know pepikaki leaves behind
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an 11-year-old son and one-year-old dautder. abc 7 news. gun fire three times in two days on free ways in the south bay have officers on alert. a man was killed in one of the shooting. no one else was hit bu gun fire. the cases don't appear to be related. matthew matthew rios died at the scene. most of the shootings were road rage. new developments on safety inspections by pg&e. the utility has released an update sawing the workers found about 1100 high-priority safety risks,transmission lines and poles. 97% have been corrected. running through golden gate
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national recreation area and says it will replace part of a transmission line in murin county. >> he said housing is one of the biggest concerns unquality of life. and in the north bay there is a critical shortage following the north bay wild fires and now one nonprofit is creating its own factory to actually build affordable homes. abc 7 news reporter -- >> reporter: my daughters and i were sharing a bed until we got back on our feet and housing was almost impossible. >> reporter: she never dreamed she'd have a home of her own but today she does thanks to habitat for humanity of sonoma county. >> it gave me so much confidence and self esteem. >> reporter: but there are so many on the waiting list. one reason the habitat is doing something bold.
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the interim ceo john kennedy shows this huge space they just leased in rohnert park, soon to be a one-stop-shop. >> we will have the ability to receive maujer donations. truckloads, train loads, wood, insulation, dry wall. >> volunteers and students from santa rosa junior college will learn a trade by using technology to design prefab walls. >> busy building cottages like this one in the neighborhood to benefit those who lost their homes in the north bay wild fires. check it out. all of these homes will be completed this summer. >> build more homes and i can see this is going to make it happen. >> reporter: she hopes this will bring the joy of home ownership to people just like her.
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abc 7 news. >> and what do you think would build a better bay area? share your story online on building a better bay area. bta and the transit union members have been negotiating since last august to finalize a labor contract. main stucking point is their desire for union members to contribute more to their pensions. >> and bart will host a town hall to discuss one of the biggest complaints, crowding. and that's dependent on federal funding. bart will host tomorrow between noon and 1:00 p.m. twitter hand tool follow is @sf bart. you can see all of those stories on our website, abc 7
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new developments in a story about a family. >> they spent $10,000 to rent a house, only to find out they'd been fallen victim to fraud which led them on the brung of becoming homeless. >> an abc 7 news viewer community stepped up in a big way. the gofundme account already raised more money than they lost. now they're tracking down who the fake landlord is on a story yo you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> hosted by same alleged fake landlord who took them out of $10,000. how did he know it was the same guy? the phone numbers were the same. >> he needs the key because he's the owner. >> reporter: instead they texted back and forth. the alleged landlord even got
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him a code to the property's lock boxes. >> but he don't can know it's me. >> we're driving and the management company -- >> i didn't know that but i'm also not surprised. >> reporter: he says these scammers are sophisticated. >> i've had my tech person trace ip addresses all the way back to north africa or turkey and it's not much we can do. >> now he water marks every photo and use as remote acsis system where anyone who wants to see a property needs to sign up and even take a selfie. so do they do this? >> it will verify you're registered and then give you a code to open the box and give you the keys. >> can we check it out? >> i can't give it to you but if we are contacted by police obviously we would coop rot with that.
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>> reporter: we texted the alleged landlord and he replied. he texted me back and said yes, it's still available. when are you looking to move in? you heard they might have information about the fake landlord. we connected them with san francisco police tonight. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. now we have a link to the family's gofundme account on our, site. i'm kate larson. and they created a new product for your kids' brain power. two east bay teens are knocking it out of the park tonight. the generous gift they had for little leaguers unconcord. >> what it took to get back. i'm meteorologist sandy putell. this is how the morning is going to start out. but find out if the change unseasons will bring a change in the weather pattern. >> right after abc 7 news at
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starting tomorrow use and use a direct listing that's not an ipo and will immediately be available for trading at a direct public office to raise cash for the company but will allow employees and early investors to share their shares. they posted first quarter revenue and losses just shy of 32 million. they set a reference price of $26 a share. kate larson has the story. >> so that first taste -- >> reporter: instead of wine,
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it's yogurt. he co founded brainiac's with his friend. >> we have six kids, three each. >> reporter: they learned many infant formulas contain omega threes but once they grew out of formula they worried where the critical fatty acid was coming from. >> kids in america are getting about 20% of the omegadha they need. and 15% of their brain is that and they get it from foods like salmon and trout. and they were not the kids' favorite foods. >> reporter: so they created brain brainiacs. a san franciscoo mom says foods fortified with omega 3s can improve brain health for children and adults. >> a recent study suggested that omega 3s have an invrsz
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relationship with depression. >> omega 3s can be found in walnuts or what you can find in oatmeal. eggs are a major source of colon but you can find it in meat, broccoli and beans. and coming soon to bay area grocery stores. san leandro is showing its pride. check out those colorful cross walks. a ribbon cutting was held today for the rainbow cross walks. part of the city's pride month celebration. i like those. >>a fndion maders ryappy togh >> head first leadership and junior giants handed out more than 1,000 pieces and it was -- their group has donated more than 3,000 items over the past
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three year sdws and pair hopes continue while in college. foelsome resident accidental accidentally tossed the ring in the trash and they dug through a truck full of trash and they found the ring. they were able to return it to a very happy andrea before noon. >> talk about a needle in a heystack, that's an expensive needle. >> retser turn your attention to a weather forecast as we get closer to the weekend. we're going to get a cool down and then it's going to heat up through the weekend. from our east bay hills camera, this is how the marine lawer looked as it was rushing un. the marine lawer has deepened to just over 2,000 feet and that is why tomorrow morning get ready for a grey start. it may be hard to get out of bed
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tomorrow morning because of this. we have a pretty good breeze at fair field reported up to 39 miles per hour, the gust and as you take a look at the wind gust out of the west, southwest, still on the gusty side. tomorrow they relax in the morning and then they pick back up again which is going to prevent us from getting hot tomorrow. so definitely enjoy that break. live doppler 7 showing you kwut a bit of low cloudiness and fog and even heading out towards the delta right now. so by tomorrow morning things will be changing, all the way out to the delta. peta miles. 50s/60s for your temperatures right now. you can see it is a fuzzy view of san francisco. patchy morning drizzle cooler and breezier tomorrow. a warmer pattern coming your way. so hour by hour tonight, 11:30
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and into tomorrow morning, note this is push out towards the delta 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. it's still pretty widespread. the marine layer gets so deep it will mix out. some lingering patches of cloudiness along the coastline. first thing in the morning 50s. drizzle is sthung you may want to watch out for. tomorrow afternoon a nice mild daw in the inland east bah. you will notice in the south bay 79 in san jose, antioch. 75 in napa, 71 richmond, 76 palo alto. 63 half moon bay. 80 unsanta rosa. don't get too used to the idea because summer solstice takes place 8:54 friday morning. it is going to get down right hot inland with the mid-90s the
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heat is going to hold on sunday. the good news is it's not going to be a wide-spread heat event. temperatures bouncing back just in time for the weekend plans includes heat inland but not for long. cooling next week and it's going to be well below average through tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> very good. thanks. and thank you, wubs. you can check out this cool mural of klay thompson. and tomorrow on "good morning america"
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now take a look at this. a mural thanking the warriors has popped up. shows klaymo tee gog. igd a b thklarve klay just happens to be looking in the direction of san francisco across the bay where the warriors will open the 2020 season in their new home, chase arena.
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>> chase center should be cool. >> and "space jam 2" with lebron. if there's one thing the giants have got to fix, it's the first inning. like fixing yesterday the first uning.
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock cuseen e. >> for the giants it's first things worst. coming in tonight they've been out scored 58 to 19. that's the worst in baseball. it happened again against the dodgers in l.a. the kid was born to be a giants fan. bottom one here we go. chris taylor talks drew pomeranz deep end gone. pomeranz in dismay there. 3-0 dodgers in a flash. second inning. at least they're out of the first, right? pile garlic downtown.fa dodgers hit four bombs.
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going to show you a dodgers highlight. just coz. 9-2 dodgers the final. bumgarner goes tomorrow in the series final. this guy can throw 95. but oh, off speed pull as string. then jonathan just browsing and rinoto nunez. bassett did not allow a hit through five. struck out six. bottom five. let's bash. three-run bash. staws up 3-0. miguel castro takes a walk on the wild side. chris davis scores. a's sweep the orioles 8-f 3. matt schurzer break his nose during a bunting drill. today he was on the mound with a huge shiner dealing. struck out ten. seven scoreless. the nats beat philly 6-2.
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if i broke my nose, i'd be out a long time. not enough mock up for that. surprise, surprise. school star, sophy jones, named the gatorade national girl of the year award. >> you have won the gatorade national girls soccer player of the year. >> so cool. the hall of famer steve young made the announcement. steve young's son is sophy's class mate. given to them for their athletic and academic achievement along with character. she had 18 goals and scan asusts this season. >> i came unthinking i was going to do an interview for winning state player of the year and i was surprised with the gatorade national player of the year. it's going to talk a while to process but it's such an honor and i can't believe they chose me. >> how cool. everybody in on the surprise.
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sponsored by river rock cuseen eo. peyton manning among those.
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all right. as always we appreciate your time. >> all of us at abc 7 news, thank you for joining us. right now on jimmy kimmel@@
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> a thrilling ride takes a terrifying turn. the dramatic way one woman's left hanging on for dear life. >> oh, ooh. >> a career man who quit it all to try something new. now see how he's taking cues to make connections across the globe. >> i believe we'll remember the rest of our lives. >> relaxing when. >> other animals come strolling un. >> what has those nomads looking to crash their party. and steven shapiro's stopping strangers on the street. >> but they don't understand the things he's saying. >> why all his nonsense starts
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making perfect sense. >> these people in mexico are having a great time. they always bring those rides with them. >> it's a pendulum. >> the intention is to go all the way around. about here they start screaming for whole different reasons. oh, ooh. >> it's awful. one of the seats where this woman is sitting -- it's not clear if the harness is loose. but she ends up hanging.ere end floor. everyone else in the ride are now concerned for their own safety. the operator immediately stopped the ride. what


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