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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 21, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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out big vocals. >> when something unexpected happens. >> see the moment their show must go on. >> it's late in the night and early in the morning in this village in india and something is tough. we see a cow clearly spooked. knocked down the fence, and just go scampering away. now he's bare chested and chair footed and then something else comes at him. it's a full on stampede. you can see it. they go tearing through. at this point he picks himself up a stick. >> oh, that's a lion. >> you missed something that happened. a young cow is also
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lands on top of it and claims it and this is where he decides to act. he gulf opportunity zone at it with his stick and throws it and wait, faces down a lion with a spare of pants and a stick. >> it's crazy. >> what were the odds that they was going to land that throw too? >> just what a video. >> now it's always polite to offer somebody a chair, even if it's an alleged thief like in this video from israel. here you go buddy. >> nice. >> it's the kind of video we enjoy. we saw him running. there had to be something going on. so this dude decided to act and it turned out he had stolen it from next door. >> that was so perfectly
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>> you know your cool like that. >> there are a lot of diets out there but i guarantee this one isn't for most people. >> about 90% of my diet is raw sheep meat. >> for nearly a decade he has been eating an all meat diet. most of the animals he butchers himself at home. >> he's not even cooking this stuff? >> he's not cooking this stuff. >> including raw chicken. >> raw chicken was the one thing that made him sick but when you wake up in the morning and go get coffee he goes and gets dried liver. >> growing up i had a standard american diet and had allergies and head aches and other food intolerance issues. >> he thinks he's getting all the nutrients he needs.
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he says it's not something for everybody. >> the meat smoothie is narly. >> his kids do eat some of the meat with him. he has a girlfriend. >> i think the way he harvests meat is much more ethical than buying it from a grocery store. >> she was a vegetarian. >> you let this man change you girl. >> i guess cooking in this house is easy. i'm so repulsed by this but i eat steak and all kinds of stuff. >> i prefer eating the whole animal with all the organs. >> does he eat rotten meat? >> there's mold growing on it and sometimes i'll just eat it. >> maggots and everything. >> he eats those. >> yes, he does. >> there's so many unique people. >> the spleen, the river, the rocky mountain oysters. he eats it all. >> to each his own.
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he has a family and a girlfriend. >> every pot has a lid. >> it's called canyoneering officially but i'd like to call trying not to drown while dangling from a rope because these guys are having a ball but it is risky. they're doing this in france but it just looks like so much fun. plenty of repelling. get to the right spot and just splu plunge in. you're part of the waterfall. >> there's so much to it that's exciting. it's the spray hitting you in the face and stuff like that. >> all i can think of you are going to drown. >> y don't do this unless you know what you're doing or you're with very skilled and educated people. >> it is something that you can sign up for a tour to go down i
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places around the country. >> this one can be an extreme one. it took 4.5 hours to not only do you get the exhilaration of the water but look at the views you get >> this reminds me of a bad experience i had at a water park. >> these guys are having a blast. it does look like a lot of fun and a great way to stay cool day all long, right? >> for somebody who has ever owned and lost a pit, this one is for you. >> i have a feeling these two have met before. >> yeah, it's been about two
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years though. this is the moment this woman is reunited with her dog. apparently someone stole the dog but when the shelter was called to rescue it, it had been out on the streets. and you could tell that the dog was in a bad way. so they gave it a little tlc and posted it's pictures online and the pictures picked up some traction. that's where this woman saw her dog, recognized it, called the shelter and on this day, here we are. >> oh, yeah, i love you. i missed you. where have you been? >> she was devastated to recognize her dog but in a completely different state. >> but the other side of this, that's my dog. >> but there's a blessing that they are reunited and they can live happily ever after. >> they have just come home from school and you hear them say
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where is it? that's because their dad has told them that there's a little something waiting for them at home. >> except it's his birthday. and they start to squeal and scream and then you just hear the tears start to fall. >> thank you so much. >> apparently in november 2018, they lost their family dog and so they have been contemplating getting a new one so they found the perfect puppy and decided to hand the dog off on his birthday in one big celebration of love. >> oh, cute. >> passengers fly out of an suv as it tumbles down a hill. >> oh my god. >> find out the surprising condition of the female passenger. >> it's like a jack in a box. >> and rich ferguson is at it again. >> see how he blends in for a
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for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig closed captioning provided by. >> i think the people recording this video probably had a hunch that things were about to go downhill and they were not wrong. as this suv starts moving forward it hits a bump and then it starts rolling down that hill. >> oh my gosh. >> like a jack in a box. >> like an ejection seat. >> a girl is thrown from the vehicle. >> was that another person being thrown from the vehicle? >> that was a 38-year-old man that ended up suffering severe
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injuries. he went to the hospital and did need surgery but expected to survive. the girl just walked away with bruises and minor scrapes and refused medical care. she was just fine. >> i don't think you can tell from the video how steep that was. it looked like he was just going across the ridge line and that wheel it looked like just fell into a hole. >> you can see what the vehicle looks like at the bottom of the hill. it is completely smashed. maybe it also played a next role in this video from iran. >> they're passing as they come up on the blind turn. bad idea. >> oh, wow. >> formula one or >> >> that scooter managed to
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stop just in time to bump the tire of that big truck. >> didn't he he s e'llp the truy oh no and they just straighten right up. >> that's the luckiest case. >> it was lucky. >> i'll tell your geography knowledge a little bit while we watch this beautiful drone video. this city is a hub for fashion and design and art and architecture. >> no paris. paris fashion week. >> good guesses. it's a mixture of brand new and old architecture. we're talking about milan. >> it was very quick. i never got a chance to visit. >> it's been dated. it's lived through wars and invasions and that's what has made the city what it is today. this video was shot in 5k put
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together by electric life. >> can you spot rich ferguson? >> i think i can. >> i do see rich. >> well, you guys. >> oh, i see rich. there he is. >> took a moment but you spotted him. some other people, well, of course they got a >> that's not funny man. >> smile. >> after he surprises these people taking a photo they're like come on in. bring it i >> it's remarkable how muchebs . ud toin hgh d tobe grass and jungle area and here he is blending in in a gum ball.
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>> that's really scary in here. >> >> come on somebody. he liked the surprise so much, she wanted to give him a tip. >> we got her. >> now on this one somebody said watch out. but still the prank >> i'll go that way. heights. >> discover the cost of this 3-d printing flying project.
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we all heard of prewedding jitters. they have a reason to be jittery because they're getting married in antarctica. >> she already has a jump start. she travelled to 79 countries across six countries and antarctica was on her list and they had the idea and contacted the wedding coordinators that said they could pull it off. >> that's cool. >> 28 degrees fahrenheit. >> that's not too bad. 28 in antarctica. that's livable and the bar doesn't need to restock with ice. >> that is true. this was all apart of a ten day
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cruise they took. four days were spent in antarctica and after they said their vows and made it official they were joined by a pod of whales. >> oh my goodness. that's epic. >> to celebrate their love in unique ways, but this one is pretty cool. >> the most impressive thing my visitation. it wasn't that impressive though. but he did something starkly different. >> did he 3-d print those? >> yeah. the entire thing. he was undergrad and interned at gravity industry. that's the same jet pack we have seen. so what he is doing is working with gravity industries to figure out a way to 3-d print the jet pack using metal
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powers it up and gets it oh my god. >> oh my goodness. my heart is breathing. >> it's apparently the fastest 3-d printed jet suit ever. this was the opening of the design show >> like iron man. >> they started with the show stopper. >> pretty incredible in and of itself. yes it's impressive and yes it is printed and it's still 30,000 u.s. dollars but with his advancement with the way technology is working sense ten years into the future where we can just post it online and print it. >> that's amazing.
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>> hey, everybody. it's me, gabe. >> gabe has dino dreams. >> does he just want to grow up to be a t-rex. >> the next big thing.
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>> it does look easy. >> forget about it and then the sippy cups. >> oh, yeah. >> what do you do in the middle of a broadcast when something unexpected happens? >> just go with it. >> yeah. i think our little lady here knows that. >> mommy. >> thank you. >> oh, i love it. >> she is singing a song from moana. how far i'll go and she is into her performance. she is feeling it and then she really is feeling >> she has a little moment and
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then. >> she's really using her belly to sing and breathe. >> things >> i remember my first live shot and i think i did the same thing. >> now this little guy is just as precious >> yeah, apparently it's social worker appreciation week at gabe's school and he decided to show up as this career choice. >> i want to be a palentologist. >> isn't he already? >> he kind of is, actually. it even has his title in the background. >> that's cool. he's going to be the coolest kid that's not the coolest part. check out his head lamp.
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i love the way his parents are supporting this whole entire situation. >> they love that all the attention he is getting is also raising awareness for aspbergers on the autism spectrum. >> that's our episode for today. don't forget brand new episodes >> here at "millionaire" if you make one mistake, you're done. there are no do-overs. except for this week when every day we're bringing back a player who's first time here didn't go so well and giving them another shot. from caesars entertainment studios, this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] hey, everybody, it's second chance week. welcome!
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[cheers and applau] our xtontestant a radio new jersey. please welcome back christian sorge. [cheers and applause] welcome back, man. i missed ya. >> did ya? >> had to come back. >> like déjà vu all over again. >> who would have thought. >> i'm sure this will bring back some good memories. >> oh. >> the question you went out on. >> oh, come on. [laughs] >> according to usda estimates, while an adult often needs over 2,000 calories per day, a normal one-month-old baby boy only needs about how many? >> you want me to tell you what i answered or what the actual answer is? >> what is the actual answer? do you know it now? >> actual answer is c, 475. >> and where would that have taken you in the game? >> that would have taken me to $30,000 i believe. >> so this was the $30,000 question. >> this was the $30,000. this was a big one. >> been thinking about that for a while. >> oh, yeah. >> well, a chance at redemption today. >> great. can't wait. >> you're about to face 14 questions all the way up to a million dollars. the three lifelines are there, just like theyer to help you along the way. the only difference today is,
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there's more. >> oh. >> if you get the $5,000 question correct, you will also get this: a private cabin and champagne toast on the high roller observation wheel at the linq hotel and casino and dinner for two at martorano's at paris las vegas. martorano's is an edgy, modern restaurant serving home-style italian dishes. so there you go! >> what a bonus! >> are you ready for another shot at the million? >> let's do this. >> all right, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ we'll start you off with that $500 question. good luck. according to a common expression--and a song by kelly clarkson--"what doesn't kill you makes you" what? >> i won't torture you by singing it, but it's "c," what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. final answer. >> yes, you're right. [cheers and applause] >> good start. >> $1,000 question.
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it's commonly recommended that when arranging flowers, you create a greater surface area for drawing up water by cutting the stems how? >> no, that doesn't work. you actually cut it at a 45-degree angle which creates the bigger surface area. that's d. final answer. >> i always did that. i never knew why. now i know. both: there you go. >> $2,000 question. having nothing to do with a popular dance, which of these is a shrine in seville, spain dedicated to an important religious figure? >> [sighs] i've been to the whip and nae nae sanctuary. it's not in seville, spain. i'm gonna go with b. the basilica of la macarena.
2:12 am
final answer. >> that is what we were looking for. that's right. all right, that's $2,000. this will take us to $3,000. saying "it hit its worst at the french open," who once confessed to a serious internet shopping habit that involved spending six hours a day online? >> well, the french open, i know, is a tennis, tennis match, so, of those answers, serena williams would be the tennis player. so "c," serena williams. final answer. >> the logical connection. that's right. serena. apparently likes to shop online. all right, here we are. $5,000 threshold. the dinner, the ride on the high roller, all to this question. while most people only get to see one of each, the few people in which of these locaon


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