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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 21, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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same academy six months ago. reuit'ssical fil and ran uphill for five miles with them to show them support. >> she had already done that test six months earlier. she didn't need to come out. she's only one of people from previous academies that come out and run, but she did it because she wanted to support the officers you saw here tonight nobody asked her to, nobody told her to. she just did it. >> 36 officers were sworn in, the other recruits to ten other departments. shooting suspect adele sambrando ramos is scheduled to appear in court on monday. records show he has a long criminal history including multiple domestic violence and battery cases. cases. his estranged wife tells a sacramento bee he was a good man and a good father.
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it is now 4:30. a quick update on whegt ever and traffic. >> let's take a look at what's going on with live doppler 7. you can see the winds, always like to look at those to see how the wind field is going. it's a little less than it was yesterday which is going to help our warming trend today. that and the fact that you hardly see clouds from our exploratorium camera. stars over san francisco. let's break down the day for you. 52 to 58, a little cooler this morning. in fact, our coolest morning moving forward will be in the 50s to 60s at the coast from noon to 4:00, 72 to 77 bay and inland. the 80s are back, and the 90s are right behind it. we're off to a favorly quiet start other than road work in a few areas. no issues in san jose. 101 and 880, starting to see the inbound side increase in volume. that won't slow you one bit if you're about to head out the door. drive times, friday light so
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far, even out of the central valley. southbound 680 dublin to mix boulevard in the green at 15 minutes. northbound 85, highway 101 to cupertino clear. tensions between the u.a. and iran are heightening. >> overnight president trump reportedly ordering a military strike but then reversing course at the very last minute. mona co-skosar abdi live for uss morning. >> good morning. both currents have reiterated they don't want to go to war. but iran says it's ready while president trump says we'll find out. tensions with iran reaching new heights as president trump approved retaliatory air strikes for the islamic republic for shooting down a u.s. surveillance drone. >> iran made a mistake. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the operation was under way
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when trump abruptly called it off. despite the reversal, the president trump insists he's not being pressured into conflict. >> not at all. in fact, in many cases it's the opposite. >> reporter: adding to a week of hostility between the two nations beginning with the u.s. accusing the islamic republic of attacking two oil tankers in the gulf of oman. iran has denied conducting the attacks but did claim responsibility for shooting down the u.s. drone you can see in these images falling in the skries. the ambassador saying we tried to caution the drone through radio transmission but says, since it was a spy drone we were left with no other options. pentagon officials refute those claims. >> this was an unprovoked attack on a u.s. surveillance asset that had not violated iranian airspace. >> reporter: late thursday there was an emergency briefing on the situation where some members for both parties urged for caution. >> we're worried that he and the
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cltie onhe hil are bumble into a encouraging him to taking a gres sive action. >> the oy way iran cnges i behavior is america will put options on the table that would create pain for their regime. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the situation would have escalated quickly had the plan been carried out. official fear the attack would have called hundreds of civilian casualties. in washington, mona koes sar abdi, abc 7 news. the suspect accused in two deadly stabbings is fwhookd jail. >> also officially charged for the murders that happened earlier this week on the same stretch of skyline boulevard. unser is live at the jail. rfr good morning. late last night san mateo county sheriff's office confirmed the
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suspect, malik dosouqi was booked on eight counts of murder, two counts of use of a deadly weapon -- for injuries related to his arrest. he was apprehended just after midnight on wednesday after allegedly driving his car towards deputies who were tending to 31-year-old john pekipaki who was screaming for help after being stabbed. he died on scene. a deputy stumbled on pekipaki after being sent to look for evidence on another stabbing that happened monday night. the victim that night was abdul malek nasher. both of them were attacked on a rural stretch of san mateo county. the sheriff's office is still trying to determine a motive and if the suspect knew the two
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victims. does suki will be arraigned on monday. >> happening now. firefighters are battling a massive fire at a philadelphia oil refinery. the fire started around 1:00 a.m. our time. a series of explosions were heard as far away as south jersey and delaware county pennsylvania. there are no reports of significant injuries. the refinery is the largest on the east coast. two san francisco police officer involved in a deadly shooting will not be facing charges. district attorney george gas cone say they acted in self-defense. body camera video shows the shooting in march of 2018. the officers were responding to reports of a man with a gun. the man opened fire striking an officer in the leg and wounding tree other people. the officers returned fire hitting him. he died on the way to the hospital. in the east bay the city of oakland will open its first ever
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designated parking spot for those livingout oftheir vs. it's located near the coliseum b.a.r.t. station. proponents say it will be a safe place to park rvs. the bay area housing crisis has left many to live in their vehicles. in march a safe place for people to sleep in their cars opened at the williams church baptist church. they provide a security guard, fresh water and bathrooms. pg&e is set to face questions about proposed bonuses to executives while going through bankruptcy. pg&e wants to pay out $11 million to ceo bill johnson. they're incentives for meeting company goals especially wildfire safety. meanwhile pg&e filed for bankruptcy protection in january to ward off at least $50 billion in wildfire claims. the bankruptcy court has to approved the bonuses. treating cancer patient by patien. the new cancer center opens in
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san francisco offering more than just medicine. b.a.r.t. is getting a big check from the federal government. but will the millions of dollars ease the overcrowded cars? if you're one of the people who still has trouble coping -- >> i have no idea who that was. >> that was my voice but i didn't read that. >> i'm having trouble cope being the fact it's 4:30 in the morning. summer begins this morning. what better way to celebrate? >> all that is ahead. my phantom voice just came back. >> are you a ventriloquist? >> i am. >> split personality? >> whoa. >> two places at once? >> let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. good morning. we're cooler this morning. up to a couple degrees, even up seven degrees in san francisco. temperatures 54 to 5 degrees. the warm spot would be the ferry building at 56. temperatures mid to upper 50s just about everywhere. tracy is much warmer. head to heta 49
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idoa yesterday. breezy north of the bay bridge today if you're out on the water. east bay valleys, in the 50s at 7:00, 64 at 9:00. low to mid 80s this afternoon. just about full on sunshine this. 71 degrees at 11:00, unfortunate per 70s at 3:00. we'll get near 80 down in the south bay at about, say, three to 5:00, maybe 1:00. by 7:00 down to 73 degrees. a lot more sunshine in the forecast today and a lot more heat coming up this weekend. let's bring alexis in, fingers crossed for friday light. >> most areas we are. we've got some road work going late. i'll talk about that in a second. right now looking at a smooth drive through the walnut creek area, southbound 680 through
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north main. if you're continuing through the caldecott tunnel, the left bofr is closed for maintenance until 5:00. i don't think that will cause any delays. that should be done before the commute starts to pick up. this was the pavement repair that was supposed to be done at 3:30, westbound 580 between eden canyon and castro valley boulevard. three left lanes blocked. hopefully wrapping that up soon. i checked with caltrans a few moments ago and they're still wrapping up the work. looks like the backup is improving a
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a high danger in lake and solano counties. that continues until 6:00 saturday with gusty winds, light hooud. if anything does spark, it spread rapidly. 63 in eureka, 67 in monterey. the clouds will keep 68 in san diego, 96 in palm springs. heading to the high country this weekend, a bit breezy, above average, warm sunshine to round out the weekend. the university of california is making changes to stop cheating in the admissions process. uc president janet napolitano
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ordered an audit. the changes include better verifications of claims on students' applications and reviews of potential links between donors and applicants. uc will scrutinize students admitted with special talents like athletes. a brand new high tech center at the mission bay campus. abc 7 news got a tour yesterday. patients refusing infusion therapy will be surrounded by natural light. some will have a view of the warriors new home across the street. patients will appreciate that all the services are done at one single building. >> at this place, you look at the views. that will certainly help to make a cancer patient feel like, okay, i'm looking forward to finishing this so i can get outside and continue on with my life. >> the new cancer center will have three radiation machines allowing for more flexibility. part of building a better bay area means making transit better for everyone.
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here is abc 7 news anchor dion lim. >> reporter: after a year and a half of claiming the federal transportation commission was n. is $300 million closer to their request of $1.25 billion in funding. >> this is a huge case to support us on an order of 306 additional new trains, contribute to the new system. >> reporter: riders asked about alleviating the sardine-like cramming on cars, b.a.r.t. suggested reverse commuting and they're talking to large employers to get them to move away from downtown san francisco. >> we're looking for a headquarters in oakland right now. we're part of the reverse commute that i think would help even things out. >> reporter: we asked mayor london brie what she thought about the idea? >> the right thing to do is invest in our transportation system. >> reporter: one of the major questions you had on twitter was
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wait times. this coming from jeff saying, b.a.r.t., what is the timeline to get 12-minute headway? is 12 minutes enough. >> we're having some 20 minute wait times late at night and on the weekends. that does deter ridership. >> reporter: as you can see from one of b.a.'ee, theyell celebrang their new money from the federal transportation administration, but they do warn passengers to be patient before they see any change. in the studio, die i don't know limb, abc 7 news. today marks the first day of summer, and it coincides with national smoothie day. in honor of both several businesses offering sweet deals. jam ba offering e free smoothies -- it's just jamba now. dunkin giving away free iced and frozen beverages for perks rewards member. tomorrow krispy kreme wants you to try the brand new original filled doughnut available in chocolate and vanilla for free
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while supplies last as participating locations. >> really? >> yeah. it's a glazed doughnut and it has a hole in it but it's somehow magically filled all the way around. >> oh, that's the innovation. okay. >> technology mike, moving in the right direction. >> tasty technology there. how about that? >> will you be there tomorrow? will i run into you? questions to ponder. walnut creek, one of the areas in the 70s yesterday, 90s tomorrow. brighter today, warming trend begins. mainly clear. breezy in the hills again tonight and hot and below average in our accuweather seven-day forecast. look at the clouds in the forecast. we'll see what it does to our temperatures and what you're going to see are 80s, a wealth of them down in the sway except for milpitas at 78.
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we drop into the mid and upper 70s for most neighborhoods. check out the mid to upper 60s along the coast today and near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito with low to mid 80s through the north bay valleys. a little breezy there. from oakland breezy with temperatures in the mid 70s to near 80. mid to upper 70s as you head towards union city. low to upper 80s from 82 in pleasanton to 88 in brentwood. here is a look at tonight's temperatures. low to upper 50s, even 60s possible in antioch. my accuweather seven-day forecast, 70 degree high, possible near the coast along the coast saturday and sunday. cooling hits us on monday. 60s, 70s, 80s on tuesday. wednesday will be our coolest day. >> checking out the commute this morning. overall we're starting off pretty friday light. hopefully we can keep it that way. taking you out to the tracy drive. westbound 205, 26 miles an hour, 39 miles an hour on 580 closer
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to altamont pass. yes we're seeing red, but it's a little lighter than monday through thursday commute. mass transit so far, so good. trains begin running at 5:00 a.m. for b.a.r.t. ace 1 and 3 on time. no delays and no delays for capitol corridor. firefighters find a high tech way to rescue ducklings. here is tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, fake businesses on google maps. >> the "wall street journal" found about 11 million falsely listed businesses with hundreds of thousands more appearing every month. google said it removed 3 million fake profiles and is looking for better ways to fight scams. an australian study says bone spurs are growing on the back of heads. >> some scientists say the bone growth could simply be general at the timic. firefighters in colorado
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found a high tech way to rescue kuck links. >> one used a phone playing the sound of a duck. it worked. >> reunited with their mom on a field nearby. >> those are your tech bites. neighbors in one east bay community has a new way to get help in an emergency. saving a bit of san jose history. what it took to get this legendary pig dancing again.
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continues in pleasanton today. gates open, 73 degrees up to 82, down to 63 by the time it's over. still pretty comfortable, at least more so than usual. it's bark in the park. you have to have a separate rhett ticket for your dog. a's on a four-game winning streak, 69 at the 7:07 first pitch. down to 61 by the end of the game. this broken water main that flooded san francisco's chinatown has been capped. later this morning public utility crews will continue to fix the pipe. it happened between washington and grant and stockton treats. it supplies waters to fire hydrants so customers aren't affected. there is a backup water supply in place in case firefighters needed to use the hydrants. fremont police launched a
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new text 911 serice. you can send up to 140 characters to 911 if you're within the city. the service does not accept photos or videos. police say 911 texting is especially useful if neighbors want to report a crime and calling is not possible. lost a wallet full of cash? you're more likely to get it back than if you were to lose an empty one. this is according to a new study. university of zurich researchers planted 17,000 wallets in 40 different countries. return rates varied by country. i don't know why we're looking at the weather graphic. just imagine we're talking about this. switzerland led with a 72% return rate. the u.s. you also would hope to be a high return rate. 57%, not great. china on the very bottom. 22% return rate for those wallets. researchers say people in general don't like to see themselves as thieves. when they see all that money, it
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prompts them to act. >> i never would have guessed that. >> me neither. i demand a recount. i don't know about that. >> hi, mike. if i ever find a wallet full of cash, i think i'm getting set up for something. >> immediately look around for a camera? >> yes, and return it immediately without looking in the wallet. >> maybe you want to return this forecast? it's going to be a nioisy night around middleton and care stowing ga. let's take a look at our temperatures tomorrow. wealth of 90s in the north bay, east bay valleys. even 70s around san francisco. about the same for sunday. a little bit warmer in the south bay as we near 89 degrees. and then on monday we start to see the sea breeze take over at least along the coast and parts of the bay. even those 90s are numbered. by tuesday they're gone again. about a three-day heat wave for
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our inland neighborhoods. here is alexis. good morning. better news traveling through the castro valley area. paving work went lake, westbound 580 between eden canyon and castro valley boulevard. we thought the backup was looking better and now it's fully back in the green. all lanes are back open. the only backup we're seeing right around the bay bridge toll plaza is in the cash lanes. car pool lanes are open. fast track users new york city delays yet. always interesting to see what time the metering lights turn on. sometimes it's 5:20 sometimes we can wait a little longer. drivers apparently overestimate the ability of driver assist technology. this according to a new study by an insurance industry group. tesla's auto pilot system was mentioned prominently in the study. almost half of the 200 people asked thought it would be safe to take hands off the wheel to read or text. tesla says the study didn't
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survey actual tesla owners. in the south bay neighbors celebrated the return of a beloved neon sign with a cookout. the dancing pig on montgomery street in san jose marks where a sausage factory once stood. its fate was in question when google proposed to buy the land around dear done station. but after the restoration the pig is once again dancing. >> that's good. next at 5:00 a.m. vgts santa cruz named the least affordable city for educators. what's being done to help teachers in that area. california efforts to stop trump administration abortion rules blocked in court. the rules the state will have to follow while it files the appear. cal state hid a shocking
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spring turns into summer. a live look at san francisco from the exploratorium camera. a cool start to the day. we'll heat up this weekend. farther insfland. >> look at you being grammatically correct. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco bring in the summer forecast. >> absolutely. take a look. let me get a tower cam up there that's not blocked out. you can see from our roof camera there's hardly any clouds out there. that means full-on sunshine for most of us and a warming trend begins today. we start this morning actually a little cooler because of the lack of clouds. into 60s at the coast whi


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