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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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sacramento police officer her life. >> next you'll see the video and get new information about what
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now from abc7, live breaking news. that breaking news is in san leandro. people have been evacuated as fire engulfs an up hol industry shop, sending flames high into the sky. >> dodds of firefighters are on the scene at east 14th street and george way. jobina joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: dan and ama, there are more that 50 firefighters out here trying to get things under control. you check out the building here, you can still see that orange glow coming from the center of it. flames still moving inside. we just learned a few minutes ago that firefighters moved over to the jamaican restaurant next door. you can see them going up the ladder, trying to get things under control inside there. we've heard lots of glass breaking and popping coming from inside. right before 8:30 tonight, fire
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crews got a call of flames coming from inside the upholstery and furnishing shop called knott's. firefighters initially encountered flamed in the attic area. it was upgraded to a three-alarm fire. this is an older style strip mall. firefighters were focused on not letting this spread to nearby businesses but we see it has moved over to at least one other business. it's been a challenging process for them tonight. >> they had a lot of obstacles as they went into the building, and it's a lot of combustibles in the building. a heavy fire load, so the fire rapidly expanded on them, and they had to pull back. now they're in a defensive mode where we're trying to extinguish the fire from the outside. >> reporter: thankfully there were no injuries reported tonight. also no evacuees. firefighters plan to be out here all night. we'll bring you back out here live so you can see them going up the ladder. they're on the roof of sweet fingers.
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this is the jamaican restaurant here on east 14th street. the fire has now moved over. we were just given notice of that right before we came on the air and we'll be out here monitoring the situation as well. stick with us on the air and online for updates. reporting live in san leandro, jobina fordson, abc7 news. new developments late tonight in the investigation of the death of sacramento police officer tara o'sullivan. >> police just released body camera video of officers, guns drawn, knocking on the door before gunfire breaks out. >> police department. if you're in there, let me know. you're not in trouble, dude. [ gunfire ] >> oh, those shots. sacramento's police chief called it an ambush. they say officers were attempting v vm out of the gare o they were then attempting to
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ed fir wh a high-powered rifle, striking officer o'sullivan. >> the shooting suspect, adel sambrano ramos is facing a felony murder charge. he's being held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court on monday. today there was an outpouring of emotion and support for officer o'sullivan. >> a procession brought her body from the coroner's office to a funeral home in elk grove. fellow law enforcement and first responders saluted and paid tribute. >> funeral plans have not been announced but a vigil is planned for sunday at sacramento state. tonight local immigrant communities are living in fear after i.c.e. announces a massive krakds this weekend. >> here's what we know right now. the pre-dawn raids reportedly known as family opp are expected sunday. they're targeting 2,000 undocumented immigrants and will take place in ten major cities including san francisco. >> one of the greatest pull factors for families to come here is they know once they arrive in the united states, they remain here untouched.
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we have to change that message. >> reporter: the local reaction to this story. liz, what's the latest? >> immigrant communities across the bay area are on edge tonight following this announcement. i've talked to immigration advocates tonight who have told me that their phones have been ringing nonstop with questions from clients who are scared that they could be the ones targeted. in san francisco's mission district, a sense of fear ahead of the immigration and customs enforcement's planned deportation raid starting suntds morning. >> everyone is warning everybody on facebook and all social media, all i see is my friends posting please be careful. they start sunday. >> reporter: aisha's friends, liz, is undocumented. she came to the u.s. 25 years ago when she was 4 years old. >> you must be terrified. >> i am. but then again we come t come tc they have been doing this since the begin zpg they want us to be scaredeeumpt's deportation threat as a fear tactic, but for her 9-year-old
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daughter, it feels very real. >> like my mom might leave or they might take my mom. >> reporter: san francisco is one of ten u.s. cities i.c.e. plans 20 target as part of a mass roundup of families living in the country illegally. the announcement came just days after president trump's re-election launch and a tweet where he threatened to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. in a statement friday, san francisco mayor london breed called the president's plan unconscionable and said it's just too inflict as much fear and pain as possible. while oakland and san jose are not listed as targeted cities, both mayors weighed in too. >> i want to assure the members of my community to not panic. >> the president's announcement does absolutely nothing to further the safety of this safety or this country. >> reporter: but not all agree, like the vice chairman of san francisco's republican party. >> at some time you have to enforce the law. >> reporter: for now, immigration advocates across the city are helping communities prepare and learn their rights. >> if a person is in their home,
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they don't have to let them in. they don't have to let i.c.e. in without a valid warrant. >> reporter: san francisco of course is a sanctuary city. that means the local government has pledged not to help the federal government in any of these roundups. the san francisco police department said in a statement today that they plan to honor that. they say they will not help i.c.e. in any way during these raids. in the studio, liz kroit, abc7 news. governor gavin newsom also responded to the potential raid, saying in part, quote, the president's proposed raids are cruel, misdirected and are creating unnecessary fear and anxiety. tonight the governor's office is directing people to the national immigration law center's website for help. the center is encouraging immigrants to print out this card and if stopped by an officer, hands it to them. the card outlines their rights, including you have the right to remain silent. you have the right to a lawyer. you may refuse to speak to immigration officers. do not open your door unless an i.c.e. agent shows you a warrant signed by a judge. we have more on your rights on
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our website, an iranian woman living in the east bay has canceled her upcoming flight to her home country out of fear of what may happen there. president trump called off a strike last night after iran shot down an american drone, but tensions are still very high. people from iran say the concept of war is real, especially for those who lived through the iran/iraq war. >> they were worried about me and, you know, just what's going to happen if i go there, and god forbid something happens, and then i cannot come back. >> the u.s. has called for closed consultations with the u.n. secretary security council on monday to discuss iran. it's the first weekend of summer, and it's going to be warm. cais is a live look from our a red flag warning is in effect tonight for some parts of the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel for details. >> with good reason. take a look at the winds right now out of the north. knoxville creek, hawkeye, winds
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are gusty at mt. diablo. that northerly winds is what's going to drive the fire danger up. it's already up. red flag warning for lake and solano counties. northerly wind gusts, 30 to 40. humidity between 7% and 15%. look at the humidity plunging. mid night tonight it's still pretty elevated. as we go into tomorrow morning, down to the teens around fairfield, napa, lake berryessa, lakeport, and this continues as we head into saturday afternoon. that is why fire danger is elevated. i'll be back with a look at your weekend temperatures coming up. governor gavin newsom is proposing to financially help utility companies dealing with the results of disastrous wildfires. those companies must first agree to concessions like tying executive pay to safety and spending a combined $3 billion on safety measures over the next three years. the companies would be allowed to decide on the type of assistance fund. pg&e would not get a say as it
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goes through bankruptcy proceedings. legislators keep in mind still have to approve the governor's plan. protesters placed 85 pairs of shoes, one for each person who died in the 2018 camp fire, outside pg&e headquarters. today the utility company announced its new board and ceo william johnson at its annual shareholders meeting. investigators blames pg&e for causing that blaze in the town of paradise in butte county. some hor >> really i think the board doesn't inspire much confidence in me as willing to make good changes. >> this week pg&e reached a $1 billion settlement with 14 cities and counties impacted by the fires. johnson said he wants pg&e to emerge from bankruptcy as fast as possible so victims of the fires can get compensated. in the south bay, the valley transportation authority says it is carefully reviewing a civil grand jury report that calls it one of the most expensive and least efficient transit systems
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in the country. the vta recoups just 9% of operating costs through tickets, one of the lowest rates anywhere in the country. the report found the board has failed to curb spending and relies heavily on new taxes. this comes one day after vta operators said they may strike after rejecting a final offer for a new contract. there's growing debate in san jose surrounding a pop country song about the city. why local artists say there's a big problem with what's being promoted. that's up next. changes are coming to the 510. why it's more than just a new dialing process for some living there. and get ready for a good laugh. comedians are are we tnot yet.?
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hydrant sent a geyser of water into the area at the intersection of lincoln avenue and prospect drive in san rafael tonight. it happened about 7:00 this evening. first responders shut down the road while firefighters shut off the water. the road was reopened about 20 minutes later. no one was hurt. no major problem. in the south bay, local artists in san jose say a recently released pop country song about the city is out of tune. we first introduced you to the song san jose by 16-year-old new zealand resident grace kelly last week. abc7 news reporter amanda del cass tillio has the details on this growing debate. ♪ san jose >> reporter: san jose, it's a place singer, songwriter and 16 kbroeld grace kelly summered for years. she wrote the pop country piece, played it for team san jose, and after the city's destination marketing organization shared it with the public, kelly's song took off. >> she's going to go far. the critique here is that the
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creative community was not consulted. >> reporter: jessica sent a list of local artists of color wrote an open letter to team san jose's executive director. they're calling the choice to use kelly's face and voice to promote the city deeply defensive and dismissive of san jose's creative and artistic culture. >> san jose is way more diverse than what was depektsed on the video pretty. . musically, obviously ethnically, everything. >> it's vibrant, culturally diverse, and where was that, right? when we saw for the few folks that were represented, you know, they served as silent props. >> reporter: others argue the song is exactly san jose, pointing to kelly's stroll through a ukulele shop in japantown and views of agua fresca vendors at the flea market. that was the first time paul rogers reviewed the video. disregarding the debate, he says viewers should be mindful. >> remember this is going to be through the eyes of a 16-year-old. 16-year-olds see things a little
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bit brighter and a little bit different way. everything is hopeful and whatnot, and that's good. >> reporter: team san jose and the goop of local artists behind the open letter plan to meet in the future. ♪ we have some developing news in the east bay. there are some major b.a.r.t. delays in the east bay tonight because of pg&e cables on the tracks and a damaged train. >> the fruitvale station is closes. pg&e is responding. trains are being turns down at coliseum and lake merritt stations. staying in the east bay for another moment, prepare to dial a 1 when making local calls if you have a 510 area code. a new 341 area code is being added in western alameda and contra costa counties and that starts tomorrow. you have to dial 1 first or you'll get a message telling you to hang up and dial again. major cell phone companies automatically incorporated the 1 into dialing, so you shouldn't have to update all your
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contacts. >> 510 has always been east bay. this is going to be just one more thing that separates the ogs from the newcomers. >> now, as of tomorrow, people requesting new phone numbers will be assigned either 510 or the new 341. comedians have desended on san francisco this weekend for a clusterfest. >> the three-day comedy festival is indoors and outdoors at civic center plaza and bill graham civic auditorium. >> there are settles from comedians like amy poehler and patton oswalt. you can also check out the sets from shows like "the office" and seinfeld. clusterfest continues tomorrow and sunday. >> again, some of wl wl be the like? >> sandhya has that answer for us. if you're near the coast, it's going to be nice and mild. if you're inland, it is going to be hot. as you would expect, summer started this morning and here's the first sunset of summer. 8:35 p.m. from our kgo roof
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camera. it was absolutely crystal clear at that time when the sun was setting. absolutely gorgeous as well. tonight the fog is really limited. it's only a few patches out there. in case you're thinking i have to escape the heat, don't like it? don't worry. we have a place for you to go. santa cruz. look at the forecast for the weekend. it is going to be nice and mild. 77 degrees from our afternoon. sunday, 76. so it's beach weather. monday is a little cooler, down to the 73 degree mark in santa cruz. it certainly is a good night for the boardwalk as you take a look at a live picture. people are out and about on this summer evening, enjoying the rides and the nice weather. here's a look at live doppler 7. we do have patchy fog from the san mateo coast down towards the monterey bay.ures n in the here's a live cture from our sue troe tower camera. heats up innocent for tland for
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weekend of summer. cooling begins early next week. breezy and much cooler for the million dollars of next week. temperatures first thing in the morning all over the board. clear inland, a few patches of fog near the coast. all the way from the upper 40s in half moon bay to the low 60s in antioch. we'll have our microclimates and in the afternoon as wellment south bay temperatures, 88 san jose. 85 degrees in milpitas. 90 in gilroy. on the peninsula, palo alto, wred wood city, mid 80s. sunset district, 68. north bay temperatures, 85 in san rafael. a good day to be out in the wine country. 91 santa rosa. in the east bay, 84 castro valley. inland areas will be hot. 92 degree, walnut creek. we have the alameda county fair in pleasanton tomorrow. starts out warm at noontime. the sun is out and it gets hot. you definitely will need a hat, glasses, a lot of water to keep
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you hydrated. we also have the in sonoma at the ratice way. low 90s both days on saturday and sunday. the accuweather seven-day forecast, it's going to be a hot weekend. mid-90s inland. mid to upper 60s coast. then the heat eases monday. a big drop in temperatures. midweek, down to the low 80s. where's summer? enjoy. >> thanks, sandhya. things are getting ugly in the north bay. >> oh. the faces
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snouts only a mother could love were on display at the world's ugliest dog contest in petaluma. 19 contestants walked the red carpet for a chance at the
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$1,500 prize and a giant trophy. >> scamp the tramp from the mean streets of compton. when he walks up to people, they get a little scared and they back up. they go, oh, he's scary. then he wins them over with his personality. >> it's always the personality. scamp the tramp ended up bringing home the prize. owner yvonne will donate an additional $1,500 to an animal shelter. find out more tomorrow on "good morning america." on to sports. >> scamp looked like he had a rough night. alex dickerson just joined the giants today. popular in a hurry. a grand slam will do
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. good evening.
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the a's lost their ace today, frankie montas suspended after testing positive for a banned substantial he claims he ingested unknowingly. a's and rays in oakland on bark at the park night or is it giraffe night? a's down 2-0 in the third. then matt olsen smacks his 12th homer of the season. the a's still down 2-1. in the fourth, runners at the corners. one down. that should be an inning-ending double play. marcus semien's throw is wide. run scores. 3-1 rays. bottom half of the fourth. another solo homer. this time it's ramon laureano. also his 12th. a's chipping away but down again 3-2. sixth inning, an all highlight home run. willy adames, that is crushed. a's fall 5-3. their four game winning streak is over. giants, d-backs in the desert. ice cream good. second inning. here it comes. there it goes. kevin pillar, hang it, bang it.
11:30 pm
breaking ball. 2-0 giants. the star, though, alex dickerson, just called up from triple-a. the giants acquired him less than two weeks ago from the padres. grand slam. welcome to the team. 458 feet, longest homer by a giant this season. had six rbis along with three hits. best rbi performance by a giant in a debut since 1920. pillar extending the lead in the seventh. the two-out single. giants win big 11-5. white sox-rangers game, texas outfield, mazara. here it comes. there it goes. aloha. 505 feet. ties the record for longest hom homer. white sox win 5-4. warriors going to pay millions in the luxury tax next year getting young, cheap, good talent is key. last night they drafted three players. jordan pool, 6'5" guard from michigan. eric paschall could turn out to be draymond jr.
11:31 pm
alan smile agik, 18-year-old from serbia. big potential. g.m bob meyers looking for young guys to help steph and draymond. >> if one of them gives good minutes, great. if two cannot, great. i don't know. who knows who that guy will be, but we like these three well enough, and if they can help us next year, that would be great. if they can't, hopefully they'll help us the year after. >> abc7 sports sponsor the by river
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before we go, quick update. the fruitvale station has reopened after a line on the tracks but delays continue on the warm springs line and dublin
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pleasanton direction. >> for sandhya,rry, of us, thanks for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, christina applegate, comedian anthony jeselnik, our


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