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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 24, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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way. that's what police were telling us. people in the area say there was a huge response. they saw so many firefighters and police officers in the area. they just pounced on it and got it out pretty quickly, in just a few minutes. no one was hurt. no damage has been reported. so this was a close call basically, quite a fire drill as they were able to get on this quickly and knock it out. they did evacuate some people just in case. live in fremont, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. firefighters rushed to save boats from a fast moving brush h fire in the delta. east contra costa county firefighters had trouble getting to the fire because it was burning in marshland covered in overgrown grass. no boats were damaged by the fire. we update you now with weather and traffic information.
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hi, mike. >> hi everybody. here is a look at thick fog around petaluma and penngrove. some of the streets that may be covered, bodega avenue, mcdowell boulevard. it's going to be dangerous through the morning hours. we have some around half moon bay and some sneaking up from gilroy towards, say, san jose, eventually, in morgan hill. here is a look for our exploratorium camera. clouds are definitely lower this morning. temperatures 55 to 62 at 7:00, 82 inlandment it will warm up quickly. notice it doesn't get exceptionally hot like it did over the weekend. 77 around the bay, 68 the coast. back into the 70s away from the coast. high clouds and sunshine all day today. we have reports of a disabled vehicle at the bay bridge toll plaza blocking either lane eight or nine. sounds like they're not able to
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move that on their own. that is westbound 80 just as you approach those metering lights. not seeing anything really obvious on camera other than a stack up forming in the cash lanes on either side. that is pretty lengthy. hopefully they can get a few more booths open quickly. that should happen closer to 5:15, 5:20. we're in the green in the drives times, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 17 minutes, 13 across the bay bridge and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo in the green at ten minutes. developing news in the south bay where san jose police are in a standoff with an armed suspect who officers say shot two people, one of them fatally. [ gunshots ]. >> you're watching and listening to flash bang grenades. the standoff started last night off center road. police rescued two gunshot victims out of the home. they used an armored vehicle.
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the armed suspect refused to give up. officers surrounded the home overnight. they have been negotiating with the suspect to surrender. there's still a large police presence in that neighborhood. a live update from the scene at the top of the hour. the man accused of stabbing and killing two people is due to make harce. police arrested malik dosouqi on tuesday. both victims were found off skyline boulevard in san mateo county. investigators believe he drove at deputies as they investigated the second stabbing and deputies shot at his car before he crashed. in a jailhouse interview he told abc news reporter unsar hasan he doesn't want to e prove anything. we're getting our first look at body camera footage from the night o'sullivan was killed. a warning, the video you're about to see is intense and some of you may find this disturbing.
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police say theooer training officer shows an ambush on o'sullivan who was trying to help a woman out of an alleged domestic disturbance. the 26-year-old was a bay area native who went to high school in pleasant hill. the university has set up a scholarship in her name. an official page is set up for the officer tara o'sullivan memorial fund. we have a link on our website. allegations of neglect and mistreatment at border facilities. migrant children in at least two facilities face conditions that one doctor described as comparable to torture. meanwhile uncertainty is sending fear throughout many immigrant communities. this after president trump postponed the raids. janay norman has more. >> reporter: protesters in los angeles directing their anger toward president trump's threat sg he' goi to do these
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massive deportations one day and then one day he's not, the fear he's doing in our community is not okay. >> reporter: the protests come hours after president trump delayed raids by i.c.e. targeting more than 2,000 people in family units who had already received final orders to leave the country. the president tweeted, at the request of democrats i delayed the illegal immigration removal process for two weeks. abc news has learned the president called off the raids after house speaker nancy pelosi urged him not to go through with it. this week congress will consider a plan to send $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid to the border where facilities are overwhelmed with a record number of families. >> this felt worse than jail. >> reporter: this doctor examined infants and children held at a facility in mccallan, texas. she kpaecompares the conditions torture, babies drinking from
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unwashed bottles for days. >> these facilities are putting them at increased risk for infection, disease and death. >> reporter: when asked about the dire circumstances, the president blamed democrats. >> we're doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. the democrats aren't even approving giving us money. where is the money? the democrats are holding up the humanitarian aid. >> reporter: janay norman, abc news, new york. the livermore city council will consider a ban on e-cigarettes today. a proposed ordinance would prohibit the stale of the devices and all favored tobacco products. the measure also requires stores selling tobacco to have a special license to sell it. san francisco supervisors are expected to give a final approval for an e-cigarette ban tomorrow. a mountain lion and two coyotes come together on the south bay. this remarkable video of the back yard standoff. kaiser permanente facing criticism for buying names rights around the chase center.
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kaiser is fighting back. heart stopping moments as the wallendas walk a tightrope above times square. the one move they say was the most dangerous. first, it's 4:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. do you have a fear with heights? >> i've gotten over it as i've gotten older. >> it's something i've definitely tried to get rid of. a look at what's going on, emeryvil emeryville, a lot of fog here. if you're coming out of the hills, you're going to descend into a lot of soupiness. around for the better part of the commute. there will be breezy spots on the water, but no small craft advisories so far for today. here is a look at the east bay valleys, 62 at 7:00, barely 69, almost 70 at 9:00. you can see the low clouds go away. we'll have high clouds and sunshine and mid to upper 80s most of the day.
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a few neighborhoods in highway 4 such as antioch, pittsburgh and brentwood in the low 90s. peninsula in the 60s through 9:00. high clouds and sunshine and mid to upper 70s most of the afternoon hours. our last stop will be the south bay. pretity cloudy through 9:00 and 68. we transition over to high clouds and sunshine. mid 80s during the afternoon hours. look at that temperature at 7:00, a very comfortable 73. in fact, we're going to have a very spring-like accuweather seven-day forecast. first let's bring in alexis and find out about the commute. >> doing okay so far. no major issues to talk about. always welcome that. we're looking live at a very empty richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. on the westbound side they're usually done a little before evytng okay there. a quick check of the central valley drive, westbound 205,
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usually crawl out of tracy, 19 miles an hour. 17 miles an hour
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. good news. along with the cooler conditions, we've got really clean air just about every day this week. let's talk about what's going on awe round the state. still 100s around fresno and palm springs. low to mid 70s around san diego
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and san francisco. chico a little cooler there. 82 in yosemite and about 75 up in lake tahoe where we're a bit breezy and 68. friday high clouds and sunshine, low to mid 70s, pretty close to average this weekend. new this morning, the legendary caesars palace has a new owner. el dorado resorts is paying $17 billion to buy see sars entertainment corporation. it own circus circus and silver legacy in reno and properties in 11 other states. the company says it will keep its name. kaiser permanente is disputing a sponsorship deal with the cost. kaiser could pay the team up to $295 million to name the area around chase center thrive city. the deal calls for keiser to become the official health care provider. the union representing keiser workers is calling the deal
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outrageo outrageous. in the south bay a homeownen and two coyotes. it took place in her own back yard. abc 7 news cornell barnard has the story you'll only see on abc 7. >> reporter: monica wasn't just watching it, but living it when she heard strange sounds coming from her back yard in the foothills of los gatos. >> just after 7:00 i heard growling with the yipping of the coyotes. >> reporter: this is what she saw. two coyotes caught in a tense standoff with a mountain lion. she caught the encounter from the cell phone with the back door. watch as the coyotes appear to work together to corral the big cat and stop it from moving forward. >> i was pretty calm about it because i didn't feel threatened. i was intrigued what was happening. it was obvious the coyotes were
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trying to protect something. was ready to pounce. as soon as it started to pounce, that's when i panicked and shut the door, ended up shaking for about ten minutes. >> reporter: the mountain lion and coyotes -- possibly the same mountain lion returning. >> still around. >> reporter: mountain lion sightings are rare but not unusual. earlier this month there was a citing of a big cat. she doubts she'll ever capture an encounter like this again but she'll be ready just in case. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. happening today, warriors general manager bob myers will introduce the team's three draft picks, jordan pool, allen smile geech and eric paschall. the hope is these three players will help refresh and reload the team. this was golden state's most
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selections since 2012. the team faces uncertainty as free agency opens this weekend. it's unclear what clay thompson and kevin durant will do. both are free agents and both t will host another job fair for their new home in san francisco. more than 1,000 people have applied to be part of the team at chase center. the fair starts at 11:00 at the park 55 hotel. the wallenda siblings walked away winners from another daring feet. >> this happened 25 minutes above midtown manhattan? they walked 1300 feet on this high wire above times square. they did wear safety wires but didn't have a net. >> i truly wanted to give up. i wouldn't even tell my family because it was remembering the feeling of falling and all that.
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but i kept going, no, i have tom y e had prmhe fell bothhethnic will be on gma later this morning to talk about the feat. i believe she broke every bone in her face. a big comeback. good for them. glad it went well. >> no kidding. 4:46. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is mike nicco. >> let's take a look at what's going on outside and what you're going to see as it's pretty hard to see the sales force tower from the east bay hills camera. a blanket of clouds sitting on top of us. much lower than they've been the last couple of mornings. because of that, that's why we're going to see the cooling trend start today. all right. let's take a look at your accuweather highlights and what you're going see. high clouds once the low clouds go away. that's also going to help dim average tperature just
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ab everywhere. here is a look at 7:00 today. you can see the cloud cover ggis we'll get little northerly wind. there may be breaks in the clouds from time to time. we're definitely looking at a different start than we have over the weekend as far as the clouds being so low to the ground and a little fog to deal with. low to mid 80s in the south bay. a little above average. average high in san jose is about 80. about four degrees warmer than that. we've got mid to upper 70s most other places. palo alto about 80 as you head into the south bay, mountain view and los altos in the low 80s. low to mid 60s along the coast today. as you head towards the north bay, low to mid 80s here. as you get from cloverdale northward, 90s as the heat holds on. east bay shore, 72 at richmond, near 80 in newark and union city
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and down towards fremont. mid to upper 80s through the tri-valley. highway 4, low to mid 90s. a quick look at tonight's temperatures. mid to upper 50s for most of us again under a mostly cloudy sky. the 90s are gone after today. the 80s are gone after tomorrow. we have a couple days wednesday and thursday, very much like spring. alexis? >> sounds good to me, mike. i'm not mad about that. looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. a decent stackup in the cash lanes on either side. no issues if you're using the fast track lanes. it does not look like car pool lanes are open yet. they should be in the next few minutes. we had a disabled vehicle blocking one of the fast track lanes. that has been pushed off to the shoulder. doing okay as far as mass transit is concerned. b.a.r.t. trains begin running at 5:00 a.m. a.c.e. 1 leaving the central valley on time. ac transit, no delays. spacex does what it
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considers the most difficult launch ever. this is tech bites. an important day for spacex. the company launch its most powerful rocket at night for the first time. it will also mark the first reuse of side boosters that flew on a previous mission. now amazon wants to watch over your house. >> the online retailer received a patent on surveillance systems for drones. the company says customers will be able to order the drone to fly over their property for security. they stress the plan is in its infancy. the inventor of the usb says he knows it's a pain to keep flipping it over to get it in its slot. but there's an upside. he says usbs aren't reversible because they cost more but it's the biggest annoyance for the which way is it? those are your tech bites. good luck. >> you think we figure out just a standard big red dot on the
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top is up or something. help us out. please. >> why can't we do that? >> that and fitted sheets, bane of my life. still ahead, the move to preserve the unique history and culture of the castro district. 0a
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giants are back home at oracle park, chilly with the strur dropping down to 58 and a little breeze during the game. we'll see increasing clousds, also, as the marine layer comes in. have fun. san francisco's castro district could soon be preserved as one of the most important queer neighborhoods in the world. according to the examiner, the board of supervisors is expected to approve the formation of a cultural district. that would create grants to crei protect the unique history. it . baby formula sold only by walmart is under a voluntary recall because it may contain pieces of metal. the recall involves 23,000 con terrence of parents choice advantage infant formula milk-based powder with iron. stamped with a use by date of february 26, 2021. no one has gotten hurt or sick from the formula. you can go to walmart for a refund. a conservation group is
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taking action to help preserve lake tahoe. hundreds organizers say over the last year, more than 27,000 discarded cigarettes have been abc 7 news was where tail fins and big black engines took center stage at the car show. it attracted vintage car owners from across the bay area. folks came out to admire dozens of classic cars. beautiful weather to do it. >> it was. i was kind of in my bathroom all weekend gutting it. i didn't spend much time outside honestly. but man, it was hot. look at what's going on tuesday. you can see the cooling trend continues. we drop from the 90s inland to 80s, 70s around the bay.
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more 60s developing in places like san francisco and sausalito. let's see what happens as we get deeper and the 60s start to spread to oakland, hayward, redwood city wednesday, as the 80s all but disappear. the temperatures holding steady thursday. so wednesday and thursday our coolest days with a touch of spring in the forecast. hope that makes everybody happy for at least a few days. alexis? >> all right. thank you, mike. as you mentioned a little earlier this morning, we're dealing with reduced visibility in several areas. golden gate bridge one of those that tends to really get socked in. i did just double check with chp. they have not issued any fog advisories yet. i'll keep an eye on that in the morning and drive for conditions today. drive times looking good. we flipped from green into the yellow westbound 580 tracy to dublin. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 15. highway 101 to cupertino on 85,
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16 minutes. oakland firefighters being called heroes. >> a goat fell into the 40-foot deep pipe this weekend. the goat was one of many that was brought in to clear vegetation to reduce wildfire risk. fire crews worked more than two hours to free the goat. it is safely back doing its firefighting duty once again, eating. >> poor thing. eating to keep us safe. well done, goat. glad you're okay. >> didn't quite hit expectations but toy story 4 still took the top spot. >> making as much as $$115 million, that is enough to make it the fourth highest animated film opening ever. child's play was second, followed by allan did, men in black international. >> i saw it. i thought it was great is
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child's play chuckie? no thank you. we have breaking news at 5:00 a.m. a standoff with a suspected shooter has just ended in san jose. we're now learning that several people have died. a live report from abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is coming up. the tribute for fallen officer tara o'sullivan. 4:57. a live look outside downtown san francisco.
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breaking news in san jose, several people including the suspect are dead after a
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standoff and a shooting. we're live with an update from police. the u.s. taking action against iran. new sanctions being announced today as the secretary of state works to get support from one of iran's neighboring countries. team usa ready to take on spain in the fifa women's world cup today. the competition is going to be fierce. good morning on this monday, june 24th. >> thanks for joining us. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco joins us now. >> good morning. welcome to monday. welcome to a change in the weather. seeing fog thick around petaluma. some could leak to novato. we'll see if the fog turns into the golden gate bridge and comes through and down around san martin and points south. you've got a nice sea breeze, 25 miles per hour. things are changing the day to the keerl, 53 to 62. notice 50s


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