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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 25, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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doing? >> reporter: the gunman's wife, teen-age daughter and niece all escaped the shooting. reporting live from san jose police headquarteres this morning. it's 4:30. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we'll start with our winds. 21 seabreeze at fairfield. everybody else a lot less than that. napa is at 12 and everyone else slower than that. we can see a lot of stars out there and a few high clouds. temperatures about the same as yesterday, 55 to 61 at 7:00. near 60 at the coast, but 76 to 79 with high clouds at noon. 78 to 82. so temperatures still tapering just a little bit this afternoon, just like yesterday afternoon and 70 to 73. real comfortable evening on the way. hey, alexis.
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good morning. so far the commute looking comfortable as well. we don't have any major problem spots at 4:30 in the morning. sometimes you'd be surprised. live look at walnut creek. we had a tough drive here yesterday in the later morning hours but today we're wide open north of that 24 split. our drive times are looking good, too. we're still in the green. westbound 580 tracy into dublin, 27 minutes. southbound dublin to mission buv boulevard at 14 minutes. san francisco supervisors will consider a controversial homeless shelter set to be built along the city's waterfront. angry neighbors want to file an appeal. today they'll demand the board of supervisors require a review in order to stop the project. they're threatening to sue if they don't get their way. in april the port commission approved building the shelter
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with 200 beds. in the south bay, communities will gather at san jose city hall for a rally against president trump's proposed mass deportations. this is video from a protest in la over the weekend. organizers say public officials in santa clara county are committed tod protecting all residents. an east bay city struggling with gun violence has a goal. richmond wants to reach one year with no haumomicides. the city council will be presented with two strategies to reduce crime tonight. it's 4:32. we're learning disturbing new details about that skydiving plane that crashed over the weekend in hawaii, killing 11 people. the ntsb reports that very same plane was involved in a frightening mid air incident here in the bay area three years ago. a sky diver on board the plane
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at the time told his story to abc 7 news cornell bernard. >> reporter: this video was shot in july of 2016 of byron as a dozen of his fellow skydivers was going to celebrate his 4 hundredth jump but something goes wrong. the plane starts to spin out of control. >> the g forces, as a consequence of the spin, we were all pinned, unable to move our bodies. i remember feeling scared. i remember thinking i was about to die. >> reporter: witnesses on the ground remember watching the plane. >> started coming down like this, just spinning, spinning. >> reporter: the pilot regained control and all sky divers jumped to safety. during his descent, he caught this shot, a piece of the plane falling through the sky. the twin engine plane landed safely, but the aircraft lost a piece of horizontal stabilizer and the plane's elevator had
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broken off. the ntsb blamed pilot error for the incident. authorities say it's the same plane that crashed friday in hawaii killing 11 people. >> it's absolutely saddening to hear that it was the same plane. i'm hoping not the same issue. >> reporter: the play was leased by bay area skydiving. a new company took over in 2018. it's unclear how the aircraft got to hawaii. sources say it cleared federal inspections before leaving california. he made it safely back to earth that day, a terrifying time he'll never forget. >> you know, survival instincts kick in. >> reporter: the ntsb is looking for photos from the last 24 months of the aircraft. cornell bernard, abc 7
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b.a.r.t. is trying to find out why one of trains broke down yesterday morning. riders complained it was 30 minutes before they were told what was going on. they were eventually escorted through the tunnel to the lake merit station. the disabled train was pulled today a yard. the breakdown caused system wide delays that lasted into the afternoon. in the east bay, firefighters are watching for flare ups in the altamonte pass smoke and flames backed up traffic on interstate 580 near livermore for about an hour. sparks caused when a wheel fell off a pickup truck started the fire. stanford makes a promise to improve housing. what it's promising to do. in the ongoing standoff between the u.s. and iran. iran says the road to diplomacy is pe is closed. this year there will be two
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amazon prime days of discounts. it's 4:35 and you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. temperatures are all over the place in east bay, from 58 to 59 in san jose. 53 in pacifica. napa at 59. here's a look at what's going on with your commute. fewer clouds. mass transit cool to warm from morning to afternoon. small craft advisory. north bay 55 at 7:00. mid to upper 70s from 11:00 to 6:00 and down to 71 during the evening hours. we'll be in the 50s through 7:00 in the east bay.
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low 70s this afternoon with high clouds and sunshine. almost as many high clouds as we had yesterday. 66 during the evening hours. san francisco, get ready for low to mid 60s this afternoon with breezy conditions. all right, temperatures are still tanking. we'll see how low they go coming up before a very comfortable weekend. i want to bring alexis in to say good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what's going on with your commute? >> no too much so far. nice and quiet for 4:37 a.m. commuters. i want to take you back to really our only incident we had on the board this morning. eastbound 80 before macdonald avenue. one vehicle involved. on the countercommute side as well. we never had a back up. here's a live look at san jose northbound 101 starting to fill in just a little bit around 880. everything looks great. we did just get reports of a brush fire south on 101, so
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if you're traveling through the high country today, it will be quite windy. we'll have gusts up to 40 miles per hour. that will push waves up to four feet on lake tahoe. this goes from about noon until 11:00 thursday evening. we've got a couple days of gusty
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conditions up there. 80 in yosemite. near 90 in sacramento. 66 in monterey. partly sunny, 68 in san diego. 100 in palm springs. here's a look at your tahoe forecast. breezy friday below average. low to mid 70s, almost average with high clouds and sunshine this weekend. fans are remembering michael jackson on the 10th anniversary of his death. he died on this day in 2009 after suffering cardiac arrest. his death was ruled a homicide. his doctor told police he had given jackson a sedative because the star couldn't sleep. a jury found the doctor guilty of involuntary manslaughter. ten years ago farrah farra lost her battle with cancer. she and ryan o'neil was a longtime couple. while you were sleeping,
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iran slammed new sanctions announced yesterday by president trump. the country now says the door to diplomacy is permanently closed. president trump says he would not need congressional approval to launch war on iran. >> reporter: tensions rising between the united states and iran. monday president trump signing an executive order for new sanctions targeting iran's sm m supreme leader in hopes of forcing iran to the negotiating table. >> i look forward to discussing whatever i have to discuss with anybody that wants to speak. in the meantime, who knows what's going to happen. i can only tell you we cannot ever let iran have a nuclear weapon. and it won't happen. >> reporter: so far the sanctions have led to the opposite of their intended effect. overnight iran called the president's order fruitless and say the sanctions mean the
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permanent closure of the road of diplomacy. >> you cannot start a dialogue with somebody who is threatening you, who is intimidating you. >> reporter: with limited options moving forward, the threat of war remains a possibility. cnn now reporting senate democrats are weighing a filibuster on the annual defense policy bill to force a vote on an amendment requiring the president get congressional approval before launching an attack against iran. nancy pelosi says the president needs congress to sign off on a strike, but the president telling the hill he doesn't think so. >> i like the idea of keeping congress abreast, but i wouldn't have to do that. >> reporter: iran's president with some inflammatory remarks saying the sanctions are outrageous and idiotic and saying the white house is afflicted with mental retardation. it's 4:43. abc 7 news is committed to
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building a better bay area, and that means spending more time on stories that matter to you like housing and transportation. this morning we're focused on stanford and its new $5 billion offer for new housing and transit. it's part of its proposed campus expansion project. stanford says it's willing to spend $3.4 billion to build 2,200 new housing units about a quarter of which would be affordable. $1.1 billion would go to a transit program. criti finding a fix has led to san francisco launching a task force to get to the bottom of problems that are plaguing the system. braking problems are just a few things that have left riders stuck. a san francisco supervisor tells abc 7 news he hears complaints about m.u.n.y. constant le. >> being able to count on the train getting there. it's getting stuck on the trains when they stop moving. and i think there is, you know,
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this frustration with some of these projects that seem to take forever. >> the supervisor says the task force will go over 20 years of data to figure out what's wrong and what it will take to get m.u.n.y. back on track. it's a quarter to 5:00, and buster posey will host the annual glove give away. he's the official junior giants commissioner and he'll donate tickets to tonight's game against the rockies. junior giants is a free program for underserved boys and girls. young fans will sit in on a q.&a. session. here's a look at our roof camera. the flags are very far and unfurling, but they definitely will be as we head into the afternoon hours and the sea breeze picks up. we'll have high clouds today and
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cooler breezes. our best afternoons for strenuo strenuous activity is wednesday and thursday. santa cruz, 72. 70s around cupertino, everybody else in the low to mid 80s. as you head up the peninsula, everybody is stuck in the 70s. the breezes are picking up. low to mid 60s along the coast today with mid and upper 60s in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. about 10 to 15 degrees warmer in your valleys. the breezes will keep us in the low to mid 70s in oakland. fremont warmer at 77. hercules at 76. low to mid 80s through most of our east bay valleys.
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tonight we'll drop back into the 50s. a stronger and cooler air mass for tomorrow. same thing for thursday and then we'll start to lose that sea breeze a little bit and temperatures climbing back into the low 60s at the coast. looks pretty nice. that looks great. and our commute is looking great so far this morning as well. we have one incident on the board right now. and this is not a collision, we actually have a brush fire reported off to the side of southbound side at hellyer avenue. we'll keep an eye on that. b.a.r.t. trains begin at 5:00 a.m. no delays. normal service, no delays for capital corridor. overnight amazon announced dates for its prime day.
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paris will offer flying taxi right side for the olympics. amazon says its prime day will last 48 hours july 15th and 16th. you have to be a prime subscriber to get the deals, but you can be eligible with a free trial subscription. samsung is offering new items in its smart things line. >> included security camera, smart plug and bulb. and paris wants to take transportation to new heights. >> officials say they hope to have flying taxis available when the city hosts the olympics in 2024. visitors will be able to take the flying taxies from the airport straight to tournament sites. >> let's do it. >> buckle up. those are your tech bites. >> that's too soon. >> will you ever be ready? >> never going to be r
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the jetsons. a missing rooster comes home. where big red turned up. >> that's nice. another reason to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, it could help you shd a few pounds. we'll explain.
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here's a look at the game tonight. the weather conditions for the 6:45 first pitch. 62 dropping down to 58 at oracle park as the rockies and giants go at it again. it's going to be breezy tonight. dress a little bit warmer. our fast rs breeest breezes wil around 10 to 15 miles per hour and sometimes gusting up to 20 to 25 as we head into the evening. it's blowing west to east. if iryou're driving east you ha a nice tail wind. b.a.r.t. will phase out paper tickets in two weeks. it will begin at the downtown
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berkeley station and embarcadero stations later this summer. you'll no longer be able to buy paper tickets at those stations. you can still use them to enter and exit. b.a.r.t. plans to phase out all paper tickets next year. if you have business at the dmv, plan ahead. all of its offices will be closed half day next month for training wednesday july 24th. the training is aimed at bringing employees up to speed on the requirements and processing of real i.d. documents. the dmv has run into issues. offices will be closed until 1:00 p.m. you'll still be able to perform services online. michael finney will host a real i.d. hotline. you can ask your questions right now on facebook and on twitter using #askfinney. muny is looking for artists
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who want their art on buses. five artists will be chosen to have their art displayed. this year's theme is hidden gems in san francisco. in the east bay, a beloved chicken is coming home to roost. alameda county sheriff's office tweeted this photo of a rooster found in hayward. they tweeted a photo of big red with his owner. we reported on the theft of the 7 1/2 foot bird. the owner says big red won't be back on display until he's locked down and a camera is installed. >> oh, boy. >> for anyone who is listening to me and not looking at the tv, it's not a real bird. we never really mentioned that. >> a large metal -- >> thing. >> he's real to the neighborhood, you know. >> he's real in my heart. >> they like to demrcorate him. >> seven feet tall and somebody
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took him? >> that's a big rooster. >> good way of putting it. let's take a look at what's going on. wednesday's temperatures, 60s and 70s with breezy conditions. almost a touch of spring, even 59 at half moon bay. temperatures don't change much thursday. and then friday we see just a touch of warmer weather, especially inland. some 80s are returning to the north bay and east bay. if you're going to be in san francisco for pride this weekend, 65 friday, 66 saturday and 67 sunday. we'll have morning clouds, afternoon sunshine and a little breezy, of course it is summertime in san francisco. it looks really nice. good morning, mike. and overall we're off to a really nice start on the commute here today. slowly starting to fill in at the bay bridge toll plaza. the car pool lanes are open. cash lanes we have had a little bit of a wait. we should have those metering lights turning on around 5:20 this morning. drive times looking great,
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westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze in the green, 17 minutes. 9 minutes across the bay bridge and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo looking good at nine minutes. dozens of san francisco kids are spending the week learning about water safety. they're taking part in a four day camp organized by the boys and girls clubs of san francisco. it includes swim lessons and classroom instruction. instructors say it's something hard to get -- sometimes hard to get the kids out of the pool. >> a lot of the kids want to stay in as long as possible which is a good thing. it means our lessons are working. we're trying to provide the bridge between not knowing how to swim and having access to the facility. >> organizers say the camp is important because drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14. if you're looking to drop pounds, a new study suggests you grab a cup of coffee. >> studies show coffee helps
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stimulate brown fat reserves. and this is the first study that shows something can have a direct effect on brown fat. researchers need to determine the ideal amount of co brown fat? >> how now brown fat. we need to get on this. well, you don't. but i'm going to consider this. i'll take if into advisement. >> all we're going to be doing is just drinking coffee. we keep doing things about drinking coffee. >> you can drink up to 25 cups a day. next at 5:00 a.m., san francisco is set to become the first city to ban something that's allowed everywhere else in the u.s. what police say happened when a lyft vehicle
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the controversial navigation center planned along san francisco's embarcadero, the next step happening today and why the fight is still expected to continue. good morning, it's tuesday june 25th. >> you're more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. good morning, let's take a look at doppler 7. we don't have many low clouds. here's a look from south bay and you can see it's pretty clear this morning. however, we do have a breeze that will pick up in the afternoon hours. even with more sunshine today, temperatures will tumble a little bit. waking up in the


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