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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 28, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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point. firefighters working now 0 keep hot spots from flaring up. >> we have team coverage. amanda has been talking with neighbors and businesses. chris nguyen got to the scene just minutes after that fire started. chris? >> reporter: am marks the cause of the fire remains under investigation this afternoon. if you take a look behind me, you can see what's left of the structure. it was in the framing stages of construction, the fire as you said spread quickly. but today, many in the community are praising the work of the fire department. >> intense heat, massive flames and smoke that could be seen for miles away. this was the scene in santa clara near el camino real and scott boulevard as firefighters battled a four-alarm fire at a condo complex under construction. manny had been working on the project over the past year and ran for his life. >> i thought somebody had like a torch or something close to me because it felt like a lot of heat. i looked up and there was a fire in the corner. >> reporter: the fire started
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around 11:00 this morning, nearly three dozen firefighters were trying to keep it from spreading. >> the radiant heat was intense and starting to make buildings in the area smoke a little bit. our first action was to put water on the neighborhood and attack the fire here. >> the building known as the villas was to include a mix of 58 affordable and market rate condos. this rendering was provided by mayor lisa gilmore. >> we'll do what we can to help the develop ares to get that back online as quickly as possible. we are in a housing crisis and that was an important project in our city. >> reporter: the fire was contained by mid afternoon but crews were putting out hot spots throughout the building. all the workers made it out alive. >> i've got two daughters. just thankful i made it out okay and you know, i get to see them. >> reporter: and back here live, i do want to mention one worker
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suffered a leg injury after jumping from the scaffolding. he was taken to a local hospital. but is expected to be okay. we're live this afternoon in santa clara, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> thank you. that fire forced people to evacuate their homes. in some cases, people were dousing their roofs to try to save their houses. others stood and wanted as firings threw everything at those flames. >> our your sky map technology shows you the neighborhood. residents on pearce and klay streets were told they needed to environment. news reporter amanda dellavedova castillo. >> reporter: i'm standing right in the center of the street. it's only possible because it's shut down due to ought activities still happening at this hour. now, that burn construction site sits just behind this row of houses that you see behind me. crews are still pouring water from above. but this scene showing you exactly how close it came burning so close to home for so
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many. while many who live around the fire scene remain macked to deter smoke inhalation, all are counting their blessings. >> we live kitty corner to the fire. >> taylor says he opened his front door to a heat wave. residents in the row of homes behind the construction site on klay street say they were temporarily evacuated. before that, many took matters into their own hands using hoses to stop the spread of fire. alerting others. >> this location is squeezed in here pretty tight. there's a lot of residential property here with older residents. they were getting people out. >> reporter: the four-alarm fire initially put out a tremendous amount of energy and flame. >> huge flame and dark snez. >> reporter: david says his car was pointed std 150 feet from the flames. he pointed to daniel to his vehicle caused by the fire. other business owners say the incident broke windows and damaged walls closest to the
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flames. >> i will say it not take a minute to spread the fire. very quick. >> reporter: video taken by those first on scene show the intensity of the fire, the fire captain says a building fire this size presents a risk to any surrounding structures. >> the heat was unbelievable. then it just took off into the sky and obviously, developed into this unfortunate occurrence. >> reporter: hours after the fire broke out, the traffic in the surrounding areas is still very slow moving. you want to keep that in midas you make your way home this afternoon. i'm reporting live in santa clara, amanda delcastillo. >> thank you. we first sent out a push alert about the fire at 11:24 a.m. through the abc7 news mobile app. stay on top of breaking news as it happen. enable the push alert feature. >> to another fire now in san francisco's mission district. that sent one person to the hospital within the last hour.
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abc7 news anchor dion lim was there and live on facebook. >> i smelled smoke, i heard some small explosions. it sounded like pop, pop, pop, pop. >> the fire started in a building on valencia street between 16th and 17th love a restaurant. again, one person taken to the hosital. we don't know the extent of their injuries at this point. firefighters are still on the scene. democrats running pore president are back on the campaign trail today hoping to capitalize or reshape their message following last night's second debate in miami. former vice president joe biden spoke at a rainbow/push coalition event in chicago where he defended his record on civil rights. he pushed back against what he called mischaracterizations made during the debate by car sna kamala harris that drew a lot of attention. here's what harris said in the event broadcast by nbc. >> you also worked with them to oppose bussing. and you know, there was a little
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girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bussed to school pre day. and that little girl was me. >> i did not oppose bussing in america. what i opposed is bussing ordered by the department of education. >> harris's campaign is trying to capitalize on what appeared to be a planned line of attack and it's now selling what it calls that little girl was me featuring a picture of a young harris for $30. the bussing ishii talked about during the debate happened in berkeley. while her performance scored points with debate watchers it back fired with some residents. abc7 news reporter amy holyfield takes us to the school harris attended. >> reporter: this is the school senator harris was talking about last night, thousand oaks elementary in berkeley. she was busted to the school as the government worked to dee segregate schools.
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anna didn't realize there's as she passed by the school this morning. she got tears when we told her. >> wow. that's really interesting. yeah, no, she's very strong. >> reporter: but tom and jan boyce knew about it. they experienced it as senator harris was getting busted in, their son was busted out. >> i know how difficult it must have been for her. it was difficult for all of us. >> reporter: they both think harris came across as strong, but they like joe biden, too. >> i felt she was a little harsh on biden. that would be my thought that it seemed like she was on the attack. >> i like her very much. and i know how she felt and she was just voicing her feelings. but she was a little tough on biden about that. >> the campaign is pouncing on the moment. even offering t-shirts with a picture of harris as a child. the dean of public policy at uc berkeley praised her performance. >> i thought it was extremely deftly done. she did a good thing and i think it's important for americans to
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think about how important integration really was. >> a member of his faculty just wrote a book on the topic and glad to see it being discussed. he does think she took a risk calling out bide. >> and the danger is joe biden was against federal bussing map date. if she is asked about are you in favor of federal bussing mandates, she gets into a tricky area. >> reporter: i asked him if he has predictions. he laughed saying it would be foolish at this point. a reminder how difficult it will be for harris to keep had momentum going. amy hollyfield, abc news. >> the supreme court will decide whether president trump can end an obama era program shielding young immigrants from deportation. the high court announced today it will hear arguments next session involving trump
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administration efforts to end daca short for dee fevered action on childhood arrivals. he ordered an end to the program in 2017 resulting in protests and failed congressional effort to salvage it. federal courts in california, new york, virginia and washington, d.c. all blocked the president's efforts while a texas judge declared the program illegal but refused to order it halted. >> it's a big weekend in san francisco. pride celebrations are under way. >> unser hassan has details on all the festivities. >> a walk through the castro district and message is clear. >> it's a marathon, not a race. >> reporter: that's resident brian's advice how to celebrate weekend. >> there's a lot of parties. the park is always fun. yeah, just be in it. >> reporter: if you want to be in it, the civic center may be the place to be. seven to eight stages hosting two full days of activities. be advised there are a lot of the restrictions to get in. you cannot bring in alcohol.
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no drones no, glass containers and no bags bigger than 18x18 inches. of course, there is the pride parade. >> the parade is just the best thing ever because you're just seeing all kinds of people, allies, lgbtqia. everybody's there to celebrate. >> reporter: the parade is the largest parade. >> san francisco that runs down market street to the civic center. the steam is generations of resistance. this is the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots which many say sparked the modern movement. >> you think what stonewall is all about. it was people being attacked in their own space. but now look, we live in the castro. and i'm with my husband walking hand in hand and free to be who i want to be. >> happening tonight, organizers expect 7,000 people for the trans march, the official kickoff to pride weekend. >> trans march on friday, dice march on saturday and the parade
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sunday. all the things for all the people. >> reporter: the trans march kicks off at 6:00 p.m. in dolores park. for a list of all the activities check out our website, in san francisco, unser hasan san, abc7 news. >> pride draws huge crowds for the weekend. >> what kind of weather is in store for the weekend? spencer christian. >> it's already warming up here in san francisco. you can see on this graphic, it's several degrees warmer in most locations around the bay area. let's take a quick look at the pride forecast. we're going to have mainly sunny skies here in san francisco both days this weekend. saturday and sunday. highs in the mid or maybe mid to upper 60s. 66, 67 degrees likely. so great weather for the parade or for all kinds of festivities that might be going on this weekend here in san francisco. i'll give you a look at the forecast for the entire bay area in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> the pounders of theranos will
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have their day in court in what will be one of the most high profile fraud cases in the country. elizabeth holmes arrived in federal court this morning. a date was set for august 4th, "20/20," holmes and former president sunny balwani face 11 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy and make numerous claims about their break through blood tests that needed small amounts of blood. >> homelessness is a major issue. new at 4:00, the problems one community in the area is facing grabbing attention. >> one half of the splash brothers is a free agent. the report about the future of klay thompson and what kind of offer the warriors are contemplating. > don't bring the cash, bring the
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abc news is committed to building a better bay area. homelessness is among the big issues that needs addressed. in novato in marin county, a sense of anger and despair among residents about the recent increase in homeless encampments there. >> wayne freedman looked into this issue. joining us live from grant avenue downtown. wayne? >> reporter: and if you look at this place, inevitably, sooner or later, someone will use the word mayberry. this little city, community, town, whatever you want to call it is that ideaic. if you look in the river beds, at the intersections, you will see homeless people. that has residents here
4:16 pm
concerned and talking about it. >> it's all over the place. novato is not an island. >> reporter: if you visit local track islands, the issue tends to ask a person in the eye and ask pore money. some 3,000 homeless people in marin county most in neighbring san rafael. locals in novato claim they've been expanding. > i've lived here 50 years and never seen it this bad. >> reporter: jordan jennings, 72 years old had living in a minivan. >> what they don't understand is that there is not a cure for the people that are already in this position. >> though plenty of social agencies are certainly try. we spent time with peter today, he's on the streets pretty much every day trying to get homeless people help and services through community action mariner. >> what's your success record at getting people off the street? >> probably about 15%.
4:17 pm
>> reporter: is that discouraging. >> not to me it's not. >> reporter: he says it's not discurrentlying when he can get anybody off the street and get them some help. he's done it roughly 100 times in the last few years. that's a pretty good record. at 6:00 tonight, more on his effort and more of the issue here in marin county. from novato, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> look forward to hearing more. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. >> join our better bay area group on facebook. >> las vegas is getting creative in efforts to help public schools. the city is once again allowing anybody to receives a parking ticket to choose to pay their fine by donating supplies, pencils, pens, paper, crayons, et cetera. all will be donated to a non-profit called the teachers exchange. officials say the supplies must be of equal or greater value to the parking ticket. las vegas started this program in 2016. >> dozens of gig workers from
4:18 pm
ride share drivers to nannies testified in front of the san francisco board of supervisors public safety and neighborhood services committee today. they're asking the city to support assembly bill 5 which would grant them more rights and benefits. news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: one by one, they shared what life is like working in san francisco when you're not a full-time employee. >> in order to support a family, i have to work every single day more than 10, 11, 12 hours. >> reporter: this driver has a 3 and 1-year-old. he hardly gets to spend anytime with them or his wife. rebecca martinez is an organizer for gig workers rising. > what once used to be a lucrative gig has turned into a job you have to work 70, 80 hours a lift to survive. >> reporter: lyft is advocating for an approach in interest the interests of our driver community by modernizing centuries old labor laws that
4:19 pm
make it difficult to provide flexibility and benefits. an uber spokesman writes we support efforts to modernize labor laws in ways to preserve the flexibility drivers value while improving the security of independent work. it's not just ride share drivers fighting for benefits. this nanny now requires a contract with paid time off and sick days from the family she works with but knows she's the exception. >> they worried if they bring this up and stress the points to employers they'll be threatened with deportation. they're going to be threatened with no employment or there's going to be some form of retaliation against them. >> reporter: which is why all the workers support assembly bill five which they say would give them a voice, living wage, and benefits. >> it's been a cool week. >> it has. >> spencer here to tell us what's ahead. i assume a little bit the warmup. >> you assume correctly. we have a little bit of a
4:20 pm
warmup. it's going to continue gradually into next week. right now on live doppler 7, a few high clouds mainly in the southern and eastern most parts of our viewing area. bright skies out there. it's breezy as it has been all week long. we don't have powerful gusts. 21 miles per hour at fairfield. breezy every else. this is the view from emeryville looking southwest ward. you can see san francisco in the picture. under blue skies, 62 degrees. oakland 70. mid-70s at redwood city, san jose. 79 at morgan hill, blue sky prevails over the golden gate, as well. 80 degrees at santa rosa. petaluma 78. 84 concord. the view from mount tam onto the bay shows mostly bright sky over region. these are our forecast futures. mild to warm weather for pride weekend. turning a bit warmer still early next week. and it will be bright and
4:21 pm
beautiful for the fourth of july which is next thursday. here's our forecast animation taking us through the overnight hours. a surge of coastal fog. a little surge. maybe a patch or two will work its way across the bay. 8:00, mainly sunny skies inland and over the bay with lingering low clouds at the coast. they'll pull away from the coast for much of the latter part of the day, amp and early evening giving us bright skies about everywhere going into the evening hours. that's tomorrow evening. overnight this night, look for lows mainly in the low to mid 50s. a little bit lower in the north bay valleys where lows drop into the upper 40s. tomorrow in the south bay, mainly sunny skies with high clouds. i highs in the upper 70s to 80 at san jose. peninsula mostly sunny skies. highs in the mid-70s. on the coast, low to mid 60s. downtown san francisco will top out at 66 degrees tomorrow. north bay, highs of 78 at petaluma.
4:22 pm
80 at napa. east bay highs, oakland 71, 76 at fremont and the inland east bay our warmest region overall with highs mainly in the mid 80s at concord, pittsburg, antioch. low 80s at san ramon and pleasanton. here is the seven-day forecast. pride parade on sunday under sunny skies. high of be 66, 67 here in the city. inland areas will top out at mid 80s. saturday sunday and monday. with a little bit more warming on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. highs inland in the upper 80s up to about 80 degrees around the bay during the middle of the week next week. mid 60s on the coast. by friday, look for highs near 90 inland. and maybe low 80s around the bay. >> all right. thank you. >> you got to pay the man his money. i've used that line a few times. hasn't always worked out. the big bucks klay thompson is expected to get offer the second
4:23 pm
he becomes a free agent on sunday. >> some pretty incredible video of a rescue at a
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in the south bay today, while the earthquakes were practicing, fans watched a different soccer team play. >> an stipulated 1,000 people came out to watch the women's soccer team take on france. meghan ra pin ho scored two goals and the u.s. won, 2-1. >> nice to have a game day experience with the crowd, the ex-sitement, the buzz of it all. it was a great time. absolutely. >> i liked when they scored. >> i'm very excited. they worked so hard and represent our women's soccer so well it's super exciting to see them go forter. >> now it's onto the semifinals
4:26 pm
where team usa battles england on tuesday. we've been reporting this for a couple months. now it appears the warriors are set to make klay thompson a contract offer that will keep him in blue gold. espn reporting that the warriors do plan to offer klay thompson the five-year $190 million maximum contract when free agency opens sunday afternoon. now, this offer would show the warriors are not phased by the torn acl he suffered in game six of the finals. thompson won consider signing with the lakers or clippers if he did not get a max deal from golden state but he most likely will. >> baseball fans are tipping their hat to a quick thinking fan at yesterday's cubs/braves game. check this out. sixth inning, the second baseman addison russell fouls a ball into the second deck. watch closely. right there. >> nice. >> yeah, that fan leaned over and snared that ball using a
4:27 pm
hat. not too shabby. get this, turns out that quick thinking fan grabbed the hat off his son's head. so then you saw him putting it back on his head. >> that's actually really quick thinking. >> that's why you usually bring your glove to the game. >> most people might bring a glove. why when you can grab somebody's hat. >> make sure you bring your son wearing a hat and you're in good shape. >> sky 7 over the aftermath of that huge fire at a construction site in the south bay we told you about at the top of the newscast. we'll have the update on the situation in santa clara. >> face-to-face. president trump meets with
4:28 pm
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4:30 pm
now, news to bid a better bay area. from abc7. >> fire crews are still at the scene of a south bay construction site that caught fire today. sky 7 is above the building right now. the flames are out. as you can see, there is extensive damage. firefighters are mopping up and working to keep hot spots from flaring up. this fire started along el camino real near scott boulevard in santa clara around 11:00 this morning. we had live coverage on midday live. flames poured from the building, glowing bright orange from the intense heat. the fire department responded quickly and managed to get the fire under control in about an hour. and the fire chief tells us the heat alone nearly caught other
4:31 pm
buildings on fire. >> the radiant heat from the this fire was intense and starting to make buildings in the area smoke a little bit. our first action was to put water on surrounding neighborhood and then attack the fire here. >> the building is known as the anantera villases. today's fire bringing back memories of the santana row fire in san jose in august of 2002. that fire destroyed many shops and stores that likewise where is under construction. in that fire, wind blew ep bers to neighbors a half mile away setting their homes ablaze. today, and that clara fire captain bill murphy said the wind conditions are calm and lower humidity are helping the fire fight. there was a string of fires in the east bay over several years. that period of time, at least five suspicious ones since 2012, all at housing projects under construction. a man was arrested in connection with one fire that occurred last october.
4:32 pm
he has plead the not guilty and officials had not said if he's been linked to any other suspicious fires. and here are some of the other stories making headlines. pride celebrations are kicking off around san francisco. festivities start with the trans march tonight. and the main parade begins sunday at 10:30 in the morning running from market street to civic center. >> world news tonight is sharing surveillance video of two wanted by police for trying to steal an atm. they smashed a stolen fruk through the doors of a shopping center in queensland, australia to get it. despite managing to tip over the machine and drag it, they had to leave it behind. chris nguyen was in court today for the pretrial hearing of the theranos scandal. founder elizabeth holmes arrived at the federal courthouse today. opening statements for the trial will begin in august of 2020. president trump is in high stakes meetings at the g-20
4:33 pm
summit in japan. despite the mueller report confirming russia's interference during the 2016 election, the president jokingly asked vladimir putin not to interfere in the upcoming election. trevor all the reports from washington. >> reporter: it's the first face-to-face meeting between president trump and vladimir putin since the release of the mueller report. president trump today saying the two have a very, very good relationship then giving a seemingly joking response to a very serious question. >> mr. president, will you tell russia not to meddle in the election. >> don't meddle in the election. don't meddle in the election. >> reporter: both presidents smiling after that exchange. president trump appearing to make light of the findings from all his intelligence agencies and the mueller report which documents extensive efforts from russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. >> there were multiple systemic efforts to interfere in our
4:34 pm
election. and that allegation deserves the attention of every american. >> reporter: but president trump has made light of claims of russian interference from the beginning even saying last year, he took putin's word that interference didn't happen. >> president out putin, he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: fbi director christopher wray insists the russian meddling is still happening last month calling it a significant counter intelligence threat. also today in an exchange captured by media, president trump and putin appearing to bonds over their mutual disdain for a critical press. >> you don't have the problem in russia. >> reporter: putin reportedly responded by saying they also have so-called fake news in russia about the committee to protect journalists says since the year 2000 when putin became president, 28 journalists have been murdered in russia.
4:35 pm
abc news, washington. >> the white supremacist convicted for ramming his car into a crowd during the unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia, is heading to prison for the rest of his life. jamesfields received the sentence three months after he agreed to plead guilty toe 29 federal hate crimes in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. apologized before his sentence. two years ago next august eg deliberately drove his crowd into a crowd of people killing one and injuring 2 others. >> police in salt lake city arrest arrested a man with the murder of a college student. 23-year-old mackenzie lueck was last seen when her lyft driver dropped her off on june 17th. she went there to meet a man now under arrest. >> neighbors informed detectives they have observed him burning something in his backyard. a forensic excavation of the burn area was conducted.
4:36 pm
which resulted in the finding of several charred items that were consistent with personal items of mackenzie lueck. >> police say her last communication was with the suspect. he told them he texted with her the day before she disappeared but denied meeting her or knowing what she looked like. even thole had he photos of her in his possession. >> a chick-fil-a employee in georgia climbed through the drive through window to save a choking child. thispenedn tuesday. logan simmons climbed through the window after he heard a woman yelling her son's seat belt was choking him. >> i just jumped out the window. and ran straight down to the car. i think it was the quickest option like it was right there. i saw the car right there. >> simmons said the boy was turning red. he used his pocketknife to cut him free. >>wow. >> it is a big weekend for the lgbtq community. we have the incredible journey of one man who decided to leave
4:37 pm
his country so he could express himself as a person and find a better life. >> this view shows a little bit of low cloudiness off in the distance. bright sunny skies through pride weekend and i'll have the forecast in just
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
as the bay area sbraz pride weekend, we want to highlight the people who haven't been afraid to stand up for change. >> andy damian correa left his
4:40 pm
native mexico toe begin his journey. >> he found the new life he wanted here in san francisco. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez tells us his story. >> it was my secret i could not share with nobody. i liked to play with barbies with the girls. i wasn't allowed to be myself. >> reporter: telling his story, andy took us back to his native mexico where being different in a small town was terrifying. >> attacking, saying things in spanish about my sexual orientations. >> reporter: even his parents were not accepting of the life he wanted to have. >> mom, dad, i'm gay. my mama started crying. >> reporter: he says his father wanted to change him physically abusing him. >> a few times but i forgive him. >> reporter: his break came in his early 20s. he received a scholarship to study hotel management in washington, d.c.
4:41 pm
>> just seeing people happy and coming here and seeing different kinds of gays, all colors and flavors. >> reporter: he knew he could never return to mexico, his friends reassured him. >> absolutely not. there is no future for us. >> reporter: after moving to san francisco, he applied for asylum. he told an immigration court about an affair had he with someone high in the ranks of the mexican police. who hid his sexual orientation. >> obviously, he didn't want to say he was gay. he has kids. he was going to kill me. >> reporter: when the immigration judge welcomed him to america, he knew he had won his case. he's never been back. his mother still calls him to ask if he's dating. girls. his father has accepted andy's life as a gay man. >> but you're studying journalism now. >> right, i try to change my career. been in hospitality for 14 years, and it's never too late. right?
4:42 pm
>> reporter: i asked one last question. what pride now meant to him. >> pride means be happy. and just keep in mind that 50 years ago, people fought very hard for where i am right now. i have to embrace that. my freedom. and i am able to be free and happy. >> reporter: lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> and this is pride weekend. big parade coming up on sunday. >> spencer has a closer look at the forecast on what we can expect. >> looks very favorable. a live doppler.showing a few high clouds. during the overnight, a little bit of low cloudiness at the coast. mainly clear. l tomorrow, look for again a mainly sunny day. a few high clouds prevail over parts of the south bay. highs from mid 60s at the coast to mid-70s around the shoreline
4:43 pm
to upper 80s in the warmest inland locations. here's the seven-day forecast. pride weekend, two consecutive sunny day. great weather for all kinds of outdoor activity including the parade on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, not much change. mainly sunny skies through the fourth with highs in the upper 80s by midweek. up to about 0 degrees around the shoreline. mid 60s on the coast. friday looks even warmer up to about 90 inland. low 80s around the bay. mid to upper 60s on the coast. forecast looking pretty good for the week ahead. >> thanks, spencer. >> pride will draw tens of thousands of people to san francisco this weekend. we'll have a look at some of the big events. plus the unique request one group has of muni for its route map. >> sky 7 is over the aftermath of the big construction site fire in the south bay. we'll look at that. >> cool. >> who.
4:44 pm
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on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is now $1299. save $400. plus, 0% interest for 36-months. ends saturday. shshow me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more. all with the sound o. click, call or visit a store today. it is a huge weekend in san francisco as the city celebrates pride month. spread on sunday.
4:47 pm
but that's ot the only thing going on. >> join us now for a look at some other events is josh stickny with equity california. so give us your perspective on what this weekend is all about. start with that. >> there's so much energy. >> that's what we love about pride literally on every corner, there's something to do. tonight the trans march, tomorrow the dike march. the big festival or the celebration at the civic center plaza gets even bigger on sunday. and you know, we're going to be out there talking to folks about important issues to our community. and that's anything from the upcoming 2020 census to hiv prevention and all the fun things going on. >> right. and you guys are pushing for something to happen with the muni. tell us about that. >> so all it is aneeshiative to win the muni lines converge on to market street and they had make the pride flag. so it's a small ask but all we're doing is raising awareness about that first. folks can sign the petition at
4:48 pm
ride with pride >> how long have you been involved with the parade activities and just organizing the whole weekend? >> gosh, we plan for this all year round. there's so much to do at the festival and the parade. >> you in particular. >> me? >> how long have you been involved with the effort? >> for about a year. and we do everything from pitching to make sure we have good media, both mainstream and lgbtq there to getting folks out and about that wouldn't normally be at a pride. >> talk about the significance that this year plays as the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots in new york city. >> it's our history that we're ep boldening this year. stonewall was so important, the spark of the modern lgbtq sib rights movement. three years prior to the riots was the compton cafeteria riots. that kind of implanted san
4:49 pm
francisco as a leader in the lgbtq civil rights movement, as well. >> for people who have not seen the parade or may not have knowledge of it, what's the one take away that you want them to have if they come down or they see on television what's happening as everybody heads down market street. >> that you're not alone. you'll be overwhelmed by the number of people there are there and i think especially to young lgbtq people to know they can live their authentic selves. it's not like that across the country. in san francisco, the massive showing is a true symbol they can live and be who they are and have a lot of people with them. >> that's so important i think. san francisco best place to have it honestly. >> agreed. >> absolutely. you mentioned this is the biggest parade. >> it's one of the largest pride parades and celebrations in the country. new york hosts a world pride this year. san francisco is always one of the biggest. >> josh, thanks so much for
4:50 pm
joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> all right. london zoo. it is getting in on pride. it's got a famous gay penguin couple. ronny and reggie.. >> posted a sign outside their habitat. it says some penguins are gay, get over it. it's a nod to stonewall's get over it campaign against bullying and the zoo is even doing a pride makeover for an event next week. >> a recall by maza under way for a problem that can make your wheels fall off. >> that would be serious. first why a major brand is recalling thousands of disposable razors. >> both of these get to the central thing you want from the product. gillette is recalling 87,000 disposable razors over crooked blades. the company says the four-pack of venus simply 3 disposable
4:51 pm
razors were manufactured incorrectly because the blades don't line up evenly, there's a higher risk of cuts during normal use sold between january and march and sores all over the country. the company is offering vouchers for any of the razors you return. mass da recalling 25,000 cars for loose lug nuts that could lead to the wheels falling off. the company said a manufacturing error caused the nuts to be maza 3 models.operly on the 2019 owners can make tear cars to dealers to have the lug nuts tightened for free. charging your phone wirelessly could damage your battery. wireless charging creates a magnetic field that creates extra heat which can damage the batteries. researchers at the university of warwick in the united kingdom found a wired phone charger can raise the phone's temperature up to about 80 degrees over three hours. a wireless charger heats the
4:52 pm
same phone up to 87 degrees in the same amount of time. that is muff to make a difference on some phones. >> what's interesting is there's a lot of new companies out that are pushing wireless charging technology. >> the whole thing is going that way. i know. let's see what the follow-up research is. >> because you don't want to burn up your phone. i'm totally charged except it's fried. >> it's not going to work. >> how can people get hold of you if they have questions. >> you can go to our website and i've got -- we've got a form that you fill out. we can help you there. go to my facebook page, as well. >> thank you, mike. >> this star has talent. >> up next, we'll introduce you to a woman making a difference through the sweet sounds of jazz. >> right now, christian is here with what's ahead on abc news at 5. >> biden versus kamala. after the clash, we ask
4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto, for heart failure. where to next? entrust your heart to entresto.
4:55 pm
what do you think of when you think of jazz music it, smokey nightclubs with middle aged men in suits. >> a bay area group absent more
4:56 pm
than three decades building a better bay area b opening the world the jazz to all age groups and bring the melody of their lives into harmony. >> eric thomas introduces us to stacey hoffman, this month's abc7 star. ♪ >> reporter: maybe this is your idea of what a jazz hero looks like, but according to the jazz journalists association, this year's bay area jazz hero is a woman who grew up on long island and doesn't even play an instrument. in fact, stacey hoffman didn't like jazz till she attended a summer arts camp in the early '80s. >> my experience there opened me to jazz, it opened me to gospel and the blues. and r & b and a lot of music that i really wasn't particularly listening to. >> reporter: others at the camp including bobby olympic farn, the bay area's tuck and patty and steel drummer andy norrell. the next year the camp folded.
4:57 pm
however she wasn't ready to see it die. >> we produced this camp 1984 was the first year under our auspices. we formed our non-profit the following year. and then i just began designing and producing programs. >> reporter: nearly 36 years later, she's still producing jazz camps for kids of all ages from elementary school students to people in their 90s. the organization is called living jazz. the goal is to make everyone's life better. >> jazz is many things. there's beautiful melodic music. that's jazz. there's esoteric avant-garde out music. there's the blues and gospel and r & b and hip-hop and fuchk and reggae and it goes on and on. >> from a tiny office over the piedmont piano store? oakland, stacey and a small staff organize the catches they will hold this summer. in mid-july, 10 to 15 years go to jam camp where jazz is not emphasized initially but gently stirred in till smooth like the
4:58 pm
start of a great recipe that will simmer and become rare and special. professional musicians take part. tuition is charged and includes lodging and meals in san mateo county. 20% to 25% of spaces are reserved for disadvantaged young people because she says it's about more than just music. >> it's something that speaks to the american journey. it speaks to the african-american person who came from a very suffering history and found music to represent their voice. >> for more information about the living jazz program, go to our website, you'll also find out more about stacey hoffman's effort to keep jazz alive for young people with which makes her an abc7 star. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> there are lots of stars out there. if you would like to nominate someone to be a star, you can find all the information at
4:59 pm
>> that will do it for now. thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. >> abc7 "news at 5:00" starts now. >> by the time we were out, it was halfway across the building. > i could see the smoke and a big raging fire. >> a south bay construction site goes up in flames. the heat was intense. just now, word that police are talking with a person of interest. >> and scandal rocks a san francisco hospital. years of alleged abuse recorded on video and shared among staff. >> the gig economy. lyft and uber drivers are making demands in san francisco. >> backing berkeley. long-time residents respond to kamala harris's comments on bussing during last night's feisty democratic debate. >> this piece of cloth is a symbol of pride. >> now, news to build a better bay area. from abc 7. >>. >> and this building was almost
5:00 pm
fully involved by the time firefighters got on >> i seen the whole fourth floor in flames. >> big raging fire and it was really scary. >> then i was like wait, that can't be real. >> i thought somebody had a torch or something close to me because it felt like a lot of heat. i looked up and there was a fire in the corner of the building. >> our major concern was to protect the surrounding neighborhoods. >> a homeowner putting water onto the roof. embers are trying down throughout the area. scott is my photographer. you can see on the ground there the embers. >> what a fight in santa clara. sky 7 is over the condo complex right now. firefighters are still pouring water on the building. the damage is extensive. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. this fire started along el camino real near scott boulevard around 11:00 a.m.


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