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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 29, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> we begin with cornell bernard live at dolores park. >> reporter: dolores park definitely the place to be. the annual dyke march is on the move. thousands and thousands of people taking part in this long-time pride event. and this weekend, pride is all around san francisco. pride seems to be everywhere in san francisco this weekend, peter white is visiting from north carolina. >> i love it, where i come from, there's not much of a gay community at all. >> reporter: a champagne christening for the pink triangle. it started with an act of civil disobeyed against. >> so long ago, a small, tiny group of us crept up onto twin peaks and installed the first pink triangle in the dark of night so we wouldn't be arrested. >> reporter: 200 feet long and
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it can be seen for 20 miles when the fog lifts. >> we are so fortunate to be in a place like san francisco where there is love and respect and support for our differences. >> reporter: but that equality is not the same the world over. >> the struggle is far from over. there are currently 73 nation in the world where homosexuality is criminalized. >> pride means honoring everyone's colors, everyone's story, everyone's strength. >> reporter: folks were dancing and soaking up the sun in dolores park. and at civic center pride festival, the music was pounding. people were getting their groove on. >> it's her first pride and my fourth pride. >> reporter: a team from richmond were taking it all in. >> i love it. it's awesome. it's a lot. i have no words. >> pride means freedom of expression and celebrating it, with, not by myself but with people who celebrate the same thing i celebrate. >> reporter: yeah, and speaking
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of celebrating, the dyke march is winding its way back to dolores park tonight. it's the 27th year for the event which seems to get more popular every year. we're live in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7ness >> much appreciation to you. and a quick reminder to plan for the pride parade. several streets, including market will be blocked offer. it starts at 10:30 in the morning and expected to wrap up by 3:00 in the afternoon. and if attending the parade's in your plans, you'll want to know what your weather's going to be like. >> let's get a check of the weather withdrew tuma, enjoying the sunshine on the roof. >> a great start to the weekend. we have a nice finish as well. numbers out there right now, a wide range that we typically see in june. 75 in san rafael. 83 in concord, 73 in san jose, 62 in the city. let's go hour by hour. tonight if you will be out and
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about, it's going to cool off pretty quickly. the fog will return in a matter of hours. that's going to drop temperatures into the 50s and 60s by 10:00 later on tonight, but if you are headed to san francisco tomorrow to take in the pride parade, it's a nice forecast. fog in the morning at 9:00, a temperature of 60 degrees. by the afternoon it will break town for afternoon sunshine but it will be breezy. wind gusts from time to time at 20 miles per hour. >> can't wait. we have a complete guide to pride, including a full schedule of events through sunday on our website, go to abc 7 in the south bay, fire investigators are searching for what caused yesterday's massive fire that destroyed a santa clara condo complex under construction. flames tore through friday a midday. firefighters were still on the scene today, dowsing hotspots with water, more than 24 hours
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after the fire started. neighbors feared the flames would spread to nearby homes. >> the heat was unbelievable. and then it just took off into the sky, and obviously developed into this unfortunate occurrence. >> authorities tee taped a person of interest yesterday afternoon. but that person was released without any charges. the four storey condo complex with 58 units was supposed to be completed later this year. in developing news, the giants announced that larry baer will return to the team on tuesday but reportedly will have less power. he will no longer be the person in charge. instead, the board of directors says interim ceo robert dean will continue to be the giants' control person. bae will foc baer will focus on reconnecting with employees. fans we spoke with were generally supportive of him. >> i think the tis minudiscipli
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action was enough. and it's time for him to come back. >> i think the whole thing was made a bigger deal than it should have been, in my personal opinion. >> i hope he's corrected himself and made some changes. i hope he and his wife can patch things up. >> he was suspended on march 26, following a public altercation with his wife. in a statement he says he embraces the team's structural changes and says quote, while my time away has been difficult on many levels it has offered me opportunities for introspection. a thief made off with thousands of dollars in cigarettes. surveillance images show the suspect at a texaco station in petaluma last night. the store owner says the man grabbed an entire display rack with about 30 cartons on it and ran out of the store. he got into a car and took off. each carton goes for about $100, so, do the math. it's about a $3,000 loss. staying in the north bay, sometimes we just need someone to talk to, right?
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take a look. the sonoma county sheriff's office posted this picture of a 9-year-old girl who had climbed on top of a shed after having what they described as a tough day. the deputy started talking to her, and after connecting during a conversation about fashion, convinced her it to come down safely. for the first time since the deadly campfire broke out six months ago, a couple has been given the okay to move back onto their property. kathy and richard town received a certificate of occupancy for their one-storey home on n n n drive. the november fire destroyed 14,000 homes in paradise and nearby towns. the county has issued 20 building permits and paradise has issued 65. does a moratorium trump a lawsuit? the new debate on california's gavin newsom. touched off by the crime-fighters have a germ fighter. they have enlisted the help of a
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robot to keep a station clean. and a wine war. find out where a bottle of
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an interesting turn of events for california's death penalty. executions have been on hold because of a federal lawsuit challenging the lethal injection process. governor gavin newsom is seeking to end the lawsuit saying it's
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no longer valid because of his moratorium. he halted executions in march for as long as he remains governor. the state has been trying to switch from a single drug to execute criminals. the last execution was in 2006. abc 7 is committed to building a better bay air what. and one lot about is b.a.r.t. we have good news to share with riders. b.a.r.t. sent out a picture of this 40,000-pound transformer be being delivered to the san leandro station this morning. this will allow the transit agency to press a new power sub station in. service. it's being paid for by a $3.5 billion bond that voters passed in 2016. by upgrading the power system, b.a.r.t. says it will be able to run more trains. and we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area, share them on facebook. los angeles police have a high-tech solution for keeping a station clean, a germ-zapping robot. a downtown station was fined in
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may after a state investigation found filthy conditions and even rats. one officer even had typhoid fever, which is caused by a bacteria infection from contact with salmonella. the station then in turn bot a $110,000 robot called light strike that kills 90% of the robot moves around the room and zaps the air what with ultraviolet rays. you might want to fill up at the pump this weekend. the gas tax in california is going up on monday. the tax will increase from 41.7 cents a gallon to 47.3 cents a gallon. the increase of nearly six cents a gallon is expected to raise billions a year to pay for mass transit programs. this is on top of a 12-cent
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increase that took place in november. would you like to own jackie kennedy onassis's home? and drew tuma has the accuweather forecast. is it the end of an era for the san jose sharks? and they did it once before, but can they do
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well, forget wine-stained teeth. how about wine-stained everything? spain held the wine battle. people sprayed wine at each other in the celebration. everyone basically, they wear white. they end up getting soaked with purple wine. tools of the trade involve wine-filled water pistols, and even buckets. people come from all over the world to participate. >> the martha's vineyard estate owned by jackie kennedy onassis is for sale for $65 million. >> the 340-acre property is nope as red gate farm. it features a pool, boathouse and its own private beach. in addition to the five bedroom
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main house, there are, there's a four-bedroom guest house. jackie o initially bought the property in 1978 for just a million dollars. organizers of burning man say they will not fight plans by the bureau of land management to cap attendance at the annual desert celebration, but organizers say they will fight the sanctioned screenings for drugs and weapons. they have capped it at 80,000 and implemented security screenings to the black rock city site. burning man starts august 25th. there was no room for appetites at a food festival in fremont today. ♪ a little bit of music helped people relax and enswroi this year's halal food festival. there were diverse selections of
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food to choose from. organizers say it is the largest event of its kind in the united states. and it will go on until 10:30 tonight at the town fair plaza in fremont. >> it's going to look a little different at 10:30. maybe a little darker. it was gorgeous. >> drew tuma high on the roof looking sunny up there. >> comfortable conditions in the afternoon. it will cool off in the evening. but tomorrow looking equally as delightful. let's talk about live doppler 7. you see the active sweep across the region. really quiet. we're talking about calm conditions the next couple of days. we'll take the picture outside. east bay hills camera soaked in sun, no matter where you are. baby blue skies. and temperature wise we're very comfortable, but the winds are a bit of an issue in some spots, gusting to 18 in san carlos. the wind shooting through the dell tax fairfield, a wind of 16
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miles per hour. we're going to keep this breeze tomorrow afternoon as well. 68 in oakland, 73 in san jose and fremont, still holding onto the 80s from concord to vallejo. 75 in san rafael. fast forward, we will see cloud cover return. sun will go down at 8:35 this evening. and shortly after we will find the cloud cover moving to the coast and spreading around the bay area shore line. mid-50s along the shore line. we'll take a look at live doppler 7. high, thin cirrus clouds moving through the sky from time to time. made us a beautiful picture in the sky. bigger picture. we have an area of low pressure off the coast of the pacific northwest, and it's going to hang there over the next couple days. what that means for us, temperatures are going to stay really comfortable. we're not tracking any intense heat waves coming our way the next seven days. the planner will brake town your sunday. first thing, morning juneeee
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then cloud cover pulls back to the coastline. wind 10 to 20 miles per hour and temperatures in the 70s and 80s in our warmest spots. in the south bay tomorrow, 79 in santa clara and san jose. 85 in morgan hill, 75 the high in sunnyvale. looking bright, beautiful, 71 mountain view. little cloudy in half moon bay, much cooler at 60 degrees. breezy in downtown. 65 for the high, 61 in the sunset and richmond district. 82 santa rosa. the same in vallejo, 79 in novato. we'll head to the east bay tomorrow, upper 60s to upper 70s. 7 78 in fremont. 83 the high in walnut creek.
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and livermore at about 81 degrees. have the layers. overcast sky starting out around 60 degrees by 9:00 in the morning. 65 by 3:00. the wind gusting about 20 miles per hour at times. so it will be breezy for the parade. nice for pride tomorrow, we'll take a slight dip in our temperatures as we head into monday, and a steady pattern at least through midweek, looking great for the fourth of july. we will be seeing fog. otherwise warming up. one week from today, getting hot wrin la inland with temperatures topping out at the low 90s. it's going to be a wild weekend in the nba. free agency tips off tomorrow. the big question for the warriors and the rest of the league, where will kevin durant end up? steph curry is flying direct from his shoe tour in asia to new york city to meet with durant along with warriors' gm bob myers. there is a new wrinkle in the
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sweepstakes. espn reports that durant and kawhi len around ha kawhi leonard have talked about teaming up somewhere. the brooklyn nets have two slots, but it's widely assumed that kyrie irving will take one of those. buckle up. it's going to be a very interesting next few days. reports are out that klay thompson will sign a new five-year, 190 million dollar contract as soon as he can tomorrow afternoon. even though he may not return until after the all-star break because of a torn acl, the warriors are still prepared to offer him the max. klay said all along if they offered him the max he would sign it without meeting with other teams. shawn livingston's future is still up in the air. originally, the warriors had until tomorrow to decide whether to waive him or pick up his $7.7 million contract. the two sides have agreed to
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make decision day july 10th. it would cost the warriors $2 million to buy him out. livingston has said, if he does return it would only be with golden state. some hockey news that's sounding more and more like joe pavelski has played his last game in san jose. the captain has played his entire 13-year career with the sharks. and the face goal will live on. but he will turn 35 soon. reports are he has already met with tampa bay and dallas, but other teams are interested. tonight, it's the california classico. the mls rivalry match between the earthquakes and galaxy. the quakes are in playoff contention while the galaxy are in second place notiin the west. check out paul marie grabbing the mic yesterday and
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interviewing tommy thompson. >> what did you think about the game for us tomorrow. >> i'm excited. it's a huge game against a great opponent. i think we have a lot of momentum right now. the locker room's comfortable. we're ready to keep pushing, and i think it's going to be a lot of fun. >>na >> that's a very good, very good answer. what would you tell the fans? >> i would say, if i had to tell the fans something, i'd say come out, support, be loud, because we're going to need every one of you guys. >> that's true. we're going to need everyone. thank you for watching the early late night show with tommy thompson and paul marie. >> nice job, gentlemen. yankees and red sox playing in london. there's meghan markle and prince harry on the pregame. the yankees scored six runs in the first inning, and so did the red sox. that is the first it's happened in the mlb game since 1989.
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aaron judge cracking one over the wall, 114.3 meters. don't worry, that's 375 feet. but the red sox made it interesting. michael chavis with two home runs on the day to make it 17-10. it was 17-13, and the sox had the tying run in the eighth, but, that's going end the threat. 17-13 the final, more than some nfl games score. giants and as in action later tonight. that is a total of 30 runs between the yanks and sox. >> put on a traex show fextra s brits. there was more fun to be had in london for
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[music] [music] >> tracy sellers: hey, everybody, welcome to "california bountiful." i'm your host, tracy sellers, and i hope you've brought your appetite today because we have a show full of fantastic food that will hopefully inspire you to get in the kitchen and get cookin', or maybe eatin', or, hey, maybe both. that would be great too, right? and it all starts with our first story. [music] >> tracy: when it comes to comfort food, burgers have to be at the top of the list, right? well, at least, my list, that i


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