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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 30, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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breaking news orng, erica president trump meets north korea's kim jong-un at the dmz. the historic meeting as donald trump becomes the first u.s. president to step into north korea. >> stepping across that line was a great honor. lot of progress has been made. >> the handshake extending into a meeting. what came out of it. what this could mean for future diplomatic relations. summer storms. tornado touches down. more than 200 reports of severe weather in the northern plains and the east coast. >> this is a full festival evacuation. >> bringing strong storms, the hail and high winds. plus, what you can expect for fourth of july. caught on camera. a look at this frightening moment as a camper swerves and
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flips over on the highway. why the driver says he lost control here. patient arrest. this man in a hospital gown -- confronted by a security guard and police officers. >> i didn't try to steal anything. >> this morning, new police body camera video just released. what he and authorities are saying about the arrest. and london slugfest. not a cricket bat in sight. as the yankees and red sox bring their rivalry across the pond. major league baseball making its european debut. the royal welcome and the gifts for baby archie. good morning, and let's get straight to breaking news overnight. a historic encounter just hours ago at the dmz, the border between north and south korea. >> president trump shaking hands with the north korean leader kim jong-un. who accepted a last-minute
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invitation from trump extended over twitter. the president then stepped over the border, becoming the first u.s. president to enter north korea. >> the two leaders met behind closed doors for more than 30 minutes. they didn't cut a deal to denuclearize north korea. but they did agree to restart stalled talks. we have team coverage this morning. george stephanopoulos is standing by. but we start here with chief white house correspondent jon karl who's on the ground in seoul, south korea. jon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. with one dramatic gesture, president trump became the first american president to set foot in north korea and also the first to set up an impromptu meeting with a north korean dictator via tweet. at first, the meeting seemed well choreographed. president trump walking from the south korean side. kim jong-un from the north. good to see you again, kim s never thought i'd see you here. the handshake across the border.
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and it happened just 32 hours after trump tweeted the invitation to meet at the border. as they walked back to the south korean side -- >> it's a great day for the world and it's an honor for me to be here. >> reporter: another rarity, kim jong-un speaking to reporters. president trump just walked across the demarcation line, he said, that made him the first u.s. president to visit our country. >> tremendous positivity. really great things are happening in a lot of places. but, we met and we liked each other from day one and that was very important. >> reporter: as they walked toward the so-called house of freedom, chaos. security guards at first blocked the u.s. press. and then, a scramble to get the american reporters inside. that's the new white house press secretary stephanie grisham,
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elbowing and shoving a north korean security guard. more chaos inside the meeting. and words of diplomacy. >> it was an honor to be with you, and it was an honor that you asked me to step over that line, and i was proud to step over the line. >> reporter: the two leaders met behind closed doors for about 30 minutes, followed by another chaotic scene as trump walked kim back over to north korea. there's no question today's meeting was an historic first. but after two summits and one impromptu meeting, north korea's nuclear program remains fully in place. president trump announced there will be a new round of talks, some at lower levels, with the aim of setting up an agreement that would finally add some substance to this incredibly powerful symbolism. whit. >> truly an extraordinary scene. jon, this was classic trump. the master showman in his element. you were there for his two previous meetings with kim.
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how big was this moment for president trump? >> reporter: whit, in terms of sheer performance this may have been trump's biggest as president. keep in mind, north korea is known as the hermit kingdom. north korean leaders are famously reclusive. the idea of setting up something impromptu is really unheard of especially in this dramatic nati fashion on the border, but as i mentioned, the north korean nuclear program is fully in place. there's not been any progress towards even an agreement in terms of scaling it back. the big question is whether this symbolism, the big gamble that the president has made, succeeding at least in a diplomatic way where his predecessors failed, whether or not it would lead to some kind of agreement to actually end that nuclear program. >> the important question, jon karl in seoul, south korea for us. thank you. dan? whit and jon, thank you very much. let's bring in our chief anchor george stephanopoulos who
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will be hosting "this week" later this morning. george, good morning. >> good morning. >> that was captivating, little chaotic. even though there was no progress on the underlying de-nuclearization talks, is just restarting the talks a win? >> i don't know about win or lose. as jon just pointed out, this was the dramatic headline, the dramatic photo, that the president wanted. he's a showman. he pulled it off. today there is no question about that, but when you are looking first politically, and then substance, the president had seemed at first a successful meeting in singapore with kim jong-un. about a year ago. that didn't change his approval ratings one way or another. he had a failed summit in hanoi with kim jong-un earlier this year. that didn't change his approval ratings one way or the other. i'm not sure that there's that much political impact. the big question, will this lead to any kind of substantive progress? >> the president is saying, there's been progress already. his quote this morning was that, under the previous administration, barack obama,
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negotiations were a fiery mess. is he right that he has moved the ball forward in any meaningful way? >> the tensions increased the most when president trump first came into office, when you had those fiery tweets between him and kim jong-un. >> fire and fury. >> fire and fury, but that tension has clearly gone down. but when you look at the substance, even though the president has had three meetings with kim jong-un, not only that the nuclear program still in place, his nuclear stock pile has actually increased over the last year. it is true thereto not been any long-range ballistic missile tests but short-range tests. he hasn't scaled back his nuclear program in any meaningful way. >> all right, let's go back to the politics for a second. so, you have this kind of interesting split screen, because all week long we watched the democratic presidential candidates -- i think there are 150 of them on the stage. >> 23, but who's counting. >> on stage in these two th lot offighting one another. while they're fighting we have s
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thatolly valuable for him? even though it hasn't moved the needle. >> it could if that's what people are focused on. i'm not sure that is what people are focused on. even this week has been kind of a mixed bag for president trump. he's certainly dominating the headlines overseas. also taking some criticism for cozying up to vladimir putin and seeming to joking for election interference. and cozying up to saudi crown prince, even though it's clear that he directed the killing of the american journalist jam -- saudi american journalist jamal khashoggi. that's a double-edged sword for the president. so much will depend on the substantive progress of these meetings. will russia interfere in our elections again? will there be a real trade agreement with china? will we actually make progress on lowering the nuclear program in north korea? if that ppen yisillue esidt. in
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with you, george. george stephanopoulos, as always, thank you. and george, by the way, will have a big show this morning. he'll go one-on-one with the 2020 presidential candidates, julian castro and bernie sanders. plus, post-debate analysis with the powerhouse roundtable. all coming up on "this week" later this morning. george, thank you. here at home, democratic presidential candidates are vying for votes but banding together as race becomes a key issue in this campaign. abc's rachel scott is in chicago where several candidates are courting african-american voters at the rainbow push coalition and defending senator kamala harris from a new attack on her background. rachel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eva. senator harris identifies as black. she graduated from a historically black university, but her racial identity is being called into question. and the now 2020 presidential candidates are putting politics aside to back her up. this morning, the pack of democratic candidates united to
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defend one of their own -- after online attacks questioned the racial identity of senator kamala harris. one person tweeting, kamala is not an american black. she's half indian and half jamaican. i'm so sick of people robbing american blacks like myself of our history. the tweet reportedly gaining attention after "the new york times" reports donald trump jr. shared it, later deleting it. part of the strength of our nation -- >> these attacks on harris claims she's not african-american and her ancestors didn't experience u.s. slavery. harris born to immigrant parents from jamaica and india, identifies as black. this transfers over her racial identity reminisce september of the birtherism debate that falsely claimed that barack obama wasn't born in the united states. harris' campaigns campaign said, those attacks didn't work then and they won't work now. senator elizabeth warren fresh
7:11 am
off making her pitch to a black church on the south side of chicago -- >> we are in a fight for the very soul of our nation. >> reporter: -- stepped in as the very first candidate to defend harris, calling the accusations racist and ugly. joe biden labeled the attacks disgusting. just after harris challenged his civil rights record on the debate stage. >> you also worked with them to oppose busing. >> reporter: an unlikely source cutting biden some slack. >> i think she was given too much credit for what she did. it wasn't too outstanding. i think probably he was hit harder than he should have been hit, biden. >> reporter: back in south bend, racial tensions prompted mayor pete buttigieg to step off the trail after a fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer. buttigieg back in town for a > also these issues can't be separated. the challenge we face here in south bend is symptomatic of a
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national challenge. >> reporter: and mayor pete will be back on the campaign trial on tuesday, stopping right here in chicago to appear before jesse jackson's rainbow push convention. whit? >> rachel scott for us in chicago. thanks so much. in portland, oregon, violence in the streets as fights broke out among right-wing and left-wing protesters. staging competing demonstrations. several injuries were reported, using social media to declare this a civil disturbance. three people were arrested on assault and harassment charges. caught on camera. a frightening traffic accident near charlotte, north carolina. a camper rolling over in traffic at high speed on interstate 77, the camper was totalled but the two people inside got out with minor injuries. the driver blamed uneven pavement for the wreck. a little boy's trip to a county fair turned lethal when the toddler apparently contracted the deadly e. coli bacteria. san diego officials now zeroing in on a possible cause, and
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abc's marci gonzalez is in our l.a. bureau with more. plus, advice on how to protect yourself and your kids. marci, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. the boy's family says he was in and out of the emergency room after visiting the fair before his kidneys eventually failed. three other children also became sick. officials are still investigating and say they are taking this very seriously. this morning, the petting zoo and other animal exhibits at the san diego county fair is shut down after a 2-year-old boy was visiting, was infected with e. coli and died. >> families should not have to worry about that. you're there to have a good time. this is just really sad. >> reporter: jedediah king kavazuela visited the fair on june 15th. his family said he washed his hands after visiting the petting zoo but still got sick. health officials saying a rare complication from the infection killed the toddler nine days later. >> our hearts and our prayers and our thoughts go out to the family. >> reporter: inspectors testing
7:14 am
all areas of the fair determining the bacteria likely came from one of the animal exhibits. >> unfortunately when you have livestock or animals there's potential inherent risks. three ot an showe ast two that a evenhough th water stations. >> it's really important when you attend any kind of event that involves animals that you wash your hands. >> reporter: to keep yourself and your family safe from e.coli, the cdc suggests leaving strollers outside of areas housing animals, not eating or drinking around animals, and avoiding sitting or playing inside exhibits. the rest of the san diego county fair remains open, officials say the other children who were infected are recovering this morning. whit? >> an alarming story, marci, thank you. we want to turn a sad
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update. in new york, former detective of the nypd, luis alvarez has died. just three weeks ago, he went before congress with jon stewart by his side to plead with lawmakers to extend health benefits for 9/11 first rkg at the world trade center site. the senate is scheduled to vote on the bill in august. alvarez was 53 years old. near los in the san gabriel mountains for a week is safe this morning. searchers in helicopter spotted him in a canyon and air lifted him out. rescuers said he was walking and talking when they found him. he hadn't eaten in five days. but apparently survived by drinking creek water. now to the severe weather slamming a good part of the country, rob is here with the latest on that and what's coming up next. robert, good morning. >> good morning, dan. boy, the heat built up yesterday, only fueling some of the storms.
7:16 am
we had over 200 damaging storm reports yesterday from the northeast to the midwest, to the northern plains where the winds were gusting 80 miles per hour. big hail, and one impressive tornado. >> reporter: overnight, a massive tornado ripping through south dakota. >> we are watching a tornado. >> reporter: look, as this twister spins nearly stationary right behind these homes. down the road, the same tornado showing a classic pipe lifting dirt and debris in the air. severe storms also slamming the northeast. damaging winds leaving 20 people injured at a christian music festival in pennsylvania. tents and other equipment thrown in the air. >> this is a full festival evacuation. due to incoming weather. >> reporter: in new york city, a severe storm prompting evacuations at a pride event. halting festivities for a short time there. in new jersey, 60-mile-per-hour winds blowing sand and battering beachgoers. people scrambling for cover. outside of philadelphia, this
7:17 am
house catching on fire, officials believe a lightning strike is to blame. and golf ball-size hail pounding neighborhoods in rhode island. severe thunderstorm watch out right now that includes minneapolis. you see the strong line of thunderstorms. that just rolled through duluth. that watch is up through the rest of this morning. again, the heat is still in place with severe thunderstorms may get down towards milwaukee, even chicago later on today, this is the threat area. back through the northern plain, strong winds, large hail and as we saw yesterday, maybe a brief tornado. the front that caused the thunderstorms across the northeast yesterday, that is giving us a brief respite as far as the heat is concerned, but other than that, the heat is still on across much of the country. temperatures will be in the 90s. couple in the humidity and it feels like 102 in des moines, idaho. this will only continue tuesday and wednesday. it gets over to the east coast. again, we're looking at a sustained heat wave. temperatures up and over 100 degrees not just wednesday, but
7:18 am
getting through the fourth of july holiday, potentially even towards the end of the week. 90s are wild here. d.c., raleigh. hope everybody survived the storms yesterday. if they were playing the yankees/red sox game at home it would have been an issue. i think, at least early on. >> you know how we described this meteorologically in boston? a scorcher. >> you mean how the yankees destroyed the red sox.
7:19 am
scorcher. >> it burns. it burns. >> sometimes, you don't -- the move, ladies and gentlemen, is don't fight back. >> let it sit. speaking of major league baseball, the game wasn't here it was overseas. making its london debut with a classic rivalry, the yankees versus the red sox. after a royal welcome, the teams put on a real slugfest. abc's julia macfarlane is in london staydium with the story. good morning, julia. >> reporter: good morning, eva. they're calling this the new rivalry on new ground. the yankees beating the red sox yesterday 17-13. they meet once more here in the london stadium and the royal audience watching. an american pastime crossing the atlantic and touching down in europe for the first time. >> it feels new and exciting and different. >> reporter: the london series presenting baseball to fans in the uk.66,000 in stands for a g
7:20 am
opening featuring none other than the oldest rivalry in sport. the boston red sox and the new york yankees head to head on british soil. kicking things off with a bang. and a few more. baseball granted a royal seal of approval, as harry and meghan graced the field.ed presents for baby archie. a red sox bat, a onesie and a yankees jersey, even connecting with a possible long lost relative. >> my great, great, great -- great. >> great, great. >> we're family somehow. >> anyone else want to claim they're family? >> reporter: the massive london stadium constructed for the olympics in 2012, only one of the stadiums hors a an unprecend
7:21 am
>> bare hand. game over! >> i was just blown away. beautiful venue and the fans are great and it's been a lot of fun. >> reporter: it's hope this debut will be the start of the sport blossoming in europe. >> it is gone. >> reporter: and a lucrative market for the game. >> having a good time. >> reporter: the crowd here in london yesterday treated to an extraordinary baptism into the world of baseball. aaron hicks hitting the first home run in the first half hour. one fan on twitter observing that soon the yankees would have more hits in england than the beatles, guys. >> julia, based on your accent, i'm wondering, are you a big baseball fan? can you define short stop? >> reporter: dan, you know i'm a mets fan so i'm limited in what i can say just to keep the peace here. >> well done. >> that was called debating. >> diplomatic response. julia, thank you so much. they've been doing this with football in the uk for a while. american football. interesting to see if baseball
7:22 am
will catch on. all right. an intense manhunt under way for a man who cut off his ankle monitor and escaped on the last day of his murder trial. plus, a hospital patient speaks out after the encounter with security guards and police that led to his arrest. we'll have all that coming up on "gma." "good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. geico. own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential
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nearly three hours but they have since reopened. let's turn to weather now and bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. good morning to you. partly cloudy skies conditions, lower elevations, look at that beautiful fog, 59 oakland, 57 san jose, mid-50s on the coast. from our roof camera, partly cloudy later today, 51 in santa rosa. it is 60 in concord. highs today underneath some of the clouds at the coast will only be in the low 60s. 65 in san francisco, 70 in oakland, 79 san jose, low- to mid-80s inland. chris. >> thanks, lisa. thanks to you for
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welcome back to "gma." president trump is now the first sitting american president to go to north korea. trump and that country's leader, kim jong-un, meeting and shaking hands today in the demilitarized zone. after a 50-minute or so private talk, kim, trump, said they agreed to restart nuclear talks within weeks. investigators making more arrests this weekend in the shooting of baseball great david ortiz. three suspects appearing in court in the dominican republic. more than a dozen people have now been charged in this case. authorities say the shooting inside the bar three weeks ago was a hit intended to kill somebody else who was there. the former red sox slugger is recovering at a boston hospital. opens just hours from now. more than 200 players eligible to shop themselves. espn reporting that kevin durant and kawhi leonard have been
7:31 am
talking about teaming up. the clippers and the knicks looking like potential destinations. dan, this is the basketball. the orange ball goes in the basket. >> yes, right. it's very similar to golf. >> very similar. yes. >> just higher. >> exactly. >> my sports knowledge on display throughout the morning here. we're going to switch dwe s dweer -- gears now. we have a serious story first this half hour. it involves a fugitive on the run. this is a person convicted of murder, he then skipped out on the final day of his own trial. and stephanie ramos has more. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. the judge presiding over this case says jurors convicted the accused murderer in 15 minutes this past week, but now the authorities just have to find him. this morning, u.s. marshals are on an all-out manhunt for convicted murderer rene
7:32 am
carrillo. after appearing in texas court all week, they say he was a no-show on thursday, just a day before his trial was set to end. police say an ankle monitor similar to this one was found damaged. >> his ankle monitor had been cut off. it was threw on the side of the road in texas. >> reporter: some now wondering why the 25-year-old was free on bond while on trial for murder. >> i did not set the bond in this case. the assigned judge at the time did. and it may very well have been appropriate. i'm not second-guessing that at all. >> reporter: according to police, carrillo is seen here outside a strip club in this surveillance video from october 2017 when they say carrillo walks up to that mercedes car, shoots and kills the driver. and wounds the woman in the passenger seat. all of this stemming from an argument inside the club. but despite his absence in court thursday, jurors still convicted carrillo and sentenced him to life in prison. >> anybody that's associated with him, we'll be contacting them and hopefully they can talk him into coming back and facing what he has been sentenced with, and if he doesn't come back,
7:33 am
we'll still be looking for him. >> reporter: if captured, authorities say carrillo will begin his life sentence and face additional felony charges for fleeing and skipping bail. eva. >> all right, thanks, stephanie. time now for a check of our weather and rob, it was another hot one yesterday here. >> it was. we had those storms, eva. after a storm, with the setting sun you get a beautiful rainbow. check out this shot, not just one, but two. the elusive double rainbow there. in jersey, lower manhattan, a gorgeous sight there. this is of course, the theme of the weekend. we mentioned yesterday that these storms evacuated one of the pride events there on the hudson river. here are some pride cities for you -- love, texas, 89. equality, illinois, 91. pride, texas, 96. rainbow, california, temperatures in the 80s. there's your rainbow-color beach ball. cooler today. lesser humidity. not a bad beach day. these water temperatures cool north of new jersey will get warmer as the week goes on.
7:34 am
temperatures this week will get hot and stay hot. this is your fourth of july forecasts, some random storms. sponsored by >> this weather report is sponsored by hope you get some rainbows today. always a nice sight after a storm. >> eva was upset that she couldn't ride her harley yesterday. >> rainbows appropriate for pride, too. the sky is celebrating. >> exactly. thank you for listening. coming up here on "good morning america" -- arrested outside the hospital. the patient who says hcially pr. the police department just releasing their bodycam video. and it's wedding bells, again, for joe jonas and sophie turner.
7:35 am
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♪trelegy 1-2-3 ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ welcome back to "gma." a hospital patient said he had the doctor's okay when he went out for a walk.
7:39 am
outside the building. a run-in with cops then led to an arrest. he says he was racially profiled and is talking to the media for the first time. abc's erielle reshef joins with us that story. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you whit. the initial video of that incident is making rounds on social media. now, we're seeing new body camera footage of the encounter as the department stands by the actions of its officers. >> no fighting. no fighting. >> just get in the car, okay? >> reporter: this morning, newly released bodycam footage, of on confrontation in freeport, illinois. making waves online. >> i didn't try to steal anything. >> reporter: officials making that footage public more than a week after 24-year-old shaquille dukes, seen here in his hospital gown, still hooked to an i.v., posted a video of the altercation on facebook. dukes says he was being treated for pneumonia and was taking a walk around the facility when he claims he was racial profiled by
7:40 am
a white hospital security guard, who then he called police. saying he felt extremely threatened. >> he's stealing hospital property, basically, by leaving, i don't care if he was coming back. that's stealing. and then they all three got in my face. >> did he have permission to leave the hospital with that equipment? >> he wasn't my patient. >> normally, does he have permission? >> i explained to you that dr. murphy and jennifer were aware that i came outside. if you would call and verify with them -- well, i don't care what they told you. as far as i'm concerned, this is hospital equipment and you are attempting to steal it. >> reporter: dukes' boyfriend recording the cell phone video as the exchange gets heated. police responding, finding the group on public property, the situation escalated. >> this is hospital property. >> but there's no threat. but there's no threat. >> as they became to take me to the car -- i said i never left hospital property. that's when he turned and said, you're off hospital property now.
7:41 am
>> don't kick him. >> reporter: dukes' brother put in handcuffs first and then dukes himself arrested, charged with disorderly conduct. >> from a law enforcement standpoint, arresting a person is not always the solution. you want to at least investigate to make sure that you have all of the information. >> reporter: the department standing by the conduct of its officers. freeport police saying in a statement, our investigation revealed that at no time did doctor or nurse give that patient or any patient permission to leave the hospital while still hooked to an iv machine. >> it was determined that he was likely not trying to steal any of the property. so, but -- the charges were supported for disorderly conduct with their actions toward the security guard. you know, i think that our officers handled it the best way they could and given the situations they had in front of them. >> reporter: the hospital telling abc news, patient privacy laws don't allow us to comment on what is now a police matter.
7:42 am
dukes said he has filed a formal complaint with the city. the police chief tells us the case is now in the hands of the state's attorney office. dukes is due in court next month. >> erielle, thank you very much. really appreciate it. coming up on "gma," the actor wilson cruz, in studio with us. ready for a big moment later today. details coming up. in studio with us. ready for a big moment later today. details coming up. nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. home insurance trusted by more people than any other. state farm.
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7:46 am
ny and wilson cruz is taking place. appearing on broadway in "rent." as well as in "star tr trek: discovery," and we're very happy to have you in studio with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> over the course of your life and your career, how has celebrating pride changed for you? >> well, you know, i started 25 years ago as a public figure. at that point i was talking about the youth generation and now, i think it's my job now to pass on a baton, really, to this next generation, which means it will be in very good hands when you look another how vocal they have been, and how willing they have been to push the envelope. you know, i think right now i'm a fatherly figure, and i'm happy to take that. i'm really proud of where this movement is going, and i think what we need in this moment is really about the lgbtq community being allies within itself, right? you know, we need to support our
7:47 am
trans brothers and sisters. 11 african-american trans people have been killed this year alone. we have to do better in standing up for them. >> 11 lives lost. you have got a big performance later today. you're singing "seasons of love" from rent. is that a song that resonated with you as well? >> i was on broadway in rent in 1997, along with my co-star anthony r anthony rapp, and so it means something to me. it's a song about community, right, it's a song about reflecting on what this life means and the people who help us through it. and so, it's appropriate that we're -- we're singing that song, especially in light of the epidemic that that show speaks about. so, you know, aids is not over. it's a more manageable disease now. but at the time that song was written and performed, people were dying left and right, we were going to funerals weekly. >> you're also starring in the animated fantasy series, "the
7:48 am
brave bravest knight." first animated series to have -- children's series to have an openly gay character. what do you say to parents who might have reservations about their children watch it or are concerned about letting their children watch it? >> i would say firstly, the show itself is not about sex. it's not about even the relationship. it's about the love of a child. and really, we talk about electing a new president or prime minister, who the new pope is going to be, but if we're going to change the world, it needs to start at the threshold of our homes with our children, and this show is about teaching our children about love and acceptance and courage, which we need our children to have in this time. so, i implore them to watch the show. you know, lgbtq families aren't going anywhere. we have been here and we've always be here. we have as much right to be seen and have our stories told as everybody else. that's when this show does. >> wilson, thank you so much for joining us this morning. pride on abc news live begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern, featuring special performances followed by
7:49 am
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♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by sensodyne. number one dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth. alwa. that techno music makes some of us dance. >> some of us. >> not going to name any names. but his initials are whit johnson. diane macedo, what's going on? good morning, everybody. time for "pop news," and we'll art things off with joe jonas and sophie turner tying the knot overnight in france. this is the couple's second wedding technically. they said their i dos in may in las vegas. that make everything legal. guests in france are said to have included priyanka chopra, supermodel ashley graham and turner's "game of thrones" co-star, maisie williams. they're adorable together. not just sophie and maisie but sophie and joe. congratulations to them.
7:54 am
>> i like the stark sisters there. >> yeah. >> this was not a red wedding though. very smoothly by all accounts. all right, this next story is for dan. cat lovers united in pasadena, california, this weekend for catcon. that's a real thing. this year's highlight seems to be this exhibit called purradise city. a dream home. the event was expected to attract over 18,000 people at the convention center. and it also featured some celebrities as well as celebrity cats. perhaps most importantly, it offers the opportunity for dozens of cats and kittens to be adopted into forever families. last year, they say they adopted more than 174 cats, kittens. dan's paying his own tribute. i do want to share a photo. >> oh, that's what this is for? >> the socks dan's wearing is right now. >> that's my cat, tobey. my mom made mat had
7:55 am
toy onth, i saidm on the set. i do wear jeans and sneakers because you can't see below the desk. >> he didn't know we were doing a catcon story. he just happened to be wearing cat socks. >> this is really embarrassing. any other stories? all right, anyone who knows cardi b. knows her famous catchphrase. if you need a refresher here it is. >> pepsi, okur? >> did you just ask me if pepsi is okur? >> excuse me. >> of course, pepsi is okurr. that has become signature line. but the u.s. government says it will not become her trademark. the singer applied to trademark that word a few months ago, but now the u.s. patent and trademark office has reportedly turned her down. "people" reports officials consider it a widely used expression. cardi still has a chance to make some changes to her application and argue her case. this may not be over. in the meantime, it means we are all free to say it, and whit johnson, i know you're dying to
7:56 am
do it. >> okurrr! >> that's the best part of my day. nothing will be better than that. although, you may want to stick around george stephanopoulos he may be do that during this "this week" coming up on abc. during this "this week" coming up on abc. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. happening today, more than 100,000 people will fill the streets of san francisco for the annual pride parade. organizers say pride is one of the oldest and largest parades in the world. governor good afternoon newsom, mayor london breed and senator kamala harris will be there. for the first time 49ers
7:57 am
executives will march in the parade. it starts on market street from embarcadero to civic center. quick reminders to plan accordingly, this is the route on your screen. several streets including market will be blocked off. starts at 10:30, wraps up by 3:00. traffic could remain heavy with all the people expected to attend. let's get a check now of the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. a look outs from the roof camera, 57 redwood city, morgan hill 54, in san francisco, sunny skies on tap today. a few high clouds, low 60s in concord. livermore 60. from emeryville, that cloud bank there. cooler tomorrow right into the fourth of july. santa cruz headed to the beach, sunny later there. mostly cloudy, half moon bay pacifica in the low 60s. for pride celebrations breaking out into the sunshine, 60s, 4:00 mid-60s, more fog by 6:00
7:58 am
tonight. elsewhere around the bay, look for 70s, 72 santa rosa, 79 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast not a whole lot of change. we'll be cooler tomorrow. but those temperatures will stay with us through tuesday and wednesday. low 80s inland, 70 around the bay for the 4th. slightly warmer. some fog for everyone. then looking at the end of the week should be warming up. download accuweather app, see how it's climbing from mid-80s to low 90s inland next weekend, slightly warmer around the bay. chris.
7:59 am
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> the democrats debate. >> america does not want to witness a food fight, they want to know how we're going to put food on their table. >> breakout moments. shots at the president. >> trump is a phony. >> that's what we call at home, all foam and no beer. >> the biggest threat to the security of the united states is donald trump. >> and the frontrunner. >> it was hurtful. >> i ran because of civil rights. >> it's time to pass the torch. >> i'm still holding on to that torch. >> the debate revealed a wide-open race. raised new questions about who's best to beat trump and how much the party shift to the left puts winning back the white house at risk. candidates bernie sanders and julian castro join us, handshake. >> this is my honor. th


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