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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  June 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: now news to build a better bay area from abc ♪ >> a jubilant crowd carries on the spirit of stonewall during the san francisco 49th annual pride parade but minutes later it took an unexpected turn. [ crowd chanting ] >> it came to a screeching halt as a group of protesters blocked the parade route. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard saw it all and has this report. >> reporter: san francisco's world famous pride parade started down market street at 10:30 >> today is to celebrate everybody loving everybody, doesn't natter who you are. >> reporter: but later it came to a screeching
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halt. this group of protesters got on to the parade route near sixth street and sat down and refused to league and linked together with rainbow colored tubes. it was protesting police corporation during the pride parade. >> that is not okay. that is completely against the spirit of what pride should be. >> the cell phone video shows police officers taking a protester in custody and water bottles were thrown at them but protesters say officers were overly aggressive. some got angry. >> this is wrong. this is not the time or the place to do this. >> as you see, everything is at a standstill. i don't get what they were saying. >> reporter: police officers monitored several feet away. parade organizers stepped in to negotiate. >> we were able to de-escalate the situation by getting our volunteer safety crew in to back the police up and making a compromise and moving together
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we're about to move on. >> reporter: the parade was ck o ncpelosi motorcade to exit the route but kamala harris chose to stay. >> we have so much to celebrate and so much work to do. >> we asked police chief william scott about the protest. >> we want to be safe and regardless of what your issue is in terms of protest, as long as everybody stays safe that is what is important. >> reporter: protest and celebration, the pride carried on. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. we were honored to be part of the pride parade. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo took part with other staff. employees of lucasville and pixar came from our parent company disney. the abc 7 news app sent out a push alert letting people know with a link to video. download the abc news app and enable push alerts for news updates sent directly to your mobile device. the largest pride parade
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called world pride took place today in new york city. it is the first time world pride has been held in the u.s. new york governor took part in the city parade and used the occasion to sign a bill that bars people who attack or kill a gay person in the state from arguing they were panicked over the victim's sexuality. new york city parade pasted the stonewall in to mark the 50th anniversary of the police raid that sparked the modern-day gay rights movement. in chicago police stopped the parade after three hours due to thunderstorms. organizers in seattle expected some 60,000 people to attend the pride parade there. as the bay area celebrates lgbtq pride, we've been digging through our archives and found an amazing series of stories that give you a glimpse into gay life in san francisco 43 years ago. we're streaming the special called "look back unedited including on amazon
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fire. warriors superstar kevin durant may leave his heart in san francisco but his skill and wallet are going across country. anthony flores is her with big news from the free agent sweepstakes. >> well, kevin durant saez run with the golden state warriors is over. he's going to sign a max deal with the brooklyn nets. he made the announcement on instagram at the start of the nba free agency period today. reports say he's getting a four-year, $164 million deal with the nets. now, get this, he's leaving $57 million on the table by not resigning with the warriors. he led the dubs to two nba titles and won two nba finals, mvp in three seasons in the bay area. nba free agent deals will not become official until they are signed on july 6th. how k.d. will likely miss all of next season as he recovered from a ruptures achilles. more on his legacy with the warriors later in sports. >> we'll see you then. new details now on a deadly
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overnight crash that killed two people on highway 24 in orinda. the highway patrol set a saturn suv was driving the wrong bay on westbound 24 near wilder road this morning. suv slammed head on into a toyota with five people inside, all in their 20s. chp said both the driver and the passenger in the saturn will killed and all five in the toyota were taken to the hospital with critical injuries. officers gave an update this afternoon. >> at this point, we do have suspicion and reasonable belief there was alcohol impairment involved with this saturn driver. he's deceased now so it is a little different on how we calculate the results and that will come through with an autopsy that takes time. >> the crash closed down lanes of westbound 24 for nearly three hours. a manhunt is on in san francisco after a man died in a shooting. it happened just after 1:00 this morning on geary boulevard at fillmore street. the victim was shot several times. the suspects were two men seen driving away from the scene. a man from the nae -- north
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bay is missing in the grand canyon. peter schwab was last seen in the national park. workers say he was reported missing after he went for a day hike in an area known as the narrows. grand canyon rangers are searching the area and a family friend said his wife and two sons are also there to help in the search. developing news after a historic meeting at the dmz between president trump and kim jong-un. both countries have agreed to set up teams and terms to resume stalled nuclear talks. president trump made history overnight to become the first sitting u.s. president to step on to north korean soil. it was a symbolic milestone and the first meeting since denuclearization talks broke down in february. >> this is a historic moment and a very good moment. and he asked me, would you like to do that? and i said it would be my honor and we did and we went over the
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line. and turned around and everybody was so happy. >> the two leaders ended up talking for almost an hour in a building on the south korean side. kim made a rare statement to the press calling his relationship with president trump excellent. well whether you ride or drive, getting around likely will cost you more starting tomorrow. coming up, a look at how much transit fares for buses and ferries will increase and the upcoming price hike at the pump. also a family-owned shop on the peninsula just had its final sale. >> i'm spencer christian, cooling coastal fog is pushing out over the bay
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as part of abc 7 news commitment to building a better bay area. we take a look at safety involving smart trains and new measures now considered following two deadly incidents in rohnert park. a train hit and killed a man on a bike on friday at golf course drive and roberts lake road. on thursday a woman was hit and killed when she walked under a gate crossing arm. the press democrat reports officials are looking into hiring more safety officers to monitor the rail line and train stations. smarts manager said a team will launch an investigation tomorrow into safety measures. and we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. well get ready to pay more for public transit rides beginning tomorrow. some of the fare hikes you should know about include san francisco muni cash fare for adults going up from $2.75 to $3. in the east bay, a.c. transit adult cash fares going up from $2.35 to $2.50 and ferry riders
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will pay for for the alameda oakland to san francisco ferry jumping to $7.20. and you might want to fill up at the pump today. the gas tax in california is going up tomorrow. the tax will increase nearly 6 cents a gallon to 47 and pay for road repair and mass transit on top of a 12 cents increase back in november. a day-long birthday party today celebrated an old turkey and that is not an insult. ahead, meet one of the oldest captive turkey vultures in the country that lives right here in the bay area. >> i'm spencer christian. here is a look at fog about to swallow up sutro tower and parts of the city of san francisco. i'll have the evening cooling accuweather forecast coming up. and now here is whit johnson with alook ahead at 5:30. >> good evening. coming up, president trump makes history. the first sitting u.s. president to set foot on north korean
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soil. also the murderer on the loose. the urgent manhunt, questions about why he was out on bond. and celebrating pride. record crowds from coast to
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on the peninsula, a storied bicycle shop a downtown main stay closed doors for good. we were in san mateo where talbot said good-bye to long time custs. it was renouns for selection of children's bike and specialized gear. the owner gary moore said it is time to retire and with his sons pursuing different careers there wasn't anyone to pass the torch to. a toy store will remain open. and a nordstrom closing at san francisco stonetown galleria and the last day in business will be september 13th. target is scheduled to expand into much of the space now occupied by nordstrom.
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the luxury chain is closing about two underperforming stores a year. most of them in malls. well a distinguished bird celebrated a big birthday in the east bay. pead lord richard who turns 45. he is the oldest turkey vulture in california and he lives at the lindsay wildlife experience in walnut creek. lord richard was born at the randall museum in san francisco and came to lindsay when he was very young. >> we have a couple of volunteers that have worked with him for 30 years so they've been able to tell us in person how he's changed, he was definitely different when we first got him but now amazing -- amazing animal ambassador. >> rachel said lord richard is more fond of people than other turkey vultures living at lindsay. he much prefers the company of humans over other birds. i wonder if he likes tv? he could get the forecast. >> tv weather. weather turkeys. >> well after that, here is
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spencer christian with the weather. >> i like people better than other turkey vultures too. here is a look at live doppler 7. and we have a mainly sunny day but all of a sudden we have the surge of low clouds and fog at the coastline. and not confined to the coast, just beginning to push out over the bay. along with a rather vigorous wind, we have pretty strong surface wind gusts right now, 23 miles per hour at novato and 24 at san carlos, all around the area it is breezy right now. and the 24-hour temperature change shows most locations are a few degrees cooler right now than they were at this time yesterday. so on we go with the look at the advancing fog. this is from our south beach camera in downtown san francisco and see the fog swalling up most of the sutro tower. oakland 66 and 77 in redwood city. san jose 72. 80 at morgan hill and 57 at half moon bay. a different view of that advancing fog from the east bay hills camera. and we could see a lot of blue
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skies over the bay. 76 in napa. 75 petaluma. 87 at fairfield and 83 at concord and 76 in livermore. and here is how the fog looks above the golden gate with traffic flowing freely and here is our forecast features. mild to warm the next few days. bright and beautiful weather will prevail for the fourth of july which is thursday. and then it is warming up next weekend to more summer-like levels. this is a look at our forecast animation, starting at 7:00, notice how expansive the fog and low clouds will be. pushing locally over the bay and perhaps into a few inland spots. 5:00 tomorrow morning, as the commute is getting underway, there may be diminished visibility but the fog will burn back to and away from the coastline by midday and going to the afternoon hours we'll see almost no fog at all. so it is going to be a bright sunny day for most of the day tomorrow. overnight, with the fog advancing across the bay, look for low temperatures in the low to mid-50s, a little cooler up in the north bay valleys where some lows will drop into the upper 40s. tomorrow's eyes down in the
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south bay around 80 and 88 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, mid-70s, 76 from redwood down to mountain view and on the coast breezy with highs to low to mid-60s. downtown san francisco will top out at 65 tomorrow. up in the north bay, 78. petaluma 79 and sonoma 83. east bay high, 71 oakland, 76 fremont and the inland east bay will have highs in the low to mid-80s, up to about 86 at walnut creek and livermore, 88 at concord. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have just a few little patches of low clouds and fog at the coast. during the day time hours the next few days. nice and sunny, just about everywhere else. high temperatures will range from low to mid-80s inland tuesday through thursday, fourth of july. mid to upper 70s around the bay shoreline and low to mid-60s on the coast and then we get a warm-up at the end of the week and by saturday inland highs in the low 90s around the bay and
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mid-60s on the coast. so a fairly typical summer pattern. we'll say that we're in the comfort range. no extremes coming up. >> i like the comfort range. no problems with that. spencer, thank you very much. brooklyn, here we come? >> it is a day everyone in the bay area kind of had an idea was coming but still a disappointing day for dub nation. just ahead, we no longer have to window or speculate, we know kevin durant is leaving the warriors. where k.d. is headed and the deal he's expected to sign. stick around. sports is next.
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get a good look at that picture because that uniform on kevin durant is about to change. after months of rumors and speculation, it is now official. durant is leaving the golden state warriors to sign a max deal with the brooklyn nets. he made the announcement on instagram at the start of the nba free agency period earlier this afternoon. reports say he's getting a four-year $164 million deal with the nets. he would have made $57 million more by resigning with the warriors. let's not forget the led the dubs to two nba titles and won two nba finals mvp in three seasons with golden state. he will likely miss all of next season as he recovers from a ruptures aachilles in game five of the nba finals. remember, nba free agent contracts cannot be signed until july 6th. it is not all bad news for the warriors. klay thompson is expecd rt are
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$190 million max deal. nothing official now. klay likely wouldn't return to action until after the all-star game because o suffered during game six of the nba finals. oakland native damian lillard reached an agreement on a four-year, $196 million super max extension. the deal will keep him in portland through the 2025 season. lillard is just one of four players to average at least 25 points and five assists per game in each of the past four seasons. lillard let portland to the western conference finals this year. they were swept by the warriors. well matt chapman is finally getting his props for being one of the third third baseman in baseball. the platinum glove winner was voted to the first all-star game by fellow players and maybe it is something to do with the jersey. check it out. the number 26, the guy wearing right there, look at that. what a catch.
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otani continuing to dominate. five home runs against the green and gold and that was 2-1 a's anan over a three-run bomb, 21st of the season, 5-1 oakland. and then in the eighth, based loaded and two outs and just over the outfielders head. everyone will score. chapman 3 for 5, six rbis and he scores a pair of runs. the a's crush the angels 12-3. and will smith, the giants lone all-star and kevin pillar played like one against the diamondbacks. second inning, a two-run homer, 11th of the season and gives bumgarner run support so he gets a hug. doubling the lead in the third and knocks this out of the infield. two runs scored and making it 4-0 giants. plenty for bumgarner who went 7 innings and allowed no walks and struck out nine. heism proved to 5-7 on the season and pillar finished with five rbis and another single part of a sixth run seventh
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inning. the giants go on to win 10-4. now in case you're wondering why k.d. didn't go to the new york knicks as reported and rumored, reports say they weren't going to offer him a max contract. that is causing quite a stir in new york because everyone is wondering, we've been bad for so long, why not take a chance and give a.k. all of the money he wants but they made deal after deal that has backfired against the owner. tough situation in new york right now. >> at least for half of the city. >> it is. and if you don't like tough media coverage, that is probably not the place to go. >> that skin has to get tougher if your going to be kevin durant because the media will eat you alive on a bad day. >> anthony, thank you very much. well, taking a walk on the art side. we'll check out a treasure trove of works from more than 65 local artists and all in one spot.
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new at 6:00, an east bay toy store said it was hit overnight, what the thieves took in a left the owner shaken. and we have new california starting tomorrow. the big one that will affect just about every law enforcement agency in the state when it comes to use of force. and it was a picture-perfect day for bay area artists to show off prized works. abc 7 news was in oakland montclair district for the 43rd summer art walk. brought more than 65 artists together for a unique open airshow. many of the painters sculptures
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photographers and illustrators were locals. others came from across the country to take part in the event. that was a great day for it. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. we'll see you right back here at 6:00. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air in the west. the plane crash, at least ten people killed. investigators on the scene. president trump crosses into north korea, making history. becoming the first sitting u.s. president to set foot on north korean soil. his twitter invite to kim jong-un accepted with a hastily organized meeting at the dmz. near chaos for staffers and reporters. the new white house press secretary shoving north korean security aside. but will this surprise meeting have any impact on the nuclear threat? murderer on the loose. the urgent manhunt at this hour. the convicted killer on the run, skipping the last day of his trial.
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questions about why he was out on bond. the scare at the county fair


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