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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 2, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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barista. now at 5:00, crisis at the border. the rallies happening today as members of congress describe the horrific conditions at detention facilities. a hazmat situation at a facebook facility. good morning on this tuesday, july 2nd. you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> let's look at what is going on outside. you can see we are mostly clear
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and there are clouds along the peninsula coast and parts of the marin you can see it's clear for everybody else. let's talk about what is going to happen today. if you liked yesterday, you will enjoy today. we will stay in the 50s at the coast. get to 60 near the coast, and 74 to 79 for the rest of us. if you are headed out this evening especially around the bay and the coast, grab a jacket. still in the 70s inland. i have heat in the forecast. not a lot, but i will show you that coming up. here's alexis. >> we are off to a quiet start here this morning. we have the carpool lanes open at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet and the cash lanes are stacked up on either side but no significant issues here. we had one minor problem but that cleared 20 minutes ago. we are filling in westbound tracy to dublin in the yellow at 38 minutes, and if you are coming in from the san rafael
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area that's only going to take you 16 minutes into san francisco. let's take a look at a problem that we had on 101 this morning. this is new information, a driver is in the hospital after his vehicle overturned and went off the roadway along u.s. 101 and san jose. it happened on blossom hill road around 2:40 this morning. the highway patrol is trying to figure out what caused this morning's single-car crash. developing news from facebook headquarters after 14 hours a suspected hazardous package scare in manlow park over. it was delivered to facebook's mail facility yesterday morning and there were concerns it might be sarin. hazmat crews finally recovered the package overnight, as we mentioned, 14 hours later. amy hollyfield is tracking the story. we will have a live update
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coming up at 5:30. capitol hill democrats are blasting what they call inhumane and, quote, toxic conditions" on the u.s./mexico border. >> our reporter joins us live from washington, d.c. with more. good morning, mona. >> good morning, natasha and reggie. days ago a package was passed to address the border crisis, and lack of funding is only part of the problem. this morning democrats painting a haunting picture of border facilities housing migrants in texas. this video was captured inside the el paso center. the congressman says the woman seen here who consented to being recorded has been denied showers and life-saving
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cortez sz w cortez was tweeting. meantime texas senator, ted cruz weighed in on the crisis. >> this is a man made crisis. the responsibility for this crisis lies directly on the united states congress. >> this as the fallout continues from a secret facebook page with vulgar and threatening posts about members of congress, and some the posts joking about migrant deaths, and customs saying it's investigating the page, and president trump overnight defended the
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happening today, protesters at nearly 200 rallies nationwide are demanding congress close the border camps. demonstrators will gather outside senator feinstein's office at noon, and they will protest on the streets in palo alto and walnut creek. and then mourning the sudden death of pitcher skaggs was found unresponsive in his hotel room near dallas where the angels were supposed to play the texas rangers last night and that game was canceled because of his death. skaggs pitched against the oakland a's on saturday in anaheim. >> skaggs working quickly and that's bounced to the left side. la stella to walsh, one out. >> in the east bay a 43-year-old woman accused of
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causing a gas fire is scheduled to appear in court today. she fired a flare from a modified pellet gun at a man during an altercation. that flare missed the man and landed in dry brush and that started the fire. she ran away but was arrested three days later. the fire burned about five acres and forced about 30 to evacuate. and then voters may get a chance to overturn the ban on e-cigarettes and other vaping products. opponents complected 20,000 signatures to put a measure on the november ballot when they only needed 9,000. take a look at some of the temperatures. you can see they are below average once again. i will go over that more coming up in a few minutes. first, let's talk about what is going on with temperatures. we have already done the east bay valley.
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elsewhere we have 49, and 52 in novato and pacifica. los gatos, 53. let's talk about what is going to happen. partly cloudy, and chilled sunshine because of the breezes there. we will have strong sunshine. east bay, 55 this morning nearing 70 by 11:00. this is in the valley so you can tell that it's mid toup 70s. peninsula, stuck in the 60s until 11:00. low to mid-70s from noon to 5:00. 67 during the evening ho in the s bay pretty much the same pattern as far as the clouds go. we wake up with a little cloud cover in the morning and a whole lot of sunshine and then high clouds to give us a gorgeous colorful sunset. in the south bay we will top out in the mid-70s and drop to 67 by the time the sun sets. i have a few 90s in the forecast
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and we'll look at that here's alexis with your commute. one new minor issue in for the south bay. this is on 880 southbound direction before you get to baskin avenue. looks like a vehicle broke down blocking the slow lane. chp is on the way to help out but just use caution, obviously you want to look out for that vehicle if you are headed through that stretch. 101 and 880, inbound traffic filling in but no other issues on the board. and illegal firework shows happen every night this time of year in san jose. >> amanda has the story. >> booming firework displays, but bright lights and loud crackles have many concerned.
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>> we aren't going to convince the people already doing it to stop unless they are afraid of getting caught and fined. >> the city of san jose and its fire department developed a tool to snap a picture and send it. >> it's ridiculous to ask citizens to go out and take photographers when the police said it's dangerous for them. >> last year there were more than 100 reports in the online portal, and in the end the city issued four citations and 88 wa warnings. others want the city to lead by example by turning to tech. >> there's cool fireworks that are done by drones. >> it's a concept we saw last year during a drone light show at travis air force base. >> we want to celebrate the fourth of july and let's use
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technology, right, and let's do that which seems a lot less harmful than, you know, what we have been using traditionally. >> if tech isn't in the future, residents say they will stick to the online tool. >> there are three sanctioned shows here on the south bay, and visit our website for those details. >> we have a list of the legal fourth of july firework shows across the bay area. it's posted on the home page of our website, 7 things you need to know to get your day started. >> why the brand celebrity endorser found these offensive. we will introduce y oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go.
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so, happy hunting. ♪
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. it's 5:13. number one, asuspected hazardous package has now been removed from the facebook facility. hazmat crews were at the scene for 14 hours before clearing it out overnight and the people who may have been exposed turns out were not. they are fine. number two, you are looking live at sfo, this is where a man died after being hit by a car outside the international terminal. the accident sent two others to the hospital, and the driver is cooperating with the police. giant's ceo will return to
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the team today and was suspended after the public altercation with his wife. baseball fans mourning the sudden death of los angeles angels' pitcher, tyler skaggs. he was found unresponsive in his hotel room in dallas. his cause of death has yet to be revealed. let's look at the temperatures and compare them to the average. we will be in the 60s and 70s, anywhere from one to eight degrees below average. number 6. we are looking below average as far as our commute is concerned as well, and the volumes are looking lighter and no major incidents on the board. westbound 92, slowly filling in across san mateo bridge, but that's it. nasa moved a step closer in returning man to the moon. they conducted the test launch an hour ago in florida.
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and kamala harris surging in the polls, and biden's once double-digit lead has fallen. a new cnn poll puts harris in second place. senator elizabeth warren is in third with 15%, and she also has seen an uptick in support. the only other candidate in double digits, senator bernie sanders at 14%. gavin newsom willllll an area today, and this this have 87 affordable housing units. state senators are considering a ban to distribute so-called deep facts, videos or audio clips created to damage political candidates.
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california's assembly already passed the bill, but as "the sacramento bee" reports it faces opposition from first amendment reporters, and they include groups representing tv stations and news reporters. and then kaepernick said one nike design was offensive. the one with 13 white stars and a circle that ross created for a flag during the revolution, and kaepernick said the flag is linked to an era of slavery. he has not played football since 2016 when he started to protest racial inequality. he also said there are white national groups using the betsy ross flag as a symbol. a teenager beat a legend who was winning grand slams before that girl was sworn. a 15-year-old florida resident
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defeated one of her idols in straight sets yesterday. she entered play ranked the world. >> impressive. >> impressive. she said williams has been a hero to her -- well, she's still a little girl. i was going to say since she was a little girl but she's still a little girl. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> maybe a passing of the torch, so to speak. venus was 39, and this girl is 15. the men for decades have not had a michael chang, so maybe it's a good thing for women's tennis. it's quiet out there, and we
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have a sea breeze which means there will be a lack of heat today. grab the sunglasses. mostly clear and the sleeping weather has been phenomenal. minor warming on thursday and friday. especially inland. and you can see we will get a little sunshine and let's talk about what it's going to do to our temperatures. we have 76 in milpitas, and mid-80s, some of the warmest temperatures are morgan hill and gilroy. low to mid-60s along the coast and into downtown san francisco. from santa rosa north, mid-80s. you can see the extremes are the north and south, and richmond and berkeley, 69. low to mid-70s for the east bay shoreline. again, 80s coming as we get to our extremes how the highway 4 corridor. the 7-day forecast, the nipping
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won't be at the extremes, and we make a run from the 70s to near 90 by saturday. incident on the okay board and that's a disabled vehicle in the south bay. southbound 101 before baskin avenue is blocking the right lane. no delays through that area. i don't think it will cause any unless it's there just for hours. as of hours ago, we did not have official word about the bay bridge metering lights. carpool lanes are open and we're starting to see the typical backup into the maze for everybody else. drive times are looking great. southbound 680 from walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. and northbound 17 highway to los gatos, 21 minutes. looking out for stingrays along the coast.
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>> abc news reporter, victor oquindo has the details. for the second time in less than three weeks dozens of san diego beachgoers reeling from intense pain. >> there's immediate pain. it feels like a little crab is pinching them and five to ten minutes later i i i i i i of >> some being carried to neutralize the venom. >> once you are in the water you want to shuffle. i will do it backwards. shuffle forward and drag your feet, and it's making a vibration in the sand and the rays will want to take off. >> with your "gma" first look, i am victor aquinn
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>> a 10 out of 10? >> not playing around with that description. still ahead, we will be able to watch today's solar eclipse without traveling to south america. the brand-new documentary inspired by the hbo show "big little lies." >> hopefully not totally inspired because bad things happen on that show. are you thinking about buying a used car. i am michael finney. this is a golden age of used cars. if you are looking to buy now, congratulations, you are going to get a great deal. so many cars were leased out three or four or five years ago at the used car market, and the price of a car today, a used car that is three years old is about half the cost of the same car new. that is a bargain. get this, they have fewer
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mileage now than in a decade. so hit the car lots, look for
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this is abc7 mornings. on thursday lots will be off work and spending time outside, and really not much to worry about. the air quality is going to be fantastic. hope you get out there and enjoy it. >> thank you. happening today, day will become night during a total solar eclipse in south america but you can watch it from wherever you are. the exploratorium is partnering with nasa and that's happening from 12:23, and you can can cann that at the exspore toream or on the website and app as well. students in san francisco are getting help from lowe's.
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the academy is a charter high school which gives students who dropped out or had problems at their previous schools a second chance. >> so we have been around for 20 years so we really have a great idea of what kids need so we built this dorm and lowe's is helping us put everything we need for our home in. >> some students that live in the new dorms are formerly homeless and others were exposed to violence or unstable living conditions and officials hope to open the dorm this fall. and then taking his own spin on the hit show "big little lies." he wants to show what life is like for moms on the peninsula. some say it leaves some of the wrong impressions of the central
5:26 am
coast. he's casting for a documentary series. >> i teach first grade and have two kids and they are 5 and 1. they keep me very busy. >> this is a documentary series about the lives of five mothers trying to survivor on the peninsula. >> denim hopes netflix will sign the series. but you better bring drama. that's the only reason people watch those shows. >> maybe it will be a cormalarm monterey since i was a little girl and the show dramatically changed my impression of the place i know well. you want to see meryl streep
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scream, and laura pound on the prison glass. >> yeah, all of it. we're coming back, and already available on amazon two weeks before the prime sales. and then officials deal with a suspicious package arriving here. we will have the story coming up next. also, taking action to build a bette
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finally, an eggo thick and fluffy waffle all to myself, whoa.
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karen, karen you've got to try this. breakfast in bed? major. husband. points. would you l'eggo your eggo? >> announcer: news to build a better bay area. now at 5:30, facebook giving the all clear this morning after a hazmat team carefully removed a suspicious package. american airlines suspending flights from oakland to dallas starting this saturday because
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of the grounded boeing max. new rules from the church of england. >> official. >> we will see if it impacts anything, right? good morning on this tuesday, july 2nd. so glad to see your smiling face, reggie. >> thank you. appreciate being back. mike is also back. >> both early flights yesterday, sounds like. we were in the heat and humidity, so when i landed in oakland it was like, winter is coming. it was refreshing. >> yeah, it was. it was nice. let's look at what is going on in the east bay heulsills. a little mist is possible, and everybody else waking up mostly clear to almost sunny because the sun is coming up in about 21 minutes. near 60 at the coast for the better part of the day, and 71 to 73 and almost total sunshine. we'll take a look at your
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independent day forecast coming up. we have official word about the bay bridge metering lights. they were flipped on at 5:20 this morning. a average time. carpool lanes moving through without any issues, and a quick check of mass transit, 28 bart transit services with no delays. no delays for the capital corridor. developing news from facebook. after 15 hours a suspicious package scare is now over. >> we are waiting to hear more about what was in the packages. the good news is it appears nobody was hurt. amy hollyfield is live for us in menlo park. >> reporter: natasha, we just learned there was nothing hazardous inside the package. facebook released a statement saying they got the test results back and everything is okay. emergency crews have cleared the scene. it was a very long ordeal for them. look at the pictures they
5:32 am
released over night of them decontaminating crews and clearing out for the night. they removed the package at 1:00 this morning. that's 14 hours after the first call came in. that's how slowly and carefully they handled the situation. a suspicious package had arrived at the facebook mail facility on hamilton court. the caller said it might be sarin and two people were possibly exposed, and they evacuated the building and a huge response team was called in. they did not even enter the building until 6:00 last night, and they pwraubrought in sophisticated equipment and went back in and then removed the package. turned out nobody had been exposed and that ended up being a false report. this all appears to have been a hoax, there was nothing dangerous in the package and all can now return to normal here.
5:33 am
reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. two of the north bay's residents are dealing with a heartbreaking loss after thieves stole a trailer containing a lot of their personal belongings. they say they always dreamed of living in the bay area so they sold their home in florida and packed a lot of air items in a car go trailer, and friends even wrote messages on the trailer. then it disappeared. >> my whole life was in there, and tools that belonged to my grandparents, and a portrait of my grandparents, and family heirlooms, things that can't be replaced. >> i can't imagine somebody being that calloused, and somebody stealing what was probably somebody's entire life. >> they are offering a $1,000 reward, and the police are also looking for information that
5:34 am
will lead them to the thieves. in oakland police are searching for a 12-year-old girl. she disappeared after leaving her home to meet an online friend. her family says she left around 4:00 in the morning yesterday and think she could be traveling to reno or texas. please contact police if you have information about her. one man dead and two pedestrians in the hospital after a suv hit them at sfo. witnesses say a ford expedition accelerated away from the curb before hitting two men and a women around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. one of the men died at the hospital, and the driver is cooperating. investigators say drugs and alcohol are not a factor in this case. homelessness is one of the challenges facing us in an effort to build a better bay area, and they are asking the council to take action to clear a homeless encampment near a
5:35 am
home depot store. store officials met with city leaders to demand something be done about human waste and crime in the area. >> the reality is they are serious about leaving because they have lost customers, revenue, and you can look around you and look at all the materials people are stealing on both sides of the issue, and that's real. >> the resolution calls for the street to be closed for 18 months at least and the city council will discuss the plan next week. new this morning american airlines is suspending flights from oakland to dallas ft. worth because of the grounded boeing 737 max jetliners. routes will be suspended from this saturday to october. american is shifting aircraft around on where the flights use
5:36 am
grounded because of the flight control glitch linked to two deadly crashes. faa investigators tested a software fix and discovered a new glitch. fixing the software could take three more months. there's a new push in sacramento to give renters more power to fight unfair evictions. and some of those ravaged by the wildfires may want to stock up on ear plugs. some of the clouds are trying to slip in from the coast, and in fact i will show you that in a second when we take a look at sfo. the coast is now 55, and a little mist at half moon bay. we have got mid to upper 50s for most of the bay side, and palo
5:37 am
alto, 52. some of our warmer temperatures, los gatos, 60. 49 at santa rosa. there's a look at cloud cover. i will keep an eye on sfo for you, and i will put it on twitter if delays pop up and they usually let us know in about 20 minutes from now. at the coast, cool to warm. we have a small raft advisory south of the bay bridge this afternoon. 9:00, 60s. and then the 70s all the way through the afternoon hours in the north bay. we go from total sunshine to high clouds this afternoon. east bay, a few clouds this morning and temperatures in the upper 50s. we will hit the mid to upper 60s from 11:00 in the afternoon to 7:00 in the evening. high clouds there also as the sun sets. pretty much the same thing for san francisco except for the coast, those low clouds will thin but i don't know if they completely go away, with lows in
5:38 am
the mid to low0s. we would love to see what you have been talking about this morning, not a lot out there but always one or two spots that we have to talk about. >> we are enjoying the lighter volumes, that's for sure. one of our only incidents on the board so far this morning, south bay 880 before baskin avenue, a disabled vehicle was in the slow lane, so that is cleared. golden gate bridge, that's looking good. no issues heading northbound. westbound 580, tracy to dublin in the yellow, 48 minutes. westbound 4, in the green, and san rafael to san francisco should take about 16
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pretty agreeable acromost o the state. if you are thinking about traveling through the desert you will have to deal with gusts up to 50 miles per hour. san diego, 73. look at all that sunshine. 107 in palm springs. 88 in sacramento. 62 in eureka but clouds.
5:42 am
64 in monterey, and a few lingering clouds but a little sunshine this afternoon. check out the mid to upper 70s in the sierra where we will reach the 80s friday and saturday and 78 on sunday. pretty close to average. >> thank you. the next red flag warning issued by the national weather service will come with an actual red flag in santa rosa. the city's fire department said it will fly that red flag to signal dangerous conditions when they occur. several other fire agencies in sonoma county already do this. we know the name of the driver involved in a deadly crash in oakland that police believe happened during a street race. a car flipped over and slammed into a pole on san leandro street on saturday. the driver was 34-year-old stanley reese. no word on where he lived. police want anybody that saw
5:43 am
that crash to contact them. state lawmakers are continuing to push tenants from evictions. a new bill would prevent landlords from evicting a tenant for more than a year without providing just cause, and that includes not paying rent or pwrae breaking the lease. the bill goes before the senate judiciary committee in one week. immigration officials are investigating a secret facebook group, and in it border patrol agents joke about the deaths of migrants. the non-profit pro posts that include graphic images suggesting sexual and members of congress. giants president ceo larry
5:44 am
baer will return to the team but will have less power. he had a public altercation with his wife. the video is from tmz sports. the board of directors says the interim ceo will continue to be the team's control person. the giants say there. amazon is running an early prime day deal. it gets you 50% off popular movie rentals on prime video, so they start at just $1.99. you have 24 hours to rental once you have begun. hiding behind aliases is
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frowned upon. don't blur your boundaries. don't share certain photos. make sure you have permission from anybody that you may post. don't over share personal information. >> all of those things are what social media is. >> don't be shady. >> don't over share. that's the whole point, right? >> pretty much, they said do the opposite of what everybody does. >> yeah. be boring. get zero followers. no likes. no retweets. interesting to see if anybody tries to follow that. maybe we should? >> i feel like you follow a lot of these. i feel like you are very kind on social media. >> i try not to people.
5:46 am
only right here -- >> yeah, photos of oreo and buttercup. >> i guess i have things to learn. >> reggie being reggie is hilarious, and that's why you have 1,000 more followers than i have now? >> who is counting? >> i am counting. no, you do great on social media. everybody does here. i think it's great. we have an eclectic mix. let's move on. east bay hills, there you go, the cloud cover getting a late start this morning. kind of slept in but it's trying to make up for lost time. suture tower trying to head towards the rest of san francisco in the east bay. with the sun coming up soon, that's not going to last very long. we will have a lot of sunshine until high clouds this afternoon. warmest days will be friday, saturday and sunday. don't worry, not going to get
5:47 am
too hot. low to the north and high to the south, counter clockwise. the funnel of air from the gulf of alaska into our neighbors, so temperatures are below average. mid-80s in gilroy and morgan hill. we will have low 60s along the coast today. mid to upper 60s for downtown and south sauce hraet about 78 in san ramon to 85 around antioch and brentwood. in the l lo lo low we're today. want to take you to the traffic maps out to the central valley commute.
5:48 am
it's looking pretty typical for this time of day. looking light north of the 24 split. a quick update on bart. i mentioned a delay on the san francisco line, and it's down to about ten minutes now in the antioch and pleasanton directions. normal service is resuming. >> thank you. now in the north bay, people living in areas recovering from last year's wildfires are going to hear more of this. santa rosa will no longer enforce noise limits in neighborhoods devastated by fires. new rules will let contractors work between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. monday through saturday, and work could start as early as 5:00 a.m. and go until 9:00 at night if it's necessary. >> those hours are tough.
5:49 am
>> that's long. in the east bay alameda county fair grounds officials are apologizing for a dvd mix up that had parents upset. pirates blood brothers was mistakenly looped on a fun house, it was a movie that was supposed to be playing was a 1952 film called "crimson pirate." san francisco is getting ready to celebrate the fourth of july with a big fireworks show. >> police and firefighters will everybody there's no tolerance policy for illegal fireworks, and they say it's just too dangerous. more than 12,000 fireworks related injuries are reported, half of them children. new this morning, nasa has moved a step closer to returning man to the moon with the first
5:50 am
test of it's capital. nasa conducted the test about -- how long has it been now? about an hour, i would say. >> yeah. >> the demo version was launched atop a test booster from cape canaveral. it did not go into orbit but was just to see how it would hold up. being boared at work, and wy it could be a good thing. and then bo"boy meets world and then bo"boy meets world star, oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo.
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this is something you do not see every day, summer is more like winter. we get hail but this is not in the u.s., this is in mexico. watch that truck traveling through that ice-covered street in guadalajara. ten people were treated for hypothermia after the area got five feet of hail over the weekend. that is very unusual. i am glad we could show it to you. thank you to our producer for finding that. barbara got angry overnight, and it's nothing i did overnight, but this is hurricane barbara, and she cranked up to a cat 4 hurricane, and she stays a 4 and
5:54 am
then drops down to a tropical storm by saturday. as she heads towards hawaii on sunday, it will be a cluster of thunderstorms. there will be breezy conditions, but it's not any -- it's not a tropical storm. it's not a hurricane. it's just going to make for a couple days of rough surf, and not the best weather but you are in hawaii. enjoy it anyway. she will pass on by and the rest of the week will be fine next week. let's get to alexis and find out about the morning commute. very few incidents on the boards right now so enjoying it while it last. we have the bay bridge metering lights, so one of the slow spots, they turned on. looks like nobody coming through the carpool lanes right now, and they are wide open. cash and fast track, we have the normal delays. santa rosa to petaluma, 13 minutes. westbound 580, castro valley to
5:55 am
the maze, 13 minutes. los gatos is experimentingi with making it more friendly. a bike lane will be installed and parking and seating. they a santa cruz avenue will return to two-way traffic. and then daniellesh real-li trauma. her son was born a month early and the star is calling it a nightmare she and her husband will never forget. she shad her story on instagram, and she gave labor at
5:56 am
35 weeks and he is still not home from the hospital. we are certainly wishing her the best. if you are looking for love you may want to get on that dating app this sunday. says the first sunday after the fourth of july is traditionally the busiest day for dating apps. relationship therapist say it could be a lot of new users are joining, and apparently spring is the most popular time for couples to call it quits. they also say, and, again, just on the side, this is just a new toit sr ntewadntur is that what we are calling it these days? >> good luck to you. yeah. it will be great. new at 6:00, the new investigation connected to the death of rapper nipsey
5:57 am
i am mona in washington with this story coming up. a 14-hour i
5:58 am
5:59 am
it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday, july 2nd. >> we have reggie back and mike back and we are ready to go, mike. >> the gang is all here, right? i appreciated everybody filling in when i was gone, and i know it messes up everybody's schedule so thank you. live doppler 7, you can see cloudiness at the coast, and the rest of us waking up clear as you see from the exploratorium. temperatures in the 50s this morning. we'll stay in the 50s. a few 60s as the clouds thin a little at the coast today but not quite as warm as our noon
6:00 am
and 4:00 numbers for our bay and inland numbers where we are in the low to mid-70s. back down in the mid-60s at the bay, and mid-70s inland by 7:00. we are looking at a quiet north bay commute. everybody is moving through without any issues here. we have a nice and clear commute for you here this morning. only one mass transit issue so far today. we have a minor delay, about ten minutes on the san francisco line for bart righters this morning in the antioch and dublin and pleasanton directions, they had an earlier problem that has been fixed and normal service is resuming. we want to take a look at a situation that happened earlier this morning in the south bay. a driver is in the hospital after his vehicle flipped over and went off the roadway along 101 in san jose. it happened on southbound 101 around


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