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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 3, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area, this is abc7 news mornings. now at 5:00, the parking garage at the san bruno b.a.r.t. station after drivers are returning to the mall to get their vehicles. >> we'll have much more on the shooting at tanforan. but first you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. let's get over to mike. >> a couple of things to track this morning. a faster sea breeze. 28 miles per hour at fairfield. more cloud cover over our neighborhoods. and as we head deeper into
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today, temperatures below average. a look from san jose, 280 at 17, the clouds encroaching as we speak. heading outside, almost exactly the same as yesterday. mid to upper 50s. near 60 at the coast with increasing sunshine. low to mid-70s, bay and inland at noon and lower to upper 70s at 4:00. how about the commute. high alexis. looking good there. up to the only issue on the board so far this morning, this is a situation where a vehicle hit a pedestrian on northbound 680 between parish and marsh view. i don't believe any lanes on the plain lane are blocked, contained to the marsh view off-ramp and that is in the clearing stages as well. so no significant delays through the area. here is the richmond side of the rich mand san rafael bridge and the overnight work wrapping up and light volume. and a word of a five-valencia crash on the dumbarton bridge
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and we'll check that out next. [ sirens ] scary moments for shoppers of the tanforan mllnen were in hospital shot yesterday afternoon. one in serious condition, and the other in critical condition. police say they are looking for two san bruno station to get out of there quickly. officers believe the victims were targeted and this is not a random act. the mall is scheduled to operate normal hours today, so that is opening at 10:00 a.m. and take a look at the map. you could see how close the san bruno b.a.r.t. station is to the shopping mall food court and that is why police say it is possible the gunman may have escaped on to a b.a.r.t. train. now some drivers will be picking up cars from the parking garage this morning. >> the police investigation forced passengers to stay away for hours yesterday. the garage didn't reopen until 8:00 last night. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the mall with what we know today. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning. b.a.r.t. police will not be
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issuing tickets to people who left their cars in this garage overnight. in fact, they had to leave their cars for several hours. the garage was shut down as police searched for the shooters. they closed the b.a.r.t. station here for much of the afternoon so it was a real headache for commuters. one man said he almost -- slipped by police but they got him. >> i got in the elevator and they were surprised by it and they searched my car and look inside of my trunk and they said -- told me i can't leave and go back and park my car. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. did have buses running to help people move among stations and to take people out to the airport. they re-opened the garage around 8:00. they didn't have to use the bus bridges for much longer than after 6:00. police do think it is possible that those shooters hopped on a b.a.r.t. train and escaped the area. no arrests have been made. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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>> thank you. san bruno fire chief said the department was prepared for the emergency. they train for three days just a few weeks ago. >> we've done recent training here in san bruno. and our officers, firefighters work very closely with the police officers and the immediate concern was get those rescue task force together and get in there and pull the victims out. >> and abc 7 news spoke with witnesses at the scene and you could find coverage of the shooting at well the family of a woman killed in a las vegas mass shooting is suing gun makers and dealers. the family of 31-year-old kerry parsons filed the suit yesterday in nevada and argued that ar-15 are thinly disguised machine guns and knew they could be modified to allow them to fire like automatic weapons. 58 people died and more than 800 others were injured in that 2017 shooting. on to the news, a navy s.e.a.l. acquitted of killing a 12-year-old war prisoner in iraq
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is happy and grateful for that verdict. yesterday a military jury in san diego cleared edward gallagher of all charges but one. so now the special operations chief faces up to four months in prison for posing for a photo with the prisoner's body in 2017. his lawyers believe he may be released today because of time spent in prison before the trial. we're hearing that another s.e.a.l. claimed he was the one responsible for the 12-year-old prisoner's death and he called it an act of mercy. new this morning, a just-releeted poll shows joe biden remained in the lead for the democratic presidential nomination, however as we've been reported through other polls, senator kamala harris is gaining momentum. according to an abc news/washington post poll, biden has 29% support and 23% favor bernie sanders and 11% favor kamala harris and elizabeth warren. the same poll finds most people think harris stood out the most at the debates last week.
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well we are getting our first look at the daily flights that pg&e is flying to spots with smoke with areas of a high risk for wildfires. pg&e is flying five planes above high-risk fire areas. you're looking at a video from pg&e. the times when wildfires are most likely to start. and pg&e is also working on a plan to help pay for damages caused by the recent wildfires across california. the utility is currently in bankruptcy. it wants the state to issue billion dollars in new tax exempt bonds. pg&e shareholders would pay off the bonds with profits. sheer a look at our temperatures compared to average. and you could see we are still well below this afternoon. by anywhere from about one to eight degrees in most neighborhoods. talking about the tri-valley. in the mid-50s. mid to upper 50s everywhere. antioch and brentwood, 61 and
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62. and warmer than yesterday. lay undertake the marine layer and that is why we're seeing more clouds and temperatures. 51 in santa rosa, novato 52. 51 in pacific and los gatos and the rest of us in the mid t let's look at what is going on at the golden gate. you could see the cloud cover now is dominant here. if your going to be out in the pool, quick burn time. i know it is not the warmest weather but still, it is that time of the season. beechs, sun and clouds and small craft advisory south of the bay so be careful on the water. for the north bay, breaking free of the clouds and jumping from 54 at k to 71 at 11:00, mid-70s to upper 70s this afternoon. a real nice 67. with sunshine at 7:00. here is a look at the east bay. stuck in the 50s and some clouds through 9:00. and then mid to upper 60s from 11:00 to 7:00 this evening. and san francisco will try to break free of the clouds completely by 11:00 and hang out in the low to mid-60s. a lot like yesterday. here is alexis. good morning, mike. we're looking at our traffic
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maps and taking you into the dumbarton bridge, not too much of a back-up and still trying to get details but westbound 84 near the mid span, we have a crash involving five vehicles and i believe all of them have made it off to the shoulder. so that is my understanding right now, that we don't have any lanes blocked. emergency crews heading to the scene and it sounds like one is going to need a tow truck. so we'll keep an eye on that. it is not causing any significant delays. westbound 580 tracy into dublin, 35 minutes and a crash report add long that stretch near grant line road. sounds like that is on the shoulder as well. westbound 4, antioch to concord in the green at 14 and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco no, delays at 16 minutes. >> it could take you three times longer than normal at some points today, aaa said a record-breaking 48.9 million americans will travel this holiday weekend and the busiest day in san francisco is today. aaa said the worst time to hit the road is between 1:30 and
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2:30 this afternoon and that will cost you to fill up your tank. the average price of a gallon of gas in the city is just under $4. i.c.e. is issuing notice of fines up to $500,000 to undocumented migrants who have been ordered to leave the u.s. this comes as president trump plans a step up i.c.e. raids to deport those undocumented migrants after the july fourth holiday. there is a nationwide call for members of congress to close the border camps holding migrant children and families. >> activists in new york, indianapolis and washington, d.c. all held close the camp rallies yesterday and one rally took place in oakland. protesters held signs before the fruitvale exit. liz pena went to another rally in san francisco. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: the detention of migrant children and families, hundreds of protests came out in full force in san francisco. >> do not separate the family
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from the kids. that is totally unacceptable. and not just that, but they are treated like animals. >> reporter: protests gatherts feinstein office and chanted. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: this week lawmakers and lawyers involved in a federal lawsuit surfaced with images and testimony claiming inhumane conditions at this homestead, florida, facility. >> i'm hoping that senator feinstein at the very least will notice we're gathering outside of her office. >> reporter: after an hour of chanting no one from the senator's office came out. protesters went on to block the intersection of post and market street where tensions ran high. >> look at how many people are wagt in the line. they are working people. you guys are hurting. >> how would you like your -- to be in the country -- >> children are in concentration camps. you're inconvenienced. >> reporter: this man gave out flowers trying to appease drivers. >> i'm just trying to demonstrate to the people that
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are bearing the brunt of our protest that we care about them too. >> reporter: moments later hundreds went on to protest on the main traffic vain of san francisco market street as captured here by sky 7 while holding the photos of at least seven children who died in custody according to aclu. >> to put a face to the names. it is really important to represent these kids. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. >> if you or someone you know needs advice on immigration or other issues, we have resources for you to find your ally on our website at action. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> and the modern twist to self-help, people turning to social media for therapy. the resources available. and plus it is sunflower season in sol
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it is 5:14. if your just joining us here. the seven things to know today. number one, two young men are in the hospital after being shot at tanforan mall in san bruno. police are look for two suspects. it is believed the victims were targeted and this is not a random act. number two, b.a.r.t. police will not be issuing tickets to people who left their cars overnight because of the mall shooting. the garage was shut down for hours as police were searching for the shooters and it reopened last night. number three, conditions at migrant centers along the southern border appear to be
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worse than first thought. this according to a brand-new report from homeland security. the report describes standing-room only cells and children without showers and detainees clamoring for release. and number four, the suspected gang member of accused of murdering the son of a oakland city council member will be in court next month. after his arraignment was postponed, los angeles police say the 23-year-old suspect gunned down victor mcelhaney during a robbery back in march. number five, look at this. we have more cloud cover out there as we look from our tam cam. and our average highs tempered because of that. our average compared to what we'll deal with today, a little bit below. >> number six, we're just getting more details from this collision on the dumbarton bridge. westbound 84, just past the toll plaza before the water and chp on sceneg l are blocked. number seven, a live look from emeryville. today is expected to be the
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absolute worst day to hit the road for the fourth of july holiday weekend. the heaviest traffic in san francisco will start around 1:30. so get going. the auto industry is mourning one of the giants this morning. former chrysler ceo lee iacocca, anyone who watched tv during the 1980s and '90s remember him playing a pitch man in commercials for vehicles. he played a major role in creating a new category of family cars, the minivan. he also played a leading role in launching another iconic american car, the ford mustang. eya cocoa was 94. the los angeles angels and texas rangers finally played their game more than a day after the death of angels' pitcher tyler skaggs found dead in his hotel room in texas. investigators don't expect foul play. the team is in mourning. >> he was an exceptional young man with an entire life
5:17 am
so full of promise yet to live. i cannot truly begin to say how much we're going to miss tyler. and we will do everything to honor his memory. >> well a moment of silence was held before last night's game. scaggs pitched for seven seasons and his last start was on saturday against the oakland a's. in the gma first look, people are turning to instagram to get therapy. jenna norman has the details. >> in this morning's gma first look, call it insta-therapy. >> there is say revolutionppeng thereoi erapy is movinith ses isa oliveira has 180,000 followers on instagram. >> the tools and resources and
5:18 am
support and community and everything that i share is maybe just as important as therapy. because it is something people can access all of the time on their own time and based on whatever they're going through. >> reporter: so does this type of therapy work? and what does the psychology community think of this new trend, coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm jeannine norman, abc news, new york. and i thought instagram drove people to therapy. >> that is funny. social media has a fair share of issues. >> but mental health so stag mattized. >> so whatever helps. >> access is a good thing, right, mike. >> absolutely. whatever we can doo to help those. that is what it is all about. here is a east bay hills camera and you could see the cloud cover more prevalent but becoming bright even at the coast with a minor temperaturee warmer. watch out for that fog tomorrow evening. we'll keep an eye on it and let
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you know where it is thickest for the fireworks viewing and then up and then down for highs for week. especially inland. looking at cloud cover and this is increasing rapidly along the coast. now what we've been stuck in this bowl of cool air due to the low pressure and that will stick around for another day or two. in fact, temperatures a couple of degrees below average in the south bay but seeing a few 80s around morgan hill everybody else 76 to 79. santa cruz sunny and 72. mid-70s for the peninsula and now low 70s around millbrae and low to mid 60 as long the coast with mid to upper 60s, 66 to 69 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. upper 70 toss mid-80s throughout the north bay valley so along the east shore, breezy from berkeley southward and low to mid-70s and hercules 77 the warm spot and close in pleasanton, 79 and great weather for the laem -- alameda county fair. and the temperatures tonight like this morning with more
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cloud cover and the possibility of drizzle near the coast and the east bay hills. now for tomorrow, temperatures during the day about the same. friday, saturday will be our warmest days inland as we try to reach the 90s. we'll drop back into the low 80s by monday. low 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast. here is alexis. good morning, mike. back to the dumbarton bridge. as far as i know, we still have all lanes blocked due to a five-car crash. westbound 84 past the toll plaza before the water and this is the first time the sensors are picking u red approaching that scene. now it is not much of a back-up yesterday. volumes are light at the moment. but, boy, if you are just about to head out of the door stick to san mateo bridge instead. we know five vehicles were involved. chp is at the scene so hopefully they'll get a lane opened up shortly. busy at the bay bridge toll plaza as just a moment ago we did not have official word about the metering lights but they should be turning on soon. car pool lanes are looking fine. and drive times, southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek in the
5:21 am
green at six minutes and eight minutes walnut creek to highway 13 and stop and go from tracy into dublin, 37 minutes. >> thank you. soccer fans will find out today who team usa will be facing in the finals of the world cup. fans are invited to go to sue bierman bark in san francisco at noon. the u.s. advanced to the finals with a win over england. >> sending it in there -- >> and alex morgan celebrated her 30th birthday with that go-ahead goal in yesterday's semi final win. the u.s. edged england 2-1. and team usa will make the third straight appearance in the world cup finals. >> did we show the t, when she scored and went -- >> so good. >> best part. more fallout over nike controversial betsy ross flag shoes. the company has lost the financial incentives it was offered to build a $185 million
5:22 am
plant in arizona. nike has pummed the air max one usa from the store. the shoe features the design of the betsy ross flag with 13 white stars in a circle. circle. former 49ers collin kaepernick said the design is linked to an era of slavery. >> and with you should mention that white supremacist groups have embraced that symbol as well. getting ready for the fourth of july, best spots to watch a popular parade are fast when you could claim yours today. >> also you could look but don't touch. the warning from
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. we'll show you the air quality. it is cooler than average for wednesday and thursday, today and for independence tomorrow. so outside breathe easy. warming trend for friday and saturday inland but the air quality is still good to moderate. so that is healthy for everybody. >> thanks, mike. let's talk about danville.
5:25 am
in the east bay their big fourth of july parade is expected to draw more than 30,000 people tomorrow and every single year people start staking out the best spots early in downtown for the ab you'll -- in the annual event and they remind that chalk and tape may not reserve seating but you can put out lawn chairs tonight starting at 6:00 p.m. to snag the prime viewing spot. the parade starts at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. it is sponsored by the san ramon valley kiwanis. gavin newsom has toured a complex to offer 87 rental units at market rates, capped around $800 for a apartment. the governor said for the first time the state is prioritizing housing. the new budget includes more loans and tax credits for developers who build affordable housing. >> new accountability and new focus. more regional strategies. and if we don't see results that, money will be pulled back.
5:26 am
>> you cannot make money building 100% affordable housing but you need to build 100% affordable housing and that is why cities have to be in the game. >> the project is being paid for by the cities of emeryville and oakland and alameda county and state and federal grants. california beautiful sun flowers are hard to miss. >> the instagram photo so good. and so many people are doing that, that local growers are seeing people need to stop taking selfies and damaging crops. they're saying please resist. sun flowers are a multimillion-dollar crop in solano county and when they are blooming the yellow fields make for the gorgeous photographs. but growers say people are trespassing, they are trampling all over everything and interrupting farming operations to take the photos in those blooming fields and many are taking outright or damaging the flowers and there is also the liability risk for growers. >> we'll have 50 or 60 people here at one time and they think it is okay to walk through the
5:27 am
fields. >> attempting to take a perfect selfie and twisted an ankle and sued and caused this property owner money. and that is just ridiculous. >> wow! growers are asking people to respect these no-trespassing signs and the keep-out signs. remember the super bloom happening in southern california and they had to shut that down because people didn't listen, ma'am, this is not a sears portrait studio. >> we're coming back with 90 minutes of news including million dollars for our national parks now being spent on something very different. still no arrest in the shooting that happened at the tanforan mall yesterday afternoon but police are expected to update us today. the very latest coming up. and also ahead, the reason and also ahead, the reason buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits
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sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. >> announcer: news to build a
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better bay area, this is abc 7 mornings. >> now at 5:30, people running for their lives after two people are shot at the tanforan mall in san bruno and police are still searching for the shooter. and horrific conditions at the board. homeland security officials raising concerns. supermodel kylie closs why she quit modeling for victory's secret and she has a message for what it means to be beautiful. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> you may notice clouds this morning, mist along the coasts but temperatures about the same as they were this time yesterday. in fact, there you go on live doppler 7, seeing more gray. signifying the cloud cover and you could see it here from mount tam south across the bay to the san mateo bridge. here is the 1 -- the 12-hour planner, 60s on the coast and 70s and sunshine for the bay and inland neighborhoods.
5:31 am
bright and breezy this afternoon. low up toer 70s and then back into the mid to upper 60s with a comfy evening on the way. a good commute, would you say, alexis for most of the week. >> it sure has. lighter than average for sure. in summertime with the holiday coming up tomorrow so that is helping. and our situation is looking better for the dumbarton bridge drive. westbound 84 past the toll plaza, five-car crash. we were looking at all lanes blocked there for about 10, 15 minutes and hearing now the far right lane is blocked. so hopefully that little stretch of red we're seeing will start to unwind. you could take the san mateo bridge that is wide open at the moment for an alternate. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights -- excuse me, officially on at 5:20 this morning so that is looking very typical. also want to get you an update on the situation in san jose. firefighters were called into rescue a man trapped after a rollover crash on highway 101. it happened near metcalf road. a puckup truck rolled over several times and were 40 feet out of the freeway and one
5:32 am
person got out by themselves and another had to be rescued. this morning san bruno police are expected to update us on the terrifying shooting at tanforan mall. it had shoppers running for cover. >> and showing the chaotic scene. here is what we know this morning. two teens were shot before 4:00 p.m. they are now in the hospital. police are still looking this morning for the gunman. investigators say that person may have escaped through b.a.r.t. the parking lot at the mall is now back open so shoppers forced to leave cars can go get them but doors to the mall will stay closed until 10:00 this morning. a lot of people were forced to drop belongings as they were running for safety. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at the mall with the scene right now. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning. san bruno police said on twitter they'll update us early this morning. they'll also have information for people for how to -- retrieve their stuff left behind the mall as they ran for safety. it is a frantic scene. witnesses say there was so many
5:33 am
people running out of the mall it looked like a race. some later told us that they decided to shelter in place. so they closed the gates to the stores and they hid inside of storage rooms. police say they do not think this was a random shooting, that it was targeted. >> we believe at this point we may have two separate shooters and they may have been shooting at each other or at someone else. so there was a type of intent or motive for the crime. >> reporter: the shooting was reported near the regis salon and the t-mobile store in the tanforan mall at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. two people were shot and taken to the hospital. two juveniles, one is in critical condition and one is in stable condition. no arrests have been made. we do expect an update soon. the mall is expected to open as usual at 10:00. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. shoppers and mall employees
5:34 am
en the gunfire broke out. >> and one woman posted every second of her terrifying ordeal on instagram. love randrup heard the shots and ran inside of the store. her instagram post alerted her family and friends she took refuge. they waited in a storage room at a victoria's secret. >> it is dark and the only way out is that door that we came in. so, yeah, that was the scary part. because i'm like, oh, my god, if they find us and we're in here -- >> well, police arrived about 15 minutes later and led her and others to safety. she posted she was headed out of the mall. >> the investigation led to police swarming the 12th street b.a.r.t. station in oakland and clearing out passengers. officers initially said a gun was found there. that was not the case. police say they had a credible lead that a suspect was traveling on b.a.r.t. toward oakland and they have a description of the suspect so
5:35 am
they knew who they were looking for but because this is an ongoing investigation they are not sharing those details. no weapon was found at any b.a.r.t. station and to be clear, no arrests have been made. >> we first sent out an alert about the tanforan shooting minutes after it happened to receive breaking updates enable the push alert feature. tracking breaking news in florida. a 30 foot sinkhole has swallowed some construction equipment. you see it there on the left side of the screen. this is a live picture from orange county, florida, right outside of orlando. the good thing, no one appears to be hurt. but you could see those large trucks that have now fallen into the hole. our abc sister station reports the hole opened up overnight and the trucks just fell in. so we assume that right now people weren't in the trucks. >> hopefully. homeland security officials are echoing the concerns raised by congressional democrats about conditions in migrant detention camps. the agency own inspector general
5:36 am
is warning of dangerous overcrowding, pictures show adults packed into standing-room only conditions for up to a week. president trump is urging ationw to o rais threat anned ie targing docunted mrasif lmao t . next year's census will not include a controversial question about citizenship. the trump administration has decided to print the census forms without the question. that action comes on the heels of the u.s. supreme court blocking the census bureau from add itting. they say it would discourage minority groups from taking part in the count. part of building a better area is focusing on housing, almost every county has released updated data on the amount of homeless from the census. the latest report is san mateo county, and homelessness is up 21% from last year. so now they count more than 1500 people. that is average when you look at numbers over the past decade. the county human services agency
5:37 am
said the number of people who live in rvs this year, more than doubled compared to last year. rv dwellers represent half of the homeless who aren't in shelters or transitional housing. much more still ahead including the mounting pressure on facebook to stop plans for its own cryptocurrency. and president trump's fourth of july extravaganza will include these tanks. the department losing millions of dollars to foot the bill into and a set back for e-scooter companies. the big logs -- big loss they suffered at the state capitol in sacramento. but first taking a look at the weather. mike nicco on the day before the holiday. >> noticing that beautiful shot there. we're going to have a colorful sunrise. if you capture it #at abc 7. more low clouds and mild teams. mid to upper 50s along the east bow shore and upper 50s in places like oakland at 58 and bronty, good morning, 57 degrees. 51 at pacifica, santa rosa 52
5:38 am
and novato the cool spot, 58 in concord and 60 in antioch and about 57 in san jose. here is a look at the san mateo bridge. we're on the east bay looking to the west. and notice it is fuzzy. that is the low clouds starting to fill in now. and they are dropping mist, especially near the coast. mass transit, cool to a little bit warm this afternoon. and a small craft advisory, breezy again south of the bay bridge like yesterday. clouds cling through 8:00 in the east bay vol and we jump into sunshine and the 70s this afternoon. on the peninsula, clouds stubborn through the morning commute and then jumping up to 70 by lunch and mid-70s in the afternoon with total sunshine, 68 at 7:00 and we'll break free of the clouds in the south bay by 9:00 and in the 60s through 11:00 and mid to upper 70s this afternoon. but a very comfortable and sunny 68 at 7:00. it's going to be cool for independence day tomorrow. i'll show you that coming up. first i'll bring alexis in here to tell us about your commute.
5:39 am
good morning. and back to the dumbarton bridge where we had the biggest issue today. crash involving five vehicles still blocking the right lane. this is just past the toll plaza before you get out over the water. and crews are in the clearing stages. at one point we had all lanes blocked. so about half mile back-up approaching that scene. mike just showed you the san mateo bridge and that is a great alternate and the drive times echoing that. so richmond-san rafael bridge about seven and longer than the dumbarton bridge coming in at 13 minutes but delays before the toll plaza. and richmond-san rafael bridge westbound 580 the overnight road work wrapped
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happening now, heavy rain in japan forcing 1 million people to evacuate the southern island of kushu. officials are concerned about flooding and landslides. a woman died on friday when a mudslide hit her home. more than 39 inches, more than three feet of rain fell in the area since friday. and the storm is about to get worse over the next few days. that is just so sad. so many reports of extreme weather lately. climate change?
5:43 am
i'll let you decide. we report, right. here is a look at small craft advisory. so if you are out playing on the bay, south of the san mateo bridge, a west wind up to 35 knots and you'll either have a tail wind or into the teeth of it. it is not a cross wind. 70 in san diego and 78 in l.a. increasing sunshine and monterey andure eco, 104 in palm springs and mid-70s in the high country with upper 70s friday, saturday and 75 sunday. enjoy. here is natasha. well there is a setback this morning for e-scooter companies. a bill that would have stopped cities across the state from setting up regulations for e scooters has stalled in sacramento. that bill faced major opposition from many cities including san francisco and oakland. scooter rental firms like bird supported that bill. the examiner reports the bill could be revised and potentially get passed next year. the san francisco giants are joining more than 200 corporations in urging the supreme court to rule that
5:44 am
anti-discrimination laws do apply to lgbtq workers. the giants, apple, facebook and disney have filed a friend of the court brief in three cases where workers claim they were fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. the court will hear arguments in the fall. and dooiisney is the parent comy of abc7 news. the suspected gang member of accused of murdering the son of an oakland city council member will be in court after his arraignment was postponed. los angeles police say the 23-year-old suspect gunned down this young man, victor mcelhaney during a robbery in march near usc where he was a student. abc 7 news spoke with his mom shortly after word of the arrest came down. lynette gibson mcelhaney said the arrest is a small step forward. >> families never have the satisfaction of knowing what happened to their loved ones. this is the next step in a very long road to whatever the final resolution will be. >> the charges against the
5:45 am
suspect ivan hernandez make him eligible for the death penalty. the national park service is diverting $2.5 million for president trump's independence day celebration. according to "the washington post" the funds were intended to improve our national parks. this is new video of tanks that will be used for tomorrow's event in washington, d.c. u.s. defense officials say the tanks will be for display only and not moving. the president wanted to hold a military parade on veterans day, he canceled those plans following estimates that it would cost tens of million dollars. >> san francisco police made a sizable fireworks bust. sharing photos of the seizure in the outer sunset district on friday. there were enough fireworks to fill up the back of the bomb squad trucks. officers found everything from bottle rockets to mortars. and we do have a list of legal fourth of july fireworks shows across the bay area. that is posted on our home page on our website, this morning we're getting a really cool perspective of
5:46 am
disney's lion king. it hits theater in less than three weeks. so check this out. stunning new photos show the stars meeting their characters. including beyonce nala and donald glover as simba. the director john favreau tweeted the pictures of the cast and characters starring in the remake. it hits theaters july 19th and gep disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> moody and artistic. i like it. >> i'm still afraid for them at the same time. >> are you? >> well staring down hyenas, not a good plan. >> or scar. not so great. you're never more than 7 minutes away from the weather. >> it is neat to see who they cast as the characters compared to the animated version and who was popular at that time. let's take a look at what is going on. you could see we have some low clouds. so we could have some delays getting around sfo and becoming sunny and mild even at the
5:47 am
coast. tonight more clouds and drizzle possible near the coast and the east bay hills and inland warming very brief. a look at cloud cover. and it is more extensive this morning, but it doesn't last very long. even at the coast we'll see increasing sunshine from north to south during the afternoon hours. let -- let's take a look at temperatures. 72 with sunshine in santa cruz. the cool spot. morgan hill the warm spot and everybody else in 79 like santa 71 to 76 the spread on the peninsula. low to mid-60s along the coast. where the breezes are fastest. we'll have breezes on the bayside keeping san francisco at about 66. 68 in sausalito and then upper 70s to santa rosa. northward, mid-80s. along the east bay shore, warmest at 77 in huercules and down to 71 in oakland. 79 in pleasanton and everybody about 86 degrees. tonight, more extensive cloud cover but temperatures pretty steady as they have been in the
5:48 am
low to upper 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, expect more of the same during the day for independence day but i'll give you a time table for clouds to return in less than seven minutes and then friday and saturday we have warmer weather but nothing really hot. alexis. >> sounds great, mike. we're looking at a few new issues on the board. this is not new. but it is still there. westbound 84 dumbarton bridge commute just past the toll plaza before you get over the water. five-car crash and that is blocking the right lane so it is improving. we did have all lanes blocked for a short time but you are definitely still seeing a back-up. taking you to san jose, new problem now northbound 101 before yorba buena road, a two-car crash blocking the slow lane so the far right lane, emergency crews arriving on the scene but i'm not seeing delays there. and the bay bridge toll plaza surprised at how busy and that everyone would start taking today off for the fourth of july holiday. metering lights turned on at a very normal time, 520 t:20 this
5:49 am
morning and no issue in the carpool lanes. california high-speed rail has made recommendations to stops in the bay area. the stops include the salesforce transit center near sfo at millbrae and the san jose deera done station. from san francisco to los angeles would not start until 2033. there are six public meetings next month starting on august 6th in santa clara and a vote is scheduled for september. a new obstacle to facebook proposed cryptocurrency project libra. house democrats want the company to stop that development until congress and regulate yours have a chance to look into possible risks to the u.s. and global financial systems. they say vulnerabilities could be exploited by bad actors and that raises serious privacy and trading concerns. congressional hearings are scheduled in two weeks. well, the fold possibly fixed. samsung has reportedly fixed the screen durability issues that delayed the foldable phone. according to bloomberg, samsung
5:50 am
has completed a two-month redesign of the galaxy fold. samsung ceo admits the botched launch was embarrassing. the company is in the final stages of producing a commercial version and still no word yet on a possible release date. new at 6:00, do you have a strong christmas cookie game? it could win you $25,000. the show that is now casting the best bakers. >> but first, tech contrast workers say they want to be treated fairly. i think this is the wrong video. the big gap between themselves and company leaders. plus former victoria secret angel karlie kloss message for young women. >> and we'll leave you with a live look outside
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. alameda county fair resumes, and 70 and cool to begin with. the dollar rides until 5:00 and then trace adkins this evening with temperatures falling into the 60s and eventually 50s by the end of the game. beat the twins last night and that is good because they have a better record than us. 6:07 an hour early because of the fireworks at the coliseum and look at the cloud cover from the richmond-san rafael bridge down to the san mateo bridge. so those sides of the bay are cloudy at 9:00. when we try to shoot off fireworks. as is usually the case, the farther inland, the better off you. 66 in livermore. and barbara, is she angry. she's up to 155 -- almost a
5:54 am
category five. good news for the hawaiian islands as was the case yesterday, the forecast still calls for it to collapse to a cluster of thunderstorms with high surf advisory through the weekend. alexis. good morning. a biggest issue is the dumbarton bridge, still not cleared the crash. the right lane blocked, five vehicles involved, causing a ten-minute delay. good news, you could take san mateo bridge for an alternate. one new collision west bound 84 at hillcrest, sounds like one vehicle facing the wrong way and that is blocking one lane. so you are slow if you are coming from state route 160 into the antioch stretch. and a quick check of drive times, 44 minutes westbound 580, tracy to dublin, no delays southbound 680 dublin to mission, and through south bay. germany has imposed a $2 million fine. >> against facebook. >> aimed at fighting hate speech. they say they failed to handle
5:55 am
hate speech complaints and a recent report didn't reflect the actual number of complaints about suspected illegal content including anti-semitic posts. facebook may appeal that. well contract workers say silicon valley needs to do more to ensure that everyone benefits from the tech economy. abc 7 news was at this round table gathering sponsored by congressman ro khanna. workers who share their experiences included a bur easta at yahoo, a bus operator and a security officer at google and they discussed the pay disparity between themselves and top >> they live and appreciate that the plantation owner live by the plantation and your workers are like -- [ inaudible ]. >> workers said the most important issues were better wages and greater respect from management. m.i.t. has developed a motor that walks. right now it is a magnet and coil, but one day it could be
5:56 am
reprogrammed to automatically assemble itself into larger devices. the aim is to have them change to did different jobs without the need to design them from scratch. does it make it sound like they'll be -- like human beings. >> like your roomba which could plug itself back into the power source. >> i'm sure it will be fine. i can't imagine her being a problem. super ploddel karlie kloss is talking about why she walked away from victoria's secret. in an interview with british vogue she said she doesn't feel it is an image of who i am and the kind of message i want to send around the world to women to what it means to be beautiful. she was able to make her own choices through the companies she works with and the image she puts out. >> victoria's secret is selling you a deal and objectifying images and they are not selling
5:57 am
you the product, but the idea you could look like this person. >> and consumers are becoming less and less patient and tolerant of campaigns selling something they can no longer stand behind. new at 6:00, will it hurt or help. a what a $15 million minimum wage could mean for you. >> and those left behind in the chaos of the tanforan mall shooting and the impact at the nearby b.a.r.t. station this morning. and waymo gets to the green light. what to do if you see a self driving car. and the golden gate bridge saying high
5:58 am
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you knowlowe's helps a great timyou do it right...arbecue. do it right for less. start with lowe's. good morning, on this wednesday, july 3rd. >> thanks for waking up with us. you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. gray to start. we have to bring our own sunshine today, mike. >> at least during the morning hours. but i promise in the afternoon you won't need to bring it. it is brought for you.
6:00 am
we'll cater to you any way we can. here is a look at the winds and cloud cover and the winds are faster and the cloud cover is thicker. it is also a little more moisture, so look for mist the closer you are to the coast. gorgeous shot from mount tam. and high and low clouds and i'm running the time lapse at mike nicco nbc 7 and i'll post it later. mid to upper 50s. the same temperature and almost the same at noon with near 60s at the coast, low to mid-70s around the bay and almost the same at 4:00, 72 to 78 and 58 in the coast and mid to upper 60s elsewhere at 7:00. we'll take a look at barbara. she's pumping out 155-mile-per-hour winds and looking cloudier for the fourth of july fireworks. sheer alexis. good morning, we're live at the bay bridge toll plaza. not getting a huge break today. thought maybe we would be lighter in volume. then the metering lights turning on at 5:20 and so in the carpool lanes you have a wait. back-up into the maze not as bad
6:01 am
as a typical week day commute. richmond-san rafael bridge, eight minutes and 13 across the


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