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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 5, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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unfortunately as they were lighting it up they caught a tree on fire. >> doors to make sure everybody got out. this man was house sitting. he got on the roof with the hose to protect the house. this is the car that was damaged in the fire. the street is littered with debrises but no reports of any injuries. >> illegal fireworks may have caused this fire in san jose. you can see them going off in the background. people at fireworks near i-680 and jackson avenue last night when this started. >> here is a look at what was confiscated overnight.
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the police department said officers seized hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks. that did not stop it from going off all around my neighborhood. >> might as well. >> 4:31. let's get a quick update on the traffic. >> several years of no fireworks, they came back out last night. i was not prepared. i had the windows open. that changed quickly. here is a look at what is going on. cloud cover over san francisco and pier 15. pretty healthy marine layer which is letting go of mist along the coast. that will be with you in the morning commute. you look at the planner for today, we will be a touch warmer than we were yesterday. >> good morning, mike. we are looking at a quiet start as you would expect. i think most folks have today off in addition to yesterday as well. light volume on the san mateo bridge, looking fine with no
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significant issues along the road to let you know about. these drive times don't get better than this. dublin. you are in the green at 22 minutes. dublin to mission boulevard. in the green there at 14. highway 101 to cupertino. >> developing news, governor newsome has declared a state of emergency in kern county. >> it is the strongest quake to rattle southern california in 20 years. >> we got ourselves an earthquake here. >> we are having an earthquake right now. >> nice sized earthquake. >> we just had an earthquake. >> there is the crack right here. >> we had a real giant shocker.
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>> it is prettytee. i pretty sc. >> wow. a real live actual earthquake. >> the center of the quake hit near ridgecrest in kern county. an alert was sent out warning an earthquake was about to hit but for all of the people in l.a. wondering why they didn't get an alert through the city's new app. alerts only get sent if the shaking in l.a. will be above a magnitude 5.0. >> the system worked as designed. it is something we need to look in to as to whether or not the threshold should be lowered or adjusted. >> at least 150 after shocks, magnitude 2.5 or higher have been reported. two of our abc 7 news reporters are on vacation in the area. here is a tweet from amy
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hollyfield showing a light swaying in the living room and chris nguyen, in the gym at the time. that is just an inflatable weight. he said a lot of the bikes that were outside were. >> if i were to bet where he would be, barry's boot camp. maybe somewhere else. >> in his variety, workout routines. >> the earthquakes are a good reminder for us in the bay area to be prepared for the next big one. here is what you can do now to make sure that you are ready. >> reporter: smashed bottles and liquor everywhere 11 miles from the earthquake. the owner's son describes seeing the video of the mess. >> a ton of bottles were damaged. >> the family lives in burbank and plans to drive to ridgecrest soon to see the damage in person. >> i realized five seconds into
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it that it was a full on earthquake. >> hiker rob campbell was resting at this motel. the lamp shattered. >> i guess it can happen at any time without any warning or anything. >> this is why the san francisco fire department wants you to be prepared. >> how to plan. how to get with your family if you are living or be in san francisco. have a kit with you. whether you live here in your workplace or your car. >> this public information officer suggests in addition to food and water, a battery powered radio, solar charger and blanket. and here is another tip. emergency phone numbers of your family and friends written down. a lot of us have all of nose our phones and we forget when they run out of power we might not remember those phone numbers.
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>> moments after the earthquake hit we sent an alert on our free abc 7 news app. download it in the app store and enable push alerts. >> in the north bay the sheriff's department is involving an officer involved shooting in bodega bay. a man was shot suspected of assaulting several people and stealing a vehicle. officials say he assaulted officers before a deputy opened fire. the suspect and victims were taken to hospitals and conditions have not been released. >> police are searching for a 75-year-old woman that disappeared last night in fairfield. last seen walking away from her home around 7:45 p.m. police say the woman is 5'5" and weighs about 230 pounds. she was wearing blue shorts, black or blue tank and walks with a cane.
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a suspect running from police was hit and killed on a san francisco freeway. police were responding to a report of an assault when they saw the suspect run away and on to i-280 and that is where a car hit him and the suspect died on the scene. >> a city panel is backing a plan to increase what we pay for our shopping bag at stores. right now it is 10 cents. supervisor valerie brown wants to raise that to 25 cents. the san francisco small business commission voted to approve the crease. >> coming up, the leader of honh protest aders. why the protesters are refusing this certainly. >> the ramparts and took over the airports and did everything
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it had to do. >> were airports around during the american revolution? president trump's strange statement in the fourth of july speech. >> and chilly fog can't stop fireworks in san francisco. the look at the show that lit up the night's sky and illuminated the clouds. >> it can't stop them from going up, it can stop you from seeing them. >> looks like cloud lightning more than anything when the lightning does not come out of the clouds and just lights the clouds up. still nice. still like the sound of the fireworks exploding too. here is a look at the temperatures. 60 in oakland. 55 in richmond. everybody else right in between that. let's get a look at the rest of the neighborhoods. 49 degrees in santa rosa. 55 in san francisco. 56 in pacifica. 57 in san jose.
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60s, concord and brentwood. here is a look at what is going on with your commute this morning. pretty quiet until you get closer to the coast. that is where we have mist hitting the ground. cool and warm and we have a small craft advisory through the delta. here is a look at what is going on. your 12-hour planner. >> heading out at 7:00, partly sunny at 57. we will hit the middle 80s to 90s in some areas. peninsula in the 60s with full on sunshine and middle 70s in the afternoon and we will break free of the clouds quickly in the south bay and hit the 70s by 11:00 and 80s by 3:00. pretty quiet week on the roads. >> yes, definitely. >> we are hoping for the same today. >> we are. >> we have one issue to talk about. in the fremont area before you y get to mission dlboulevard. the two middle lanes, chp is
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there and has stopped all traffic for the moment. i think my sensors need to catch up here. i believe we do have a bit of a delay approahing the scene. hopefully we will have more lanes open soon. mass transit back to normal today. service schedule. aces the only one that is not. no service and that is a carryover from the fou
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>> i want to take you in for a look at video. people spending the holiday weekend skiing on snow in shorts. sqaw valley open. it will stay open through sunday. you can ski at mammoth until august. wow! they have only stayed open this late into the year twice before. man that looks like fun. all right. let's look at your tahoe weekend. upper 70s. 77 today. 78. few more clouds sunday down to 74 degrees. 83 in yosemite. middle to upper 90s. 106 in palm springs. 70 in san diego. 77 in los angeles. 60s along the coast. now if you are going to be out
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playing, let's s a you are boat. small craft advisory. this time it is north of the bay bridge, through the delta with southwest winds around 15 to 25 knots. just when you want to get out there and start playing. >> thank you, mike. student leaders from two universities turned down have -- invitation.invitation. the prls endorsed by hong kong's leader. student leaders believe she is being insincere with her offer of closed-door meetings and want any meetings to be public. >> washington, d.c. saw a nonstop day of celebration. the pyro technics were the biggest the city has ever seen thanks to a $750,000 donation
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from two companies. it showcased america's military might and president trump spoke highlighting the country's people, past and present. the past may have gotten mixed up after mentioning airports in the revolution war. it rammed the ramparts, took over the airports, it did everything they had to do and at fort mckendry under the rocket's red glare it had nothing but victory. >> yeah. there was no air travel during the revolutionary war. >> in new york city it was packed to watch the biggest july fourth fireworks show in the country. crowds in st. louis huddled to watch and in chicago a fireworks
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display over a navy pier dazzled spectators lined up around lake michigan. here people lined up to watch the fireworks despite chilly weather and fog. >> the layer of fog is always expected over san francisco and that was expected for the july fourth celebration but it did not stop it. fireworks were sent into the sky at 9:30. both were prime viewing area. tens of thousands watched the fireworks through the fog and the organizers say the number of spectators depended on the weather. we spoke with visitors about their experience. >> felt like there could have been less fog. it kind of got in the way. >> it was very entertaining but
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most of the time just red clouds. >> it was loud and i saw the grand finale. >> it was amazing. >> what did you like the most? >> that it lit up the sky and it was pink. >> it was disappointing because you can't see anything. >> far from the first time that fog impacted an independence day fireworks display. on july fourth fireworks exploded below the fog. the show wrapped up just before 10:00. i am reporting at pier 39. >> there is a -- on the morning news, mike, they were telling people it was going to be so foggy and you couldn't see anything and there were way fewer people out than he was hoping. we tell the truth. >> i am talking about petty person. >> yeah. kind of like when the car wash people get mad at us because we
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tell you it is going to rain and you should wait to wash your car. >> why do we do fireworks here? >> used to do them on the bay side and not on the pier side. >> there is a microclimate. >> the clouds are a little higher in the sky sometimes at oracle than where they were. >> looked like it was right at pier 39. >> yeah. yeah. might want to rethink that. >> can't tell anybody what to do. we are in san jose. it is more warm today. warmest to coolest, saturday to sunday. warmest day is saturday and the coolest is sunday as the sea breeze roars back into our neighborhoods. seasonal temperatures next week. the cloud cover is pulling back to the coast, taking its time, maybe a little slower than yesterday. it will get back there by noon
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and hang out through the afternoon hours. 72 in santa cruz. lower to middle 80s in the south bay. middle 60s along the coast. upper 60s to 70. mainly low to middle 80s. then we get up to the middle 90s. 70s along the east bay shore. oakland the exception. as you head in to the east bay valleys, upper 80s to lower 90s. tonight, free air conditioning comes back with the lower 50s. a couple of degrees warmer away from the coast tomorrow and ten degrees cooler. then we will return back to normal on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> a couple of crashes on the board. we are going to take you in to those. northbound 680 before mission
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boulevard. i am not sure why we are not showing delays. other maps are showing red oriolo. just one vehicle involved. maybe surface streets if that is an option for you. we have a crash there involving one vehicle. and zipper trucks have been through here on golden gate bridge. >> a big change is coming to the next generation apple mac books and ford is trying to sell a new car for more than $1 million. >> in today's tech bytes, a change for apple keyboards. >> critics say the keyboards become erratic as particles get
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below the keys. now apple will use a glass fiber reinforcement that is supposed to make it more durable. >> apple's app store and google play brought in nearly $40 billion in the first half of the year. up 15% from the same last year. ford calls this the gt mk2. the first company car costing more than $1 million. >> it can reach nearly 2 million. ford only making 45 and they are already claimed. 1.2 million. >> that's san francisco. >> people celebrate the fourth of july with barbecue and fireworks but what about animals. >> if you have a greenum we
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>> we have the definition of a swarm down south. look at all of the circles, all signifying earthquakes over the past 24 hours. how many? 412.ed ner s hotdogs and buns,
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victories in coney island, the champion of the world, joey chestnut. >> that's right, san jose's joey chestnut keeping his title as nathan's hot dog eating champion gobbling down 71 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes. nearly 21,000 calories. the 35-year-old hoped to beat his world record, the one that he set last year. 74 hotdogs. he did not need to. when they asked how he felt. i feel like i should eat more hotdogs. like i could eat a couple more dogs. he did it. he said he would dod it. he did it. that is dedication and perseverance. >> yeah. yeah. >> humans were not the only ones that got to chow down on the fourth of july
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>> leemurs, once a year at the san francisco zoo. watermelon is not the favorite snack. look at that. >> he is blessed out. >> humans and leemurs not that different. their favorite snacks are figs. they are the most endangered mammals in the world. why couldn't they just give them figs. >> fourth of july, only watermelons. the press release said only 17 of the 19 got watermelons. two were left out? >> why? circle of life and it moves us all. scientists have a new plan of attack to combat climate change. planting a lot of trees. planting a trillion trees or more. there is enough empty space. roughly the size of our country of the united states of america. the study says they could suck
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up as much carbon pollution as humans spewed in the last 25 years. >> i am for this. can we get started immediately. >> what are we doing right now? why aren't we planting trees? >> if we stop the deforestation of the jungle, that would help. >> can we just plant the trees? >> we are going to let the other thing keep going. >> those leemurs love watermelon. >> our event planner. free until 5:00 and temperatures warmer, about 86. if you are going to the game, the cardinalsreto wn. over at oracle, 61 dropping down to 56. if you are worried about barbara, i calmed her down just a little. we had a talk over barbecue and
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drinks. i said calm down. leave hawaii alone. high surf advisories are gone. >> sounds good. thank you mike. we are looking at light holiday volumes fill. 5th of july and most of you are lucky to have the day off. no sign of metering lights yet. a couple of lanes are hope. that is an option. and these drive times are in the green all the way around. highway 4 to the maze. bay bridge and san francisco to sfo. >> alexis, thank you. next, the thank sfo iaffi >> a vehicle plunges down the hill side
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