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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we are so happy you are with us. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> very summer like. 25 at fairfield. cloud cover. it is pretty great just about everywhere. you can see that gorgeous sunrise above the fray of clouds. we are starting off pretty much the same. cloudy, middle to upper 50s. we will stay in the 50s, 60s in the coast. inland, 78 at noon. in the bay, 69. the reason they are cooler at the coast, that is where they are going to hang out. 70 to 76 this evening. we have a weather whiplash. warmest to coolest days back-to-back coming up. i will tell you about it. here is alexis. >> good morning, mike. we are looking at a very light commute here today. no delays, even with the metal
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plates that everyone slows down to. today not feeling normal. just a little bit out of the central valley. 205 there at 70 mile per hour. a short stretch with one mile worth of red. once you make it to 580. more shaking overnight. at least a dozen after shocks after yesterday. >> the biggest a 5.4 hitting just after 4:00 a.m. close to the town of ridgecrest in kern county. a live look this morning at the aftermath. good morning. >> good morning natasha. good morning, reggie. experts say with an earthquake of this magnitude that it is common to feel after shocks but they say there is a small chance
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the big quake yesterday was a foreshock and a greater one is still to come. this morning california under a state of emergency after a massive 6.4 earthquake shook the southern half of the state. the largest tumbler to hit the region in two decades. >> we lost everything that we had. i have no tvs or dressers or anything. >> take a look at the panics employee running for safety another angle showing content on store shelves knocked to the floor. the 22nd quake was centered near ridgecrest in the mojave desert and was followed by at least 100 after shocks. the rattle was felt from northern california down to mexico. officials responding to reports
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of downed power lines and property damage. patients were evacuated after suffering minor injuries. >> the water bottle container was shaking. >> seismologist losy jone described it as a strike-slip fault where two plates rub against each other. >> there is about a 1 in 20 chance that this location will be having an even bigger earthquake in the next few days. >> jones said there were at least two seismic faults involved but the san andreas was not one of them. >> mona, thank you. if you need a reminder about what to do in an earthquake we
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have you covered. >> protect yourself and drop, cover, hold on to things. get under a sturdy table if you see one. if there is no shelter nearby get down near an interior wall. if you are sleeping you will want to stay there, protect your head with your pillow. you might want to think of keeping shoes or slippers near the bed so when the shaking stops and you are out of bed the feet are protected because there will likely be broken glass or loose items on the ground. if you are outside, move away from buildings. windows. architectual accents are often the first places to collapse. you also want to move away from power lines, trees, signs, vehicles. if you are driving, pullover. stop the car. try to avoid overpasses,
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privileges and power lines. if a power line falls on to the car don't go anywhere. you will find all of the information and more online at abc news. >> at least 17 people went to the hospital when violence erupted and chaos ensued following chicago's fourth of july fireworks. police say three people were stabbed. at least 14 were trampled. chicago triby believe a stampede started when someone yelled gun or shots fired. >> ferst five fires but say the number is likely higher than that.
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this is from pittsburgh at harbor street. >> no matter where you spent the fourth of july, if you were in the bay area you probably heard or saw illegal firewors. >> no shortage of them in oakland. a neighbor says it is nonstop noise. on the peninsula last night the video was shot looking towards elcamino real. >> all right. we are on top of a plan to improve the traffic situation at sfo. a live look at the airport. pretty gray there. the change that you will notice starting today. >> i saw fireworks coming in to work. >> yeah. >> in san francisco this morning. here is a gorgeous burst of light. look at the sunshine.
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a gorgeous pink hue. if you are thinking about temperatures that were
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contrast that with 40s and bodega bay. promise you sunshine this afternoon. if you are going to be at the pool, slightly warmer. santa cruz is tucked under there. always seems to get away with more sunshine and we have a small craft advisory north of the bay bridge. cloudy, 53 in the north bay. look at the sunshine in the lower to middle 80s. clouds hanging around through 9:00. 12-hour planner for san francisco, cloudy through 9:00 and middle to upper 60s this afternoon. weekend forecast less than seven minutes away. >> we are looking at an extremely light commute this morning. here is a live look at the bay bridge and traffic coming in to san francisco. we do have the toll plaza
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opening as well. drive times in the green all the way around this morning. 13 minutes. 101, santa rosa to petaluma. castro valley to the maze and 101, split to highway 85 no delays through downtown san jose. >> a big change at sfo aim to reduce traffic. the additional parking lot for ride share drivers will finally open. this third lot is on san bruno avenue and it will double the space where drivers from uber and lyft can wait to pick up passengers. >> it is like christmas in july. we will show you where some people hit the slope in
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during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. don't miss our 4th of july special with the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed now $1299. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. >> abc 7 mornings. >> you are looking at what happened when fireworks ignited a palm tree in southern california. police posted the video highlighting the danger of setting off illegal fireworks. hundreds jammed the phone lines reporting illegal fireworks.
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three fires broke out simultaneously in san jose. >> two brush fires along highway 87 yesterday afternoon and a garage fire spread to try grass on communications hill at the same time. >> i seen smoke uphill. right here where the apartment complex is. it is the back hill where all of the weeds are. >> the fire burned 5 acres and briefly threatened a home but firefighters managed to knock down the flame. a wild wire still burning right now. southwest of tracy. 283 acres have burned. the fires are 90% contained and the cause is under investigation. some people celebrated fourth of july in the snow. >> they went skiing to celebrate their independence. yesterday was the 191st day.
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degreeste likest on record with 60. skiers dawned red, white and blue and in other cases nothing at all. >> this is the best thing. >> in a swimsuit. >> in a swimsuit. >> wow. >> okay. skiing in the fourth happens about once a decade there. >> can you imagine how much it would hurt if you fell in a swimsuit. >> can you imagine wearing a speedo in general. >> yeah. >> sqaw open on the fourth time. it has only happened two times before. mike, what is happening? >> what i am going to do is to repack since reggie said i can't wear my speedo. >> i learned you had an earring and owneda i speedo.
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i am learning so much about you on the fourth of july weekend. >> i did swim competitively for ten years. >> anything else you are working on over this morning? >> slow bits. >> let's look at the weather. we are going to see that. we have a beautiful shot. look at that. it is very calming isn't it. it is beautiful. you can see, everything is traveling west to east and that is our seasonal summer conditions. there is that one person that seems to shoot them off july 5th. warmest tosook at the cloud cover there melting away.
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you will see the reflections coming up. santa cruz. morgan hill, 87. 67 in downtown san francisco. guess our average high, 67. lower to upper 80s. 72 to 78. 87 to about 92 in brentwood. expect that tomorrow will look a lot like this morning. we slashed that by ten degrees. and then we will start to return back to average wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. alexis. >> not too much happening here in the traffic center. southbound 101.
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the north commute the last to fill in. today i don't think it will be busy at all. northbound 101 before sierra point. we have a minor crash that has fully cleared. no service for ace rail. they are not running today. and ac transit. normal service for you. no delays. >> good morning america coming up at 7:00 here. >> and here is a look at what is ahead. >> good morning, reggie and natasha. great to be with you on this friday. the very latest on the powerful earthquake rocking southernexara
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riffeteady to take center court today and causing a stir off of the court with what one player did so he could play with her. and flavored seltzer water, more popular than ever. sales are surging. do you know what is really in the drinks? and we are celebrating the summer of love this morning. this sunday will be the biggest day of the year for online dating? we are here to show you how to make over your dating profile to find a match. we will see you all on gma shortly. >> i like the way he says reginald. >> i was afraid he wouldn't call me reginald today but he brought it right back. thank you, robert. the major milestone amazon celebrates today. >> and the bay shows their fourth of july spirit with one of the biggest parades. >> a live look outside at 6:20
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>> let's take a look at the temperatures along the coast
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today. they are going to be a little bit cool, lower to middle 60s with the sunshine. it will be breezy also. sunshine along the north bay coast. 72 in santa cruz. the coolest weather will be sunday, low 60s. >> thanks, mike. now into the fourth of july spirit. >> san jose's historic rose garden. the fourth of july parade. they waved to spectators from that parade route. look at that. patriotic red, white and blue. fans playing traditional u.s. tunes for the city's fourth of july festivities. a picnic followed up with live music and family games.
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>> one of the biggest fourth of july parades dazzled specta sp for many it was a slice of what america was all about. >> it reminds you of what? >> apple pie at home, you know. small town. people come in. this is great. residents staked out prime spots early on and reserved the best locations. >> see, i did not know they used padlocks. >> it really gets serious. >> yeah. >> you have to stake out the best spot. >> coming up at 6:30 what experts say you should have ready to go in case an earthquake hits you. >> i am in san jose with the aftermath of illegal fireworks, burned trees, a try to protect their homes. >> and a new plan to raise the
6:26 am
can ay new proposal is approved. >> fourth of julyfirewos. >> as we head to break a live look outside
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>> news to build a better bay
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area. this is abc 7 mornings. >> now at 6:30 a massive fire in the south bay highlights the danger of illegal fireworks. a man gets on the roof trying to fight the flames. >> and a car slides 150 feet down the hill. what they are learning about the two people inside. >> foggy fireworks, but it did not ruin the fun for everyone. >> he told you yesterday that this was going to happen. it did. >> this happens pretty much every year. >> welcome to friday, july 5th. we hope you enjoy the show with the illegal fireworks keeping you up all night. whatever it was. glad you are with us. >> let's talk about what is going to happen today. here is a look at the marine layer. the clouds illuminated by the sunshine. we are at 2500 feet. that is why we are looking down on the cloud deck. you can see a little mist on the
6:30 am
coast. middle to upper 50s but we will end up warmer around the bay and inland. that is why you are 78 at noon. bay next at 69. in the upper 50s to near 60s. 75 to 86. warmer at 4:00. the traffic has been really good too. >> we have one new incident on the board and it is minor. just before you get to highway four. we have a solo vehicle crash that sounded like it was blocking the slow lane. that is fully off on the shoulder. i don't think we will see any delays. not too far away if you are coinuingh. most folks out here. new overnight chp is
6:31 am
investigating a deadly crash after a car plummeted 150 feet and landed on the roof. it happened on mount hamilton road and springs road. the driver died from the injury. we got an update from chp and sounds like they are still on the scene. >> thank you so much. meanwhile, illegal fireworks sparked dozens of fires in the bay area last night. 37 in contra councouncouncoun >> good morning. >> reporter: reggie, natasha, good morning. this is luke court in san jose. firefighters got calls of trees caught on fire. these are the trees behind me. several tall cedar trees that separate the two homes. around theprd to the car. you can see how intense the fire
6:32 am
was. i will show you video from hours ago. kids were out there playing with illegal fire works and a fire cracker exploded and caught a tree on fire spreading to the other one. and so close to the homes. he said he grabbed a hose and one resident said she went to the neighbors to warn them to get out. we are just really glad they got it out. >> firefighters say given how close the fire was burning to the roofs and how much ash and debris ewas flying around, residents are lucky none of it caught on fire. there are no reports of any injuries. >> glad everyone is all right.
6:33 am
here is a look at what some of what san francisco police confiscated overnight teaming it up for a special task force. officers seized hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks. >> developing news, the governor has declared a state of emergency in kern county. >> felt from fresno to long beach to las vegas. the strongest to rattle southern california in 20 years and here is a look how social media recorded it. >> we got ourselves an earthquake here. >> we are having an earthquake rightno >>ic sized earthquake. >> we just had an earthquake. >> there is the crack right here. >> we had a real giant shocker.
6:34 am
>> i think it was pretty intense. >> pretty scary. >> wow. a real live actual earthquake. >> the epicenter was near ridgecrest. an alert was sent out warning a earthquake was about to hit but many in l.a. that felt it wondered why they didn't get an alert from the city's new app. because alerts only get sent there if the shaking in l.a. will be above a magnitude 5.0. >> the system actually worked as designed. it is something we need to look in to as to whether the threshold should be lowered or adjusted. >> at least 150 after shocks, magnitude 22.0 or higher. a 5.4 hit this morning. two of our abc 7 news reporters are on vacation. amy hollyfiled tweeted this and
6:35 am
chris nguyen tweeted this when he was working out at the gym. >> it serves as a great reminder for us in the bay area to get prepared for the big one. local police and firefighters say they are ready to respond to a disaster like a flood hits but emergencies will keep them busy. good idea to assemble an emergency kit for you and your family before disaster strikes. >> at the minimum, have a plan of how to reunificate with your family. have a kit with you, whether you live here. it is in your home, workplace, car. >> and food, water, medicine should be included in the emergency kit and the san francisco fire departmentmmdsso
6:36 am
charger for your phone. >> the sonoma county sheriffs department is investigating an officer involved shooting. it happened last night around 8:00 in bodega bay. a man was suspected of attacking people and stealing a vehicle and assaulted officers before the officer opened fire. a suspect running from police was hit by a car and killed on a san francisco freeway. it happened last night near t-- police s and on to i-280 at the ocean and geneva avenue exit and thathim. >> new developments in san francisco. a city panel is backing a plan to increase the fee you pay for
6:37 am
shopping bags at stores. now it costs ten cents for each bag given out by a store in san francisco but valerie brown wants to raise that saying it would push people to use more re-usable bags. the san francisco small business commission voted to approve the increase. >> $30,000 of merchandise is gone. new video showing a group of swarming a north face store getting in and out in seconds. >> new york stock exchange down about 30 minutes. update how the markets are doing. >> is it the summer of love? this sunday will be a busy day on dating apps. >> i am intrigued. what are the things we can do. take a photo on a sunny day, mike. hard to come by this morning. >> put a photo up that looks
6:38 am
nothing like you. someone says you barely look human. that always works. >> somebody please do that. if i did that i would be in a lot of trouble. i would be -- >> work. you are doing this for work. >> i don't think so. >> yeah. i don't think so. 54 to 56 degrees across san francisco. unified air mass.525252525252 let's show you what it will be like during your dmut morning. cloudy, mist near the coast. cool this morning and warm this afternoon. 80s and 90s in our inland neighborhoods. on the bay we have a breezy small craft advisory. it will be difficult out there later today. look at the big jump in temperatures. 73 at 11:00. 80s to 90 during the afternoon
6:39 am
hours. peninsula, 7:00. sunshine and middle to upper this afternoon. from about 2:00 to 4:00 and drop down to 72. it will be warmer tomorrow. then we are go to drop the temperature hard for sunday. i will show you that coming up. first, anyone turning around because of accidents or anything? >> no. >> we don't have anything major throughout this morning. that is good news if you have to head in to work or anywhere. here is 280 in the south bay. i wanted to show you this. reports of a box truck that is on fire. i will keep an eye on that. there is a bunch of pvc piping
6:40 am
scattered across the roadway. 13 westbound 92.
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thiswe also live withlling okat&t's internet "security." do you know the mother's maiden name? at&t! there's an army of weirdos outside. they're just trying to get on your network. why didn't you alert us? alerts aren't really my thing. what is your thing? ok, i am sensing a little hostility from you, janet. so i'm going to be the grown-up here and excuse myself. stop living with at&t. switch to xfinity for real-time security alerts for all your connected devices. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> it is boomers friday at the alameda county fair.
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free here until 5:00. hotter today. no doubt about it. 86. pretty comfortable considering it could be in the 100s. 61 by 9:00, refreshing temperature there. now the small craft advisory. out now to show you the middle to upper 90s. afternoon sunshine in los angeles. in tahoe we will hang out. 74 with more clouds sunday. have fun. >> thank you. a north face store in wisconsin is out thousands of dollars after a group of people rushed the store. people say ten people entered the store and in under a minute police made off with $30,000 in merchandise. we have developing news in the
6:44 am
bahammas. several americans were killed in a crash. >> the helicopter was flying to fort lauderdale. a 60-year-old coal mining billionaire, chris cline. the governor where he lives tweeted his condolences about the death. cline's daughter was also a victim. >> we are learning more about two men killed in a fiery crash in the east bay. a man was driving a mazda miata that sped off the road, hit a light pole in the center divide and a 35-year-old from dublin was in the passenger seat and was also killed. neighbors say many drivers speed down the street. >> it is kind of revote.
6:45 am
up the hill. back down the hill. >> the cause of the accident still under investigation. bmw says its ceo is stepping down and they will likely pick his replacement later in the month. >> bmw lost money selling cars during the first quarter of the year and had to pay $1.6 billion to settle an anti-trust case. kruger is leaving before his contract was due to expire next year. and a live look at the new york stock exchange, down about 145 points as trading gets underway, in part react to new jobs numbers just out. >> is now the time to buy a car? the average interest rate is at the lowest level this year. shows more shoppers received interest rates 2 to 5% since june. part of the reason for the drop,
6:46 am
automakers and dealers are becoming desperate to sell lingering 2018 models. >> if you ever wanted to own your own race car get ready for a case of sticker shock. ford is will selling a supercar with a price of $1.2 million. wow. the automaker produces only 45 models of this fort gt mk2 with 700 horsepower, two racing seats. buyers can only drive them on racetracks. >> amazon celebrates a huge milestone. it is now the largest retailer in the world. bezos, the richest man on the planet. how has it not changed their lives. they have created an
6:47 am
that can wake people up n ala alarm. trying to rule you. >> i am finding out this morning the first book ever sold. did rt first book. >> couldn't be where the sidewalk ends. >> no. >> discounts to unhappy subscribers could lead to more cancellations. >> businesses usually offer discounts to customers as an incentive to stay when something goes wrong but a new study says that can backfire because customers adjust to the cheaper price and are angry when the subscription renews at the going rate. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> this is apparently the biggest discrepancy of dating apps. >> what you can do to make your profile stand out. the first sunday after the fourth of july is traditionally
6:48 am
stylest jessica on't want any . no duck face on your online dating. no more looking into a better tomorrow. like this. show a smile. look into the camera. >> oh. >> oh, reggie. >> the shade of it all. >> can you even see out of the darkness of the shade. >> i know who did that. i will get him after the show. i see you eric. the tips do not end there. you can watch full report on june at 7:00 after abc 7 mornings. i want to take you on a journey of the last week. a week ago i was in new york
6:49 am
city at the sum concert series live on the air having the time of my life. today, shaded by our own producers. >> i know. i know. >> what did you do to eric? >> took a beautiful picture of him looking into the distance. >> what did you see? >> what did i see? you know i saw this moment. you are taking it well. i am sure he appreciates that. >> i will get you later. >> yeah. exactly. going to kill them with kindness. >> that is how much we had over the last 24 hours. they keep shaking and rattling and rolling in socal. magnitude 2.5 or later. you guys know that. let's talk about what is going on in the east bay. just the fluid dynamics which is
6:50 am
what that book was about on amazon. that is what you are seeing right there. warmest to coolest saturday to sunday and then seasonal summer temps next week. let's see how long it takes to return to the coast. it will be pretty stubborn along the coast as yesterday. by 7:00 it starts marching back to the east to cover it again tonight. 78 to 84 for much of the south bay. 87. sunshine in the warmest along the coast. 72 in santa cruz. middle 60s on the cloudy coast. 67 in downtown san francisco. in the north bay we go from the upper 70s to the upper 80s to the 90s. along the east bay shore 72 in oakland to 72 in fremont. the last stop will be the upper 80s to lower 90s in the valley. lower to upper 50s once again. the warmest, saturday. and then the coolest on sunday,
6:51 am
into monday and a slow warming trend brings us back to average. >> okay. very quiet commute here this morning. no delays on the northbound or southbound side here this morning. taking you to the traffic. we have had one minor interest in contra costa county. we got an update earlier. solo vehicle crash. it was very minor to begin with and it is in the green all the way through. 54 bart trains and service and normal service has returned today. no service today for ace rail however. that is just an extension of the fourth of july holiday. normal service. no delays for the san francisco bay ferry. >> joe biden is admitteding what was obvious to everyone that he was not prepared for kamala
6:52 am
harris' confrontation. >> harris questioned biden about how he fought decades ago to -- and criticized biden for being civil and working with segregationist senators. biden believes african-american voters still support him. >> i had the most sought after endorsement from the mayor of atlanta. i had numerous members of the black caucus endorse me. >> harris saw her numbers surge. they are among more than 20 democrats trying to win the party's domination. and a nonstop day of celebration from the biggest fireworks display ever. the pyrotechnics were the r had thanks to a $750,000 donation from two companies.
6:53 am
tanks and armored vehicles showcased america's military might. president trump highlighted the country's people, past and present. the past might have gotten mixed up. >> it rammed the ramparts. it took over the airports. it did everything that it had to do and at fort mckendry under the rocket's red glare it had nothing but victory. >> people talking about that mention and people saying the event was partisan since tickets were give to gop donors. firerks.s watched the tho sky at 9:30 last night from barges in the bay. if you can see, you can't see a whole lot at pier 39 or aquatic park. tens of thousands braves the cold to watch with the kids.
6:54 am
>> the fireworks, i felt it could have been less fog. >> it was very entertaining. most of the time it is just red clouds. i saw the grand finale. it was amazing. >> it lit up the sign. it was pink. >> it was disappointing. you can't see anything. >> he is not wrong. organizers say the number of spectators depends on the weather. if the fog had lifted they are expecting up to a million people on the waterfront but clearly that did not happen. >> with 71 hotdogs and buns, 12 victories in coney island. the champion of the world joey chestnut. >> he did it again, san jose joey chestnut keeps the title. he gobbled down 71 hotdogs and the buns in ten minutes during
6:55 am
yesterday's contest. that is nearly 21,000 calories. the 35-year-old had hoped to beat the world record that he set last year when he dou 74 hotdogs. he didn't need to. just needed to devour 71. >> i learned he runs his own condiment business. you would not each want to think about that. >> all he thinks
6:56 am
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>> here are the seven things you need to know each day. neighbors in the south saw kids playing with fireworks. it destroyed trees and it came close to homes on loop four. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> firefighters responded to 37 fires during a six-hour stretch and officials confirmed that it sparked at least five of them. >> the biggest a 5.4 magnitude in the town of ridgecrest. >> the accuweather planner shows cloudy conditions.
6:59 am
>> san francisco shoppers could begin paying more for shopping bags next year. a panel backed increased the fee. >> we made it the entire morning without the bay bridge metering lights flipping on. we have very light holiday volumes. >> that is nice to see. get your profile pictures ready. according to sunday will be the biggest day of the summer for online dating. this is so intense. if you want to improve your chances avoid using pictures when you are wearing sunglasses. someone is coming for you upstairs in the news room. >> okay. all right. i am obviously not following the rules. tell me the profile pictures -- >> i think they are great.
7:00 am
everything is on point. look at the angles. you can't take a bad photo of this face. >> i see you. good morning, america. millions on alert right now after the most powerful earthquake in decades hit southern california. overnight, more than 100 aftershocks rattle california. new video showing the moment it hit, children scrambling on stage. the 6.4 magnitude quake sparking fires, trashing stores, forcing a hospital to evacuate. a state of emergency now declared and why the worst could still be yet to come. also this morning, pomp and patriotism at president trump's "salute to america," the tanks, the tributes and what he said about the revolutionary war getting big reaction this morning.


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