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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 8, 2019 2:30am-3:59am PDT

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>> that's on lake michigan. on the shore for about 30 minutes. good morning. i'm janai norman. enjoying the water. >> and i'm kenneth moton. the family there sitting in the here's some of the stories we're chairs. following on "world news now." >> like the new york city rats. can i get my beach on please. president trump's rating is >> there you go. at its highest ever. >> oh, dear. and a bear in tennessee, in a one-on-one match-up with joe biden, the president is opened the car door like a trailing by ten points. person. >> that is his how they get in. investigators are zeroing in >> they don't even have at an empty pizza shop. crews say they found ruptured opposable thumbs, right? wait, i'm driving. wait, i'm driving. >> get in, we're going shopping. gas lines but they're trying to determine if they were broken by gas or in the explosion. a day at the beach is on toxic chemicals and carcinogens hold in mississippi because of a toxic algae bloom. are . the bacteria can cause belly issues. and the u.s. women's soccer
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team is going to new york city after they win the fourth world cup title. cigarette butts are toxic waste. no word if they will visit the let's stop the toxic litter. white house. those are some of our top stories on this monday, july learn more at 8th. happy monday, everybody. a lot to celebrate. >> so much to celebrate. >> team usa did it again. >> i watched it. football, no matter what you want to call it. our women are the champs. >> we knew they could do it, 2-0, against the netherlands. they will be here in new york for a ticker tape parade on wednesday. we'll have more details on that coming up. we begin with the likelihood of more earthquakes in california's future. >> two major quakes damaged homes and businesses.
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it's about 150 miles northeast of los angeles, there were no deaths or injuries. >> the epicenter was in the mojave desert, but homes shook in l.a. and las vegas. >> it widened a crack along the fault line which is about 30 (tiffany) ask yourself what your children or cigarettes. for as long as i can remember, my mother smoked. she died from lung cancer when i was 16. miles long. i could not take the chance megan travian has more. of continuing smoking and not being here for my daughter. >> reporter: communities rattled after thousands of aftershocks were rocked by the two strongest quakes to hit california in 20 i know how much i needed my mom still, years. those were igniting fires and destroying homes. this woman was struggling to get up during the severe shaking. and i didn't realize it until i had lost her. >> my ceiling is cracked. you can quit. i have a crack going up my wall. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. so it is not safe for us to go home. >> reporter: the epicenter was in kern county. but felt as far away as nevada and mexico. >> they beat the n walking down these streets, you 2-0.
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now the celebrations begin. get a good sense of everything the impact had. a memo leaked by the u.k. ambassador, calling the president inept and incompetent. >> we were flashing with the hoses and everything and then the fire department came in and explosion investigation. took over. officials are zeroing in on what and i just went in and cried. caused the building to explode. >> reporter: authorities calling it a miracle that no one died, and meet the oldest living american, hitting 114. but urging residents to prepare. >> stock up, buy some bottled what is her secret to a long water. buy two cases. life? we'll tell you on this monday, one case that you're consuming july 8th. and one case that is in reserve. >> reporter: first responders also preparing with extra good monday morning. hope you had a fabulous weekend. >> it felt like the whole supplies but hoping that they country was shaking. don't need them. mother nature on the west coast. thousands of fish have died and team usa. after a fire at a jim beam factory. >> it's great to see the world
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cup title. >> the blaze left a 23-mile-long alcohol plume. victory for team usa winning its the plume is expected to reach fourth world cup title. the ohio river this morning. >> 2-1. nearly 45,000 barrels of her trademark victory pose there. alcohol were destroyed. a new york couple says they spent $100,000 on treatment at >> thousands of fans chanted the los angeles clinic but were shocked when the babies were equal pay, reflecting the players' lawsuit. born in march and weren't of asian descent as they are. the babies belong to two other clients at the clinic. a ticker tape paradeill beheld . incredible there. >> so many tweeted congrats and including me. abc's will reeve has more. the huge fund manager, jeffrey epstein, was arrested on sex trafficking charges. >> reporter: the u.s. national team celebrating on the field after proving their dominance. >> the arrest comes as his previous plea deal, criticized it marks the fourth world title as being lenient, is under scrutiny. arielerielle reshef has more. and second in a row. the game scoreless throughout the first half. until megan rapinoe scored the
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first goal of the game, with a >> reporter: raiding the mansion of jeffrey epstein. penalty kick in the 61st minute. then, rose lavelle, scoring a second one for the team. >> we've put in so much work in the past couple years. >> reporter: both players agents hauling out boxes. suffering hamstring issues that put her in the finals at the end agents pulling out boxes of his belongings. he was on a covert operation, on of the game. >> this world cup was such an a plane from france. charges will likely include amazing display. conspiracy and sex trafficking of girls in new york and florida. some of the allegations against epstein, dating back more than a decade. courtney wild, one of his accusers, talking about an alleged encounter at 14. giving epstein a massage. >> reporter: he claims he >> reporter: back here at home, fans watched at screening parties all across the country. touched her and himself. he was often surrounded by a cadry of underaged girls. >> even at that time, i was 14. team manager jill ellis remains i had braces on. undefeated. this is the first manager to win the tournament twice. i remember standing in his kitchen and he also had a lot of girls there all the time. >> reporter: in 2007, epstein fifa doubled the $440 million for the men's prize. calls to close that pay gap are
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likely to grow. faced indictment for running a scam to get young girls at his will reeve, abc news. >> you heard will talking about the pay gap. home for lewd acts and sex. >> basically, if you take off we are all celebrating this win. your clothes, you're going to make more. if you want him to do things to you, you will make more. >> like touch you? >> touch you in inappropriate places. and now, it's time to pivot. when they get back, they have a different battle awaiting them. we know about the lawsuit that >> reporter: they struck a plea was mentioned. and the numbers are staggering deal, serving just 13 months. when it comes men versus women. the agreement alhalted a grand jury investigation. >> fifa announced it doubled the the u.s. attorney who authorized prize money to $30 million. that deal, the current secretary of labor. and they added to the prize money available for men. acosta questioned about the case so theirs is $440 million. in his confirmation hearing. there's still a huge disparity, i mean, wrack up these titles. >> the department of justice has defended the actions of the office. >> reporter: courtney wild, a they were on gma back in march
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plaintiff challenging epstein's talking about the lawsuit. immunity. >> felt like she was abandoned >> and some say it is not about by everyone. the winning, it is about the 11 years later, we still don't know the why. sport. and soccer said it's due to why would you cut this deal with differences in aggregate revenue. so same sport, but different set jeffrey epstein? >> reporter: erielle reshef, abc of circumstances. news, new york. jimmy carter is about to set another record. we know that coming up, when they get back, that lawsuit will go into mediation. >> he and rosyln celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary. >> and this is getting the that makes them almost the attention of a lot of people. officials are telling longest presidential married couple this history. barbara and george h.w. bush were married longer. ready for more earthquakes soon. >> friday, there was a second >> so, later this month, the carters are expected to pass them up. quake. there have been thousands of aftershocks and more are expected. it almost didn't happen. jimmy carter says she turned down his first proposal. he's like i promise it will be
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worth your while. >> turns out, 73 years. >> yes. >> some homes were damaged but only minor injuries are reported. congrats to them. that's -- >> the mayor of ridgecrest was >> impressive. telling them to be ready for more earthquakes. >> on valentine's day, they were marcus moore was there. >> reporter: communities on edge after two of the strongest quakes to hit california in 20 caught on the kiss cam. so still keeping it fresh. years. >> oos long as they prefer kissing each other more than like kissing a pet. we told that you new study. this woman struggling to get up during the severe shaking. >> we spoke to a lot of residents who are very >> yeah. concerned. if you're not prepared right we'll talk about that. now, you should be getting ready coming up, the man behind right now. some of beyonce's iconic moves. >> reporter: officials warning no, not me. of the potential for more he's stepping out into his own violence tremors. >> reporter: the epicenter of formation. first, starbucks is friday's quake in kern county. apologizing after police officers were asked to leave one of the stores. but felt as far away as nevada and the young man running and even mexico. into a burning house to save his take a look at this, the ground shifting tearing apart the earth and leaving this scar in the desert. niece. authorities calling it a miracle that no one died. insurance on a fixed budget, ife
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remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget >> it is important that we get are price, price, and price. the help that we need to move past what we've all experienced. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, >> reporter: and you see the and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. heavy equipment that they have alex, what's my price? on stand by but they hope they don't have to use it. marcus moore, abc news, ridgecrest. you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? in the meantime, president trump is slamming the also $9.95 a month. ambassador, following reports he he was critical of the i just turned 80. president. >> he says that he has not what's my price? served the uk well and saying $9.95 a month for you too. z we're not big fans of his. documents describe trump as inept, insecure and incompetent. they are investigating the leak of the documents. your acceptance is guaranteed. and this plan has a guaranteed lifetime rate lock, the trump administration is so your rate can never go up for any reason. refuting reports of horrific conditions at border patrol stations. so call now for free information.
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and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. the president said a "new york times" story about detained migrant children is a so call now. fabrication. he claimed agents are doing a great job and that the migrants are in much better shape now considering where they came from. acting homeland security chief also rejected the report as unsubstantiated. president trump's job approval rating is at an all-time high climbing to 44%. 53% of americans disapprove of his performance. 28% say his behavior is fitting for a president. and the president trails joe biden by ten points in a heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ausea, potential one-on-one match-up. mississippi's beaches have (vo) try new pepto liquicaps for fast relief and ultra-coating. been closed because of the
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dangerous bacteria that can make people sick. (flight attendants) ♪ nausea, heartburn, indigestion, they can still be used for upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ (vo) get powerful relief with new pepto bismol liquicaps. recreation, but people and pets women are standing up for what they deserve in the office in the world and finally, in the bedroom must stay out of the water. our natural lubrication varies every day they are popular vacation spots. it's normal so it's normal to do something about it >> and now the gulf coast is on ky natural feeling the lubrication you want nothing you don't alert for a tropical storm that get what you want may form late this week. over the weekend at least two tornados touched down in wyoming including this one that ripped a gopro camera off the roof of a car. lightning struck a racing sailboat in boston. it was supposed to compete in a race yesterday but that did not happen. i just ran right up the stairs and went right through the fire. i could feel it burning me. a tornado in southern new jersey caused quite a mess in suburban i would do it again. i really would. philadelphia. no reports of injuries. i don't care. i really would. i would run back in there and do it again. most of the east coast will see thunderstorms today, the rest of the gulf will be hazy, hot and humid. >> that is derek burns, speaking severe storms from north texas
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right up to the canadian border and great west in the weather. from his hospital bed. look at this picture. he escaped the flames. eye drops are being recalled rushed back inside to save his over concerns that they may not be sterile. niece. he suffered second and third degree burns on his face, back and arms. he is being hailed as a hero. so far no adverse effects have firefighters said that everyone been reported. survived because of him. that house is now destroyed. a complete list is on the fda website. no word yet on what caused the fire. >> amazing young man there. starbucks has issued an apology for the unacceptable and now a very special treatment of six police birthday to the oldest person in america. leah murphy is 114 years young. officers. she was honored with a >> those officers were having coffee at a shop in tempe and were asked to leave. ighborhood celebration. >> when she was born back in here is zachary kiesch. 1905 theodore roosevelt was >> reporter: starbucks is facing president. fresh criticism following an incident on july 4th. a barista said she was this is the secret to her longevity. approached by a customer, who said they feel unsafe, with six >> she says the secret is
2:43 am
tempe officers at the store. moderation. she eats two vegetables every night and she does things in moderation. telling abc news -- >> very ultimately asked and said there was a customer inside the establishment that felt unsafe. >> obey god and treat people right. >> she became the oldest living american after an ohio woman died in january. >> reporter: that employee giving the cops the option to move out of the person's sight or leave the store. she is two years and 185 days younger than the oldest person in the world. the officers decided to leave. >> but who is counting. >> it was upsetting for them age is nothing but a number. clearly being asked to leave because you're simply wearing a >> 114, my goodness. if we're supposed to retire at police uniform. >> reporter: the incident is 65 -- >> a lot of years to enjoy there. picking up steam, saying >> and two vegetables at dinner. #dumpstarbucks. >> and god. coming up, the proposal >> if their presence is making caught on camera during a fourth you feel unsafe, that's ridiculous. of july celebration. >> reporter: the tempe police a photographer turns to social department issued this statement saying it is our hope that the incident was an isolated media to track them down. >> what we're finding out about incident between one community a terrible explosion. member and a single employee rather than an entire >> what we're finding out about a terrible explosion. we're finding out about organization.
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>> it's not acceptable anywhere, a terrible ex any day asking someone based upon what they do. >> reporter: we don't know the race involved of anyone but this time. 40 winks or 8 hours solid. is not the first time they have had the issue. the leesa hybrid mattress just last year, the company's combines two technologies to ceo apologized after two black men were asked to leave a philadelphia store, simply give you deeper rest and waiting in the cafe for a rejuvenation. 1,000 pocket meeting. springs provide edge to edge starbucks shutting down all support, responsiveness and their stores for racial bias comfort. while premium foams relieve pressure, keep you comfortably cool and limit training for all staff motion transfer. leesa's hybrid nationwide. >> our thanks to zachary. and the police chief saying in a mattress is not only recommended by experts, experts choose to sleep on it too. try it yourself tweet, they are using it how to in any west elm store. or order online and we'll ship it to your engage in positive change. door so you can try it risk free. the leesa hybrid is >> as zachary reported out, as american made. built to last. and, because everyone needs a place to rest, we donate tens of thousands of mattresses to those in need. live healthier, live happier - by resting deeper. get far as that positive change after the incident in philadelphia. 15% off, and 2 free pillows. go
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to today. starbucks shut down for training. and we'll see what comes from this one. now, to a drunken rampage aboard a jetliner that will cost the passenger dearly. >> the south korean passenger has been ordered to pay the airline more than $172,000. ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like he reportedly drank an entire 'cuz i'm way too busy. bottle of whisky before that who's got the time to chase around d flight. n, i ushey duty swiffer sweeper and dusts.placesduermas >> at a bar? did he bring the whiskey and get it through security? >> no. who's got the time to chase ctures dust ha! gotcha! they are going. bring the good stuff, the brown and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. stuff. it gets stgrves other tools ca. coming up, the man behind some of beyonce's iconic moves. y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering. >> how chris grant is now getting his own act in formation. yes, honey. you're watching "world news now." u're watching "world news now."
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. we're back with a we're back with a road rage incident in houston. a man was buying fireworks with did you know that people born from 1945 through 1965
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have the highest rates of hepatitis c, his family when he got into an argument with an 18-year-old man. that teen followed the family of but most don't know they're infected? four to a nearby gas station, and opened fire, causing the fireworks to burst into flames. people can live for decades without symptoms, two children are in critical condition. the suspect was taken into custody overnight. the cdc now recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. he's been charged with aggravated assault. so talk to your doctor new details are surfacing in the massive explosion at a and find out if you have hepatitis c. shopping center in florida. it could save your life. know more. >> police are looking at a pizza shop that had been closed for several months. heres ct sifting through the trouble trying to determine what caused to explode. >> you can see grayish-white smoke. so there's no question that beyonce is a star. >> reporter: 23 injured in the blast. and there's no doubt that because of her, i slay. in the chaos, patrons at an l.a. you slay, we slay.
2:48 am
fitness running for safety. >> our car was parked by the front door. and right by the front door of the pizza place. everything exploded all at once. >> this morning, we're meeting >> reporter: authorities zeroing in on the pizza shop. the man behind queen bey's moves and how he's busting out his own >> at this point it is apparent that it did originate in the end unit which had a pizza place in it. moves. here is kimberly. >> reporter: chris grant is a man in motion. a man in formation. >> reporter: the restaurant was the man behind some of beyonce's most iconic dance moves. leveled in the explosion. initial call came in as a gas explosion and crews did find ruptured gas lines. now he is stepping out of the they are working to determine if they were broken in the blast or shadows to spotlight his own if a gas leak in fact caused the plio victor oen, abc ws plantati, voice. >> there's a lot that i do that people have no clue. a world war ii bomb caused a i feel like i can say hey, i can mass evacuation in frankfurt, germany. do this on my own. give me some credit. >> authorities say the bomb was >> reporter: he has worked with queen bey for years. what does she represent to you? diffused by midafternoon, that is about two hours confirmed for everyone else, she is an that the area was cleared. icon. >> she is also family to me. officials chose sunday in order to limit disruption to germany's
2:49 am
financial capital. i've learned so much from her. so, so much. >> reporter: a force behind the >> a couple weeks ago we scenes, he was there last year reported on an old bomb that exploded in a field. as the superstar got back into no one hurt in that one either. the dance studio after giving >> more than 70 years after the end of the war. unexploded bombs frequently found. crazy situation there. birth to her twins to prep for coachella. what does the choreography process look like? coming up, history made by a >> it is a long process. daredevil motocross rider. we're there working hard. the record breaking stunt t usay we're doing it over and over like 50 times. i was pushed to the limit. >> reporter: he landed on on soccer's biggest stage. flaming boards. beyonce's team about ten years ago. he was just 20 years old. and first usa making history what is it like to teach her? on soccer's biggest stage. e mo emo >> it is amazing. she's my favorite. the best. r . >> reporter: he's been there from the super bowl to the netflix documentary home coming. he started dancing at age two in the bronx. over time, you go noseblind to the odors in your home. music always an inspiration. >> while my cousin and friends (background music) but others smell this...
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were outside doing all types of (upbeat music) that's why febreze plug has two alternating scents sports, i was in my room watching videos all day.s and f and eliminate odors for 1200 hours. ♪breathe happy febreze... were outside doing all types of sports, i was in my room ♪la la la la la. watching videos all day. >> reporter: now, he makes the videos. working with jennifer lopez, on the floor. do you feel the pressure or the responsibility to make something for someone so great? what does that feel like? >> stress. you push through it. you find a positive in it. and what keeps me going is the fact that i love what i do. >> reporter: he is striking out on his own. turning his success in dance to music. his latest single going viral. they don't help single moms. his popularity earning him a sp performing on the main hi. hi. stage at world pride in new what happened to our house last year? york. he eventually walks out at 1:00 it flooded. and the water flooded out. a.m. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage,
2:51 am
to be able to get it together and... the massive crowd, still electric. take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. performing the greatest hits of his best choreography. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. from beyonce to j. lo. before launching into his single. there was even a performance from brandy. grateful for all of the support, including from his mother. for "nightline," kimberly brooks, new york. >> he said it was stressful. she demands perfection. >> we were already a huge fan. now we finally know who he is.
2:52 am
>> and that is how i look in my room. >> come on, do it. >> okay. here we go. here we go. goal! >> and with that amazing goal, team usa landed itself in the history books winning their fourth world cup title in yesterday's 2-0 victory over the netherlands. >> and there they are, arriving victorious back at their hotel. they are in for quite a hero's welcome stateside. here is tom llamas. >> reporter: with every goal on soccer's biggest stage, team usa was doing so much more than playing a game. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: with every kick, this team connecting with fans back home in ways not measured on a scoreboard.
2:53 am
>> the women's team are super heros. i cried like every goal. >> reporter: role models in so many ways from their dill against to their performance under pressure, speaking out about equal pay and bringing home a world cup title. champions in every sense of the word. >> it is so good to see like a group of women supporting each other and lifting each other up. it makes it all the better. >> reporter: their impact seen in these images from all over america, from tiny fans like ro watching in awe from new orleans. to these friends who grew up playing soccer together. watching every moment in the big apple. sending this message to team usa from everyone back home -- >> thank you for inspiring young women and working as hard as you have and being a great representation for our country. >> amazing. >> incredible. >> yes. the slow clap.
2:54 am
they will be here in new york on wednesday for a ticker tape parade along the canyon of heros. maybe we should go to that? >> we should. maybe we should have a live report from -- >> it's at 9:30 in the morning. >> will ganss will be back. we'll have him out there even though the parade is long gone. >> we can do that? i mean they have been killing some big news from mr. clean. it. stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. even president trump tweeted congratulations. him and co-captain megan rapinoe test test have gone back and forth. >> we'll see how that plays out. >> yes, we will. but you go ladies. want to head the ball? >> again! >> again! n program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price.
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>> a festival, construction site, anywhere. >> i don't know. if i was an insurance claim person, i would look into this. >> like i had to go. >> and did i mention, i wanted a new truck. women are standing up for what they deserve >> that was a crappy way to get in the office it. >> you see he had to get it in. in the world and finally, in the bedroom our natural lubrication varies every day let me make my crappy joke. it sure was a crappy joke. it's normal so it's normal to do something about it ky natural feeling the lubrication you want nothing you don't now to new hampshire. get what you want police inside a -- look at this guy. stop fearing your alarm clock... trying to get the squirrel in with zzzquil pure zzzs. the police station. a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin look at the officers skipping around trying to get it. that supports your natural sleep cycle so you can seize the morning. >> i will bet the brothers in zzzquil pure zzzs.
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blue said, we're going to post it and have some fun. that the squirrel was not injured at all. and the boys are okay too. we go to the bea ♪ time for "the mix" on this monday. we have a blast from the past in store for you. first, let me set this up for you.
2:58 am
there's a new study that says more people like kissing their dog more than their partner. half of dog owners prefer to sleep with their pet, not their partner in bed. >> you guys. how? >> the company asked dog owners how much tlc they give their canines and they often get more love than humans. >> you need to reevaluate yourself. >> there's a former co-anchor of the show. >> our dear, rob nelson. >> who went on a rant about this.someonkiss their dog on their mouth, it is everything in my power to not to vomit instantly. that is the nastiest grossest thing. do you kiss precious on the mouth? >> no. >> why? >> because that is a dog who cleans herself elsewhere. >> there you have it. rob had something to say. it was must see television with rob nelson.
2:59 am
>> to be fair, you can totally be an animal person and not lock lips with your dog, right? i saw you kiss your dog that one time -- >> i don't have a dog. >> no, he doesn't. >> i was going to say i saw you kiss your dog -- no, that was your husband. just said that to get a reaction. her husband is a handsome man. good guy. >> and no longer friends with kenneth. my goodness. july 4th, a proposal. somebody caught a picture of it. and what a great picture, right? he doesn't know who the couple is. and he turns to the internet. says help me find out who these people are. you know the internet sleuths out there. they get to it. turns out that they not only live close to him, they live on the same floor.
3:00 am
>> is he stalking them? >> probably. a man wears 15 tops home to avoid paying the baggage fees. they say it's too full. just put all of it on. >> because one time you put on -- >> i was like i'm not paying these extra fees. i'm not checking this bag. i went into my carry-on, got all the jackets on. >> three jackets, with an attitude. attitude. i'm not paying these the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that,
3:01 am
we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
3:02 am
this morning on "world news now" celebrating the women's world cup champions. now" celebrating the women's world cup champions. team usa is headed back home with their fourth title. now americans are making a demand in their name.
3:03 am
border battle. the trump administration is defending conditions at migrant detention centers, rebutting reports that conditions were horrific. hear what president trump says about it all. and remembering cameron boyce. >> fans mourning the loss of the 20-year-old disney star. what we know about the circumstances surrounding the sudden death. and it's the fiery world record you have to see. a daredevil speeding through burning boards over and over again. we'll introduce you to the motocross rider making history on this monday, july 8th. good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. >> fabulous weekend. a lot to celebrate this monday morning. >> so much. team usa. >> yes. >> we'll get to that daredevil story. i saw the show last night, guys. >> he was impressed. >> it was crazy. it was fiery. we're going to have the breakdown for you. we begin with the usa women, the talk of the world, after
3:04 am
beating the netherlands in the world cup. not only are they on the front page of papers at home, like "the wall street journal." >> but also overseas. this french paper went with the headline, "great again." adrienne bankert has more from france. >> that's it. u.s. wins their fourth world cup. >> reporter: team usa champions again. establishing themselves as one of the greatest teams to ever represent our flag. this win didn't come easy. the team used to scoring goals early throughout the tournament went scoreless in the first half. the netherlands with a mighty defense. >> we have no quit in us. we'll do anything to win. >> reporter: the match, a knock-down, drag-out fight, included this collision with kelli o'hara. but then soon, megan rapinoe, just back from injury, breaking the stalemate with this penalty kick.
3:05 am
>> goal, usa. >> milestone goal for rapinoe. >> reporter: the goal sends fans back home in america in a frenzy. it was this stunner from one of our youngest stars, rose lavelle, that sealed the deal. >> the biggest goal of rose lavelle's life. >> she's a superstar. >> reporter: after the game, tears and jubilation. this record fourth cup championship for team usa, now the gold standard in women's soccer. jill ellis, the second person, male or female, to ever coach back-to-back championship teams. >> they put their heart and soul into this journey. it's been fantastic. >> reporter: legions of fans wanting them to be paid equal as their male counterparts. most of the people here today, basking in this historic win.
3:06 am
>> my heart was pumping the whole time. >> number one, baby. number one in the world. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, lyon, france. thousands of fans flocked to support the u.s. women's team. they were celebrating. >> it's time to pop some bottles. we saw megan rapinoe running into the locker room. the confetti, the champagne. >> oh, oh. yeah, yeah. >> rapinoe won the golden ball, as top player and the golden boot as top scorer. >> so much to celebrate. rose lavelle, as you heard, i mean, you saw the goal that she made. four years ago, she was watching the world cup, with her friends, eating pizza. then to score the goal that put it away, incredible. >> we mentioned the headlines earlier. "great again." maybe they made soccer great
3:07 am
again. or they're trolling the president. >> with megan rapinoe. >> yeah. >> a lot to celebrate. and now the fight for equal pay will take center stage. a lot of people cheering that on in the stands after that win. we'll hear a lot more about that. moving on now to more news at home. president trump and his top homeland security officials are disputing reports of deplorable conditions of migrants at the southern border. including disease spreading among children. >> the president slammed a "new york times" story about a texas holding facility as a hoax. stephanie ramos has the details. >> reporter: the president defending his border patrol while firing back at a "new york times" report detailing deplorable facilities at this migrant facility in clint, texas. >> "the new york times" story is a fabrication. now, i look at things and they -- i saw visually. i have people there that told me the job they are doing is incredible.
3:08 am
>> reporter: the joint investigation from "the new york times" and "el paso times" is from accounts of unnamed border patrol agents, who saw outbreaks of scabies, shingles, chickenpox, among the children in cramped cells. the stench of the dirty clothing so strong, it spread to the agents' own clothing. no pictures from inside the facility accompany the article. but these images show the, quote, dangerous overcrowding in other texas holding facilities. some adults in these cells, being held for a month at a time, with limited or no showers. you can see their hands pressed against the windows. the president indicating migrants are being held in better conditions here than in their home countries. >> if you look, people that came from unbelievable poverty, that had no water, they had no anything. where they came from, those are people that are happy with what's going on because relatively speaking, they're in much better shape right now.
3:09 am
>> reporter: also saying he will open the centers to the press. >> i want the press to go in and see them. we'll have some of the press go in. they're crowded. and we're the ones that were complaining about they're crowded. >> reporter: the acting head of homeland security acknowledges the challenging situation on the border. the house democrats are calling on him to testify later this week. stephanie ramos, abc news, capitol hill. >> our thanks to stephanie there. a new legal team has taken over the trump administration's fight to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. >> the justice department announced a shift to new lawyers will be revealed in a filing today. president trump is considering adding the question by executive order. critics say it will discourage people from taking part in the census. the supreme court has blocked it for now. many californians were caught offguard by the second earthquake on friday, even stronger than the one on thursday.
3:10 am
they're being told to be ready for more earthquakes. a massive crack in the desert grew larger but scientists say it is not a new fault line. overseas, at least three people were gored as the running of the bulls got under way in spain. two of the victims are american. a 23-year-old man from kentucky and a 46-year-old from san francisco. several others were taken to the hospital with head injuries. the annual centuries old event attracts thrill-seekers from around the world. the fbi and customs enforcement have been using driver's license photos to scan millions of americans faces without their knowledge or consent. the "washington post" is he internal documents from the fbi and i.c.e. shows the facial recognition searches go farther than initially known. members of both parties are expressing concern. kevin spacey was questioned by scotland yard. they took place in may in the
3:11 am
united states. spacey is facing multiple agencies of sexual misconduct on both sides of the atlantic. the oscar winner is due back in court today in massachusetts. he's accused of groping a young man in a nantucket bar in 2016. not everyone is happy with the latest honor for first lady melania trump and it has nothing to do with politics. >> this statue was made by a chainsaw artist in slovenia. it is supposed to resemble what she war on inauguration day. >> some are calling it a disgrace, and ridiculous. the american who commissioned it has said the statue, quote, might only be a slapstick prank. >> i can see it. >> it was with a chainsaw, to be fair. >> takes some talent there. >> i don't know if chainsaws are much for detail. >> i don't know. after seeing that, the first lady might tell that artist to
3:12 am
be best. >> you would be best doing something else. >> yeah. >> i think you're right. coming up, the health issue that's forcing stevie wonder to take a break from his tour. and the first look at the live action remake of "mulan." what the movie's first trailer is revealing. and the daredevil motocross cyclist, whose stunts last night was inspired by evel knievel. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." 50 to and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price?
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this boating accid this boating accident forced the closure of a bridge near parliament in london. that tour boat, loaded with visitors, as you could see, got stuck under the westminster bridge. witnesses say some of the passengers screamed but no one was injured. the tour company says it was caused by a mechanical failure. looks like it was the wrong size. and in venice, italy, a larger ship was having a close call. it was pulling into port when it almost lost control in strong winds. no one was injured. this comes a month after a cruise liner crashed into a pier. many want the big ships kept out of the lagoon. >> we can see for good reasons. some sad news this morning, family friends and fans are mourning a member of our disney family.
3:16 am
cameron boyce, best known for "jesse and the descendants" movies died. he starred alongside adam sandler in the movies "grown-ups" and "grown-ups 2." his family says that he died in his sleep after a seizure. >> bob iger tweeting, boyce was filled with talent, heart and life and was too young to die. disney is the parent company of abc news. >> thinking about his family and -- >> his fans. >> so many people love this stevie wonder isakg prepa e transplant. >> the grammy award winner has not provided specifics about his kidney issue. he shared the news at a concert saying he wanted to stop rumors about his health and wanted to reassure fans. >> i'm all good. i'm all good. i have a donor. it's all good. i want you to know, i came here to give you my love.
3:17 am
and to thank you for your love. >> stevie says it's all good. he will play upcoming shows, including multiple concerts in ireland this month. that transplant is scheduled to take place in the fall. cori coco gauff is up for her biggest test. >> she is the youngest player to er capriati in 1991.of wimbledon she is looking to face simona halep. >> good luck to coco. when we come back, how mariah carey owned the bottle cap challenge. and what newly divorced
3:18 am
mckenzie bezos is being bombarded with. proposals from me, that's what it is. "the skinny" is next. mckenzie b mckenzie bezos is being bombarded with. proposals from me, that's what it is. the skinny oig is next. 60% of women wear the wrong size pad, and can experience leaks. you don't have to with always my fit try the next size up and get up to 20% better coverage - day or night because better coverage means better protection always. [female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant.
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♪ skinny, just gimmee the skinny ♪ time now for "the skinny," starting with the celebrities heating up the newest viral challenge. >> everyone who is anyone is getting in on the bottle cap challenge. justin biebs. shared this video. doing the challenge. but bizarrely saying, quote, this could be tom cruise's head. >> what is his fixation?f. you may not want to bother because another celeb appears to have owned this whole challenge.
3:21 am
as they say -- >> i got close. >> almost there. that is -- a mic drop. a mic drop, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's impressive. she didn't spill any wine. she is a legend. next, our look at the live action remake of "mulan." >> the 1998 animation of our parent company, disney, is the latest to get the live action treatment. it's been released in a lush 90 seconds and is blowing fans away. >> graceful. disciplined. these are the qualities we see in a good wife. these are the qualities we see in mulan. >> mulan hits theaters march
3:22 am
27th next year. i'm sure you have a new disney movie to catch up on every month until then. mark your calendars. >> you know who signs those checks. >> yep. disney, we appreciate you. next, big news from the newest bachelorette. >> the divorce from jeff bezos has been finalized. $38 billion settlement. >> now the 49-year-old is getting bombarded with dating requests from assumedly single men. >> her new ex-husband made $275 million each day, every day this year, so far because of all of you amazon folks who are clicking one click, every day, buying stuff. things you don't need, probably. >> guilty. like i said earlier, as long as
3:23 am
he is making us happy with that delivery, we'll keep making him rich. >> prime day coming up. i think the 15th and 16th. >> yeah. ooh. get your fingers ready to click, click, click. >> and mackenzie is having her prime day. prime number one. >> get that first date with her. lucky. >> maybe take some time for herself. >> you're right. >> got the stacks and stacks. guess what? somebody else freeing the curls. chle obama.mer fir she sat down for an interview with the one and only, our dear friend, gayle king. >> she may not be watching because she was at the essence festival. the two got together in new orleans. when asked if she's living her best life, she replied, we're not living our best life until we're all living our best life. >> that's nice of her. those curls, my goodness. >> giving you motivation?
3:24 am
>> yes. i follow her hair stylist on instagram. and i said, her curls are everything. we love the curls. >> we do love the curls. she was out with some girlfriends. >> i'm reading in her book -- i know i'm late finally finishing her book. that's amazing. >> essence festival was hot over the weekend. why weren't you there freeing the curls? >> i have a kid at home. >> take the kid to essencefest. >> free the curls, everybody. stay with us. we have more coming up on a daredevil. >> free the curls, everybody. stay with us. we have more coming up on a daredevil.
3:25 am
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♪ born to be wild
3:28 am
this morning, we're hearing about a daring feat by one woman who was born to be wild. >> she is 26 years old and a four-time x games medalist. she is on her way to becoming a household name. >> 13 firewalls at 2,000 degrees. >> overnight, the action-packed live event. >> vicki golden attempting to make history. breaking through flaming boards. >> 13 firewalls, a new world or snt was iredel96 >> i lost count. everything was crazy. i felt like it was a never-ending tunnel i was going through. >> reporter: the show was preparing for a duo, including
3:29 am
golden and axle hodges. but hodges trying to soar over people, crashed during practice, seriously injuring his ankles. >> i was in the front of my bike and the toes were on the pegs. >> reporter: the 22-year-old alive and sidelined for the big event. sharing new video of his close call. >> i'm bummed out. but there's more to come. on a dirt bike, you crash and you get back up. >> reporter: travis pastrana broke records, completing three of knievel's stunts in las vegas. "evel live 2" for the women. ginger zee giving the forecast. >> we have dry perfection for what we hope is victory for vicki. >> reporter: and then, vicki
3:30 am
>> that was a good feeling. to get to the end and not be injured, feel all good, and get to take home some burnt gear, we're good. >> so, golden, she made it look easy. not easy at all. going through that. they literally had to put flame retardant on her. she had debris on her. also, she has asthma. and had to hold her breath during that. >> i have to hold my breath watching. >> after one, i would give up. >> you would get through one? >> just one. >> just one. good job. (boy) grandpa, look what i got! (woman) oh dad, wait 'till you see the bike we got for jake. (narrator) hearing loss happens gradually with age... making it easy to ignore. yet most older americans aren't getting their hearing tested. untreated hearing loss can keep your loved ones from enjoying what they cherish most.
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a healthy baby is worth the wait. martin luther king jr.: we hold these truths to be self-evident -- that all men are created equal. john f. kennedy: the torch has been passed to a new generation of americans. barbara jordan: the american dream need not forever be deferred. lyndon johnson: this is the richest and the most powerful country... making news in america this morning, border battle. president trump lashes out after a new report details the squalid conditions at border detention
3:33 am
facilities including rampant disease. why the president is dismissing the new allegations, plus, trump responds to a leaked memo from the british ambassador calling him inept. southern california on edge. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my god. >> what scientists are saying about the potential for another big quake and the top concern right now for so many homeowners in the quake zone. team usa does it again. >> that's it. u.s. wins their fourth world cup. >> what makes this world cup win so special? the obstacles the team overcame and one player's elementary school with a
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