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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 8, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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through. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike nicco. >> kind of a noisy night for some of us. let's take a look at the winds. 15 in san francisco and oakland to 25 in concord, 20 in livermore, which means the altamont pass is a little breezy. fairfield which means you'll be coming back towards us, a headwind of 30 miles per hour. breezes in the hills 25 to 35 miles per hour. expect the stout see breeze to keep us below average and keep the sunshine at a premium the closer you are to the coast. 50s this morning. we'll get in the mid to upper 60s at noon. low to mid 70s barely away from the coast at 4:00. back in the 50s and 60s at 7:00. >> back to our traffic alert this morning. live to sky 7. they're over the dumbarton bridge where we've got a three-car crash still in the clearing stages right around the high-rise. two of the three voeks involved have been cleared from the bridge. this one has a lot of damage done and they're waiting for
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another tow truck to arrive. the right lane is blocked. that's a lot better than we had maybe about 30 minutes ago. all lanes were blocked for a short time. this crash has been here for almost an hour. 5:04 is when chp finally started getting calls in. i'll flip over to our traffic maps and show you what the delays look like. definitely a solid line of red, about a 20-minute delay added to your commute. you can use the san mateo bridge. that's looking much better for an option here this e this e th san francisco police investigating a deadly shooting at 24th and capp streets in the mission district. a man was found on the ground unconscious and later died. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the scene and will bring us a live report. >> it should be a significant day in the ghost ship warehouse trial as one of the two defendants takes the stands. derick almena faces manslaughter
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charges after '36 people died 2016. mena's teamhis it could the pay off. here is why. legal analyst argue the cause of the fire is irrelevant because it was the fire trap created by almena and co-defendant max harris that led to these dealts. clark says in taking the stands, it shows almena has nothing to hide and attempt to prove he's not legally responsible. >> the defense is saying this was a tragedy, but we had no legal duty to prevent it because we were only managing the premi premises. they will say the real culprit are the landlords and city officials who were in a much better position to fix this problem than we were.
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>> clark says from the start the defense team argued the city of oakland, police and fire departments knew people were living illegally inside the building and did nothing to remove them. anser hassan, abc 7 news. the man accused of stabbing and killing two people on a remote road in san mateo county will be arraigned on murder charges. malik dosouqi is accused of killing 32-year-old abdulmalek nasher and 31-year-old john pekipaki. the victims were stabbed to death a day apart on the same stretch of skyline boulevard. dosouqi told abc 7 news he doesn't remember anythin and wants to prove his innocence. president trump is waving off new reports about disease outbreaks at detention facilities along the u.s./mexico border. a joint investigation by "the new york times" and the el paso times says border agents witnessed outbreaks of scabies, shingles and chickenpox among hundreds of children held in
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cramp cells. over the weekend, the president dismissed those accounts. >> an abc news "washington post" poll says only four in ten of americans approve of the president's handling of the immigration issue. >> president trump is seeing the highest job approval rating. in the late of the poll, his job approval hit 44%, that's up 5% from april. political analysts say the strong economy bolstered his numbers. 65% of people say the president has acted unpresidential. as we just mentioned, only 40% approve of how he's handling immigration. among likely voters in the 2020 election, joe biden leads mr. trump in the polls by ten points, 53% to 43%. speaking of the presidential race, east bay congressman and presidential candidate eric
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swalwell is holding a special flus conference. it's not clear what he's going to announce today. the east bay times reports he canceled several campaign events last week. today's event is at 1:00 in dubl dublin. house speaker nancy pelosi wants to talk about protecting future elections from future interference. it's 6:05 now. researchers at uc berkeley are developing a tool to spot commuter generated deep fake videos. remember this video? millions of people saw the distorted video of house speaker nancy pelosi posted to social media. simple edits made it sound like she was drunkenly slurring her words. syzed ai. now a team at uc berkeley is designing software that can spot the difference. >> we really want our
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technology, so the offfso icult average person can't create it so easily. >> they hope to have it ready for newsrooms by the end of the year. a palo alto assemblyman proposing a law making altered videos of political candidates illegal without a disclaimer. the smell of gas may be taking over neighborhoods today. what pga is doing right now. a new recall involving eyedrops sold at two big stores. last evening, you may have noticed it got a little breezy. that was a stout sea breeze that's going to be even stronger today and more
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on the peninsula we have reports of drizzle. 54 in menlo park. temperatures are pretty much in the mid to upper 50s elsewhere. we h and san rafael at 52. here is a look at the marine layer. you can see it is going to be a day full of cool weather which is great if you're exercising. if you want to go to the beach or play on the bay, it's going
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to be quite blustery. let's take a look at the north bay. in the 50s through 11:00. in the east bay, through the 50s through 9:00. if you're heading out this evening, grab a jacket. 61 at 7:00. on the bay side of san francisco where we barely see some sunshine, we'll get to 60. the rest of san francisco in the upper 50s today. talk more about the commute. ran into a little drizzle this morning, alexis. >> could have to use some wipers this morning and may run into a slowdown as well. a sig alert in effect for the dumbarton bridge commute, westbound 84 near the high-rise. still have the right lane blocked. waiting for another tow truck. backed up all the way across the bridge. you don't want to take that. the san mateo bridge will be your best bet for an alternate. that is certainly filling in, but not looking nearly as bad as the dumbarton bridge commute. that's the better of the two
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options. westbound 580 richmond-san rafael bridge eight minutes. about 19 across san mateo. looks like a lot of folks are using that for an alternate. 28 minutes westbound 84 across the dumbarton bridge. people in oakland and berkeley may smell gas today because of pipeline maintenance. pg&e started venting natural gas from pipes a few minutes ago at 6:00 a.m. this map shows where that work is happening, near 7th and allston in berkeley and 32nd and peralta in oakland. pg&e says it will quickly dissipate and will not be harmful.rkill finish about 8:00 tonight. there's a plan to dump rat poison on the fair lon islands an scientists say this is a good thing. a live look outside. it's soupy at sfo this morning. our assignment desk just checked. i believe t 1:39 of arrival
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it'it's crepe dayday for a family traditiony's. we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with free denny's delivery. see you at happening today, attorney michael avenatti is due in federal court in southern california to see if a judge sets a trial date on charges he embezzled millions from his clients. avenatti pleaded not guilty to all charges in the 36-count indictment. this is one of three legal
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headaches for the lawyer. he's also accused of stealing money from adult film actress stormy daniels who alleged an affair with president trump. he's also charged with trying to extort more than $20 million from nike. billionaire financier jeffrey epstein will make an appearance in federal court in manhattan. sources say he was arrested on saturday on allegations of sex trafficking of underage girls in florida and new york. he is a registered sex offender. the indictment against the hedge fund manager remains under seal. it is 6:15 now. a controversial plan is under ison pletsn t.5 islae al is in order to protect a rare bird. tens of thousands of mice call the eye lond hoisland home. they're attracting burrowing owls, they prey on a bird in
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declining population. a hearing is set for wednesday. disney released its trailer for the live action remake of "mulan." >> it's based on the 1998 animated movie about a chinese woman who pretends to be a man so her father won't have to serve in the military. >> these are the qualities we see in a good wife. >> the live action remake will feature new characters. actress crystal lu will star in the title role. what do we know her from? >> i think she's a newcomer. apparently she has a great singing voice, although we probably won't hear much of it in this movie. >> it appears in march of next year. disney is the parent company of abc 7. it certainly looks epic and hard to shoot. >> yeah, i had chills, tears in my eyes at the end of the trailer. it got me. >> i like her. >> impressive.
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i saw "spider-man." >> tell us. >> i enjoyed it. some of the people i was with were saying the marvel movies are becoming predictable. it won the box office this weekend with absolutely advertisement from marvel. i didn't even know there was a spiderman movie coming up. >> i think i saw one or two. >> it certainly wasn't like "end game." >> i liked the lead actor. pretty good. >> adorable. all in. holland. >> tom holland. >> he's really good. i didn't think anybody could replace toby maguire. but he did a good job. in san jose we're looking at cloudy conditions this morning. we're just south of mineta san jose international. no heat. it's going to be hard for some areas to see sunshine today. talking about in the bay area.
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there is warmth coming. it's in the neighborhood. it's several days away. here is a look at the cloud cover. you can see how deeply penetrating overnight. this is at noon. we still have plenty of cloud cover. that's the san mateo bridge down to the south.s the rimoafl bridge. you can see between the two the clouds will stay stubborn all day today. by 7:00, making their way back into the east bay valleys. let's see what they do with the temperatures, 73 to 78 is as warm in the south bay. 66 to 71 on the peninsula. today we've got upper 50s to low 60s with blustery conditions at the coast. barely 61 in downtown san francisco. 74 through 78 in most of the north bay. 70s in the tri-valley, barely 80 out the highway 4 corridor.
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here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. a degree or two warmer tomorrow, it's possible. another degree or two wednesday. then thursday, friday, saturdayt mid pper 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast. >> taking a look at the roads this morning. we still have our sig alert in effect and heavy traffic behind it. westbound 84 near the high-rise for the dumbarton bridge. still have that far right lane blocked, two of the three lanes are back open. two of the three vehicles in the crash have been cleared. having trouble with that. still waiting for the tow truck to arrive on the scene as far as i know. let's zoom out a little bit and look at your options. you can take westbound 92 across san mateo. that's averaging 30 miles an hour. that's once you get through the toll plaza. it is quite heavy coming from 880. a lot of you are having the idea to use that for an alternate. nine miles an hour as you come across the drij. that's still the worst of the two options. a quick check of the bay brdge toll plaza, metering lights are
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on for exactly an hour. everybody heading back to work today. >> oh, yeah, thank you. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> amy robach live from new york city with a look at what's ahead on the show. >> good morning to you reggie and natasha. great to be with you. coming up next on gma, the gold is coming home. team usa back on their way to the u.s. after capturing world cup glory. we have all the celebrations across the country and the world as the women start thinking about their next victory. the search for answers this morning after thethf 20-year-old disney star cameron boyce known for his role in "descendants" and other tv shows. the tributing pouring in this morning. a health alert about a popular acne medication and depression. dr. ashton here with that. daredevil vicky golden joins us after breaking the record for speeding through flaming boards on her motorcycle. how she did it, all coming up
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right here on gma. >> funny, that's how i spent my weekend. i just didn't make a big deal out of it. that is crazy. i can't wait to see that. thanks, amy. another democrat may be entering the race for the white house even after announcing he wasn't. would you rent a bunk for $1200 a month? the unconventional living arrangement now taking reservations in san francisco.
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. let's take a look at the temperatures friday. we promised warmer weather, more summer laich. inland 80s and 90s will dominate friday. it gets even warmer. temperatures climb a couple degrees saturday and then we lose those sunday. there's definitely going to be cool weather. >> i should start putting out the feelers right now, is that right? >> sure. >> invite me. if you thought renting an apartment in san francisco was expensive, renting just a bednt it's called pod share. it lets you rent a bunk bet in a communal setting. you share a you have wi-fi, cereal, ramen and toiletries. the company says it's trying to
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make up for the lack of affordable housing. it has 220 beds in six locations in l.a. and one in san francisco. the one here is on post street between hyde and larkin. >> you painted a picture. thank you. eyedrops and appointmepoin are on recall. recalling various equate products including treatments for allergy relief, eyedrops and gel crops all made and labeled for walmart. the company has also recalled several over-the-counter and prescription eyedrops and ointments under the walgreens name brand. a lot of them will be posted on our website, elon musk says tesla will most likely begin ungrading older cars with new chips that could pave the way towards more autonomous driving features. hundreds of thousands of model s, x and 3s are in line to get the new chip.
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coming up at 6:30. a fire guts two homes in the east bay. what one woman hopes she'll be able to find inside. san francisco police are investigating a shooting death that happened overnight in the mission district. i'll have details up next. also ahead, the wait is over for warriors fans. the limited offering inside of this box that ended up drawing some big lines. as we head to
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now at 6:30, a deadly shooting in san francisco overnight. but it wasn't a 911 call that led officers to the scene. how police knew something was happening there. derick almena takes the stand today in the ghost ship trial. we'll take a look at the risky strategy his defense team hopes will pay off. also, mike tracking morning drizzle. a live look at a gray bay bridge. what you need to know as you head out the door this morning. good morning on this monday, july 8th. it's time to go back to work or whatever it is you do to fill your time. >> we're going to get you through this. meanwhile it is a cooler, kind of drizzly, soft start to the day. >> it really is. soft is a nice way to put it. kind of soupy, misty, if you
6:30 am
will. won't use that other m word that we know nobody likes. >> not unless you're talking about cake. the only appropriate use of moist. >> she just said it. >> i'm sorry. that's my one for the week. >> patchy drizzle out there. it's gray on live doppler 7. here is a look from the exploratorium camera. i had to use the wipers several times this morning. mid to upper 50s at 7:00. we stay in the upper 50s. near 60 at the coast. the clouds around a lot of our bay neighborhoods, especially at noon. inland we'll see a little more sunshine. that's why you're in the mid 70s this afternoon. everybody else much cooler. alexis? >> still have a sig alert. it won't go away here. dumbarton bridge, the right lane blocked near the high5:04 this morning. they're still waiting to get the last vehicle towed off the bridge. one lane blocked, a 20-minute
6:31 am
delay for you. northbound 280 near lawrence expressway, at crash blocking the right lane. two people sent to the hospital in pacheco after a vehicle slammed into two mobile homes. it happened near buchanan field before 9:00 last night. firefighters pulled a woman and child out of the car and took them to the hospital. their injuries did not appear tore serious. no one in either of the mobile homes was injured. >> what did it feel like when it hit the house?ghit w >> firefigere or out-of-conoff an electbox th ir san francisco police confirming to abc 7 news they are investigating a deadly shooting right now in the city's mission district. it's on this map here, the activity centered around 24th and capp.
6:32 am
abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at the scene with what we're learning this morning. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. police are still here on the scene watching over this bit of sidewalk that they have blocked off. now that the neighborhood is waking up, people are having to walk around this. they're not letting people walk through this section of sidewalk. this is between south van ness and capp, on 24th street in the mission district. this section of sidewalk is blocked off with crime tape. police did not get a phone call about the shooting. they actually found out about it through the city's shot spotter activation system around midnight. they came out to see what was happening. they found a man that had been shot. they tried to save him but he did die. they saw a car leaving the scene. they followed it just in case the person or people inside were connected to this. they did lose that car during the pursuit. at this point no arrests have been made. they also haven't released any
6:33 am
information yet about the victim, only that it was an adult man. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. happening today, a san mateo police officer accused of trying to set up a sexual encounter with a teen is due in court. 40-year-old robert davies was arrested on june 6th. investigators say he tried to meet up with a 16-year-old girl on tinder. the person he was actually interacting with was this college student named ethan who was trying to catch pedophiles. dvies is currently on paid administrative leave. in the east bay, one firefighter is recovering after a fire gutted two pleasant hill homes causing them to collapse. a homeowner lived on old rogers ranch court for more than 30 years. now she's desperately looking for her cats. she says everything else is lost. contra costa fire officials say the wind made those flames spread quickly. they confirmed the fire started in between the homes where the gas lines were located.
6:34 am
>> we heard a lot of crackling noises and popping noises, but the time you went outside to the side of the house, it already was engulfed in flames. he tried to put it out with a garden hose, but it was too intense. >> at least seven neighbors are displaced. the exact cause is under investigation. three people have been arrested after an eight-hour standoff in san jose. it started around 11:00 yesterday morning on stone avenue near kitna. there was a dispute in the area. two men and a woman came out around 7:30 last night. a san francisco man was among five people hurt during the running of the bulls in spain. officials say the 46-year-old man was gored in the neck yesterday at the end of the course. another american from kentucky was hurt in the thigh. the running of the bulls in pamplona draws a million
6:35 am
spectators every year. this morning iran is enriching year raun yum higher than what's allowed in a 2015 agreement with world powers. iran announced yesterday it will go over the level, but it's far below the level needed for developing weapons. the move heightens tensions with the u.s. president trump said over the weekend iran, quote, better be careful. a new report says major government agencies like i.c.e. used facial recognition to mine driver's license databases. according to "the washington post," i.c.e. officials requested access to dmv photos of undocumented immigrants. the fbi scanned millions of americans' photos without their knowledge or consent. identifying information is usually only available for people who have a criminal record. the majority of people in dmv databases have not been charged with a crime. this morning billionaire environmentalist tom steyer is eyeing a 2020 presidential run according to politico. back in january he said he would not be going for a democratic
6:36 am
nomination, but sources tell politico he's reconsidering now. the remember site reported he held a private conference call last week to share the news. he's been an ardent opponent of president trump's policies and has pumped millions of dollars into a campaign to impeach him. no packing supplies, no problem. amazon returns are now easier than ever. you're looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange this morning, down about 145 points. another update on how the markets are doing. are you ready for retirement. a surprising number of americans say no. what's keeping more and more people on the job past 65. >> not just a love of work. first you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. so many of us getting back to work this morning, mike. >> yes. >> what's greeting them? >> a lot of grayness out there, a little drizzle. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, not only in our neighborhoods in the south bay, but just about everywhere else. we have a 60 out in brentwood.
6:37 am
novato, saab baft bol in the low 50s. let's take a look at what's going to happen today. looking at sfo, you can see the cloud cover. we have arrival delays. your commute driving, watch out for the drizzle. it's going to be moist at our mass transit stops. breezy north of the bay bridge through the delta. taking a look tomorrow at other neighborhoods. 59 in the east bay valleys, 67 at 11:00. one of the few areas that will have full on sunshine today. the peninsula will not. that's why you'll stop in the low 50s. 66 at 7:00. if you're heading out this evening, watching the kid's activities, while they're moving around staying warm, you might want a blanket or coat. 70s is all we have in the south bay. low 70s for a couple hours to day, from about 1:00 to 4:00. otherwise 60s are the rule. here is alexis. iko last week's traffic. seemed to be much better. >> everyone does.
6:38 am
unfortunately, yeah, we're sig for the dumbarton bridge, over an hour and a half now, westbound 84 near the high-rise. that right lane is still blocked. have not gotten an update from chp. sounds like they're still waiting for the tow truck to get the last vehicle towed off the bridge. still about a 20-minute delay. vallejo, a crash involving motorcycle westbound 80 before the 780 split, starting to cause a delay. in the south bay another crash, three vehicles involved, the right lane blocked, northbound 280 around lawrence expressway. the backup has reached highway 17. you can see the delay on
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skiers and snowboarders got their last runs at squaw valley and alpine meadows. yesterday capped off a season that lasted nearly eight months. the three remaining lifts at squaw, they skied until 2:00. the resort opened for the 2018-2019 season back in november with almost all man made snow. remember how quickly that improved. snowstorms hamering the area during the winter months. the season was the third snowiest on record with almost half the snow falling in february.
6:42 am
that is amazing. i could watch that for a couple more minutes. low to mid 70s in the high country, low to mid 80s sacramento and chico. blustery and cloudy from eureka to monterey. low to mid 70s around san diego and los angeles. here is a look at the weekend forecast for tahoe, mid 80s friday and saturday, down to an average 80 on sunday. we'll talk real quickly -- let me try to get back to that graphic and talk about what's going on with the small craft advisory. southwest winds gusting 35 to 40 miles per hour from 2:00 this afternoon to 10:00 in this area in yellow. people in cure ran county still surveying the damage to the region. >> the region was the epicenter to a pair of earthquakes over the weekend. rachel brown from our sister station is live in the hard-hitt community of ridgecrest this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here in ridgecrest.
6:43 am
you can see behind me, there are a number of families still here sleeping in tents, choosing to sleep outside because they're too afraid to go home right now, too afraid of those after shokts. we saw a report of another 3.6 magnitude aftershock at 5:14 this morning. there's been a cluster of quakes reported since 9:00 last night in southern california. most of them have struck between nine and 36 miles from where we are in ridge dreft crest. there's only a 1% chance of seeing an m 7. that's according to the u.s. geological survey. these are all aftershocks from friday night's 7.1 magnitude quake felt in the los angeles area all the way to las vegas. this morning the red cross is still here on site. we've been seeing a number of families go inside to shower, eat some breakfast until they're able to return home. rachel brown, back to you. >> so many people rattled there. thank you so much, rachel. abc 7 news can help you
6:44 am
prepare for a natural disaster. we've posted tips on what to pack on our website, it's 6:44. a defendant in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial is expected to take the stand. >> 36 people died in the fire in december of 2016. anser hassan is live in the news room. this won't be the first time derick almena speaks publicly after his arrest, but it will be the first time in this trial. we spoke to former prosecutor and legal analyst steven clark. he says defense attorneys are taking a risk by putting almena on the stand. if he doesn't come off well, it could sink the entire case. clark says the prosecutors have been fill phiing him in the court of public opinion. clark says by taking the stand it shows almena has nothing to hide, not just to show sympathy and remorse, but to prove he's not legally responsible for the deaths of all the tenants.
6:45 am
>> i think what the defense needs to do is disabuse the jury of that notion. the defense will try to humanize mr. almena in the eyes of this jury by talking about his background, his relationship with these tenants and who he is as a person. if they can accomplish that, that will be in their benefit during this case. >> clark says deflecting blame has been a key strategy of the defense teams. they argue the city of oakland, oakland police and fire departments knew people were living illegally inside these buildings but did nothing to remove them. in the news room, anser hassan, abc 7 news. meanwhile, happening today, kevin spacey is due back in a massachusetts courtroom for another hearing over groping allegations. the accuser claims that pace see bought himtantucket bar three years before forcibly groping him. today's hearing will focus on the accuser's cell phone. spacey's attorney says the phone has text messages on it that will prove his innocence. the judge has ordered the phone be turned over to spacey's legal
6:46 am
team. the alleged victim said he can't find it. happening today, a united nations committee that sets international standards for air travel will meet to talk about flight hour requirements. this is in light of the two deadly crashes of the max 737 airplane. the organization wants to know if it should take a closer look at whether there should be a global standard for the minimum hours pilots should have before taking flight. some have said the pilots involved in the two fatal max crashes did not receive adequate training. now to your morning money report, it may be the first deal boeing has lost after the grounding of the 737 max yes, sir. >> a saudi arabian airlines has switched and will buy 50 planes from airbus. that deal is worth more than $5 billion. a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way. we're down about 156 points this morning. you can now bring your
6:47 am
amazon returns to any kohl's store. they will pack, label and ship the items back to amazon. if you're wondering, hey, i've already been doing this, well, that was a pilot program launched about two years ago. now all 1,100 are accepting those returns. you can do no box returns at amazon, some whole foods stores and close t close t close t clot >> us weekly gets me sometimes, too. it's u.s. weekly. a new feature named global media controls will work with video sites like youtube and vimeo and audio sites like spotify and apple podcasts. we want to know do you plan to work past the age of 65. pick up your phone and go to
6:48 am and let us know. >> we're asking because a new poll finds nearly one quarter of americans say they never plan to retire. another quarter say they'll work beyond their 65th birthday. this according to the a.p. experts say illness, injury, lay-offs and care giving responsibilities often force older workers to leave their job sooner than they like. the poll finds about a third of older adults feel unprepared for retirement. all right. let's look at this megaphone. 67% of you say yes, you plan to work past 65. it keeps changing, 75% now. okay. wow. wow. >> that's depressing. >> it's indicative of what's going on in the bay area. >> not surprising. >> no. i wonder -- i won't be in this i' i i'mng when i'm 65, i always wonder about that. i talk to people -- i have that are thinking about it. i'm like what's keeping you from
6:49 am
doing? they're like, the cost of living. >> costs a pretty penny to live in this part of the world. >> if you want to retire and live the same life you're living right now, absolutely. let's talk about what's going on. many variables there at 6:49. weather wise, we've got issues this morning. we've got a stout breeze across the golden gate bridge. look at all that thick fog. alexis, they still have the dense fog advisory? i asked alexis because it's from chp, not the national weather service. you can see that's going to be around for the better part of today. the rest of us, sunshine will be inland and cool for all of us today. there's no warmth anywhere through wednesday. we'll start to see the warmth reach our inland neighborhoods by the time we get to thursday, friday and it will hold through the weekend. the big story today, not only the winds, but look at this, zooming down. this is lunchtime. normally everybody is cleared out but the coast. not the case. is the bay bridge
6:50 am
way down here, that's the san mateo bridge. you can see the boundaries of where the clouds will still be hanging around throughout the afternoon hours. by 7:00, already climbing over the east bay hills, ready for another night of cloudy conditions, breezy, cool weather and drizzle during tomorrow morning's commute let's focus on this afternoon, 73 to 78 in the south bay. 66 to 71 is your spread on the peninsula. right near 60 along the blustery coast today. 61 in downtown san francisco. 74 through 78 through most of the north bay. along the east bay, look where the clouds are, mid to upper 60s. sunshine around fremont. low to mid 70s through the tri-valley. tomorrow, a degree or two warmer. maybe the same for wednesday. you can see some of the heat d wre we t 60s and 70s for the coast and bay. alexis? >> finally good news
6:51 am
dumbarton bridge commute. all lanes back open westbound 84 atappened just after 5:00 this morning. most of it was cleared very quickly. it took a while to get the final tow truck out there and get the last vehicle towed off the bridge. as we zoom out, looks like a lot of folks deciding to take the san mateo bridge instead which has been quite a bit better. now they're starting the look pretty even. westbound 92 from 880, just get through the toll plaza there, about 14-mile-per-hour average. 8-mile-per-hour average if you're continuing on the dumbarton bridge. that should start to look better. also better news northbound 280 near lawrence expressway, the crash there has cleared, no injuries there. if you're coming across the bay bridge, westbound 80 just past treasure island, a vehicle lost a tire. that's blocking one lane as we head into san francisco. bill gates is sharing some interesting insights on how he saw apple founder steve jobs. in an interview released just last night gates says jobs was
6:52 am
so successful because he was great at, quote, casting spells. he said he could cast spells on employees, motivating them to work harder and longer hours. gates called himself a minor wizard, claiming that the apple boss's spells never worked on him. >> is everything okay? >> he took that metaphor and ran with it. new york city will host a victory parade for the u.s. women's national team. >> and well deserved. team usa celebrating their second straight world cup title. captain meghan rapinoe put the u.s. ahead with a penalty kick that was gorgeous in the second half. minutes later rose lavell scored to put them ahead 2-0. now a new battle awaits them. a legal fight for equal pay and treatment. world cup champ olympic gold medalist and bay area resident brandi chastain says the lawsuit could change the game forever. >> players that i just have embraced, that even though i think sometimes they're controversial like a meghan
6:53 am
rapinoe or alex morgan, i feel what they're trying to do is for the greater good. so i'm all in for that. >> fifa recently announced it doubled the women's prize money to $60 million but that is far less than the $440 million for the men's prize. after the win, star player rapinoe spoke about the team's legacy and the campaign for equal pay for female players. >> i think we've been a little shy to say putting so much pressure on ourselves because i think we have a case no matter what. i think the federation isn't in any position to ride this wave of good fortune and get on board an hopefully set things right for the future. >> the team will intermediate asian with the u.s. soccer fed rapgs over a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination. in some cases the women earning just 38% of the men's per game. kevin durant is no longer a
6:54 am
golden state warrior. durant tweeted about the move to the nets. he said he'll wear a new number, 7 for the nets. k.d. has worn the number 35 most of his career. he says, quote, 35 allowed me to go to the bay area an win two championships and form brother hoods that no time or distance will ever break. warriors fans can wear shoes honoring klay thompson. abc 7 news was in oakland when people lined up to buy kt4 shoes. it fae tours images of thompson and pages from the east bay times. the shoes come with a one-year subscription to any bay area news group newspaper. thompson signed a five-year contract to stay with the warriors. a young female dare devil has smashed a motorcycle record that even the legendary evel knievel pefr pulled off.
6:55 am
>> the impact is tremendous. >> wow. that is 26-year-old vicki golden smashing through 13 wooden boards that were on fire. the previous record was 12 setback in 2007. golden is a four-time x games gold medalist. you'll hear a lot more from her coming up at 7:00 on gma. >> how do they even come up with these things? >> this is a record i new introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, here is the grow. number one, san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting in the mission district. a man shot and killed at 24th and capp street just after midnight. you're looking at a live picture of what is left of the scene. the gunman is still on the run. welcome back to spling. if you weren't with us last week, it was kind of warm in some areas. we're starting with drizzle and tions ands is afternoon. number three, the biggest issue on the dumbarton bridge, now all clear. traffic slowly starting to unwind. plan on at least a ten-minute delay. number four, one of the two defendants in the ghost ship fire trial is expected to take the stand today. derick almena faces manslaughter
6:59 am
charges after 36 people died in the fire in december of 2016. people in parts of kern county are assessing damage and impact of two significant earthquakes that hit the area over the weekend. the usgs warns aftershocks could shake the region for months. number six, the u.s. women's national team coming home with its fourth world cup title. new york city will host a victory parade on wednesday. they beat the netherlands 2-0 in the final. number seven, disney released the trailer for the live action remake of "mulan." the movie will hit theaters in march of 2020. but perhaps without the songs we know. >> no mushu, no cricket. i'm excited. i got chills from the preview. >> that's good. you'll be first in line. >> yeah, march of next year. >> i feel like "mulan" has not thad the glamour. good morning, america.
7:00 am
team usa on the way home to the states to bringing home the gold. the world cup heroes. >> u.s. wins their fourth world cup. >> capturing their second consecutive title and record fourth. the veteran and the young star scoring those game-winning goals. the celebrations erupting across the country and world. now the u.s. women's national team gearing up for that massive celebration back here at home. also this morning, california on edge as thousands of aftershocks rock the golden state from those two massive earthq


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