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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a 7.1 hit and now we're wondering what's next. >> caltrans is working to remove damaged pavement never ridge crest. the highway cracked in three separate areas in a four-mile stretch from thursday to friday's earthquakes. officials say repairs will be completed earlier than expected. >> all of our roads and concrete like sidewalks, gutters have been inspected and they, all of our roads are in good condition. >> here is another view of the aftermath. drone video shows cracks in the desert. friday 7.1 magnitude quake took place in an area with several little faults. about two hours ago president trump tweeted spoke to house minority leader about the earthquakes in california and informed him that we will be working very closely on emergency funding. also spoke to governor gavin newsom all working together. >> while there were no major injuries, there is plenty of damage people are trying to clean up. abc news reporter megan has the
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latest from ridge crest. >> reporter: shattered nerves and lingering fears in the southern california region after being rocked by the two stro strongest quakes to hit california. >> ptsd is a real thing. and we're all suffering from it right now. >> the first couple nights after the 7.1. we have a tent set up. we've been camping. >> reporter: those violent tremors igniting fires. this woman recalls the chaos. >> this was just really a very bad situation and point blank it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: the 1-2 punch began on july 4th in ridge crest. 125 miles from l.a. the first quake registering 6.4 magnitude. a day later, a second quake registering 7.1. leaving many here with no option but to evacuate. >> my ceiling is cracked half way through. i have a crack going up my wall so it's not safe to go home.
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>> reporter: authorities asking people to prepare in case the big one hits. >> stock up. we want you to stock up on is the same things you purchase every time you go to the market. buy bottled water, two e ys,ous one case in reserve. >> reporter: we're still getting aftershocks and have been getting them all day. one of the biggest remaining issues are broken gas lines. br. friday's 7.1 earthquake was felt by people in the bay area and many are wondering if we are ready for the big one. >> governor newsnewsnews ready but not there yet. luz is live in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: eric and dion, the system has been in the works since 2006. that's 13 years. even though the apartment t is y in the entirety, doesn't mean
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you shouldn't be ready. you can have an emergency kit and plan so you know where to meet in case of an earthquake. this is a type of notification that the shake alert warning system will send you via text message. >> our algorithms are working well. we detected the two earthquakes. we detected them in a timely way, six or seven seconds between when the earthquake started and we detected it. >> reporter: the 6.4 and 7.1 mag constitute earthquake jolted ridge crest have produced data that scientists of the seismology lab are evaluating. they have the data but sending notifications, they are waiting on the state-wide app to roll out. >> you have problems with cell phone towers getting overloaded and distribute an alert to thousands of people at once is difficult. >> reporter: during saturday's press conference governor gavin newsom announced the shake alert system was in the works. it's been in the works since 2006, the goal is
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sensors in stalled by 2021. >> in california we're looking at 1,115 and of those today, 70% have been installed. >> reporter: these sensors are five to ten miles apart and sending data to labs like this one. >> the first wave, the p wave you don't feel however our earthquake sensors are able to detect that. >> reporter: with this in mind, agencies like bart are being proactive. on july 4th. bart received an alert and took action. >> the early warning and that automatically slowed our trains to no more than 27 miles per hour and trains were in stations were automatically held. >> reporter: the shake alert system is intended to notify you when there is a 5.0 magnitude earthquake or greater and when we say notify, we mean seconds so you can actually have that little bit of time to take cover and actually based on how far or how close you are to that earthquake. in oakland, luz pena. >> before you get away, has the
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shake alert system been tested at all? >> reporter: that's a great question, eric. it hasn't been tested. it was first tested here in oakland in march. many people did receive that notification, it was just a test. it was also rolled out in san diego two weeks ago. many more people, 3 million people received that one and then it's supposed to roll out again here in the bay area in the next three months and that's going to happen in three counties here in oakland. luz pena, abc 7 news. >> we'll keep following along. thanks. on, one of the most popular stories is this one showing the before and after of the earthquake zone and a big new crack in the desert. we also have tips on what to pack in an emergency kit at our website. you can head to norcal. 15 years for 14 pounds. rritos, meth burritos ounds of
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confiscated last year during a traffic stop in los angeles. the value of the drugs hidden in the burrito shaped packages was about $40,000. the police who pulled him over say he also had a loaded gun, hundreds of dollars in cash and was a known gang member with a long criminal record. it was a busy fourth of july for oakland police. they shared a few pictures of some of the guns they recovered. in all nine weapons were seized part of a bigger crackdown on the holiday. officers also seized 200 pounds of illegal fireworks and two pounds of cocaine. 77 people were sited for setting off illegal fireworks. an east bay man suffering from alzheimer's disease and his wife are pleading for the return of a custom electric bicycle. the bike was taken yesterday as john phillips dropped off items in pittsburgh. john had left it in the driveway. he does not have a driver's license because of the disease and the bike is his only way to get around. >> bring it back. let him be out in the world for
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as long as he can. all ti alzheimer's is disease that will take everything from us very swiftly and give him the time he deserves to go do the things he wants to be autonomous. >> how long does it take to charge? >> whoever took the bike might not get far because it needs a custom charger. new developments with the man accused of killing two people on skyline. a suspect wants to represent himself. during a court appearance today, he pleaded not guilty to murder charges. a hearing on whether he can represent himself is set for july 17th. prosecutors say he lured the victims to the rural road to kill them. one was a taxi driver, the other a tow truck driver. he told abc 7 news re he did not remember anything and woke up in the hospital. he is hoping to be the star witness in his own defense. ghost ship founder derrick took
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the stand in his own trial today and the stakes are high as he and co-defendant max harris face decades in prison for the deaths of 36 people in december of 2016. the gravity of that situation not lost on almena who became emotional almost immediately. laura anthony was inside the courtroom. >> i thought he started beautiful because everyone, you know, expects him to be arrogant and self-centered. >> reporter: the long-awaited testimony of derrick began with long periods of silence, his head bowed. he said he was tired and heart broken and he became emotional when asked by his attorney if he felt responsible for those who died at the ghost ship. i instituted something, i built something, i attracted beautiful people to my space. i'm spiritually and morally responsible for it. >> he's not a tough guy. he's not a criminal. he's an artist. and this is destroyed him as
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well as everyone else. >> reporter: he was also asked about the conditions at the warehouse and whether he ever felt it was unsafe for his wife and kids to live there. i was given permission to raise my children there. i believed it was safe. i was told it was safe. i wouldn't expose anyone to danger. before him, lee described what he heard in the moments before the fire that killed 36 people. quote, i heard bottles breaking and pop, pop, pop and herded what sounded like an argument. the defense claims the fatal fire was an intentionally set with molotov cocktails by several men in dark clothing. fire investigators never officially determined a cause. two oakland police officers also testified. both had been inside the warehouse in the months and years before the fire. derrick almena is expected to be on the stand for the rest of the week and both sides will get their chance to deliver the closing arguments. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7
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news. california is investing millions of dollars into a personal approach to justice for criminals. it's called restorative justice alawilowing victims to confront offenders. >> the pathways to prison are there. we want to break the pathways and part of that is having people be able to face those they have hurt and understand what they have done for themselves and for the victim but for the community. >> state lawmakers and local leaders announced that the new state budget dedicates $5 million for a pilot program in san joaquin county. offenders who complete the program can avoid a criminal record. it's quickly becoming one of the most dangerous highways in the bay area. we'll take you behind the scenes as the california highway patrol looks to put the brakes on speeders on highway four. convincing californians to dump the pump. the incentives to switch from
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. watch out behind you, the chp is cracking down on speeders treating highway four as a racetrack. they want to reduce the danger of traveling. wayne freedman rode along with an officer today and what was it like out there. >> reporter: eric, we had a really fast ride today. the chp are receiving complaints from drivers on highway four about other drivers going way
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too fast. so we went for a ride today. let's begin with brandon as he sat by the side of the road with his radar detector on. >> that's the ticket. >> reporter: he might not have meant it as a pun but sounded like one. officer brandon decides to cite a speeder, it's minutes. he's not looking for every car that's speeding but ones speeding the safest in relation to the others. the first car he stopped a porsche doing 81 miles an hour that had received a ticket in eight years. that got to me he said. feel to fast to you? >> no, because i'm going the speed. i hate to say that. >> reporter: he has nothing on his prior history. interaction was great. there is no other things wrong
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with his car. everything is up to date and locked on so hey, i don't always have to write a ticket. >> but you did. >> reporter: it did not in this scenario. i gave him a verbal warning. >> reporter: hard to believe there would be a speeding stop where the officer and the driver shake hands and smile at the end and say thank you but that's exactly what happened today on highway 4. message received. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, what's it like inside the chp vehicle trying to catch up to a car going 80 or 90 miles an hour. >> reporter: to answer this question, hopefully you have more video queued up from my twitter feed. this was a different kind of situation. this was a toyota doing 90 miles an hour westbound catching up, we hit 102 miles an hour safety but you never know who is looking and isn't. one car nearly cut us off. the driver of the white car didn't see the lights or hear the sirens and when he did, he
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pulled to the center divider and froze before it was over. the officer had to exit his police car with traffic speeding by and then he had to walk to the white car and convince the guy to go to an off ramp on the right hand side. suffice to say, that driver did receive a citation and that was a bit of -- that was a very interesting ride when that red car just pulled right in front of us as we're moving and he did signal but the chp guys know how to drive. just a quick move and we kept on going. >> all right. wayne, thank you very much for that. all right. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area and we care about this place we call home. better for the environment than gas cars and the state wants to give you a reason to go electric and that reason is money. abc 7 news anchor explains. >> reporter: lawmakers want to give you $7500 back when you buy
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an electric car, that's three times what you get now. tripling the incentive. that's how california lawmakers hope to get more people behind the wheels of electric vehicles. >> we have a rebate program that's not really an incentive, more like an entitlement. >> reporter: the bill sponsor says the current 25 oc00 rebate doesn't encourage drivers to buy electric now. >> if you can get $2500 this year and three years from now, what's the incentive to get into a clean car today or yesterday? there is none. >> reporter: the bill would increase the rebate to $7500 then gradually decline over time. the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. in california, 80% come from passenger vehicles. >> gasoline cars are driving us toward climate day kaychaos. we have to stop using fossil fuel vehicles. >> reporter: this year like years past, funding for rebates
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has run out and people are on a waiting list. >> we have to change that so that people are assured when they go and purchase that car that rebate is there. >> reporter: the state wants to have $ 1.5 million clean cars 2025. the bill goes before the senate transportation committee tomorrow and has to pass the full assembly and senate so the soonest we could possibly see the rebates would be next year. at fort mason, abc 7 news. >> now we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join them by joining the group on facebook. gas or electric, driving with the top down in the east bay would have been okay but not along the coast. >> i saw folks doing it in san francisco today. they looked cool, maybe turned those heaters on in the car. >> cold would be a better description. it's been breezy and chilly along the coast and we have fog gathering right now as you can see on live doppler 7. that fog will push across the
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bay and inland, take a closeup look and move along and show you current conditions. here is a view of mount high clouds in the sky, as well:it's 60 degrees here in san francisco and oakland 63 at redwood city and san jose 66 and 57 at half moon bay. here is a view at the golden gate where we see clouds beginning to increase. ist 70 right now at santa rosa and fairfield didn't report this hour and 74 the previous hour and 72 and 66 at livermore and the view for emeryville looking westward under a mixed sky condition and these are the forecast. we see wide spread low clouds and patchy morning drizzle. that may slow down the commute. we'll have a gradual warmup tomorrow into the weekend. it will be hot inland by the end of the week. here is our forecast animation showing the expense of low
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clouds and fog out over the bay tonight at 11:00 tonight, it will be foggy. 6:00 tomorrow morning as the commute is underway, there will be reduced visibility and possibly some patchy coastal drizzle developing during the early morning hours. low temperatures will again hge range from low to mid 50s and this system is hovering over pacific northwest for the last several days bringing cooler than average pattern. this will lose the influence in the next few days as high pressure builds in and the storm track to the north and that will allow for a warmup. a little milder tomorrow than it was today. look for low 60s at the coast. low to mid 70s around the bay and low to mid 80s inland and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice gradual increase in temperatures. day by day and finally we get to friday and saturday where we'll have high temperatures inland to 80 around the bay shoreline and low to mid 60s on the coast.
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little change on sunday so expect a nice warm weekend before temperatures dip a little bit early next week. >> all right. >> gets the eric thomas seal of approval. i like that. >> you should get an actual stamp. >> who could ask for me? >> thank you. appreciate it. the next question is for you guys, how many more workday mondays are in your future? >> the statistics about
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a lower finish as the market fell for high returns. the dow slid 116 points to just below 27,000, the nasdaq down 6 three points but stayed over 8,000, the s&p lost 14. the newly proposed american tariffs on chinese imports could result in a bible shortage that is according to religious publishers. a 25% tariff would apply to all books, bibles often specialized printing requirements that chinese printers are set to meet which many american printers are not. every year. mplisher says chin when are you planning to retire. a quarter of americans say they never plan to retire. another quarter in the associate press poll say they will work beyond their 65th birthday.
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>> spencer. >> experts say illness, injury, layoffs and care giving responsibilities often force older workers to leave their jobs sooner than they would like. the poll also finds about one-third of older adults feel unprepared for retirement. we asked about your retirement plans today on "midday live." the majority 61% plan to work past the age of 65. about a quarter said uh-uh, no way. 12% said they would work but slow down. you can watch "midday live" every weekday. it's a foul houll hour starting 11:00 a.m. >> i won't ask which category you fall into. >> we know the category spencer falls into. >> we do. we know the russians interfered in the 2016 presidential election so what is being ing done to protect 2020? >> nancy pelosi has ideas and wants republicans on board. pg&e plans to turn off the
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for all your connected devices.
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downed pg&e power lines sparked a small grass fire at east palo alto next to homes. no houses were damaged but pg&e is looking into what happened. the utility company is starting to shut down the power when the wildfire risk gets too high and san jose's mayor says he simply doesn't trust pg&e with the responsibility of making the decision alone. >> abc 7 news reporter chris ryes explains the legislative changes he's demanding. >> pg&e says to cities throughout northern california trust us and the puc seems to be fine with that approach. local governments like san jose have serious concerns. >> mayor sam referring to the may 30 decision by the california public utilities commission to give pg&e full discretion over shutting down power for as long as seven days as a way to prevent wildfires. >> if it's five to seven days of a blockout, those consequences
6:30 pm
are severe. >> reporter: keeping your car gassed up and chargers for your phone and preparing for a blockout isn't that different from what you need in the event of an earthquake but the issue is while we have heightened concerns about the big one, we don't think about blackouts and how deadly they can be. in 2003, the northeast blackout that affected new york, philadelphia and ohio lasted two days for some areas, two weeks for others and cost billions of dollars and claimed 100 lives. >> we are very worried about here in san jose are the many safety risks that a large region outage would, you know, cause. >> reporter: pg&e's website plan to give customers 48 hours notice. a document you can download outlines procedures and safety tips in a statement they told us we understand there are safety risks on both sides of the decision to deenergize our lines. it is not a decision we take lightly. the mayor says that's not enough. he wants rules in place. >> i like to see state agencis
6:31 pm
have the ability to say no pg&e you can't shut it down. >> reporter: he's pursuing legislative changes at the state level and awaiting a response from sacramento. happening right now, pg&e is hosting the first of two open houses this week so people can prepare for wildfire season. officials will talk about wildfire safety as well as emergency preparedness including the preemptive power shut offs. there are two open houses this week in addition to the one happening now. heather farms and walnut creek will host one on thursday. >> in the race for president, the long list of democratic hopefuls today decreased by one with bay area congressman eric swalwell ending his campaign. >> we wanted to be honest with ourselves and supporters. if there was a viable chance, i would not be standing here today. i would from day one was running to win. >> swalwell says his decision is
6:32 pm
based on low fundraising and poll numbers. he made gun reform the central focus of his presidential campaign. it's an issue he says will continue to fight for as he turns his attention to his congressional reelection bid. swalwell is the first democratic candidate to leave the race there are still 23 others in the running. you see them all on this graphic. >> nancy pelosi is trying to allocate more money to protect the 2020 elections from future foreign enter enter they are trying to block the legislation. lyanne melendez has the story. >> reporter: there are two election security bills passed by the democrat-led house. both have encountered one road block. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, house speaker nancy pelosi hopes to get around mcconnell by convincing the american public that the threat by any foreign government is real. >> people have said to us okay,
6:33 pm
the russians disrupted our elections. they made a difference in our elections. what are you going to do about it? safe. >> reporter: safe stands for securing america's federal elections act. it would allocate money to up grate or replace electronic voting machines, hire information technology staff and give financial assistance to states to secure and maintain the election infrastructure. last year, congress allocated $380 million in grants. mcconnell said it was enough. two weeks ago, the house voted to add another 600 million. >> what we've appropriated so far last year fell short of what is needed. we have equipment out in the country that is still running on windows 2,000. we have equipment that can't be updated that is insecure. >> reporter: the house passed another bill called hr 1 to get money out of politics and brick transparency. california is not waiting for
6:34 pm
the senate to approve it. the state lawmakers here went ahead and passed the social media disclose act. >> we passed the california disclose act for disclosing dark money on political ads and done redistricting. >> on top of that california has allocated $220 million to purchase new voting machines and safeguard the state system. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. billionaire jeffrey epstein today pleaded not guilty to charges involving sex trafficking of minors after his weekend arrest. the 66-year-old is accused of creating a network that allowed him to sexually exploit and abuse dozens of underaged girls from 2002 to 2005. federal agents began investigating him more than a decade ago. they identified more than 40 possible victims then. epstein struck a deal to avoid punishment in that case. he'll stay in jail at least
6:35 pm
until his bail hearing next monday. you know the phrase blink and you'll miss it? next, meet the doctor that made a career of not missing it but capturing it and studying it. what's it? a micro expression. plus seven on your side helps debunk
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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no box, no problem. starting today you can take your amazon returns to kohl's stores where they will pack it up and ship it for you for free. eligible items are accepted whether or not they are still in the original package and regardless of your reason for return. kohl's has about 20 locations throughout the bay area. most of us probably haven't heard of the phrase micro expressions. >> a southern california psychiatrist who has studied them for the past decade said learning about them can make a difference and not just for patients. >> rob mceldercmillan has a clo look. >> i got interested inas watin this tv show "lie to me." micro expressions are one-fifth of a second to one-30th of a second. they flash on the face and most people aren't seeing these at all. >> reporter: this doctor says there are six primary micro
6:39 pm
expressions. >> anger, sadness, disgust, surprise, contempt. >> reporter: he says reading micro expressions is key to his work as a psychiatrist. >> if you are able to connect with someone and connect more accurately and i think the learning of micro expression allows me to do that and other people to do that, then you will be able to help someone. micro expressions occur across all cultures the same. disgust is a wrinkling around the nose, the eyes come down together. >> reporter: he says while they are tough to fake, good actors actually can. >> robin williams, amazing actor. >> i do voices. yeah. >> the recent one with"lady gaga" a star is born. >> reporter: to the trained eye they can reveal a treasure trove of information. >> secret service people are trained to look for individuals flashing micro expressions of anger. >> the other day he said he told
6:40 pm
me he was doing microexpressions on me, i said you are not. >> reporter: this patient said he was able to help her reveal deep, dark memories of abuse during her childhood just by observing her micro expressions. >> i think if i would have known he was doing it, i would have been more guarded. >> reporter: so can micro expressions be used to save someone from suicide or prevent acts of violence? >> with a lot of these horrific incidents where the mass shooters go out and shoot people, a lot of the time they feel very separated from society. they feel very isolated and so, you know, can connection help? absolutely. >> reporter: before we wrapped up, i did have one last question for dor. pewter. have i showed any micro expressions? >> you showed one of anger when you talked about people being angry and i don't know if it's because you feel frustrated of
6:41 pm
the has shootings going on or you want an answer from me you weren't getting. >> reporter: rob mcmillan, abc 7 news. >> i'll be looking at you closer. >> i wouldn't try that. [ laughter ] >> but you do have to study a person's face because they are micro expressions. they come and go really quickly. >> yeah, you have to really be able to catch them. all right. let's toss it over to the weather now. we were cool and cloudy to start but what about tomorrow? >> what about ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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new at 6:00 president trump approved the decoloration. >> the federal agency will provide assistance and coordinate all disaster relief efforts. on 7 on your side michael finney, he is off tonight but in light of the recent earthquakes, his team put together this important information about earthquake insurance, homeowners and renters. 7 on your side tells us one of the biggest bargains out there right now might just be earthquake insurance for renters. if you lose your household belongings in an either quake, none of that is insured unless you specifically have earthquake insurance that is because earthquake damage is specifically excluded from both home owners and renters
6:45 pm
insurance. the ceo of the california earthquake authority explains why renters can get earthquake insurance for $125 a year or less. >> it's extremely inexpensive because it doesn't include the cost to rebuild the structure. that's on the landlords' shoulders. a renter can insure his or her possessions inside the apartment complex, unit and it's cheap. >> the earthquake authority says the average cost of an earthquake insurance policy for homeowners is $800. it could be more depending on the size of your home and how close you are to an earthquake fault. glenn of the earthquake authority says if the same quake that hit ridge crest hit in the bay area, damage would have been in the billions. >> an earthquake expert says last we can's 6.4 and 7.1 magnitude quake in ridge crest happened on a fault that came out of nowhere despite the fact
6:46 pm
that scientists have long known that's a seismically active area. >> unfortunately, it doesn't have a name because these are faults we didn't know about and that's actually rather humbling we could have a magnitude seven on a fault in california that we didn't know about. because we have looked everywhere for california's faults and we missed it. >> ross stein is a scientist stanford professor and founder of an earthquake assessment app. he says these new quakes may have put additional stress on nearby faults and that could trigger more quakes. stein says this is a wakeup call for anyone that's not yet assembled an earthquake emergency kit. >> one thing i have is a collector and it's got a battery in back. so in other words, with a little bit of sun, i can keep my cell phone charged. i have a whistle on my key chain. if i'm trapped in a collapsed
6:47 pm
building, i can do this really loudly for a long time and somebody is not going to try to rescue me unless they know i'm alive on the inside. >> stein says a good emergency kit should also include a debris filtering mask, the type used in wildfires, food, water and first aid kits. he also significant kits at work and your car. >> you can find out more about earthquake insurance and kits at our website, nocc arnocc spencer christian standing by with more on hey, dion. sorry about that. i just saw this report and now talking to dion. here is a live look, fog at the coast and gusty wind and cool around the bay and near the coast right now. overnight lows will generally be
6:48 pm
in the low to mid 50s with a chance of spotty coastal drizzle. then tomorrow's highs will be higher than today especially inland where we'll see low 80s. a bit of a warming trend tomorrow. speaking of warming, the gulf of mexico is warm right now and we're watching a potential for some tropical storm development over these warm waters. we'll keep you posted as we see the beginning of the atlantic hurricane season. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll have mainly sunny skies going into the weekend with an increase in temperatures that will take inland temperatures into the low inland highs into the low 90s by friday and saturday and 80 around the bay shoreline and mid 60s on the coast. that's what i call beach weather. >> thank you sandhya. >> i know these weather people look alike. [ laughter ] >> chris alvarez is here in sports. >> micro expressions on the set, i don't know. coming up in sports, team usa returning home fresh off another women's world cup title and bay area represent. we'll check in on matt chapman,
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
matt chapman home run derby. safe to say they were pumped about taking center stage in cleveland. >> i woke up this morning like
6:52 pm
the first thing i was thinking about like all right. here we go. i got pretty much all today means getting prepared for that. so i'm just excited and trying not to put too much pressure on myself or my dad. >> and here is chappi with pops. speaking of father son duoduos, remember when he won the 2007 home run derby? he's now a big leaguer and he does this. how about he breaks the record, the blue jay slugger 29 homers in the first round hitting the scoreboard back their previous, chapman had quit a hill to climb. historic one at that. got to a good start but finishes with 13 so advancing with a 29-13 win in round one. second in the national league with
6:53 pm
this year with a 1.98 >> it's pretty cool to sit out a year with t.j and come back two years later be an all star at the half way point is something i didn't think would happen. cool feeling. >> the off season continues damian jones and the pick are headed to atlanta in exchange for spelman. the 30th pick in the 2018 draft. played 46 games before an ankle injury to cut the season short. averaged 5.9 points and about 17 half minutes per game. is the heat on to russell westbrook out of okc according to espn and multiple reports, jim is exploring the potential trade in miami, the heats and westbrook expressed mutual
6:54 pm
interest in each other as teams explore the options after trading paul george at the clipper as few days ago. 15-year-old coco continued into the fourth round today. coco getting a good luck kiss from her dad before the match. set point for simona. the far court and watch this. that is just nice. first round set goes to her. double match point and far court and gets to look at this shot. remember, she's only 15 but the fans favorites run. ends in the fourth round. ev 6-3, 6-3. u.s. women's world cup team arrive in new york city fresh off the championship win in the netherlands alex morgan and company will be honored in new york wednesday and then they head out. >> around us with every win that we have and with every moment
6:55 pm
that you have is just incredible. we're literally change makers in this world as we're living through it. it's ridiculous. >> ridiculous, hey, did you see this? the world life carrying championships which we've heard of, right? contests where husbands put their wives over their shoulders and for the second straight year our lithuania couple won the 278 yard course in one minute, six seconds. their names were extremely difficult to say so i avoid that but anyone on this -- >> eric [ laughter ] >> that's a tradition. >> chris, thanks. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20. he says he's breaking one law to
6:56 pm
avoid breaking another. what he's telling store clerks just before he takes their money. that's at 9:00. i'm kate larson in that vad d nova novato, what you need to know about the water in the tanks in case pg&e decides to shut off power because of high fire danger conditions. >> coming up tonight at 8:00 "the bachelorette" followed by grand hotel. >> and stick around, kimmel live comes on at 11:35. tonight's guests include tracy morgan host of the espys. do spencer christian, chris alvarez and the entire spencer christian, chris alvarez
6:57 pm
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lipton®. ♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a freelance writer and editor from barrington, illinois... a stay-at-home mom from royal palm beach, florida... and our returning champion-- a student from macungie, pennsylvania... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. good to have you with us today. sarah, holly, fair warning to you. we have a very bright, young champion in ryan.
7:00 pm
but let's see how things work out in this half-hour. good luck. here we go. ♪ now the categories, starting off with... and we did not misspell "pitcher." we'll have... then... 6-letter words starting with the letter "j" as correct responses. what do you do? you... - ryan, start us, please. - every pitcher, $400. - ryan. - who is satchel paige? - he's the one. - pitcher, $600. sarah.


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