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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 9, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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so watch out for that. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. we could not even see it this time yesterday. today starting off the same, mid to upper 50s. cooler in the north bay. lack of clouds and upper 40s. cooler outside. we will hangout in the 60s at the coast where it's not as breezy as yesterday, 70 with more sunshine at noon. a whole lot more sunshine at 4:00 except for the high clouds that will come in and that will keep us in the mid to upper 70s. high clouds and sunshine, and gorgeous sunset. we are taking you out to the bay point area, a crash eastbound state 4, and they did another traffic break so a couple through the area. five vehicles involved in the crash. two of them needed a ctow truck to get cleared from the scene. a quick check of drive times.
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overall, looking good. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, still in the green at nine minutes. today lawmakers in sacramento will consider big rebates if you buy an electric car. >> when we say big, we are talking about thousands of dollars. amy hollyfield is live with the details. >> reporter: hi, reggie. a state lawmaker thinks cars like these are the answer to saving our planet. he thinks the state should pay you to drive an electric car. assemblyman is proposing a 7,500 rebate for people that buy electric cars. the current rebate is 2,500, so he wants to triple it and he wants to add urgency to the bill
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so you have an incentive to make the move now. he had activist on hand at his press conference to talk about the need for electric cars. >> gasoline cars are driving us towards climate chaos. we have to stop using fossil fuel vehicles. >> he wants to boost sales of electric cars that he says right now california is not on track to meet its goals for reducing greenhouse emissions. the bill will be heard in committee today, and would still have to pass through the full senate and assembly. live in dublin, amy san francisco billionaire, tom steyer, made it official he will be running for president. back in january he originally said he would not run for the democratic nomination. it appears he has reconsidered.
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he held a private conference call last week to share the news. steyer has been a vocal opponent of trump's policies and pumped millions into a campaign to impeach him. we will bring you his video announcement in the next half hour. the victim of a deadly shooting in the mission district was a 15-year-old boy, that according to the chronicle. they tried to save his life but he died at the scene. police chased a possible getaway car with the suspects in it but then they lost it. the man accused of killing two people in san mateo county says he wants to represent himself in court. he plead not guilty to murder charges yesterday. prosecutors say he lured his victims to skyline boulevard to
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kill them. in a jailhouse interview he told abc7 news that he doesn't remember anything and woke up in the hospital. happening today the san francisco fire department is set to release results from an unprecedented study aiming to evaluate the safety of the crews that responded to the fire. they have been monitoring 148 firefighters who responded to the fire to see how the fire is impacting their well-being. power could be shut off when there's a high risk of fire and now it could impact the water supply in north marin county. a potential problem could occur if pg&e decides to cut fire during high-fire conditions.
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>> based upon what pg&e was projecting for how long power could be interrupted for, we are planning for the worst case scenario, seven days without power. >> the district spent more than $200,000 buying and renting the portable generators to maintain water supply in the event of an unplanned outage. the city of hayward is targeting soft story buildings that could be at risk of collapsing during a major earthquake. the ordinance will require the owners of about 300 buildings to fill out forms telling the city what shape their buildings are in, and owners are not going to be required to refit their buildings because of the high costs involved. abc7 news can help you prepare for an earthquake or any
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natural disaster. we have tips on what to pack in an emergency kit on our website. why one group is urging the district not to paint it over. here's a live look at san rafael where it's partly cloudy this morning. your neighbor just to the north is going to be indicative of what is happening to the rest of us with a 10-degree warming today.
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this is abc7 mornings. >> said strictly in the sarcasm font, look at is the way it looks at the golden gate bridge. better than yesterday. winds at 14 miles per hour. more sunshine if you are out and about, not as breezy as the beaches or at the bay. east bay valleys, starting in the 50s. by 11:00, tomid-80s, a a
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at 7:00. total sunshine by 11:00. so afternoon with high clouds and sunshine. we'll go from low clouds to high clouds in the south bay from 56 this morning to 70 at noon to mid and upper 70s this afternoon. i'll show you the 90s coming up next. here's alexis. overall looking at a quiet start to the tuesday morning drive. we have had a handful of morning issues but none sticking around for too long. looking at delays getting out of tracy right now. 14 miles per hour on 580. definitely seeing the usual crawl. we had a minor crash on westbound 580 that was moved to the shoulder very quickly and sounds like they are clearing it to brake check area as we speak. a quick check of the north bay. southbound lanes in the san rafael area, moving along without any issues. low clouds filling in but no
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dense fog advisory today. and then "the chronicle" reports 400 educators from across the country and around the world signed a petition to keep the mural inside of george washington high school. it denounces the history of racism by painting over it. the school board voted last month to paint over the mural. the hidden way android appss could be tracking you. what a new study is suggesting you should do to make the most
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the supreme court may soon be tacking the case of a mass woman that pressured her boyfriend into committing suicide. she was found guilty of the charge after encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself through text messages and phone calls. the defense argues it was free speech.
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hd to court to defend theornia fate of the affordable care act. 18 republican-led states asked the court to invalidate the act over its requirement that all americans have health insurance. a decision by the court could have a major impact on health care benefits for many of us. nancy pelosi is pushing republicans to allocate more money to protect the 2020 elections from foreign interference. pelosi is hoping to take her cause public now. she says the threat of foreign government interference is real. last year congress allocated $300 million in grants and mcconnell said it's enough and two weeks ago the house voted to add another $600 million. >> people said to us, okay, the russians disrupted our elections
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and made a difference in our elections, what are you going to do about it. safe. >> her safe plan stands for the securing america federal elections act. it would upgrade or replace electronic voting machines and give a study by a team of researchers was presented at the federal trade commissions priva privacy con. if you say no to one app, a second app you approved could share information with the other. google is working on a fix but won't come until android cube, which is expected to be released this year. turns out it doesn't matter
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when you work out, just matters that you are consistent. while many people squeeze in a quick run, if you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to exercise at the same time each day. researchers say if you adopt a routine you are more likely to stick to it. that's the science. also part of my routine of going to the gym is the 30 minutes of beforehand of i don't want to do this, but i should, but i don't want to. >> did you say 30 minutes before? >> yeah. >> i think about it 30 seconds before. >> i am on the machine yawning, asking why am i here? >> it's just because of your consistent schedule, nothing to do with your body chemistry or time of day? >> when i work on saturday's on an empty stomach, i lose more weight. >> interesting.
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>> that's me. you have the energy to keep going after fasting all night and -- >> after a good night's sleep, yes. absolutely. it's still going to be gorgeous today. a little warm in some areas since the 80s are coming back, and not like this weekend when you will want to exercise in the morning or inside. here's a beautiful shot from mt. tam this morning. you will have inland summer heat this weekend. here's today's warming trend. looks like a winter storm, doesn't it? this cloud cover, it's drawing warmth up from the south. los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy, low the mid-80s. on the peninsula today, mainly mid-70s. as you get closer to millbrae,
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you drop down to the 70s. mid to upper 60s for downtown. mainly upper 70s to low 80s for the north bay, and then along the east bay shore, back in the 70s. the east bay valleys, as we go from 76 in san ramon and 86 in brentwood. tonight mid-50s to low 60s with pretty much the same cloud cover as this morning. you could gather a couple degrees here and there. by the time we get to friday, still 60s at the coast. overall we have been looking okay this morning. got to show you the bay bridge toll plaza once again where the metering lights are on, but not looking too terrible on the left side, the cash lanes are not too stacked up. no delays if you are using carpool lanes. one of the longer term blocking issues, eastbound 80 near willow
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past road, there was a five-car crash. the bigger issue is on the westbound side, a lot of you slowing down to take a look at the activity on the other side of the roadway. 57-minute drive, southbound 101, santa rosa to san francisco, and ookingre at minutes. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> paula ferris with a look at what is ahead on the show. >> hey, reggie and natasha. reggie and i go way back to a couple weeks ago. >> i heard the green room was so much fun. >> we took amazing photos and hung out in the green room and the only thing missing, you. join him next time. >> next time. >> it's great to hear you in my ear. wish i could see you. coming up on "gma," a new
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tropical threat forming now and severe weather threat, and also multimillionaire, jeffrey ebstein waking up behind bars this morning. our exclusive with two of his accusers, and a former president breaks his silence. big changes coming to instagram. the social media app is cracking down on bullying. we are going one-on-one with coco gauff fresh off wimbleton. the women's soccer team is here in times square celebrating. it's all coming up on "gma." serious, natasha, come out and take a couple photos, and reggie you are invited back as well. >> after i met paula with my friends and my husband, it was paula this and paula that for the rest of the morning because she's such a star.
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more road heat across alaska. the average high is 64, and the old record was 80. look at the temperatures today. we will be nearing 90 in fair banks pushing records once again. disney is recalling this toy story toy because the eyes can come off. his name is forkie. the problem with the eyes can create a choking hazard. so far no reports of any actual injuries. 80,000 of the toys were sold over the past threeamazon, some
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workers will spend prime day on the picket line. it's all a push to improve pay and working conditions for the facilities heavily east african workforce. a work advocate is organizing the strike and rally. 6:26. happening today, wiener there are ten locations here. still ahead, san francisco billionaire, tom steyer makes it official he is running for president. the announcement within the
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this is not your average conference call. the sneaky way your coworkers may be watching netflix at work. good morning on this tuesday, july 9th. >> no, no, nothing here. would never do it, mike. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. you are all caught up with "stranger things." >> yeah, we're getting there. there's a big surprise at the ending, so we'll see. no surprise in the forecast other than summer is coming back as we seem to keep trying to start summr and it keeps going away. here's a look at the breezes. notice the gray not covering all of the neighborhoods either. look at santa cruz, it's very beautiful. near 60 along the coast to low 60s. mid to upper 70s at 4:00 and near 70 at 7:00. here's alexis with the commute. >> have one new problem to talk about on southbound 880 on dixon landing road coming into the milpitas area. one car hit another car and the two right lanes blocked, backup stretching to mission boulevard. the rest of the south bay looking typical, though. a little delay leaving milpitas. no other major blocking issues. >> alexis, thank you. new this morning, billionaire activist tom steyer just made the announcement he is running for president. >> good morning, jobina. >> tom steyer is changing course. earlier this year he decided he would not join the race for the
6:32 am
democratic presidential nomination, and he is he is he s himself an outsider opposing the corporate takeover of our democracy. steyer is from california, specifically in our area, and he has grown frustrated at the pace the democratic house is approaching the president. his campaign released the video on youtube. >> americans are deeply disappointed and hurt by the way they are treated by what they think is the power elite in washington, d.c., and that goes across party lines and you have to take the corporate syernteri crded fie o pels. athe debate. the democratic national committee will hold a tie
6:33 am
breaker to determine who gets to the stage. reporting in the news room, abc7 news. >> thank you. stayer's entrance into the is after one dropped out. >> in my case, i didn't want to mislead my family, my staff, our supporters, my constituents. >> swalwell says he will run for re-election to congress. the buildings misled him and he believed it was safe. the defense claims the fatal fire was set by molotov
6:34 am
cocktails by men in dark clothing. the two men face decades in prison for the deaths of 36 people in december of 2016. and then details on the crime spree committed by a man that took four hits of lsd. he's a engineer. he remains in critical condition after being shot three times by a sheriff deputy. t he stole a security truck and slammed into a chp car before a veteran deputy opened fire. we have highlight this police chase for you. officers spotted them break into a car yesterday. officers say the two men tried to get away in the car but crashed after a few blocks.
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police pulled both men out of the car and arrested them. in the east bay a toddler fell from a second story home. emergency crews rushed the 18-month-old child to the hospital by helicopter. you are invited to a meeting to learn more about the pg&e proposed rate hike. they want to raise it for wildfire safety improvements. so for you it means your monthly gas and electric bills would jump by $10.50. today's rate hike meeting stpaurstarts at 1:00 p.m. on in may state regulators voted to let pg&e decide on its own to shut off power, and that outage could last up to seven
6:36 am
days. long outages could have severe consequences. pg&e says de-energizing lines is not a decision it takes lightly. >> the shutoffs could happen in urban areas as well. there was an open house so customers could learn what it needs to do. pg&e says it will give 48 hours notice before it shuts off your power. >> people are talking about generators, and that's a whole other bag of worms. >> we want people to know we don't take this lightly, but it's for the safety of our customers and the communities we serve. >> in sacramento wildfire survivors stood outside of the state capital to support an assembly bill that would provide more legal protection for fire victims and create more safety regulation for utilities. happening today an informational picket will be held this morning at two south bay hospitals calling attention
6:37 am
to nurse staffing levels. turnover rates was 20% between february of 2018 and february of this year. the association says the median turnover rate statewide in 2015 was just 3.2%. a mobile recycling program in san francisco will not be happening anytime soon. "the examiner" reports the city failed to secure $3 million in state funding, and the senate budget committee did not grant the money. the city is applying for the recycling and recovery department. coming up, relief efforts for those hit by the earthquakes. and then another updat how the dngg up > with00 convince you to buy an electric car?
6:38 am
>> that could push me over the edge. i have been thinking about it. my car has 272,000 miles on it. it's about time. can't wait to see that story. 52 in alan rock. mid to upper 50s in the south bay. taking it to the north bay, clear skies, upper 40s to low 50s. walnut creek, south on 680, your commute, drizzle confined to the coast. mass transit is drier. on the bay, no small craft advisory today. topp 70s for the til 9:00, and afternoon hours, and low clouds to high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. east bay, low clouds hanging around from 9:00 to 10:00, and then sunshine and high clouds as we near 70 for the afternoon hours. san francisco, low clouds never completely go away but will
6:39 am
definitely be less numerous. high clouds will cap our warning in the low to mid-60s. temperatures won't get out of control today, but 80s and 90s coming for our bay neighborhoods. let's go over to alexis to talk about the commute. >> let's go back to the milpitas area, southbound 880 with an issue near dixon landing road. sounds like there was a large car part in the roadway, some type of debris. one vehicle hit that and caused another vehicle to crash into it. we have a two-car crash with possible injuries at this point, one of the vehicles with damage is also leaking fuel. two lanes blocked and the backup to mission boulevard and maybe a little beyond that for right now. overall though looking okay. here's golden gate bridge, southbound 101, no dense fog advisory today, and a little sun
6:40 am
breaking through as well. if you are doing that commute to or from marin county, and bart train service, normal service, and golden gate ferry, another reminder the delayed. we'll be right back. this is a 7 on your side quick tip. hidden fees are everywhere. you check into a hotel and that's when you find out there's a resort fee, a wi-fi fee, and even a safe fee. are they allowed to do that? here's the simple rule. did they tell you before you bought the product? did they tell you before you got the final bill? if the answer is yes then it's legal. that's why here in san francisco when you look at a menu in a restaurant, down at the bottom the majority of the time will
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say san francisco mandate fee, 3%. what does that mean? it doesn't
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by finding the best deals on paint and stain. lowe's knows you do it right we do it right too, with big savings on top brands like valspar, cabot and hgtv home by sherwin williams. the time is right at lowe's. the biggest concerns when the temperatures start to rise, pollution follows suit. we will have good to barely moderate air quality which means we will be fine when we get to some of the hot temperatures on
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firefighter. low to mid-70s with afternoon sunshine for san diego and l.a. look at this, showers in eureka. more of a winter-type of storm for them. will be in the 70s and 80s in tahoe and yosmite today with low to mid-80s and total sunshine this weekend in tahoe. imagine how gorgeous the lake will look. efforts are ramping up for communities hit hard in the powerful earthquakes. >> president trump approved a federal disaster. our sister station in l.a. has the latest. >> reporter: there has been a cluster of aftershocks, the largest overnight was a 3.6. the aftershocks as assistant is under way, an emergency decoration is under way.
6:45 am
the declaration allows federal agencies like fema and homeland security to coordinate disaster relief efforts, and people living here need it. it's not just the damage, there's also an emotional toll. some families in this area still sleeping in tents overnight for fear for when the next big one will hit. reporting in ridge crest, abc7 news. >> with thousands of aftershocks, it's hard to blame them. governor gavin newsom tweeted out a rare thank you after president trump announced federal help. would you buy an electric car if it meant getting $7,500 back. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield is live in dublin
6:46 am
with how this could help build a better bay area. >> reporter: well, is this the answer to fighting climate change? one lawmaker thinks driving electric cars will make a huge difference. he would like for you to get $7,500 back if you buy an electric car. that's the proposal from one assemblyman. right now california offers a $2,500 rebate, so he is offering to triple it up to 7,500, but he designed the bill so the rebate would decrease over time. he wants people to make the move today rather than waiting. he said the current rebate doesn't creator skwrupb see. >>. >> if you can get 2,500 in year and $2,500 three years from now, what is the incentive to get into a clean car today or yesterday? there is none.
6:47 am
>> reporter: it's unclear how the state would pay for this. the bill says the state cannot raise taxes for this. the bill will go before the senate transportation committee today and if it survives it will have to pass through the full senate and assembly. the earliest we could see the rebates is sometime next year. >> thank you so much. it's 6:47. 23 governors are joining california to oppose the trump administrations plan to freeze vehicle mileage standards. the mileage program was one of former president o o o o it argues demanding more fuel efficient vehicles will keep less safe older vehicles on the road longer. in the east bay the highway california patrol is paying
6:48 am
extra attention to drivers on one freeway. >> they have their work cut out for them. recent work and a project to widen the corridor have made itt dangerous. >> you have to see them before they see you, don't you? >> uh-huh. that's the ticket. >> he's not just looking for the fast drivers. the officer said he is also watching for people going too slow. now to your morning money report. 18,000 people after a job after deutsch bank announced world-wide layoffs. the bank has struggled to make consistent profits despite a number of previous overhauls. in a statement the ceo said we will only operate where we are competitive. he added, we simply spread
6:49 am
ourselves too thin. sir richard branson space tourism could be the first publicly space flight company. they are hoping to take virgin galactic public this year to raise capital. a live look at the new york stock exchange. as trading gets under way, we are down 123 points right now. work productivity is about to go way down. there's a way to hide that you are watching netflix instead of working. it let's you disguise your favorite show to make it looks like you are in a four-person conference call, but one of those calls is actually the programmer watching while slacking off. now you might get away with it unless somebody notices your
6:50 am
conference call includes three perfect strangers and the cast of "the office" or whatever it is you are watching. but you can try it. >> yeah, it's creative. i like it. >> let us know how it goes. >> there's always a way around the system. or at least somebody is trying to find a way no matter what it is. no getting out of the heat unless you go to the coast this weekend. summer is coming back, but how long will it stay this time. you can see a solid deck of grayness out there, but i promise you more sunshine today even with the high clouds this afternoon. that will help us warm up a little more than yesterday. in fact, 4 to 10 degrees over yesterday's levels. the summer weekend heat will stay inland, and the coast stpestill comfortable. look at this. a much cleaner bay as we head towards noon and into the afternoon hours, and that's what is going to boost our
6:51 am
temperatures. let's go to microclimates. 73 in santa cruz, and 80s in morgan hill, for the rest of th south bay. millbrae, in the 70s. still comfortable on the peninsula. low to mid-60s, not nearly as breezy along the coast and maybe a sliver of sunshine. you can see blue spots right there. mid to upper 70s downtown in san francisco and sausalito, mid-70s to low 80s through the north bay. 70 to 76. as you move inland, about 76 to see the 86 in brentwood. that's a teaser of what is to come. a couple degrees tomorrow, and a couple more thursday and before you know it friday through monday, 90s inland and 80s around the bay, but those 60s stay at the coast. have a good day. here's alexis. >> let's take you back to the milpitas area. we still have the two lanes blocked here on southbound 880.
6:52 am
started off with a large piece of debris in the roadway, and one person hit it and became disabled and then another person hit that first one. it turned into a two-car crash. we have a couple lanes blocked and a couple injuries, and it's a backup well past mission boulevard at this point. expect delays on 880 if you are taking that into the south bay. and then tracy to dublin, still under an hour. 55 minutes for you. antioch to concord, heavy all morning. a crash on the eastbound side of the road caused by onlooker delay. a bay area man gored during the running of the bulls in spain could be out of the hospital today. encounter on th desire to take a selfie. a 6-ton bull hit him in the neck
6:53 am
on sunday. he says t tion was too strong to resist. he ran most of the course and then returned to shoot a video when thought that the danger had passed. >> it was like a truck or a car just hitting the side of my head, and i put my hand behind my neck and i saw blood and i could feel my neck just opened up, and i was stunned. then some random guy grabbed my wrist and knew that i was hurt and just ran me to the medics. defender for santa clara county. it's 6:53. plenty to consider in an attempt to build a better bay area. a pet shop is doing its part for the animals and to allow it to stay open. andy's pet shop is going from pet shop to a non-profit adoption center. it served the south bay for
6:54 am
nearly 70 years. the owner says they can no longer afford costs to care for the animals or to pay rent. a change to a non-profit would mean more money through grants and additional support. >> a non-profit adoption center, could get the resources needed to care for animals, one vet bill and one animal getting sick could wipe out a month's worth of adoption fees. >> we have a link on our website for more information about the shop's change. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our build a better bay area group on facebook. talking about the historic world cup win. they scored a record 26 goals over the course of the world cup tournament. this morning their captain said everyone can support their team and campaign for equal pay. >> go watch your team.
6:55 am
watch your local club teams. i think there's a parted in this for everybody to do, and i think we old conversation behind us and now it's time for the action. >> new york city will host a victory parade for the team tomorrow morning, and then headed to l.a. for the espy awards. coming up next, seven things you need to know before you go. >> first, your insta picture of the day. you can see more great photos
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it's 6:58. if you are just joining us or going out the door, here's what you need to know. billionaire, tom steyer is running for president. he has been one of president trump's most vocal opponents. he has grown frustrated at the pace the democratic-controlled house is approaching the president. ghost ship founder is expected to be back on the stand for the rest of the week. he told jurors he was misled about the safety of the building. he faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter charges. sng up shop in kern county, the hard egs hit part of
6:59 am
the state from last week's quakes. number four, the public is invited to the meeting about pg&e's proposed rate hike, meaning your gas and electric bills would jump by $10.50. good thing you won't need the air-conditioner today, but we have a nice rebound in the temperatures this afternoon from 60s at the coast and 70s around the bay, and even a few 80s showing up inland. number six, looking live at the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 getting reports of a crash with a motorcycle. can't see too much here other than heavy traffic, but that's just pass the toll plaza. cheap hot dogs at wienerschnitzel today. the limit is 10 hot dogs per person. joey chestnut, they don't want to see you.
7:00 am
>> i don't think he wants to see them either, on his day off. >> good morning, america. the new tropical threat forming right now heading toward the gulf as severe storms move east. record rain and flash flooding forcing rescues from north dakota to washington, d.c. drivers stranded on top of cars. this train slammed by a waterfall of rain and flooding in the white house basement. and now a possible tropical storm forming in the gulf coast. behind bars. multimillionaire jeffrey epstein in custody this morning. new video of the raid on his manhattan mansion and the disturbing discovery. what prosecutors say they found in his home. now, two of his accusers speaking out exclusively on "gma" and former president bill clinton breaking his silence. obamacare under fire. the showdown in a courtroom today that could wipe out coverage for m


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