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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 11, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coming up on 6:00 a.m. good morning to you on this thursday july the accuweather forecast. let's take a look at live doppler 7. not as much gray except for around the bay and some of the valleys. coastal valleys in the north bay, this is how it looks in san jose. expect temperatures to be warmer this afternoon after starting off a little bit cooler this morning. mid 50s to around 60. 72 to 80 our lunchtime temperatures for our bay and inland neighborhoods. it's going to be toasty if you're standing out in the sunshine at 4:00. back into the 70s by 7:00. how about the traffic? we're looking a little bit typical this morning. a lot of folks maybe not heading to school or work today. sounds good. metering lights were on at 5:20 this morning for the bay bridge toll plaza. we've got wires down on the line
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for muni riders. inbound and outbound trains closed. our state representatives could change the way wildfires are paid for in the future. >> it could pass costs on to you. amy holyfield is live for us in concord. >> reporter: good morning. pg&e is already declaring bankruptcy. this bill would protect pg&e and try to prevent us from having a wildfire crisis. the bill creates a fund for wildfire victims, a $21 billion fund. this would protect the utility from having to take on this cost. this would be for future victims, not victims of the huge wildfires of the past two years. the money would come from customers and shareholders.
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there's a $2.50 charge you're already paying every month. it's a charge that was set to expire. this bill would extend it and put the money in this fund. the wildfire bill is going before the assembly today. if it passes, it heads to the governor's desk and would be put into effect just as this year's wildfire season gets underway. abc 7 news. thank you. and happening tonight, pg&e is hosting a wildfire safety open house. earlier this week a similar event was held in oakland where residents learned about power shutoffs in times of fire danger. pg&e said it will give a 48 hour notice to you. now to a ransacked house in san francisco we have been telling you about. the mayor i woman who says she's ready to move out of the city. we first told you about this on
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wednesdayi wednesday. burglars stole clothes, jewelry and family heirlooms. and then they left this mess on her dining room table, including used hyperdermic needles and heroin. abc 7 news asked the mayor what's being done to stop this. >> of course i understand her reaction to this issue. so that means we have to work harder to make sure that we have more police officers on the streets, that we are addressing some of the causes of crime in the first place. investing in the right programs. >> glad to hear she's thinking about it t. but i think we need really specific plans. i want to know exactly what the plan is. >> city officials say there are significant investments in police in this year's budget and they are hoping that will turn things around. happening today, president trump will address whether a question about citizenship will appear on the 2020 census. the president tweeted out this morning he'll talk about it at a white house news conference. mr. trump wants the next census to ask people about their
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citizenship status. the supreme court recently ruled to ban that question. the president has threatened to issue an executive order in order to get his way. house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats have to stop the public infighting and focus on the party's common goals like defeating president trump in 2020. the warning came during a closed door meeting with house democrats. a few freshmen members, including new york representative alexandria ocasio-cortez have taken aim at the party on television interviews and on social media. pelosi says if someone has a complaint talk to her about it, don't tweet it out. she says the few disgruntled members have a limited following inside the house. a planned renovation is forcing a south bay gym to move for a year. why neighbors are not happy with its temporary home. amazon echo, give me some medical advice. the new future rolling out on some smart speakers. and here let's take a look at what's going on outside. the temperatures around san
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step outside this morning, you'll notice it's a couple
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degrees cooler, mid 50s to low 60s. pier 39, a little foggy around san francisco. if you're going to stay the pool is the good way to do it. the beaches will be breezy. exercising, better do it early. small craft advisories east of the golden gate bridge. so east bay valleys starting off in the 60s, nearing 90 this afternoon. look at the peninsula, 62 at 7:00 to near 80 with total sunshine this afternoon. down in the south bay we're sunny and will stay that way with low to mid 80s. one of our only issues this morning was a disabled pickup truck on the south end of the antioch bridge. givingio you the thumbs up now. they were in the towing process 15 minutes ago and now it's fully cleared. i watched that change from red
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to yellow and now we're back in the green. drive times, doing okay here westbound 580 tracy in to dublin. typical delays out of the central valley. 4 minutes for you. 680 to 5, 16 minutes. highway 101 to coupupertinocupe minutes. a man struck by a smart train has been identified. he was facing charges of sexual abuse against minors. his death on tuesday was ruled a suicide. fencing will be installed in order to make it safer. the new fencing goes up after two deadly pedestrians accidents happened at that spot in the last week of june. over the course of two days, a train struck a bicyclist, also a woman after she was walking under the gate crossing arm. officials are looking into increasing security at that intersection. i don't know if you're ready
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for this next video. three men caught on surveillance robbing a store, they've been called the beavis and butthead bandits. they tried to hide their identities by pulling their shirts over their heads. you'll see it right there. goes for the belly rub and i do not understand why. this happened monday morning around 2:30. the store estimates they got away with $5,000 in cash, alcohol, and cigarettes. it's offering a $500 reward for information leading to their arrests. >> okay. all right. pg&e is facing more trouble this morning. the report that has a judge demanding answers. the sports world celebrates its biggest stars. the inspirational bay area coach who is bringing home an espy. >> that's great story. as we head to break, a live look outside, a very foggy sfo. you know what fog at sfo means
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thanks for the ride-along, captain!
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6:13. a federal judge is ordering pg&e to respond to any article published by the journal." documents were obtained showing 49 metal tires that carried the
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line needed to be fully replaced. pg&e delayed upgrading its oldest lines ranking them as low risk projects. detailed inspections began after the camp fire killed 85 people. one activist says she's not surprised by what was uncovered. >> this is a company that puts profits before people again and again and again. >> pg&e decided to retire the transmission line blamed for starting the camp fire. in the south bay, neighborhoods in one community say a te temporary gym is disrupting a sacred space, the veteran's memorial. those opposed are concerned about activity disturbing the peace. this woman's son is remembered at the memorial. he was on board flight 93 on 9/11 and he and others thwarted
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the high jackers' plan to crash a plane in washington, d.c. she says the memorial has helped her heal. >> i have no ill will for the gym or the people who want to have a thriving business here. it seems inappropriate to me. >> the $11 million remodel should take about 12 months. star athletes recognized at the espy awards in la. the u.s. women's victory at the world cup was front and center. they accepted the best team award. alex morgan got especially recognition for her six goals and three assists during the world cup. she won an espy for best female athle athlete. >> this is probably the second best trophy we won this week. >> another big moment, south bay football coach rob mendez honored with the jimmy v. award for his perseverance. >> who says i can't? nobody! yeah!
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>> mendez has a syndrome, a rare disorder that caused him to be born with no arms or legs. he was an assistant coach at prospect high school in saratoga and eventually hired as head coach. after he became head coach, the team finished second in the conference. that is how he does it. >> he's amazing. you know what he said? when you focus on what you can do instead of what you can't do, you really can go places. >> look where he went. all the way to the stage of the es espys, congrats. >> it's a place to showcase people like him that can inspire so many people. so happy about that. congratulations, coach. let's talk about the weather. we'll move on and show you what's going on. this is above the cloud deck. a beautiful view this morning, it's 62. below it, you can barely see anything crossing the golden gate bridge this morning. watch out for that patchy fog that's out there through the morning commute. warming trend continues this afternoon.
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we'll have patchy fog and low clouds and cool conditions again tonight. the heat wave is going to stay mainly in our inland neighborhoods this weekend. here's a look at a little bit of drizzle, a little bit of mist along the coast until 10:00 as the clouds will slowly decrease, melt away from the rest of our neighborhoods. there will be clouds across the golden gate bridge for the better part of the day. south bay, really stuck out in my mind, morgan hill near 90. 81 and sunshine in santa cruz. watch out for the strong sun. 80 to 83 for most of the south bay. 83 san jose. mid to upper 70s most of the peninsula. r redwood city, 80. breezy along the coast today. 68 in downtown san francisco with a mostly sunny sky. up through the north bay, 80s are going to dominate your forecast. mid to upper 70s along the east bay show. co richmond, 72. east bay valleys, should i turn
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it on? i'm omgoinly going to need it f couple hours, you saved a lot of money so far this month because we haven't had to use it, why not, turn the. mid 50s to low 60s tonight. here's a look at my seven-day forecast. we've got mid to upper 90s friday, saturday, sunday inland. low to mid 80s around the bay in the 60s at the coast. san francisco will touch 70 this weekend. good morning. we're continuing our pretty mild commute so far today. trying to get to the bottom of a mystery slowdown though on westbound highway 4 as you come into the martinez area just before 680. a stretch of red that's normally not there, 29 miles per hour. i don't know what is causing that. we don't have any incidents in the area according to chp. not sure if we have emergency road repair but i'm trying to get to the bottom of that. boy, really low visibility on the golden gate bridge this morning.
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as of right now we don't have a dense fog advisory. seems like we could use one this morning. definitely drive for conditions. slowdown and increase that following distance when you have that visibility when it's that low. mass transit, wires down on muni's line at arletta and bayshore. bus shuttle is provided instead between bay shore and armstrong. good morning america coming up at 7:00, look who it is. >> it's ginger with a look at what's ahead. hey, ginger. >> good morning, so good to be with you guys this morning. coming up right here on gma i'm going to be tracking that tropical threat in the gulf. if you have interest in new orleans or mississippi coast, you'll want to listen up. or if you have plans to visit there. mandatory evacuations are underway and will expand as the soon to be tropical storm if not hurricane should make landfall
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and bring 10 to 20 inches of rain. also, what could be driving those shark attacks. we're out on the water with answers from the scientists who think they might have figured it out. it has to do with weather and the wind. we've got a big lawsuit over an ivf mixup you kaecan't -- th story is horrific. parents are furious after their child was born to the wrong mother. we'll explain it all and we'll tell you how often this happened. summer screen time solutions. the parents paying big money, hiring coaches to help kids put their devices down. we'll give you tips right from the coaches' mouths. it's coming up here on gmaing. >> don't you just take it out of their hands? >> ginger, okay. you're the only one that has boys, that has kids. what do you do? you have these two young ones that love their screens? >> you know what s? they don't even know what a screen is. they're three and one and so far they don't know how to hold an
6:21 am
ipad. so far so good. i know that's not going to last. they're going to give you tips. the hardest part is when other friends start having it. then they say, wait, i need one. this is pretty interesting. i'd just take it away from them. >> that's what i'm saying. >> ginger laying down the law. e bad news for people who love their juice and soda. ther
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starting off sunny and 60 in walnut creek. 30 degrees warmer this afternoon as you flirt with 90. the inland neighborhoods will feel the heat. above average temperatures just about everywhere today. we still have our hottest days ahead of us this weekend. thanks. a new transportation option could help build a better bay area. new electric bikes are now available in oakland. >> the old bike now called bay wheels delivered the first bikes to the city yesterday. they have a retractable cable lock. the new e-bikes debuted in san jose last month. you'll see them in san francisco, berkeley and emeryvil emeryville. all the old bikes were pulled in
6:25 am
may because of a problem with the brakes. this rider shows abc broken arm after the brakes locked up. and now to a new health study this morning that says just a small glass of juice or soda a day can increase your overall risk of cancer by nearly 20%. researchers say the main driver here seems to be sugar. more than 100,000 french adults took part in the study. researchers found that drinking about a third of a canof soda could increase your cancer risk by 18%. a 22% increase in risk for breast cancer. researchers say high sugary drinks contribute to obesity and weight gain. obesity in itself is a risk factor for cancer. people in the uk in need of medical advice will soon be able to ask alexa. amazon is teaming up with the national health services to bring its health information to
6:26 am
the device. the partnership will allow the voice activated assistant to automatically search nhs web pages to find answers to medical questio questions, including how to treat a migraine. amazon says all the information would be kept confidential. well. >> nah. >> we've heard this many times before. >> you don't trust it? >> i just know -- i don't know. i guess that in the future we'll be doing a story about how that confidential information wasn't so. >> maybe not. coming up, new air pods coming in time for christmas. there will be major changes from the current version. president trump's planned i.c.e. raids appear to be back on. ten cities across the country will be targeted, including san francisco. we're live in the newsroom this morning with what you need to know. ahead, it's not
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now at 6:30. a new day for i.c.e. raids on undocumented immigrants. when agents will target ten cities, including san francisco. i can tell when het s gng gobad. >> w new information on an acid trip gone very wrong. that security guard ended up
6:30 am
stabbed. that's not even the half of it. it may look picture perfect, but officials are asking tourists to stay away. the major problem with this beautiful body of water. they're doing it for the likes. there's nothing to like about it. >> doing it for the gram is terrible. that story and so much more for you. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your forecast. we're going to start seeing the first sign of 90s approach our neighborhoods. they'll just continue building throughout the next couple of days. hi, everybody. here's a look at live doppler 7. no gray in some of our inland neighbors. definitely gray around the bay and out towards the coast. this is how gorgeous it looks from the east bay hills. i'm running a time lapse on that as the clouds are cascading through the hills. i'll post that a little bit later on today when it's finished. mid to upper 50s. a little bit cooler this morning, not as much cloud cover.
6:31 am
where the cloud is thick you have to be careful. 60s at the coast. near 80 to 90. summer is here at 4:00. alexis? good morning. we're looking at things slowly filling in on the richmond side of the san rafael bridge. i just checked, a 10, 15 minute delay on westbound 380. not as bad as it can be at this time of day. it's getting busier, but overall it's not terrible. our drive times are looking okay. westbound 580 you're in theul e yellow 46 minute. west 4, antioch to concord, haven't figured out why it's slow approaching 680. southbound 101, san rafael to san franciso, very foggy across the golden gate. that doesn't seem to be slowing you down. 16 minutes. we're tracking this developing news. i.c.e. raids on thousands of undocumented families are set to begin this sunday. they're back on after the president delayed them last month. >> san francisco is one of the
6:32 am
cities set to be targeted according to the "new york times." we're tracking these details. > >> check out this map and the ten cities that are set to be impacted. atlanta, houston, los angeles and down at the end, right here in san francisco. this plan has been heavily criticized by the democratic lawmakers. many finding the process to be cruel. president trump postponed the raids to give lawmakers time to work out their own immigration proposals. i.c.e. agents were targeting at least 2,000 immigrants. i.c.e. is not commenting on the specific details on the operation ahead. many immigrant advocates have started campaigns to make sure people know their rights when i.c.e. agents show up at their doors. i.c.e. agents are not legally allowed to forcibly enter someone's house. te report says i.c.e.'s goal is to deport the families as quickly as possible. reporting live in the studio this morning, abc 7 news.
6:33 am
>> if you're worried, you do have rights. we have resources for you. also tips for what to do if i.c.e. shows up at your front door. it's all on our news app and police are asking your help in finding the vehicle they believe ran over a tourist. two auto burglars were in this silver bmw when they deliberately hit the man at the legion of honor on tuesday. the victim had been snapping pictures of the suspects after they broke into his car. the mayor says a police staffing shortage makes it hard to prevent crimes. >> this is is why i push for more academy classes. we do need a police presence in areas where we know there are large groups of people at any given time. >> the victim remains in the hospital with life threatening injuries. it's 6:33. a san francisco man accused of a drug fueled rampage on july 4th is scheduled to be arraigned from his hospital bed.
6:34 am
now details are at exactly happ night in bodega bay. >> i said don't touch the truck. he turned around and grabbed -- came at me with both -- with this light post in both hands into my chest. but, you know, i can tell when he started coming towards me it was going to go bad. >> that's the security guard driving what happened when he says he was stabbed by the suspect. authorities say he went on that rampage after taking a large amount of acid during a party. eventually he attacked the guard, stealing his truck and investigators say he then hit three people. that still wasn't the end. >> 8:00 at night on july 4th i heard gun shots. i knew it was gun shots. >> what she heard was a sheriff deputy opening fire at him who was driving towards a chp officer's car. he survived three gun shots. he's currently in critical condition. all the victims are expected to
6:35 am
go okay. the family of a fallen sacramento police officer, tara o'sullivan has set up a k-9 fund in her honor. she loved dog and left behind a pit bull named mojo. her family is raising money to bring new k-9s to the sacramento and martinez police departments. she was killed last month while responding to a domestic violence call. she was born in walnut creek and graduated from college park high school in pleasant hill. we'll post a link to the k-9 fund on our website if you'd like to donate. a san francisco citizen's group has filed a lawsuit to stop a homeless navigation center from being built along the embarcadero. safe embarcadero for all is seeking a restraining order to stop construction until the lawsuit is decided. the city attorney's office e-mailed abc 7 news in response to the lawsuit and it states in part, rather than trying to shift the problem to someone else's backyard, everyone needs
6:36 am
to do their part. 6:35. voters will decide whether to overturn the ban on e-cigarette sales here in san francisco. according to the examiner, the department of elections certified a measure for november's ballot on wednesday. it was a group that was backed by a san francisco based juul that started the campaign. it collected more than 9,400 signatures. last month supervisors approved banning the sale of non-fda approved e-cigarette products. none are fda approved. legislation that would strengthen protections for uber and lyft drivers is heading to the state senate appropriations committee. the bill would force companies to label their workers as employees. the lengths some parents ar% taking to keep their kids kids s
6:37 am
screens. governor newsome just signed a bill that changes the definition o haet you see beer. on your store shelves. we'll take a look at the definition of summer and mike nicco. >> yeah, guys, let's take a look at what's going on on -- there's carl the fog, he's gaining acclaim. the world atlas published a list of the ten foggiest areas on earth and the bay area makes the list twice. san francisco placed seventh. number one on the list? the grand banks in southeast newfoundland. okay. they're talking about the foggiest places, they're not talking about the most beautiful places that have fog. we would be number one, wouldn't we? what more better picture than the fog rolling across the golden gate, below between the spans. >> come on, very glass half full of you. >> i want to go outside and not see nothing.
6:38 am
>> this weekend? >> that's my goal every day. >> we're looking at cloud cover, about 58 degrees. let's take a look in the south bay. mid to upper 50s here. san jose at 61. a little bit milder. temperatures are cooler across the board until you get to san pablo and fairfield. mid 60s there. you can see some of the low clouds and the fog as you head eastbound away from the richmond san rafael bridge. that's going to be the case through the morning hours. mass transit mild to hot. it will be breezy south of the bay bridge. north bay, pretty much sunshine, 57 this morning. look at this total sunshine today. mid 80s this afternoon. for the east bay, the clouds will hang around through 9:00. sunny by 11:00. 67. then we'll hang on to the low to mid 70s with sunshine this afternoon. san francisco in and out of the clouds at the coast. mid 60s, more sunshine on the bay side and upper 60s. so a little bit of a turn in the traffic earlier today, it was pretty quiet. how are we doing now?
6:39 am
we're doing pretty good. we haven't had any major issues all morning. that is great news certainly if you're just about to head out the door. new reports of a crash in the p fremont area, southbound 680 past washington boulevard. quite a few vehicles involved in this. i'm not seeing any red. hopefully we'll get an update soon. we have a bit of red on westbound highway 4. 27 miles an hour. not so normal once you get closer to 680 into concord, down to 25 miles per hour. i don't have any incidents reported along that stretch. w're not sure what the reason is for that. check of the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on for a little bit over an hour. 5:20 the official time this morning. everybody has that normal delay, aside from the carpool lanes. do you know when you're buying a new car you're actually multitasking? i'm michael phinney, and this is a quick tip.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. this morning, we have been talking about flooding hitting new orleans. and as you can see, the city is under a state of emergency. this is awful. the french quarter and other neighborhoods are flooded after at least eight inches of rain drenched the city in just three hours yesterday. that flooding has made driving basically impossible. look what people are having to do to get around. >> we're trying to go to the corner store. >> you guys are trying to pick up yeah. >> we woke up and realized it was thundering and lightning, which was cool until we looked outside and realized our car was
6:44 am
halfway underwater. >> it's uncertain what the impact will be, we'll be affected and we must be prepared. we are, to respond effectively. >> and this is video of the damage the flooding has already done to homes. it's likely to get worse because they have more rain on the way. mike, people have been saying this is double trouble. they have rain ahead of a storm that's still out in the gulf. >> which could produce much more rain and a storm surge, also, reggie. in fact, the latest look at live doppler 7, they're not going to be very impressive looking, not compared to what we're seeing right there. there's showers and thunderstorms right there. but there's more developing as this low moves off to the west at 5 miles per hour. winds up to 35 miles per hour so it's below any tropical depression or storm threshold. we're getting closer. as we head through time, it's going to possibly strengthen to a category 1 hurricane late friday night into saturday morning. and then come right up the mouth
6:45 am
of the mississippi, which is already swollen and over its banks from record rains in the midwest earlier this spring and summer. look where the rain is going to be heaviest, from new orleans over to new iberia, centered on baton rouge. major flooding event as you look at that magenta. that's nearly a foot and a half to two feet of rain. it's going to be devastating for that part of louisiana. also southern mississippi. back here at home, we're on the opposite. it's our dry season. 113 in palm springs. 83 in los angeles. upp upp upper 60s on a cloudy coast. it will stay in the mid 80s in tahoe and a delightful 80 for sunday. thank you so much, mike. it's your voice your vote. >> this morning bernie sanders is on gma talking about his second run for president. george stephanopoulos asked sanders to address critics of
6:46 am
his healthcare for all plan. >> people do not like their health insurance companies. what they like is their doctors and their hospitals. the truth is that right now, millions of americans cannot get to the doctors they want because their doctors are not in their networks unless they pay out of pocket costs. >> he also talks about income and racial inequality. you can watch his interview coming up on gma. the state assembly is set to approve a bill for utility concords. >> it would shield them from liability. >> reporter: $2.50 a month, that's what you, the customer would pay if this bill passes to help wildfire victims. your money would go into a fund that would create $21 billion
6:47 am
for victims of future fires. that would protect pg&e which declared bankruptcy because of the large fires over the past two years. shoulders of the utility would also pay into the fund. you are already paying the $2.50, it's a charge that was set to expire and this bill would extend it. the assembly is expected to vote today and if approved it heads t to the governor desk. the governor has said he wants it in place for this year's fire season. reporting live in concord, abc 7 news. thank you. now your money report. the grounding of the boeing 737 max jets is hurting profits for american airlines to the tune of $185 million. >> american runs the country's second biggest fleet of max jets. it had to cancel over 7,000 flights in the second quarter. that's about 4% of its total
6:48 am
schedule. >> investors like the idea of a portal game console from nintendo. shares have been up after the introduction of the switch light. the switch light will cost around $200. it should be veavailable in september. >> i like it. do you remember the original game boy? i want that back. >> you can have it >> thanks. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange. we're up about 127 points so far. the next generation of apple's air pods may be getting major upgrades. according to the tech blog, apple is planning to launch two versions. both versions are reportedly waterproof and have noise reduction technology. one version apparently has a new look to it. so now you -- well, i guess noise reduction technology could help? >> sure. at sounds good. >> could help you just screen out all the --
6:49 am
>> the uber drivers that's trying to talk you. >> the car that's about to hit you as you're looking down at your phone. your friends. >> your friends. >> a lot of mom and dads are in constant battle with their kids over their screen obsessions. >> some parents have decided an outside expert is what is necessary to help their kids become less dependent on devices. they're hiring screen time consultants at the cost of $150 to $200 an hour. good morning america spoke to a family in washington and they say their kids were obsessed with their smartphone and tablets. and so they needed today hire that consultant. >> i would just want to be like, okay, all done and grab it out of their hands. that never went well. >> we as families have to adapt and modify and change as we go ands our kids develop. of course, as technology changes. >> one tip apparently screen time should be earned, not just given. you can watch a full report on screen time consultants and what they do coming up at gma at
6:50 am
7:00 a.m. a warning against this instagram hot spot in russia. many people are taking photos by a lake in siberia. this basically describes what is wrong with social media. so, yes, it looks beautiful. the water is a bright turquoise. however, russian officials are asking people to stay away from the lake because of what's causing that vibrant color. toxic coal waste. >> no. >> it's in the lake. >> don't touch the water? >> don't go near that water. don't put the mud on your face, don't float in an instagram beautiful unicorn floaty inside of it. >> you know, they're doing this at chernobyl, too? they're giving tours. there's paid tours. >> i know, apparently the show chernobyl has spiked tourism there. >> even though that show was scary. >> bad, mike, very bad. >> if we painted garbage a beautiful pink -- >> reggie,ut
6:51 am
this. we've talked about shart -- starting a museum of fill in the blank. >> why are you telling people our idea that quickly? >> instagram people flocking to you, wanting to be part of it. >> it's a museum of donuts, don't steal our idea. >> we've been talking about this for a year and a half. >> we'll make it happen. time to move on because we're getting on that seven minute threshold. ooer east bay hills, i love watching the camera at this time of the year. the clouds make me think of relaxing water as it flows over rocks and the nice quiet and tranquilness of it. partly cloudy, patchy fog tonight. and the heat wave is going to it had our inland neighborhoods this weekend. drizzle, you can see green there around pacifica down towards monterra and half moon bay. that will hang around for the next couple of hours. clouds will be back to the coast by noon fl. a little bit of fog hanging
6:52 am
around the golden gate bridge. mid to upper 60s in san francisco, especially on the bay side. mid to upper 70s for most of the day. richmond is the exception at 72. we'll get to 80 in redwood city. mid 80s to low 90s in our east bay valleys. getting close to needing the air conditioner there. we'll fall back into the mid and upper 50s tonight. few 60s around concord and antioch. i want to show you the weekend. friday, you can see the warmth, the low to upper 90s in the north bay. low to mid 90s in the east bay. nice in the south bay, mid to upper 80s. the coast and into the bay, going to be stuck in the 60s and 70s pretty much each day. even when we get to our hottest day on saturday. all right, let's take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. going to be warm sunday and monday for the most part. by tuesday and wednesday, we're starting to fall back into the 70s and 80s, which is closer to t i t og e'oo moin
6:53 am
told you about a few minutes ago on 680 and fremont. this is north of washington boulevard. five to six vehicles involved, and someone was driving at a high rate of speed weaving in and out of traffic. that's most likely what caused that collision. just the far left lane is blocked and it's countercommute so we're not seeing too much of a backup. we have a crash on southbound 680 near vargas road. don't have many details in on that collision. as you can see we're heavy. we're typically a little heavier in volume through this area anyway. i think we may have a lane taken away judging by that. hopefully we'll get more information soon. mass transit, one issue with muni this morning. wires are down on the t-third line. you'll have to get on a bus shuttle instead between bay shore and armstrong. thank you so much. beer apparently has a new legal definition here in california. >> governor newsome signed a bill that says beer can be
6:54 am
produced using fruits, sugars and spices. craft brew masters say prior to this change, beer was defined solely as a malt beverage. they say if it was fermented with fruit it would get into wine territory and that requires a separate license. breweries are not allowed to have a wine license and a beer license at the same time. brewers say beer lovers can expect to see more variety on store shelves and in your local bars. an east bay farmer is taking her crops to new heights. this is located on the roof of a six story apartment building in berkeley. joanna leases the space where she tends to nearly a quarter acre certified organic farm. the entrepreneur says culinary -- sells i should say culinary herbs to restaurants and flowers to local staores. the building was designed to have a sky farm.
6:55 am
it could be the first working rooftop farm on the west coast. what do you think of the idea of rooftop gardens? we want to hear your ideas. go to facebook and join our be
6:56 am
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whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door. here's the seven things you need to know. the trump administration is reportedly getting ready to move forward with the president's promise of mass deportations. according to "the new york times," i.c.e. raids could start as early asr this cities, inclu francisco. number two, president trump is expected to talk about the 2020 census and whether it will include a question about citizenship today. a supreme court ruling had barred that question, but the president has threatened to issue an executive order to get his way. number three, a citizen's group has filed a lawsuit to stop a homeless navigation center in san francisco. number four, governor newsome's wildfire plan is set for vote today. the bill would create a new $21 billion fund to compensate victims of wildfires caused by power lines. taxpayers would foot half the bill. sunshine and fog to begin our day with temperatures a little bit cooler, mid 50s to
6:59 am
around 60. warming trend continues as we reach near 80 around the bay and near 90 inland this afternoon. number six, overall we've had a pretty quiet morning traffic wise. we do have three incidents on 680, one on the northbound side in fremont, that's not causing a delay. 680 southbound on vargas road, we have one lane i believe blocked and possibly a new crash. expect some delays. number seven, drink up. you can get a free slurpee today at 7 eleven. if you use the company's app, you can get a second free slurpee. >> there are restrictions. people in the past were bringing garbage cans filling it up. it has to be clean and food safe. and it has to fit in that 10 inch receptacle where you put a cup. >> okay. >> three feet wide.
7:00 am
>> i don't make the rules. >> i don't think that will fit. >> the answer is never blue raspberry. >> oh. >> no? >> fighting words. good morning, america. we sure appreciate you starting your day with us. we need to tell you about some mandatory evacuations under way right now. the new warning this morning. louisiana facing a state of emergency as that tropical system strengthens. already bringing flooding and water spouts to the gulf coast. now concerns it could become a dangerous hurricane. ginger has the very latest. border battle. the new report this morning, the trump administration set to launch nationwide deportation raids as soon as this sunday. thousands of undocumented immigrants targeted. under fire. embattled labor secretary alex acosta speaking out about that deal he cut with convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. now a florida prosecutor at the center of the case is coming
7:01 am
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