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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 15, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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now at 5:00, a notorious murder case that went unsolved for more than a decade goes before a judge again today. what's expected to happen to this man accused of killing two people on a sonoma county beach. >> good morning.
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it's monday, july 15th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. looking at live doppler 7, just a few patches of fog around the san mateo coast. otherwise, looking at milder readings around belmont. mid 50s half moon bay. in the 60s to upper 60s around concord. today you can expect not only sunny skies, but maybe slightly warmer at our beaches, just because we're starting out sunny. otherwise we're in the 80s by noontime, mid 70s around the bay. looking at breezy upper elevation winds this morning. what's going on alexis? >> nice and quiet in the south bay. taking a live look at 280 and highway 17, that traffic coming toward us, headlights facing our way is the inbound side, the northbound side. we can count the number of vehicles out there at the moment. that is looking great. a quick check of drive times for
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a few area bridges, westbound 580, richmond-san rafael bridge, in the green at seven minutes. about 12 minutes westbound across the san mateo bridge and westbound 84, dumbarton bridge, better than that, coming in at eight minutes. a new crash reported in the sunol area. we'll check that out next. they were killed wle sleeping on a sonoma county beach. >> finally this morning, the man accused of the crime is scheduled to find out his face. anser hassan live in santa rosa is a. >> reporter: part of sean gallon's plea deal they will not seek the death penalty. instead he's likely to be sentenced to three consecutive life terms. two years ago gallon was arrested on suspicion of killing his younger brother. the d.a. says during their investigation gallon wrote a note to investigators saying he would talk to them about the jenner beach murder case. that case involved the murders
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of 26-year-old jason allen and 22-year-old lindsey cut shaw. the christian camp counselors who were newly engaged, died from gunshots to their head as they slept on the beach. that went unsolved for 12 years. two years after issuing his note, the eaold gallon was identified by the sheriff's office as the lone gunman in that case. the d.a. says the decision not to seek the death penalty is in part due to his admission but also based on conversations with the victims' families. gallon will likely be sentenced later this morning. anser hassan, abc 7 news. it's 5:03, president trump doubling down of his criticism of democratic congresswomen. here is the new tweet he sent out this morning. i says, in part, so many people are angry at them and they're horrible and disgusting actions. this this morning democrats are fighting back. >> the president, who for years
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pushed birther conspiracies questioned former president barack obama's citizenship was widely criticized this weekend for telling four democratic congresswomen to use the united states using language similar to what he's used toward undocumented immigrants for the past week ahead of his deportation raids. this morning new tweets from president trump targeting congresswomen of color in an earlier tweet he told to go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came, failing to acknowledge that three of the four minority congresswomen were born in the united states, the other a naturalized citizen. now overnight, trump tweeting in part, their disgusting language and the many terrible things they say about the united states must not be allowed to go unchallenged. >> a group of people that came from -- i don't know where they came from. >> reporter: all four women have been highly critical of trump'sp raids that launched sunday.
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so far immigration groups and local officials say they haven't seen it. new york's mayor saying, quote, no confirmed i.c.e. activity. i.c.e. confirms it's out there. for the past week it was house speaker nancy pelosi feuding with the four deck kratic congresswomen over her support for the border aid pack. it took the president's comments to unify the democratic party as pelosi and others came to their defense. mona kosar abdi. the alameda county fire department tweeted photos of crews on north livermore and hartford avenue. firefighters responded to reports of a fire around 7:20 last night and put out the fire an hour later. no one was hurt. no buildings were threatened the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> i'm going to take this over r
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winasha's micrhone. this dog has been iwa stolen. the reunited happened around 11:00 last night. this happened in japantown when the owner left the dog tied up outside the store. a man unties the leash and walking away with the dog named lily. the owner reported the case to police. an officer ended up spotting the dog with another woman at the park last night. the woman who found lily said the dog was wandering the streets of the tenderloin alone and she planned to take her to an animal shelter to check for a microchip. >> i can't describe how important lily is to me. she is the hugest source of joy in my life. i can't believe i got her back. >> lily's owner said she made a mistake leaving her outside the market and she has learned her lesson. at last check police have not identified the man seen taking the dog in that surveillance video.rry is making its way thr
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the store made landfall in louisiana as a category one hurricane on saturday. it weakened more than 100,000 people lost power. several neighborhoods in new orleans were several feet under water. some people drove through flooded streets during evacuation. >> sound like a train to me. some people say when you hear a train, they're thinking it's a tornado, but it did sound like a train coming through. >> the governor of louisiana says first responders rescued 93 people. there are no reports of any deaths. good morning. lisa argen in for mike nicco. just a few patch s of fog. we have a little more of a northerly gradient, and that's what's allowing for a clear start. we'll watch the low cloud deck grow tall due to this system in
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mt. diablo.rthwt. that's an upper elevation reading. 62 in walnut creek. cool in the north t of the bay, a sunnier coast, sunnier city. as we look towards tomorrow, the fog is us and that is going to allow for a great start out there. temperatures today will be a little cooler, but we do have the small craft advisory in and outside the bay. in the north bay, near 90ment one of the warmer locations in santa rosa. into the east bay, feeling like summer, climbing through the 80s this afternoon. 90 for you in concord. the rest of the bay area looking at low 80s san jose. 74 in richmond, 75 in oakland. pretty nice for a july afternoon. we will look for plenty of fog and the temperatures to come down throughout the week.
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alexis, what's happening? >> it's been extremely quiet. we have one new incident to talk about. taking you to the sunol area. southbound 680 just past state route 84 merge, we have reports of a collision involving up to four vehicles and possibly a semi that rear-ended another vehicle causing that to spin out. we're definitely seeing delays through that area. waze is saying we have a major crash in the area, waiting for chp to arrive and sort that out for us. this may be the same incident and we don't have two in the area. it is a possibility. another incident on northbound 680 near sheridan road. a lot of that sounding similar. maybe a few calls into chp with the incorrect location. i'll sort all this out coming up in a moment. shifting gears. after four deaths in 16 days on smart train tracks, the press democrat reports board members are reconsidering the decision prohibit trarns from sounding
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their horns unless there's an emergency. it was part of a decision to reduce public opposition to the trains. the board is expected to discuss the issue at its meeting on wednesday. train fans interested in the history of the b.a.r.t. map are in luck. a new b.a.r.t. podcast explores the evolution of the transit gency's map system dating back to the start of service in 1972. you'll learn about the original design and how it transitioned to what it is today. the podcast is part of b.a.r.t.'s regular series called hidden tracks, stories from b.a.r.t. an expert named bart wright shares the story of the iconic image. we're posting a link to the podcast on our website, >> everyone has a hobby or something they're interested in. that's unusual. >> seems niche to me. coming up next, the
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get fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. that's 120 dollars less a year. better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast. investigating after a woman and little girl were pepper sprayed outside a 7 eleven. according to the clerk it happened during a fight between
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two women. number two, the man who pleaded no contest in a notorious murder case is expected to be sentenced today. detectives say sean gallon confessed to killing a couple in jenner in 2004. number three, in a new tweet president trump is calling for four democratic congresswomen to apologize to the country, this after he said over the weekend they should go back to their countries. democrats are calling the president's comments xenophobic. big online summer sales happening right now. amazon prime day is final lie here. it's today and tomorrow. target, walmart, macy's and ebay also have their own sales. number five, starting out with mostly clear conditions, a sunny day today at the mid inland number multivehicle 680 in sunol area. sounds like four vehicles involved. still trying to get a count on how many lanes are blocked.
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you're down to 16 miles an hour through the area. all hail the queen and the duchess. beyonce and meghan markle meeting face-to-face at disney's "the lion king" premier in london. prince harry and jay-z also attended. there was apparently a lot of baby talk. >> i think beyonce was overheard saying that archie is beautiful, your baby is beautiful. >>. the returning of boeing 737 max jets up in the air. >> the plane is likely not going to be ready to carry passengers until at least 2020. they're working on a fix for the flight control system that played a role in two deadly crashes. the fleet could return as soon as january. it was originally scheduled to be back in the air in september. american airlines announced it is canceling flights until november 2ndng 11ellaon the airline is confident that coming software updates and new
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training elements will lead to the aircraft being recertified this year. american has two dozen of boeing's best-selling 737 max jets in its fleet. the head of san francisco-based juul is apologizing to parents whose children are addicted to their products. the surgeon general has called the use of e sig rates by teens an epidemic. a new documentary shows that he's sorry teens are using the product. juul las tried to fight youth use by shutting down social media accounts and pulling fruity flavors from retailers. the red cross making an urgent fore of a dip in supplie. they're hosting blood drives across northern california in the next few weeks. donations plunged over the fourth of july holiday. some banks are down to a two-day
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supply of blood type o in particular. we know coffee is rich in anti ox dents. people who enjoy a cold brew may not be getting the same health benefits. doctors say hot brew is healthier than cold brew. dr. rosen explains what's in cold brew. >> this is actually brewed without hot water. it takes longer and it has a little less acidity and a little less antioxidants. when i say a little, about 50% less antioxidants. >> if you prefer drinking cold coffee, doctors suggest having ace coffee which is brewed hot and then poured over ice. >> where does the unicorn frappuccino fit into all this? >> it doesn't. >> doesn't it have a little coffee? >> no. i's just sugar. it looks pretty though,
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right? >> depends on who makes it. >> got it. good morning everybody. starting with mostly clear conditions. just a little fog around pes darrow. keeping our eye on a system that is going to really control our weather throughout much of the workweek. it's going to bring breezy winds, a taller marine layer and gray skies to start out. but not today. look at the clear start here. bay bridge camera, 57. san francisco 63 in san jose, 60 in morgan hill. 50s on the coast. look at this. the golden gate bridge, it is clear as well. we haven't seen this in quite some time to start your morning. 64 by the delta, 68 in concord, 61 in livermore with 50s in the north bay. this morning we're anywhere from two to seven degrees milder than we typically have been for this time of year. if you're in mari county. looking at a little patchy warm inland, upper 80s for most of you. by the delta near 90.
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temperatures on a downward slide this week. 89 in morgan hill. that's another warm one today. 83 in san jose. 79 in redwood city, 73 in millbrae. upper 60s downtown with 84 in sonoma. you head inland and here is your warmth. one more day in the 90s in the accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures coming down right through the week. alexis? >> thank you, lisa. we have a few incidents to talk about on the board right now. heading into sunol, multiple lanes blocked southbound 680 past state route 84 merge. this is what we think is a four-vehicle collision causing about a 15-minute delay right now coming through the pleasanton area. they're still reporting another crash on the northbound side of 680 south of there near sheridan road. it looks like chp did go through th are and ty' alrea h mor no te east wel talk more about that
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coming up in just a few minutes. we're learning of another american who died after visiting the dominican republic. tracy jerome jester jr. died on march 17 of a respiratory illness. he was on vacation with his sister. he's the 11th american tourist to die in the country since june of last year. last month dominican officials say the deaths are a statistically normal phenomenon and not a mystery. in today's gma facebook, the disappearance of a young daughter of a vatican employee has gone unsolved for nearly 40 years. >> just now investigators are hoping a new discovery just this weekend will lead to a break in the case. >> here is abc's janai norman. >> reporter: mystery at the vatican. investigators are searching for the truth behind the decades old anuelalandi.15 years old in 198 when she disappeared after leaving her home in vatican city
5:21 am
to take music lessons in rome. she was never seen again. last week vatican investigators acting on a break in the case, prying open the tombs of two 19th century german princesses, both tombs empty. inside vatican city just next door to st. peter's basilica, the empty tombs priming officials to investigate inside the college. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have aive loo report from inside the walls of vatican city. with your "gma first look," janai norman, abc news, new york. a new 007, the woman rumored to be taking over james bond's role. singer adam lambert reminisces. you got to meet him? >> i did get to meet him, not in the south bay. >> a live look outside as the bay are
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good morning to you. if you're spending time today in the east bay, oakland, a sunny day today. in fact, a sunny start. mid 70s, 74 in richmond, 79 in fremont, castro valley making it to 81. the peninsula, mid 70s in san mateo, menlo park 78, looking at upper 70s for palo alto. numbers a little cooler than yesterday, but really right about average for this time of year on the peninsula. we're bringing down the numbers just a few degrees today. we've got sunshine at our coast and the cooling trend really gets under way tonight as the fog grows a little deeper and we're waking up to the mist and drizzle for your tuesday. reggie? >> thank you, lisa. an off dutalley stion is credited with helping save a man
5:25 am
in lake tahoe. a firefighter from cal fire saw a woman performing cpr on a man pulled out of the water. he stepped in to help. the victim slowly regained consciousness. the press democrat reports the unflaemd victim is also from the bay area. james bond is about to retire from m-16 -- am i saying that right? i've seen james bond one time so i don't know this world. we know who will be taking his place, maybe. >> according to the daily mail, actress lashana lynch will play a new character who at least in one scene is taking over bond's secret agent number, 007. daniel craig will be reprising his role of bond. in the upcoming movie he has retired and they bring him out of retirement. they say 007 comes in and this amazing actress comes in. they still haven't named who the 26th bond will be, but we get to
5:26 am
see her in this movie and tgrea. the movies curreil ily and the scarlett johansson is defending her comments about politically correct casting. johansson tells variety her comment was taken out of context. she said in an ideal world any actor should be able to play any role and art shub immune to political correctness. >> she is digging her heels in. >> and digging a hole for herself. adam lambert made the most out of a weekend trip to the bay area. he shared photos on instagram along with a message that says i went to find a fous for my aunt and uncle and briefly lived in the castro in the '70s.'70s.'7 coming up at 5:30, prime day
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deals, how to make sure you don't fall for scams while shopping the scams. i'm jobina fortson live at a san jose 7-eleven where a mother and daughter were pepper sprayed. a coast guardianship set to a coast guardianship set to return home after this dramatic oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. now at 5:30, a woman and her 4-year-old daughter are pepper sprayed outside a 7-eleven store. an alameda coast guardianship that made a dramatic drug bust at sea is set to return home. amazon's prime 'tehenlylace ning on this monday, july 15th. so glad you're up with us at
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5:30 in the morning. we have a beautiful sunrise. we can see it because we don't have the fog. >> that's the benefit of this monday morning being with us. really pretty with a clear sky. we'll be looking at that throughout the day today. sunny and pleasant out there. live doppler 7 looking at not only the clear start but the mild temperatures to get you going in the south bay and east bay. maybe a few patches of fog. we have gusty upper elevation winds. 57 downtown, 63 in san jose. cool at the coast, 58 in redwood city. from the east bay hills camera, another warm day inland. numbers starting mild from concord, upper 60s, 61 in livermore. it will be breezy along the coast with temperatures in the 60s. sunny there. you had to wait all day there yesterday for the sun. mid 70s by noontime around the bay. low 80s, two to three degrees cooler inland today. with thatn, today should be pretty nice out there. we are cooling off significantly throughout the workweek.
5:31 am
alexis? >> good morning, lisa. taking you to a new problem in the east bay. this is the countercommute direction. eastbound 80 near hilltop drive, sounds like several vehicles involved in a crash. a lot of debris on the roadway and two other vehicles hit the debris and are disabled there. chp on the way to the scene, sending a lot of emergency crews there including an ambulance. i will definitely keep an eye on that. just starting to see the backups fill in. westbound 580 tracy to dublin now in the red, 52 minutes. we do have trouble on southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard. that's really slow, 44 minutes. a crash near sunol boulevard. i'll collect on that heck on th minutes. afr womannd cld say at a 7 mon road and eden view drive last
5:32 am
night. abc 7 reporter jobina fortson is live in san jose. >> reporter: reggie and natasha, a store clerk here at 7-eleven tells us it appears two women were argui outside the store when one woman pepper sprayed the other woman involved here and her young daughter. the store clerk tells us it's something he's never seen before. police were in and out of the 7 eleven last night investigating and questioning people nearby as well. the store clerk told us after the mother and daughter were sprayed, the child was crying and the two rushed inside the store for water. he says he didn't know what happened to the other person who sprayed the substance. >> -- she was all red and the other girl pepper sprayed her and they ran inside to get some water. >> reporter: we are hoping to get an update from san jose police this morning on the developments in this
5:33 am
investigation. and when we do, we'll make sure to alert you. reporting in san jose this morning, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. president trump's promised nationwide deportation sweep did not materialize as expected. there were no reports at all of any i.c.e. raids in any of the ten cities including san francisco. fear lingering among undocumented families as they remain in a state of limbo. some are carrying the cards that spell out their rights like not having to answer the door in case of an i.c.e. agent knocking. the eyes of america not just focused on the raids. abc 7 spoke exclusively with congresswoman anna eshoo who visited a detention center in texas over the weekend. >> we need comprehensive immigration reform. i think border patrol is doing everything they can. they're a law enforcement agency. these children don't below in a law enforcement agency. they haven't committed any crimes.
5:34 am
>> congresswoman eshoo said the conditions at the center are inhumane. many members of congress wore face masks because of risks of bacterial meningitis. we've been tracking the story since president trump announced the raids last month. we have a series of stories on our website including your rights. go to right now president trump is doubling down on four liberal congresswomen he targeted in tweets over the weekend. in a new tweet this morning he called on them to apologize to the country and himself. on sunday the president tweeted progressive democratic congresswomen should stop criticizing the government and go back to where they came from. now, he doesn't actually name them. it appears it's a reference to a group of recently elected minority women including alexandria ocasio cortez. here is the thing. three out of the four were all born in the u.s. in any case, democratic presidential candidate senator kamala harris responded to the tweets. >> it is absolutely ratist and
5:35 am
un-american. it is an old trope, go back to where you came from, you might hear it on the street but you should never hear that from the president of the united states. >> senator harris also says mr. trump, quote, doesn't understand his responsibilities and what the american people want from their president. in the north bay, a man who pleaded no contest in a notorious murder case is finally expected to be sentenced today. detectives say shaun gallon confessed to killing jason allen and lindsey cutshall as they were sleeping on the beach in 2004. the case went unsolved for 12 years. gallon also confessed to killing his brother. he'll likely receive three consecutive life terms when he's sentenced this morning. prosecutors in the ghost ship trial are expected to call rebuttal witnesses. derick almena and co-defendant max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter charges
5:36 am
for the 2016 fire in oakland. prosecutors say they let people live in the warehouse illegally and ignored safety measures. the defense has suggested the fire was the work of arsonists. happening today, a coast guard crew will return to their home base in alameda after seizing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cocaine. in this video, the coast guard shared this chase involving crew members of the cutter monroe. crew members jumped onto a moving semi submersible vessel. >> this is a pretty dangerous operation. these vessels are very difficult to get on to, especially when they're non-compliant, they didn't stop. no railing, no safety features. once they get on board, they don't know what will be waiting for them down below. they open the hatch and you never know if these folks are going to be violent, if they're going to have weapons. >> the coast guard arrested five smuggling suspects and seized
5:37 am
17,000 pounds of cocaine worth $230 million on the street. coming up, how to know when the items you want actually go on sale. apollo 11 began an historic journey to the moon 50 years ago this week. how nasa is honoring the special anniversary with a blast from the past. here is a live picture this morning. ha is nice, as the sun is coming over the bay area. a clear morning for us this morning. hi, lisa argen. >> hi reggie and natasha. isn't this a treat? later in the week, as soon as tomorrow, we have lots of fog, mist and drizzle. a slight northerly gradient keeping the fog away from most of us. just a little patch down to pescadero. a trough of low pressure that will hang out for a week. that will allow for low clouds toy startiha me,7 eesrohout thea dotown, 63hi.
5:38 am
cool the coast. the camera is shaking from mt. tam. it's a beautiful start to your monday. 56 in santa rosa, 60s from concord to livermore. this afternoon the fog comes back late and then we'll be looking at it moving across the bay. starting with a gray sky on tuesday and more dramatic cooling as we go toward the latter part of the week. as you head out the door, a fine morning for driving and mass transit. breezy inand outside the bay bridge. in flap pa, mid 80s today. should see highs in the low 80s and then looking at temperatures coming down. in fact, by the end of the week it's looking cooler for most areas. in fact, could be a little bit below average. highs today in the 60s with sunshine. half moon bay 81, 87 in concord. 83 in san jose and then tonight wih the low clouds and fog, where everybody pretty much is in the 50s. monday morning it was quiet, then it wasn't. what about now?
5:39 am
>> it's not so quiet anymore. i think i did jinx it. let's get to the traffic maps. i'll get you an update on a couple of situations. southbound 680 past state route 84, five vehicles involved total. they did sort this out. there's only one crash in the area. there's nothing on the northbound side just south of here. it's just this location. i believe we're in the clearing stages now. starting to see that solid line of red turn over to yellow in a couple areas. that's looking better, causing at least a 30, 40 minute delay from dublin, pleasanton. keeping a close eye on that. at one point we had two lanes blocked. eastbound 80 near hilltop drive, we have a serious crash, a box truck or semi hit a guard rail. we think that sent part of the guard rail into the roadway and a couple other vehicles hit that. major problem here we've got
5:40 am
multiple lanes blocked. emergency crews on the scene, waiting for an official update. i know at least one ere whe.heto plaza,etgh today. 5:23, the
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good monday morning to you. clear up and down the coast this morning. we don't have the fog to worry about, but the heat is on in the sacramento valley. 96 there, 102 in fresno. 78 in tahoe. 70 degrees. santa cruz starting out clear as well. you may want to head to the coast. it will be your sunniest day here. 77 in santa cruz. those winds up to 20 miles an hour but they will get quite gusty throughout the rest of the day. happening today, a bail hearing is scheduled in new york city in the case of former financier jeffrey epstein, accused of luring dozens of girls as young as 14 homes to his luxury homes in new york and florida and paying them for sex acts. his lawyer says he's no threat to flee and should be under house arrest. prosecutors are calling him a flight risk and say evidence against him is, quote, growing
5:44 am
stronger by the day. 85,000 kaiser permanente employees may be ready to go on a nationwide strike. the workers are from multiple unions. the members are expected to start voting on whether to authorize the strike later this month. a strike would be one of the largest since a walkout at ups in 1997. the union says talks broke down on thursday. at issue are wages, benefits, worker safety and staffing. cries the bay area banding together to fight hiv and aids. >> aids walk san francisco raised more than $1.2 million from online donations. >> they got to hear you in the avenues. how are you this morning? [ cheers and applause ] >> abc 7 news anchor dan ashley emceed yesterday's event. our station is proud to be a major sponsor of the annual 10k walk and fund-raiser. donation support groups fighting hiv and aids. since 1987 aids walk san
5:45 am
francisco has raised more than $90 million. this week the nation is marking 50 years since the apollo 11 moon landing. in honor of that anniversary, nasa restored the mission control system used on that day. the project recreated every detail down to the data on the computer screen, the ashtrays, specific crew member's coffee. every mathematical calculation and decision had to be cleared through that room. apollo 11 flight director gene kranz. >> the emotional intensity in this room was almost overwhelming. it was the kind of thing that only happens once in your life. >> it took the nasa preservation center six years to make sure everything is just right. museums here in the bay area are recognizing the event. uss hornet recovered the apollo
5:46 am
11 astronauts after the splashdown. the chabot space and science center also offering simulated lunar missions. amsome prime day is today and tomorrow. other companies including target, walmart and ebay are offering their own sales to try and compete. target's online sales called deal days run through tomorrow. walmart got a head start, offering discounts since yesterday. ebay has a 48-hour crash sale on phones, gaming systems and shoes. amazon's deals are available to prime members only. this morning on gma, rebecca jarvis explains how to keep track. >> you can look at the amazon app and look for the very specific things you want in your cart, that way you won't be incentivized to shop for anything. a lot of these deals are for a limited time only. as soon as it goes live, you'll get a notification on your phone, your ipad. still ahead, find out which products have the deepest
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discounts. gma starts at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. you can prevent fraud while shopping online this prime day. security experts say logon to amazon's website directly from your browser instead of clicking on a link that's sent to you. links in emails could take you to a website that looks like amazon, but it's just there to steal your credit card data. >> so watch out. lisa argen, are you an amazon prime day shopper? i've never done it. >> i've perused it. i have people in my household who are definitely going to be on that. here is live doppler 7 looking at the clear start. a trough of low pressure that will allow for cooling, just a couple degrees today. more significant tomorrow. san francisco, wow, what a beauty this morning at 57. 58 in oakland as well as redwood city. 63 in san jose. mid 50s half moon bay. if you're an early riser, you know what i mean. it's been foggy and damp all through out the morning. yesterday it took all day to clear in the marina and even by the bridge.
5:48 am
today, different story. 64 by the delta and in concord 68, 61 in livermore. cool in the north bay. overall we're milder this morning. five to six degrees milder in our east bay valleys, four degrees milder in san jose compared to yesterday. this morning only patchy fog the san mateo coast. otherwise a sunny start. still warm inland. the last day where we could reach about 90 degrees. the temperatures coming down throughout the workweek. upper 70s redwood city, palo alto, 75 in san mateo. 69 downtown. in the north bay upper 80s in santa rosa. 76 in san jose and looking at about 90 inland and look at the trend. it's cooler. alexis. unfortunately an update on this crash in the richmond area and it is now a fatality investigation. so really serious issue here east bay 80 near hilltop drive. this was a multicar crash that started off with a semi and a
5:49 am
pickup truck or perhaps it was a box truck, that larger vehicle. one of those crashed into the guard rail. that sent the guard rail and a lot of debris out into a couple of the right lanes and a couple more vehicles hit that debris and crashed as well. i'm not sure which vehicle the obviously any time they have an investigation like this, it takes several hours. it is the countercommute direction, causing about a ten-minute delay right now. we're working on sending sky 7 to the scene. giving us a better idea how long the investigation will take. for now avoid eastbound 80 through richmond area. westbound 580 tracy to dublin just under an hour for that drive time, that's really filled in. in the red at 55 minutes. better news for southbound 680 in the sunol area past state route 84, chp did confirm that crash has leered. all lanes back open. dublin to mission boulevard in the yellow at 28 minutes. no problems northbound 85, highway 101 to cupertino, in the green at 15 minutes.
5:50 am
the london premier of disney's "the lion king," but j. lo dpans have another chance to see her tonight. she was in the middle of her fourth song on saturday night when the power went out. tickets for saturday night's show are good for the rescheduled concert tonight. now let's talk about "the lion king." >> not affected by a power outage. >> no. thank goodness. it was a royal affair. prince harry and meghan markle attended and got to meet beyonce and jay z. beyonce congratulated the royals on the birth of their baby. disney is of course the parent company of abc 7. "good morning america" will have more on the royal premier this morning and interview with director john favro and seth rogan who is the voice of pumba.
5:51 am
researchers reveal the five things you can do to help prevent alzheimer's disease. >> dramatic video of these rafters plunging 30 feet down a waterfall. what they did wrong to end up in that dangerous spot
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
. good monday morning to you. lisa argen in for mike nicco waking up to clear conditions. 60s in the east bay and south bay. as we go through the afternoon, the warmth is back in our inland valleys, but not as warm. 11:00, 80 in concord, 71 in haywa hayward. sunny in the city i. took a long time to clear yesterday, how about 68 at 3:00 downtown, 71 in oakland. mid 80s for you around concord. livermore at 81. tonight things really change. we've got a lot of fog moving back into play, but still clear by 7:00, and we will be looking at a cool evening tonight. boy, what a change it's been this morning, alexis. >> we started off really quiet and unfortunately we have a fatality investigation under way
5:55 am
in the san pablo area. it is the east bay side of interstate 80. we're not seeing a huge backup yet. looking at about a ten-minute delay. one lane getting by eastbound 80 near hilltop drive. this is a fatal collision involving several vehicles. sounds like two initially, a box truck and a pickup and a guard rail was hit. that sent a lot of debris into the roadway. possibly part of the guard rail into the roadway as well. a couple other vehicles hit that. we' we're planning on getting more information from chp, a visual as well. definitely avoid eastbound 80 from richmond into san pablo. we'll talk about alternates in a few minutes. what a nightmare. terrifying moments for a group of rafters thrown into the water after going over a waterfall. en andappened over thend lv. foe theaft did see the signs that said "danger
5:56 am
beyond this point." obviously they went over the g some folders before emergency crews pulled them out. all of them are doing fine this morning. >> thank goodness. happening tonight here on abc 7, it is "the bachelorette." hannah facing her final four suitors. >> that's wonderful. so much is still up in the air with just two weeks to go until the finale. this morning we're hearing exclusively from host chris harrison, "good morning america" has a sneak peek at tonight's episode where hannah tells tyler what she does not -- >> she doesn't want to go in the fantasy suite with him which is a huge surprise. >> i was like, this is my house on the water, this is boat, i'm tall, i'm gorgeous, i have 90-pack abs. she's li what are you not sure of?
5:57 am
where to put the spf? if you think this ride is over, there's always one plor big hill. >> tonight's episode hasn't aired yet. the drama already in full gear. you can watch "the bash lore rhett" tonight on abc 7. reggie's face. >> okay. that's over now. >> we are tracking breaking news. an early morning fire forces people from their homes in martinez. also, i'm sorry. why the ceo of san francisco-based juul is apologizing in a new documentary. a story you'll be talking about all day. a stolen dog
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up on 6:00 a.m. start of a new week. welcome to monday, july 15th.
6:00 am
>> looks like a nice day ahea y. you're absolutely right. a beautiful start to the day. live doppler 7 confirming the lack of fog out there. we get sun to start out in san francisco. in the 50s in some spots, 60s east bay and south bay. a little milder by noontime, back in the 80s inland, but will climb to the upper 80s and the upper 70s throughout the day today. the breeze will kick up through out the afternoon. then we'll look at a lot more fog coming into play. a quick glance at the golden gate bridge, it looks nice. not so much in the east bay, right alexis? >> it sure isn't. we've got a fatal collision and investigation under way rate now in the san pablo area. they did update the location just a bit. east bay 80 before you get to el portal. they issued a sig alert. a couple lanes on the eastbound side of the roadway, that's the only good news in this, is that it's normally the lighter side of traffic for the morning commute. we've got the two right lanes blocked, two left lanes are able to get by. this was a serious crash that


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