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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 15, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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fog this morning. we hope you're enjoying it and hope this is a great start to your week. "good morning america" starts right now. >> tha opyoa odee and as we join you this morning we're tracking the latest on barry. the storm is on the move, still causing big problems. bracing for barry, eight states now on alert for flooding as the tropical threat moves north after scenes like this. roofs ripped off buildings, dozens of water rescues and dangerous rip currents. the human chain to save stranded swimmers. we're live in the region with the latest. also this morning, the storm of outrage over the president's racist attack on four congresswomen, all women of color, telling them to go back to their home countries. what they are saying this morning as the president doubles down. deadly amusement park accident. caught on camera, the horrifying moment this popular ride snaps,
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killing two, injuring dozens. the investigation right now. blackout mystery. new york city plunged into darkness for five hours when the power suddenly goes out. threue elevators and subways. j. lo's concert in madison square garden coming to an abrupt end. ♪ the search for answers right now. wild ride. this whitewater river raft plunges 30 feet down a waterfall with six people on board. the heroes who raced to save them. ♪ can you feel the love the duchess and queen bey feeling the love at the "the lion king." what beyonce told meghan about baby archie and the parenting advice jay-z gave prince harry. our cameras there to capture it all. and good morning, america. welcome to a new week. that was some night at the "the lion king" premiere. >> a few people showed up. real-life royalty meeting music
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royalty right there on the red carpet that i think was technically yellow. >> that's right. such a sweet hug between the two of them. elton john was there as well. so many great moments. we're going to have more on that ahead. but first, we begin with the flood threat as barry moves north this morning. eight states are on alert and the gulf is still facing dangerous rain. rob starts us off from mandeville, louisiana with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know this lake. it was filled to the brim even before the storm. there's a view from our drone. you still just hoy angry it is this morning. that left a trail of destruction across the state.
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this morning, the effects of barry being felt as far away as florida. in panama city beach, beachgoers forming a human chain to help save two distressed swimmers caught in a strong rip current. those monstrous undertows turning deadly for one person there. >> head towards the beach. there's going to be multiple subjects in the water. >> reporter: 40 others rescued sunday. the category 1 hurricane slamming communities from louisiana and mississippi north to missouri with intense flooding and powerful winds, up to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts ripping off the roof of this airport hangar . the hurricane swirling winds whipping up three reported tornadoes in the state. downed trees splitting homes in half and power lines littering the roads. utility crews restoring to over 150,000 customers. up to ten inches of rain swamping parts of mississippi and over a foot in louisiana. the torrential rains inundating roads, homes and businesses. the tombstones at this cemetery entirely submerged. some areas facing up to 15 inches. look at this wave action off lake pontchartrain. a full day after landfall, the storm surge just relentless. a good three feet of water still pushing into this neighborhood.
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nearly 100 people rescued from high waters. this man and his dog airlifted to safety by the coast guard. even with barry far removed, it is a boiling tempest this morning. thankfully the surge from the lake has receded. at one point, it was over 400 yards inland, 3 or 4 feet deep. if you're thinking this is early for a hurricane making landfall, you bet it was. the last time this happened was back in 2005 when that hit louisiana. later that year, it was katrina. robin, we are certainly hoping history doesn't repeat itself this year. >> you're right about that, rob. thank you. the threat is not over yet, isn't that right, ginger? >> that's right. you can still see the circulation from barry centered over arkansas. it's counter clockwise. some of the heavier bands down to texas so you've got flood alerts. you have flash flood alerts up to illinois, paducah, kentucky, memphis, tennessee, included so who will get it when? it looks like it's very slow moving north to northeast. it'll start to pick up in pace as we go through the midweek but
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talking about rain reaching all the way to western new york and western pennsylvania. on the order of two to three inches from what is left of barry but some of the heavier bands from arkansas to mississippi today could leave six to ten inches, george. >> wet start to the week. ginger, thanks very much. to washington now where president trump has sparked a storm of outrage after a series of racist tweets targeting members of congress who are women of color. he wrote they should, quote, go from, ignoring the fact they are all citizens, three of the four born in the u.s. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce tracking all the latest. mary, the president was trying to divide democrats. it appears to be backfiring. >> reporter: while the president may have thought he could exploit tension between democratic leaders and these progressive members, instead we are now seeing democrats coming together rallying behind these members and calling out the president for these racist tweets. from congress -- >> that's a racist tweet. >> reporter: -- to the campaign trail. >> it is absolutely racist and un-amerin,isn old trope. >> reporter: president trump's latest twitter tirade is being slammed as racist and xenophobic.
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without naming names the president sunday called out progressive democrat congresswomen tweeting, why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. then come back and show us how it is done, adding, these places need your help badly. you can't leave fast enough. it's not the first time trump has taken aim at these women of color who have been sharply critical of his immigration policies. >> a group of people that came from -- i don't know where they came from. >> reporter: the congresswomen came from cincinnati, detroit and new york city. only one of the group, representative ilhan omar, a somali refugee, was born outside of the u.s. she's now an american citizen. on twitter the minnesota representative wrote, trump is stoking white nationalism because you are angry that people like us are serving in congress and fighting against your hate-filled agenda. ayanna pressley of massachusetts shot back, this is what racism looks like. we are what democracy looks like
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and we're not going anywhere. and from congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york, mr. president, the country i come from and the country we all swear to is the united states. the tweets getting a strong united response from democrats. >> the president is an illegitimate racist occupying the white house who has defined himself over and over again. >> i am freaking appalled that the president of the united states conducts himself in such a disgraceful and racist way. >> reporter: while nancy pelosi has been sparring with the freshman progressives, she's making it clear. she has their backs, tweeting, when donald trump tells four american congresswomen to go back to their countries he reaffirms his plan to make america great again has always been about making america white again. now, while democrats have been quick to condemn the president, the silence from republicans is deafening. so far top republicans are not weighing in. they are not denouncing the president's comments or defending him while the
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president this morning is digging in tweeting, so sad to see the democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our country. george. >> okay, mary, let's bring in senior white house senior white house correspondent cecilia vega for more on this. cecilia, this is about as explicit as the president has ever gotten in a tweet like this, but he has a history of making these racist appeals. >> reporter: yeah, he does, and this one will be tough for people here in the administration to spin and, frankly, impossible to defend. this phrase, go back where you came from, has a painful history. we know racism against minorities and immigrants in this country is nothing new, but as you just said a president normalizing it in such a public way, let's look at it. birtherism, he promoted that conspiracy theory that barack obama was born in africa for years and he launched his campaign saying mexicans were
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rapists, and of course let's go back to charlottesville where he said there were very fine people on both sides. now what he is doing with these tweets is really harkening back to the age old racist notion that white is american, that people of color are not. that they are other, that immigrants are not part of this country. he's advocating for an us versus them mentality. you know, while we haven't so far, george, heard from republicans denouncing these tweets, i will tell you the white nationalists are loving it. one prominent website saying this morning, quote, this is the kind of white nationalism we elected him for. >> that is really something. as you point out, the fact that republicans haven't spoken out even though they did speak out in the past it shows how they've united behind the president, at least republican leaders have. meantime, this comes, cecilia, at the same time last week the president was touting these immigration raids in major cities that were supposed to take place yesterday. it appears that didn't really come off. >> reporter: yeah, you know, ten large cities this was supposed to happen in around the country. 2,000 some odd documented immigrants, they fell far short of expectations, these raids that the president said would
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happen. there were only a handful of operations that took place around the country. we're told by sources that they looked more like routine enforcement actions. the big question this morning, george, though, is did these raids not happen because the president telegraphed them in advance? you know, we know that leaders in cities where these raids were supposed to happen say the president is purposefully trying to scare these immigrant communities. we know a number of people did not answer their doors. they were coached essentially and told not to answer their doors if i.c.e. knocked and didn't have warrants. but immigration advocates, george, tell us this threat is still not over. they believe the raids could happen later today or later this week when people head back to work. >> right, they could unroll all week. okay, cecilia vega, thanks very much. amy. george, now to that mysterious blackout that left tens of thousands of new yorkers in the dark. power was knocked out for more than 70,000 customers. hundreds of people were stuck in elevators, others were stranded on the subway and there are there are still problems this morning. abc's erielle reshef is outside in times square with the latest
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on the investigation into what happened. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. there's still an urgent hunt for answers this morning after more than 30 blocks of the city were paralyzed saturday night. some iconic landmarks including some billboards right here in times square going dark, a main bus terminal still without air-conditioning this morning. >> we have a major blackout. >> reporter: this morning electric company con edison investigating why a large swath of manhattan plunged into darkness. more than 72,000 customers without power on a steamy saturday evening. >> we have to make sure it doesn't happen again and the system is designed in such a way that it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: some neon billboards in times square pitch black. on iconic broadway, lights out, but that didn't stop the musical cast of "rock of ages" from taking the show outside. ♪ it goes on and on and on >> reporter: stoplights at busy intersections off, leaving pedestrians to step in and direct traffic. emergency responders racing to
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roughly 400 elevator rescues. >> there's people trapped in elevators in both towers. >> reporter: underground nearly 3,000 passengers stuck or left waiting for trains. and a jennifer lopez concert at madison square garden cut off. >> they're asking everybody to evacuate. >> reporter: during those eerie five hours new york city mayor bill de blasio trying to reassure new yorkers from the presidential campaign trail in iowa. >> let's get all the facts and then we'll assess what to do. >> reporter: returning home the next day facing questions about his re >> you have to be in charge wherever you are. i'm in regular touch with my folks confirming the situation is being handled properly. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the streets of new york erupting into cheers as the city that never sleeps woke up from the massive blackout. and authorities have ruled out a cyberattack or any criminality here but con edison says it could take weeks to figure out extlwhat cseth msive outage. they say they willri
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okay, ele, thank you very much. we move to that amusement park accident caught on camera. the ride fell apart in midair, crashed to the ground with people on board, and diane macedo has the latest on the investigation. good morning, diane. >> reporter: george, good morning. this incident is horrifying, and the whole thing was caught on cell phone video. you can see the ride full of people swinging back and forth. onlookers watching. everyone seemingly having a good time and suddenly that ride snapped and that bottom half came crashing down. officials in ahmedabad, india say two people were killed instantly. both in their 20s. 29 more were injured and at least three are in critical condition. now an investigation is under way as authorities try to figure out what went wrong here, george. >> as you said this happened in india but this is a pretty common ride. >> reporter: it is. thf cald thscery. it's one of those that swings back and forth like a pendulum. it's a popular feature in amusement parks all over the world, but we still don't know how many of those are this exact
7:14 am
ride or imitions. in fact, the italian company that makes the discovery has another one of its rides was also involved in a fatal accident a few years ago, also in india. either way, though, george, authorities worldwide will watch this investigation closely to try to ensure that whatever went wrong here doesn't happen again. >> thanks very much. robin. to the investigation under way into the mysterious death of a beloved civil rights activist. sadie roberts-joseph who founded an african-american museum in louisiana. alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: this morning authorities searching for answers after the body of 75-year-old sadie roberts-joseph, a beloved member of the baton rouge community, was discovered on friday stuffed in the trunk of this white car just miles from her home. her family shattered. her niece desperate for answers. >> we are devastated. we're devastated that someone has actually killed her and put her in the trunk of her own car.
7:15 am
>> reporter: seen speaking here o h tlen of our past. >> reporter: roberts-joseph was a civil rights activist who founded the african-american history museum in baton rouge. police digging for answers. >> why would somebody do something like this to her? >> you know, we don't know. that's what we're trying to figure out. my detectives have been working overtime and we do know there was a time when she was last seen, and a time when she was -- when the body was discovered and we're working on that time frame and focusing in on what happened between that time. >> reporter: baton rouge mayor sharon weston broome devastated. >> i have no idea why someone would do such a heinous act or commit such a heinous act, for someone who had nothing but love for this community and love for people. >> reporter: and authorities have not identified a suspect or a motive. the police chief here tells me he has two teams of investigators working this case
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around the clock. robin. >> all right, alex, thank you so much you so much. she was so beloved in that region. >> i hope they get answers soon. new trouble for travelers. another airline is extending the grounding of their boeing 737 max jet stretching into november. abc's david kerley has all the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. summer travel has already been affected. now some are wondering whether the holiday season, christmas and thanksgiving could be affected by another airline canceling flights all the way into november. it's american airlines that says that it is canceling flights until november 2nd joining united, which is also canceling into early november. southwest remains in early october. the problem here, other issues have been found with the 737 max and that software fix is still not submitted to the faa nor these aircraft to flight.w, "tho
7:17 am
isepting tcod mo intner, ary. familiar with the fix that that is not the view of those who are working to get this aircraft back into the air. amy? >> all right, david. i think for anyone who flies a lot, take your time, you know? make sure it's all good. >> got a good point there. how about that record-breaking wimbledon match yesterday. roger federer and novak djokovic going head-to-head, five-hour showdown. fifth set tiebreaker it went to. djokovic ultimately winning taking home his fifth wimbledon title, 16th grand slam and so how did he celebrate? well, we've been watching in recent years. you know, yeah, go ahead, take a taste. mm-mm. that's become a tradition after his wimbledon wins. he said in the past as a kid he dreamed of winning wimbledon so like every child he dreamed of doing something crazy. he actually achieved it. >> i bet you that grass tasted great. >> i'm sure it did, especially after five hours. he was hungry. okay, we are following a lot of other headlines this morning including this terrifying moment that was caught on camera.
7:18 am
you see this raft with six people on board go over a l in . we'll talk about the warning signs they missed and how they survived. >> good thing they had on their life jackets. and why jeffrey epstein could get out of jail as early as today, but first let's go back to ginger. >> yes, and i'm going to take you to washington state. this is called the powerline fire, now more than 5,000 acres burned and a very low contain i want at this point. unfortunately, we have more fire watches in place from las vegas through utah, arizona and heat advisories as far west as san bernardino county for 115 to 120. that's the type of heat we're talking. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the select cities sponsored by walmart.
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>> good monday morning. i'm lisa argen. waking up to clear sky in san francisco. should be a nice day until the winds get going later on this afternoon. we'll see temperatures coming down a few degrees. and looking at a cooler workweek. highs in the upper 60s downtown. 75 for you today over in oakland. look for upper 80s inland. that's slightly cooler. upper 70s in palo alto. 89 santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day i got a monday meme for you. this is actual video of me watching the weekend go by. yeah. see her little face. >> so fast. we'll be right back. ack. we'll be right back. [ laughter ] so why wait? start farxiga now. farxiga, along with diet and exercise,... ...helps lower a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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(announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. good morning, east bay. >> hi, good morning. i'm natasha from abc 7 mornings. we're tracking some developing news in san jose. police investigating a pepper spray attack outside of a 7-eleven store on monterey road. they say a mom drove to the store with her two kids last night when she got out of the car, another woman attacked her with pepper spray. the kids may have been affected by indirect contact from the pepper spray. police are still looking for the suspect. we're also tracking this deadly crash on i-80 in san pablo near the el portal exit. a flatbed truck crashed through the guard rail and flipped. at least one person died. condit two right lanes blocked for cleanup.
7:24 am
the fatality investigation has wrapped up but it's a sig alert. the two left lanes are getting by. they are making progress but they have to get the truck towed from that area. two heavy duty tows on standby. hopefully one more lane if not both lanes open within the next hour or so causing a 10 to 15-minute delay. here's a look at drive times. on the other side of the roadway, highway 4 to
7:25 am
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now an accuweather update. >> from abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. a beautiful start to the day. sunshine on the peninsula. 58 redwood city. upper 70s today. san francisco, nice and clear, it's in the 50s. 69 for your high. already mild in our east bay valleys. upper 80s there today. >> coming up on "gma kwrkts jeffrey epstein head back to
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. ♪ sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band ♪ >> the beatles are back. paul mccartney, ringo starr reuniting for an incredible performance at dodger stadium. we'll have all the details coming up in our next hour. we're also following top headlines. eight states on alert for flooding as barry moves north. the tropical threat bringing relentless rain causing dangerous rip currents. and amazon prime day is now under way. a 48-hour event promising huge savings and stores like target, macy's and more getting in on the action with their own deals. those details coming up in our next hour. take a look at this sight in the sky. what is that? that's a man flying above the crowd gathered for a celebration
7:31 am
in france on bastille day on what's called a flyboard. i want one. >> okay. >> i just met two people from france that are here. would you do that? did you see that? that was one of your countrymen flying around. >> i think that's a oui. >> she said no. now we have that rafting close call caught on camera. six people on board when all of a sudden the raft tumbled over a waterfall at a state park in pennsylvania. thankfully everyone was wearing a life jacket and survived. paula faris is here with that story. terrifying, paula. >> they missed several warning signs that would alerted them of impending danger including one that said waterfall ahead. luckily there is an observation deck right by the falls so help was able to arrive quickly. >> reporter: this morning six people are safe after this terrifying moment. their raft plummeting 40 feet down a waterfall in pennsylvania's ohiopyle state park.
7:32 am
>> caller reporting a raft went over the falls. at least six people still in the water. >> reporter: horrified onlookers watched as all six members are tossed from the raft, each escaping with just minor scrapes and bruises and making it to shore. >> got ejected from the raft. you know, they floated and grabbed on to a couple of boulders and we were able to get out into the river and get them to safety. >> reporter: a park official says the group was on an unguided rented raft when they unexpectedly went off course missing three sets of warning signs. >> all six of them had their life jackets on so when they went over the falls, that was probably the thing that saved them and that's why they're with us today. >> reporter: in georgia another close call. firefighters wading into these raging rapids after a man and ten children were swept over a rushing dam. >> hold on. >> hold on to the rope. >> reporter: watch as this swimmer is yanked by the powerful current straight into the rescuer's arms.
7:33 am
no one was seriously hurt in this incident and officials stress that swimming in and around the dam is illegal. safety experts say if you're caught in a raging river you should remain calm and float on your back with your hands and feet out of the water. for less experienced rafters, make sure to select a guided rafting option. >> you actually have a guide in your raft. they're the ones directing you down the river and that can help reduce those risks. >> as for this pennsylvania group, the group told the park ops manager they didn't even see the warning signs. there were three of them. they didn't know they were in danger until people on the shore were shouting and moethsing for them to get out of the water. at that point it was too late. everyone is okay, just really shaken up. >> probably didn't even see the signs. >> you're navigating these rapids, right? >> should have had a guide. >> good advice. >> thankfully they had their life jack. >> no helmets but had their life
7:34 am
jacket. if you can get a guide, go with the guide or don't go at all. >> good to know they're safe. we have the latest on the jeffrey epstein scandal. he's back in court this morning trying to get bail as he fights charges of sex trafficking. our chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas outside the courthouse with details. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning. right now jeffrey epstein's legal team is facing off with federal prosecutors in the courthouse behind me. at issue, will he get bail. this as some of his victims are coming forward warning that he is still a danger. this morning, a federal judge set to decide if jeffrey epstein will get bail allowing him to go back to his manual mansion or stay locked up while he awaits trial. the disgraced financier pleading not guilty to the sex trafficking of underage girls. epstein's lawyers presenting to the court a 14-point proposal outlining bail conditions including home detention and electronic monitoring
7:35 am
and offering to put up his $77 million new york home and a private jet as collateral to secure bond. but the government blasting the bail request in their response letter calling epstein a serial sexual predator and that electronic monitoring would merely give the defendant less of a head start in fleeing. noting epstein, according to financial records, is worth more than $500 million. >> we think he is a significant flight risk and that is why we're seeking detention pending trial. he has enormous wealth. >> reporter: this weekend abc news getting an up close look at one of epstein's pristine properties. his island compound, little st. james, the 75-acre island complete with a temple, helipad, private beach, even a lifeguard stand. >> i feel like his wealth should not be something that is able to be leveraged. >> reporter: three more women now speaking out to abc news about epstein's arrest and why
7:36 am
he should be denied bail. they're claiming that in the early 2000s when they were 17 an acquaintance recruited each of them separately to go to his palm beach mansion to give him a massage. but they all say epstein attempted to grope and touch them and grew angry when they refused to allow it. at their request we're not naming them or showing their faces and have altered their voices. >> he's a threat to women. he's manipulative. he's very precalculated and this is something that has clearly not stopped so why would it top now?stop now? >> people do his dirty work for him, so i feel that he's still a danger when he's outside. >> reporter: now epstein could be facing even more legal trouble. we've been told that the attorney general in new mexico where he has a sprawling
7:37 am
property are talking to victims and investigating this horrific crime. george. >> okay, tom, thanks. let's bring in sunny hostin for more. this judge that is going to hear the case today has faced questions like this before. >> yes. >> people putting up millions of dollars, rejected them. >> in fact, what he said to one defense team, his house arrest was unreasonable because it helps to foster inequity in unequal treatment in favor of a very small cohort of criminal defendants who are extremely wealthy. so he has sort of thrown this aside before and i think what people need to understand is bail is not supposed to be punitive but to be sure it is supposed to make sure that the defendant will appear in court and it is also to protect the community from the defendant. this is a guy who is vastly wealthy. he has his own private plane. he has property outside of the u.s., various properties within the u.s., and so he is a significant flight risk.
7:38 am
in terms of protecting him from the community, he had hundreds if not thousands of images of nude girls found on his property. this is someone who is a sexual predator, a registered sexual offender. many more victims have come forward. ha mnschargecod be coming. >> on top of it some victims have said i am fearful that he is released that he will contact me. how do you fashion a set of conditions that will meet the bail requirements? i just don't see it in this case. he is not an appropriate candidate. >> we will be watching today. sunny, thanks very much. amy. coming up, the new twist in a vatican mystery involving a 15-year-old girl who vanished. we are live from vatican city with the latest. with the latest. drive safe & save discount? big yup, using the app. i've been quite vigilant. sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. ok, write her back 'dear sharon, don't mess with my discount!' faster mommy, i gotta go to the bathroom. i do too honey, but we're gonna hold it for mommy's discount.
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7:42 am
we are back with that growing mystery at the vatican. officials there following new leads and making a puzzling new discovery as they try to find out what happened to a 15-year-old girl who vanished nearly four decades ago. ian pannell is just outside vatican city with the very latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, amy. that's right. a new twist in one of italy's longest standing unsolved mysteries. a teenage girl, the daughter of a vatican employee, who vanished from here 36 years ago and this morning, the family of that young girl again searching desperately for answers. >> vatican security is impenetrable. >> reporter: it reads like a story straight from the pages of a mystery.
7:43 am
>> open the doors and tell the world the truth. >> reporter: this morning vatican investigators are searching for the truth behind the decades old disappearance of 15-year-old emanuela orlandi. the girl disappeared after leaving her home in the vatican city to take music lessons in rome. she was never seen again. >> any time there is a mystery, a potential scandal with any hint of a vatican involvement, it's going to take on a life of its own. >> reporter: last week, vatican investigators acting on a possible break in the case prying open the tombs of two 19th century german princesses. orlandi's family had received an anonymous tip that her remains might be buried here where an angel was pointing. her brother piertro orlandi watching on anxiously but both tombs empty. [ speaking foreign language ] it was completely empty, he told reporters, absolutely nothing. the excavation occurring in this
7:44 am
cemetery on the grounds of the pontifical teutonic college inside vatican city just next door to st. peter's basilica. those empty tombs priming officials to investigate inside the college where over the weekend they made a new discovery. two containers believed to hold human remains, bones, found under a stone slab leaving some to wonder if one of those remains could belong to orlandi. >> when the tombs turned up empty the vatican recalled there had been structural work on the cemetery as recently as the 1960s and '70s and perhaps the bones had been moved during that work. >> reporter: the area where the bones were found has now been sealed off. investigators need to search that area and discover do the bones belong to orlandi, the two german princesses or someone else? for decades the vatican has been accused of covering up evidence of the young girl's mysterious disappearance but officials have always denied any involvement or knowledge of it. a spokesperson for the vatican is saying they've always shown
7:45 am
attention to the suffering of the family and it was in that light that they agreed to recent excavations. it was at the family's request. this isn't the first time tombs and burial sites have been unearthed in the search for emanuela and this morning this remains a mystery unsolved. guys. >> what a mystery. >> wow. thanks, ian. we have "play of the day." what happens when wimbledon meets woody. ♪ hey now you're a rock star get the show on get paid ♪ on get paid ♪ with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, ulos rious,ometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver,
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7:49 am
our "play of the day," so many great moments at wimbledon this weekend but one spectator grabbed sop attention in the stands and, lara, he caught your attention as well. >> yes, he did. he may not have been playing but woody harrelson, the actor, well, he stole the show at wimbledon this weekend. he was enjoying the men's doubles final which by the way went on for nearly five hours. needless to say, you might need to get up and stretch your legs during that time, but here's the rub. you need to time such breaks very carefully at tennis matches, most especially wimbledon. you know this, robin. it is a huge no-no to come back during play. you have to wait till a changeover. there you see him shut out sneaking peeks of the action behind the security guard. thankfully he had a little glass of something to sip on. and maybe he did a little shopping while he was waiting because when he got back there, there you go, he has a lovely new fedora. that woody.
7:50 am
hoed such a great time. people were loving him. they cut to him so many times. it's as if we were watching the woody show, not the match. there was a moment that was unbelievable. members of the french team, one of the members, mahut, moved into the wrong place at the wrong time. take a look. >> what. >> oh. yeah. yeah, i don't think i need to explain any further than that. look at woody's face. woody, he is feeling his pain. says it all. he feels his pain. all that and the colombian team beat the french team in that epic five-hour battle. woody harrelson, thank you for your commentary. >> there's got to be a meme coming up. >> you guys are laughing at this. >> it was really more about woody, not knick nicholas. nicolas, we feel for you. >> okay, coming up, we have the duchess and queen bey inside the premiere of "the lion king."
7:51 am
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning to you. meteorologist lisa argen has our forecast. hey, lisa. >> hey, natasha. what a gorgeous start to the day in santa cruz. 56 in san francisco. redwood city, san jose. mt. tam, a little hazy. patchy fog. look at concord. 73 degrees. another beautiful summer day today. despite slight cooling inland and some breezy winds along the coast. 75 in oakland. 77 in palo alto. alexis? >> still our sigalert in effect in the san pablo area. eastbound 80. two right lanes remain closed. the two left lanes are open due to the fatal crash that happend just after 5:00 this morning. they are continuing that cleanup effort. bay bridge toll plaza, typical here. metering lights are on. coming up on gma, the new
7:57 am
delay for the boeing 737 max planes and what it means for your travel plans. we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and join us for abc 7 mornings weekdays 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. the news
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. bracing for barry. eight states now on alert for heavy rain and flooding as a tropical threat moves north. the moment this human chain was formed to save swimmers caught in a strong rip current. live from the storm zone. also this morning, outrage over the president's racist attack on four congresswomen, all women of color telling them to go back to their home countries. what they're saying now as the president doubles down. ♪ can you feel harry and meghan, beyonce and jay-z, the sizzling premiere of "the lion king" and what jay-z said was his best advice for the duke and duchess when it comes to parenting. it's prime day, amazon kicking off one of the biggest shopping days of the year. walmart, target, ebay, best buy, all revealing their
8:01 am
discounts, and the one tip you could put to work to watch those deals. ♪ secrets of "the bachelorette." one-on-one with chris harrison. now the sneak peek of tonight as jed makes his case. ♪ and are you ready for dwayne johnson, jason statham and idris elba? all together in one blockbuster movie. we're right there with them on the red carpet and look who is saying -- >> good morning, america. that man can do it all. >> crazy fun. good morning, america. hope you're well this morning. >> it's not just any monday, guys. this is "the lion king" monday. in fact, we're kicking off "lion u'dy lauin robin.vreaundhe
8:02 am
>> he said playing pumbaa is perfection. first, we have a lot of news to get to, starting with the new threat from barry as it moves north. eight states from texas to illinois bracing for rain and flooding. so let's go back to rob who is there in mandeville, louisiana with the latest. good morning again rob. >> good morning to you again, robin. hurricane barry coming ashore as a category 1 with pips of 75 miles an hour. there was some wind damage but got over a foot of rain in louisiana. the floodwalls, levees were not overtopped but can't say the same for the seawall at lake pontchartrain. check it out from the drone. this was overtop. it's still a boiling cauldron. waves lapping up against the seawall. at one point during the height of the storm surge about 400 yards inland, and about three, four feet deep so folks today will be cleaning up. impact with this far and wide. panama city beach, look at this. strong rip currents over the weekend. a number of rescues had to take
8:03 am
place. a human chain trying to get to struggling swimmers. dozens of rescues, unfortunately, there was one fatality. that will continue today. flood watches posted all the way to southern illinois, southern missouri. the center over arkansas now and left over -- leftover rain with this will find itself into paducah, and memphis do see half a foot of rain and not quite yet done with barry. >> thanks very much. we turn to washington where president trump has sparked a storm of outrage after his series of racist tweets targeting members of congress who are women of color. he wrote they should go back to the countries they came from ignoring the fact they are all citizens, three of the four born in the u.s. mary bruce with details. >> reporter: the president may have thought he could exploit tension here on the hill between democratic leaders and these progressive female members, but
8:04 am
instead now we are seeing democrats coming together and calling out the president for these racist tweets. from congress -- >> that's a racist tweet. >> reporter: to the campaign trail. >> it is absolutely racist and un-american. >> reporter: this morning, president trump's latest twitter tirade is being slammed as racist and xenophobic. without naming names, the president sunday called out progressive democrat congresswomen tweeting, why don't they go back and fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came? then come back and show us how it is done. the congresswomen came from cincinnati, detroit and new york city. only one of the group representative ilhan omar a somali refugee was born outside the u.s. on twitter the minnesota representative wrote, trump is stoking white nationalist because you are angry that people like us are serving in congress. and fighting against your hate-filled agenda, and while nancy pelosi has been sparring with the freshman progressives she's making it clear she has their backs. when donald trump tells four american congresswomen to go back to their countries he reaffirms his plan to make america great again has always been about making america white
8:05 am
again. now, while democrats have been quick to condemn the president, the silence from republicans is deafening. so far top republicans are refusing to weigh in. they are not denouncing or defending the president and trump this morning is still at it. he is digging in once again tweeting a tirade including, so sad to see the democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our country. amy. >> all right, mary bruce, thanks so much. coming up next here, it's amazon prime day, and the competition is heating up with their own savings where you can get deals on apple devices and so much more. and that incredible "lion king" moment. royalty meeting royalty. and lara is upstairs. >> i'm here with a real ace. mr. joel mchale is with us. [ cheers and applause ] yes. >> wow. >> holding court. talking about his new show "card sharks" hence the cards. >> here are the cards for "card sharks." >> we'll talk about that, and
8:06 am
say hello to our incredible audience. >> hello, incredible audience. >> don't go anywhere. "gma" is coming right back. >> see you in a second. there you go. >> that's the show, everybody. in a storm devastated area. a family pulled up. it was a mom and her kids. everything they had had been washed away. the only thing that brought any kind of solace was the ability to hand her a device so she could call her family and let them know that she was okay. (vo) there for you when it matters most. join us and get up to $650 when you switch. that's verizon. because you very difficult for too go throughmily everything that they go through. maybe not in the same way, but you're still there. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit now. somebody burned down my she shed. your she shed was struck by lightning. is my she shed covered by state farm?
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there's no such thing so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta. welcome back to "gma" on this monday morning and we can't think of a better way than to start it with you here in our studio. thank you very much. hey, it's a big week for so many. we'll bring you the best "gma" deals on wednesday and thursday. so two days of that. >> that's great. [ cheers and applause ] i know.
8:11 am
so you might want to come back, just saying. all good stuff. good stuff right now with "pop news." yes. thank you, robin. good morning to you. so we begin -- i'm going to have to start over. i'm going to this camera. work with me. here we go. we begin this morning with this. we may be able to finally tell you who the next 007 will be. now we all know daniel craig wants out. now we're hearing lashana lynch is in. that's right, a woman. a woman will take over the legendary moniker. note i said the moniker. she will take the code name in this next, upcoming bond movie currently filming. the reports say her character in the film is only taking bond's secret agent number after he retires as part of the plot. but daniel craig is still playing the james bond we all know. perhaps this is a way for
8:12 am
producers to test the idea of a female in the role. they have not yet decided who will take over the whole kit and caboodle in the next installment. >> the whole kit and caboodle. >> yeah. >> i haven't heard that in -- what are you, 100? that's great. >> correct. also in "pop news" this morning, superstar ed sheeran opening up about his struggle with social anxiety. in a new interview for his youtube channel, the four-time grammy saying, i don't like large groups of people, which is ironic given i play shows to thousands. he said his crippling anxiety has come along with success. he has sold over 150 million albums but has closed himself off to many of his old friends. what has brought stability. marrying his childhood sweetheart. they tied the knot in december. he gets away from crowds but as much as he struggles he loves working with fellow artists.
8:13 am
his new album dropped friday and features partnerships with some of the world's biggest pop and rap stars including justin bieber, cardi b and bruno mars. good for him to talk about it. so many people struggle with it. even folks like ed sheeran. also in the news, paul mccartney is getting by with a little help from hi friend and former band mate ringo starr. the two reuniting at dodger stadium in los angeles on saturday night. mccartney surprising the crowd by calling ringo up on stage during the encore of his show launching into a rousing version of "sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band." what a treat. take a look. ♪ sergeant pepper's lonely sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band ♪ >> we do love them. ringo having so much fun he sat in on the final song "helter-skelter." the last time they shared the stage in dodger stadium, august
8:14 am
28, 1966. the second to last concert the band the beatles ever did. long time coming. what a lucky crowd to have that moment. and finally a lucky baby. 4-year-old baby -- 4-day-old baby in st. louis. we know she will be lucky. little girl, jamie brown was born july 11th, her birth time, 7:11. birthweight, 7 pounds, 11 ounces. now the true test. her mother plans on telling 7-eleven about this coincidence. we'll see if jamie gets free slurpees for life. >> i think it's time. >> and that's all. >> play the lottery too while she's at it. thank you there, lara. our "gma" cover story and the star-studded "lion king" premiere across the pond. the duke and duchess making
8:15 am
their yellow carpet debut meeting beyonce and jay-z. will reeve is here with all those details. >> i do. talk about red carpet royalty. doesn't get more a-list than those names but, of course, of course that yellow carpet in london would bring out the biggest stars on the planet. it's only the world premiere of "the lion king" after all. >> reporter: it was the star-studded evening at the london premiere of "the lion king." showbiz royalty mixed with real-life royals for an unforgettable event. >> you guys are busy. >> no more busy than you guys. >> reporter: harry and meghan took a break from parenting duties to walk the yellow carpet. here's the moment the duchess of sussex dressed in jason wu greets the queen, queen bey that is, beyonce who voices nala and husband jay-z also enjoying an adults only night. >> the baby, he's so beautiful. >> how are the twins?
8:16 am
>> they're in here. >> best advice i can give you, always find time for yourself. >> reporter: "the lion king" which opens later this week is a cgi animated remake of the original 1994 classic film. >> a true king searches for what he can give. >> reporter: to celebrate the film's release the walt disney company is launching a campaign called protect the pride that focuses on protecting and revitalizing the lion population. >> 100 years ago, there were more than 200,000 african lions. >> unfortunately, there are only 20,000 left, and numbers are still declining. >> the lion population of africa, half is gone since the last film came out 25 years ago. that's an incredible statistic and feel we can do our part to not only bring lions back but help conservation efforts around the world. >> reporter: also pharrell williams who produced many of the songs on the film's soundtrack. >> you know what, i was literal -- whoa, whoa, whoa.
8:17 am
the king himself. >> hi. >> reporter: elton john who co-wrote the original 1994 soundtrack also had a hand in the latest version. >> i didn't really have much to do with it except write a song for the end. i've seen the movie. it's fantastic. >> reporter: it hits theaters nationwide this friday. the original is my favorite movie ever so i'll be running to see it. i can't believe it's 25 years since the original. neither can elton john. >> so you were 5 when you saw it. you were 2. you were 1. >> i was 2 years old. i was actually, yeah, came out before i was born. no. >> oh! oh. >> it's not true. it's not true. i was 2 years old. for the record i was 2 years old but elton john thinks it's surreal as well and tweeting he can't believe he was on the yellow carpet. quarter century later.
8:18 am
>> all righty, will. [ laughter ] >> it's all good. it's all good. jon favreau will be here a little bit later and seth rogen who plays pumbaa, it's great. [ applause ] >> there it is. we'll move on to a big holiday for online shoppers. it's amazon prime day, and this year doubling down with two huge days of savings. competition fighting back with their own bargains and rebecca jarvis has tips on how to get the best deal. rebeck -- rebecca jarvis is here. hey, rebecca. >> many deals are expected to be even better than black friday and that's because it's not just amazon doing the discounts, the good news for shoppers, prime day has become a competition among retailers of how low can you go? >> reporter: amazon prime day now under way ushering in a slew of delectable deals. consumers expected to spend $1 billion worldwide, but it's not just amazon. now many rivals also offering their own black friday in july sales, no membership necessary.
8:19 am
>> target, walmart and ebay are having some great sales. where the best sales lay are in apparel and also in electronics. >> reporter: call it the halo effect. walmart getting a jump on the competition kicking off its own sale sunday, touting four straight days of discounts on everything from electronics to video games. happening now at, deal days. markdowns on thousands of items including furniture, clothes and toys. plus with order pickup and ship delivery, get those orders within hours of hitting buy. at best buy, big markdowns on apple devices and at ebay, a 48-hour crash sale. >> why is it called a crash sale? >> last year amazon's site went down on prime day. >> reporter: a play on technical troubles during last year's prime day with deals on smartphones, gaming systems and shoes. >> while you can get a lot of electronics on amazon during amazon prime day, discounts on apparel, especially for back to
8:20 am
school, are happening at the department stores and specialty retailers. some of the deep discounts on apparel are happening at macy's, nordstrom and saks fifth avenue having discounts of up to 80% to 90% off on their luxury items. >> reporter: which is why now is a great time to shop for clothes, shoes and small electronics and appliances. george, one thing the experts recommend not shopping for right now is a brand-new flashy tv. shop for last we're models if you want a great deal today. >> these move around a little bit. you can track them in realtime. >> yeah. you can track them in realtime, and that's important. look on the amazon app here and look at upcoming deals and look for the very specific things that you want in your cart. that way you're not going to be incentivized to shop for just anything. you can actually watch for example this deal, maybe you want some nutrition supplements. follow that deal and follow along in here with all the deals that you're watching and see a list of all the specific deals you're watching. that way as soon as it goes live because a lot of these deals are for a limited time only as soon as it guess live you'll get a
8:21 am
notification on your phone, your ipad and immediately be able to buy that, for what you really want, as opposed to for just anything. >> what about other ways to save? >> you want to download the honey browser extension on your computer. that's going to automatically apply all coupon codes to every purchase you make before shopping. >> oh, wow. >> before you check out. >> good advice there. thank you, rebecca. let's go to ginger. time for a little "gma" moment. so this is the mondo family and mckenna, you say you played softball. >> yes. >> did you ever do what 5-year-old lauren doing, that is a total monday mood. >> run. >> run, lauren. and then mom says you can run around her. yeah, the kid behind her hit the run that was going to get them both in. she said, i am doing my own pace whether you like it or not. we really love that. thank you for sharing that wit
8:22 am
>> good monday morning. i'm lisa argen. waking up to clear sky in san francisco. should be a nice day until the winds get going later on this afternoon. we'll see temperatures coming down a few degrees. and looking at a cooler workweek. highs in the upper 60s downtown. 75 for you today over in oakland. look for upper 80s inland. that's slightly cooler. upper 70s in palo alto. 89 santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day now to "the bachelorette" as hannah faces her final four suito suitors, we're hearing exclusively from chris harrison, and we have a sneak peek at tonight's so g benitez is here with that and, gio, so much still up in the air with two weeks to go until the finale. >> reporter: two weeks to go, and yes, so many people are talking about that promo for tonight's episode where hannah tells tyler she doesn't want to go to fantasy suite with him. so tonight's episode hasn't and aired yet and the drama is
8:23 am
already in full gear. >> this was the first i've seen of her, you know, i think this is crazy. >> i'm very protective over jed. him potentially falling in love with you, i'm, like, i'm not sure it's a good thing. >> it's a rare sight in bachelorette history. jed's family telling hannah jed is not the one. >> jed's was the oddest hometown of all of them. no one in that family believes he's ready for this. >> this is your place. >> my spot. >> reporter: while tyler's hometown date seemed perfect we had to ask chris harrison why she doesn't seem that in love with him. >> tyler is like, this is my house on the water. this is my boat. i'm tall. i'm gorgeous. i have 90-pack abs and she's like, i'm not sure about this. what are you not sure of? where to put the spf and rub in the sunscreen? a lot of us are like that in our lives where it's like, hmm, i don't know. nothing is this good.
8:24 am
>> i'm falling so freaking hard. >> reporter: another question only chris can answer, why can't peter say that four-letter word? >> he said it to his parents. i love this girl. he just can't quite get there and say it to hannah yet. >> reporter: the biggest question of them all, luke. why hasn't hannah let him go? >> she keeps giving the guy a rose because she keeps enjoying making out with the guy and i really think that's what it came down to because there's no other discernible reason they should be together. >> reporter: last week's episode ending in a close tie between jed and luke, leaving jed full of doubts. >> it feels like it's hard to make a decision between me and somebody who has been a complete scumbag during this whole process. >> reporter: in the sneak peek of tonight's episode jed lets it all out. >> i need some clarity on luke. i've seen luke from the beginning take people's words and change them. i've seen him lie. i just don't fully understand
8:25 am
how you can be as amazing as you are and even consider someone like him. >> this is a roller coaster ride. i mean it has been all season and if you think that this ride is over, there's always one more big hill and maybe a loop de loop. >> the drama, people, the drama. so, again, that season finale is just two weeks away and as we all know the show could end in so many different ways. "the bachelorette" airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> i love the music. >> just the right moment. >> yes, perfect. you can watch an extended sneak peek of tonight's episode on our website. look at that. coming up, we go inside the new "lion king" with seth rogen.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. we're following a deadly crash on i-80 in san pablo. sky 7 flew over the scene about two hours ago. you can see that flatbed truck crashed through the guardrail and flipped. at least one person died here. alexis has been looking at this for quite a while. how close are we to having this cleaned up? >> we still don't have an estimate on when the two right lanes will reopen. the two left lanes are reopen. a lot of the cleanup is done. one of the vehicles on the scene, the flipped truck, started to catch fire when they were trying to tow it out of there. just really not catching much of a break here. that remains a sigalert. a 10 to 15-minute delay because it's the eastbound side not the westbound side. westbound 580, tracy on
8:28 am
dublin. and northbound 85 through the south bay. meteorologist lisa
8:29 am
now an accuweather update. >> from abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. ch check out the golden gate bridge. all that sun. temperatures cool. 56 degrees. 67 in san jose and morgan hill. and from pier 39, yeah, sea lions enjoying all that sun. it's 70 in fairfield.
8:30 am
upper 80s today inland. >> thank you, leasa. another abc 7 news update in >> announcer: what could bring n together -- ♪ >> "the lion king." >> "the lion king." >> is spectacular. >> there's no words. ♪ hakuna matata >> announcer: now celebrate the magic of "the lion king" exclusive behind the scenes and for the first time see an unreleased scene. >> how did you do it? how did you do it? >> announcer: "the lion king," "can you feel the love tonight" with robin roberts, tonight on abc. >> so much fun. the cast and crew of "the lion king." cannot wait to share that with you tomorrow night. so much excitement surround the movie. >> we have the director jon favreau, the voice of pumbaa, the warthog, seth rogen joining us live from london after that
8:31 am
big premiere last night. welcome, guys. you brought pumbaa as well. >> hello. >> jon, we have to know did you get the royal seal of approval? >> yes, it was very nice to meet the duke and duchess, their royal majesties. it was very exciting. >> it was weird watching a movie with so many royal themes with actually royalty. i kept thinking is this connecting with them in a way i don't understand? >> so true. >> that is true. hey, jon, you have been here before. it's not your first rodeo. "the jungle book" so you know what it feels like, something that is so beloved, so how are you feeling this close now to the release of this movie? >> well, you know, this one people know a lot more than they know "the jungle book." there are people who grew up -- this is the first film that was part of the video tape generation where kids would watch it over and over again in the back of the minivan, so there is a lot of pressure to
8:32 am
get it right, but thanks to social media, and the reaction from the trailer that gotten, i feel really comfortable and excited and i can't wait for everybody to see the film on the 19th. [ cheers and applause ] >> who plays my favorite character, pumbaa, thank you for bringing your plush version of yourself. seth, talk about pressure, man. you have to sing a song with beyonce. what was that like for you? >> yes. [ laughter ] it was not something i ever expected. i currently have like the number five song on itunes. [ applause ] that's thrilling. it was wonderful. i apologized to her personally for having to share credit with me but overall i loved it and i think that the song turned out great and the fact that i didn't ruin it -- >> was a bonus. >> fun to do. >> i think it's time to give everybody a little bit more of the movie. let's take a look.
8:33 am
>> it's a lion. run for your life, pumbaa. >> wait, timon. it's a little lion. >> it gets bigger. >> can we keep him? i promise i'll walk him every day. if he makes a little mess -- i'll clean it up. >> you'll be a little mess. he will eat you and use my body as a toothpick. >> one day when he's big and strong he'll be our friend. >> i'm telling you, seth, and billy eichner, i know jon is a great director but, seth, how much were you guys improvising? you and billy? >> a lot. we were really able to kind of create a dynamic amongst each other, ourselves and jon really encouraged us to try things and to make it feel as naturalistic and kind of conversational as possible, which was great and the fact that me and billy were together, i think you can tell when you watch the movie it feels like two characters interacting with each other and
8:34 am
it would have been impossible i think to be as funny as i think we were if we were recording separately i think. >> which lines made the doll? >> i don't know which lines made the doll. >> hakuna matata. >> hakuna matata. hakuna matata. you know what, the doll said it best. i don't get paid for this. i just want you to know that. whatever i signed i get no money for this. [ laughter ] >> jon, as i know seth just touched on, how important was it for you as director to have seth and billy and donald glover all in the studio together? >> well, part, you know, i know for my son, i knew about the childish gambino music, but i knew donald glover more as a comedian and improviser and both he and billy and seth all come from that tradition of improvisational comedy so i knew if i got all of us together not only would we partner up for the performances but we could keep rewriting it and keep finding new opportunities and part of that contributes to the live action feel that we're going for
8:35 am
here so even though we were animating to their voices we wanted to make it feel like you were watching something that was actually filmed in real life and i think that conversational quality carried the day. >> totally. >> and the movie is just incredible. >> it is. you put your heart and soul into this and it is quite evident. i just cannot wait for everybody to see it. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you can buy pumbaa dolls. >> special friday sale. >> you can figure out how to get a good deal based on your previous experience. >> oh, seth, seth, seth, seth. bless you, jon. y'all take care. we appreciate it very much and "the lion king" is in theaters on friday. joel mchale joins us live when we come right back. [ applause ]
8:36 am
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "gma" and please give a big welcome to our next guest, the comedian you know who is now hosting "card shar applse ] fe ♪l right.
8:39 am
going, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that takes up a lot of time. this is really cutting into my six minutes. thanks, everybody. thank you. hello, times square. nice to see you. > that was a first. that was a first. >> yes. it cut into my six minutes. thank you. >> nice to see you. i already saw you earlier. all right, okay. this is great. all right, thank you for having me. >> a man of the people. [ cheers and applause ] >> i feel like michael strahan right now. [ laughter ] this is what it feels like. his chair is just a little bit higher, i can tell. >> thanks for coming on a big week. happy 23rd anniversary. >> yes. yes. [ applause ] we've been together 23 years. i was literally here on this day last year. this is how i celebrate my anniversary with my wife. i go alone to new york and appear on a morning show. so i love you, sarah. she has a great timeack at
8:40 am
>> your dogs are very involved in your life. >> yes, i married my dogs as well. we have a lot of dogs and just in case -- >> how many is a lot? >> i don't remember. i think we have three or four now. there's a number of them. yeah, we have -- yeah, they are -- they're maniacs and as you can see they're all very small but they combine into one big dog and they definitely do not defend us at all. so we have a french bulldog that is an insane -- his name is bean bag and we got him last year -- it wasn't for the anniversary but i got him last year so now i'm going to get her two more today. i'm not. no. she said she would divorce me if that happens. too many dogs. >> the kids 11 and 14. >> 11 and 14 i think, yes. >> you think. you're not sure. >> i'm not exactly sure. two boys, isaac and eddie.
8:41 am
r now they "fortnite," and not paying attention even it was on in the house. >> ado they watch you what you do. >> they don't watch anything -- they are not really interested in anything i'm doing. they watched "community" which was on a different network, excuse me. [ laughter ] and but they -- they're very tough crowds. i make jokes all the time and they go, mm. that was okay. i'm not completely embarrassed. on "community" i ended up kissing lots of ladies on that and my 11-year-old when that's going on just runs around the house screaming and then he sits back down. i'm like, yeah, that's not your mom but i got paid to kiss a lady on tv so dad took the money. >> "card sharks." >> "card sharks." very similar to "community." abc synergy. abc synergy. >> i remember -- i remember -- it was a classic.
8:42 am
>> now they brought -- elizabeth banks is hosting "press your lu"mch >> a live audience. >> it's a very -- it's almost as exciting as this audience is. [ cheers and applause ] believe me. it is just -- it's a very simple game and they're like, well you just turn cards over and guess if they are higher or lower, and i'm, like, it is, and then all of a sudden, $600,000 is on the line, and i begin to flop sweat like you are now. and i never thought i would -- my heart is a tiny little burnt peach pit and i watch these people win money and i'm like this is the greatest moment of my life. i watched this woman win 200 grand and she's like i can buy a house and i'm like, yes, let's move away together. so i -- it's strangely very exciting for me. >> want to take a little bit of a sneak peek at this. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ]
8:43 am
>> i'm sure they all -- yes. i guess not. all right. we'll just keep going. anyway -- >> oh, yes. >> higher. people, it's way higher. >> i'm going to say lower. i'm going to say lower. >> the actual number is 10. it is lower. you are right, charisse. 10. there's hope for america. [ applause ] >> like anthony anderson. >> you also have a brand-new comedy special. "live from pyongyang." >> yes, my comedy special is called "live from pyongyang" which is the capital of north korea. so we shot it in san jose. and it's a very -- they're very similar places. same amount of electricity ackoutbu yeah,ught maybe getting, you know, cyberattacked right as my special came out, that would
8:44 am
bring some press in for me. yeah, we did not -- i didn't make it to north korea. >> so close, though. >> yeah, i hope to get there someday to tape the sequel. people are like, what is happening right now? what is -- it's on amazon so -- august 6th,you guys. >> that's on amazon, "card sharks" an abc wednesday 9:00 eastern. >> good monday morning from our east bay hills camera. a sunny start out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s by noontime. low 70s around the bay. the breeze [ cheers and applause ] joel is having a good time. now to a supercharged spin-off featuring dwayne johnson, jason statham and idris elba, "hobbs & shaw," speeding into l.a. for its premiere and adrienne
8:45 am
bankert on the red carpet for it. she had a great time. i saw those expressions on your face, miss girl. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know, life is really tough. somebody's got to do this hard job. could they have picked three hotter stars to be in this movie? turns out the world still wants more, "hobbs & shaw." ♪ it's the summer's biggest blockbuster. a high-speed hilarious thrill ride. ♪ >> whoo! >> reporter: dwayne "the rock" johnson and jason statham return as "hobbs and shaw" in the first spin-off to two decades of "fast and furious" films. >> i have had the opportunity to do multiple "fast and furious" films. there have been eight so far. we are the fortunate recipients to be given the opportunity to spin this off. >> reporter: the duo's stunts, death defying. >> i guess we've had a misspent youth we can lean back on. >> bad guy. >> reporter: with heartthrob idris elba cast as the baddest villain ever. >> he's misguided.
8:46 am
>> i always wanted to work with idris for many, many years. there's no one like him. around the world, there's no one like him. >> reporter: miranda sh-- >> reporter: vanessa kirby plays his tough as nails sister. what was your favorite part to show. >> you know what, i can't believe it but genuinely it was the fights especially when it was on my own. i got the whole day to just do it. it's like learning dance. i'm not a dancer. >> reporter: the cast is so in sync, much of what we see is improvisation. >> i'm black superman. >> he really is black superman. >> reporter: he delivers on the soundtrack. >> this is like the best of both worlds. >> living the dream. >> living the dream. >> you can't riff a little bit. give us a little line? rap something. ♪ i'm the black superman that's what it says. i can't give you anymore. you have to watch the movie. >> he is the black superman. the film is full of big
8:47 am
surprises, and johnson features a major tribute to his samoan heritage in the movie. >> we cannot wait for the cast of "hobbs & shaw" to join us live. keke palmer is here with us live. "strahan & sara." what is coming up? >> "real housewives of atlanta" kandi burruss is guest hosting with me. we're keeping it real with some serious girl talk with our audience. plus an amazing 12-year-old takes the stage. you don't want to miss it. >> you're pretty amazing yourself.
8:48 am
8:49 am
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thanks to lovelytheband. have a great week. >> happy monday, everybody. >> have a great week. >> yeah. >> yeah.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:59 am
good morning, bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. lisa argen has a look at your day. >> so sunny out there. the golden gate bridge. the breeze is going to kick up. 70 in morgan hill. 72 in san jose. see all that beautiful bay water there with upper 70s in concord. another warm day inland with fog-free conditions at the coast, but it will get breezy, and we are going to cool down significantly this week. still have our sigalert in place in san pablo. eastbound 80 if you're coming in just before el portal. the two right lanes blocked for recovery of that truck that flipped down the hillside. the fatality investigation has wrapped. now we're still in the cleanup process. about a 15-minute delay. here's san mateo bridge. no major
9:00 am
juseorllumes. time for "live with kelly & ryan." we'll see you at >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, after an host of "card sharks," joel mchale. and star of the drama "new amsterdam," ryan eggold. and a performance from gone west featuring colbie caillat. it all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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