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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 16, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and giving bart access to airport communications and installing new barriers at the bart station. t"the chronicle" is reporting i the last two years duty managers and officers who patrol the airport have seen contacts with homeless people triple in number. bart does sweeps with the last two trains of the night and once they reach sfo, the employees and officers are assigned to screen people coming off the trains and ask where they are going. here's what the deputy chief told us. >> it's generally a large group, between 20 and 30 people, and it happens every single night. >> so what is the solution? bart is working with sfo and homeless advocates to make a task force and outreach program
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and it's possible that will extend to other agencies as well because bart is not the only transportation agency dealing with this. abc7 news. >> thank you. it's 4:31. if you are just waking up to us, hello. here's a quick update on your weather and traffic. we start with lisa argen. >> we are looking at fog all the way up and down the shorelines, so the central coast and san francisco, it's spreading locally across the bay. sun coming up after 6:00. 50s and 60s, and low 70s around the bay at noontime. cooler today and breezy and looking at temperatures inland, still on the warm side. the cooling gets under way around the bay today and a live look outside. this is emeryville, and so far looking good but may need your wipers heading out in the next couple of hours. i had to flip mine on as well, lisa, and we have a fog for golden gate bridge, and so we have that reduced
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visibility along with moisture on your windshield today. heavy and dense through the stretch. around the toll plaza, i am guessing it looks similar on the marin side as well. extremely light volumes and no significant delays. dublin in the yellow, just 36 minutes. dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 15, and 101 to cupertino just 15 minutes. the ntsb will be in to investigate the cause of a deadly helicopter crash. >> airport officials identified the instructor as wayne he was a long-time instructor at a flight school in hayward. a dui driver in the bay are
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arrested again. now he's facing charges for an eighth time. kate larson spoke to the district attorney that says this man is a menace. >> reporter: for at least the eighth time, arrested for drunk driving for more than 60 miles per hour in a 40-zone with a suspended license. police say he had an open container of beer in his car. >> rules against drunk drivers mean nothing to him and he's endangering you and me and every person on the road. >> i was handed this court document stemming from another alcohol stop in february. >> if something doesn't change, he will kill or harm somebody. >> mary's son was killed by a
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repeat dui offender in 2001 in santa clara county, and soon after she and her husband started the bay area chapter of mothers against drunk driving, and now they are looking at ignition locks. >> i want them thought to drive impaired. >> in order to keep drunk drivers from repeat offending laws need to change and all he says he can do about de leon is to try and keep him in jail and off the roads. happening today, san francisco supervisors expected to vote on a measure affecting how much you pay at bags at checkout. that would raise the bag fee from 10 cents to 25 cents per bag, and require produce bags to
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be come postable or recycleable. today in the east bay the oakland city council will vote on banning facial recognition technology. final witnesses are expected to take the stand in the ghost ship fire trial today. almena claims to have called 911 as the deadly fire broke out in december of 2016. a former oakland police officer says he didn't recognize almena's voice on any of the 911 recordings. he also said almena did not run to get a fire extinguisher like he testified, but instead he ran to get his cell phone. to find out when a verdict is
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reached in the case, download our app and we will send out a push alert when that news breaks. and then assault and robbery at san jose university. surveillance images show the two wanted men. the incident happened around 11:00 this morning at the west parking garage. the men assaulted the victim and stole his backpack and shoes. if you recognize them contact the police department. and then a couple has moved into the rebuilt home, and that's the first one in the town certified as liveable. the house is larger and has more amenities than the home that burned down in november. the camp fire destroyed more than 1,100 homes in paradise alone. the town has issued 84 building permits so far. a restaurant owner in the south bay is targeted because of her religion. she is turning the hate into something positive. >> san francisco neighbors are out to stop a food truck from
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operating on their streets. they say it will bring nothing but problems. pg&e says it will cut the power if there's wildfire risk. and the water provider has a warning for customers. time to check in with our accuweather forecast. >> we have low clouds and fog this morning and mist and drizzle and moving over into the east bay and it's because of the trough of low pressure to the north. this will assist in our cooling and bringing the marine layer taller and deeper than yesterday. 59 santa clara, and 57 in alameda and 56 in novato. a live look outside from the roof camera, the commute no problems for mass transit, but on the bay getting breezy. if you are spending time in redwood city and mountain view, temperatures climbing through the 70s with sunshine this afternoon. pretty ideal, i think, for parts of the peninsula today and
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closer to the coast. we are looking at the breezy winds once again. 64, half moon bay. look for 87 in livermore. it was hot yesterday, santa rosa in the 90s. 89 today. once again our fair weather friend back for the low clouds and fog. we are hoping for an easier ride this morning. yesterday not the case. >> yeah, yesterday we ended up getting busy and fortunately today we are getting started quitely. golden gate bridge, as i mentioned, has a dense fog advisory. i was going to show you the bay bridge toll plaza but i clicked on the wrong camera. it's not looking as foggy as golden gate but we have some throughout the bay area today. a potential issue in the counter commute direction east bay 580, we have a new crash there, three to four vehicles possibly
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involved. chp is sending somebody to the scene
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good tuesday morning in for mike nicco. 94 in sacramento, and cooler today in monterey. 66. right now at the beach it's certainly gray and misty. if you are headed to the coast it will be breezy, and partial
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afternoon clearing, 64 half moon bay and we are looking at temperatures back in the 70s around santa cruz. thank you. when pg&e cuts power to the east bay to prevent wildfires, water service may also be limited. east bay mud relies on pg&e for their electricity. during a power outage the district must depend on 29 emergency backup generators, so east bay mud officials are now telling customers they should conserve and restrict water use during power outages. focusing on issues that affect all of us in an effort to build a better bay area. one restaurant owner in the south bay say she was harassed because of her religion is taking the bad experience and trying to do good. amanda has her story. >> reporter: in palo alto, many are familiar with the restaurant named after zarene, but last
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week she was harassed durifrom a stranger. >> after that, he just turned around and said terrorists to me a couple times. >> reporter: she had to find out a way to turn a bad situation into good. she will use her restaurant to help immigrants. >> what do they fear while living in places with more intolerance. >> reporter: specifically, she said there needs to be an end to broken families at the border. she is vowing to donate up to $5,000 a year for the next few years to the aclu.
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>> this is yet another incident showing the prevalence of anti-immigrant big tr anti-immigrant bigotry. >> she says she hopes the man that did. she was attending a conference when she disappeared two weeks ago. police found her body a week ago in an old world war ii bunker. neighbors in san francisco's cal hollow district are banning together to petition against a food struck from operating on their streets. a taco truck plans to notice between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.
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on union street. officials say more than 80 people filed petitions against that permit. the owner of the street meat truck says he's dedicated to work bg with te community but neighbors believe the truck will not only bring extra noise but trash and debotch re. >> if there's a food truck, it will encou encou encou encou enu >> a public hearing on this permit will happen in the coming months. building a better bay -- th. it's going to add straps to all of the bike areas on its old cars. bart has been testing them to in place. they are adding them to the new
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trains. the rubber racks are designed to hold three bikes by their wheels but sometimes only two bikes can fit. >> and then you can see all of those stories on our website, the new bike things look so nice and expensive, and they are replacing the straps? all right. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. what do we know, lisa? >> that's what i say. what do i know? today you can see for yourself the low clouds and fog are us from the peninsula locally over to hayward and then clearing to the coast, and the reason for that an area of low pressure to the north of us will hangout as the high pressure moves east. with that low the marine layer
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returns. 61 in oakland and 59 in hayward and in fremont. mountain view, good morning, 60 and cooler in the east bay this morning by about four degrees. cooler in novato and look at all the fog. the golden gate bridge, you will need your wipers for the mist and drizzle this morning. at the coast, a gradual cooling trend continues, and at the end of the we can getting a little more tomorrow it will clear again and tomorrow afternoon that steady ebb and flow of the fog allowing us to be cool and drizzly and gray. 80 fremont, 87 in livermore. alexis, what is happen tuesday morning? >> not too much. so far live at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a little backup in the cash lanes especially on the
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right side as you approach those metering lights in the toll booths. left side thinning out just a bit. no delays for fast track and the carpool lanes are open. it's not bad until you get on to the bridge. it was eerie when i was on it this morning, you could not see the san francisco skyline so reduced visibility and mist today. golden gate bridge, a six-minute drive across, and westbound 92, san mateo bridge should take you about 12 minutes. happening today the senate banking committee will hold a hearing on facebook's plan to roll out its own currency. yesterday a treasury secretary, steve mnuchin said they will be held to the same standard as traditional banks.
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netflix removing a controversial scene. >> season one finale of 13 reasons why will no longer include the graphic depiction of one character taking her own life. it's day two for prime day. >> amazon is offering sales on more than a million items. if you are looking for the best deals, use the website camel camel camel to track history on any amazon prime item. keep an eye on competitive sights like walmart, target and best buy. and the biggest change is the navigation bar moving to the left of the scene here. >> there are different themes and color schemes including two more options for dark mode. that's are your "tech bytes." feeling a little stressed or
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on edge? >> easy breezy. >> we will tell you about one easy thing you can do to just chill out. >> go home and go to sleep? the roof of a casino collapses in southern california, and what investigators think caused it. a popular wildfire spot falls victim to its own success.
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good morning. waking up to 63 degrees right now and clear skies in concord. yesterday it was warm, coming down three to four degrees and warmest in inland valleys today and tomorrow, and real changes come by the end of the week when we have a more significant cooling trend and then we will warm up a bit. people at a southern california casino are lucky things didn't get worse when the casino's roof caved in. customers were rattled after the roof gave way at larry flint's luckady casino in gardenia yesterday. you can see the rooftop
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equipment, and 11 people got hurt, minor injuries.njuries. officials say the building reported a severe water leak and that could have contributed to the collapse. many of the landmarks at yosmite are getting their tphaeuplnames back. they have reached a settlement.. while the popula hotel and other facilities had to change their names, now they will be able to revert back to their historic names. new researchers suggest going someplace green is a great way to reduce stress. stress. frontiers in psychologist says spending time in nature reduces a hormone that reduces stress. stay off the phone. they say that they hope the
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study will encourage cities to develop more green spaces. >> yes, always need a break from the phone, absolutely, but might get you in trouble if you take a break for too long. partly cloudy skies and 66 degrees. temperatures at 4 degrees, and mid-7 mid-60s in daly city, and oakland, temperatures in the 70s once again. a little change with numbers just a few degrees cooler. plenty of sun and that sea breeze kicks up in the afternoon with temperatures here in the mid-70s by san leandro. taking a look at the commute this morning, overall we are doing great. we are looking at a little mist and drizzle on the camera for the richmond side of the san rafael bridge. i had to use my windshield wipers coming in from the east bay. we got foggy conditions in a few
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areas, too. not just mist, but reduced visibility as well. trains for bart begins in five minutes, so no delays yet. normal service and no delays for ac transit. and then a victim of its own popularity, and it's closing indefinitely. people have been flocking to the town of volcano for decades to see the flowers and the owners said thousands of people showed up this year, and the traffic was just too much and it has become a safety concern and hence good-bye to all the instagram photos. >> we can't have nothing. >> more than a quarter of
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adults follow @barackobama, and about 6% of twitter users follow him. >> there are only three president wz a public twitter account? >> yeah. what is old is the president doubling down on his attack on four freshman lawmakers. we have that story coming up. the search for the man who robbed a woman at gunpoint in the north bay, where she was when it happened. first a l oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. now at 5:00 a.m., investigators set to arrive at the scene of a deadly chopper
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crash. what we are learning about the instructor killed in that accident. we appreciate you being up with us. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. we have lisa argen with us. live doppler 7 picking up on the fog pushing from the peninsula to the east bay, mist and drizzle in the north bay. with the fog, it's 60 in oakland. temperatures are cooler this morning by about three and four degrees. looking at the clouds pulling back throughout the morning hours, and at 10:00 in the 70s in the east bay, and 67 in hayward and sunny. 77 up in novato and we are looking at a sunny day at the coast although temperatures will be cooler today, two to three degrees cooler and there is a look at our full moon and the reason you didn't sleep, alexis. >> you, too, my friend. i guess we


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