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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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burned at least 20 storm units. that fire put up big flumes of smoke vis from throughout the east bnd parts as a brush fire along highway 4 but gusty winds pushed the flamesnd engulf a ro of storm units. some of them had cars with full gas tanks inside providing more fuel to the blaze. >> a great illustration how critical it is that we -- that everyone be safe in their outdoor activities. this is a grass fire or fires. it started along a highway. the most common cause of these fires is carelessly discarded cigarettes. >> the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. investigators will go in to find a cause after the flames are fully under control. >> now a live look from sky 7 where you can see that large emergency response although we are not seeing the flames or the smoke now.
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but you can see what happened afterwards.t 2:40 this afternoon. it had been going for about two hours. you can see the charred area. firefighters say the b b b been squish been extinguished. >> thanks for joining us. now to our other story. today's earthquakes. >> i felt this jolt. my front door started shaking. my dog went crazy. >> the hills in contra costa county came alive today. a pair of earthquakes hit. they were felt all over the bay area. >> this is a closer look where the earthquakes were is there centered on this map near blackhawk and livermore. >> our team coverage with abc news reporter lesley brinkley. >> reporter: well, dan, life goes on for californians who pauseded for an earthquake and then kept right ongoing. proof is local authorities here in the blackhawk area say they got zero calls from the
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community about this pair of quakes. >> we felt a pretty good jolt. we followed our pro cocal and opened up our apparatus bay doors and pull the engines out to make sure they don't get stuck inside. >> ash the corner at the shopping center, nearly everyone had an interesting version to tell. one person at the gym. >> i was on the treadmill. it felt interesting for sure. >> like there was a bumpy treadmill. >> like shaking a little bit. it was a butchy treadmill. >> reporter: another person sheparded two kids through a local market. >> i heard a bunch of glass hitting against the case and literally thought there was a truck in the store. when we were checking out, the gal asked me did you hear the earthquake. that's when i realized it was all the glass hitting an dropping. > everything shook. it was so sudden. we were in hollywood on the fourth of july. and there was the earthquake there. >> we'd better stay away from you. we don't want to be where you are. >> it's classing us.
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>> reporter: there were the exemptions. >> egot a phone call from our son. he said is everything all right. i said yeah. >> nothing where you -- nothing in danville. >> all depends where you were. i talked to two girls hiking on mt. diablo. they felt nothing. they came down here to get ice cream and were hearing everybody's story and realized threw missed the quakes. for some it's a reminder we are in earthquake country and this is a wake-up call to get supplies tooth. lesley brinkley, abc7 news. >> absolutely. thanks. i was in the kitchen and i felt it. >> really? >> always a good reminder to be prepared. the seismograph recorded theers quake what you see back there, it happened on a fault line that few of us knew about. >> let's bringing in meteorologist sandhya patel for more on that. >> dan and kristen, let's take a look at this earthquake. we saw multiple earthquakes happen this afternoon in the
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east bay and as we take a look here, those earthquakes were of magnitude 4.3 at 1:11 followed bid two aftershocks. they're on a fault line not many know about, the greenville fault. on the west side is the calaveras fault. the greenville fault is not known unless you live in the area. today's earthquakes, shaking intensity was felt all the way towards the north bay, parts of the north bay, peninsula towards the south bay. certainly the strongest shaking was in and around the earthquake zone. dan and kristen? >> sandhya, thank you. >> the last significant quake on the greenville fault line was in january of 1980. some of the worst damage from that 5.8 quake was at the wenty brothers winery where abc 7 saw at damage to many massive storage tanks. >> also a worker at the old mills discount liquor store told bus the shaking that shattered
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bottles. >> oh. bottles were going every which way. the coolers were swaying back and forth. all the signs were going. in the opposite direction. you know and it just wouldn't quit. >> pretty incense back then. that quake knocked homes off their frames at a mobile home park. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> abc7 news can help you prepare for a quake or any natural disaster. go to norcal to get really great tips on preparing an earthquake kit. >> to homelessness and b.a.r.t. as part of our effort to build a better bay area. the airport is making major changes to deal with a spike of homeless people arriving on trains at sfo and crime at the station that resulted. lyanne melendez is live at the airport with what that will look like. lyanne? >> well, sfo thinks it's a good investment. it is a five-year plan.
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sfo says enough time to make sure it works. as some homeless people made their pilgrimage from b.a.r.t. to the airport, sfo realized the status quo was not working. video like this one proved to be a public releases for sfo. police still looking for this man who stole a suitcase and got on b.a.r.t. through the international terminal. today the airport commission heard the details of a memorandum of understanding between b.a.r.t. and sfo. >> theft addresses security enhancements that will benefit the airport and b.a.r.t. at the b.a.r.t. station. >> the first change, airport staff will now see what b.a.r.t. has on video. >> the cams that previously b.a.r.t. only had access to our airport security staff will have read only access to that foot and. >> every officer will have communication to communicate with staff. sfo agreed to pay b.a.r.t. to
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hire a second officer on the platform. the airport will reimburse b.a.r.t. to make the following changes. for example, they will install a five-foot right about that, five-foot glass barrier to replace these which as we all know are easy to jump over. a stainless steel gate just as tall will replace the shorter ones. . access is only given by the b.a.r.t. attendant. the agreement is set for five years kofth the airport 2 million $840,000. so when will we see these changes as early as august 1st. that's the target date. those two ways that you heard mentioned will be the first and then the taller gates will be installed in about six to 1 months. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> we'll see if they make a difference. abc7 news devoted a week to covering b.a.r.t. as part of our commitment to building a better
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bay area. we rode trains, went to every station, talked with riders and to the people in charge of making b.a.r.t. better to see what changes are.cog, you can see all those stories on our website, abc and share your ideas for building a better bay area by joining our better bay area group on facebook. >> north bay residents and commuters are asking what what can be done to prevent tragedies in the future? five pedestrians have died in the past few months along the smart train corridor. reporter wayne freedman is live from marin county with more on the story. >> reporter: good evening, this is hamilton station in novato. yes, they're concerned because all of a sudden, they're getting the same problems that other railroads have experienced elsewhere. people walking up to the tracks, stepping in front of trains and committing suicide. business as usual near golf course drive and reasoner in the park except it wasn't. note the police officer standing watch every time a smart train
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passes a first step after a pedestrian apparently committed suicide here yesterday. >> my heart stops. we feel about the families that have to go through that. >> reporter: that is smart general manager far head mansourian who has seen five deaths along his 43-mile line since june. at least three appeared to be suicides. is smart now suffering from the same issues as the golden gate bridge and cal train? >> this is not a train crisis. this is a public he had the crisis we need to step up and together a to do. >> despite the tragedies and these circumstances, suicide prevention experts kick kara conner from the buckaloo foundation see an opportunity. >> there's something we can do about it. >> after the recent deaths they're talking about lugss ranging from better insulation from tracks and pedestrians to people being more aware and outreach. >> there's not one particular issue that causes someone to take their life. there's a combination of things
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that come to play. unfortunately, like a domino effect, people are taking their lives at the train tracks and we can't have that anymore. >> when we start cleaning up homeless camps and when people are wandering around and haven't had their mental health medications, those are when tragedies takes place. so try to put a fence here and a fence there means we're not dealing with the source of the problem. >> and as we come back, there's one of the signs in two languages near the tracks. one of those help you call a suicide prevention center. the number 1-800-273-8255. smart has asked the buckaloo foundation to speak tomorrow at their board meeting. in novato, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wayne, thanks very much. happening now in san francisco, a debate is under way over how much you will pay for a shopping bag. at least one city leader wants the current fee increases from a
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dime to a quarter. to encourage more people to rely on reusable bags. news reporter luz pena is live from city hall with the story. >> reporter: that's right. the votes are in and it was approve but it still has to go through a second hearing. the idea is for san franciscans to use more reusable bags like this one as well as compostable produce bags like the one i'm holding. supervisor valerie brown is calling it the plastic bag bin 2.0. in a 10-0 vote the first hearing of this ordinance passed unanimously. the idea is to increase the current 10 cent fee to 25 cents. the legislation also includes a requirement for grocery stores to provide recyclable or compostable bags as other option in 2007, san francisco became the first city in the nation to
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ban plastic bags. this ordinance wants to stretch that further. now, some cities that already charge 25 cents per bag are santa cruz, san mateo, pacificya and soon san francisco by 2020. abc7 news. >> thanks so much. >> still ahead it started with a special piece of paper and then you saw. we'll look inside the first paradise home rebuilt since the camp fire. >> preparing for the worst. expert on what works to repair your car and what doesn't. >> a cooling trend on our hands just in time for july. sandhya will be
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ company executives faced
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extensive questions on capitol hill about facebook's initiative called libra. chris nguyen explains how it could impact facebook users like you. >> facebook is back in the spotlight on its efforts to launch a new cryptocurrency called libra and some are already skeptical. >> it doesn't do it for me because it's not just not real. >> the company goal is to offer an alternative financial system to make it possible to send money around the world with little to no fees. facebook has already run into pushback from lawmakers on capitol hill. here's an exchange between a senator and company executiving. > if your question is whether i would trust all of my assets in libra, the answer is yes, i would because it is -- >> my question was. >> and my pay. >> do you trust this enough to make your compensation paid fully in your currency? >> senator, i would because it is backed one for one with a reserve. >> cyber security experts are
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glad the government is take a closer look at libra. >> not be abused by for example, the money laundering or you know, human tracking or the terrorism. using this kind of technology. that's the main concern for the government. >> libra would enable more transactions between facebook users and businesses on its platforms which could generate more ad revenue for the company. some say any impacts on monetary policy are at this point overblown. >> from the perspective of people maybe transferring money overseas fees for doing so right now are fairly high. that might bring in some competition into the market. >> facebook executives will appear before a house committee on wednesday. chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> it's been 250 days since the camp fire incinerated the town of paradise in butte county nearly displacing everyone who lived there. paradise issued its first certificate of occupation for a rebuilt home.
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vickie gonzales was there when the first family moved back in. >> reporter: they're celebrating a milestone with significance extending beyond their family. >> let's go. >> reporter: moving into a new chapter for the town of paradise. victoria and travis sinclair's home among the nearly 19,000 structures destroy tried in the camp fire. >> this is the first certificate of occupation. >> now pioneering a fresh start. >> yeah. >> reporter: a new beginning. their home in mint condition. the first completed rebuild for the town of paradise. >> i would sleep on the floor. could care. i'm coming home today. >> reporter: after eight long months that felt like an unstable roller coaster towards eternity. >> it's been trying. something like this will either make or break your marriage. i mean, and for us, it made it in one home to the next thrown
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into unforgiving uncertainty. >> was there ever a moment where you reconsidered or considered not coming back here moving somewhere else? >> i did, i wondered what i would be coming back to. you would be foolish not to consider it. >> reporter: but for the sinclairs home goes well beyond a house. >> when i was on my rubble, it still felt more at home and there was a piece in my heart knowing it was still going to be okay. >> reporter: it seems like you have a deeper meaning of home. >> very much so. for me, home is just we planted our roots here with with the intention of never leaving this spot. >> reporter: victoria says she hopes her friends and former neighbors will be coming back soon. >> we have some tips for you courtesy of triple-a for escaping from a car that's submerged underwater. it might seem impossible especially if you can't open a door or lower a window.
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>> that's why breaking a window can save your life. triple-a tested different so-called escape tools currently on the market. four of those tools shattered tempered glass but one could break laminated windows as you're about to see. watch. >> triple-a recommends looking at the bottom corner of your car's windows to find out what type of glass it is. most cars feature both tempered and laminated windows. windshield is often laminated. >> and that information could save our lives. >> absolutely no, question. >> time to talk about the weather. still cool, isn't it? >> it is. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> dan and kristen, the temperatures dropped a few degrees this afternoon and the wind is just howling. take a look for yourself. right now novato out of the southwest, 33 miles an hour. 32 at sfo. they do have a airport weather warning. gusty winds pretty much on shore winds going right now.
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and in case you are stepping out, you have to run errands and thinking about going out, just be prepared to hang onto the steering wheel. as you will notice, the winds particularly along the coastline and around the bay on the gusty side out of the southwest. 20, 25 miles hour and dropping off as we head towards tomorrow morning only to pick back up again tomorrow afternoon and evening. a live look from our mount tam camera. notice the shaky view because of the wind. that's helping to keep our skies clear as you look at live doppler 7. fog has been blown away by those winds. temperatures in the 90s inland, 60s coast side. most areas did drop a few degrees this afternoon. if you're not noticing it yet, you will notice later on in the week. golden gate bridge camera a bright view. fog develops during the overnight hours minor cooling at the end of the week. warming back up again starting on sunday. tonight you'll have a treat in the sky. a full moon that rises at:40
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p.m. it's known as a full buck moon when new antetokounmpolers grow on dear bucks in case you didn't know. the viewing conditions should be good. 12-hour planner by tomorrow morning looking at fog, morning drizzle. 50s for your temperatures. sunshine by noon around the bay and inland. in the afternoon, another breezy one. temperatures very similar to today. low 60s to low 90s. so first thing in the morning, fog spilling over the bay and along the coastline, temperatures in the 50s for most of you as we head into the afternoon. it's going to be a wide range of numbers, 1? antioch, 90 in concord. 6 san francisco, 81 san rafael. 89 in santa rosa. san mateo 77, coast side 67. half moon bay 84 degrees in san jo jose. not so much tomorrow, mild to warm tomorrow. low 60s to low 90s. a little bit cooler thursday.
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that cooling continues friday, saturday, mid 80s inland. lows is 60s along our coastline. as you get used to this idea, temperatures are going right back up. sunday, monday, tuesday will be back into the low 60s to low 90s range. overall, i think the pattern looks pleasant. we don't have to worry about extreme heat. we don't have triple digits on there. it is summer but from a fire danger perspective, this is all good. >> pretty good. >> thanks, sandhya. >> from toys to tv remotes to cell phones. we all rely on batteries
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now to consumer news and what to do with your batteries when they no longer work. >> we go through these things like crazy. michael finney is here for that. >> we rely on them for everything. we rely on them for everything from remote controls to toothbrushes. it isn't clear what you should do with those bares when he this he die.
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so here's a guide to help you do right by the environment and the law. >> despite the fact that batteries power almost everything in our lives it's not always clear what to do with them when their juice is used up. >> ideally you shouldn't toss them into the garbage. >> in california you must take them to recycle centers. whether it's you're standard aa battery, a rechargeable cell phone battery or the battery from your car, you should treat it with care by using safe storage and disposal methods. why in most batteries contain toxic ingredients like cadmium, lead, lithium and sulfuric acid. >> bares can leak, get into the ecosystem, into the groundwater. so you really are concerned about that. >> while old batteries may not generate enough energy to power a device, they could still spark a fire if not handled carefully. store them in a secure container that keeps them lined up side by
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side so the fact points can't touch each other or brush against anything metallicing. > put a piece of tape on the positive and negative ends to make sugar you don't have short circuits or any other type of current coming from the batteries. >> even better. >> keep the container that you receive the batteries initially in. put them back in. >> many businesses have battery recycling programs and stores like best buy, lowe's and staples will take certain kinds of batteries, as well. many towns host events to collect batteries along with other hazardous waste and electronics. some have permanent drop-off sites. here's an easy one. most workplaces have a place. find out if it's cool to bring them into work and drop them off. >> thanks, mike. >> there is a new king confident hill. how san francisco ranks when it comes to the steepest street in the world. that's next. >> first we want to thank haily for this picture of murray point
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in pacifica. gorgeous shot. share your pictures with us.
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aim ama daetz. coming up at 6:00, a historical landmark or an opportunity? tonight the fight over what to do with the site of a dilapidated nursery. >> also, the cyber attack on a local art museum being caused a crime of opportunity and a digital nightmare for the public sector. plus -- >> said we will call you in 48 hours. i said we are freezing cold. >> a warranty company gives a couple the cold shoulder after the furnace in their new home broke down until 7 on your side's michael finney turned up the heat. coming up at 6:00. >> thanks very much. we'll see you then. >> where is the steepest road in the world. >> reporter: hmm. you want to say san francisco, don't you? >> right. >> guinness says it's this
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street in wales. it's a grade of 37.4% steep, yes, but let's get real. this is san francisco. >> it is. what's going on? according to the city's bureau of engineering, this is the steepest street in the city. filbert between eleven worth and hyde a grade of 31.5%. >> number three is jones between union and filbert. that is pretty steep. the uphill on left and the downhill on the right. check out the views. the street has a 29% grade. if you think it's tough to drive up the hill, we found someone who walks it every day delivering mail. >> what did you think when you had to come up the hill the first time? >> i wanted to try. i was like my goodness. this is my route? >> sure was. >> yeah. but they've got great legs i'm sure. look at this hill it, tops the city's unofficial list of steepest hills. brandford street bomb tompkins avenue. a grade of 41%. >> it's one of two streets any
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san francisco that are actually steeper. this unofficial list uses data from the government and open source mapping, as well. >> wow. >> now we know. tonight, the firestorm. president trump and race. the president declaring today, i don't have a racist bone in my body. the effort to condemn the president in congress. how far will it go? and our correspondent tonight asking lawmakers on the hill to go on the record about what the president tweeted about those four congresswomen. and you'll see as many try to avoid the question. outrage in new york city tonight. the officer in the eric garner case will not face federal charges. his family tonight saying the justice department failed us. bracing for dangerous heat tonight. 15 states on alert from texas to the northeast. it will feel like 108 in d.c., 106 in new york city. and the warnings about the potential for another blackout. rob marciano is live. new images tonight -- the deadly plane crash killing
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everyone onboard. the moment the plane flips and


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