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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 26, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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specific logistic details pertaining to detainee transfers. the big question is if these flights violated the city's sanctuary policy, the city and the port is investigating. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic starting with mike nicco. >> taking a look at the heat advisories around for us. we'll talk more about that, especially in the east bay and the central valley. showing more cloud cover than there was yesterday. the high-level clouds are gone. here is a look from the exploratorium camera. you can see low clouds and fog. 55 to 62 at 7:00. milder at lunch since we're starting cooler today. near 60 at the coast. 73 to 83 bay and inland. a brighter and milder afternoon, 60 at the coast and near 80 to 90 around our bay and inland neighborhoods.
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71 to 81 inland by 7:00. back to frances. >> there's road work slowing things down in the east bay once again. if you look on our traffic maps, we've got green everywhere except on westbound 80 as you make your way through richmond. the road work begins in san pablo and starts to pick up once you get past cutty. three lanes are blocked. this is scheduled until 5:00 this morning. that is our hot spot right now. as we check out the drive time, it's adding quite a bit of a delay from the early morning rise. westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze is 27 minutes. green everywhere else, looking good across the bay bridge and also once you get across the bay bridge in san francisco to sfo on 101, an easy nine-minute ride. a heads up for commuters. caltrans will temporarily close the lot of the manzanita park and ride lot. a high tide is expected to flood it for the next several days. the lower lot won't reopen until
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a week from sunday. we are tracking developing news out of oakland. firefighters watchtion for flare-ups after a two-alarm fire last night. >> you can see the flames in the video from citizen app. the building appeared to be under construction. nobody was hurt. the chronicle says this is at least the third fire at a residential building under construction in the oakland emeryville area. on the peninsula investigators are looking for more victims of a man involving sexual assault charges. 47-year-old randolph hail man is charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14. deputies say he preetdly assaulted at least three boys and the crimes date back to the 1980s. he's a former photographer for a youth swim team in menlo park. we are now hearing from the owner of the tesla involved in last weekend's deadly crash near union square in san francisco.
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albert kim was not driving the car at the time of the crash. he had rented it out to 21 kelsey cambridge. kim says the car's data is corrupt in the five minutes before the crash. the dash came video he was able to see showed cambridge driving safely. >> i'm surprised because she was very slowly driving and crossing the market street, very casually and slowly. you could hardly believe she would just accelerate just like that. >> police say cambridge was speeding through the red light when the accident happened. she's been charged with involuntarily manslaughter. police are trying to get dash came footage from the moment of the track. we've been closely tracking this story on to receive the latest information as it happens, download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. mta hired a dedicated project manager for the stlal subway project.
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abc 7 news got a tour of the construction happening in the tunnel. the 1.7 mile tunnel runs beneath stockton street and connects south of market to union square and chinatown. the subway was scheduled to begin operations in deese of 2018. that day keeps getting pushed back. mta's newest project manager has sibs weeks to come up with new estimates on the $1.6 billion project. >> first priority besides everything else is to look and see how much time it will take to finish this job and start running the trains. >> most delays have occurred in chinatown where workers are trying not to disturb businesses above the ground. the new opening date for now, early next year. the central subway could extend beyond chinatown if there's enough intere a survey gauging interest on extension routes is closing. sfmta has particular interest. new concerns about the effects of e-cigarettes.
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doctors in milwaukee, wisconsin, say eight teens are now hospitalized with serious lung damage that may be linked to vaping. abc 7 news reporter janai norman has the details. >> reporter: this morning doctors in milwaukee are sounding the alarm ability e-cigarettes. >> we're very concerned with what we're seeing. >> reporter: health officials say eighteens were hospitalized in the past month all with lung damage because of vaping. doctors say the patients experienced shortness of breath, fatigue, weight loss and chest pain. an exact cause is unknown. wisconsin health officials are gathering information on what connection there may be with these cases if any. doctors say it's unclear how long the teenagers' health issues will last. >> we don't have studies showing long-term effects. >> reporter: it came as co-founder of juul answered questions on capitol hill. a house committee is investigating where the company marketed its e-cigarettes to kids. >> you're nothing but a marketer of a poison and your target has
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been young people. >> reporter: juul's co-founder says juul was developed for adult smokers who wanted to quit. he says the company has taken steps to reduce underage use including down social media pages. >> this is a serious problem. our company has no higher priority than fighting it. >> reporter: the company was also accused of sending mixed messages. two teenagers testified that a juul representative came to their school to give an anti vaping presentation and when their teacher left the room, they say the representative repeatedly claimed that juul was safe to use. >> for my classmates who were already vaping, it was a sigh of relief because now they were able to vape without any concern. >> reporter: janai norman, abc news, new york. there were worries home depot could close a store in oakland because of a homeless encampment. now both sides are working together to find a solution. building a better bay area means taking pride in your community. a massive mural going up in san jose is doing just that.
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first, it's 4:36. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. hey, mike. >> hey, guys. here is what i'm talking about. you may notice the places in novato, oakland, hayward, fairfield where we're anywhere from four to seven degrees cooler than yesterday morning. that puts us in the mid 50s to near 60 across san francisco. a little bit of a microclimate right there. we have temperatures in the mid to upper 50s about everywhere else. 60 in palo alto, santa clara, up into fairfield. 51 in healdsburg right now. here is a look at your commute. you can see the low clouds starting to descend on the bay bridge. in fact, that's our biggest concern for driving this morning. there's going to be more fog. we'll be cool to hot mass transit from this morning to this afternoon. another small craft advisory north of the bay bridge this afternoon, also. for the peninsula, we're going to have a lot of sunshine today. temperatures jumping from the mid 60s this morning to near 80 this afternoon. 73 at 7:00 this evening. for the south bay we start off
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at 65. we jump into the 80s by noon. mid to upper aits for the afternoon hours. 82 at 7:00. east bay valleys will be toasty once again. look at these temperatures, starting off very nice in the 60s but nearing 90 by 1:00 and low to mid 90s by this afternoon. you're going to want these temperatures when you see the forecast for tomorrow in the east bay valleys. we'll talk about the hundreds coming up. first i want to bring alexis back in -- alexis. i'm so sorry. i probably called leyla frances a couple times. i called alexis leyla. everything comes back around. nice to see you again. it's been 13 years. >> thank you, mike. >> hi, frances. >> unfortunately alexis is moving out of the bay area so you're going to have to deal with me for a little bit. >> we'll be good. >> all right. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge again, just a big heads up for drivers coming
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in the north bay. the fog is thick through the waldo tunnel. take your time heading into san francisco. but at the bay bridge toll plaza things are clear and you can see it's backed up for some of the cash pay lanes, fastrak looking good at this point. the slowing is all in the east bay right now. brake lights as you make your way through san leandro. northbound 880 road work scheduled until 5:00 this morning. minor sleeing there. a little bit of road work northbound 880 near 23rd. we'll keep you posted on that. that is scheduled until 6:00. heaviest traffic still on westbound 80 as you make your way through san pablo and richmond because of road work that should also be picked up by 5:00.
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if you're headed through the central valley, look at this, and san joaquin valley, a heat advisory tomorrow and a heat warning for saturday. we have a heat advisory for the sacramento valley. that is for tomorrow. temperatures 100 to 110 degrees through this area. for today, 105 in fresno. you can see mid to upper 90s in sacramento and chico. 80s for san diego, near 90 in los angeles, 110 in palm springs. a threat of thunderstorms one more day in the sierra. that includes tahoe.
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mid 80s with sunshine this weekend. mike, thank you. pg&e and california's two other major power companies reached a deal to pitch in half of a $21 billion fire fund. they'll be able to tap into it to cover for fire damage caused by their equipment not covered by insurance. the state had given the companies until today to agree to the fund. home depot is denying reports that they threatened to leave oakland because of homeless encampments near two stores. company attorneys met with mayor libby schaaf to come up with a solution. one recommendation, creating a safe rv parking lot where the homeless can parksro one of the stores. city councilman noah gallo says he doesn't like the idea. >> you'll move the problem right across the street to high street. there are businesses there complaining as well. >> home depot released a statement to abc 7 news saying
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we look forward to continuing to work with the city to implement a plan that is thoughtful and respectf respectful. san francisco police arrested a suspect in the theft of a dog. livan loc matched the description of the man seen walking away with a dog outside japantown. that was two weeks ago. the owner tied up her golden retriever to go to a grocery store. a surveillance camera caught the man taking the dog. officers spotted lilly the next day. we saw as she was returned to her owner. bail has been set at more than $100 million for two men accused of robbery at the sun valley shopping center. police say the armed suspects forced employees into a secure cash room at an arcade in may. concord police arrested vince timmons and gary
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he w . part of building a better bay area involves pride in your hometown. the sharks are teaming up with others to make a massive mural happen. the har tift behind the piece is familiar with the bay area, bringing other artwork to san francisco and oakland. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo has our story from san jose. >> reporter: something caught the attention of people along the alameda in san jose. it's the new large scale free hand mural marking sharks territory. >> i love it. i'm a diehard sharks fan from the beginning. so i love it. >> reporter: the san jose sharks commissioned an austrian artist known for his anatomy-based x ray styled worked. >> i didn't like it in the beginning. it looked strange to me. >> reporter: like many, he couldn't deny the talent behind the piece. the detail and dedication from an artist who only started working on the mural monday. >> it's an amazing effort. i applaud the effort and it's
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extremely well done. >> reporter: it's the artist's first piece in san jose. he's painted murals elsewhe including these two in oakland. >> you're not painting for yourself anymore. you're painting for the rest of the world. >> reporter: he plans to incorporate waves, water and the city's skyline. the piece is titled bleed teal and will show -- >> the effects and the funky fizzle, as i call it, will happen at the end. >> reporter: the artist building a better bay area through beautification. >> that's crazy. a lot of love and labor that goes into it and it's much appreciated. >> reporter: he estimates he'll go through at 800 cans of spray paint bip sunday. official unveiling is august 1st. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> it's a look. >> he's clearly so talented.
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there's clearly so many sharks fans in that area who are supportive -- >> now you or just listing facts. not everyone has to like every piece of art, pliek. >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> about to say the same thing. absolutely. >> all right. we'll show it again and see what we come up with next time. here is a look at san jose at 87. that's mineta san jose international. just to the east of the shark tank. a milder morning. a sunny but similar afternoon temperaturewise. dangerous heat this weekend and we'll be cooler closer to average next week. so it's really going to hit hardest tomorrow at sunday. here is a look at today. the clouds making a better, deeper penetration into our coastal valleys, petaluma and santa rosa. they'll be quickly back to the coast and we'll have pockets of sunshine here. also, even a list mist is possible around half moon bay.
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let's look at the microclimates and see where we end up this afternoon. 86 in san jose. 90s around morgan hill and gilroy. 76 in santa cruz. mid 60s along the coast, upper 60s for downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. we start around 80 in san rafael. wrap up to upper 90s in here is your hot spots, low to upper 90s in no spare the air this weekend. frances -- i almost did it again. >> we'll get used to it soon, mike. good morning everyone. looking good around the bay area. a few sluggish spots in the east bay. this live camera shot of the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic on the left-hand side.
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find out of hayward and san mateo. no problems at all in the peninsula or the south bay. where we have been seeing slow traffic is on northbound 880 out of san leandro. north 880 on the connect ramp to 238, slowing there as well because one of the lanes is blocked on the connector ramp. you'll find the usual slow and go as you make your way out of tracy into the altamont pass, traffic moving 20 to 40 miles an hour. drive times not bad. westbound 580 from tracy to dublin, a 29-minute ride. research says new technology in cars could be causing a risk for older drivers. fortnite rivals under way today. here is tech bites. a warning about today's high tech vehicles. >> a new aaa studies say those vehicles are too distracting for older drivers. specifically it found drivers over age 55 took their attention off the road ats
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than younger drivers when operating a gps or entertainment system. australia is establishing the first dedicated office in the world to police facebook and google. >> a branch of aws israeustralia antitrust watch dog, the goal is to lift the veil on the process. finally, players are set to battle for a huge prize at the fortnite world cup finals. >> the biggest ever prize for an esports event. $30 million is up for grabs. the three-day competition starts today in new york. those will your tech bites. >> what just happened? outside lands kicks off in two weeks. the one thing festival goers are banned from wearing. mazda is recalling thousands of vehicles. the potential hazard posed b oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®.
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take a look at what's going on tonight in the coliseum. very comfortable at 7:07 under sunshine, dropping to a cool 62. we'll talk more about the excessive heat watch next. >> mike, thank you. this year outside lands is banning american indian head dresses from the music festival. the ban actually went into effect last year. organizers told the gate out of respect for native american heritage. people have been wearing the head dresses toestivals like
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coachella. and it's been widely criticized. mazda is recalling cars, the seat covers were improperly installed. they may cause the head restraint button to get stuck in the released position. it affects about 9,500 vehicles. owners should contact mazda for a repair. a dragon space capsule is zeroing in on the international space station this morning. >> liftoff of the falcon 9 rocket and the dragon spacecraft. >> threatening clouds did not stop the spacex launch last night. the capsule is carrying 5500 pounds of experiments, supplies and bio printer, also slime. nickelodeon is using the slime to get kids interested in science, tk and engineering. it will dock with the international space station tomorrow. can you imagine if the
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astronauts are unpacking, enough food to survive for another six months and -- >> and green slime which is now all over my hands. >> wonder what that would be like in zero gravity. kind of fun. something very serious on the other hand. excessive heat watch for the areas in red. it does include some of our neighborhoods like concord and brentwood, danville, san ramon, livermore. not in it when you go into the lower elevations in the diablo range like fremont, san jose and morgan hill. still hot. look at the temperatures. all those 100s. cloverdale, clear lake, antioch, livermore. nearly that in san jose. slightly cooler sunday near the coast. very hot inland. by monday there's relief for everybody. until then, be careful. here is frances. >> thanks, mike. morning ever101. a couple of early morning accidents. i want to give you a heads up where they are. they're not causing too much trouble. south 101
4:56 am
mateo. south 101 in sclera there was an early morning accident as well. you may still see activity, but traffic is very light through the area. this is why you can see because traffic is light right now. this is a live shot of 101, headlines moving northbound under 880. ♪ >> all right. get down. organizers have announced some of the acts that will appear at this year's hardly strictly blue glass festival in san francisco. among the biggest names, country and folk wronger steve earle and the waterboys, also the milk carton kids. bay area songwriter jackie green. hardly strictly takes place october 4th through the sixth in
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golden gate park. there's a truck driver, reggie, he regrets driving his big rig across a historic bridge. take a look. his truck carried 42-ton load of dry beans, crossed this bridge with a 14-ton limit in north dakota. the bridge collapsed beneath the truck's weight. the driver escaped without injury, but now he faces a fine up to $12,000. it could cost at least $800,000 to replace this bridge that was built in next at ak a.5:00 a.m., what smell from gilroy. a fresh start from b.a.r.t., new general manager is making. a
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. now at 5:00, a new report draws attention to flaws in our election security. congress now pushing for new laws ahead of the next election. keeping pedestrians safe in san francisco. the change city officials are making after a deadly crash. more than 100,000 people expected in gilroy. what to expect at this year's garlic festival. good morning on this friday, july 26th -- >> so glad you're here with us. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco. >> 5:00 in the morning, sauted garlic is really good. >> those are your italian roots, mike. >> i have to eat it. keeps my cholesterol down. it's going to be the hottest weekend of the


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