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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 27, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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so, now what do you think? while my a1c is important, there's so much more to think about. ask your doctor about jardiance today. good morning, america. good morning, america. we're following breaking news this morning. american athletes injured in a deadly nightclub collapse. the upper floor of this nightclub in south korea giving way. shocked partyers holding up the ceiling with their bare hands. at least two people killed. four american water polo athletes injured with one in surgery this morning. border victory. the supreme court green lighting president trump's plan to use billions of dollars in defense funds to build his border wall as democrats remain split on his impeachment. >> we will proceed when we have what we need. >> with the president hitting back. >> these people are clowns. >> takedown at sea. look at this dramatic video showing the coast guard chasing down a speedboat filled with
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suspected drug smugglers tossing huge bails of cocaine overboard. the moment authorities make their arrest. > honeys arinthr dormant volcano badly injured. >> i was just completely terrified that my husband was going to die on our honeymoon. >> how she summoned her strength to save him. and fortnite frenzy. it's game on at the first ever fortnite world cup. $30 million in prize money on the line. teenage competitors going head-to-head. should parents be concerned about this video game phenomenon? good saturday morning, everybody. let's get right to that breaking news overnight. american athletes caught up in a deadly nightclub disaster overseas. >> it happened overnight in south korea. members of the u.s. water polo
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team were there to compete in the swimming championships. they were unwinding at a local nightclub when a balcony internally collapsed. >> two people died. 16 injured including some americans. now the investigation into what went wrong. here for more on this, let's go straight to our london bureau and abc's julia macfarlane. julia, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. yes, that's right. friday night was meant to be a celebration, and it certainly started out that way. athletes from all over the world celebrating at this club until around 2:00 a.m. local time when disaster struck. overnight a nightclub balcony suddenly collapsing in south korea killing two and injuring several americans. dramatic video capturing the moments inside the coyote ugly club as shocked partygoers tried to hold up the balcony as it was crashing down. terrified people crying in shock and distress as some climb on top of a bar in order to support the falling balcony. one man trying to prop the structure up with a pole as
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people underneath scramble out to safety. at least ten people injured. among them four members of the usa water polo team who were at the club celebrating the women's team win at the fina world championship earlier friday. kaleigh gilchrist the most seriously injured undergoing surgery for a deep laceration in her left leg. wat polo tweeting, all usa water polo athletes are safe and accounted for. our thoughts are with all those involved. south korean police on the scene this morning trying to figure out just what went wrong causing this deadly accident. the world aquatic championship or fina said in a statement they deeply regret the situation sending their best wishes to any victims of this accident. the championship concludes tomorrow. eva. >> all right, julia for us in london. well, scary moments for a girl scouts troop in minnesota. lightning hitting two girls while they and their troop were camping. the group of nine which included a guide were on knife lake near the canadian border late friday
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when those storms and lightning rolled through the area. rescue crews have now reportedly reached the group and are o hoerruckhem out. > inanada, police are intensifying their manhunt for two teens suspected in three murders including the shooting death of an american woman. abc's kaylee hartung joins us the new images we're seeing kaylee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. this desperate search has tracked these young murder suspects more than 2,000 miles across canada. new photos this morning revealing more about the teenagers' dark interests. this morning, canadian authorities going door to door searching for these two teenagers suspected of killing three people. >> we all want the same thing. we want to find these suspects so we are working hard to try and do that as quick as we can. >> reporter: this video of the suspects released by police. that's 19-year-old kam mcleod and 18-year-old bryer
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schmegelsky wandering through a big box store earlier this week. police warning they may have changed their appearance since urging anyone who may have accidentally helped them to come forward. >> it is possible that someone may not have been aware of who they were providing assistance to and may now be hesitant to come forward. >> reporter: a community on edge after the highway murders of this college professor as well as american chynna deese and her australian boyfriend seen here at a gas station just days before they were gunned down. >> the community is freaking out because we're not used to this. >> it is a safe town so last night we locked our doors. >> reporter: canadian authorities zeroing in their search near the remote swampy area of gillam, this after police said there were two credible sightings of them near the town of just over 1200 people. the same town where police tracked their second abandoned ch the father of one of the suspects speaking out as these photos surfaced of his son holding a gun wearing a gas mask and this picture, a nazi armband and a knife.
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>> i'm so sorry all this had to happen. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: the most recent confirmed sighting occurred on monday. just before authorities discovered the car they were last known to be traveling in, a checkpoint has been set up on the only road in and out of the community of gillam, but the dense boggy terrain is making the search for suspects challenging, police say. >> a lotoiinhis stor al aeit. w going tr king s a series of powerful earthquakes hitting a group of islands off the coast of the philippines. at least eight people have been reported dead. another 60 injured. locals scrambled out of their beds in the middle of the night as houses built out of stone and wood collapsed around them. this morning many people are being told to stay out of their homes because officials are worried about aftershocks. in a very rare move an entire platoon of navy s.e.a.l.s has been sent home from iraq following allegations of drinking and sexual misconduct. u.s. officials tell abc news the drinking happened at a fourth of
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july party in iraq. they're now investigating allegations of sexual assault on a female service member. the platoon members are said to not be cooperating with the investigation. now to a victory overnight for president trump's effort to fund his border wall even as democrats take a major step that could lead to possible impeachment. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is on the north lawn with that story. tara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, whit. the house is out of session for the summer, but there's still a lot of unresolved issues for the democrats. there's broad opposition to the supreme court ruling in favor of a wall, and there's also the open debate on impeachment. overnight the supreme court giving president trump the green light to spend $2.5 billion in defense funds to build a wall along the u.s./mexican border. the court's conservative majority siding with the white house in a narrow 5-4 ruling lifting an injunction by a lower court that halted construction. in february the president declared a national emergency to
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reallocate the pentagon's budget to try to stop the flow of migrants to the southern border. the president calling the supreme court's decision a victory tweeting, big win for border security and the rule of law. 2020 candidate senator kamala harris accusing the president of abusing his executive power tweeting, congress did not appropriate these funds for trump's medieval vanity project. let's be clear. trump's wall has never been about keeping the american people safe. while democrats are united against the wall, they're still split on impeachment after former special counsel robert mueller testified on wednesday that the president had not been cleared of obstructing justice and was not exonerated. 101 house members support impeachment and some house democrats are accusing nancy pelosi of slow walking impeachment hearings. >> let's get sophisticated about this, okay. what we need to proceed. not one day sooner.
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>> reporter: house judiciary chairman jerry nadler said their hearings are a part of the impeachment process. >> we are investigating all of this, and we are going to see what remedies we can recommend including the possibility of articles of impeachment. >> the president blasting democrats calling it a fishing expedition. >> they're doing everything they can with the impeachment nonsense. these people are clowns. >> reporter: nadler may be showing that they're taking steps in the direction of impeachment, but the house has not formally voted on whether to impeach or not. whit. >> and, tara, going back to the issue of immigration for a moment, president trump is also announcing a new asylum deal with guatemala to help stop the flow of migrants. >> reporter: that's right. this new deal allows the u.s. to deport migrants who enter the u.s. by way of guatemala and don't actually first apply for asylum in guatemala. now, this new deal is called a safe third country agreement and critics are already calling it
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illegal and immoral. it's bound to face a lot of legal challenges in the u.s. and already has in guatemala. whit. >> tara palmeri at the white house for us, thank you. dan. a lot to talk about here on the political front so let's bring in abc news chief political analyst matthew dowd who is joining us from texas. matthew, let's start with this border wall. overnight the president called this decision from the supreme court, which will allow him to use pentagon dollars to start building the wall, he called it, quote, a big win. i know you disagree with the president quite frequently but is he right on this one? is it, in fact, a big win? >> well, i think it's a win for him in at least today or tomorrow or in the short term so, yes, he got the money he wanted, but i think he's still left with a lot of questions on resolve. one is there is a case that will still be pending so a year or a year and a half from now he may lose that case that's currently in play but also in the situation where now he's having the pentagonhe gov
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mexico was going to pay for, so -- and the other part of this, dan, that i think that republicans have to be fearful of is how much power do you want to vest in a chief executive? this is another part of power being vested in the chief executive when a democrat, if a democrat ever wins the presidency again, those precedences are going to be in place so in the short term, yes, a win, in the long term it's problematic if they want to fight a democrat in the house over executive power. >> a lot of questions about executive power and the precedent set going forward. let me move on. border security which we've been talking about as well as the ongoing debate over whether to impeach, which we were talking about a few moments ago, both of those issues are likely to be squarely on the agenda when the democratic presidential candidates meet in the coming week for a pair of debates. what is at stake for these candidates as we head into these debates? >> well, dan, i think there's a couple of things. first, as you mentioned, i think they're going to be put in the position and i'm sure by the
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questioners is if they disagree with nancy pelosi's strategy. a number of the democratic candidates for president have come out for impeachment or to move toward hearings which nancy pelosi has been very patient about and as she said she disagrees but slow walk this so they're going to be put in the position of do they or do they not agree with nancy pelosi on this. the other part i think there is a huge amount of pressure for the candidates that are polling low because, as you know, in september when the democrats had the debate with abc, there's a whole new set of standards that are going to be put in place. you have to be at 2% of the polls. you have to have 130,000 contributors and many of the candidates are going to be there next week don't meet those requirements today so they're going to have to figure out a way how to jump over that and get to the place they can be in the debates in september. >> yeah, we're heading into a time of some pretty severe winnowing pretty soon. matthew dowd, really appreciate your analysis on a saturday morning. eva, over to you. >> all right, thanks, guys. now to two americans from san francisco detained in rome overnight in the death of a police officer. abc's david wright is in london with the latest. good morning, david.
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>> reporter: good morning, eva. this is a developing story but here's what we know. italian authorities say these two american tourists have confessed to killing an officer of the carabinieri. that's the italian national police force. a 35-year-old officer stabbed to death apparently as he tried to resolve a dispute over a stolen backpack. police say that the suspect stole the backpack thursday night then tried to ransom it back to its owner. he called the cops and these two plainclothes officers showed up for the handover. that's when a scuffle ensued. the officer stabbed. the attackers fled the scene. these two americans arrested last night. >> david, what do we know about these suspects? >> well, here's where it starts to get a little murky. the authorities rounded up the two americans and several north africans based on some grainy surveillance footage that placed them at the scene, they say. police say they're both students from san francisco. both 19 years old. no names confirmed as of yet. both are being held in a prison
7:14 am
in rome. italian police now say this may have been a drug deal gone bad but in any case killing a cop is a big deal in italy just as it would be in the states. the young officer is a newlywed. he was married just in june so emotions running high. these two americans both we're told from san francisco being charged with aggravated murder and attempted extortion. whit. >> david wright in london. thank you. now to accusations of sexual assault against one of president trump's top military nominees. abc's rachel scott is in washington with the story and we want to warn you, the allegations include some graphic language. >> reporter: army colonel kathryn spletstoser stepping forward to publicly detail sexual assault allegations against her former boss, air force general john hyten, the man nominated to become the military's second most powerful leader. spletstoser told "the new york times" that after a full day at a defense
7:15 am
forum in december 2017, hyten knocked on her hotel room door in the evening say he wanted to talk. once inside spletstoser said he pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips while pressing himself against her levering semen on his sweatpants and on her yoga pants. she said he inappropriately touched her several times earlier in 2017 and later was often apologetic afterwards including after the alleged incident in california which she reported after his nomination was announced in april. military investigators found insufficient evidence to support the allegations and hyten denies they happened. a pentagon spokesperson calling him a principled and dedicated patriot, but the public accusation is now casting a shadow over his nomination to be the next joint chiefs vice chairman. and just days ago in front of the senate committee deciding his fate both hyten and spletstoser testified behind closed doors. initial reports of the allegations alarmed some lawmakers. >> i am taking her allegations
7:16 am
very seriously. my concern is that he's not been treated in the same manner as other military officers who have had similar allegations against them. whether those allegations were substantiated or dismissed. >> reporter: despite those allegations, that senate committee decided to move forward with the confirmation hearing next week. hyten will be in the hot seat and it may be the first time we publicly hear him address those allegations. dan. >> high stakes hearing indeed. thank you, rachel. moving on to another story this morning, nine campus police officers have been fired from hampton university after an investigation found racist and misogynistic posts online. hampton university, which is one of the country's oldest historically black universities called the posts egregious violations of the code of conduct and said the school has zero tolerance for that kind of behavior. >> let's get a check of the forecast now with rob, and we had the heat wave in the east. now they're dealing with it in the west. >> we try to balance things out, whit. >> we got to keep it fair. >> spread the love a little bit. you've been dealing with it in
7:17 am
california especially and a little fire broke out yesterday uth10housand oaks. three-acre fire. nice little pool there. didn't have to tap into that thankfully. the firefighters got a handle on it and put it out relatively quickly but it's a reminder that we are heading into the peak of fire season through august, september and october as things continue to dry out. with the heat on, heat advisories up for san jose yesterday with temperatures getting into the lower 80s. 90s inland areas and san francisco, as well. heat advisories today, heat watches right through the weekend. 107 in fresno, in the shade san joaquin valley. interior valleys. 104 in sacramento and it will continue to build so temperatures will be well into the triple digits. 115 or better in palm springs and 110 or better in las vegas. there is a little cool front that's trying to squeeze some of this out of the atmosphere but i think it's
7:18 am
going to be in the northern rockies and pacific northwest, highest fire danger over the next two days. eastern parts of washington and great falls, montana, bozeman as well. very dry levels of humidity. windy conditions so might see some lightning strikes and, of course, the low good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. plenty of low clouds and fog here at the coast but warming to the 70s today. heat advisory inland, 100-degree heat today and tomorrow in the east bay valleys, close to that in parts of the south bay. a spare the air alert right on through the weekend. 90 today in fremont. 103 in concord. look for 75 downtown. it will be hot in phoenix as well as the san joaquin valley which makes me think of joaquin phoenix, a guy who was named
7:19 am
after two geographical places. made me think of that. >> news you can use. rob, way to button up that forecast. >> brought it home strong. >> there you go. >> i feel like we're getting a disturbing window into your mind. >> tst tng. sadly, we know. >> i'm going to step in and save rob's career right now. rob, love you. let's talk about the honeymoon hike that went horribly wrong. by the way, there is a happy ending here but the hike did force a new wife to climb into a volcano to save her husband and abc's maggie rulli is on the desk with more on the story. good morning. >> good morning, dan. the story is incredible. the wife, okay, she's just 5'2", barely more than 100 pounds yet somehow she was able to drag her new husband, who, by the way, is more than 60 pounds heavier than her down a mountain to save his life. the couple is calling it a miracle. their caribbean honeymoon almost ended in tragedy. >> i was just completely terrified that my husband was going to die on our honeymoon. >> reporter: but this morning clay chastain is alive and recovering thanks to the strength of his new wife
7:20 am
acaimie. the newlyweds were out hiking in st. kitts when clay decided to climb down a dormant volcano by himself. >> i'm usually pretty cautious so it's possible that i slipped but i find it more likely a rope broke on me. >> reporter: moments later acaimie says she hears clay calling out for help. >> i started climbing as rapidly as i could down into the crater. >> reporter: finally she sees clay bloody and disoriented about 50 feet down. >> at this point in time i'm literally shrieking his name, i'm screaming his name. >> reporter: with no cell service and no one else around it was on acaimie to save her husband's life. >> i was just praying to god that i wouldn't have to be flying back to the united states by myself without a husband anymore. >> reporter: for almost three hours acaimie guided and pushed clay up out of the crater and down the mountain until they were able to reach cell service and call 911. >> it was just incredible how d s good to uand
7:21 am
protted us when we were eporter: clay was medically air lifted to that hospital in florida where right now he's being treated for a cracked skull and jaw as well as the loss of hearing in one ear. but the couple says right now they're just happy to be alive. incredible. good for her. >> she is incredible, yes. she is incredible. >> here's the thing, he knows she love has im. >> yeah, exactly. >> yes. >> now there's proof. >> thanks, maggie. well, suspected drug dealer smugglers tossed their cargo into the sea as the coast guard gives chase. and a 5-year-old boy nearly drowns in a pool filled with adults. his dramatic rescue and the warning his mother is sharing with other parents. >> yes, that's a really scary story. that's coming up. plus, 30 million dollars at stake at the fortnite world cup with players as young as 13 the phenomenon of these sports and what a child psychologist is saying. "good morning america" is sponsored by geico.
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"abc 7 mornings." >> all news. >> all morning. good morning. i'm kumasi aaron. heads up in san francisco tomorrow. it might be hard to get around the city unless you are running. the san francisco marathon race starts at 5:30 a.m. on sunday. you can see the course map here, which starts along the embarcadero and goes around the
7:28 am
city before finishing back on the embarcadero. many muni buses are rerouted because of the race and a lot of roads are closed to regular traffic. lisa. >> hi there, kumasi. good morning to you. we have clear sky in the inland valleys but fog around hayward. santa rosa with a quarter mile visibility. look at the fog here. even mist and drizzle at the coast. 60 in livermore. excessive heat inland, over 100 degrees here. 103 in concord. 75 in san francisco. it will be hot tomorrow with a spare the art teacher alert and cooler on monday. >> thanks, lisa. thank you for joining us. the news continues right now
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welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. happening right now, a deadly nightclub collapse in south korea leaves four american athletes injured. the upper floor giving way, shocked partyers holding up the ceiling with their bare hands. at least two people killed and ten injured. among the injured four american water polo athletes, one in surgery this morning. also right now, protests in hong kong, riot police moving in using tear gas as thousands take to the streets despite warnings from police that marching would spark confrontations. pro-democracy demonstrators wearing black and carrying umbrellas to hide their identities. the protests began last month over an extradition bill and have escalated along with the protesters' demands.
7:31 am
and gold heist. police in brazil are looking for the eight heavily armed men disguised as federal police that made their way into the cargo terminal at sao paulo's airport and took off with more than 1600 pounds of gold and other precious metals headed for new york city and toronto. mor hei swe wrt w the traumatic takedown caught on camera. the coast guard chasing down suspected drug smugglers as they toss bails of cocaine overboard. this morning, we're getting a bird's-eye view of a dramatic high speed chase on the high seas. this newly released coast guard video showing the pursuit in the pacific just 45 miles off of san diego last week. suspected drug traffickers scrambling to dump huge bags of cocaine overboard. the coast guard quickly moving in catching up with the boat. then guns drawn, authorities approaching the smuggers' vessel swiftly taking all nine people aboard into custody seizing 2300
7:32 am
pounds of cocaine. spki feignan this comes just two weeks after this harrowing moment the coast guard pursuing a suspected drug smuggling submarine. one guardsman jumping onto the narco sub banging on the hatch to open. once inside they arrested five suspects and seized 17,000 pounds of cocaine worth hundreds of millions of dollars. in the past few months officials have nabbed nearly half a billion dollars in cocaine. now, so far this year the coast guard has made more than 100 busts detaining more than 400 suspected smugglers in the pacific and you see the technology is just advancing in these narco subs that they call them now chasing them down and tracking them as best they can. >> high stakes cat and mouse game and dangerous. incredible video. thank you, whit. we turn to a mother's warning to other parents during
7:33 am
the height of the summer swim season. that's after she nearly lost her 5-year-old son who almost drowned right before her eyes. here's abc's lana zak. >> reporter: this morning an urgent warning that drowning in real life doesn't look like it does in the movies. >> i looked over and just saw a child underwater. >> reporter: maribeth leeson's 5-year-old son nearly drowned in a pool full of adults. >> i thought, oh, that is just a kid holding their breath and then i said, is that adam? >> reporter: to her horror, adam hadn't been playing in the pool. he had been drowning. >> the biggest misconception of drowning is that it looks like a hollywood movie and it doesn't. it's silent and you don't hear the yelling and the screaming and the flailing about. >> reporter: similar cases show just how ordinary a drowning can appear. it's happening in this public pool. can you spot it? there she is. this little girl saved by a well trained lifeguard.
7:34 am
in adam's case his mother realized what was happening describing the awful terror on facebook writing, a million thoughts were flying through my head as i stumbled around not knowing what i was doing, screaming. i ran to him and watched and cried and talked to him as my friend tirelessly and relentlessly continued cpr. >> i don't know how many rounds of cpr i did. i know at one point it was like god was telling me, he's going to come back, just keep doing it. >> reporter: that cpr saving his life. >> if that was not available, he never would have made it. he would have come out, he would have laid there while we waited on someone to come help him. >> now, the expert we spoke with says anyone can drown, even an olympic swimmer. that's why it's so important to know cpr and what drowning really looks like. as for adam, doctors say he is going to be completely fine. and maribeth has actually come forward to share her family's personal trauma despite attacks on her parenting because she wants to save other lives.
7:35 am
>> coming forward may save a lot of other lives. >> one of my biggest fears as a parent especially when kids go to a different pool and you're not there, you never know. >> number one killer of kids 1 through 4. >> seeing that one child in the picture drowning, you can't really tell when you look. >> they think they're playing. >> yeah. thanks, lana. >> well, time now for the weather and rob marciano. >> i always have an eye on whit's kids when they're at my pool. >> we're usually at your pool when you're not there. >> exactly, misbehaving. we're in the height of pool season, so certainly be careful there. you're probably tempted to cool off, no doubt about that. there are storms. you want to get out of the water when lightning strikes and that often comes with hail . this is out of -- near minneapolis, st. paul. in some areas up to four-inch diameter hail, these about the size of peas banging off the pavement there. we had 75-mile-an-hour winds in nebraska from some of the storms and the cold fronts as they are typically this time of year scooting across the northern tier so the great lakes, parts of wisconsin, this front will kind of press off towards the east. another one comes through riding that summertime jet stream but thunderstorms are arriving into milwaukee late tomorrow night
7:36 am
into early parts of monday. might affect the morning commute into chicago. generally light amounts of rain here and this will begin to squeeze some of the heat off toward the east which rebuilds back into the 90s as we go towards sunday. good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. waking up to low clouds and fog by the coast, even some mist and drizzle, but it is hot inland today with near record heat in the mid 90s to 108 with >> this weather report sponsored by state farm. enjoy your saturday. it's going to be nice in many spots. >> you don't have anything weird to say? >> i thought about it. but that's a wrap. >> he's like, i'll save the weirdness for later. >> that's my favorite part of the morning, not knowing what rob is going to say. >> you can only imagine what's going on in his head right now. >> nothing but happy thoughts. well, coming up on "good morning america," how the fortnite world cup is turning
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7:41 am
are obsessed with. this weekend the world cup is taking place right here in new york city ready to turn teenagers into multimillionaires and abc's zachary kiesch has been watching the action. zachary, good morning to you. >> it's incredible how lucrative this whole world has become. these guys have turned this game into big business, dan. over 40 million competed to qualify but only 200 made the cut. this tournament is pairing well-known stars of the game like marshmallow and ninja with complete unknowns. an international game connecting 250 million users around the globe. >> these guys are all very experienced in terms of navigating. >> reporter: and this weekend the cream of the crop, the best fortnite players on the planet are in queens. >> scissors goes down. >> reporter: at the arthur ashe stadium, the home of the u.s. open for the first ever fortnite world cup finals. where are you from?
7:42 am
>> i'm from hawaii. >> new york. >> south florida. >> all over the place for this. >> reporter: the best players e of thousands of fans. a $30 million pot is up for grabs and the winner will walk away with $3 million. >> we're seeing this sort of scope and scale to this tournament which is arguably unprecedented. >> reporter: the three-day event is the super bowl of gaming and by most accounts unlike anything we've ever seen putting the game's biggest names head-to-head and giving fans unique access. >> for the competitor this is the pinnacle of everything they've been working on since they started playing. >> reporter: some connecting online through the game and meeting in person for the first time are praising the game for the community it's created. >> people don't know who you are. they don't care but they still accept you for who you are. >> reporter: but some have concerns about the amount of time people spend playing them. dr. randy kulman is a child psychologist. >> parents need to just be more proactive about this. you know, just making a lifestyle where being outdoors,.
7:43 am
>> reporter: the game has gone from hobby to a lucrative business and those who have seen the evolution think this is just the beginning. >> where do you go from here? how does this evolve? >> i think it only gets bigger, it only gets more accessible. this is what people want to do on their weekends just as they do for sports and other things so you're going to see more of it. >> really impressive stuff. had a good time out there yesterday. singles today, doubles tomorrow, guys. the popularity is incredible and part of it is related to access. you know, people from all over the world can get involved and get connected pretty easily. >> it's amazing. >> it's going to be a huge business. >> it is, and youngsters, you know, they can make the argument now that there is a future in video games and, you know, back in the day we were just talking -- >> there are universities starting esports programs now building stadiums. it's amazing. thank you so much you so much. appreciate it. coming up on "good morning america," get up and move. speaking of video games, the opposite of that. the new information in a study on whether we're all getting
7:44 am
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7:47 am
♪ in today's "weekend download," exercise clothes may be all the rage but it doesn't look like we're putting them to good use. dr. jen ashton joins us with the results of a new study. give us the diagnosis. how are we actually doing in the fitness activity? >> the report card is out, eva. here's the actual report. it appeared in jama network. it's not just about physical activity but how sedentary we've become as an adult society. our numbers, our grade not so good. only about 63%, 65% of adults are meeting the recommended physical activity per week which is 150 minutes of moderate
7:48 am
activity and the sedentary numbers are going way up. about 19% of adults are sitting more than six hours a day. not so good. >> i feel like most of us know that we should be active. what's the real problem, though, with not being active? >> well, i'm glad you asked it that way. it's not just about why it's good for you, it's about why not doing it is bad for you. if you literally go head to toe being sedentary, not being active affects the brain, mood, concentration, the heart which is a muscle needs to be strong to pump blood. your digestive system slows, your metabolism slows. your skeletal system, your muscles weaken. your bones weaken, and in kids it disrupts sleep, it affects academic performance and affects development and increases the risk for future so it's really important. >> i know you're very active. i've actually seen dr. jen in the gym working out. she is super buff. what are some tips you give people who are trying to be
7:49 am
active that they can start? >> i try to walk the walk as much as we talk the talk so for me it's about literally doing it escially for women.t thwes e pe pecially classes if yolike them and then i literally think of it like brushing my teeth. i do it almost every single day. >> and we were talking, you were saying if you don't do it your kids won't do it and that's a big takeaway. >> lead by example. >> thanks, dr. jen. >> you bet. >> we'll be right back with "pop news." be right back with "pop news." down my she shed. nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. home insurance trusted by more people than any other. state farm.
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it may harm them. do n withke linzess if unusr k st.vstomach in,ge.ifop isheim sever and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling. i'm still doing it all. the water. the exercise. the fiber. and i said yesss to linzess for help with belly pain and recurring constipation. ask your doctor. ♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by sherwin-williams. ask sherwin-williams how to bring color to life with the very best paint. hey, it's time for "pop news." maggie rulli on set this morning. >> welcome. >> i get the slow clap and everything. thanks, whit. >> no pressure. >> i appreciate it. starting off with a pun for you. kicking things off with sports
7:54 am
in "pop news," they were scoring one here for soccer star megan rapinoe fresh off co-captaining her women's team to world cup victory. she's now landed a book deal. penguin press says it will include stories from rapinoe's life and also address social issues like lgbtq rights and pay equality for women. you can look for it in stores in the fall of 2020. i just really hope it teaches us her epic victory pose. >> the power pose. >> i mean, guys, i'm not that good at it. i feel like -- >> that's pretty good. >> you got it. >> you're going to knock my toupee off. >> step aside. this was all that dan and whit could talk about before. could it be bieber baby time? whoo! >> obsessed. can't sleep. >> newlyhead hailey bieber has got that baby fever. it seems that the model who we all know, though we should clarify, is married to justin bieber could not get enough of
7:55 am
these videos and pictures kylie jenner posted of travis scott and stormy. that's pretty adorable. tell you the truth, i'm distracted and could watch it for hours, haley posted. please stop giving me the most baby fever. she's the sweetest. my question is, do we think justin feels the same way is biebs ready for a baby? >> he wrote a song about it. >> baby, baby. he had that pet monkey for awhile. he ve a petonkey fole. i thinheaby ttle better. >> guys, i remember everyone was giving me a really hard time for doing "pop news" without food but i've got a little surprise for you. bring it in, gentlemen. because it was also a birthday in the house. >> oh. >> yes. >> yes. >> so i might be new here but i also know that dan does not do sweets so this is actually for the rest of the crew and this one is for you. happy birthday, my friend. >> you can come back and do "pop news" any time. >> you heard it here first. >> berry shish kebabs. i love it. perfect.
7:56 am
>> birthday cheers. >> thank you. cheers to you. >> happy birthday, dan. >> thank you for not knocking the toupee off and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. you back here tomorrow morning. "gma" next week it's dwayne, idris and if that's not enoughi . "abc 7 mornings." >> all news. > all morning. >> good morning. i'm kumasi aaron. in the east bay an annual music concert is being held in memory of a 14-year-old girl. jenny lin was stabbed to death in her castro valley home 25 years ago and the crime is still unsolved. the jenny lin foundation was incorporated soon after. its mission is to promote child safety and youth music education. the foundation is sponsoring a
7:57 am
music concert at chabot college in hayward at 6:30 tonight. former "abc 7 news" anchor cheryl jennings will serve as emcee. haeny,un of swimmers will brave the chilly waters of san francisco bay for the alcatraz shark fest swim. it poses a lot of challenges for elite swimmers. participants start at alcatraz and swim to aquatic park. it starts at 9:30 this morning and emulates the attempts by inmates to swim to san francisco. also happening today, the san francisco zoo invites you to celebrate the annual march of the penguins. five chicks will make their way through the zoo to the new home on penguin eye lan. they are graduating from fish school where they learned to eat whole fish, swim and socialize. members will be able to enter names for one of the female chicks. the zoo opens at 9:30 to members and 10:00 a.m. to the general public. we will get a check of the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen.
7:58 am
>> good morning to you. we are looking at the low clouds, the fog behind you. you we have mist and drizzle at the coast. look at the sunshine above the marine layer here. 60s in oakland, redwood city and san jose. 55, downtown. take a look at the low-lying fog here. it will clear and we will see 70s downtown today. low 60s in concord and livermore and visibility is reduced from petaluma to santa rosa. we have a heat advisory in the inland valleys temperatures well over 100 degrees in numerous locations and a spare the air alert for tomorrow. details on the heat coming up. thanks, lisa. two 19-year-old men from san francisco accused of killing a police officer under
7:59 am
lowwe do it right too with who dstylish collectionst.
8:00 am
that pull it all together. so you can rethink your bathroom without rethinking your budget. news to build a better bay area, this is "abc 7 mornings". good morning. it is saturday, july 27th. i'm kumasi aaron. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey, kumasi. good morning to you. low clouds and fog and drizzle at the coast. half mile visibility for you in petaluma. a mile in santa rosa and clear inland. here is a look from mount tam where you see the fog beginning to scatter out. 55, downtown. 61, san jose. check out our sutro tower camera. still a good deal of marine layer in place there, with 53 in petaluma and 63 in


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