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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  July 27, 2019 8:00am-8:59am PDT

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that pull it all together. so you can rethink your bathroom without rethinking your budget. news to build a better bay area, this is "abc 7 mornings". good morning. it is saturday, july 27th. i'm kumasi aaron. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey, kumasi. good morning to you. low clouds and fog and drizzle at the coast. half mile visibility for you in petaluma. a mile in santa rosa and clear inland. here is a look from mount tam where you see the fog beginning to scatter out. 55, downtown. 61, san jose. check out our sutro tower camera. still a good deal of marine layer in place there, with 53 in petaluma and 63 in livermore. our heat at visory is on for
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inland east bay. excessive heat today, well over 100 degrees, san ramon, blackhawk, walnut creek, livermore and concord. at the coast it is going to clear, we will be in the low 70s, but a spare the air alert for poor air quality. today a bit more of an onshore push and today the sea breeze intact keeping it comfortable. santa cruz will be just about 80 degrees today. by noon time we are climbing into the 80s and 90s and looking at 104 perhaps in our inland valleys. stay tuned to find out when you can get some relief from the heat in a few minutes. kumasi. >> thanks, lisa. in the south bay santa clara county is taking extra measures to be ready to respond to any heat-related issues. "abc 7 news" reporter amanda del castillo has more on how people are preparing for the heat. >> reporter: if you can't find shade you want to be close to something that will keep you cool, and downtown san jose fountains at the plaza are helping the littlest residents beat the heat. >> it is not even humid hot,
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just hot, hot, hot. >> reporter: virginia says weekend plans involve being outdoors. >> the house is a lot of fun and there's ac in there, but they like the outdoors and running around so we come to places like these. >> reporter: santa clara's office of emergency management says the county plans to expand services because o saturday including it 0s in san jose and almost 100 in gilroy. 100,000 people are expected at he gilroy garlic festival. key to surviving the temps. arrive early to avoid peak heat hours. >> you can get dehydrated without knowing it. you can suffer heat exhaustion, get dizzy. kind of lose your awareness, and it is sort of a progressive thing. >> reporter: even with the warning others say their weekend plans involve embracing the extreme heat. michelle ramirez is hopeful the weather will offer some relief. >> going out and taking in the sun and enjoying the breeze when
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i can. >> reporter: the national weather service says the excessive heat watch is issued for inland areas from saturday morning to sunday evening. >> because it is just going to keep getting hotter from here. >> reporter: if you insist on being out of the house this weekend, the office of emergency management says that you should consider a place with abundant air conditioning like the library, community centers or even the mall. we know expanded medical services are expected county wide. in san jose i'm amanda del castillo, "abc 7 news." use the "abc 7 news" app to get alerts about the dangerously hot weather this weekend where you live. the app lets you customize your forecast. it is free in the app store. breaking news this morning, two men from san francisco confessed to killing a police officer in rome. police there say the suspects are elder finnegan lee and christian gabriel natel forth. abc news reporter david wright with the latest. >> reporter: this is a developing story but here is what we know so far.
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italian authorities say the two american tourists confessed to killing the officer of the italian national police force. he is a 35-year-old officer, stabbed to death apparently as he tried to resolve a dispute over a stolen backpack. police say that the suspects stole the backpack thursday night and tried to ransom it back to its owner. he called the cops and the two plain clothes officers showed up at the handover. that's when a scuffle ensued, the officer was stabbed. the attackers fled the scene and these two americans, arrested on friday night. as for the suspect's themselves, the details are a bit murky. authorities rounded them up as well as several north africans based on grainy surveillance images they say placed them at the scene. police say that they are both students from san francisco, both 19 years old, both male, both are being held at regina chaly prison in rome. italian authorities say it may have been a drug deal gone bad.
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in any case, killing a cop is a very big deal in italy just as it would be in the states. the young officer is a newlywed, just married in june. emotions are running very hide there. these two americans are going to be charged with aggravated murder and attempted extortion, which would bring a very long prison sentence. david wright, abc news, london. developing news, four american athletes are recovering after a deadly nightclub disaster in south korea. members of the u.s. water polo team were there to compete in the swimming championships. a balcony inside the club collapsed. two died and 16 others were injured. abc news reporter julia mcfarland has more. >> reporter: overnight a nightclub balcony collapsing in south korea, killing two and injuring several americans. dramatic video capturing the moments inside the coyote club as shocked guests tried to hold up the balcony as it was crashing down. terrified people crying in shock
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and distress as some climb on top of a bar in order to support the falling balcony. one man trying to prop the structure up with a pole as people underneath scramble out to safety. at least ten people injured, among them four members of the usa water polo team who were at the club celebrating the women's team win at the world championship earlier friday. kaylie gilchrist, the most seriously injured, undergoing surgery for a deep laceration in her left leg. usa water polo tweeting all usa water polo athletes are safe and accounted for. our thoughts are with all of those involved. south korean police on the scene trying to figure out just what went wrong, causing this deadly accident. the world aquatic championship said in a statement that they deeply regret the situation, sending their best wishes to any of the victims of this tragedy. the championship concludes tomorrow. julia mcfarland, abc news, london. a north bay casino is stepping up to protect immigrant
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rights by assuring the latino community they're safe. that message is coming from the sonoma county sheriff's office. "abc 7 news" reporter cornell barnard has the story. ♪ >> reporter: there was a surprise guest at this latin dance party at graton resort and casino, sonoma county sheriff mark essick. >> what i'm here to assure you as the sheriff of sonoma county is we will not turn you over to i.c.e. for minor traffic violations or minor public offenses. the sheriff's office will not assist i.c.e. in conducting raids. >> reporter: he told the crowd the department will protect the rights of immigrants from i.c.e. through the california values act which prevents local law enforcement from using resources on behalf of i.c.e. agents. >> no member of the sheriff's office will ever ask you what your immigration status is. >> reporter: the sheriff was invited here by graton chairman greg saras who wanted to secure the community they are safe. >> i understand that many of us
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have been afraid of i.c.e., of trump, of the white house. >> reporter: the north bay rapid response network and immigrants rights group applauds the message but says mistrust of law enforcement has never been higher, with rumors of i.c.e. raids reported all the time. >> the fear is definitely there. we have seen that more calls are coming in to the hotline. >> reporter: those calls have been reports of possible i.c.e. raids, but most of them have been rumors. attendees at the party seemed to like the message, but the sheriff says he's not doing anything different, just following california law. in roanoke park, cornell barnard, abc 7 new goes. in the south bay officials say everyone injured in a six-car pileup that included a police car are expected to be okay. the crash happened yesterday afternoon at north jackson avenue and mckee road in san jose. ambulances took several people to the hospital including some children one of the accident victims told "abc 7 news" the police car was going through the intersection
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with lights flashing when the crash happened. >> he came through, turned his the intersection. as soon as he got into probably the middle of the westbound lane, that's when he got hit. >> the collision with the police car led to the chain reaction crash. new details this morning about a violent crash in san francisco's bay view district. police say the driver that slammed into a fire hydrant and injured four people has turned herself in. she's been booked on felony might and run charges. officers say the driver took off before police arrived thursday morning on third street and carol avenue. three girls, ages 11, 14 and 17, and a 19-year-old man were injured. one had broken bones. the other injuries were all minor and everyone is expected to survive. oakland police are looking for a dog napper this morning. the department is asking the community for help in finding uni. this is the five-month-old french bulldog taken from a
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parked vehicle on campbell street on wednesday. one bay area breeder sells puppies like this for more than $4,000. and san francisco police are also searching for two stolen puppies, this maltipoos. a woman told officers she listed the pair for sale online. she was contacted by a potential buyer who she met wednesday at a shopping center in the mission. she says that's when the man stole the two dogs. police are asking flynn with information to call them. heads up in san francisco tomorrow. it might be kind of hard to get around the city unless you are running. the san francisco marathon race starts at 5:30 a.m. on sunday. you can see the course map here, which goes along the embarcadero, past fisherman's wharf, across the golden gate bridge and back, through golden gate park, and then through the haight and soma neighborhoods. a lot of muni buses are being rerouted because of the race and a lot of roads are closed to regular traffic. some of them as late as 3:00 p.m. raceizers recommend using rideshare, bike share or scooter rentals to get around.
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you probably would recommend some water, too. >> yeah. >> depending on where you are this weekend? >> exactly. good thing is at the coast it will be comfortable and cool, but today temperature is beautiful downtown. how about in the mid 70s? right now shrouded in fog with mist and drizzle, but you probably heard about the heat on for the inland east bay, the spare the air alert. already in the mid 60s by brentwood. it will be a quick warm-up today. i will be back with my accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. thanks, lisa. you won't find tent cities in walnut creek but police working to help the homeless. it is an example of building a better bay area. taking a computer apart is no easy task. we will tell you why these young people are making this their priority. and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. part of our commitment to building a better bay area means looking at how local police departments struggle to hire enough officers. it is something we have told you about before. last night san francisco police welcomed 24 new officers to its force, 19 sfpd rookies graduated from the police academy at the scottish rite center on 19th avenue and another five officers completed training in san francisco after working for other police agencies. mere at abc 7 we are also highlighting people in our communities doing their part to build a better bay area. a nonprofit in san francisco funded with help from the city
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is equipping low income students with stem tools to help them land jobs in the tech industry. "abc 7 news" reporter luz pena has the story. >> reporter: this is the sound that takes over this room. these students are coding their minds and their minds are actively dreaming and works towards the goal. >> i would like to become a web developer. >> help building phones or coding or something. >> i have a design team, and we created a clothing app called m malwear and our main focus develop the code. >> reporter: maria who say garcia was a student who didn't think a career in tech wouldn't be possible. >> my parents didn't graduate from college. since they came, they only work like in restaurants, construction. now when they see me, that i'm here and doing something to better myself, they're really proud repter: devmission was
8:16 am
founded ten years ago. their goal is to equip low icome students between the ages of 16 and 24 years old by teaching them to code, build websites and fix computers. in this class fixing computers is not just for fun. these students have a bigger goal in mind. to give 300 computers to low income families this year. at the end of the 12-week program, the students get a $500 stipend and a free computer. >> we have enrolled over 100 young people with an 80% graduation rate, and as of last week 45 of them are working either on a fellowship, an internship, an apprenticeship, a part-time job or a full-time job in the tech industry. >> reporter: what many want are jobs. >> i know coding, i know programming, so i'm ready for the job. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, "abc 7 news". homelessness has long been an issue in the bay area. we're used to seeine' not so used to seeing it in
8:17 am
suburbs like walnut creek. now that city is taking action to help the homeless and build a better bay area. contra costa county ties alameda county for the largest percentage increase of homeless in the bay area. each county is up 43% compared to the last census done in 2017. contra costa county's number of total homeless is far below alameda, santa clara and san francisco as you see in this chart. "abc 7 news" reporter leslie brinkley has more on a solution to help the homeless that seems to to be working. >> reporter: matthew chase has lived on the streets of walnut creek for ten years. his bags were stolen last week, so he says his only belongings are his lighter and cigarettes. he sleeps in a different spot in downtown walnut creek every night. >> the business owners know i'll come out and i'll sleep on the side of theuilding don't mess wi know. them, i don't mess with their customers. >> reporter: but complaints about the homeless are on the rise. some worry about safety.
8:18 am
>> they could be on despeor olie say they field 3,000 calls a year related to homelessness. that's about ten calls a day. so they thought they would experiment with assigning two full-time officers to respond to the escalating calls about enembankments, littering, trespassing and panhandling. >> a lot of times it is people who are shopping downtown and really don't want to be bothered by people panhandling, aggressive panhandling. we get a lot of complaints about it. we have a lot of people that are concerned that walnut creek is going to turn into some of our neighboring cities, some of their close neighbors like san francisco. >> reporter: officer clemente and officer silva volunteered for the four-month pilot program that launched in mid-june. they've gotten 94 complaints and have made 25 arrests so far, mostly for trespassing. they've also contacted 213 homeless and referred 90 of them to services to address their needs. they also retrieve and return
8:19 am
shopping carts. encampments are moved. police say many of the homeless hang out along the creek, often out in front of local grocery stores, armed with signs. >> do you think this police effort is helping? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: it is noticeable to you? >> it is very noticeable. >> two officers i think is not even close to being sufficient to address the problem. they could use two officers around the b.a.r.t complex. >> reporter: it is a four-month pilot program, but the goal here is for police officers at the end of it to know the names, first-name basis with all of the homeless in walnut creek, for the homeless to know those officers and hopefully get the help that they need. so there's talk of assigning these two officers long-term and looking for the funding, getting approval for that after this trial runs out october 1st. back to you and we're going to take a closer look at the bay area housing crisis starting tomorrow with our 11:00 p.m. news. we'll introduce you to someone
8:20 am
who -- get this -- is renting a closet in san francisco for $1,200. look for our reports all week starting on sunday night. happening today, the aloha spirit comes to the bay area when the san francisco summer uke fest returns for its third year. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high >> the free outdoor event starts with an interactive ukulele j and special hula performances. the festival moves to japan town tomorrow. all right. now we are checking in with lisa argen who is checking our forecast this morning. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, kumasi. we still have a little fog out there but it is sunny in our inland valleys. here is live doppler 7, where the fog will be more compressed this time tomorrow. we do have a light offshore gradient that's going to allow for a rapid warm-up, although we
8:21 am
will keep our sea breeze. here is walnut creek, sunny this morning, temperatures in the 60s. it is 55 with the clouds in san francisco. 62, redwood city. mid 50s, morgan hill. half moon bay, 54. look at the golden gate. it is going to get sunny and it will be mild this afternoon with the west winds up to 20 miles per hour. 53, santa rosa as well as petaluma. even some mist and drizzle so not a classic heat wave over th comfortable at the coast, but the heat advisory is on for the inland valleys. you can see the direction of the wind is offshore in the upper elevations, but look how light the winds are. we are not only going to see the slight offshore push, we will see the rapid warm-up inland and the sea breeze confined to the shoreline. about 50 degrees here in tahoe. 85 for a high today. beautiful day in the mountains. inland, it will be sizzling today. cooler tomorrow. the sea breeze will kick up big
8:22 am
time for your sunday afternoon. many cities in the inland valleys will be over 100. a spare the air alert for today and tomorrow. low to mid 70s from ocean beach to half moon bay. stenson should be beautiful this afternoon. 72 in bodega bay. water temperature still cool at 58 degrees. so tomorrow, even though we will be over 100 degrees by the delta, that sea breeze kicks up. it will be strong, and temperatures are even going to cool off in our inland valleys slightly. so today is the hotter day over the weekend. look what happens monday. 20 to 25 degrees cooler. the marine layer is back with over 2,000 feet depth. so it is really going to change as we get into sunday, sunday night into monday. as for today, it will be sweltering out there. down at the garlic festival in gilroy, 99, morgan hill. 92 in san jose. on the peninsula pretty hot for you with about 90 in redwood city. mountain view looking at 86.
8:23 am
comfortable from the sunset district. in daly city, we will call it mild. in the north bay, 97, santa rosa. hot for you with 92 in sonoma. into the east bay, it has been a cool july but we will heat it up for the last weekend, 88 in union city. you head inland, where is the relief? it will be scorching here. hopefully you have air conditioning, you can stay in the shade. 102 in livermore. it will be warm and the fog will come back and koocontinue with onshore flow strengthening into sunday afternoon. the hottest day is today. the seven-day forecast showing the spread from 70 to 104. you download the accuweather app and the sea breeze should allow for a bit of cooling on sunday. monday ee have a sharp contrast with what where we have been this weekend. just a brief heat wave but it is going to be intense out there.
8:24 am
>> this might be the weekend to find something to do mabin doors if it is too much for you. maybe a movie, maybe it is a movie idea. >> good idea. just ahead, campbell police are giving a warm and furry welcome to their new officer.
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starting at $7.99. m campbell police are calling off the search for a new canine police officer because they've found their perfect candidate. meet lucas.
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the department tweeted out his new id badge. looks like he's kind of smiling there. his first day on the job is monday. several other emergency agencies welcomed lucas on twitter. santa clara county fire even offered to start carrying dog treats in their campbell stations. still to come on "abc 7 mornings", at sonoma raceway they're pounding the pavement and trying to beat the heat at the same time. also, a seam stress with a taste for food. her sweet designs that are going viral.
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news to build a better bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings". good morning, everyone. we are starting this half hour with a look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, kumasi. good morning to you. from our east bay hills camera, you can see a little bit of the fog and also the air quality doesn't look so hot. we have a spare the air alert over the weekend. temperatures here are going to soar over 100 degrees. right now it is just 55 downtown with the fog. you can see the low 60s in the inland valleys, also around the peninsula. it is 54 at the coast. no wind here at all, so it will be key, our sea breeze at the coast keeping us cool here. in santa rosa, 53. these areas here, down through mount hamilton numbers will be over 90 degrees to 100. right now it is gray in santa cruz, but with the spare the air
8:31 am
alert parts of the valley will be quite hot. if you are headed to the garlic festival, be advised it will be in the upper 90s there. by 10:00 we are in the mid 80s out by brentwood. as you notice into the 2:00 hour it is still hot out there. the sea breeze, up to 20 miles per hour, will keep us comfortable at the coast. getting kind of hot around the bay, mid 80s to near 90 around hayward and fremont. details on a slightly cooler sunday coming up. >> thanks, lisa. in sonoma county this weekend they're expecting heat and a sold-out crowd at sonoma raceway. while they may be hot, it may prove only a mild distraction as the national hot rod association nationals come to town. "abc 7 news" reporter wayne freedman has the details. >> reporter: have you heard someone complain about the heat being a drag? we know a place wre they' taking that literally. >> i love the action. i love the noise. i love the rush. >> reporter:aceway this weekend.
8:32 am
got a hose? >> we put a little water down for the burnout. >> reporter: keeping that burnout area wet may be one of the cooler jobs along the starting line. how hot do the tires get? >> you are talking 120, 130 degrees. >> reporter: don't blink. you might miss a heat. >> whoever wins this race will be -- will be on the track, oh, maybe a minute and a half total. >> reporter: that's a minute and a half for total racing all weekend. if you like loud, crowd the fence, soak it in. do your insides rattle? >> everything rattles. >> reporter: now, assuming you have never experienced this before, drag racing is an acquired taste. these cars, for instance, from the super street class rate only 800 or 900 horsepower, but in the pits this monster driven by mike salinas of monterey rates 11,000. an engine will last one race. they can change it out hot in 28 minutes. >> tst i is ll?
8:33 am
feet. >> reporter: in other words zero to 60 is irrelevant, and this weekend around here, the heat wave, too. >> i'm from sacramento so this is actually cold right now. >> reporter: where is your jacket? >> i don't -- i'll have one on tonight probably. >> reporter: at sonoma raceway, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." you can use the "abc 7 news" app to get alerts about the dangerously hot weather this weekend where you live. the app lets you customize your forecast. in the east bay an annual music concert in memory of a 14-year-old girl. jenny lin was stabbed to death in her castro valley home 25 years ago and the crime is still unsolved. the jenny lin foundation was incorporated soon after. its mission is to promote child safety and youth music education. the foundation is sponsoring a music concert at chabot college in hayward at 6:30 tonight. former "abc 7 news" anchor
8:34 am
cheryl jennings will be the emcee. happening today, hundreds of swimmers will brave the chilly waters of san francisco bay. the treacherous journey poses participants start at alcatraz and swim to aquatic park. the race starts in just under an hour at 9:30 this morning. the event emulates the attempts by participant participant par a francisco. a woman who wanted to be an art teacher has found a very different career after a photo of one of her incredible dresses went viral. ♪ >> so a couple of years ago i was at a birthday party where i was dressed up as belle for "beauty and the beast." after the party i went to taco
8:35 am
bell with a friend, still in full costume. he took a picture of me standing in line getting my food and it ended up going viral that night. i was like, this needs to be something that can bring out the restaurant. so i added just paper tacos to viral.taell, the restaurant, sa it and flew me in for a commercial. a few months later, and now it is the same as being taco bell. now i am making more costumes, making a prom dress style using various materials to look like pizza. i have a couple birthday cake designs, different desserts. i'm working on a sushi dress right now. my name is olivia mears. i go by avantgeek online and i make dresses and costumes. >> today i am making a gorgon
8:36 am
wig. >> so this all started as a hobby while i was in school. i was going to school to become an art teacher. it wasn't quite what i wanted to do and i realized that especially right now with social media i can meet so many more people than just in the classroom setting. and so being able to do my art in that kind of environment, meeting all of these people, strangers coming to me from all over the world saying, hey, you inspired my daughter. over the years, making my art more about modelling clothes and it has been a journey trying to, i guess, convince myself it is not narcissistic. so it is about me, but it is also about overcoming my anxiety and issues and realizing that, you know, this is why i do this and why i want to and not just because i'm good at it. i realize that i don't want to take myself seriously. from there i morph these costumes, making the prom dress
8:37 am
style out of various materials to look like pizza. i have a couple, like, birthday cake designs, different desserts. i'm working on a sushi dress right now. i work an office job doing marketing and accounting, that kind of thing. this very next month my whole career ahead of me is being costuming. so i'm really excited because i'm not really sure where it is going to go. i have a diy style, but i kind of want to be like a marketing experience. so a little more cynical humor with diy. you know, let's use this trash and get a beautiful prom dress kind of style. you can't get anything unless you are determined yourself, and you can't rely on other people to give you the inspiration to do that. so i feel like it helps to have friends and family who support you. it is so amazing to have that.
8:38 am
but as long as you have that in yourself, go for it and work on that. nice. you can check out abc's new brand it is on facebook and instagram. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings." >> reporter: holy moly oar should i say guacamole? avocado prices are up and we're going to see how businesses are handling the cost. and right now here is a live look at pier 39. hey, they look like they're chilling, having a good time, the sea lions out here. not too many people. i see one biker out there enjoying the cool weather. a lot of areas seeing a warm-up. lisa will be back with our lisa will be back with our forecast in a few minutes. ♪ woman 1: this is my body of proof. woman 3: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms.
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the 41st gilroy garlic festival is in full swing. it is an annual tradition in the bay area and it has become an international event. yesterday flames from a tiki torch were used to ignite the grill to kick off this year's festival. dh chefs cook up the garlic, the calimary and this has become the festival dish. garlic is everywhere from bread to ice cream. >> reporter: what's your favorite part about coming to the festival? >> it is the garlic ice cream and the good food that's here. >> first of all the smell drags us in and of course did food is phenomenal. >> was that a garlic hat?
8:42 am
>> i think so. >> i i'm not sure about garlic ice cream, but just ice cream period sounds like a good idea today. >> yes, that's right. i think so. the little girl had it right with the sunglasses and the hat for sure. >> yes. >> how about 98 in gilroy today? so the heat certainly on in the santa clara valley. the south bay, the east bay. psfo is cloudy and in the upper 50s right now, going for high in the mid and upper 70s there. right now it is 68 in brentwood so a big spread from our coast to our inland valleys. we will talk about how hot it is going to get. today will be the hottest day out of the next several. your accuweather seven-day forecast is coming up. also next, it may have been the catch of the year. a giants' fan wearing a willie mays r ball, and, getle hisba wn
8:43 am
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in sports, both the a's and giants are playing this evening. san francisco takes on the padres at petco park at 5:40. the a's face the rangers at the oakland coliseum. the first pitch is at 6:07 p.m. the game will be followed by a pixar-themed fireworks show. last night the giants provided their own fireworks to beat the padres in another extra inning victory. abc 7 sports director larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. before leading the giants to three world series titles bruce
8:46 am
bochy was mr. san diego. he played for the padres and then managed them for 12 seasons. last night he was honored at petco park. as he continues his final cease gron as the giants skipper before retiring -- look at him, young boch right there. two out in the third. donovan solano, drive deep off the wall. austin scores, 1-0. samardzjia, vehicle out six, six innings. made only one mistake. there it is. austin hedges. we are tied at one. for the seventh time in 15 games the giants go extra innings. the guy in the mays jersey makes a one-handed grab with his baby in his left arm. are you kidding me! that's the catch of the year. giants win, 2-1 in 11. you are my hero. a's and rangers. how about the joy of cotton candy right there? pure sugar. it is amazing. oakland up 1-0 in the second.
8:47 am
herman thinks it is gone, deep to center field. that is robbery at the wall. would have gone out. a's led 2-0 heading to the fourth. that's when things went terribly wrong. willie calhoun doubles off daniel mengden. score tied at 2-2. cabrera added an rbi single in the sixth. mengden lost one again in the sixth. the's fall again. the 49ers reported to training camp. jimmy garoppolo coming back from injury, acl surgerye cleared to play. they have decided he will not play in the first preseason game. he is excited to get on the field. >> i feel very fortunate i'm in g spot. now we have to go out there and perform. that's what it is all about now. best training camp entrance
8:48 am
has got to go to antonio brown, floating into raiders' camp in napa in a hot air balloon. unfortunately, he has some undisclosed injury, he can't practice yet. the balloon was creative, but jon gruden was anticipating something even more dramatic. >> he is a fun guy to be around, man. i expected a little bit more than a hot air balloon. i thought he might jump out of an airplane and parachute here himself, but he's going to add a za.ifnt ife to this next year. jim barnt eett who has been doi color commentary for 34 years with the team, is being replaced. barnett is going to move over to the radio, joining tim roy, so we still get to enjoy j.b. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. all right. we are getting a check of the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen.
8:49 am
hey, lisa. >> hey, kumasi. it is changing. we have sun inland and we have fog at the coast, but it is a quick warm-up today. as we look live at emeryville right now, we still have clouds around but it will be a warm day on the bay. so if you were headed a little further east to the baseball game today, it is going to be hot there, where temperatures will be into the mid 90s -- i should say the mid 80s, and then they're going to cool off throughout the afternoon into the 60s. here is a look at santa cruz where you are looking at the fog right now and temperatures there near 80 degrees. so it is going to be a nice afternoon if you can stay towards the coast. live doppler 7 with the fog in the north bay, visibility reduced and looking at a sunny south bay right now where we had some clouds earlier. temperatures right now from the mid 50s downtown, and morgan hill, 62 in redwood sb, 54 in half moon bay. this is our sutro tower camera where you see the deck of low clouds, the marine layer.
8:50 am
it has been thick this morning with the mist and drizzle but it does evaporate and less low clouds tomorrow. that will allow for a warm-up in the morning but then the sea breeze in the afternoon. today will be the warmer out of the two. 62, concord. livermore, 63. 59 in napa. we will be looking at temperatures ranging from comfortable to scorching. in fact, looking at some excessive heat throughout the weekend inland. look at the visibility though, two miles in santa rosa. and it is sunny and hazy in the inland valley. the wind direction is offshore, the upward elevation, and the winds are pretty light. mid 80s here in the sierra nevada later on this afternoon, so the excessive heat from danville to fairfield and walnut creek, antioch and brentwood, 100 degrees in those areas. a spare the air alert for east bay and south bay today, but getting better as soon as tomorrow as a system to the north allows for a stronger sea
8:51 am
breeze for sunday afternoon. for saturday, sunny and mild. low 70s from bodega bay to half moon bay. 81 in santa cruz. mid 70s at stenson. if you are headed into the city, it will be comfortable, in the mid 70s. it will be a beautiful day here in san francisco. if you head east, we're in the 80s with 83 in oakland. if you are going to the game this evening, temperatures will be in the upper 70s for the baseball at oracle. and then looking at 101 in walnut creek today. we haven't seen triple digits in our inland valleys for july for pretty much the entire month. this one today is to be taken seriously. the relative humidity is not going to come back into play tonight. in fact, the fog will be absent except for right nor the coast here. certainly take it easy here. try to stay indoors, stay hydrated and certainly watch out for the pets and little ones today. 103 in concord. 83 in oakland. look for 88 in richmond, and temperatures in the low 90s to
8:52 am
mid 90s in the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 104 inland, 90 around the bay, 0 at the coast. th -- 70 at the coast. looking at the poor air quality right through the weekend, so it will be one of those tough weekends, but you will notice the difference tomorrow with a vong stronger sea breeze. download the accuweather app. temperatures getting into monday cooler and enjoyable for the rest of the week. only two days but take care out there. >> thanks, lisa. news of a supply shortage or price increase gets our attention, especially when the story is a little different than what we usually here. here is "abc 7 news" reporter jobina fortson. >> reporter: holy guacamole. avocado prices are up and those we talk to think it is the pits. >> avocado prices have gone up, almost three times as much as a couple of months ago. trying to run a small business
8:53 am
you have to adjust prices accordingly. >> reporter: he is the co-owner of the golden squirrel in oakland. they are charging an extra dollar for the avocados and attributing it to the trade wara >> all of these issues are complicated. different people have different opinions on it and it trickles down to your favorite salad or tater tot, nachos. >> reporter: the bottom of the letter suggests the prices should come down at the very latest by november 3, 2020. bloomberg is reporting that border tensions between the u.s. and mexico and rising trade have caused the market to surge the most this year than it has in the last decade. >> safe way, they're always practically $3 for avocado. >> reporter: distributes cited a number of things for the rising cost, trouble finding labor, climate and a smaller california crop.
8:54 am
in the end it looks like californians will keep munching on one of their favorites. reporting in oakland, jobina fortson, "abc 7 news"s. up next, it is time for the annual march of the
8:55 am
your but as you get older,hing. it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.. better life.
8:56 am
happening today, the san five chicks willme on pen islan
8:57 am
school where they learned to eat whole fish, to swim and socialize. this is spartacus, one of the new chicks. members will be able to enter names for one of the female chicks. the zoo opens at 9:30 this morning to members and 10:00 to the general public. that looks like a lot of fun. >> yes, it does. >> we should see temperatures near 70 degrees, so perfect there with sunny skies. across the bay it is going to get warm in oakland, in the low 80s. 90 in fremont. look at the inland east bay, over 100 degrees. we have our heat advisory, our spare the air alert, 90s in the north bay and south bay and the accuweather seven-day forecast, although we're in the triple digit range again inland tomorrow, the sea breeze will come up. so the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the hottest day today and the cooling trend getting under way monday. here is a heat wave for you,
8:58 am
kumasi. >> an ice cream might be good. george tweeted me and said garlic might be an acquired tase. i'm kmusy aaron along wi -- -- i'm kumasi aaron along with lisa argen. "abc
8:59 am
9:00 am
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