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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 28, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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we're even turning dream jobs into like, real-life awake jobs. take on today and every day with a-a-r-p. good morning, america. breaking overnight, gunfire at a neighborhood block party. at least one person dead and almost a dozen others injured in the chaotic scene. >> we got multiple people shot in the park. we need this area lit up at the playground. >> people sent running for cover. the wounded treated at the scene. as police recover a gun and this morning -- the hunt for the man who opened fire. fierce backlash. president trump feeling the heat after slamming democrat elijah cummings and calling baltimore disgusting and rodent-infested. some calling it a racist attack. we've got the fallout this morning. plus, our new poll after robert
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mueller's congressional testimony. did it change any minds on impeachment? amerans arrested accused of murdering a police officer in rome. caught on camera, after fleeing an alleged drug deal gone bad. the eviden nkady bandit. the serial bank robber striking along the east coast. how she got her name, and the hunt to catch her before she strikes again. and celebrating the voice of minnie mouse. >> are we too late? >> russi taylor, brought to life the beloved disney character. >> a classic. >> her incredible love story with the real-life mickey. >> you're all the music i'll ever need. there's a lot of oohing and aahing on the set in reaction to the minnie and mor it'a betiveto a grealife to
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>> it is. we'll be talking about that coming up. breaking news overnight. >> police in new york city are searching for the suspect or suspects who shot up a block party in brooklyn. one person is dead, 11 injured. social media video shows emergency responders treating people there at the scene. >> and mayor bill de blasio who is running for president right now weighing in on all of this. abc's zachary kiesch has the very latest this morning. good morning, zachary. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you. this brooklyn park has become a crime scene. we have seen police comb through. we are told that a gun was found just over my shoulder here, just outside the park after gunfire erupted at a block party. >> we got multiple people shot in the park. we need this area lit up at the playground. >> reporter: when a dozen people >> reporter: when a dozen people were shot at a
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killed. >> we got multiple people shot in the park. we need this area lit up at the playground. >> reporter: the chaotic scene at a block party filled with people just before 10:00 p.m. last night. >> very depressed, very sad that this event has happened and people have been victimized. >> reporter: debris strewn about as victims were taken away on stretchers. from the air to the ground, police combing the area for evidence. this officer going through a bag, pulling out what appears to be a gun. police saying the number of shooters is unclear and that they're trying to determine a motive. investigators turning to the community for any leads. >> another year, another shooter, this is like every year. it's not safe no more. >> reporter: a 38-year-old man was killed. all the other victims were taken to a local hospital. i can also tell you that just by looking at the scene, you can get a sense of the chaos and confusion around her with things
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kind of thrown all over the place. we did hear from the mayor overnight in a tweet saying, we had a terrible shooting in brownsville tonight that shattered a peaceful neighborhood event. our hearts go out to the victim. we will do everything in our power to keep this community safe and get guns off our streets. om thesion l of th is still whit? >> zachary, thanks so much. just to point out, mayor bill debylaw -- de blasio will be on "this week" later this morning to get reaction on what happened there. we want to transition, though, president trump facing fierce backlash after his blistering attack on congressman elijah cummings and the city he represents. the president calling baltimore, dangerous, filthy and rat-infested. some are calling it racist. and unacceptable. abc's tara palmeri is on the north lawn with that war of words. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. many of the e wi o.ts and political leaders "the baltimore sun" was out with a scathing editorial saying,
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better to have a few rats than to be one. but president trump is doubling down and as of midnight last night, still tweeting about congressman cummings and his city. the mayor of baltimore firing back at the president after he tweeted, calling the predominantly black city a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess, and claiming that no human being would want to live there. >> it's completely unacceptable. for the president to attack a vibrant american city. >> reporter: this defense in response to the president's attacks on yet another congress member of color. elijah cummings, who's been holding hearings in inhumane conditions in detention centers. >> come on, man. none of us would have our children in that position. they are human beings. >> reporter: the president attacking cummings for his investigation tweeting, elijah cummings spends all of his time trying to hurt innocent people through oversight. he does nothing for his very poor, very dangerous and very
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badly run district. cummings' district includes most of baltimore, and is majority black. house leader nancy pelosi swiftly condemned the tweets as racist. tweeting, we all reject racist attacks against him. trump also used that word "infested" on twitter when targeting four congresswomen last week. saying, go back from where they came from. all congresswomen are american citizens. only one ilhan omar was born outside of the united states, in somalia. the president's attacks on omar rallying this chant at a reallily in north carolina. [ chanting "send her back" ] now, cummings defending himself. tweeting, it's my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the executive branch. but, it's my moral duty to fight for my constituents. cnn anchor victor blackwell brought to tears by the president's characterization of his hometown. >> people get up and go to work there. they care for their families there, they love their children
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who pledge allegiance to the flag. just like people who live in districts of congressmen who support you, sir. they are americans too. >> reporter: about 40 democratic >> reporter: about 40 democratic members of congress havede republanan tara palmeri, thank you. we're getting our first glimpse this morning into how americans feel about robert mueller's highly anticipated testimony on capitol hill last week. a just-released news/ipsos poll finds that democrats and republicans are deeply divided on impeaching the president. a majority of americans, 71% say they either heard, saw or read about robert mueller's testimony. 27% say that they are more likely to support impeachment. 26% say they are less likely. 47% say their opinion hasn't changed at all. when it comes eller'stk warning
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foreign countries interfering in our elections, a combined 54% is a -- do not feel confident the u.s. can effectively defend itself. only 17% say they were very confident. some interesting numbers. dan, over to you. >> whit, thank you. let's bring in our chief anchor george stephanopoulos. on your show this morning, you got jerry nadler, the chair of the house judiciary committee. the reports behind the scenes he's really pushing for impeachment, and that house speaker nancy pelosi is just pushing back. given the numbers that we saw there, what's the state of play on impeachment? >> a theme that holds it together, division. you saw it in the hearings on wednesday. when you had democrats raising questions about mueller's report. republicans raising questions about the investigation in the first place and defending the president not expressing much concern about russia at all. listen. the senate is never going to convict president trump even if the house impeaches. it doesn't appear that the house
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is going to start formal impeachment proceedings on the other point, jerry nadler, is that in essence the house judiciary is already investigating impeachment. i believe that investigation will continue to try and call witnesses like the president's counsel don mcgahn, and it will be up to the courts now whether that investigation can proceed, whether they'll order the witnesses to appear. >> are they moving forward here because they hope of damaging the president politically or they think it's their duty, or both? >> a little bit of both. i think among those that are pushing hardest for impeachment right now believes it's their duty. because of the politics of it are kind of a awash right now. some would argue it would create a backlash. but i think they look at the evidence that mueller compiled about the president's team cooperating with russia, not in a criminal way, but cooperating
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with russia during the campaign, lying about it afterwards, the evidence of obstruction of justice and say, we can't allow a president to get away with this without trying to hold him accountable. >> let's look back to the president's tweets about city of baltimore. "the washington post" has a story up this morning saying, trump's advisers have concluded the overall message is good for the president among his political base, resonating strongly with the white working-class voters he needs to win re-election in 2020. do you agree with that? >> that's them elap lab -- elaborating on the president's gut instinct. this is now the second time this month where the president has attacked african-american members of congress. i think he'll continue to do this. it's possible and he believes it could mobilize some of his supporters. but the big question now is, if you see this continuing series of racist attacks by the president, who is it going to push off? one of the things we saw in 2018 midterms is suburban voerters, women voters, minority voters all coming out in record
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numbers. if the president's attacks continue to inflame that group as well, it could backfire on the president. but take a step back from that. with the president continuing these attacks not just on members of congress, but on american cities, the cities of america, baltimore as well. that's an american city, it's just astonishing that the president continues these attacks in this way. >> as you said the theme this morning among all the stories we're covering on the political front is division. george, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> really appreciate it. i want to remind everyone that george has a big show this morning. as discussed, he'll go one-on-one with jerry nadler, plus congressman will hurd discussing election security. following robert mueller's stark warnings on that front, and the powerhouse roundtable takes on the 2020 race. it's all coming up on "this week." george, thanks again. eva, over to you. new details this morning about those two californian te abc's david wright is in our london bureau with the latest.
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good morning, tafd david. >> reporter: good morning, eva. the murder of that policeman is being treated as a national tragedy in italy. his coffin will be on public display today in rome not far from the carabinieri precinct where he served for years. the two americans meanwhile held in a roman jail cut off from their families back home. finnegan lee elder and gabriel christian natale-hjorth both of the san francisco bay area are being held at rome's coeli prison. >> i have never seen violence in him. >> reporter: italian authorities say the two confessed to being involved in a violent altercation over a backpack where the police officer was stabbed. police say the young men were demanding 100 euros and a gram of cocaine to return the bag to its owner, but the owner notified the
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carabinieri. the suspects caught on security cameras as they fled the scene. police say they found overwhelming evidence in the suspects' hotel room including the alleged murder weapon cleverly concealed behind one of the ceiling tiles, as well as bloody clothing supposedly worn in the attack. their bags were reportedly packed, flights booked. police murder are rare in rome. mario cerciello rega was 35 years old, a newlywed. tomorrow his funeral takes place at the same church he was married just over a month ago. one of the american suspect's family say they haven't been able to contact their son. after saturday's detention hearing, he described his client as psychologically tried arguing, he's a 19-year-old boy. citing the detention filing, italian media report there may be some discrepancies between the statements given by the two suspects. for instance, one of them
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supposedly said that the police officer did not identify himself as police. the other said that he did. of course, dan, there may be a language barrier. >> david wright, thank you. now.tar datiz is outhappierew of t hr was shotn dominipublic thfoerust wasmbusheju 9th in santo domingo. he's had at least three surgeries since that shooting. some terrifying moments on a milwaukee bus where he realizes his vehicle is on fire. >> all right. we got to get off. everybody, get off. >> why? >> it's a fire. >> the driver rushing to help as the fire continues to spread. the hero driver able to get everyone out of that bus safely in less than 30 seconds. officials say they think a hole in hydraulic hose leaked vaper on the hot engine that ignited the fire.
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>> incredible video there. now to the hunt for the bank robber being called the pink lady bandit striking for a fourth time in a robbery spree along the east coast. abc's lana zak has more on how authorities are trying to track her down. good morning, lana. >> reporter: the pink lady bandit. witnesses say she often carries out her heist with baseball cap, yoga pants. and she's always carrying a trendy purse. this morning, authorities desperately searching for a serial bank robber who the fbi believes is behind four robberies in three states in just the past eight days. during the heist, she's often seeing a baseball hat and carrying a pink handbag. the fbi have dubbed her the pink lady bandit. >> if you rob a bank for example, you use a particular approach, a particular disguise, et cetera, you may as well keep doing it because it works. >> reporter: they say her east coast spree started in a bank in pennsylvania, moved to another in delaware three days later.
7:16 am
they now say she has robbed two banks in north carolina. she hands the bank teller a note. the fbi is known to give serial bank robbers nicknames. in 2015 the snowbird bandit, a former lapd detective accused of robbing several banks in california, his spree coming to an end, spending his retirement in prison. in 2013, the so-called i-55 bandit was wanted in five states along the interstate that runs from illinois to louisiana. that teen turned himself in and later pleaded guilty. >> when you look at other serial bank robbers, there is a lot of similarities, but ultimately she's going to leave a bank too late or somebody is going to get a great car description and they're going to catch her. >> reporter: now the police are offering a $10,000 reward for her capture. they believe that she's in carolinas now. but based on her pattern of behavior, she may not be there for long. she's believed to have hit four banks in three different states in just about a week's time. >> and you wore pink in her honor or is that peach? >> purely coincidental. appreciate it.
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in florida, a professional surfer said he's lucky to have his arm after an encounter with a shark. 23-year-old frank o'rourke says he was just lying on his board in the waters after jacksonville beach when he felt something latch onto his arm. he managed to escape with only a bloody puncture wound. he'll stay out of the water for a few weeks, let it heal. then he'll get back on his board. >> they always go back. >> yes. >> they always go back. >> braver than us. >> if i were a shark i wouldn't mess with franco. treats his own wound. >> intimidated by him. >> a distant relative of fabio >> got good hair, too. sticking with the west coast, let's take you to oregon, problems with fires in both oregon and california, much of the west as several large fires are burning. that's i-5, people driving through smoke, flames in some cases, 9,000-acre fire yet to have significant containment. that continues to burn today.
7:18 am
also, a little brush fire sparked over night in pleasanton, california. just northeast of san jose, you see that one flaring up. very dry conditions in the heat, and it's going to build as we go through the next couple ofwee a temperatures this week across southern california. heat advisories all the way up through sacramento. now, excessive heat warnings including san joaquin valley. fresno, back through palm springs and phoenix, 108 degrees expected today. 116 in palm springs. the heat will continue to build it looks like right through the next three days. maybe cooling off by the time tuesday comes around. across the northwest, we're dry. less wind today and less lightning. that's good, but very, very dry here, so they're not really helping the fire situation ther
7:19 am
it's getting warm out there. >> getting warm? >> central park -- >> where have you been? >> we're on track for the warmest july since 2013. >> i'm summing it all up. it's summer and it's warm. >> stay cool. >> stay thirsty. >> thank you, buddy. appreciate it. this morning, we remember one of disney's most recognizable voices. the woman who voiced minnie mouse for more than 30 years passing away and abc's maggie rulli joins us to look at the legacy russi taylor leaves behind. >> reporter: it was quite a legacy, eva. russi once quoted as saying, i never wanted to be famous. the characters i do are famous and that's fine for me.
7:20 am
it's clear though, she certainly made her mark on history. >> hello. >> reporter: she's the voice we all grew up with. >> a classic. >> reporter: that iconic role brought to life by russi taylor. the voice behind the beloved disney character for more than 30 years. with her passing at age 75, she leaves behind a legacy of work including recognizable roles. in "the simpsons movie," "duck tales" and countless others. known for her kindness and graciousness, just like the iconic characters she gave her voice to for so many years and even sharing in the same love, marrying the real-life mickey in 1991. wayne allwine. >> oh, minnie. you're all the music i'll ever need. >> reporter: the pair remaining happily in love until wayne's passing ten years ago. disney ceo bob iger released a statement saying, we're so grateful for russi's talent as well as the tremendous spirit
7:21 am
and great joy she brought to everything she did. we're hearing from the entire disney family, expressing their love for russi. bill farmer, the voice of goofy right alongside her said in a statement, she was as wonderful, funny and sweet as minnie mouse yet as humble as you would expect. one from all of us. i even went and found my minnie mouse ears. >> so cute. >> you had those in your office? >> i actually did. they're on my desk. i'm a company woman, dan. >> disney is our parent company. >> this seems like an entirely different discussion. thank you. >> the fact that mickey and minnie are together -- >> it really is a touching story. she seemed like a wonderful woman. >> big, happy family. >> maggie, thank you so much. we appreciate it. still ahead here, an american athlete hurt in a deadly south korean nightclub collapse is speaking about the moment a balcony gave way. plus, nfl star golden tate suspended for testing positive
7:22 am
for performance enhancing substance. he said that family planning is to blame here. and the petition to change halloween. why some people want to move the date. that's ahead. maggie has it for us in "pop news." >> big controversy. >> oh, yeah. "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm. talk to an agent today at 800-state-farm. yup, using the app. i've been quite vigilant. sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. ok, write her back 'dear sharon, don't mess with my discount!' faster mommy, i gotta go to the bathroom. i do too honey, but we're gonna hold it for mommy's discount. easy, easy! but you're in labor? don't mess with my discount! uh hem. get a discount up to 30% with drive safe & save from state farm. my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment . ♪trelegy.
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you are amazing. yes, you. you're a thunder therapist. and you choose rachael ray nutrish. recipes with real meat, poultry or fish... the #1 ingredient. that's amazing. nutrish. real recipes. real ingredients. real good. good morning. happening todayt oaknd coliseum. the a's are hosting their 20th annual root beer float day. there are unlimited refills. the proceeds benefit the oakland athletics community fund. abc news will be there.
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a's players chris davis and bob melvin will be scooting floats. all right. now let's check in with our mote roll gist. >> good morning. great day from our east bay hills camera. we have our heat advisoy again. it is 68 in san jose. 59 down houn. another warm day here. 80 oakland. 65 in concord right now. highs around the bay are warmer this morning. temperatures are. but the highs will be near 100 inland. >> thank
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welcome back to "gma" on>>b president trump feeling the heat after slamming democrat elijah cummings and his district, calling baltimore disgusting, dangerous and rat-infested. the mayor of the predominantly black city calling the tweets unacceptable, while house speaker nancy pelosi swiftly condemned them as racist. >> reporter: also right now, the canadian military is now joining the manhunt for two teenage fugitives suspected of three murders. the two were last seen in the province of manitoba. police are now searching every home, car and train for clues. investigators say the crime spree started july 15th. and a faded and stained old high school basketball jersey is now up for sale and it's expected to fetch a pretty penny that's because it was worn by
7:31 am
former -- well, then future president barack obama. during his senior year in honolulu back in 1979. heritage auctions expect the jersey to sell for at least $100,000 when bidding ends on august 17th. and fun side note, my wife andrea went to the same high school in honolulu. yes, we went to the anniversary luau a few years ago. >> how is your basketball game? >> not so much track and field. shout-out to all the in-laws in oahu. my wife met president obama when i worked in washington. he said to her, howsit? >> that's the honolulu also, the nfltar en tate blaming a fertility sitiveorce hag bs he's now appealing
7:32 am
with that deadly nightclub collapse over in south korea, where four american athletes got hurt. one of those water polo players is speaking exclusively to abc news. abc's julia macfarlane is in london with the story. julia, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. total pandemonium. those are the words of one of the injured american athletes. johnny hooper speaking with abc news, describing the terrifying scene, the moment the floor suddenly gave way beneath the crowd. the dramatic moments just after the structure gave way. this video obtained by showing shocked partygoers, scrambling to stand on a bar, and hold onto the balcony. ur american athletes all mbers of the u.s. water polo team.tcs
7:33 am
his hand, speaking exclusively to abc news. >> we were hanging out sort of in a loft area, and the next thing you know, the floor collapsed beneath us on the second floor and we were susp d suspended, like, 10, 15 feet in the air and started to fall down. >> reporter: authorities now in south korea now investigating, local media officials looking into whether there were too many people on the balcony. >> i'm glad we were able to get out of there. we got super lucky, and it's a miracle that more people weren't injured. >> reporter: of the u.s. team members, elite athlete and gold medalist the most seriously injured. she suffered a deep cut in her leg. she underwent surgery and gave an update on instagram. surgery on my leg went well. and i can't wait to get back in the pool with the squad. the women's team had just qualified for the olympics in 2020. now hoping for a speedy recovery
7:34 am
for those injured. >> my prayers and thoughts are with the families of the two individuals that passed away in going through. >> reporter: the team now focused on recovery and preparation for the next competition, now headed back to l.a., and then to lima, peru to the pan american games. let's get back to rob, another check of the forecast. you see the hottest july in a while? >> in a while, since 2013. what do you want to do when it's hot out? get in a hot air balloon. turn on that torch, why not? >> i want to go to the beach. >> no. it's a great way to start the morning. they're doing ascensions this morning. this is out of readington, new jersey. this is the balloon festival, over 100 balloons ascending in the morning. and the evening. some over 100 feet tall. beautiful backdrop with that blue sky and relatively calm mornings there. get out and enjoy that for the last day today.actut,hi
7:35 am
onssin potential for seeing strong thunderstorms not so much today but more toward tomorrow morning. chicago might get some tomorrow tomorrow afternoon getting through the mid-mississippi valley, indianapolis, cleveland, ohio as well. meanwhile, the heat rebuilding here in the east. we're probably finishing out july pretty strong here. temperatures in the 90s across philadelphia and touching that here in new york city. this weather report sponsored by safelite auto glass.
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howsit? >> my in-laws are going like this in honolulu right now. it's all my fault. >> you're going to have problems when you go to hawaii. >> we do. >> we'll save you here. coming up on "good morning america" -- giants' wide receiver golden tate blaming a fertility drug for his four-game suspension. will he win his appeal? all right, and the provocative question here, what if halloween was not on october 31st? fantastic or frightful? we'll ponder it coming up in "pop news." maggie rulli on the desk this morning. ruli on the desk this morning. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >>ecvo >> ks:ho >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. a star player for the a star player for the giants is appealing his four-game suspension. he blames testing positive for performance-enhancing substances on the fertility drug. abc's kaylee hartung has more on what he's saying about it. good morning to you, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, eva. 1 in 8 american couples struggle with infertility. giants' wide receiver golden tate said he and his wife are among them and they sought treatment, but not before he checked the nfl's banned substance policy. this morning, new york giants wide receiver golden tate is appealing a four-game suspension for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs. the ten-year nfl veteran says he
7:41 am
fought fertility treatment in order to help his wife and him have a second child. >> all along he's been very honest about when this situation arose, he's been very honest with us. >> reporter: in statement on twitter, tate says just days after he started treatment he learned the drug he was prescribed contained an ingredient on the league's banned substance list. tate adding, i immediately discontinued use and reported the situation to the nfl. he says, well before a failed test was even confirmed. >> your average fan, your average person out there might say, i feel sorry for the poor guy. no, this would be the biggest mistake you have ever made at your workplace. >> reporter: the head of the anti-doping agency and expert not involved in the matter telling abc news, suspensions like this are put in place to stop athletes from potentially cheating, not to trap someone who legitimately needs a medication. but they need athletes to take responsibility, to pick up the phone about the rules that exist. >> every player ought to know if i have a medical need, i need to check it with my doctor.
7:42 am
if i can't take it i need to apply for permission to take it and that can be granted. >> reporter: the precedent is set here, in 2014, nfl linebacker robert mathis was also suspended claiming that fertility drugs were the reason. tate says he's confident in the facts here, but the facts are he violated a zero tolerance policy that the players association and the league collectively bargained for. >> this could be devastating for the giants. they traded we odell beckham, and this guy was supposed to fill that void. >> absolutely the giants have some things to figure out. four games, looking like. >>kaylee, thank you. coming up here on "good morning america" -- rob with rod and reel. what could possibly go wrong here? what happened when our senior meteorologist went fly fishing in colorado. >> why did you have to emphasize the "senior" bit? >> credibility. bility. colorado. >> why did you have to emphasize the senior bit? >> credibility. s my risk of a fatal cardiovascular event. and that's why there's jardiance-
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for help with belly pain and recurring constipation. ask your doctor. welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." i don't know about you, but i'm still dreaming about the epic snowfall in the west this past winter. snow pack in colorado was over 700% normal at the beginning of summer. remember it snowed when i was there for the summer solstice. in breckenridge, when it's not ski season, it's fishing season. ♪ welcome to breckenridge, colorado. with an elevation of nearly 10,000 feet, the rivers are running. so it's time to try my hand at some fly fishing. come on. all right, this is breckenridge outfitters. you must be chip. >> that's me. >> i'm rob marciano. >> nice to meet you. >> i have got to warn you. i have never done this before. do you think we'll be able to
7:47 am
catch something? >> i hope so. i'll give you a bunch of tips and tricks. >> let's get me suited up. >> we're going to do it. ♪ >> reporter: next, we head down to the blue river, and it's time to learn how to fly fish. >> lot of this comes down to technique. >> reporter: chip shows me the different techniques of holding the rod and working the line. >> let's talk about the fun stuff, what happens when we catch a fish? >> as soon as i see a little tug, pull it straight up. >> straight up. >> is that really brad pitt fishing in river run through it? >> no. >> were you his double? >> i was not his stunt double. >> you could pass for brad pitt. it's difficult but we're determined. >> oops. >> there is a lot of oops in my cast.>> are you sure there's fi
7:48 am
this part of the >> reporter: and then finally -- >> take your time. you got him! oh. too much power. too much power. >> such a rookie. >> but you got to feel him, though. you felt him. >> he spoke to me. he said, not today. >> he said, not today. >> i'm not giving up. chip, by the way, is the fly fishing guide of the year. so it's not his fault. i got one. i got one! i got a fish! >> he got one. >> he's a fighter. >> so, did you actually catch a fish? >> i had one on the line. >> that's not catching it. >> the river's running high, it's better to catch fish now. of course, it's always catch and release. go. >> that's not how you release a fish. tell your friends i'm coming for them. >> all right, rob. thank you. >> a lot of interesting moments
7:49 am
on this show. >> mostly on this side. >> it's not about how many fish you catch it's about the experience. >> that's right. we'll have "pop news" when we come back after this. >> it will get better. >> it will get better. order, it can feel like there's too much to do and you need to do it all. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. ask your healthcare provider about vraylar. vraylar treats acute mania of bipolar i disorder... and was proven in adults with mixed episodes who have both mania and depression. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol; weight gain; high blood sugar and decreased white blood cells,
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you're doing what's right, to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for a full month. it's the #1 vet recommended protection. and it's safe for puppies. ♪ "good morning america" is onreby blue buffal you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue. all right, we're going to try to put fishgate behind us and clear the palate. >> go ahead, maggie. it's your segment. >> settle down over there. okay, we're starting off with something that's very controversial here on this show this morning, halloween, still three months away. a little heads up -- eathsday. there's a new petition to change it to potentially a saturday. over 95,000 people have signed
7:54 am
on to petition to have the holiday permanently moved to the last saturday in october. the halloween and costume association, this is a real association is arguing that the change would make trick or treating safer because kids could do it earlier in the day, and it would be easier on their parents. we have some parents here. thoughts? >> mixed thoughts. i like the idea initially but then it's like, you have real holidays associated with it and then the kids stay up all night. you have no excuse to get home early. >> i like the idea. but now i want to move daylight saying -- saving time back to where it was. >> now you're getting crazier over there, fisherman. we're talking about halloween. >> i don't want to ayes nate the wi kr, can community, so i'm not talking about the. all right, now to a couple in michigan who's trying to take some romantic engagement photos, but instead they made a new friend. take a look -- oh, deer. quite literally. this animal photo bombed them from behind, again from the side. then he comes back again, and he's there again.
7:55 am
the photographer, the deer was very cute. but they got a little nervous. to me, it looks like the three of them have come deer friends. there's more, there's more. that couple seems quite fawn'd of each other. for real doe. >> the photos are going to fetch some big bucks. >> that was good. that was good. moving on from that story, dan's birthday, we got another birthday to celebrate. emily mcguire, she's a huge amazon shopper. her husband made fun of her. he got her this. spoiler alert, it's a cake. one of the best looking fake cakes i have ever seen. no cake for you today, but check out what we do have. >> better than cake. better than cake today. we got some pizza here. this is pizza with a purpose. angelo's pizza. from new jersey they're attaching missing pet flyers to pizza boxes.
7:56 am
they're hoping to reunite owners with their lost animals. i love these boxes. how is the pizza? catch a piece. catch a peace. >> rob brought his own anchovy. thank for watching, everybody. stay tuned for george. we'll see you next weekend. good morning, america. good morning. happening now more than 27,000 runners are taking part in today's san francisco marathon. the race started at 5:30 this morning. more than 80,000 spectators will fill the city. you can see the course
7:57 am
many muni busses are being rerouted because of the race. some as late as 3:00 p.m. race organizers recommend using ride share, bike share or schooler rentals if you want to get around. you can beat the heat by plunging into a pool. today is national water park day. many say the day started in 1987 when seaworld opened wet and wild in orlando. nearly every state has one water park with attractions like lazy rivers, wave pools. here in the bay area there is hurricane harbor, raging waters and boomerang bay at great america. we are checking in with lisa. >> good morning to you. we have sunny skies here in san jose, where temperatures will be around 90 again. 61 in morgan hill. 55 at the coast. we have low clouds and fog at the shoreline that will clear
7:58 am
today. 67 by the delta. winds are calm and looking at 71. still a heat advisory for east bay communitiecommunities. 11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday in santa rosa and san jose. as we go through the afternoon it comes back. the sea breeze kicks up and you may feel a bit cooler there on the peninsula today on the south bay as well. another day of triple digit heat inland. 60s at the coast. tha
7:59 am
8:00 am
impeachment post-mueller. >> we will proceed when we have what we need to proceed. >> we either need to take action or it needs to be dropped. >> the special counsel contradicted the president. >> did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> quietly rebuked trump's actions. >> i gather that you believe that knowingly accepting foreign assistance during a presidential campaign is an unethical thing to do. >> and a crime. >> and sounded the alarm on russia. but the president claimed ergized republicans. is the push for impeachment over?


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