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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 29, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: good morning. we know three people are dead and that includes a 6-year-old boy. according to a hospital spokesperson, there are more than a dozen people hospitalized right now and their conditions range from fair to critical condition. as you all mentioned, the grandmother of the 6-year-old boy talked with reporters overnight outside of the hospital here. she's remembering her grandson steven romero as a loving boy. maribel romero says she was at home when she got the call saying her grandson who was at the event were shot. his mother and grandmother were shot as well and were in the hospital as well. she says she just wants justice for her grandson steven. >> it has to be someone really sick, because shooting a kid. that's a family event. i just hope there's justice and they catch the last person or
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the other person and that there's justice. i want justice for my grandson. >> reporter: again, according to city officials, four people have been killed. that includes the suspect, that being the fourth person. vay ear still investigating to see, as there may be another person involved in this crime. live in san jose this morning, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. gilroy's police chief scott smithee talked about the shooting. >> he spoke about the possible second suspect and the efforts being made to catch him. >> we have assistance from literally dozens of law enforcement agencies across two counties. we have teams working to try to track down and identify leads regarding the second suspect. we're very hopeful that with the witnesses and statements that people are able to give us, that that will help us to do that. this is one of those press conferences you never want to have to give in your community. it's sort of a nightmare that you hope you never have to live
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in reality. >> he said police are pouring over video and photos to help identify that second suspect. abc 7 news reporter luz pena has more. two people were feet away from the gunman. >> we left our booth and walked to the port-o-potties, we came out and heard a pop. we both looked at each other, maybe it's fireworks. we both looked and the gunman was 10 to 15 feet away from us. he had like a rifle and he was putting a clip into it. he put a clip into it -- >> turned and started walking and shooting. didn't care. >> reporter: the women said he ended up shooting two co-workers. a lot of people at the garlic festival were shooting videos and one caught what appears to be gunshots.
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[ gunshots ]. >> people started running in panic as the gunfire erupted. >> one woman went on facebook as the shooting before w s this, we want to warn you it may be difficult to watch. >> they're shooting at the garlic festival. they are shooting! they're shooting at the garlic festival. oh, my god. they shooting. they are shooting! >> the woman said he ended up shooting two of their co-workers -- i'm sorry. let's give you an idea of the timeline last night as the shooting unfolded. according to the gilroy police department that first report of the shooting came down at 5:41 yesterday on the north side of the festival.
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in less than a minute officers responded, shooting and killing the suspect. witnesses did report a second suspect. it's unclear if that person was a shooter or acted in a supporting role. more information is expected to be released some time this morning. abc 7's amanda del castillo was at the festival before the shooting broke out. she had to go through security and a bag check. police and security had metal detecting wands. police say the gunman skipped security by cutting through a fence bordering a creek. >> we're getting social media reaction including governor newsom. my office is monitoring the situation closely, grateful for law enforcement's efforts and their continued work as the situation develops. presidential candidate and kamala harris tweeting, grateful to first responders on the scene and keeping others from being injured. my office is closely monitoring
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the situation. and then this from theresa giudice. you may know her from "the real housewives of new jersey." she posted this on instagram, i'm truly heartbroken hearing the events that have taken place at the gilroy garlic festival. i was at the staff yesterday with wonderful staff, volunteers and many, many families and flooded with thoughts as they navigate this tragic situation. she goes on to say prayers and love to the community tonight. >> gilroy is about 30 miles south of san jose along highway 101. the first day of the festival was on friday. abc 7 news was there for the opening day. this is the 40th year of the festival. the popularity has put the city of 55,000 on the map. the shooting happened as the festival was beginning to wind down. classic rock band tinman was playing on the vineyard stage. you can see on the map it's on the northwest side of the festival grounds. here is the phone line for
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witnesses. 408-846-0583. there's also a number for anyone looking for family members at that festival. that's 408-846-0584. we have both numbers on our website, we should mention you can report annan mousily to the witness line. police are asking you not to call the emergency line. the abc 7 news app has been sending out updates on the gilroy garlic festival shooting. you can download the app right now and you'll be able to have push alerts come directly to our phone. when gilroy police hold the next news conference, we expect to start at 10:00 a.m., we'll stream it live. over major news this morning, two teens facing murder charges in rome. investigators say they have solid evidence against them. the next phase in the ghost ship fire trial begins today.
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the frantic rush for safety for a group of teens at the gilroy garlic festival. you'll hear how they escaped the gunfire. right now it's 4:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is mike. >> let's take a look at what's e clouds, they are back.ay, welcome back fog, welcome back much milder temperatures. in the upper 50s in places like walnut creek and danville. low 60s about everywhere else. mid 60s brentwood, antioch, pittsburgh and concord. you can see 52 in novato right now to 62 in mountain view, leaving oakland, 61, in san francisco, headed this way, 58 degrees. let's talk about the commute. a little foggy in the coastal valleytis this morning. cool and warm. the heat is over for a while. on the bay it's going to be breezy everywhere. let's take a look at the north bay. 55 at 7:00. we'll touch the low to mid 80s
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after the lunch hour and down to 72, very comfortable at 7:00. for the east bay, you can see the clouds are kind of stubborn. the high clouds will hang around, keeping you in the low to mid 70s. our last stop will be in the east bay valley -- san francisco where we'll be in the 50s at 11:00. we'll take a look at the rest of our neighborhoods coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. it has a lot of heat relief in it. first say good morning to sue. >> good morning to you. we've got trouble on the roads already this morning with a sig alert coming up and over that nasty altamont pass commute that's already bad. this is not a good way to start your monday morning. we've got two big rigs that got into it about 12:30 this morning. they're still blocking the two right lanes. the left lanes are getting by. chp doesn't estimate a time of opening until 8:00 a.m. already we're looking at about an hour and a half drive time
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into dublin. that's improved slightly. an hour and 17 minutes into dublin-pleasanton. 101 san rafael into san francisco looks good, too, over the golden gate bridge. yes, thi
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as high pressure moves towards the east, it takes the hottest weather with it.
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sacramento valley, heat advisory from 1:00 this afternoon to 8:00, 100 to 106 degrees. we'll hit 104 in fresno, 114 in palm springs. 75 to 82 around san diego and los angeles under partly cloudy sky. monterey 64. eureka 62. down to 89 in sacramento and low to upper 80s in tahoe today. low to mid 80s as we head toward a sunny weekend. here is the latest of what we know about the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. four people including the gunma evening at 5:40. the three victims killed include a 6-year-old boy. police are saying the gunman cut through a fence that lines a creek outside the festival. a second suspect was reported, but police are not sure about that person's role in the shooting. a group of teens who ran from the gunfire at the festival say they jumped through a fence,
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ran to a wooded area so they could hide. >> one member of the group was wounded. family members describe the frantic moments as they ran away. >> we went through a fence. a guy helped us to pass it. we were there with the girl who got shot. >> your cousin? >> yes. >> when did she get shot? >> we didn't know she got shot. we were running with her. when we saw, she already had a hole in her leg. >> gabriel says he took off his shirt and applied pressure to the gunshot wound. she is one of the victims brought to valley medical center. we'll take a look at other news this morning including funeral services for the italian police officer stabbed to death in rome. the suspected killers are two young men from the bay area. >> services for the offices will be held in the same church where he was married less than two months ago. ian panel is in rome with the
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latest. >> reporter: a leaked photo showing one of the teens blindfolded and handcuffed. his head down inside a police station. the image splashed across italian newspapers. the commissioner calling it illegal and a mistake. officials say the picture was taken after the suspects were taken into questioning and, according to police, confessed to being involved in the incident that led to the fatal stabbing of newlywed officer mario reeg ga. the two americans apparently approached a man allegedly asking where they could buy drugs. that man led them to a dealer who police say sold them fake cocaine. the two growing angry, allegedly going back to the scene and stealing the back pan of the man who pointed them to the drug dealer. police say the man called his own phone that was in the backpack and spoke to the two
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americans. he said they offered him an exchange, his bag for a graham of cocaine and 100 euros. he went to the police instead who set up an undercover operation. that ended with the officer stabbed eight times. police say the two then went back to the hotel not far away, preparing to leave the country when officers moved in. investigators say they found overwhelming evidence in the room including the supposed murder weapon, quote, cleverly concealed, in the ceiling tiles and bloody clothing. both americans waived their rights to speak. a public defender for finnegan elder says his client wasn't well. in rome, ian pannell, abc 7 news. >> both gad ated from tamalpais high school. finnegan's family says they're going to rome as soon as the state department assures them they'll be able to see their
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son. he chose not to answer questions during a weekend hearing. friends say the two suspects did not become close until they reconnected at santa barbara city college. an i-team reporter dan noyes is on his way to italy to find out more about this case and the bay area suspects. you can follow dan on at which time tore stay up to date on the latest developments. we'll have his reports on and the abc 7 news app. in the east bay closing arguments are set to begin in the ghost ship fire trial. derick almena and max harris each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 warehouse fire. closing arguments are expected to last at least three days. the jury could get the case august 5th. testimony has been tense at times with the defense suggesting the fire was the work of an arsonist. prosecutors refute that claim. a lot going on this morning. it's 4:46. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast.
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let's get over to me mike nicco. >> looking towards the port of oakland, you can see the low clouds hanging around and a temperature of 58 degrees. if you're tired of the heat, more clouds, cooler lows tonight and a slow warming trend that will take us back above average, possibly by this coming weekend. a look at 7:00. you can see the heaviest cloud cover along the coastal valleys in marin county and sonoma county, bleeding towards 101. a nice thick deck of clouds across most of the bay. look at this, as we head towards noon, it remains over the bay, at least from the san mateo bridge up towards the richmond-san rafael bridge. even a little drizzle after round half moon bay. clouds will be stubborn along the coast while the rest of us will see increasing sunshine and a few passing high clouds. we'll call it mostly sunny. mid to upper 70s through the south bay. 76 in santa cruz.
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68 in millbrae. low to mid 70s for the rest of the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast. mid 60s in downtown and south san francisco. sausalito 69. jumping to the upper 70s to mid 80s. low to mid 70s elsewhere. our last stop, low to upper 80s in our east bay valleys. more of the same tomorrow. a couple degrees warmer wednesday and thursday and above average friday through the weekend. sue? i thought we'd take a look at your bay bridge toll plaza commute. delays in the cash lanes. no metering lights yet. that typically happens about 5:20 or so. we'll check back on that. big problem this morning trying to get over the altamont pass with two big rigs that got into it early this morning. still blocking the two right lanes. you can see a nasty backup all the way to 205 as you make your way from tracy up and over towards the livermore area. give yourself plenty of time. i did check and your ace train
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is running on time. you've got about an hour and 46 minutes which is a nasty commute. a.c.e. train 1 is on time, making its way into tracy. >> thank you, sue. a new report claims apple's upcoming iphones will support 5g. elon musk says teslas will soon stream netflix and youtube. apple is gearing to roll out 5g. >> reports say all three iphones set to come out next year will work with the technology which is said to be 100 times faster than the current 4g network. apple is reportedly making the move in order to compete with lower cost 5g android smart phones. new entertainment options coming to teslas. >> elon musk says his pricey vehicles will soon be able to stream netflix and youtube on their displays. just like video games, drivers will only be able to stream video when the car is parked. a 16-year-old from pennsylvania is taking home a whopping $3 million prize for
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winning the first ever fortnite world cup. >> kyle giersdorf was the best of 40 million players with the top 100 battling it out in new york. the largest ever payout for a single player. >> those are your tech bites. how you can help children in need
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here is a look at what's
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going on weatherwise. look at this. highs slipping. the smallest drop is san francisco from 67 to 65. that's pretty close to average. oakland 78 to 70. close to average. san jose, 89 to 80. san mateo from 80 to 70. novato is 97 yesterday, only 83 today. look at walnut creek, triple digits. we're not even stopping at the 90s. 82, 20 degrees cooler today. >> mike, thank you. abc 7 news is committed to building the better bay area. in the east bay a community is coming together to save a playground art installation. abc 7 news was in oakland at lakeside park for the newly restored mid century monster. it was first put up in 1954. the 40-foot sculpture has been fenced off since 2015. the fan club helped raise $40,000 to repair this monster and repaint it.
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>> it's all been covered. it's all done and now the only thing left to do is have fun on it. >> visitors apparently canenry swag. all proceeds go to maintaining the structure. thousands of east bay youth will get extra help putting their best foot forward in time for the new school year. oracle arena and ring central coliseum are hosting a shoe giveaway on september 21st. the annual event gets kids ready for the community to get back to class. you have until friday to sign up for the giveaway. head to for a link to our registration site. taking a look at the microclimates starting tomorrow. upper 50s along the coast, low 60s in san francisco.
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the sea breeze becomes more robust tomorrow. we start off a little cooler tomorrow morning. we have 80s holding on in the south bay, the east bay and santa rosa. 90s, the warmest weather around. clear lake and cloverdale. let's take a look at wednesday. a little warmer inland. 91 in antioch, 87 in in in in 84 in santa rosa. areas in 60s the day before. oakland jumping to 70, 78 in hayward. 65 in san francisco. for thursday, a temporary push of a little sea breeze which drops our temperatures just a little bit before warmer, above average weather starts to take over for friday, saturday and sunday. that's a look at your forecast. let's get over to sue hall. how is the traffic? >> i'm back. it's not bad over the golden gate bridge as you can see. it's clear. no fog there down on the deck. as mike said, there was coastal fog cooling us off today. let's take a look at our trouble spot this morning. that remains over the altamont pass with the two right lanes
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blocked due to two big rigs and a fuel leak. they estimated that the time of reopening will be about 8:00. your morning commute is shot up and over the altamont pass into livermore. you may want to take a.c.e. train. they're running on time. currently about 1:40 to get from tracy up and over to dublin. avoid that if you can. even the side road, the pass road is getting jammed at this point as well. avoid if you can. once again, a.c.e. train your best alternate to avoid this mess. >> sue, thank you. happening today, kaiser employees will vote on whether to authorize a strike. the union says the workers have been without a contract for months and contract talks stalled a couple weeks ago. roughly 85,000 employees could walk off the job in california and at least five other states. the union accused kaiser of unfair labor practices. kaiser has not commented on this claim. in the south bay sacred
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t byons, 3,300 students have signed up to receive backpacks full of school supplies. next at 5:00 a.m., staying on top of the developing story this morning. a deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. the witnesses who saw the gunman open fire. a band was on stage when the gunfire broke out. band members quickly realized it wasn't fireworks they were hearing. >> we're going in with cover to assess further victims in the garlic festival.
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now at 5:00 a.m., dwomg news, an afternoon of fun turns into panic as the gunman starts shooting. by the time the gunfire was over, four people including the gunman were dead. >> we're hearing about one of the victims, a 6-year-old boy. family members heard the tragic news as they arrived at the hospital. >> good morning. monday, july 29th. live team coverage of the tragedy in gilroy. >> a quick look at traffic and weather starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's talk about what's going on weatherwise, a big change in the forecast today. you can see it. already more cloud cover in more neighborhoods. look how thick it is as you look down the embarcadero towards the ferry building and the bay bridge. we'll wake up a little milder this morning. mid 50s to


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