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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 31, 2019 2:42am-3:59am PDT

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you be fair with me and i'll be fair with you. >> step out. >> no. >> you're under arrest. >> no, i'm not. shut up, give me that, and i'll sign it. you don't even give a warning. >> newly released video shows a woman near oklahoma city who wasn't having it when police an for a broken taillight. she drove up, eventually the officer caught up and then shot the 65-year-old with a taser. she's charged with assault and resisting arrest. she faces up to five years in prison. >> a crazy scene out there. >> it gets him when it's video he hasn't seen, then that was the natural reaction you heard. >> you know what?
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it sure was. you know? >> you weren't expecting that turn of events. >> no, i was not. i was like, whoa. sometimes you guys are watching and she's reading and i'm like, i'm watching this too, watching the show. holy smokes. >> yeah, they tased that woman. those some are serious charges. police in wisconsin are investigating a string of murders outside milwaukee. >> investigators say a gunman killing three family members in one home and a woman in a second home may have been a copycat crime. here is alex perez. >> reporter: the horrifying scene police say may have been a copycat crime. ritchie german jr. is accused by police of killing four people and may have been imitating the high-profile abduction last year of teenager jayme closs by shooting his way into the family home of one woman he may have intended on kidnapping. >> kind of similar in nature in the closs investigation. the door was breached. a shotgun was used.
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mr. closs was shot, mrs. closs was shot. >> reporter: authorities say german killed three of his own family members at their home in lafayette, wisconsin, before heading to the home of the woman, shooting and injuring her parents and killing her before killing himself. police say this may have been a failed kidnapping attempt. >> there's some items that we found in the vehicle, the way the vehicle was left and running -- >> reporter: last october, just 40 miles away, jayme closs was abducted from her parents' home. closs eventually escaped, her abductor sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping her and murdering her parents. investigators are now reviewing text messages between the gunman and the woman they believe he was trying to kidnap. the motive in this case remains unclear. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> our thanks to alex there. coming up, sure it's almost august, but how are you doing on these new year's resolutions? >> if you failed miserably, you're not alone.
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why we're wired to fail breaking bad habits. wired to fail breaking bad habits. ste that weighs me d, test test
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♪ being without you is all a big mistake ♪ the hardest thing to take ♪ ♪ i'm addicted to you whether an old flame or that second slice of cheesecake, we all have our own hard habits to break. >> you know how many times i heard yesterday about that cheesecake i ate on air? i heard about it so many times throughout the rest of the day. >> i've got a piece of it waiting in my fridge. >> breaking bad habits is one of the most difficult things for humans to accomplish, because experts say, we're actually wired to fail. but it's not impossible. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: eight months ago we rang in the new year right here in times square. do you even remember what your resolutions were? probably not since some research shows 80% of new year's resolutions fail by the second week of february. our efforts to right our wrong habits over. so why is making or breaking habits so hard?
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you can blame it on evolution. in order to survive, our brains evolve to focus on immediate issues, like avoiding sabre tooth tigers. evolution only really cared about us creating habits that helped us live long enough to reproduce. it didn't care about whether we were good about forming long-term healthy habits like flossing our teeth. which is why so many of us find it so fiendishly hard to stick with a diet or boot up an exercise or meditation habit. enter james clear, author of the best-selling book "atomic habits: an easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones." he describes starting small, using what he calls the two-minute rule. >> you take whatever habit you're trying to build and scale it down to two minutes or less to do. meditate every day for a month becomes meditate for 60 seconds. so easy almost that you can't say no to it. if you don't become the type of person who meditates for 60 seconds, five days a week, you have no chance to be the type of
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person who meditates for 40 minutes. >> reporter: we decided to test his advice. jude gant wanted to form an exercise habit. we challenged her to do three situps every day for two weeks. >> just focusing on one thing made it a lot less stressful. >> reporter: while jude wanted to make an exercise habit, i wanted to break a bad habit. the habit that i would like to break is late-night snacking. if forming a new good habit is about making it easy, breaking a bad habit requires making it r mehat meant putting snacks on high shelves, out of sight, out of mind. james also recommended something pretty extreme, a lock box with a timer which would make it impossible for me to get a rice cake after 8:00. another hack, brushing and flossing early. the minty taste he says could reduce late-night cravings. jude and i turned for inspiration to mitch. the so-called micro habits approach helped him lose over 100 pounds. he started by going to the gym
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for five minutes every day. >> after about a month i was dying to do ten minutes. i finally let myself do ten minutes. after another two weeks i was dying to do 20 minutes. >> reporter: so how did jude do after a couple of weeks? >> usually starting is the hardest part. so now that i've started something, it will encourage me to stick with it and to build upon it. >> there's this quote by ed latimore. the heaviest weight at the gym is the front door. it's that idea. how can i make it easy to open the front door? >> reporter: while i didn't find the lock box super helpful, the early brushing definitely helped curb my craving. is there a set amount of time it takes to form a habit? >> the honest answer is, forever. habits are not really a finish line to cross. it's a lifestyle to be lived. >> the heaviest weight at the gym is the front door. >> it is. but like we were saying, it's not working out at the gym, it's getting there that's hard. >> right. >> so yeah, that front door.
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♪ ♪ time for "this happened." and we're going to start with some video that's been making the rounds that i found to be -- i don't know. it was scary, it made my heart just jump out of my chest when i saw a prowling lion. >> yeah, you got to see this. >> there at a zoo or enclosure. >> stalking this kid. >> stalking the kid. >> look, it freezes when he turns around, then goes to attack. >> doing what wild animals do. because essentially that lion is like -- >> a wild animal. >> you're food. then the parents with the baby there. the lion's trying to do everything she can to get to those children. now critics feel like children need to respect wild animals and the parents putting the kids in front of the glass like that in an apparent playful manner doesn't help.
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>> yeah, i mean, we all love animals of all sorts. and, i mean, of course that then brings up the whole debate over whether we should have zoos, wild animals enclosed like this. but i can imagine that parent thinking, oh, let's just get a great picture, how fun and exciting. then we have the videos of the bison attacking teens or a little girl. people having run-ins with bearthat these are real-life wild animals. >> yeah. >> they are not tame. they are not domesticated. they are wild. >> yes. >> so something to think about. >> definitely. >> yeah. well, a little whiter, a little more fun, and a lot more rewarding. a nebraska man was in an arkansas crater and found a diamond. >> a big diamond? >> a real diamond. >> a diamond. a 2.2-carat diamond. yep, uh-huh. a round diamond, yep. the largest found at the park so far this year.
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so he's a schoolteacher. and he was there visiting the park with family earlier this month when he spotted something shiny on the ground, picked it up. didn't even realize it was a diamond at first. once they took it to the park's diamond discovery center, found out just how great of a discovery it was. >> the worth not revealed. but the teacher plans to keep it as a souvenir for the time being. >> for the time being. >> for a few days until he gets the appraisal. >> bet he's found a pawn shop by now. >> and he's no longer a teacher. also, this happened. a bird and a girl on a roller coaster. they meet. >> oh! >> in the head. yep, that's nicole there. she posted the footage to facebook. she claims that the young girl named paige -- >> look at his response. >> the little girl's name was paige, riding the d.c. rivals hypercoaster at the warner brothers movie world park in queensland down there. >> wow.
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this morning on "world news now," clashes during the presidential debate. >> ten candidates went med to head on health care and immigration. full highlights and analysis from detroit straight ahead. missile threat. north korea conducted its second missile test in six days. what this means for the u.s. shark attacks on america's beaches. there have been two so far this week, so we went for answers. how to avoid attracting the attention of the predators, but also what can be learned by going for a swim with sharks. "world news now" takes a deep dive. plus a journalist is going viral for his deep reporting, literally. he went live during extreme flooding. just how high the water was in the area. we'll show you on this wednesday, july 31st.
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looks like he was in a lake. >> yeah. >> or a body of water. >> right. >> and hopefully there are no sharks. >> absolutely. because we'll be telling you all about sharks later this morning. we do begin this half hour with the democrats kicking off a second round of debate and drawing the battle lines between progressives and moderates. >> senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren took center fiercely defending medicare for all, slamming rivals for being afraid of big ideas. and they fended off criticism from candidates who dismissed their policies as fairy tale promises and wish list economics. abc's maggie rulli has the highlights from detroit. >> reporter: day one of back-to-back democratic debates in detroit kicked off by pitting the candidates against each other on one of the most important issues for the party, health care. >> health care is a human right, not a privilege. >> reporter: despite backlash over his planned logistics from many other candidates, senator bernie sanders defended his plan for universal health care. >> you don't know that.
3:02 am
>> i do know, i wrote the damn bill. >> what i'm talking about is really simple. we should deal with the tragedy of being uninsured and give health care as why do we have to be the party of taking something away from someone? >> medicare for all will fix that -- >> thank you, senator. >> reporter: other hot topics, immigration. >> when i'm president, illegally crossing the border will still be illegal. >> i expect that people who come here follow our laws and we reserve the right to criminally prosecute them if they do not. >> the point is not about criminalization. that has given donald trump the tool to break families apart. >> reporter: and climate change. >> i listen to scientists on this and they're very clear. we don't have more than ten years to get this right. >> reporter: and trending online, tim ryan, the ohio congressman did not put his hand over his heart for the national anthem. some comparing it to colin kaepernick kneeling.
3:03 am
experts say the performance here at this debate has already started to thin the pack. kenneth and janai? >> our thanks to maggie in detroit. more on the party's ideological divide evident throughout the debate. >> the top two liberals brushing off warnings that their lean to the left could assure president trump a second term. mary alice parks joins us to break it all down. >> janai and kenneth, those big progressive ideas like free college and government-run all sides tuesday night. but in the end the two leading liberals who are defending those plans, senator elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, were still standing strong. they got to make their case and fight the whole night on their turf. you can imagine though that president trump and republicans liked watching democrats go toe to toe over the ins and outs of health care policy. the more centrist candidates in the race landed their biggest blows when they talked about the general election. they tried to remind democratic
3:04 am
voters that their first concern should be beating president trump and make the argument that sanders' and warren's ideas might be a bridge too far for some voters. governor john hickenlooper told me after the debate those progressives were playing into trump's hands and just because an idea is bold doesn't mean it's good. former congressman john delaney, who was actually the first candidate to get into the race but has really struggled in the polls, had a good night for himself. he showed an aptitude for tough policy talk. mayor pete buttigieg managed to stay above the fray several times and return the conversations to him versus trump. former vice president joe biden was not mentioned on the debate stage but obviously he'll be front and center on tonight's stage. >> we did see those ideological divides when it came to health care and immigration throughout the debate. it will be interesting to see if we also see that tomorrow night -- tonight. >> a good breakdown from mary alice there. people who had a good night, they're saying bernie sanders,
3:05 am
elizabeth warren, who the experts thought they were going to go after each other, but it appeared they teamed up. and in fact it was almost like a tag team situation. people were talking about john delaney saying that he had some good moments in there. even though there were some zingers that were thrown at him as well that are all over social media. and marianne williamson. she was the most-searched candidate on that stage on google searches. except in montana where bullock, after he made his debate debut last night, he was the most-searched there. marianne williamson getting a lot of talk. >> look at you giving us the social media breakdown. kenneth was a part of our digital coverage last night. >> i'm bringing that knowledge over to "world news now." >> you are and we appreciate it. north korea conducting its second weapons test in less than a week. >> south korea says the north fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea, each traveling about 150 miles. the launches came hours after president trump insisted he has a good relationship with kim jong-un. >> the move is widely seen as an attempt to pressure the u.s.
3:06 am
into making concessions as the two countries work on resuming nuclear talks. a disgruntled walmart employee in the city of south haven, mississippi is charged with murder after fatally shooting two co-workers. the man opened fire early yesterday morning taking the life of store manager anthony brown and brandon gayles, who worked at the store for 16 years. a police officer was also wounded. he was saved by his bullet-proof vest. the suspect was wounded by police and arrested. since then he's undergone surgery. officials say he was recently suspended from his job after showing a knife to a co-worker. the fbi wants people who attended the gilroy garlic festival to share their photos and videos. investigators hope to use the i ng ts and providing services to victims. gilroy police are still the lead investigators since the motive is still unknown. but if it's found to be terror related, the fbi will take over. puerto rico's outgoing governor is set to name a successor. a person familiar with the matter tells abc news ricardo
3:07 am
rossello will nominate pedro pierluisi as secretary of state. capital one is already facing legal challenges over that massive data breach. at least two lawsuits have been filed. both are seeking class action status. the lawsuits claim the bank failed to properly secure and monitor the data of the more than 100 million people impacted. the breach allegedly occurred in march and was not discovered until this month. at least six people were hurt after being struck by lightning while working on a rooftop in wellington, florida. >> one victim took a direct hit and fell. she and another roofer were rushed to a trauma hospital. two others were taken to an area hospital. the rest were treated at the scene. forecasters are keeping close watch on a tropical disturbance over the caribbean. it may strengthen as it moves toward florida, dumping heavy rain with flooding possible. and erick is a category 4 hurricane with 130-mile-per-hour winds.
3:08 am
it is expected to weaken to a tropical storm as it passes south of hawaii later this week. an mma fighter erupted -- fight, that is, erupted on the baseball diamond in cincinnati. take a look as the reds and pirates hooked up in their second brawl this season. >> it started when a cincinnati pitcher didn't like something he heard from pittsburgh's t amid all the mayhem was the reds' yasiel puig, with the blond mohawk, who wasn't even a he had been traded a few minutes earlier and didn't even know it. the fight lasted about five minutes. he was traded in the middle of the game and didn't know it? >> he knows it now. maybe he felt something in the universe there. >> and was ready to go to bat for them. >> reds manager david bell was involved after being ejected earlier in the game.
3:09 am
seven players ejected after the fight. >> wild. >> mma style there. >> i know, looks like hockey or something. >> just going at it. >> yep. coming up later in "the mix," the woman who married her dog. yep. plus in the summer of the shark, with so many reports of shark sightings and attacks up and down the east coast, what you need to know about sharks before you dip one toe into the water. first the toddler hanging on for dear life six floors up. we'll show you how it played out. t. ing
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this is a frightening scene caught on camera in china. a toddler is dangling on the side of this sixth-floor balcony monday, then loses his grip. the 3-year-old tumbles to the ground and is saved by a neighbor who opens up a blanket. he's okay. police say the child was left alone by his grandmother when she went shopping. that is heart-stopping video. >> once a week we see one of these. last week it was a kid who was hanging by his head in the railings. and -- yeah. scary stuff there. new overnight, india's coffee king and one of its richest men has been found dead. >> vijay siddartha's body was discovered in a river near
3:13 am
india's southwest coast. the billionaire behind cafe coffee day, which is bigger than starbucks, went missing on monday. reports say he had financial problems and had written a letter apologizing for letting people down. in arizona a manhunt is under way for one or more suspects in connection with the fatal shooting of a rideshare driver in phoenix. >> investigators reportedly are not saying that the shooting was random but they're also saying there was no indication the driver was targeted. here is clayton sandell. >> reporter: police detectives have a mystery in phoenix. who murdered a 71-year-old great grandfather his family says didn't have a single enemy. >> he was the most likeable, kind, generous man you'd ever want to know. >> reporter: harold treadwell was driving for lyft around 12:30 a.m. sunday. he told his wife he'd just dropped a customer in a rough part of town. minutes later police say someone fired a single shot into his car. >> it definitely is a mystery. we don't believe that he was a target. we don't have a vehicle description. we don't have any suspect information.
3:14 am
>> reporter: treadwell died on his 52nd wedding anniversary. he'd phoned his wife just seven minutes before police got the first 911 call. >> he called to say happy anniversary. we told each other we loved each other. that's a gift from god. i truly believe he enabled me to talk to him one more time. >> reporter: so far investigators say there are no suspects. >> i just want justice done. i want whoever did this to pay for what they did to me and my family. i mean, it's just so senseless. >> reporter: treadwell's widow is now asking anyone who may have seen something or who knows something to come forward. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> extremely sad there. our thanks to clayton. propane tank's explosion sparked a brush fire in southern california. >> the blast went off in a homeless encampment outside los angeles. the fire burned 10 acres and displaced about 100 people. officials say the tanks were likely being used for cooking. took about 90 minutes to get the fire contained. no injuries were reported.
3:15 am
coming up in our next half hour, why you might want to double-check the overhead bin the next time you're on a southwest flight. the startling game of peek-a-boo played by one flight attendant that's been catching many passengers off guard. first, "world news now" goes swimming with the sharks. what we learned firsthand from inside the shark tank. rom inside the shark tank.
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3:17 am
can i say that i saw that taylor swift promo on twitter overnight and i was like, wait, what's she got? what's she going to talk about? >> that's so funny because i saw it upstairs before i came is this old? >> no, taylor swift coming with an announcement on gma.
3:18 am
>> i guess, that confirmed it. >> i'm going to stay up for that one. in the past week we've reported on beach closures due to shark sightings and at least two shark attacks. >> behind the summer sensational shark attack headlines, what do we really know about these creatures? our own will ganss went diving with sharks and joins us with some answers. good morning, will. >> good morning, and good morning to all of you. we are sinking our teeth into shark week this morning, swimming with the sharks at the long island aquarium to get some insight into the latest wave of those shark-related headlines. >> tonight a deadly shark attack. >> shark attack. >> shark attack. >> shark attacked her earlier >> he's lucky to have his arm after an encounter with a shark. >> we've seen these headlines, more sharks sighted than ever what is going on? >> i wouldn't necessarily say there are more sharks. i would say there are more eyes and cameras directed towards the water than ever before. >> reporter: the odds are astronomical.
3:19 am
you're more likely to be struck by lightning or injured by a cow than a shark. even so, shark attacks do before. so before we jumped into the tank with jaws at the long island aquarium, we had to ask, how can you protect yourself? >> flashy jewelry is something that might draw in the attention of a shark. you have to imagine the bait fish these sharks are going after. they flash in the water, and that is something that is going to be a telltale sign for a predator. colors like yellow and orange are going to stand out really well. >> reporter: keep your splashing to a minimum. >> all you're signalling to any predator in the area is you are an animal in distress. >> are there sharks out there that are hunting people? >> no, there are not sharks out there that are actively hunting reporte mt ark attacks last a s in the rare ca gills, and their snout are three very sensitive areas. >> reporter: but the truth of the matter is that humans are doing far more damage to sharks than they are to us.
3:20 am
while only about 12 species of sharks are considered a threat to people, one-quarter of all shark species are threatened with extinction due to overfishing and habitat loss, which is why experts encourage folks like you and i to educate ourselves. and maybe conquer a fear or two while we're at it. >> the best thing you can do for any sort of fear is to expose yourself to that fear. once you're in the water with these sharks, you truly see them in a different light. >> reporter: and so we did, just in time for shark week. we're submerged. surrounded. swimming with the sharks. sand tiger sharks and nurse sharks. some more than nine feet long. our guide saying the sharks around us use a sensory organ near their snout to pick up on electrical impulses emitted by their prey. hoping that when we got nervous -- >> here it comes. >> reporter: -- they wouldn't come after us. luckily our guide was right,
3:21 am
sharks really are gentle giants. serenely swimming off to enjoy their shark week. yeah, back on dry land i can safely say that was one of although it might seem a little bit scary, there's a silver lining in this recent wave of r getting cleaner and water quality is improving. >> definitely warmer as well, attracting those sharks. more eyes, more cameras will's piece there brought out. so i learned a few things. i can't wear all my bling. i can't frolic in the water like i like to do in the shallow end. >> also learning about the -- how these shark sightings are getting reporters out and about. will swimming with sharks. we saw will reeve earlier this month tagging sharks off cape cod. we saw diane earlier this month swimming with sharks. >> can we go next? >> we're swimming with sharks, aren't we? coming up, when a tv reporter goes deep for his story.
3:22 am
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i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything. time for "the mix." we start with reporters doing reporter-like things. so we've all reported in weather events, hurricanes. >> you've got to get active. >> flooding. got to get in there. you've seen reporters get in there. awers you don know what's in the floodwaters. >> in pakistan this journalist here really went for the story. >> yeah. >> he sparked a debate after conducting a live report from the middle of the floodwaters reaching up to his neck there. >> which you're wondering, i mean, i'm kind of impressed how still he's standing. but without a doubt that's not safe, right? >> it's not safe. but he really wanted people to know the floodwaters -- >> were up high. not to go in them.
3:26 am
i'm in them to tell you, don't go in them. >> also his photographer had to be like, these reporters are going to mess up all our equipment. >> uh-huh. impressive. i mean, he's going at it like it's just nothing there. >> i'm pretty sure he's telling the business. >> don't get in this water. okay. so a family playing monopoly. look at this, this poor kid has to learn the hard way what life's really about. you see him all bummed out. >> where's all your money gone? >> taxes. >> buddy, we feel you. we get that paycheck and we're thinking, where's the rest of it? >> i'm going to go straight to jail. >> he said it's not fun. >> it's not. >> it's the worst part of the game. it's the worst part of life, bobby. you have a lot to look forward to, bud. next we know that dog is man's best friend but apparently it's woman's new husband. a model says she couldn't find a man so she got married to her dog on live television.
3:27 am
she says that she has been on a number of dates over the years, some 221, she recalls. right down to the number. she's given birth to a son who's now 25, she's had some good moments. she said the only man she could count on was her loyal logan, a golden retriever. >> wow. >> they're so happy. congratulations to them. >> so happy. may they live happily ever after. that woman and her dog. and speaking of dog. this one sings. >> oh! ♪ >> howls, rather. ♪ musical mutts. >> on key, though. sounding good. >> yeah. kind of like us yesterday trying to sing mariah carey and boyz ii men. >> people loved that on twitter, didn't they. >> someone said, screaming cats.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now", a fight for the future. ten democratic candidates faced off about america's health care and how to beat president trump. see who stood out on the first night of the back-to-back debates in detroit. as the democrats debated, president trump defended himself. he says he's the least racist person in america. hear how black lawmakers are responding. new this half hour, passengers left perplexed while boarding their flight. >> because they saw this. that flight attendant inside the overhead luggage compartment and the airline isn't even mad. and it was finally time for hannah's big decision on "the bachelorette." then things really got interesting. that's ahead in "the skinny" on this wednesday, july 31st. good morning, everyone. on this final day of july, can you believe it? august is right around the corner.
3:31 am
>> oh, wow. yeah, it is. >> july 31st. we had a big night last night. we had the democratic debate and "the bachelorette." >> right. >> can you guess which one was the number one trending on twitter? >> "the bachelorette." >> because people were more concerned about who was hannah picking than picking a democratic candidate, i guess. >> there's so, so many of them. but she had that many. >> she did have a lot. so top story is hannah b. and "the bachelorette?" >> no. we do begin with the deep rift in the democratic party laid bare as the presidential hopefuls squared off in detroit. >> the first round of candidates got another chance to make their case to the country, addressing health care, immigration, education, and much more. the lesser-known moderates trying to stay afloat came out swinging taking aim at two liberal stdetaking the stage in detroit, trying to stand out in a crowded field, making their case to americans. much of the debate focusing on health care and the deep divides among democrats and disagreements between those in
3:32 am
favor of medicare for all -- >> if you want stability in the health care system, if you want a system which gives you freedom of choice with regard to doctor or hospital, which is a system which will not bankrupt you, the answer is to get rid of the profiteering of the drug companies and the insurance companies. >> reporter: -- and those against the idea. >> we don't have to go around and be the party of subtraction and telling half the country who has private health insurance that their health insurance is illegal. >> reporter: health care helping to highlight the party's internal plague of moderates versus progressives. >> i think if you're going to force americans to make these radical changes, they're not going to go along. throw your hands up but you haven't -- oh, i can do it -- but you haven't implemented the plans. >> reporter: as well as immigration. >> one way to fix it is to decriminalize, that's the whole point. >> reporter: candidates elizabeth warren and beto o'rourke defending their stance on decriminalizing illegal border crossings. >> stop criminalizing families
3:33 am
for seeking asylum and refuge, end for-profit detention in this country and assisthose no family has to ever made that 2,000-mile journey. >> reporter: red state governor bullock offering middle ground. >> 100,000 people showing up at the border right now. if we decriminalize entry if we give health care to everyone, we'll have multiples of that. >> reporter: the debate wrapping up with messages of optimism -- >> there's not going to an savior. not going to be a superstar that's going to fix all of this. it's going to be you and me. it's going to be us. >> we need a plan to solve institutionalized hatred, collectivized hatred, and white nationalism. and in order to do that, we need more than political insider game and wonkiness and intellectual argument. those things will not defeat donald trump. we need some radical truth-telling. >> reporter: and taking aim at the president. >> i will not only beat donald trump in 2020, i'll start to make real change come 2021.
3:34 am
>> so that may have been the last stand for some of the candidates. more than a dozen of them across the entire field could be blocked from the next round of debates if they don't meet tougher polling and fundraiser thresholds. before the debate ended there were already shirts being made up that said "i wrote the dang bill." he didn't say dang. and that's being featured to help bernie sanders out. >> pretty funny line. >> that was a pretty funny line, big moment there. and it was an interesting night. >> and then, of course, it will be interesting again tonight for the second night of the debate, and of course joe biden, a new poll shows him doing even better than before. if he were to go against the president, of course, he will square off potentially against senator kamala harris again. we'll see the rest of the
3:35 am
candidates tonight. and we'll recap it at this time tomorrow. after weeks of bitter attacks aimed at black lawmakers, president trump is declaring himself the least racist person in the world. >> the president also defended his tweet that described baltimore as a rat and rodent-infested mess and said the people of that city are living in hell. as the president delivered a speech in jamestown, virginia, members of the state's legislative black caucus boycotted the event. one black lawmaker showed up in protest shouting "you can't send us back." still the president continued to push back. >> i am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world. what i've done for african-americans in two and a half years no president has been able to do anything like it. >> the president also claimed african-americans have been calling the white house to thank him for what he's doing and saying a new quinnipiac poll finds 80% of black voters find the president is racist. california governor newsome has signed a new law that requires candidates to release their tax returns. it's seen as a direct challenge
3:36 am
to president trump who has refused to release his tax returns. the trump campaign calls the law unconstitutional. if it survives a likely legal challenge, trump could sidestep the law by not competing in the california primary. the law does not apply to the general election. the air force general nominated to be the nation's second highest ranking military officer has denied allegations of sexual misconduct under oath. general john hyten called the claims made by one of his former aides, quote, completely false as she sat a few feet behind him. a republican senator is expressing concerns about hyten's fitness to serve, but another senator, martha mcsally, appeared to support him. both women have disclosed they are survivors of sexual assault. the senate armed services committee is expected to approve hyten's nomination this week. a final vote in the full senate is unlikely before september. a delta airlines pilot faces
3:37 am
charges after police say he tried to board his flight drunk. >> he was supposed to fly from minneapolis to san diego yesterday morning. he stepped out of a security line when he saw agents performing additional screening. he was arrested after police ran two sobriety checks. delta says it's cooperating with the investigation. be sure to check your overhead bin the next time you get on a flight. >> if you're flying southwest airlines, you might see this. a flight attendant laying inside one of the bins on a recent flight from nashville to philly. passengers say she was having regular conversations with people as they boarded the plane. she did come down before takeoff. imagine how filthy that thing is. how did she get up there? who had to give her a boost? did she jump? was it comfortable? >> probably done it before. >> how tall is she? >> good questions. >> did she have extra space? >> great question. probably not much space up there. >> right? >> that's why they make us check
3:38 am
our bags. >> exactly. >> southwest, they're coming out in defense saying, look, she was having a brief moment of fun. if you've ever been on southwest, they like to have a lot of fun. that flight was going to philadelphia. i wonder what those philly folks, my friends in philly, what they would have done if she would have peek-a-boo scared them. >> shout-out to wpbi. southwest gives you two free checked bags so she might have had a lot of room out there. shout-out to southwest. coming up, the 10-year-old boy facing assault charges over a game of dodgeball. plus the young journalist who's going viral, interviewing a presidential candidate at the tender age of only 11 years old. coming up in "the skinny" the bachelorette hands out her final rose. will it really be happily ever after? final rose. will it really be happily ever after?
3:39 am
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newly released video shows a pair of bus drivers in milwaukee rescuing wandering children on the same day. the first driver saw a 3-year-old boy barefoot and crying alone in the street on july 5th. about six hours later, another driver found a 6-year-old girl alone on a busy road. the child said she was trying to find her mother, who lives in georgia. >> goodness. it was a scary scene in ottawa, illinois as two skydivers collided midair. >> one skydiver was knocked unconscious before his parachute deployed. a backup device was activated and deployed his chute.
3:42 am
both jumpers were taken to the hospital and are okay. they're among hundreds of divers participating in a festival this week. a 10-year-old michigan boy has been charged with aggravated assault for injuring a classmate during a dodgeball-like game. this took place in april when students at erickson elementary school were playing a game called tips. after the game bryce lynn lee allegedly took the ball and threw it in the face of a 9-year-old boy, causing a concussion. bryce was suspended from school following the incident. the injured child's mother filed a complaint with police. bryce's mother said her son's only crime is being black. the victim is white. bryce has a court appearance tomorrow. a 10-year-old charged with aggravated assault. >> for playing a game. the injured boy's mother said he has a medical condition that makes his head injuries especially dangerous. i would ask the question, did the 10-year-old know that? because -- >> was it his intention to try to hurt him? >> right, exactly. bryce was suspended from school
3:43 am
following the incident, his mother was notified. weeks later he had been charged with aggravated assault. >> the mom of the kid who was injured said her son had been hit twice before in the face with a ball and the incident in april was the final straw. >> the other questions that are outstanding at this moment, was that child who was injured, were they in the gym? were they at recess? why was that child obviously surrounded -- if they couldn't have physical contact with others, if children are playing? because children will be children, and we know that there are people, even celebrities, who are now chiming in, coming to the little boy who was charged's defense. comedian d.l. hughley saying, these are kids being kids, calling all this ridiculous. a sad passing to note. one of the most popular creators of ml outu has died. >> videos on grant thompson's "king of random" has died. they are reviewing a recording device to learn what led to the
3:44 am
apparent crash. grant thompson was 38 years old. and we now know what caused the death of disney star cameron boyce. the los angeles county coroner's office says the 20-year-old died unexpectedly from epilepsy. boyce was found unresponsive at his home nearly four weeks ago. previously boyce's family only said he had died due to an ongoing condition for which he was being treated. rapper a$ap rocky's assault trial continues tomorrow in sweden. he pleaded not guilty yesterday in a hearing attended by the u.s. special envoy for hostage affairs. a$ap rocky has been in swedish custody nearly four weeks. prosecutors say he and two alleged members of the entourage attacked a man last month. the rapper says they were acting inel when we come back, the bachelorette has finally made her choice, but is he really mr. right? a former bachelor who's now heating things up in the kitchen. "the skinny" is next. mr. right? a former bachelor who's now heating things up in the kitchen.
3:45 am
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3:47 am
♪ skinny just gimme the skinny "ttas wi a finale of a nabachelorette." >> it final two guys, and a lot of heartache. here with the details our senior "bachelorette" analyst jack sheahan. >> this was always going to be dramatic but no one, and we mean no one, could have seen how it ended, or could they? roll that beautiful "bachelorette" footage. it's the big day in crete. feels like we've been in crete forever. hannah's ready. tyler and jed talking with the diamond guy, neil lane. drama on the way to the proposal site. >> can you stop the car? >> hannah summons the strength to continue. tyler gets there, starts his speech. >> the first moment i got to hold you and dance with you and have you in my arms on our first
3:48 am
>> tyler -- >> whoa, whoa, hang on, warm up the suv. tyler needs a ride. jed brings his guitar to the proposal. let's have a song, jed. ♪ baby time stands still for us ♪ >> time for one knee. >> hannah -- >> yes? >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> then things take a turn. >> i get news that there is an article that was out -- >> somebody wasn't telling the truth. >> it didn't seem like it was a dating show to you, it was just for your career. >> in my mind, yeah, i was going there for a music thing. >> jed apologizing profusely. o. know you don't want to hear it over and over again, but look, please -- >> that's not what i said yes to. >> last night's live finale. hannah arrives and makes things perfectly clear. >> where does your relationship stand now?
3:49 am
>> um, i am not with jed anymore. >> jed arrives to virtual silence. he's still apologizing. >> from the bottom of my heart, i want you to know that i'm sorry. >> but my feelings have changed. and i don't love you like that anymore. i don't need a husband. i want a husband. i don't need one. >> so that's that. that is the finale of the finale. it is all over with. they went all that way, they went to crete, they hung out for a month or however long it was, nobody got anything out of it. >> we invested all season. >> she got that ring, right? >> i'm thinking neil lane has that one back, he was going to recycle that one. >> the thing is, jack, so when it comes to the final pick, though, the proposal. >> yes. >> she picked him. and i feel like we saw this coming because -- >> because the analyst had something to say about this, hang on, i'm checking my notes here.
3:50 am
back on e mo the important part analyst's appearance today is the prediction, this season's winner, in addition to hannah b., of course, is jed. jed and hannah b., long may they be together. >> well, they weren't together for all that long. i appreciate the applause from the back row, thank you. >> she still went for that -- i bestow this final rose to you. >> thank you. i'm going to take this final rose and take a couple of weeks off. one last time, analyst out. >> yeah, whoo! >> nicely done this season, jack. >> watching that clip, jack is brilliant, number one. and number two, we were so much younger back then. >> we were. so young and innocent. >> so innocent. >> always been innocent. feels like just yesterday that we watched former bachelor colton underwood ride off into his happily ever after with
3:51 am
cassie randolph. >> now colton has lit a fresh fire under his reality tv career as a guest judge on season 5 of "chef showdown." >> colton's episode will premier tomorrow on top gulf's youtube channel. >> i have one question. is he still not that good in the kitchen? >> you're hilarious. across the pond, britain's prince harry has made a major revelation about his future children. >> actually the future child, the sixth in line to the british throne told activist jane goodall that he wants, quote, two kids max. >> his reason, for the good of the planet. harry tells goodall his concern for the earth's conservation grew stronger after the birth of his son, archie, back in may. >> we don't need all these kids. >> all right. >> we populated the earth enough. >> yeah. look, he's doing his part.
3:52 am
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♪ and we're back with our "skinny bonus round" starting with some strong words from an '80s hollywood mainstay. >> kelly mcgillis was just 29 years old when she played tom cruise's love interest in "top gun" in 1986. the now 62-year-old tells "entertainment weekly" she likely was not invited to star in next year's sequel because she's, quote, old and fat. she said that. >> mcgillis said, i look age appropriate for what my age is and that's not what that whole scene is about. "top gun: maverick" will bring back tom cruise, but the 57-year-old character's love interest this time will be played by 48-year-old jennifer connelly. "top gun: maverick" is set for release next june. >> i'm a big fan of connelly there, and of mcgillis as well,
3:56 am
because she's like, look. this is my truth, telling it like it is, "top gun" 1 was awesome and i did awesome. next to the other end of the age spectrum and a rising young star in broadcast journalism. >> 11-year-old jaden jefferson has been going viral since joining the press pool at senator warren's recent stop in his hometown. >> yes, what separates you from the other candidates? >> i can only tell you about why i'm in this fight. i see an america that works better and better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top. >> he's capturing national attention after cnn political reporters shined her social media spotlight on the young reporter and was later interviewed on the network. >> after shooting the interview i wasn't thinking much about it. just like, oh, yeah, i got an exclusive with elizabeth warren. >> no big deal. >> then when i got the media attention i was like, am i actually here right now?
3:57 am
so it was just a shock. interviewing her, she treated me like any other reporter. >> very cool. jaden tells our station in toledo that his goal is to get into a prestigious journalism school and ultimately one day work for them. >> pretty cool. >> very, very cool, jaden, keep at it. finally, even rap stars are shocked at the high cost of hotel room service. >> iggy azalea took to twitter to complain about her bill for a grilled cheese sandwich at a hotel in las vegas that came to $64. >> the rapper said the sandwich itself cost $54, plus an additional $10.08 for knife and fork. cheese -- >> i really thought there was going to be like that $25 room service charge. >> that's what i thought. was that bread from the heavens?
3:58 am
3:59 am
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happening now in america this morning, debate number two. the fallout. the big surprise from last night's democratic debate after health care takes center stage. >> to get rid of the profiteering of the drug companies. >> the big winners and what we can expect tonight. the new college admissions scandal. how wealthy families are taking advantage of the financial aid system taking money away from students who need it. the airline pilot under arrest accused of being drunk at a major u.s. airport. how he was busted. plus, should a 10-year-old be charged with assault for throwing a ball at a classmate on the playground? we hear from his mother. a major league brawl. >> and they got t


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