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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 3, 2019 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, swiped. she swiped right on him, he swiped right on her. then she says he swiped $200,000 from her. >> it's just so painful. i just hate that i did this. >> now the casanova's surprising arrest, inside the dark side of dating apps. flirting with disaster. plus, desendants, the villains attracting a worldwide following, now celebrating their final chapter and remaining the painful loss of one of their own.
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>> he was always there. and he was that person for everybody. and peak performance. the 4-year-old setting a record in an uphill battle. but first the "nightline" five.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. she's the unsuspecting grad
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student who thought she'd found the man of herdrom dreams onlin. he's in jail, she's in deep debt with a broken heart. here's abc's james longman. >> reporter: he was handsome, charismatic and seemingly wealthy beyond measure. for celia, it was an easy decision to swipe right. >> this guy suddenly comes up on my phone. and you can see he lives a very different life than what i'm living. he had some selfies. a picture in a nice car. you could see that he was a private jet. it was an overall package. >> reporter: the 29 year old grad student studying in london says she was immediately swept off her feet by simon and swept into a high-powered world of luxury. >> just his aura and charisma. >> reporter: most first dates don't end with a flight on a private plane. you go to bulgaria.
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>> i was texting my friends at the same time, i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: you had a nice time. >> yeah. >> reporter: and then you came back to the uk. and what did you think, it was going to continue? >> i was starting to feel like, okay, this guy actually is really nice and funny. and yes, someone that i could date and, like maybe have something with. >> reporter: but her dream of finding mr. right went horribly wrong. >> i hate him. this is so horrible. >> reporter: celia says simon told her he was an israeli millionaire with a nickname the prince of diamonds. but he wasn't who he said he was. >> it just comes, i can't help it. it's just so painful. because i hate myself, i hate that i did this, you know? >> reporter: and according to cecily, their brief romance turned into a real life nightmare. cecily alleged he defrauded her out of $200,000, leaving her
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spiraling out of debt, suicidal and fearing for her safety. that nightmare now over. in june, simon was arrested in athens for using a false passport, following a joint operation between interpol and israeli police. >> he managed to do this, because he is a great guy who pretends he cares so much for other people. so you want to care for him as well. >> reporter: a lot of people might think if it was 3,000 or 4,000 pounds i would start to think i needed this money back, you let it get to 200. >> i know it sounds crazy, but i could see the sums he spent on my cards. >> reporter: simon is a 28-year-old convicted con man who previously served three years in finnish prison for defrauding several women. now he faces extradition to israel where he was indietsed in
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2011 on charges unrelated to cecily on forgely and frary and. >> i see how much talk there is about the banks, and it's like, you're so stupid, you know. >> reporter: celia says she'd been lulled into sympathy by his declarations of love. >> i will support you. i will help you. and we will lift each other. you're nice. you're cute, you're sweet. you let me do what i need to do. and i really, really, really appreciate it. >> reporter: for celia, the relationship started out innocently enough. >> i thought oh, my god, i really like him. you like the feeling of being liked. >> reporter: when do you consider yourself to be his girlfriend? >> i think maybe it was a month after that. >> reporter: she says simon told her that his job as a diamond dealer kept
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constantly. their romance dominated by texts and voice recordings. >> i wish you a great and beautiful. >> reporter: he stole away to london when he could. but more often than not he flew her to where he was, always alluding to an element of danger in his job that kept him away, jetting away constantly on private planes. how often would you see him on a weekly basis? >> i saw him in london the next week, and that's when it started that he couldn't come back to london because of the threats that he had been getting. >> reporter: within a week he was already saying to you, i can't come back to london, there are threats against my life. >> but he could get me to where he was. >> reporter: she said simon claimed to be under threat from unknown, nefarious enemies. a hazard of being in the diamond business. there wansn't anything that tol you this is fake, this isn't real? >> oh, no. >> i can't wait to see you.
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>> reporter: celia says that simon surrounded himself with people who helped perpetuate the myth, even to send videos of him accepte self and his bodyguard in the hospital after they were allegedly attacked. soon there was another strange element to his story. she asked her to extend her line of credit so that hotels would be booked in her name to keep supposed enemies off his trail. how do you go from someone who's presented himself as a wealthy man to someone you need to give money to? >> protection. i know it's not right, but he needed my name as a cover, he said. >> reporter: protection from? >> his enemies, as he's calling them. >> reporter: you just believed him when he said that? >> i know it sounds so crazy. i wish i could take everything back. when you have a bodyguard, why would this giant guy be with him if he didn't need the protection? >> reporter: celia says she relented because simon promised
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to pay her back but payments from simon were nowhere to be seen, despite his insistence that they were on their way. >> the amounts that he needs to be able to function for a week is just so much. it's never just a few thousand for us normal people, that is a lot of money, but for him, it's not a lot of money. >> reporter: how could you have trusted him to take out that amount of money? >> of course he has the money, so he will pay me back. you didn't even think that it was a problem when you were taking out the loans, because he was so sure that the money existed. >> reporter: and you loved him. >> yeah, i think that's the hardest part of it, like when i realized that he wasn't who he said he was, it was the love aspect, the person that i thought that i knew. and loved. he had just done this in the most evil way. >> reporter: suddenl suddenl sul
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man her romance was crashing down. >> they told me they had long investigations on him already and i was a string of four or five women. i almost wanted to throw up. everything just came crushing down at once. >> reporter: celia alleges that simon was continuing to run the same scheme that put him in finnish jail just a few years ago, using herman to fund his luxury lifestyle and lure other women into his orbit. a cycle doomed to repeat itself until his arrest. >> i had to be put into a psychiatric ward because of suicidal thoughts. i didn't see a way out. you lost your boyfriend, not that he just dumped you, it never existed. he was never a real boyfriend. >> reporter: the news was amazing and she believes media attention was an important factor leading to his capture. simon in statements made outside of court said he would go back to israel and face what is
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waiting for him there. for now, celia remains in london, trying to rebuild her life. >> i see a ditfference in mysel when i talk to people. >> reporter: much less naïve. >> much less naïve. >> reporter: james longman in london. up next, the cast of desendants three bid farewell to their franchise and late co-star. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. switch to geico. so nice to meet you june, jay, ji, kay, raj, and... ray! good job, brain! say hello to neuriva, a new brain supplement
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sitting down for a bittersweet reunion since the passing of their co-star. here's tj holmes. >> i'm fairy godmother. head mistress. >> the fairy godmother as in bippity boppity boo? >> reporter: the desen daptss introduced us to the children of disney's most iconic ♪ ♪ it's good to be ♪ bad >> reporter: it's a phenomenon with kids and tweens, with 21 million viewers tuning in for descendants 2. >> the fans were so emotional. that was something so great about the series is how much people find themselves in these films and how perm it sonal it them. >> reporter: four young actors playing the villain kids.
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mal, the daughter of malever sent. and evie, the daughter of the evil queen from snow white. >> and lots and lots of mirrors. >> no laughing. wrinkles! >> reporter: carlos, who's mother is from dalmatians. >> i already tried. >> reporter: how have your lives changed over the past five years? >> i have an extended family now. >> reporter: tonight the final chapter, descendants 3 is here. >> to the core. >> i think if we can leave our audience with this third film feeling that we've answered all their questions, and if we can leave them feeling closer to themselves through us, then that's success. >> reporter: the empowerment themes, that you don't determine who someone is because of where
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they live but because of the choices they make in their life. do the times that we're living in -- >> yes. >> reporter: did they have an ininfluence on weaving the narrative that you have in the first, second and third film? >> yes, and that the disney channel stood behind them. >> reporter: sophia carston, calls descendants the experience of a lifetime, speaking to us from a film set in toronto. >> it lies in the message that true power begins and ends with love. >> reporter: but for these young actors, it's bittersweet. >> remember when it wasn't even the last day of filming, but we were shooting the last scene. and i literally could not say the words. literally couldn't say it. it was. >> reporter: and the finale comes following the shocking death of one of its brightest stars, cameron boyce. >> we're family, too. we've been through a lot together. >> reporter: who or what over the past several weeks has
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helped you all through it? >> we all just have really been there for each other. the cast, everybody who knew cameron has come even closer. and it's been a very special thing. >> reporter: this is the first time boyce's co-stars have sat down together to talk since losing their friend and colleague. >> and cameron, even when he was around is the hardest person to put into words, you know? sorry. >> when he walked into the room, the light changed and the energy shifted. >> reporter: they still struggle to find words to describe just how special boyce was. >> that's so hard, because he is such a wonderful, like, he was just cameron. just literally like cameron. the person you would always ask for if you needed to talk to somebody. he was always there, and he was that person for everybody. >> even when he was standing still. he was lit from the inside-out.
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>> if you could bottle up happiness, that was cam. he was pure happiness and pure joy. >> reporter: boyce died on july 6th from a n epileptic seizure. he was just 20 years old. >> this is the first time i've ever dealt with something like this. and you might have said it, someone said it, just to be okay with any thought that you have. it's fine. like, because when you're grieving, you think things. i've thought things i've never thought before. >> i'm 69 years long, been alive long enough to have witnessed some pretty tough stuff. this, this was as tough as it gets. i didn't realize that i had as deep a place for pain to come from. that the shock and awe of this unfathomable idea of losing this beautiful soul with such promise to this world could possibly be real. >> reporter: do you remember the last conversations you individually had with him?
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>> for me? >> reporter: what were those? >> i mean, it was pretty normal. we all expected to see each other a lot more. >> oh, we expecting to see each other a lot. >> a lot more. you know, because we get a lot of press coming up that we were meant to be doing, and we always do it together. >> reporter: boo boo, you sfl remember? >> the last time i saw him, we were at the radio disney awards. that was very recent, and we were just planning to hang out and make videos and we just liked creating stuff together. >> they were like two puppy brothers together. >> yeah, he was like my little brother. >> there really will never be any words to describe the pain and how much we miss him. and not much helps except
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knowing that he lived life with more happiness than anyone i've ever known. >> hey, i'm cameron boyce. >> reporter: the premiere of descendants 3 was dedicated to boyce. disney aired this tribute video. >> it is a personal loss for so many young people who watch disney. i truly think the best thing we can do for them is to remember cameron exactly as he was in the most positive light. but not to avoid it. >> reporter: in his memory, boyce's family has created the cameron boyce foundation, to give young people creative outlets as alternatives to violence. a fitting tribute to a bright star whose life was too short but whose legacy is sure now to live on. >> cameron said something. he said we all go. he said -- >> what you leave should be bigger than you. >> what you leave here has to be bigger than you.
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and i think it's important for us all to make every beat count, every moment count. >> you can watch descendants 3 on the disney channel now. and next, one giant step for one little girl. when i was diagnosed with breast cancer, there was no hesitation, i went straight to ctca. after my mastectomy, it was maddening because i felt part of my identity was being taken away. when you're able to restore what cancer's taken away, you see that transformation firsthand knowing that she had options that she could choose, helped restore hope. my team made me feel like a whole person again. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now.
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and finally tonight, she has all the right stuff. 4-year-old maeve set off on an adventure to climb the highest points of the adirondack mountains. she didn't climb just one or two of them but all 46 peaks. she's now the youngest to ever do it. >> look at mommy and say yay! >> yay! >> beaming with her proud pavement parents just two days shy of her 5th birthday. you go, girl, you rock. that's "nightline." you can always catch our full episodes on hulu. thanks for the company, america. have a great weekend.
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