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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 3, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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i'm luz pena in gilroy. we'll have the heroic story of a man who brought several victims shot to the emergency room. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. bringing the heat this weekend. i'll show you how hot it's going to get. >> i'm liz kreutz in mill valley. teaching kids new techniques to play football safely. this as california passes a law restricting how long they can play. abc7 news starts now. >> i know, news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> today marks one week since the gilroy garlic festival opened, and tonight more stories of heroism are emerging from the tragic shooting that happened just days later on sunday. >> three people were killed in the shooting. more than a dozen others were hurt. and in a news conference today, the police chief determined the gunman, 19-year-old santino legan died from a self-inflicted gunshot. a change from earlier accounts that officers fired the fatal shot. >> tonight we spoke with john
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perales, a gilroy resident who was flagged down by multiple shooting victims. he drove them to the hospital, luz spoke to him and has his story. z? >> ama, john perales arrived to the garlic festival to pick up his daughter. when he got there, she called to say he was safe and en route the a local hospital. he made a u-turn, and that's when he saved several lives. >> i went to make a u-turn here, and i did this. and they were right there. right there by that sign. >> what did they tell you? >> well, i kept going a little bit like this. i rolled my window down, and i said -- i don't even know what i said. but they said we've been shot. can you take us to the hospital? >> a thought to push john keep him driving, five days the blood stains remind him of that horrific moment of victims
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crying out for help. his teenaged sons in the front trying to talk to the victims, and calling his mom to alert the hospital. brianne is a nurse practitioner. >> we just picked up three injured victims. at this point i didn't know what their injuries were, but i assumed the worst and started texting our emergency room director who i knew had left his home in morgan hill and headed in. >> for the next ten minutes, this father of three drove en route to the e.r. he didn't know their name. he just knew they needed help. several days after the shooting, john saw the two girls speaking at this press conference. gabrielle was shot in the shoulder and brynn in the back. >> i knew i was like, yeah, i just remember being i'm hit, but i didn't look back. i didn't stop rung. we didn't ever look back. >> today john is thankful he made that u-turn in the right place and at the right time. do you consider yourself a hero? >> no, far from it. i think those folks are going
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home tonight to an empty house, empty beds, empty dreams, i think they're the true heros that are going to have to continue to live life without their loved ones. >> and our hearts go out to those families who lost their loved ones. now perales hopes to reunite with those victims he helped. he says he wants to do everything different. he wants to introduce them to his family, laugh, and break bread. in gilroy, luz pena, abc7 news. >> thanks, luz. donations have been pouring in. the gilroy garlic festival relief fund has raised more than $500,000. the money can be used for funeral expenses, hospital bills, wages for lost income. the executive director of the fund says that within 24 hours of setting it up, hundreds of donations came in. >> people kept sharing on facebook, on instagram, and by the end of the day, we had over $50,000. >> the amount given ranges from as little as 5 to $2500.
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if you would like to donate or find out how to access those funds we have a link on our website, with more information. and we have a link on our website, on how to donate to the gilroy garlic festival relief fund. cancelling an upcoming rifle featuring a semiautomatic rifle. proceeds would have been used to support the san jose department's chaplain department. the department's former police auditor called the raffle into question, especially in the wake of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. retired judge kordell spoke to us tonight. >> the mission of the police department is to protect and serve. you don't protect and serve by raffling off an assault weapon. >> the poa says it will not be raffling any type of guns or rifles in the future. new sad developments tonight. two more people have now died after a bluff gave way at a beach north of san diego. one woman was killed at the
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scene, the two others later died in the hospital. >> the sandstone bluff collapsed just before 3:00 this afternoon in encinitas, a popular spot for surfers and tourists. here is a look at a side by side comparison of the cliff before and after the collapse. bluffs give way several times a year because of the naturally eroding coastline. it look like a hate crime, but investigators in the east bay say it was something entirely different that story in tonight's headlines. >> cassius mcgill still has the graffiti on her minivan after an attack she and her neighbors thought was a hate crime based on the language used. now she learned her neighbor alvin brown has been arrested and charged with felony vandalism. >> all evidence indicates this was not a hate crime, but rather an attempt by mr. brown to make the vandalisms appear to be racially motivated. environmentalism is taking off at san francisco
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international airport. these rows of plastic water bottles will be a thing of the past come august 20th. plastic water bottles will no longer be for sale in airport vending machines or by airport retailers. they'll also be removed from airline lounges. >> we're talking a place that sells 10,000 of them per day. so we really have the ability to move the dial here. we're very grateful. our rescuers were wonderful. >> an emergency off the steep cliffs of fort funston. a family had to be rescued today. >> a mother, son and dog somehow went over the edge. >> we were able to make contact right away. we assessed any injuries at the cliff level. there were none at the time. but obviously they were scared. >> some of the headlines tonight. happening now, all flights out of john wayne airport in santa ana are grounded after an electrical fire at a nearby substation. the substation has been deenergied and power to all three terminals is slowly coming back online.
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all inbound flights were diverted. all planes are grounded until 7:00 tomorrow morning. three flights out of san jose were canceled, along with two out of oakland. a new california law changes the way youth football teams are allowed to practice in an attempt to reduce brain injuries. >> new at 11:00, a former player for the new york giants who grew up in the bay area came home tonight to coach kids on new ways to play the sport safely. >> liz kreutz met with him to show us the changing face of football. >> to an untrained eye these young athletes seem to be learning the basics of how to play football. but that's not exactly the case. >> paying attention to what they've been doing out there. it's similar to what, you know, but it's all new. >> what's new about it comes from this guy, scott peters, a former nfl player who grew up in the bay area. he's traveling the country, teaching youth football players how to play safely there. >> is a lot of concerns around concussion, et cetera. so we have techniques that eliminate that idea. >> instead of hitting with your head, peters tells these players to hit with your shoulders and
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your hands. >> we don't move furniture in our house with our head. we shouldn't. we move big objects with our hands and shoulders and there is a specific method to do that. >> the new techniques are part of a growing trend to make football safer after a study showed it could lead to a brain disease known as cte. just this week governor gavin newsom passed a new law on the amount of time they can spend to more more than 30 minutes twice a week. that is the most significant standard in the country. >> joe rafter is one of the driving forces hins the new law. >> removing u tackle's football culture from a win at all costs to a safety at all costs. >> my only concern is are they going to learn anything as far as experience and practice time. >> but those supporting the law say this new way to play football is just as effective. >> scott, everything he is doing is -- it's leading edge techniques. it's the future of tackle football. this week as part of our
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efforts to build a better bay area, we're taking a look at the region's housing crisis and solutions. tonight we'll take you on a tour of a brand-new property in san francisco that includes permanent housing for homeless women and children. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. turning up the heat for the weekend, but not everyone will feel it. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. the baseball fan the oakland a's just signed to a minor league that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you,
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the bay area is home to thousands of homeless people, roughly 35,000 to be exact, many of whom are families with young children. >> abc7 news is committed to spending more time and resources looking for ways that we can help build a better bay area. >> and all week we've been bringing you stories specifically about the housing crisis. and tonight abc7 news reporter kate larsen shows you a brand-new property in san francisco that includes permanent supportive housing for homeless women and children. >> 4-year-old zaki and his baby brother have been living at star community home in san francisco for nine months. 2-year-old jimena has been there for a year. and the johannes brothers have been living at the richmond shelter for more than two years. but now ten kids and their six
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moms are moving out of the women and children's shelter and into this nearly finished hayes valley apartment complex. ♪ for the first time, moms ashley austin and dina are getting a look at their new permanent supportive housing. >> beautiful. thank you. >> dina and jimena are moving into this one bedroom. they became homeless after dina escaped domestic violence. >> now i feel happy and safe because i have a place to be with my baby. >> the star moms secure their housing by working with counselors at one of the three access points in the city. they examine the client's individual circumstances to determine their eligibility for different housing programs and subsidies. here at 455 fell street, there are 107 affordable units. 33 of the units are for homeless families.
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72 of the units are for low income households, and two of the units are designated for families with licensed in-home day care facilities. >> i've been working on this development for about five years. so this is the first time i've met any of the tenants to move in. so it's very emotional to hear her stories. >> tim dunn works for mercy housing, the owner, developer and operator. mercy, a nonprofit, has about 40 affordable housing properties in san francisco, with more on the way. at each property, there are services to help residents like ashley and dina stay housed. >> formally households are very stable in the buildings that we manage. so it's very likely that they'll be here for many years. this will be their home. >> this is our own place and it's forever. so yeah, i can't wait to see their face when we finally move in. >> ashley was elated touring her new two bedroom. she grew up in san francisco and was living with her grandmother, who she was also taking care of. but when her grandmother passed away last year, she and her sons
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were kicked out of the apartment. after all that she's learned this year, she has a message to other families who are struggling. >> don't give up, you know. and if you can put all your selfishness as an individual aside and see what's more important to you, which is your kids and maintaining a roof, not a temporary roof, but a permanent roof for your kids, don't give up. and don't listen to nobody when they tell you no, you can't, or no, you're not qualified for or none of that. just keep going. >> ashly, dina, and all of 45 fells' formerly homeless residents will pay rent in the amount of 30% of their income. they move in at the end of august. in san francisco, i'm kate larsen, abc7 news. >> it's an exciting time for them. also today as part of our building a better bay area housing week, i had the opportunity to talk with experts during a town hall, and they're feeling the same pressures too. >> i have a 31-year-old son who's actually a construction worker. he did the windows over at mcarthur housing.
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yeah, can not afford to rent an apartment right now. he is an apprentice. >> the kid is a great example. a young man. it's a skilled job that probably pays reasonably well. >> right. >> the experts had so in comments today that were so interesting about how we got here and how we might get out of this housing crisis. you want the watch the complete town hall posted on our facebook and youtube pages. also on our facebook page, you can let us know your thoughts what we can do to keep building a better bay area. we want to hear from you because we are continuing our housing coverage into next week. be sure to weigh in and stay tuned. now your accuweather with sandhya patel. >> good evening, everyone. the weekend is here. and we've got some fantastic weather to show you. mount tamalpais camera showing you a tieme lapse of that marin layer rolling in over the hills this afternoon. other than the coastal spots, just about everyone enjoyed a little bit of a warm-up today. but it was not extreme, and we're not expecting it to be extreme this weekend. i want to show you something
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dazzling tonight. it's coit tower in the waning crescent. you can see the moon there on the corner of your screen. the fog did not interfere tonight. as a matter of fact, sitcom pressed below a thousand feet, and it is hovering right around the coast and parts of the east bay. so tomorrow morning, iou he early weekend plans, definitely watch out as the fog will be dense in spots. 50s to 70s on your temperatures right now. if you're making plans and they include outdoor activities, here is a sampling of where the temperatures will be first thing tomorrow morning. around 8:00 a.m., expect the numbers around santa rosa and san jose. anywhere from the upper 50s to the mid-60s as we head into the lunchtime hour. really comfortable, low 80s. and then later in the afternoon, 90s foresana rosa. 80s for san jose. so really a little bit more of a warm-up than today. a live look from our san jose camera right now. you're looking at the shark tank, and it's a lovely view from the south bay. look at this view from sutro tower. salesforce tower peeking through
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the fog layer here, which is pretty shallow. fog near the coast and bay overnight. warm to hot inland this weekend, and a cooler pattern is setting up for the middle of next week. i want to show you a 12-hour planner. sun comes up tomorrow morning. we'll have fog, 50s, 60s. a combination of fog and sun at noontime. in the afternoon mid-90s inland. be prepared. you will need the extra water and the sunscreen. first thing in the morning, mid-50s to low 60s. a little bit of mist not out of the question near the coast where it is foggy. tomorrow afternoon 90 in los gatos. 86 in san jose. south bay numbers, 92 gilroy. 83 in milpitas. 78 in san mateo. mid-60s with lingering fog near the beaches. 65 in the sunset district. downtown san francisco 69 degrees. north bay, mid-80s. vallejo, san rafael, napa, 91 in santa rosa. the sun will be shining in the east bay for the afternoon. hayward, castro valley, 80 degrees. head inland and is where you'll feel the heat.
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9 concord. 92 in livermore. 91 in san ramon. if you're going the santa clara county fair tomorrow in san jose, a bright start. warming up to the 80s. and nen in the evening it will still be mild. cooling off later on at night. accuweather seven-day forecast, summer heat both saturday and sunday inland. mild, though, at our boetschs. so you don't have to worry about that. a little cooler towards early next week. and then below average going into thursday. and even into friday. so overall the pattern looking good for outdoor. >> not bad at all. thanks, sandhya. it's the stuff dreams are made up.
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a van that changed us and chips forever. so thanks, keeper of the keys for a chance to chase organic honey, barrel-aged bourbon and mouth-puckering pepperoncini. because of that van and because of everybody who loves to crunch like we do, we ramble on. knowing that caring for your tastebuds and the planet they hail from is no small potatoes. kettle brand chips. no small flavors. no small potatoes. a fan threw a baseball during a fan event at a colorado rockies game and now he has a contract with the oakland a's. >> take a look at his arm. two weeks after this, nathan
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patterson posted pictures on instagram showing him signing a minor league contract with the a's. >> nathan says he has been speaking with the a's since february, but it was his game pitch that helped seal the deal. he does have an arm. this is our ticket, larry. we just walk on. i know we can do it. >> if you can throw 95, 96. >> somebody will pay it. >> and you got to be able to aim it. there is that. >> small part of it. >> don't bring me down. >> downer. we have a chase center exclusive for you, plus the giants traded relievers. how
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> good evening. the giants traded away relief pitchers. it was the bullpen that failed them tonight in colorado. hey, you remember the cat in the hat? there he is. down in front. giants trail 2-0.
1:31 am
came back to tie and take the lead in the fifth. mike stregets all of this. they called up sam selman to help in the pen. first batter he faced tonight, gone. ryan mcmahon, two-run homer. rockies tie it up at four. so the seventh, reyes moronta on the hill. ian desmond. later at the wall, no. another run scores on a double. 5-4 rocks. two on with one out in the ninth. the game-ending double play. giants lose, 5-4. first back-to-back losses since june 27th, and the a's had a rare friday night off. 996 days after breaking ground at the chase center, this is a big day for the warriors. >> this is a big deal. this is the key of the chase center. >> we're humble people. >> team president rick wells presented with a key to the front door. we were there when he unlocked
1:32 am
the door for the first time. >> this is the moment. >> we have raymond ritter inside. it worked! it worked! awesome. look at that. >> nice. >> awesome. >> this is the ceremonial key. >> it just shows you can have a dream and make it work. even a dream this audacious in san francisco, which is a hard place to get something like this done. college football is back. cal on the field today for the first time in practice. head coach justin wilcox says too early to tell how they're going to do. first few days, all about the basics. >> this is our first time ever practicing with them as a group. and so, yeah, they've done some things in the summer, which is helpful. but again, there is nothing like getting everybody together, playing 11 on 11, 7 on 7, getting those things down. it will take a little time. it's really difficult to tell from one practice. >> all the way from alameda, california.
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. >> a break from drills at raiders camp. they call this guy the dancing janitor. how many of you watching right now can do the worm? do it. do it, dan. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. if you can do it, send me the video. we'll run it somewhere online. >> that's fun. >> you're going to do it on the break? >> absolutely. >> cool. >> as long as there is no
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superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc7 news. minute by minute forecast plus realtime radar and alert. keeping you safe. search accuweather in your app store and download now. >> all right. it's the weekend. thank you so much for being here. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya, larry, all of us for being here. leo is on jimmy kimmel live.
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♪ tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a sky diver about to plunge downward. >> fast. >> see why the name of this game is speed. >> there's no room for error. kim wins the battle with her big sister. why little bro maverick is next in line. >> he's no longer maverick, he's goose. >> an arson fire becomes a story. >> about neighbors coming to the rescue. how they helped a sleeping family get out alive.
1:36 am
calling friends in your 30s. >> you get a sitter? you got to work tonight. >> hear the many, many excuses. >> i don't get arrested, i don't go to jail, i come home and be safe. this first video comes from us italia's helmet met met met t like he's about 20,000 feet high but he won't be for long. the target area is just below. he has to dive down and make his way to a 230 foot course. but boy is he going to attack this one at speed. he comes hard over left, starts corkscrewing down towards this landing area. and watch this. >> helmet goes through and then beautiful landing as well. what he did is also set an
1:37 am
italian speed record. he has to make his way through the course. see this -- >> um-hum. >> -- that has a curve in it, 230 feet long. to get through the course, your feet have to be lower than the ballards and you have to stay below them the entire way through the course. which he manages to do amazingly fast, quick and with precision. >> there's no room for error. >> called being the real deal. >> no surprise he won gold. his bro and teammate mario won silver. more precision in the next video, this comes from the uk. for us it's a beautiful relationship with cameras and these drift cars as well. but in this case, james went for something a little bit cooler, watch this. >> oh! >> he landed in the trunk. >> seen that. this was planned. he wasn't just going up to
1:38 am
somebody's drift car. just going around the corner, he acquires that target and boom, right in the boot. they say that the oldest is the leader, kind of follows the rules. >> really? >> the middle child is about that life. >> excuse you. >> yeah. >> well, that brings us to this video that has gone crazy viral. >> i love this video as a middle child. >> i'm sure you do. so mom says that they spent the day at the trampoline park and her daughters hayden and quinn had gone into this pit to battle it out a bit. >> american gladiators. >> get him maverick. >> when suddenly. >> there's going to be no mercy. >> quinn takes care of payton, knocks her down. >> the oldest one takes her.
1:39 am
>> then maverick is like, what about me and he travels on the beam as well. >> two points for quinn. >> he's no longer maverick. he's goose. >> his mom says two points for quinn. he's like, make that three, lady. as soon as she saw the baby go down, she ran over and he wase s the pit down and laughing and having a good time. to this video where this dude learns his place in the world, too. he walks right out into something. do you know what that something is? >> no. >> you're going to learn today. >> matthew, are you okay? >> no. how? there was a huge spider. >> oh, that's a spider? >> wow. >> he's down under the stairs and he's like it's a spider. >> no.
1:40 am
>> sorry, sir. it just wasn't your day. >> that spider web was really nasty. >> when there's smoke, which you see right here, there's fire. right there you see a fire has been stted. they believe an arsonist, this hedge that was set a fire, was 25 feet long, 6 feet deep and 10 to 12 feet high. that fire starts ticking up. that family inside the home, they're asleep. even though the family is asleep, this is a story about neighbors coming to the rescue to help out. their neighbors saw what was going on and they come running out of house. they don't put their pants on, they come running out to see what they can do to help. >> it's a bigger emergency than putting your pants on. >> that's one neighbor calling the fire brigade. >> his father running next door to wake the neighbors up. >> the neighbors said we heard
1:41 am
popping, cracking of the flames. and then they go outside and they see this and the fire is starting to grow. now the homeowner was able to move one car out of the way but you see that that hedge is fully engulfed. the neighbor goes to get his water hose to put it out before the fire brigade to get there. >> it would have been nothing for that to jump and spark in the house. >> makes you wonder the intentions. >> were they targeting the family >> did they care. >> police think the family may have been targeted. they're investigating and looking for a suspect. nobody in the family was hurt, just one of the fvans that got damaged. disney's live action version of "mulan" is being released march 2020. >> i've seen the trailer and it looks incredible. >> there's a new challenge
1:42 am
called the mulan makeover challenge which has people in china transforming themselves into mulan. you see the woman has a yellow forehead. and apparently a yellow aura on the forehead was believed to be lucky while a decoration would be placed between the eyebrows and was apparently the ladies in the ming dynasty.a it's not just women, it's also men doing this mulan transformation and sharing it on social media. using the hashtag mulan makeup imitation or mulan makeupmakeup imitation contest. >> i love it. >> it's beautiful. this has garnered over 300 million views. and the culture is just


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