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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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strangers meet the woman who came to the rescue of a young man at g garlic festival. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kumasi aaron. a shooting victim reunited with the nurse who helped treat him and called 911. >> chris reyes has t sry you'll see only on abc news. >> reporter: good afternoon, to witness two families come together bonded by survival. if they were strangers last week, they're strangers no more. >> glad to see you. these are for you. this is my mom, sherry. she wanted to say hi. >> reporter: the last time nick mcfarland and kim thompson it was here. kim was running for her own life but when she saw him, she knew she had to help. she's been a nurse almost ten years. >> i didn't think about it wasn't safe, i shouldn't have been there. i just did what i felt i needed to do to get him safe.
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>> you were my angel that day. i don't know but you were. i guess you could be a complete striker but save people's lives. >> reporter: you can see trniqus then she got on the phone with 911. >> is he awake. >> he's awake, alert, or yenned. i'm a nurse. he got graze in the right him and the right leg. >> okay. >> a tourniquet and we applied pressure. >> reporter: we're sending everybody now, okay? >> okay. >> everyone's on the way. >> ambulance is on the way. >> they're on the way, okay? stay calm. >> definitely us. >> yeah. >> that's the call i made. >> reporter: this reunion is a happy one but make no mistake, it is a meeting of survivors traumatized by a horrific event. >> i've had bad days and days where i cry. i've had nightmares. knowing he was okay has brought closure to knowing that what i did do helped him in some way.
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>> for me just knowing that i was going to see pretty much my hero, my angel for that day was just putting the biggest smile on my face. i couldn't wait. we may be friends for the rest of our lives but i just want to say thank you again and god bless you honestly because you were my angel that day for sure. >> reporter: you know, it can be hard to relive some of those experiences. i wanted to make sure that nick and kim only shared what they were comfortable sharing but they made it very clear to me they want the stories of the helpers and the heroes told. in morgan hill, chris reyes, abc7 news. >> thanks, chris. >> the funeral for the 13-year-old victim of the gilroy shooting that was today. friends and family members celebrated the life of caila salazar at our lady of guadeloupe church in san jose. mourners wrote messages on her casket as they entered the service that took place two days after she would have turned 14.
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her family says she was always smiling. she was buried in a private ceremony in afternoon in palo alto. >> we are learning that the teenage gunman at the garlic festival had a target list and that list is now prompting the fbi to launch a domestic terrorism investigation. >> abc7 news reporter chris nguyen is live with more. chris? >> officials say they have yet to determine a motive but them tell us the gunman did not believe -- leave behind a manifesto but what they found was disturbing. > the shooter was exploring violent ideologies. >> with that the fbi announcing it has opened a domestic terrorism investigation into the gilroy garlic festival shooting that claimed the lives, much three people leaving this community shaken to its core. >> you need several things in order for this to become a federal investigation and that includes not just an ideology but the threat of violence and there has to be an underlying federal crime, as well. >> a search of the shooter's digital media by the fbi and gilroy police you covered
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potential targets of violence across the country. >> religious institutions, federal buildings, courthouses, political organizations from both major political parties, and the gilroy garlic festival. >> tonight the family of the gunman santino legan commented for the first time since the shooting saying we have never and would never condone the hateful thoughts and idea ols that led to this event and it is impossible to reconcile this with the son we thought new. attorney chuck smith is representing the family. >> they saw no and heard no and read no red flags or warning flags that gave them any indication something like this might be brewing in their son's disturbed mind. >> police say legan was wearing a bulletproof vest. >> the suspect fired approximately 39 rounds during the course of this event. >> the gunman was shot multiple times by three responding police officers but died from a
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self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. but now the fbi's work is just beginning. >> one piece of evidence does not necessarily constitute a motive. hence the need for a thorough methodical investigation. >> the fbi is now looking into whether or not anyone else had advanced knowledge of the attack at the garlic festival. we're live in gilroy. chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> thank you. exposure to violence such as the gilroy shooting certainly takes an emotional toll even if you're not directly affected. we have a list of mental health resources on our website. look for the take action thumb nail to get linked to professionals and groups that can help you or someone you know. >> new developments this evening in the case of a journalist whose home was raid bid san francisco police. the certainly warrant indicates police knew brian carmody was a freelance journalist when the they applied for the warrant ar
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prnt. sfpd investigators raided carmody's home in may because they wanted to find out who leaked information about the death of jeff adachi. karm moddy sold a copy of a police report on the sudden death to several outlegs including abc7 news. >> and the south bay, firefighters are mop og up a grass fire in san jose. the neier department sent out a couple of pictures. when sky 7 showed up around 2:15 this afternoon, the fire was knocked down and they were working on some of the hot spots. the fire burned five acres. >> a third day of deliberations in the ghost ship trial have come and gone with still no verdict. >> news reporter lesley brinkley caught up with defense attorneys for their take when they expect the verdict and she joins us live now outside the courthouse in oakland. >> reporter: well, today, no questions, no clarifications from jury which gives us very
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few clues where they may be in the deliberation process. the waiting game for the defense they say is the biggest challenge for them thus far in this trial. stress levels are running high. in fact, derick almena's attorney told me as he sits in the courthouse, he's trying telepath thick communication with the jury. >> mind talk, so i always try to sit in a place where i can see the jury come and go. so they can see that i'm there with them waiting. >> reporter: the jury meets inside the courthouse in oakland at 9:30 a.m. they deliberate till noon after a two-hour lunch break there he again deliberate from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and then they can go home. not sequestered in a hotel. their decision hinges whether they believe derick almena and max harris committed criminal negligence in lying about what was going on at the ship and creating what the prosecution called a dangerous situation
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violating a long list of fire codes. the warehouse inferno december 2nd, 2016 claimed 36 lives. many of the families of the victims have sat in court each day of the trial. if the jury reaches a verdict, they will give their decision to the sheriff's deputy guarding that i room who will take it to the judge. a morning verdict would result in an afternoon announcement. an afternoon verdict would not be announced till the following day. >> max maris faces 39 years in prison if convicted. therefore, we're grateful for every minute this jury continues to deliberate. >> reporter: the jury is back again tomorrow morning. they decide of course, the guilt or not guilty on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for each defendant. it does get complicated. almena's attorney tony serra told us it's so complicated he doesn't believe there will be a verdict till next week. again, the jury is back here
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deliberating tomorrow morning. i'm lesley brinkley, abc7 news. >> thanks. we send out updates about the ghost ship case through the abc7 news app. you can download it now so you'll find out when the jury reaches a verdict. >> a man is banted for stabbing two people early this morning at the downtown berkeley support station. they're expected to be okay. they were attacked while riding the up the escalator. a spokesperson says early indications the stabbing was not random. >> some black community lead serds want to end the myth that only white people want to save the mural at a high school. they said removing it would lead to whitewashing history. lyanne has the story. >> reporter: the debate titled life of washington followed an even greater divisive path today after a group of black leaders voiced support for the body of
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work. >> we must face our past sins. and make amend for them by leaning reminded. >> reporter: the artist wanted to remind students as the dead body of a native american man was lying dead face down, his land was taken from him. another panel showed enslaved african-americans owned by george washington. ariana is with the american indian cultural center. >> we are always portrayed in media, in murals, in the schools, as dead or as if we don't exist anymore or in costume? dewey crump pler created another mural in response to the original one. today he defended victor ar na to have's work. >> anytime in the world to make us uncomfortable with the status quo so that we can be about the business of change. >> reporter: so when these civil rights leaders talked about the dangers of whitewashing history
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i decided to pay a visit to the holocaust center of northern california. the center now documents the testimonies of survivors. >> if we don't know where we come from, we're doomed to repeat it. >> the work of the jewish family and children services children's center is to preserve history to inspire future generations. >> supports of the mural say they will begin a citi wide petition if the school board does not change its mind. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> all over the bay area, there are conversations about this. >> walk in closet, good size master. >> we know buying a home is tough. coming up, we'll tackle the question is it better to buy or rent. i have the story. >> 7 on your side is taking your questions about renting. it's part of our efforts to build a better bay area and work on the housing crisis. the number to call is
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415-954-67621. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. fog will be a bigger player in our forecast. that means a
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>> this week we're focusing on ways to make that happen. i went house hunting the other day with a real estate agent and a youk couple finally ready to buy that first house. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> you have a four bedroom, three bath. >> this is a big day for eric and liz banaman and even though she doesn't know it, -month-old isabella, too. after years of renting, they're ready to buy their first home. >> why did you decide now was the time to try to step up and buy a home. >> we've been looking on and off
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for about a year and a half. and i don't know. it just seems the right time. >> of course, at bay area prices owning isn't easy. >> when you talk to friends in other parts of the country, they can't believe what we pay for houses here. >> right. >> can you believe what we pay? >> it's hard to believe when you look what's available in the rest of the country. >> for their real estate agent, sticker shock is part of the game. >> how challenging is it for you when you find the couple coming from some other part of the country where a 3,000 square foot home went for $295,000. >> it's an eye opener. there are times when we try to educate them before they an rbi. >> reporter: which is why steve harny offers this advise. >> there's a could the o cost going in and coming out. if you're not going to stay in a house about five years, it probably doesn't make sense. >> reporter: with both the cost to own and rent in the bay area among the most expensive in the country, the question is how to decide which is the best for you. part of the answer involves timing.
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do you have enough for a dwoun down payment? can you afford the mortgage, property taxes and maintenance of owning? keep in mind retting doesn't eliminate those costs. >> the landlord is not paying house taps because he likes you so much. he's not going to charge you for them. he's not charging you for the hoh because you're a pleasant young couple. every single expense they have they're going to put into the rent. >> is it a buyer's or seller's market right now? >> i would say it's still frankly a little bit of a seller's market. typically tend to cool off this time of year. >> reporter: when does owning become less expensive than renting? using a calculator with the current median bay area home price of about $850 you,000 and an arch rent of $3400 for a one-bedroom apartment, the time horizon is sobering. buying may not become cheaper than renting till you've paid the mortgage for about ten
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years. but for eric and liz, buying their first house is about more than just math. >> eric, what do you think when you hear about your friends making that decision it's too expensive here in california and they leave to buy houses for so much less? >> it's tempting to follow suit but our families are here. we wouldn't want to leave our families. >> this is home. >> yeah, this is home for us. >> this is home. but eric and liz are still looking for the perfect house to buy. the one i fewered with them the other day was close but not just right. so they'll still keep looking. > from buying to renting, renters rights are also what we need to talk about as part of our housing week. >> on your side's michael finney is answering your questions in our rent area's how ter's hot l >> people are calling in what are the laws in their sfepz most cities and counties here in, it, got dark. most cities and counties here in the san francisco bay area do
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not have rent control but they may soon have. catherine pauling is from the alameda renter's coles. let me bring you in here you. say it looked bleak in alameda not long ago and things changed. what happened. >> five years ago when rents began to spike, we were told rent control in the city of alameda was impossible. and so we started organizing and we kept going back to city council and this last election we helped elect counsel that would hear our stories. and as of a month ago, we now have protections against evictions. and they have just had the second vote and by september 1st, we will have true rent cap of 70% of cpi. >> what's cp. >> cpi is the consumer price index. it ties increases to inflation. >> what do you say you always hear the other side of this or the landlord saying this isn't
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fair to us. >> well, rents have doubled in the last six years. so anyone fortunate enough to own property in the bay area has made a very sound investment. for the stability and safety of our communities woold like to keep people from being displaced on a wholesale level. >> and quickly in one sentence you say your message is? >> if you don't have renter protections, talk to others and organize. >> that's what you did in alameda. if you have a question or concern about your rent, call right now. we have experts from all over the bay area taking your calls. 415-954-7621. live from the 7 on your side offices, i'm michael finney. >> thank you. it's time to get to our forecast. >> meteorologist sandhya patel, nice and toasty out there. >> yeah, inland areas in the 90s today dan and kumasi. you're going to notice a difference tomorrow when we drop down to the 80s.
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a live like right now from our south beach camera toward sutro tower. the marine layer will deepen during the overnight hours helping to take the isn'ts down. we def got rid of humidity but still dealing with 90s. 611234 san francisco, 670 in oakland. low 80s from the san jose to morgan hill. and we're watching that fog layer coming in, 84 in santa rosa. in the low 90s from fairfield to concord. livermore currently at 86 degrees. and we're going to take a look in case you are stepping out this evening to walk the dog as to what the weather is going to look like. some fog, some sun, temperatures in the low to mid-70s in the early part of the evening. dropping down into the 60s so comfortable weather to walk outside and especially if you were thinking about the stickiness factor from yesterday. a live picture from our santa cruz camera. choppy awards out there. overall, here's a look at live
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doppler 7. the fog peeled away from the marin county coast. we still have some of it lingering right near the san francisco and san mateo coastlines. this was completely socked in this afternoon. some blue skies here. morning low clouds and patchy drizzle tomorrow. cooling trend the next few days. how the summer weather for the inland communities this weekend. enjoy the drop in temperatures the next few days. forecast, 7:00 p.m. tonight fog and low clouds around the coast and bay expanding for the overnight hours tomorrow morning's commute will include widespread low clouds and drizzle near the coastline. the afternoon and evening, it will pull back to near the beaches. so first thing tomorrow morning, i think you'll need a light jacket. temperatures in the 50s, low 60s. cooler than this morning. tomorrow afternoon, 65 in san francisco, 63 in half moon bay, 9 in san rafael. up to the mid-70s around fremont. 70 oakland, 83 in santa rosa.
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mid to upper 80s from fairfield to antioch to livermore. 79 in san jose. 75 in palo alto. a look at the seven-day forecast and the cooling trend tomorrow takes it the temperatures down into the upper 80s. cooling continues thursday, friday. only mid 80s inland areas well below average. notice it doesn't last as we head into the sunday, we start to see the turn around and then the heat is back. we're talking the summer sizzle. by tuesday, near triple digits inland. mid 60s near the coastline. we will feel that hot summer weather once again. but we'll have to wait a few days till then. kumasi and dan. >> thanks very much. >> a new effort to do something about near misses at sfo and airports across the country. that story next. >> then at 5:30 on world news with david muir. >> coming up, the gunman in dayton. what the fbi just revealed in el paso. now we learn how the suspect ended up in walmart the devastating home explosion
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residents in one oakland neighborhood won't be able to head to their local safeway to get beer, wine or spires for the next 60 days. alcohol beverage control agents suspended all alcohol sales at the store on college avenue today after clerks were caught selling to minors three times in the last three years. >> an environmental first today in berkeley as it bham the only city in the nation to ban new natural gas lines. today mayor jesse eregan signed a bill prohibiting the installation of natural gas appliances and heat new residential and commercial buildings. the mayor admits it will be an adjustment. >> people will have to give up in new buildings in either commercial kitchens or residential kitchens their gas ranges, but you can cook just as
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well on an electric range and you're helping save the planet. >> he says the ban is an effort by berkeley to fight climate change and reach the city's goal of becoming a fossil fuel-free city by 2030. >> hero airline captain chesley "sully" sullenberger will join a local congressman be to reveal a bill making flying safer. a near miss at sfo in the 2017 is when an air canada jet nearly landed on a taxiway. the air canada missed one jet by 60 feet. sullenberger landed a badly damaged jet on the hudson river in 2009. >> helping build relationships between the community and first responders. >> first we want to thank javier for this picture. sunrise over the bay. it is beautiful. share your pictures with the hash tag abc7 now.
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you may see it on air or online at abc
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i'm ama daetz. coming up at 6:00, only on abc7 news, dan noyes sits down with the father of a bay area teenager implicated in the killing of italian police officer. what he knows about what allegedly happened that night. >> also, a fake vacation rental listing in bodega bay. the people who actually live
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there full time and hear their advice that could help you from falling victim to a phony listing. all that plus much more coming up in half an hour at 6:00. dan, kumasi. >> see you then. a neighbors across the bay area are gathering to mark the 35th annual national night out. >> this is a live picture from the eagle hill neighborhood. residents just getting started. looks like they're having a lot of fun. the point is for them to meet with law enforcement officers. national night out is held on the first tuesday of august. it started in 1984 as a way toive form people about community efforts like drug prevention campaigns and neighborhood watch programs. >> and some are seeing this year's event is even more important in the wake of the mass shooting in gilroy, dayton, and el paso. >> world news tonight is next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> for all of us here, thank you so much for inviting us into your homes tonight. >> michaelstanding by with
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the 7 on your side how the lane answering questions on our renters who the line. michael will be there till 8:00 p.m. >> the next tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. we have new reporting tonight, what we now know about the gunman in dayton. what the fbi revealed late today. and we hear from his one-time girlfriend. his fascination with mass murder. in el paso tonight, what we've learned there, as well. what police now say the gunman first did when he arrived there in el paso, after that 600-mile trip from the dallas area. how he ended up in that walmart. president trump set to visit both cities tomorrow. and tonight, the unease among many in el paso, after his most recent trip there, his rhetoric about immigrants, they say, and now many say he wants to comfort them. the other major news tonight, the devastating home explosion. emergency teams are on the scene at this hour. severe storms as we come on the air tonight. the possible tornado, the
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damaging winds and hail. and this system now mo


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