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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 11, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm kumasi aaron. we'll start with our forecast. francis in for lisa this morning. good morning. >> good morning. although we're starting off with cloud cover this morning, things are going to change this afternoon. here is a look at live doppler 7 and satellite under cloudy conditions with fog in the north bay. check our your 12-hour day planner. things will what were up. sunrise at 61. sunnier skies for everybody about lunch time. this afternoon look for some warmth in the low 90s for the inland areas, even the upper 70s
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around the bay and the coast will warm up with more sunshine. the warming trend continues. i'll let you know had you hot it will be over the next few days. kumasi. thank you. developing news in the south bay. san jose news investigating a shooting that left a man dead. officers responded to story road and king road. the victim was taken to the hospital we died. it's not clear what led shooting and the victim's identity happened been released. four people recovering this morning after being hot in the city's western edition neighborhood. it happened at 11:00 this morning at philmore and golden gate. you can see crime tape at the mcdonald'slice do not have any in custody. more developing news this morning. a woman is dead after a taxicab hit and killed her at 5th and
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market street in san francisco. it happened just before 9:00 last night. the victim is at least the 20th person who die in a traffic collision on san francisco city streets this year. investigators do not believe that drugs and alcohol were involved. the cabdriver on the scene and spoke to police and market street is reopen to traffic. this is matt haney's district. he tweeted, another pedestrian fatality. we are devastated and furious. investigations are under way after accused sex trafficker and multimillionaire jeffrey epstein was found dead in jail. he was awaiting trial. abc reporter megan tevrizian has the latest. >> reporter: jeffrey epstein's body seen leaving the medical examiner's officer, the first to report the disgraced financier's death by hanging. discovering him at 6:39, they say they tried to revive him. paramedics later rushing him to the hospital where he was
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pronounced dead. less than three weeks ago he was put on suicide watch after being found unresponsive in his cell with marks on his neck but abc news learning for some reason he was taken off suicide watch nearly two weeks before his death. some of his accusers, say they are outraged. >> there are so many people looking forward to seeing him put behind bars for the rest of his life. >> it's not only his accusers who are furious. attorney general william barr demanding an explanation saying barr's death raises serious questions that must be answered. his death after thousands of pages of documents unsealed in federal court related to a 2015 defamation case against an associate ghislaine maxwell. that accuser, virginia guffre said she was sa sex slave and was directed to have sex with many, quote, powerful men and
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numerous prominent politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents and other world leaders. those allegations have not been proven. that accuser's lawyer who represents other alleged victims writes in a statement, quote, the fact that epstein took his own life 24 hours of the unsealing of detailed and devastating documents and exhibits in virginia giuffre's lawsuit against ghislaine maxwell is no coincidence. there will now be two federal investigations into epstein's apparent suicide. one by the fbi and another by the inspector general. megan tevrizian, abc news, new york. law enforcement sources tell abc news the criminal case will not end with his death. fbi and u.s. attorneys office in manhattan will continue to evaluate the evidence and hear from his accusers. prosecutors point out epstein was facing a conspiracy charge indicating others could be indicted. congresswoman jackie speier
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hosted a town hall in redwood city. it was titled, a conversation about america, justice for all. she talked with abc news about epstein's sex trafficking and suicide. >> he was a despicable human being. what was horribly wrong is how the u.s. attorney's office handled it. how these underage girls became sex slaves and he got away with it as long as he did. coming up this week chief anchor george stephanopoulos covers the latest on jeffrey epstein's suicide. you can get the details on ""this week with george stephanopoulos" right here on abc 7. more than 200,000 attending the music festival in golden gate park. in light of shootings in gilroy, dayton, ohio, security is pretty tight. police say they are keeping a close eye on everything and
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attendees seem to notice. abc rriz pena has the story. >> it's the 12th annual outside music festival. >> the music, vibe, everything. it's a good time. >> more than 210,000 people are expected to attend the three-day festival this weekend. >> it's just a really fun experience to come and listen to awesome music and people watch. >> kelly is not the only one peeping watching. according to sfpd law enforcement have eyes throughout golden gate park. >> we have a robust lineup of officers we're working closely with. the event coordinator and their security staff. >> during our time at the festival we saw police officers on bikes, members of the s.w.a.t. team, park rangers and security. even vendors notice a difference in security from last year. >> we have people checking under our vehicles with mirrors. >> after the gilroy suspect
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entered through a fence, they are on the perimeter. >> the fencing is one of the lines of defense. >> restrictions and bags this year. clear bags are recommended. even with all these changes, safety is still top of mind for many. >> you can't go to church, you can't go to a shopping mall, you can't go to college without worrying there's some sort of threat where there is a large populace of humans. it's also one of those things that i can't just live my life in fear. >> in san francisco, luis pena, abc 7 news. the commute into san francisco from the east bay will be a little different tomorrow and you'll really notice downtown near sales force transit center. buses will resume service today, the first anniversary of the center's original grand opening. it was shut down six weeks later after workers discovered cracks in steel beams. the beams were fixed, the center reopened july 1st without its
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main tenant ac transit. some muni routes have been using the ground floor. the first to run buses along dedicated bus ramp to the center's third floor. in an effort to build a better bay area, abc news is committed to finding solutions to housing crisis. we're looking at how people are buying and living in vans. they are not every day vans. in this case they are called glamper vans. >> it's great for watching sunsets, sunrises. >> he started glamper van as a way to upgrade old style campers but he's increasingly getting calls for people not looking for a place to camp but a place to live. >> the one that comes to mind is the woman who is spending $5,000 for a two-bedroom apartment and she has all the parking spots throughout the city worked out already. this is thursday, this is wednesday. >> as the cost of living goes up in the bay area, so does the number of people looking for
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alternative housing options. with that is the rise of a new market, upscale livable vans. inside these vans they are outfitted with a queen-sized bed, a desk, a refrigerator, and even inside here in some of them a portable bathroom. >> you just take this to your nearest starbucks or behind a tree and pour it out. >> got a fireplace and oven and fridge, shower, skylight to the roof deck, a lot of fun features. >> sam austin, a glamper van employee who lives in the van. >> it's not easy to build your own house while you're living and traveling in it but it's been a fun journey. it's allowed me to establish myself in the bay area without exorbitant rent prices but still having a place i can call my own. >> most people he talks to are like damien who is seriously considering moving out of his san francisco apartment and into a van but has yet to make the jump. >> you're definitely intrigued. >> definitely. >> he still has some reservations. >> it's not very big in there.
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i mean, it's one thing to go from 450 square feet down to 80 square feet. >> it is illegal to sleep in your car overnight in san francisco. that isn't stopping people from doing it. another reservation, the cost. they aren't cheap, range from $50 to $100,000 each. you could argue that's less than what it would cogs to buy an apartment in san francisco. abc 7 news. since bay area housing prices affects all of us, we've dedicated a week of coverage for this topic from issues for renters to home owners to the solutions for the future. you can find all of those stories online at we want to hear your ideas, share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. we're now learning a discarded cigarette is being blamed for sparking this fire in lake county. the flames burned 20 acres since it broke out thursday afternoon.
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cal fire says it's 09% contained. at one point it threatened about 40 buildings. firefighters say you can properly dispose of cigarettes and cigars by dousing them > n ansco firefighters reued a man stuck halfway down a cliff. yesterday afternoon someone on the beach spotted two men. they were having trouble getting up the cliff and called for help. firefighters say one of the two got up oppose his own before the rescue teams got there. the other man strapped into a harness and pulled to safety. neither of them were hurt luckily. men too close to the edge. a shark sighting around 1:15 yesterday afternoon. officials say the shark was seen a quarter mile south of pillar point harbor. >> that is a little bit's'm not >> exactly.
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it's a good day to get out. it's going to be really nice today. >> it's going to be gorgeous, a great day to head to the beaches because there will be more sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way, even though it doesn't look like it right now, this live shot from the exploratorium looking at low clouds over san francisco. i promise you it's going to warm up and get even hotter over the next few days. >> all right. you promised. also next, a possible compromise over this controversial mural. school board president's solution to preserve a piece of history at a san francisco high school. and the end of an era. one of the last remaining mom and
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good morning, everyone. it is 5:14 this morning. we're taking a live look from
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our emeryville camera at the bridge this the tower. pretty foggy but it's going to clear out and a really nice day to get out and enjoy. the head of the san francisco school board offend a proposal that put the high school in the national highlight. he's talking only to abc 7. the life of washington. it's been in place 80 years. some activists want to destroy because of how it portrays oppression of native americans and african-americans. some say painting over the mural, the new plan, is a step too far and erases history. school board president steven cook wants to cover the mural with panels. >> there are going to be a variety of opinions about what should happen, but if this passes actually destroying the art won't be on the table. our hope is that this does pass and that this board can give back to the work to every to evy
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person in the city. >> cool board will vote tease. our reporter has been on top of the story. she's been told danny dplufr, san francisco native, is in favor of keeping the mural at the high school. he is expected to noups support soon. we'll be sure to deep ykeep youd here. it first opened its doors in 1966 but now they are saying good-bye. the owners of one of the last remaining mom and pop stationery stores in the area say they can't compete with online competitors. more from los altos. >> the signs at the front of the store tell the whole story. for 53 years, three generations of the family ran the store. >> it's a landmark in los altos. >> it's one of the last mom and pop station ery shops left in te
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bay area. for loyal shoppers, it's more than that. >> a big loss. >> they opened the first store in 1966 in palo alto. he was just 12 years old when he started working there. >> just a pink pearl eraser, sold for 10 cents and that was my first sale and i still have that dime. >> reporter: he took over the business in 1981. >> i'm so sorry to see you good. >> thank you. >> reporter: he said a loyal customer base kept the family in business. when they looked at their finances with the high cost of renta $15 minimum wage, the drop in foot traffic, plus the onslaught of online retailers, the numbers didn't add up. >> the secret to our success was people coming in, they liked to touch, feel, see something. now the generations coming up, that's not their -- they don't care. thank you for being our customer. >> terry daughter shannon who ran the los altos shop said the decision to close was tough but
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she's proud of what her family built. >> i don't like when people say we're going out of best, we're not. we're retiring. that's important to me that we didn't fail. >> just like the three generations who ran the family business, three generations on hand as they lock up for the last time. >> say good-bye store. >> bye store. >> bye. >> i have my silver dime from 1966 but i'll have my memories from 2019. >> in los altos, abc 7 news. >> that's tough to see but so excited about what they brought to the community. time is 5:19, francis is here checking our forecast. good morning, francis. >> good morning. we are starting with low clouds once again. satellite cover around the bay area but the marine layer is thinner so it will mix out sooner. there's pretty thick fog through parts of the north bay. you saw that petaluma down to aa
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fourth of a mile, santa rosa less than a mile. here is a live shot of the golden gate bridge where you can see there's quite for folks heading in or out of san francisco where it's currently 56 degrees. oakland is 62, so really mild temperatures around parts of the bay area. san jose 63 right now. we'll also check out a live shot of sfo. this is where you can see that the clouds are much thinner today. we're already seeing some breaks in the low cloud cover. so more temperatures in the 50s through parts of the north bay where we are seeing fog in santa rosa, nap, a, petaluma and concord. here is a live shot from the exploratorium looking at the downtown financial area with the low clouds. they are thinner. that's because high pressure is building and a warming trend fact, t
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average. things arellyoi to heat up today and into wednesday. them after that we'll have a cooling trend that kicks in towards the end of the week and into next weekend. i'll show you the forecast animation with the cloud cover expected. 7:00 this morning, notice we'll get a lot of sunshine around the rest of the bay area but make clouds at the coast and then even this afternoon we'll get partial clearing, even sunny conditions along the beaches into san francisco and parts of the peninsula. so it's going to be a great day for the beaches over the next couple of days. even tonight that's usually when we start to see clouds move back in. notice clear all along the coast except there just south near pescadero. as high pressure builds we'll get a lot of sunshine over the next few days and land breeze will really allow things to heat up. highs will range from still 60s at the coast but now we're going to warm up into the low 90s inland. in fact, san francisco with a lot of sunshine. for all the events today, we'll
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hit a high of 70. self-84, santa rosa 85. plenty of sunshine for everybody. oakland 70, san jose 83 degrees. if you're heading to the beaches it's going to be gorgeous. santa cruz, 79, more sunshine, warmer weather. overnight lows will be in the 50s and 60s with lots of clear skies except along the coast. here is a look at the week ahead in san jose. so we are going to be above average wednesday. notice maybe about 10 degrees average. this is just an example. one of the models showing us how much it's going to heat up. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. to less humid, less muggy. as high pressure builds, summer heat is back tomorrow, upper 90s. we can find the upper 90s in make of the warmest inland locations through wednesday and then the cooling starts thursday and then continues into the weekend but it's also going to be really nice at the beaches, too, for the next few days.
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>> that's nice. even yesterday was really nice. than that. >> it's exciting. sunny and warmer, it will be better. >> thanks, francis. abc's new brand localist is sharing inspiring stories weekly digital called "more in common." this week at 8 years old liam has undergone 15 surgeries including two brain surgeries this past year. now he's getting to escape the hospital and be a kid again at summer camp. >> walking away from a tough year with spina bifida. 8 years old he's had 15 surgeries, the scars from his most recent one still healing. he's not at the hospital this week, he's at summer camp. >> saying no more hospital beds and don't have to do this, don't have to do that. >> have you spent some time in hospitals lately. >> i had a back surgery once. yeah, i had to like be on my back for a bunch of days. >> what's been your favorite memory from last year? what are you most excited about?
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>> probably tonight, the hot air balloon. >> you going to do it? >> i'm probably going to do that. >> when i first met you this morning, you were kind of quiet, a little shy. by nightfall, you're just going crazy, doing the ymca. >> i just have to have fun.
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visit we are week away from the opening of the center. looking at the comments online, people are pretty excited about this. a week ago abc 7 was there when the warriors president unlocked the center for the very first time. watch that on our website,
5:26 am this weekend thousands of people are celebrating culture, sounds and flavor of the philippines here in san francis francisco. ♪ yesterday abc 7 news was here at buena gardens when music filled the air during the festival. the festival featured shopping along with all kinds of food. the festival continues today from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. star gazers will want to head outdoors tonight to watch the perseid meteor shower. it will peak tonight between now and tuesday. the moonlight will make it harder to see this year. the best place to watch is somewhere dark. you may have to leave the city if you want to get the best views. more specific details on times and places to watch, go to karma caught up with a thief so racked with guilt he replaced the stolen item. what was it? it was a bottle of ketchup.
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he returned two biologists of ketchup with a note. he was apologizing from the dark deed. he said when he swapped the ketchup all kind of stuff started happening. he went to walmart, bought two bottles of ketchup. he wanted to make it right. the owners said they didn't know it was gone but he knew. that's what matters. still to come, abc 7 morning, lady gaga giving to communities affected by mass shootings including gilroy. how her money will be used. are you ready for back to school? we're checking on students and di
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good morning, everyone. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteoro meteoro meteoro with the marine layer. >> the marine layer is thiping
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out. we have low clouds over most of the area and fog in the north bay, it is thinner. that means clouds will mix out sooner and get more sunshine early on and temperatures will warm up compared to yesterday. during the 7:00 hour sunrise at 6:21, temperatures will be mainly in the 60s, a few 50s out there. sunnier skies for everyone earlier on by lunch time we'll see sunny conditions all around the bay area except at some of the beaches. then this afternoon, look for warmth inland in the low 90s around the bay, upper 70s at the coast with a slight sea breeze still keeping things in the mid-60s. sunsets at 8:07 should be a mostly clear night and temperatures are really going to heat up. i'll tell you more about that with the accuweather seven-day forecast. kumasi. >> thanks, frances. democratic presidential candidates are calling for tougher gun laws in the wake of mass shootings. 31 killed and dozens nor injured last weekend, this on the heels of the shooting in gilroy that
5:31 am
left three people. abc has more. >> reporter: in the wake of deadly shootings in el paso, sun safety advocates coming together at a forum in des moines as many democratic candidates are in iowa campaigning at the state fair. >> activists like you are seeing to it that these issues will not be ignored in this presidential election. america is with us and demanding common sense gun safety. >> 18 candidates participating. >> we need reasonable gun safety laws in our country, including universal background checks and renewal of the assault weapons ban. with many suggesting the shooting in dayton confirms the need for an assault-style weapons ban. >> these weapons are designed to kill lots of people very, very quickly. and we saw it in dayton. within 30 seconds nine people are dead and almost 30 people are injured. >> those police officers got there in one minute but it still wasn't good enough because of the kind of weapon he had. >> under growing pressure on
5:32 am
friday, the president seeming to support stricter background checks. >> there's been no president that feels more strongly about the second amendment than i do. however, we need meaningful background checks so that sick people don't get guns. >> some democrats say that's not enough. >> this is a challenge to mitch mcconnell and the senate and to every politician out there to stand up against the nra. >> in washington, new signs republican leadership may be reconsidering long held stances on gun control. >> background checks and red flags will probably lead the discussion. those are two items that for sure will be front and center. >> the house passed two background check bills back in february. but so far mccom has refused to bring them up for a vote. abc news. lady gaga is pitching in to help the communities of gilroy, el paso and dayton. gaga posted on facebook on
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friday that her born this way foundation will fully fund 162 classroom promise in these cities. of those projects, 23 are for classrooms in gilroy. gaga said she identified the projects in partnership with donors choose, a site where teachers post classroom requests that donors can support. if you like to help out the victims of gilroy garlic festival shooting the gilroy foundation established a special fund. we have a link on our website, universe canceled the movie "the hunt." the satirical thriller is about peope who hunt other people with guns. they said, quote, we understand now is not the right time to release this film. the studio didn't say if this decision was directly related to the recent mass shootings. paradise unified school district is back, nearly one year after campfire destroyed or
5:34 am
damaged its school sites nearly 100 people showed up to celebrate the reopening of the district's office. students prepared to head back to the classroom, they are looking at different ways to help them cope with memories of last year's devastation. >> it's fantastic. we can go ahead and accomplish all these things we've been trying to do so our kids can learn here in their own schools. >> i think if there's a general message in any letter i received, any envelope, i gave space to come together. one of the koeching mechanisms is art therapy as a way to communicate feelings without being local. uc student dissertation rich muralist with interactive art on the border telling the story of those deported. the mural painted on the mexican side of the border wall in tijuana shows faces of people deported from the u.s. with bar codes that activate first person narratives on visitors phones.
5:35 am
28-year-old elizabeth delacruz santana directed 15 people to help her create this mural on the beach where her father entered the u.s. illegally before she was born. >> i feel with technology that's one of the best ways and venues people can actually have the opportunity to know the stories of those who have chosen to share their stories or undocumented. some of the people featured, u.s. veteran and two deported mothers with children who were born in america. sole cycle sole cycle sole e up. the castro location after a blank day. saturday's classes canceled amid protests over the owner steven ross. he held a fundraiser for president trump's re-election campaign. it was held on friday. ross has interested in soul cycle and equinox. they say he's not involved in the management of either business. this week people will go back to class at bay area
5:36 am
schools. not everyone is ready. checked in with disriblgts and students because a good education is part of building a better bay area. >> reporter: with only days from the start of the school it. >> reporter: classes begin monday. currently san francisco unified has 95% of classrooms staffed. they begin august 19th. >> we have a strong pull of substitute teachers that can continue to be supportive as we continue hirings. >> that's what they plan to do. classes start wednesday. high cost of living and better paying jobs established in the way of being able to recruit more teachers. special education teachers are most in demand. faced with a serious shortage, last year san jose unified created rise, a two-year credentialing program. >> we covered the tuition at san jose state, who has been a fantastic partner as part of this program. we cover the testing fees,
5:37 am
provide testing support. all of the books, the costs are covered. we also provide mentors. >> reporter: of course filling those positions is important but so is offering students nutritious meals at school. districts are concerned that not all families in need are getting that message. school districts say the rhetoric on the federal level around immigration is also keeping some families from signing up for the national school lunch program. >> but i really want to make sure families know that this is a safe place. we're here to make sure your children are receiving the meals that they need. we don't share this information with anybody. >> districts were reminding families to fill out an application even if they think they don't qualify for free or reduced priced meals. lee ann melendez, abc 7 news. we spent a week digging into issues teachers face all across the bay area. all of those stories are in one place on our website,
5:38 am bay area. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, a blast from the past. the video rental store that's at 5:38 this morning, here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. kind of foggy. one person on the back there
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5:40 am
honored the workers she inspired. it celebrated its fifth year
5:41 am
yesterday. honors women who joined the war efforts during world war ii. nearly 20 real life rosies attended the event wearing red bandanas and they had on the blue shirt to emulate the icon. ships that helped win the world war were built on the richmond waterfront. the last chance to enjoy the aloha festival. abc news at the san mateo festival which celebrates polynesian culture. dancing, dozens of food and vendors, games for the kids. admission is free but parking is $18. the festival runs today from 10:00 until 5:00 p.m. today is a great day to get out and check occupant the fun stuff going on. >> gorgeous. plenty of sunshine. get the sunscreen out. you're going to need it over the next few days. we have more sunshine, more warmth. things heating up, coming up in the next few days. >> all right. also coming up, the 49ers and raiders both playn games at hom.
5:42 am
chris alvarez has the highlight
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welcome back, everyone. it is 5:44 this morning. this is a shot from our roof cam looking over at the embarcadero, the bridge. it is gorgeous this morning. i think the day is going to get even better. according to frances, it's going to be a nice day. whatever you have planned will be great. get out and enjoy it. begins tuesday at or cal park the a's play the white sox in chicago at 11:10 and giants try to take three out of four from the phillies. the first pitch at 4:05. if you're not going to the game, you can watch it on our sister network supernatural. prior to the game, giants holding a reunion of 1989 world series team. the front-runners will play their second preseason game a week from tomorrow in denver. last night the niners took on the cowboys at levi's stadium.
5:45 am
abc sports anchor chris alvarez has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning sports fans, chris alvarez here with you. the injury bug continues to hit the 49ers hard. saturday night we found out trent taylor broke his foot earlier in the week and had surgery on friday. hoping one of jimmy g's targets back early in the season. preseason niners hosting cowboys, jimmy g all smiles, expect him in there. last year's quarterback sensation nick mullens rolls by jalen herd. watch him find his way. fast forward late third quarter, c.j. going up top, goes andit. what a play. 45 yards, puts niners in the red zone. third quarter, pass to herd. niners beat 17-9. here is your postgame. >> we played a lot of guys. we had to sit a lot of starters.
5:46 am
the guys, back-up came in fairly early and got to play more. we had to keep the guys out there a little longer. that's always good to do as long as you can get through it healthy. a lot of tape to watch and excited to see it with them tomorrow. raiders, rams, my alma mater derek carr sitting out preseason opener. raiders march down the field, diondre washington finds pay dirt. 7-0 raiders. former bills quarterback nathan peterman fighting for back up shot shows off wheels, 50 yard scamper weaving in and out of traffic through baseball feels, grass on the other side. hits alameda native ricky doss. three-yard touchdown raiders win 4-3, tenth straight year he won a preseason. fun fact he found about postgame? >> is that right? that's great. that's great.
5:47 am
we put a lot of effort into winning these games. no matter what anybody says we're out there competing, we want to win these games with whoever is playing. i'm really proud of these young player. uy s francisco nave takg i gian phillies, bottom two, he have an longoria, that is gone. first homer since coming back from the injured list. that will make your skipper smile. shark goes eight strong second team he's done that, 103 pitches, 2 hits, 1 run and strikes out 5. a's 1, white sox, rally time in the ninth. a's fans on the south side. down 3-0. final strike, matt chapman, third base, simeon, matt scores. 3-2 game, they love that. dugout ready for that rally. later in the inning bases loaded. chris davis at the plate. chance to be a hero. but he goes down swinging.
5:48 am
the white sox beats a's 3-2. that's a look at your sports have a great sunday. >> 5:47 this morning and frances standing by with a look at our forecast. good morning, frances. >> good morning, kumasi, good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 and satellite image. we have quite a bit of cloud cover right now but the clouds are very thin. we'll get more sunshine early on. there is some visibility limits in the north bay where we're seeing fog develop. less than a fourth of a mile visibility in santa rosa, petaluma, napa, half moon bay, elsewhere, low clouds but visibility is okay. you won't see this here at the golden gate bridge kind of socked in right now. can you see traffic pretty light. it's hard to see across the span there. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. san francisco is currently 56, oakland 52 as well as san jose, half moon bay at 57 degrees. here is a live shot from sutro. looks like we lost a little bit of the shot.
5:49 am
there's supposed to be low clouds there. trying to fix the camera. most in the north bay low- to mid-50s with the fog, santa rosa, 53, petaluma 54. i'll take you to the south bay right now. we're looking at the san jose airport. we're seeing clouds already break up because they are so thin. this is what you can expect for the forecast. so the three things you need to know is that the warming trend starts today. it continues over the next few days. so we will be about 5 to 10 degrees above average by the middle of the week and then we have a cooling trend so we're going to come up and go back down into next weekend. i'll show you the forecast animation with the cloud cover expected today. so less clouds just along the coast during the morning hours, then you notice it clears and we've got this offshore flow that's going to push the clouds away, give us a land breeze and that's going to allow things to warm up. that high pressure will build and offshore flow will increase over the next few days. even by 9:00 tonight you won't see many clouds at all along the
5:50 am
north bay coast and even the peninsula coast and lots of clearing as well. more sunshine. so highs today in the south bay will be in the 80s for many locations. san jose 83 degrees. gilroy 88 and santa cruz even warming up to 79 degrees. also you'll find lots of warmth in this south -- rather the southern part of the peninsula, menlo park, palo alto, los altos, mountain view in the low 80s. even some clearing and sunshine for outside lands today hitting a high of 68 this afternoon in the sunset district downtown san francisco, 70, mid-80s through the north bay, petaluma, novato, sonoma 86. some low 90s through cloverdale and ukiah and warming up as well in the east bay. mid-70s to low 80s. fremont 82. richmond 75. castro valley 80 degrees. inland areas warming up into the low 90s today. we'll see 92 in brentwood but a little bit cooler in walnut
5:51 am
creek at 89 degrees. here is accuweather seven-day forecast. so it will feel less humid as you head outside the door this morning. temperatures warming up compared to yesterday. tomorrow will be a mild to hot day. look at that, the summer sizzle is back. upper 90s by tuesday and even some of our models are saying possibly above 100 degrees for inland areas on wednesday. it is going to be a hot one even at the beaches. we'll see upper 60s to near 70 so get ready. get the sunscreen ready, get the sunglasses out. >> i was ready for hot but flames. i know it's going to be warm when you said warm but that's serious. triple digit heat. you do have to get ready. >> i upgraded seven-day forecast and put hot to emphasize that. >> on the peninsula the days of bustling video rental retailers like blockbuster are long gun but it hasn't stop this san mateo shop from thriving for 35
5:52 am
years. amanda shows us how the video is surviving in the age of streaming services. >> an antiques store on busy south camino real, now antiques of a different kind, betamax, blasts from the past managed by the owner and only employee at captain video. >> when people come in this store, they know i'm here. >> he's running the soul surviving in the country. he's been in business every day since march 1985, he admits someone ran the front desk when he had a surgery. >> leaving empty tore front, he's somehow making it work. >> this guy here is the only one hanging around and keeping it open. >> regulas line tony make it happen. people prefer exchange over solitary streaming services like flikds or hulu. customers seek out extra behind the scenes footage.
5:53 am
for some behind the curtain adult films. rental and sales make up a big portion of revenue. >> probably 60-40, regular to adult. >> others say it's nostalgia, taking you back to a time before high-tech. rentals haven't changed in 35 years. >> still $2.99 to represent the movie. >> that will remain until he decides to close up shop. in san mateo, abc 7 news. coming up next, a sunday streets first.
5:54 am
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pref here are winning numbers from last night's $128 million powerball drawing, 35, 41, 44, 58, 59, and the powerball number is 3. no one picked all six numbers so wednesday night's jackpot grows to $138 million. happening today, sunday streets is coming to san francisco's chinatown.
5:56 am
today's event is the launch of the first sunday play street. it runs from 11:00 until 4:00 on waverly place between san francisco and washington. performances, food, activities. a lion dancer kicks off festivities. the series continues every sunday on whateveron waverly thh september. next four people shot outside a mcdonald's in san francisco. we have the very latest. also a pedestrian killed by a taxi in an accident on marcus street in san francisco. the reaction of a supervisor.
5:57 am
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it is sunday august 11th. i'm kumasi aaron. we're starting this morning with a quick look at our forecast. here is meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa this morning. good morning, frances. >> good morning, kumasi, good morning, everyone. we have lots of sunshine in store today. right now dealing with low clouds once again. here is live doppler 7 and satellite image. we do have fog as well through parts of the north bay. but this cloud cover is very thin so it will clear out sooner and we're going to see warmer temperatures this afternoon. here is your 12-hour planner. sunrise 6:21. temperatures will mainly be in the 50s and 60s over the next couple of hours and then we'll see sunnier conditions by lunch time for everybody, then this afternoon everyone is going to warm up. so inland areas in the low 90s around the


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