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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 13, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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good morning, america. as we come on the air, we're tracking breaking news overnight. officers attacked on a california highway. deadly rush hour battle. >> there was a [bleep] shooting right now. happening right now. >> a gunman pulling out a long rifle, opening fire, killing an officer, injuring two others. drivers ducking into their cars to dodge the bullets before the shooter is finally taken down. we're live on the scene this morning. severe storms on the move. this land spout tornado tearing through wyoming, and flash floods swallowing cars in illinois. now 24 million in the storm zone as the system moves east. ginger with the track and timing. also, the new twist in the epstein investigation. the new discovery about one of the guards on duty the night epstein was found dead.
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the fbi raid on his private island, our cameras right there. breaking overseas, the hero takedown caught on camera. these men jumping into action to stop a knife-wielding man on a deadly spree. what he was shouting when they caught him. disturbing discovery on a united flight. a passenger finding a hidden camera in the bathroom. the suspect now facing charges, and what else the fbi discovered on that device. and the new shark sighting off the coast of cape cod. the shark as big as their boat. >> no way! >> how these great white wonders are actually sparking new business. good morning, america. it's great to have you with us on this tuesday morning, and that family who saw that shark, they're going to need a bigger boat. >> a much bigger boat. >> i would just get a swimming pool first.
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>> i'm with you there, michael. >> no need for the ocean. massachusetts beaches actually have been closed 40 times since july because of these shark sightings. will is there this morning. he loves the beach and we always send him there. businesses actually up because of these sharks. >> good for business. >> yeah. we'll get into that coming up. >> we'll have more on that ahead. first, we begin with that breaking news overnight, a terrifying scene on a california highway during a traffic stop. a driver opening fire, killing a police officer and injuring two others before he was taken down. our chief national correspondent matt gutman is there on the scene for us. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. police are calling this a long and horrific gun battle. it took place on this busy dlfd. investigators still behind me. investigators telling us this is a massive crime scene. dozens of bullets fired in the thick of rush hour
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at least one commuter's car hit by stray gunfire. a routine traffic stop in southern california turning into a highway gun battle in rush hour traffic. overnight officers and deputies exchanging dozens of rounds of gunfire with 49-year-old suspect aaron luther, armed with a long gun. motorists pulling over and ducking to get away from the gunfire. >> oh, my god. there's been a [bleep] shooting. there's a [bleep] shooting right now, happening right now. >> reporter: a chp officer and the suspect both killed. two other officers wounded. according to police, around 5:30 p.m. a chp unit pulled the driver of this truck over, then deciding to impound his vehicle. the suspect went to his truck to retrieve items. that's when he pulled out a gun and began firing. somehow that mortally wounded officer managing to radio for help. multiple agencies responding to the call, officers firing back. that's when two more chp officers were wounded. that bloody gun battle finally coming to an end when the suspect was struck, killed at the scene.
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his father watching it all unfold on television. >> it's hard. i love him. i'm sorry for the policemen. >> unfortunately, the first officer that was on scene for the california highway patrol, he was transported by air ambulance to riverside university health center where he was pronounced deceased. >> reporter: this morning officers gathering outside the hospital mourning the loss of the fallen officer. his stepmother reeling from the loss. >> he was a great person, unbelievable. i'm just so in shock right now, i can't believe it. i'm thinking this is just a nightmare. it's just a nightmare. >> reporter: because this is an officer informed shooting and the shear number of bullets fired, police tell us this is going to be a long investigation. they want to know the motive, why did aaron luther snap. they also want to know how a convicted felon got his hands on an assault style
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michael? >> all right, matt, our thoughts are with the officer's family, thank you so much. now to that storm threat. millions from nashville to philadelphia are bracing for flash flooding and severe weather after the midwest got hit with powerful storms overnight. ginger has the very latest. good morning to you, ginger. >> good morning to you, michael. let me take you all to just outside of st. louis, missouri where they had two to three inches of rain very quickly. this is granite city, illinois, full of water from flash flooding. that's what really proved to be one of the big problems. that and the confirmed tornado in central illinois. you see the video there. then in wyoming, this picturesque land spout -- i say picturesque because it didn't hurt anyone. today the area that has to watch for damaging winds along that cold front stretches from kentucky to tennessee, including nashville and knoxville over to washington, d.c. flash flood alerts for philadelphia. david. >> thanks. we turn to the battle over immigration. a new move by the trump administration would change the rules on who gets to stay in the u.s. and they'll be looking at whether they have ever used public assistance or might use it in the future. let's get right to cecilia vega live at the white house with
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much more. as you know, a lot of anger over what some say the administration is really trying to do here. >> reporter: david, good morning, a lot of anger. now a lot of lawsuit athlete lat well. we are not talking about people in this country illegally, undocumented immigrants. these are people who are trying to obtain permanent status in the united states and if they are struggling financially, these new rules will make it much harder to stay. this morning, outrage over president trump's immigration crackdown. >> it's one consistent show of a president who is a racist and basically wants a whiter, wealthier nation. >> reporter: democrats denouncing new rules that make it tougher for legal immigrants to stay in the country permanently if they've used public assistance like medicaid or food stamps. other 2020 rivals like senator kamala harris calling the move indefensible. and beto o'rourke tweeting, if you're an immigrant, president trump believes you have no place in this country. about half a million immigrants apply for green cards each year. under these new rules, the vast majority could be at risk of
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being denied permanent legal status. not affected, people who already have green cards, pregnant women and children and refugees and asylum seekers. >> we certainly expect people of any income to stand on their own two feet. >> reporter: the trump administration says it doesn't want low income immigrants to become a burden on society, even though they pay taxes and, according to an associated press analysis, use significantly less public benefits than low income native born adults. asked if the policy means that famous plaque on the statue of liberty inviting the poor and huddled masses coming down, the president's immigration chief said this. >> i'm certainly not prepared to take anything down off the statue of liberty. >> reporter: immigrants' rights groups say people will end up refusing public assistance, help, fearing this will jeopardize their chances of staying in this country permanently. no doubt this is going to end up in the courts. >> it sure will.
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cecelia, thank you. new developments into the investigation of jeffrey epstein's death. we're learning one of the guards on duty the night he died wasn't a regular correctional officer. linsey davis is here and has the latest for us. good morning, linsey. >> good morning, robin. he was a temporary officer filling in due to a staffing shortage. attorney general william barr with forboding words saying just because epstein won't have his day in court, co-conspirators, quote, should not rest easy. victims deserve justice and will get it. >> reporter: this morning more confusion surrounding the moments leading up to jeffrey epstein's death. according to the ap, one of the guards assigned to watch him wasn't even a correctional officer. >> we're learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that at the urging of his defense attorneys, epstein was taken off suicide watch two weeks ago and while there were cameras on the cell block where he was held, they did not focus
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on individual units. so it's unlikely there's surveillance video of the moment of his death. this as little st. james, jeffrey epstein's private oasis in the caribbean, is now the subject of a raid by both the fbi and the nypd. abc news was there as agencies searched for new evidence against the deceased financier and potential co-conspirators. we're also learning more about ghislaine maxwell who was accused of recruiting underage girls like virginia giuffre to act as underage sex slaves for jeffrey epstein. >> the training started immediately, give jeffrey what he wants. a lot of this training came from ghislaine herself. >> reporter: in deposition testimony from unsealed documents giuffre says she was directed to have sex with several powerful men like former governor of new mexico bill richardson, former senator george mitchell and prince andrew. all of the men have denied those allegations. richardson and mitchell deny ever having met her. on sunday a smiling prince andrew was spotted accompanying
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his mother, the queen, to church. conchita sarnoff, an advocate for victims of sex trafficking wrote a book about epstein and said she knew maxwell socially. >> according to virginia's filings, she would teach the underage girls how to behave, how to act, how to dress, how to eat properly. i think those girls were so fearful of ghislaine, a, because she was much older than they were and because she lived with epstein and had a relationship with epstein. whatever that relationship was, it clearly was a close relationship. >> reporter: maxwell has consistently denied all allegations and has not been charged with any crime. and with regard to maxwell we have reason to believe that she is now in europe. meanwhile, the attorney general says he is appalled and angered about what he described as the manhattan correctional center's failure to secure epstein and added there will be accountability. david? >> linsey s than ks
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let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams. this new reporting that one of the two correctional officers watching over jeffrey epstein when he hanged himself didn't work normally as a correctional officer. >> what's even more astonishing is that this happens fairly regularly. the system is so taxed and understaffed that they have to recruit people who are teachers or secretaries, nurses even at times to fill in as correctional officers. we don't know exactly what this person's job was but it does seem clear that the person wasn't a regular correctional officer. >> the question, why does it take a case like this to show it's overtaxed. >> exactly. >> it's been the same way for a while now. our cameras capturing federal agents, fbi, nypd down in the u.s. virgin islands. that tells you that this prosecution is far from over. >> there are one of two reasons they're down there. there is an fbi office based out of san juan which covers the u.s. virgin islands. it could be that they are
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investigating the possibility of a crime that occurred at that home. number two though could be that when you believe that there's a conspiracy, the government can try to take away assets that they believe were involved in that conspiracy. so they could argue that that home was used as part of a criminal conspiracy and they could try to basically seize it. so it's unclear, is this investigation of another crime, is this civil asset forfeiture. uncle unclear but it's clear the fbi is there. >> i want to get to the court filings involving ghislaine maxwell who lived with epstein. she's been accused of coaching the girls, teaching them how to dress and what not. they were fearful of her. of course all allegations at this point. where is she? why don't we know more about her? >> we don't know exactly where she is. it sounds like she may be in europe. she should be very concerned right now. she is the person who is talked about again and again and again and as you heard the attorney general say, they're investigating others. remember, she's in europe and charged with a crime, serious crime, she would be extradited. so iathe be mh tcome.
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n abrams thanks as always. robin, michael? we're going to go overseas now to a heroic takedown in sydney, australia. a knife-wielding man going on a stabbing spree, attacking two women before hero bystanders jumped in to take him down. abc's james longman has the story. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, michael. an extraordinary scene right in the center of sydney and some extraordinary bravery from members of the public who took on this attacker. this morning, dramatic footage showing a man wielding a bloodied knife running through central sydney. despite the risk, brave on lookers running towards the danger, pinning him to the ground with chairs and a milk crate. authorities say the 21-year-old alleged attacker killed one woman and stabbed another as he charged down the crowded street, jumping on the roof of a car, streaming at onlookers, shoot me, shoot me. three british men were among those who stopped his rampage. >> i don't know whether it's an inanythingorng but we were rtrg
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myroth a ianlod and we >> ty wey nd ofha this on did, with clear evidence of previous are heros. >> reporter: authorities say the alleged attacker acted alone and may have recently come from a mental health facility. those young men say the only thing that went through their minds was, you've got to help people. i'm sure everyone in sydney is glad they did. david? >> incredible pictures. james, thank you. now to that mysterious and deadly nuclear blast in russia and the secrecy surrounding it. president trump weighing in this morning calling it a failed missile explosion. russia said at first there was no rise in radiation at all. now they admit levels shot up dramatically, several scientists killed, and ian pannell has the latest. >> reporter: this morning more questions and concerns about
7:15 am
that nuclear explosion in northern russia that killed five scientists and two defense personnel. u.s. officials say it was likely a test of russia's new missile dubbed sky fall by nato. touted by russian president vladimir putin as being able to hit any target in the world drawing renewed concern about a cold war type arms race. >> to see the russian state take the attitude of we're back in an arms race and that means some people are going to die. >> reporter: president trump weighing in, tweeting, the u.s. is learning much from the failed missile explosion in russia. we have similar though more advanced technology. the russian sky fall explosion has people worried about the air around the facility and far beyond, not good. while the russian government initially denied there had been a rise in radiation at all. this morning it's admitting levels increased four to 16 times after the explosion, albeit briefly. though on a vastly different scale, this incident believed to be one of the deadliest nuclear accidents in russia since chernobyl in 1986, now a hit
7:16 am
miniseries on hbo. on monday thousands attending the funeral of the seven lost in the explosion. this morning they're being hailed as true heros. the head of the russian nuclear agency saying they'll continue to work on what he calls new types of weapons. just in the last hour a spokesman for the kremlin trying to reassure people saying that the government will do all it can to ensure the safety of russian citizens. guys? >> all right, see what happens, ian. now we have new developments on one of the world's most puzzling mysteries. what happened to amelia earhart after she vanished during a flight in 1937? now the famed explorer who found "the titanic" is exploring a new clue. janai norman has more. >> reporter: it's one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time, where is the wreckage of amelia earhart's plane? >> she clearly wasn't where she thought she was. >> reporter: this morning a world renown scientist says he thinks he knows where it might be.
7:17 am
robert ballard who has famously found "the titanic" and explored the underwater wrecks left behind by pearl harbor thinks this photo taken in 1937 may hold the answer to where her plane went down. the image was viewed by intelligence analysts at the pentagon who concluded the object seen here has a semblance to the plane earhart was last seen flying. that photo taken off the shores of a small island in the pacific ocean just four and a half miles long and one mile wide. >> it's not the lochness monster. it's not big foot. that plane exists which means i'm going to find it. >> reporter: now ballard thinks he has enough evidence to make another underwater discovery, heading to that remote island to try and solve the earhart mystery. ballard is convinced that he can find earhart's plane but there are concerns that what's left
7:18 am
will be pieces of debris. abc news is in constant contact with nat geo. we'll have the latest developments as they search for those remains. how exciting. >> yeah. >> very. >> he said it exists and i'm going to find it. >> yep. >> if anybody can, it can be him. >> absolutely. >> thanks, janai. we're following a lot of other stories this morning including a major scare. the 16-year-old fortnight world champion targeted by a dangerous prank. the 911 call and the moment police swarmed his parents' home. and more on that disturbing discovery on a united flight, that camera in the bathroom. first let's get over to ginger and the heat. >> galveston, texas had their hottest temperature overnight and again early this morning. let's get to the tuesday trivia. it's brought to you by jeep wrangler.
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we'll be right back.
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inside and out. ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. good morning to you. happening today the san francisco school board could seal the fate of that controversial mural critics say this mural at george washington high school shows the oppression of native and african americans. others say it's art and should not be destroyed. the school board president will propose covering i'm the mural the panels rather than painting over it and destroying it. we'll keep you posted. it's been busy on the roads. especially with the folks heading back to school and work. northbound heavy up to saratoga. there's also an accident westbound 580 at buchanan
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slowing things down on westbound 580 and westbound 80 is slow. bay bridge toll plaza packed up into the maize. >> thank you. and mike nicco has a quick
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good morning. check out our temperatures. mid 50s to mid 60s. san ramon, srv, usdoid goiusd gd to school. 3:0 3:00. other schools are going back today. mass transit on the bay pretty good. a lot of sunshine. spare the air alert. even hotter conditions wednesday and thursday and i imagine spare the air alerts when all is said and done there also. also. mike, thank you. coming up a study showing a strong link between teens,
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more recharge. target run and done. welcome back to "gma." that's right, that's the missy elliott classic right there. t.j. holmes is over in the corner of the studio, he's working it. that's right, t.j. >> did you see david over here? he's working it. >> i was. >> it was not just t.j. >> the name of the song is "work it." you can't help but work it when you hear it. the rapper, she's getting a big award for all her work over the years. we'll have the details in the next hour but that gets you going. >> yes, it does, especially on a tuesday. >> i'm just glad robin was watching me. we have a lot of news this half-hour and we're going to get to that as well. an investigation under way this morning into a deadly shoot-out on a california highway overnight.
7:31 am
driver pulled out -- pulled over for a traffic stop pulled out a long gun and opened fire killing one police officer and injuring two others before he was taken down. newark, new jersey is facing a water crisis this morning. officials there handing out thousands of bottles of water to residents as new tests show dangerous levels of lead in homes. the mayor urging people to let the water run to clear out the pipes. take a look at this wild scene in seattle, thankfully everyone is okay after a car lost control slamming into the window of an l.a. fitness landing in the pool. >> oh my. >> right? police helped rescue the driver who hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. luckily those people were there to help. >> quite a scene there. now to that scare for the 16-year-old fortnight champion. police surrounding his home while he was in the middle of a game believing the teen had committed a crime. t.j. is here with that story for us and this is a seriously dangerous prank. >> dangerous and it has proven deadly in the past. in this case a s.w.a.t. team showed up, surrounded a pennsylvania home thinking that
7:32 am
a teenager had killed his dad and was holding his mom hostage. what was really going on in that home? a teenager was playing a video game but not just any teen. there was a reason this teen was possibly a prankster's target. >> reporter: he's the 16-year-old newly crowned best gamer in the world after winning the fo >> it's pretty surreal. i got out there and played amazing. >> reporter: but this weekend kyle "bugha" giersdorf bailed on his friends during a fortnight live session, a major gaming no no, after his dad >> dad, i can't.
7:33 am
i got s.w.a.t.ed. >> reporter: he believes he's been s.w.a.t.ed and abruptly leaves the live stream. >> did he just leave mid game? >> reporter: is a potentially deadly prank, when someone calls authorities directing them to an innocent person's home. in this case, the prankster reported bugha just shot his father. >> he said he tied up his mother in the garage and shot up his father. >> reporter: bugha returned to the game ten minutes later. fortunately one of the officers lived in the neighborhood and recognized him. >> dude, they came in with guns, bro. >> some people are actually -- >> dude, i can't believe someone actually did that. >> reporter: in this case no one was harmed but has been deadly in the past. in 2017, 28-year-old andrew finch was playing the video game "call of duty" when a competitor called in a false hostage report directing police to his home. >> show your hands! >> reporter: finch was shot and killed by police. the fbi estimates roughly 400 cases of happen nationwide every year. bugha's dad glen tells abc news to the individual who attempted to have our home s.w.a.t.ed and could have possibly gotten someone injured in the process, i don't hate you. i'm sorry that your life has brought you to this.
7:34 am
and the call that got someone killed actually got 20 years in prison for that. and this has been a problem in the gaming community because c o it. they're playing live online. so you can see the result of your prank when you call it in and see if police show up. so this has been an issue in the gaming community for years now but it can be deadly. got lucky on this one but this has been an issue. >> big issue, unnecessary issue. >> it's a prank. we call it a prank. it's nothing -- >> it's not a prank. it's too serious. thank you, t.j. now to the investigation into a disturbing discovery on a united flight. a passenger spotting a hidden camera in an airplane bathroom. now the man suspected of planting it in that bathroom is facing charges, and paula faris is here with more. paula, this may not have been the only time he's done this. >> reporter: it wasn't the only time. good morning. this particular incident happened on a flight from san diego to houston in may of this year. had a woman not noticed a blue
7:35 am
blinking light in the airplane's bathroom, the perpetrator may have gotten away with it. this morning, allegations of an alarming discovery o inn rpne bathroom turned out to be a hidden camera. this newly released criminal complaint says a camera was discovered by a woman flying in first class on a flight from san diego to houston. after spotting a blue light near the door, she grabbed the object, quickly handed it over to the flight crew. upon landing, the united crew immediately turned it over to airport security. the airline telling us, when our crew was alerted of this issue, they acted quickly to notify the appropriate authorities. we will fully cooperate and support this investigation as it moves forward. according to the complaint, footage recovered shows a man setting up the camera, face obscured, but distinctive jewelry and clothing. the fbi scoured airport surveillance video. agents say they were able to
7:36 am
match the clothing and jewelry to a suspect, malaysian national and halliburton employee, choon ping lee. the company released a statement that they are aware of the situation and they are cooperating with the fbi and u.s. attorney's office in their investigation, but it's not just airplanes that are vulnerable to potential voyeurism. just last fall, a pensacola family say they found a hidden camera facing their bed while cruising to the caribbean. and in 2017, a couple in florida was secretly recorded in their airbnb rental. a camera was hidden inside a smoke detector looking down on their bed. that perpetrator was sentenced to 364 days for filming his airbnb guests. disturbing to say the least. in the united airlines investigation, the fbi says they also recovered deleted files from that same hidden camera, finding virlr emirates flight which included video of two women. the suspect is expected in court
7:37 am
>> paula, thanks. we turn to the new study showing a troubling link between teenagers, e-cigarettes and marijuana. abc's eva pilgrim is here with much more on this, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this study finding e-cigarettes widow contain nicotine may be a potential gate way for marijuana. on monday researchers at boston's children hospital releasing their analysis of 21 studies, finding that teens and young adults who used vapes were nearly three and a half times more likely to use marijuana. for those e-cigarette users in middle school and high school, that numbers gets even higher. as david mentioned, that 12 to 17 age group four times more likely to go on and use marijuana. but the long-term effects both of these substances can have on teens is still
7:38 am
relatively unknown. researchers tell us with conventional cigarettes it took 20, 30, 50 years to fully understand the effects. so we've got another 10 years or so before we can really look at what's happening here. and it's important to point out, experts say the brain isn't fully developed until it's 25. >> which is why you're really staying on this vaping story. you reported on the possible seizures before and researchers, people are still investigating this? >> that's right. the fda is looking into 127 cases of people, including children and young adults, who reported experiencing seizures after vaping. the fda says it's unclear if the e-cigarettes caused the reported seizures and are asking people with any unexpected health issues after vaping to please report it. >> we still know so little about this. >> it's still very new. >> thanks, eva. coming up, the shark sightings off the coast of cape cod and how these sightings may be sparking big business. come on back. actually be sparking big business. come on back. sparking big business. come on back. to...
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we are back now with the rise of shark sightings sparking big business on cape cod. tourists not only buying shark merchandise, they're paying big money to get up close with actual sharks safely. will reeve is on cape cod this morning, back on the beach for us. good morning, will. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning, robin. shark watch continues. there have been hundreds of shark sightings this summer and dozens of beach closures, including four just yesterday, but even though it can be a little complicated going to the
7:43 am
beach here, tourists can't get enough of sharks on cape cod. >> dad, come look at it. >> reporter: since june there have been more than 150 shark sightings off the coast of cape cod. >> no way! >> reporter: including this one friday near provincetown. >> that is unreal. >> we saw a fin probably 15 yards off the bow. >> right before we were going to jump off we saw the shark. >> the shark was pretty much the size of the boat, probably like 18 feet. it was pretty crazy. >> we were probably floating with it for like 15 minutes. >> reporter: 40 times since july massachusetts beaches closed for sharks. with the chaos comes commerce, shark tours. the local shark conservancy center says they've seen a 60% increase in visitors the last three years. one luxury inn offering trips for $2,500. this captain with cape star charters said cape cod is the premiere place to spot sharks
7:44 am
and due to high demand has begun offering more viewing tours than in previous years. >> people on fishing charters are more concerned about seeing a shark than going back and fishing. that's a big idea. it's why we're transitions into doing white shark trips. >> reporter: in town this store sells nearly $50,000 a year of shark-themed attire they call killer casual apparel. >> shark sightings have been increasing more and more every summer so it's kind of crazy. no one seems to get scared and i think that's the infatuation with the shark sightings. >> reporter: business is booming. >> we thought it was going to slow down because of the incidents last year. actually it's picked up. people are still interested in sharks despite the threat. >> reporter: it's not just in massachusetts. shark-related dives in florida generated more than $221 million in revenue and fueled over 3,700 jobs in 2016 alone. >> oh, my god.
7:45 am
>> reporter: overall, tourism on the cape is doing well. it's still a top ten market for airbnb, but with so many sharks in the area and in the waters off the beaches, local business owners say one niche business isn't doing as great. that would be paddle board and kayak rentals, guys. >> that makes sense. >> are you getting extra pay for being on the beach? >> what's the beach tomorrow? >> gosh, two days in a row now. >> i hope so. i mean, this is reward enough. it's a beautiful day. >> a man who knows how to choose an assignment. >> that's right. >> thank you, will. coming up -- ♪ ice, ice baby >> freeze. it's our "play of the day." ♪ ice ice baby we are back now with our
7:46 am
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(music throughout)
7:49 am
♪ ice ice baby we are back now with our "play of the day." who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? take a look at this. remember the mannequin challenge? these pups, they just might be professionals. that's jackson, cash and x trained by owner evelyn to be the most patient pets in the world. yes, they are frozen, but just wait for it. they won't move a muscle until evelyn gives her command. there we go. and they are off. i mean, they are so still but they are so fast when you let them go. >> yeah, like our dogs would do that, right? >> how cool. i don't stand a chance. >> she'll never see them again. did you see how fast they took
7:50 am
off? >> we missed that part of the story. >> awesome to teach your dogs to do that. >> pretty cool. coming up, how to get your kids to disconnect with their devices as they head back to school. got a couple of school teachers here in the audience with us. maryland, right? yeah. they're going back to school. in the dark. >> put the light on. >> we can't afford lighting. >> we can't afford lighting. corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+ / her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever,
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7:54 am
flats fire is burning 45,000 acres. they have dozens of firefighters on it and then the flash flooding that comes when you get a little bit of rain. heat warnings and watches up into the central valley, fresno included. palm springs yesterday had one hiker die because it was that hot. coming up on "gma," we have new cases of the measles in the largest outbreak in 25 years. dr. ashton is here on what parents should know before your kids head back to school. plus supermodel kate upton making a splash on these unretouched photos. unretouched photos. your local news and it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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hi, everybody. palo alto unified school district going back to school. near nature says summer is here. we're at 90 this afternoon. temperatures 70s along the coasts to 80 ifrancisco. near 90 around the bay. first sign of 100s inland. more of that tomorrow and thursday and more poor air quality also. numerous accidents. lots of slowdowns around the bay. here's a live shot of 680 and walnut creek. jammed from 242. an accident blocking lanes and problems on westbound 80 at hill top. a crash and injury crash slowing th things down. southbound 101 an accident near
7:57 am
the central freeway split and merge. traffic is heavy as you come off the bay bridge and heading down to southbound 101. we'll be back after gma.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, deadly rush hour battle. officers attacked on an american highway. >> they're [bleep] shooting right now. happening right now. >> a gunman pulling out a long rifle, opening fire, killing an officer, injuring two others. we're live on the scene this morning. also this morning, the new alert about the measles outbreak. more cases now reported and what parents can do to protect their children before school starts. ♪ nothing breaks like a heart new this morning, liam hemsworth addressing his surprise split with miley cyrus. what he's wishing for her now, as cyrus posts she's already back in the studio. if you're a parent, you'll get this. digital detox time as children head back to school. how to wean them off those screens after summer vacation. our doctor here to weigh in and the tips you can use right now
8:01 am
starting this morning. ♪ ring my bell and kate gets candid. the supermodel in the september issue of "health" magazine. no retouching, pushing back on perfection, saying being strong and healthy are what's most important. it's all ahead as we say good morning, america. ♪ ring my bell ♪ ring aling that's a good morning, america right there. yes, thank you for being with us on this tuesday morning. we cannot wait to meet this incredible family. they started out as two and became a family of six in just a few weeks, fostering these little girls, then deciding to adopt them. >> this is great. they decided to adopt them and then they find out two weeks later they're pregnant with twins of their own. they went from a couple to a family of six. they're joining us live. we've got a big surprise for them. hopefully they're not listening to us upstairs. >> no, no. all six will be here. speaking of something that's really lovely, people come here
8:02 am
to the studio and upstairs as we wait but also here, and this young man, he handed this out to each of us here. he said, good morning, my name is hallelujah. i would like to say 1,000 things but it would fall short of depth, meaning and importance. consequently, i would like to say simply this, jesus bless us. jesus bless us. that was just really sweet because people feel like you can't have that time and he's like, i know i can't so he handed this out. >> he's from haiti and as you can see when we put the camera on him, he's very shy. not. but what a great kid. you know, it's nice when you get people in here who brighten our mornings. >> they do. >> and he quietly slipped this to us. it was so sweet. >> very sweet. >> we have a lot of news to get to this hour. we start with that highway shooting in california. let's go back to our chief national correspondent matt gutman who's on the scene still and has the latest. good morning again, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. police are still calling this an active crime scene.
8:03 am
you can see the officer behind me. dozens of bullets fired in this all out gun battle. motorists caught in the cross fire. it started with a routine traffic stop. that officer pulling over a man in the white pick-up truck. as he was preparing the paperwork to impound the vehicle, the suspect aaron luther went to his own truck, got the long gun and began firing. despite being mortally wounded that officer able to call in for back up. officers arrived. they engaged the shoot. two additional finally officers took out the suspect. overnight that sad procession of chp officers mourning the loss of their comrade.
8:04 am
now, this morning investigators want to know why aaron luther seemed to snap but also why a felon who had served time for attempted murder could get his hands on an assault style rifle. robin. >> all right, matt, thanks so much. david? we turn now to that health alert about measles as kids get ready to head back to school. it's the worst outbreak in decades and ten new cases just reported. i want to get back to dr. jen who's here with us. break down these new numbers. >> new numbers from the cdc. let's get right to them. this measles outbreak is not letting up. there are about 1,100 cases confirmed now, 124 did require hospitalization. 64 of those had serious complications like pneumonia or encephalitis. the majority of cases have occurred in unvaccinated people, many of them children. this is not just a national issue. it's affecting 30 states. it is a worldwide issue with massive measles outbreaks occurring in the drc, madagascar and the ukraine. again, it needs to stay on everyone's radar. >> not just around the world but as you point out right here in the united states and there is time to take action if you're a parent. >> as we get ready to send kids back to school, the most important thing, get vaccinated. one dose of the mmr vaccine is
8:05 am
93% protection, two doses 97%. parents need to recognize the symptoms that can initially look like the common cold, cough, runny nose, very high fever. the rash starts three to five days after the symptoms which can start seven days or more after exposure. so know the symptoms and get vaccinated. >> and preventable. >> totally. >> keep your kids home if they do show symptoms. >> with any infection you want to try to keep kids home. >> you're going to be back with us because you have something about self-care? >> yes, big self-care series. also coming up, the new message from liam hemsworth this morning. plus, how to get your kids off their screen just in time for school. we got that and lara is upstairs. hey, lara. hello, michael. hit it, andre. all right, great audience. are we ready for this? [ cheers and applause ] the tony award winning cast of "hadestown" performing live when "good morning america" comes back. don't go anywhere. it's going to be fun. [ cheers and applause ]
8:06 am
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. what a terrific tuesday morning audience we have here. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow we have a fun cooking segment all about can i grill that, putting cantaloupe, salad and even cake to the test on the grill. >> i'm in. >> right? >> yeah. >> let's do it. >> we'll see what happens. nothing could go wrong with that. >> something's happening
8:11 am
thursday. can't wa. tlor. >> t. swift, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] got music on the brain. a lot of music in "pop news." let's do it. good morning, everybody. [ applause ] love to give you good news about this lady, missy elliott. she tells us to work it in one of her classic songs. there it is. ♪ let me work it ♪ flip it and reverse it i mean, that is a classic. >> yeah. >> it seems that missy will be the one working it on stage at the upcoming mtv vma awards. the legendary entertainer has been chosen to receive the michael jackson video vanguard award. congratulations, missy. this makes her the fourth rap artist to receive the honor following in the footsteps of ll cool j, beastie boys, kanye west, but she's the only female rapper ever chosen. [ cheers and applae ] work it. elliott just announced she'll also perform at the show.
8:12 am
it will be her first time on the vma stage in 16 years. the honor celebrating her song writing and over 30 million albums sold worldwide. >> i can't wait. >> congratulations. >> overdue. >> good for you. also popping this morning, liam hemsworth now speaking out about his surprise breakup with miley cyrus. [ audience reacts ] the actor -- oh wow, that was spontaneous. i know, it was sad, wasn't it? well, look at this sunset he posted. it's a sad picture too. it's beautiful but he wrote on instagram something very nice. he said, quote, wishing miley nothing but health and happiness going forward. stop, end. that's it, keeping it classy. alongside a photo of a beach at sunset. this comes 24 hours after miley shared a picture of herself. she's back in the recording studio as you can see, signaling new music could be on the way. wishing them the very best. >> both of them. >> we are, yes.
8:13 am
[ applause ] i love this audience. you should have seen them. i thought it was going to be a group sing-a-long. you guys are the best. [ applause ] are you ready for princess diana the musical? >> ooh. >> yes, it's happening. reports this morning say a show about the life of princess di is said to open on broadway next spring. it's called, shockingly, "diana." it will follow the life of the people's princess from meeting the future king as a shy school teacher, to her every move and of course the events that led up to her tragic passing. the show is written by the writer of "memphis." this is a very strong team. they've been testing the show, really strong reviews. "diana" said to open on broadway in march. >> here's a little something though about that. the team that wrote it, one of the people -- one of the members of that team is david brian. >> yes. >> who is a keyboard player for bon jovi. he wrote "memphis" as well. very talented musician. we know him asst aar. he's a very talented musician overall. david wrote "diana."
8:14 am
>> the reviews have been great, a mix of classical, '80s, pop, all about the genre. sounds great, everybody check it had out. finally, in the news this morning some wise guy owls. they didn't like the fact they were being watched. these rare owls living in the u.k., one owl spots the surveillance camera. he doesn't give a hoot. look what happens next. yeah. that camera now sleeps with the fishes, everybody. and that's "pop news." >> thanks, lara. >> well done. great job, lara, as always. [ applause ] and now to our "gma" cover story. supermodel kate upton is taking a stand, posing in unretouched photos for the september issue of "health" magazine, sending al life. paula faris is back. paula, this is a departure from what we normally see on these september covers. >> it certainly is and how refreshing is it to see this, ladies and gentlemen. upto s wanted to send a message that most photos tt e e. they're retouc filtere
8:15 am
staged and we should stop comparing ourselves to a false reality. for her, posing like this is a huge step forward. >> reporter: this morning, supermodel kate upton sending a message that all bodies are beautiful on the september cover of "health" magazine, showing how she looks without photo retouching. the 27-year-old flaunting her curves, making it her mission to help women feel strong and healthy, saying it's important for me to push out this different mind-set. i don't want anyone to think oh, no, i don't fit into that size 2 dress. you know what, who cares? buy another one. upton admits criticism has affected her but she's learned to put less focus on the scale and more on her health, saying perfection should not be the goal. >> for someone like kate upton who is a supermodel, a swimsuit model and who is famous for being absolutely gorgeous, for her to be able to show herself in a really real way, we just knew that would be something that would be really powerful.
8:16 am
>> reporter: the new mom also sending an important message to other moms out there. >> it's so hard after giving birth to also have all this pressure from everybody around you to have, like, to just snap right back into your best body, and that just doesn't work that way. so don't be so hard on yourself. >> that's right, don't be so hard on yourse. she had a baby nine months ago. she says putting herself first at some point during the day, eating well, working out, it creates a good mental space which helps prevent the criticism from getting to her. this is for you by the way. >> thank you. my girls are going to love this. i think everybody wants their kids to have a positive body major. >> just a reminder, everything we see out there is retouched and filtered, it's not reality. >> thank you, kate upton. david, over to you. >> thanks, michael. thanks, paula. we're going to turn to a "gma" parenting alert. as children get ready to go back to school, the question, how do you get them off the screens. it's a struggle even the youtube ceo is facing this morning. we saw this story in "the new
8:17 am
york times". rebecca jarvis has a lot more on this. a lot of parents are going to be listening. >> you can imagine these conversations are happening right now. a lot of negotiations are happening. this is a tough transition, especially with back to school, moving the kids from freedom of summer to the structure of school, but there are ways to minimize screen time and keep your sanity. >> reporter: it's a battle so prevalent even the head of youtube, ceo susan wojcicki, says she's having with her kids. too much screen time. in a new interview telling the u.k.'s "guardian" newspaper i have times when i take away all my kids' phones, especially on a family vacation, because i want people to interact with each other. it comes back to balance. new york mom megan can relate. she says she can't get her kids away from screens, and they're just weeks away from starting school. >> it does have to be structured very differently during the school year mainly because there's no wiggle room. >> reporter: even though it's been a long summer of video games and smartphones, her kids don't want to put the screens away.
8:18 am
>> they really don't understand when i do say no, so that's when the outrage and the whining comes in. >> reporter: according to the american association of pediatrics, children 2 to 5 years old should only be on screen for one hour a day. while children 6 and older should have limits on what kind of media they should use to make room for sleep and physical activity. during the school year, it's important that children stay focused on their studies. >> it's best not to go in just cold turkey. our job now is to take a child's screen time as they have it right now and get it down to that quota by the beginning of the school year. >> and that solution boils down to consistency and communication with your kids. pediatricians recommend setting limits with children 6 and older, watching programs together. one great tip here, make a plan together how much screen time are you going to be consuming. when would the kids like reminders that that screen time is almost up.
8:19 am
so five-minute, ten-minute reminders, negotiate that. >> consistency is important. i'm curious, one of the recommendations that you had mentioned is designating a screen-free time. >> that's what the ceo of youtube says she does with her own kids, vacations, dinner time. these are times that are screen free. and think about it, what you're doing with your own screen, they are modelling that behavior. >> your baby girl is five months old and she notices when your phone is out. >> it's wild. we're trying to keep our phones aside because she watches. she notices. let's get outside to ginger. >> good morning, diane and good morning to san antonio, texas. they're only a couple hours from rosenburg, texas which is where our "gma" moment comes from. if you have a party and too many balloons, get merril the dog to help out. he loves popping them. yeah, it's his favorite past time. now you all know. if you have a "gma" moment,
8:20 am
something that makes you smile or laugh, please put them on my facebook page. for now let's get a [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] series,e nation. sometimes taking care of yourself just feels like another thing on the to-do list, but it can yield big benefits and might be easier to do than you think. janai is back and will show us how to get started. >> oh, i'm so slammed next week. i'm sorry, if you want to go,
8:21 am
i'll make it. when was it? >> reporter: life's never ending to-do list. sound familiar? that's how life looked for alicia ramos until she learned how to prioritize time for herself. >> i would put in my hours at the office and then after hours i would come home and do more work. constantly online and saying yes to everything. >> reporter: she recognized a need for change in her life. so she created an online community called girl's night in on self-care that reaches 150,000 readers weekly. >> a lot of our content is focused on friendships and how to strengthen friendships. also on the flip side of things, how to maintain boundaries with certain individuals in your life. >> reporter: ramos is part of the millions seeking answers. the self-care industry is $10 billion strong with a hashtag that returns more than 18 n sta.
8:22 am
don'tecri nto it could even extend to your relationships. i haven't seen my friend in a while, maybe i'll shoot he glty some time to figure out what makes you happy, what brgs >> our thanks to janai for that. dr. jen is back. >> for sure, robin. think of this on the spectrum of preventative medicine or think of it like taking your car in for maintenance before it actually breaks down. it is a major health trend right now as we just heard in the piece. and i think there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. it's not selfish. it's not about spending a lot of money. it's not just for women. men are doing it too. and it's not really just about yourself. it might involve giving or philanthropy, and it's really important. it's making quite an impact. >> i'm glad you said that, self-care is not selfish, not at all. >> for sure.
8:23 am
>> can you perhaps go a little too far? >> i think obviously you can. anything where we talk about on a spectrum has the propensity to go overboard. i think if it's taken to excess, that can be suboptimal. if you ignore basic health care practices just in favor of what you deem to be self-care, that's potentially risky. and with anything, if the risks outweigh the benefits of anything you're doing, not so good. >> okay, jen has a book that's coming out in december, "the self-care solution," so you know what you're talking about here. but how do we make it so it's not just checking another thing off the box? >> i learned do one thing at a time. the reason i started this self-care experiments is when i was at my lowest i felt that challenging myself month by month helped me feel better. i'll share that with our viewers and people can participate and hopefully it helps a lot of people. >> i'm sure it will. you always do. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. dr. jen will answer your questions about self-care on our facebook live. ginger, almost back to school time.
8:24 am
can you believe it? some kids are even back already. now we're going to our before the bell series, teaming up with our sponsor, target, to help you and your kids get ready to head back to school. this morning is l classroom style. we've got fashion journalist and target stylist, zanna roberts rassi. trendy looks to make the kids feel confident. tell us, what are the trends this season? >> i mean, it's all about self-expression. the kids dictate the trends, not us, but we want to avoid fashion wars in the morning. they're very time consuming. stock the closet with versatile pieces that they love and you love. >> i remember that time. let's bring out our first model here. she's looking so cute. >> she's rocking denim on denim. this is a cute take. it's got this lovely rainbow embroidered jacket, worn with yocan antihis thirt, great fit. tights and a big boot and then, i'm sorry -- >> how cute. >> these are available size 4 to 18.
8:25 am
>> great. noah, come out. we got a lot of camo going on. >> camo is great and i like the two-tone idea. camo is a great fabric for parents because it hides a multitude of stains and for kids because it's super cool and on trend. how much do you like sharks, noah? >> a lot. >> a lot. he also loves fortnight. so we've got this great fortnight backpack as well. super cute. >> finally peyton is looking shiny. come on out here, peyton. >> peyton is rocking modern magic. peyton is a dancer as well so we wanted something she can wear to school that's fashion forward but then also after for her dance class. she wanted to do a split kick wearing this. this rose gold is a great hoodie, worn with these electric blue shorts and obviously a rose gold high top. >> you were mentioned they have something special at target, the clothing for adaptive -- >> adaptive clothing to address the needs of children with disabilities which is great.
8:26 am
it's very important. >> if that doesn't get you there. thank you so much. great job today. you look fantastic. don't they look good and so ready for school? oh, i never want a fight in the morning. all of these looks and the items available for purchase at target. we don't want to miss it. le we're gng to school now. >> i know. >> we'll be right back. see you guys soon. "gma's" before the bell sponsored by target. "gma's" before the bell sponsored by target. get low prices on supplies and apparel for every school list.
8:27 am
good morning. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui. as students go back to school they might notice a change to their school i.d. a new california law requires suicide prevention information be printed on the back of student i.d.s 7th grade through college in an effort to strip the stigma of mental health. now for traffic. this tuesday, with a lot of schools back and a lot of people back to work, it's been busy on the freeways. here's the bay bridge toll plaza backed up. a couple accidents in san francisco northbound 280. towards king traffic slows as well as getting to the lower deck of the bay
8:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:29 am
coasts and san francisco still in the 50s right now. the rest of us in the 60s. even clear lake at 74. if you're out and about, clouds along the coasts. otherwise cool to hot. look at the temperatures. triple digits today, tomorrow, and thursday inland. we reach 90 in many areas around the bay. heat in monterey friday. another update in about 30
8:30 am
minutes. we're always on our news app and abc7. the news continues now with good morning america. have a great day. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." we have a great story that will warm your heart this tuesday morning. it all starts with a simple equation, two plus two plus two equals one big happy family. a young couple in cincinnati had been struggling for years to start a family and then all of a sudden they got what they wished for and more. take a look. >> reporter: for calena and b.j. durel, this moment surrounded by their kids is more than a dream come true. >> if someone would have given me an idea that i was going to have the family that i do now, i would have said you're crazy. >> reporter: the ohio couple says they went through five years of infertility. so in 2016 they decided to start their journey as foster parents
8:31 am
and were asked to watch a pair of sister for an afternoon. >> we took the girls to the park and it was an instant connection. >> reporter: they continued to keep in contact with sisters aubrey and mariah, and two years later an ohio judge decided the girls needed a forever home. but then, two weeks later, another miracle. after deciding to adopt the girls, calena and b.j. found out they were pregnant with twins eight years after trying to become pregnant on their own. >> we waited so many years to have one child and now we're getting blessed with four. it was amazing. [ applause ] >> please welcome the durel family, calena, b.j., mariah, aubrey, gavin and grace. they're all here. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello.
8:32 am
>> aw, look at the munchkin. how are you doing? good to see you. >> hey girls, how are you? >> they're all smiling which is a great sign. >> yes, they're very happy. >> go sit by mommy. go sit by mommy and daddy. so good. all right, calena, you went from zero to whoo like that. >> yes. >> so, how's life? >> it is a new adventure every day. it's never boring in our house. we are so blessed, so blessed. >> they're precious. smoothing out the hair like that. >> you just became a part of the durel family a week ago. >> look at the t-shirts. >> the bows and the t-shirts. how does it feel to be part of the family? >> fantastic. what did you say? >> a blessing. >> a blessing, oh. and you lost your teeth. did the tooth fairy come yet? we're going to work on that. >> mine never came. calena and b.j., you said it was an instant connection.
8:33 am
what was that feeling like? what was that like? >> the day that we met them we were just supposed to watch them and it was one of those things, we took them to the park. the personalities were phenomenal, the way they played, laughed, the way they got along with us. it was just -- we knew from that day it wasn't going to stop. >> yeah. >> meant to be. >> getting to know each other. and i hear, b.j., that y'all are bonding with the girls a little bit about sports, especially soccer. >> yeah. >> okay, so we have a special message for y'all. take a look. >> hi, durel family. it's julie ernest from the u.s. women's national team. >> and zach ertz from the philadelphia eagles. we heard about your story and we wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration to so many people across the world. we understand a life is such a gift and we know your story is going to inspire millions across the world. >> hi, mariah and aubrey, we heard you might possibly think about playing soccer this upcoming season. i hope you have so much fun. we're huge soccer fans. all the best to your family.
8:34 am
god bless and thank you so much for sharing your story. [ applause ] >> look how she's holding her little brother's hand right now. >> i know. >> they're fantastic sisters. >> and fixing his hair too. >> keep it in place. >> yes. >> but this is your first trip as a family. and, girls, this is your first time on an airplane, right? >> mm-hmm. >> how was that? >> both: very fun. >> it was fun? we're glad you're having fun and we want you to have even more fun and we may want to get you back on an airplane because our friends at beaches resort want to do a little something for you guys. they want to fly you to a luxury family getaway, four days and three nights at any beaches resort in jamaica or turks and caicos. [ cheers and applause ] how do you feel about that? >> great. >> that's awesome.
8:35 am
>> all their legs are swinging. that will be fun. you can go hang out in the swimming pool and just enjoy your family, enjoy ycen or o.of us. >> yeah, we want to thank you guys for sharing your story, such an inspiration to so many people out there. look at those big smiles. >> beautiful. >> will u se upho the beach when you go to the beach? >> absolutely. >> we look forward to it. thank you guys, the durels, for joining us. everybody stay right there. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
8:36 am
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[ chee the the durels, such a special family. i've always been looking forward to sharing this with you. author sarah m. broom's "yellow house" takes us on a remarkable journey through new orleans, especially new orleans east, exploring her beloved childhood home destroyed by hurricane katrina. her tale is one of love, loss and resilience. she's going to join us in a moment. let's take a look at her story first. >> the yellow house was witness to our lives. when it fell down, something in me burst. >> reporter: after sarah broom's childhood home was destroyed by hurricane katrina, she was inspired to rebuild in a different way.
8:39 am
>> how to resurrect a house with words. >> reporter: this is sarah's mission in her new book "the ow house sarah grew up in new orleans east, seven miles outside of the french quarter. >> new orleans east is not a place you find on most of the tourist maps. >> reporter: today sarah is reclaiming the narrative of her city and her home. >> houses provide a frame that bears us up. without that physical structure, we are the house that bears itself up. i was now the house. >> such profound words. please welcome sarah broom here with us. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> full disclosure. we were having dinner in her home in harlem and she says i wrote this little book. i said send me an advanced copy. i read it and i'm amazed by it and then boom. but it took eight years. >> eight years. >> it was a labor of love, wasn't it? >> it really was, and it was
8:40 am
important for me to get it right, robin. this was a place my mother bought when she was 19 years old and so i had to do justice to the world that she built, you know. i'm the baby of 12 children. >> 12. i know, right? >> so she raised 12 human beings inside of this house. and when i was growing up, there were no stories of new orleans east. even when i was reporting this book, there weren't reference books. i wrote the book that i needed and that i wanted my nieces and nephews to read. >> you have like 50 of them, don't you? >> i have so many. nearly 50 of them. >> right, right, right. hopefully they'll add to the story. >> that's right. >> it inspires families and i'm inspired now to learn more about my family history. when you hear, yes, there's no place like home, it's the details.
8:41 am
a house is a house, but what makes it a home to you? >> for me it's beauty. that's the thing my mother taught me, is that you figure out what's beautiful for you and then you go out and you collect beauty, that no matter what you have we can all train our eyes upon a beautiful thing and get immense joy from it. so for me and where i live, i'm always collecting beautiful things. even if they don't match or they don't go. >> i didn't want to say that. when i was in your home i was like that doesn't go, but it was so warm and inviting. it was you. it's you, it's you. okay, it's august and those of us from down south and we have some folks from mississippi and new orleans, 14 years ago hurricane katrina and your home was destroyed by that and then later was completely, completely demolished by the city. you recently were able to go back. when you went back and just saw that lot, what was in your mind, in your heart when you saw that?
8:42 am
>> you know, robin, it was a profound feeling. when i went back, the only thing left that i could recognize was a single cedar tree that my father had planted before i was born. the rest of the lot was just green grass growing, and i thought to myself -- it was the first moment i understood why i wrote this book, because i thought, oh, this book tells the history of a place no one except me and or my siblings can see. and so for the kid who still lives on the street where i grew up, she will have a record, a history of what came before. >> yeah. what is your message? what do you want -- people reading this, what do you want them to have, the message to come away with? >> sure. i think for me it's really about what it means to love a place, that if we truly love a place and are tethered to a place, then it's our job to get to know
8:43 am
ac and to ok beyond othat official map, to not only go to the places that are the narrative but to go beyond those places. >> well, thank you for taking us on this incredible journey. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> because as you'll read, people outside of the family weren't really in this home. they weren't really welcome -- i wouldn't say not welcomed in the home but they weren't able to come into the home. but you take us on this extraordinary journey and you are an engaging guide so thank you for that. you for that. "the yellow house" -- wait, audience, you're going home with a copy. [ applause ] >> thank you, sarah. blessings to you. ginger? >> you know i need a copy of that covering katrina. anyway, we are all counting down to our big concert with taylor swift in central park. it is just under nine days from now, and this morning we've got
8:44 am
a big announcement with our sponsor, capital one. ♪ promise that you'll never find another like me ♪ >> reporter: we're pretty sure there isn't anyone else quite like taylor swift. ♪ you need to calm down >> reporter: and there's no calming the millions of swifties ecstatic for her new album "lover", nor the can't-miss taylor concert live on "gma" august 22nd, sponsored by capital one. we came here to their new york city flag ship location at union square where banking is reimagined. it's kind of hard to believe but this is a bank. people can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get their cash, get their financial help that they need and grab a cup of joe. a one-stop shop. today we gathered just a few of the biggest swifties on the planet. [ cheers ] and we didn't just make you come here to hold a couple of cat pillows.
8:45 am
we came here because you all are going to the taylor swift concert in central park. [ cheers and applause ] >> all: thank you, "gma" and capital one. >> so are you ready for our big announcement about tickets? they will become available this friday, yes. it's happening. a little something special -- mel knows this because she already did it. for capital one card holders who get unique experiences and exclusive perks, you have early access to taylor swift's "gma" summer concert performance starting now. she just got her tickets, so go to it. you got to head to our website back now with two of the stars of this year's best new
8:46 am
musical, "hadestown." reeve carney and andre deshields going to perform live with the cast in just a few minutes. first we want to talk about the show and congratulate you. what a year, you guys. >> thank you. >> let me brag, eight tonys, 14 nominations, your first tony award, andre. >> yes indeed. >> congratulations. that's got to feel good. >> it feels good. i did the disney thing. i wished upon a star and my dream came true. >> thank you. as a disney-owned company, we thank you. reeve, the big thing is this show has gotten so hot. it's got a big cult following. impossible to get tickets to, although you can, but it's a big ticket. now though you guys have an announcement that makes it easier for people around the country to see "hadestown." >> in addition to broadway we're launching a national tour in the fall of 2020. >> this is our special announcement for you. that's such an exciting thing because this is one of those shows that, if you can't get to new york, you might miss it. >> right. >> so now all over the country? >> yes. for those who can't make it here, but try to make it here too.
8:47 am
>> you'll see these two guys. you'll see them next coming up on "gma" too. stick around, that's coming up on "gma," the cast performing live after the break. >> michael, what's on "strahan & sara"? >> the competition is heating up with our side hustle showdown. >> kim perell teams up with cynthia bailey. they'll send one viewer to the finals. >> and from "pennyworth" jack bannon spills the secrets behind the batman-inspired show. >> he's going to spill them. they're going to be all over the place. and back to school fashions that are trendy and most importantly they are affordable. make sure you guys tune in at lunch time. and next here on "gma," we have the cast of "hadestown" performing live. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep!
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. we're so happy to be back with the cast of the broadway musical "hadestown" and honored to have them here for their first television performance since winning eight tony awards including best new musical. here they are performing a
8:50 am
mash-up of the two of the show's hit songs. "way down hadstown" and "wait for me." ♪ ♪ on the road to hell there was a railroad track ♪ ♪ there from way down below ♪ >> that was not six months. sui packed ♪ ♪ down there there's a bunch of steps ♪ ♪ i'll be bored to death ♪ going to have to import some stuff just to entertain myself ♪ ♪ give me morphine in a tin, give me a crate off the fruit of the vine ♪ ♪ takes a lot of medicine to make it through ♪ ♪ way down hadestown ♪ way down hadestown ♪ way down under the ground
8:51 am
♪ ♪ way down hadestown ♪ way down under the ground ♪ on the road to hell there was a railroad car ♪ ♪ and the car door opened and a man stepped out ♪ ♪ everybody looked and everybody saw it was the same man they had been singing about ♪ >> you're early. >> i missed you. ♪ >> how to get to hadestown, you have to take the long way down
8:52 am
through the underground, under cover of night, laying low, out of sight. ain't no compass, brother, ain't no map, just a telephone wire and a railroad track. keep on walking and don't look back until we get to the bottom land. ♪ wait for me, i'm coming ♪ wait, i'm coming ♪ wait for me, i'm coming too, i'm coming too ♪ ♪ who are you ♪ where do you think you're going ♪ ♪ who are you ♪ why are you all alone ♪ who do you think you are ♪ why do you think you can walk a road that no one ever walked before ♪ ♪ la la la la ♪ la la la la
8:53 am
♪ la la la la ♪ la la la la ♪ la la la la ♪ la la la la ♪ i'm coming, wait for me ♪ i hear the words repeating, falling on my feet and it sounds like drumming ♪ ♪ and i am not alone ♪ i hear the rocks and stones ♪ echoing my song, i'm coming [ cheers and appla
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
such a beautiful way to started the day. thanks to the cast of "hadestown." [ cheers and applause ] day. thanks to the cast of "hadestown." [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 am
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>> cool this morning. it's going to be hot this afternoon. 80s, 90s and almost 100s inland. a couple things from the east bay hills. 68 up there. look at this nasty strip of taupe color. that's the smoke from the moose fire. out there we're looking at pretty good conditions. otherwise it's hot the next three days. a lot of slow traffic all around the bay area. an accident on 880 southbound at stephenson, northbound at tenson. one off the san ma day toe bridge. it's slow westbound out of hay ward right now. the drive times slow across the san mateo bridge. >> time for live with kelly and ryan. we see you again at 11:00 a.m.
9:00 am
for midday live. us on have >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, he keeps us up at night: jimmy kimmel. all next on "live." [zedd, maren morris & grey's "the middle" playing] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> ryan: [indistinct]. >> ♪ i'm losing my mind ♪ just a little ♪ so why don't you just ♪ meet me in the middle [cheers and applause] >> ryan: ♪ so why don't you ♪ just meet me in the middle >> ♪ why don't you just ♪ meet me in the middle ♪ baby ♪ i'm losing my mind >> ryan: ♪ just a little ♪ why don't you just ♪ meet me in the middle >> ♪ middle >> ryan: ♪ middle, middle boom. thank you so muc g


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