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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 17, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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video show, "right this minute." bystanders down the road and it's not a good thing. why it's a verifying race to safety. >> holy cow. >> it's a rare balanced eagle being rescued. >> it had unusual markings. >> how tlc and a little food goes a long way. >> look who is surprising a super fan. the hijinx when milo hijacksss phone. >> i'm great. where are you? >> we're breaking down the best
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on the web. and mother's unite. it's meet the teacher night. the different ways a mom is testing the teacher's patients. >> just make sure none of these moms talk to me, please, thanks. >> shady. >> one minute you're walking through the streets of your town and the next minute you're in an action movie >> what on earth. >> followed by an explosion and then this. >> oh my god! holy cow. >> it's like a fire wave. >> oh my gosh. >> there's no way you can outrun that. >> let me show you the reverse and watch people outrun that. the two people that ran duck
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around the corner of the building. here comes the other pair of people. and then there he is ducking around the corner of that building as well. >> what on earth happened. >> an insane piece of video following a gas station fire. the leak and the explosion in here was the initial fire ball but the rest of that was just the rest of the gas that had leaked out that was just going along the way. in all, only six people were injured. no reports of any fatalities in the situation. one tire shop did burn to the ground, but it was remarkable considering what we seen in this video. in another dangerous situation, but not nearly as such, you see this guy, next thing he does, light a match. >> yeah.
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>> until -- this scenario is under investigation but reports say that man was detained. so far, no real word as to why. there were multiplesf damage inarson. there were multiplesf damage inarson. >> thi martinrouthwt wildlifeut. it's not just any type of eagle. it's a white belly balanced eagle. it was not being taken care of by his parent. this one was on the ground. since it was on the ground, that's when he is allowed to go in. >> you want to fight me so bad. >> it looks mad now. >> it is mad because one thing he realizes, this thing is malnourished.
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so how cool is that? he knows exactly what to do. >> he said physically it's pretty much okay but he showed us what the problem >> it's because of malnourishment. he can't fly around and care for itself. after he feeds it he puts it into seclusion and then a couple of days later he wants to make sure that it's walking on its own and will eat on its own and then it will be in another cage with another bird. they make sure that it's almost overfed so that when they release it into the wild it can get used to hunting and feeding on its own. >> and for this guy to grow where he needs to be able to fly appropriately, he's probably going to be with us for a year, maybe two years. >> in a good
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he's doing a free climb which means he is not attached with a harness or any security equipment. only strength and determination and tenacity. >> look, you could already be using your feet. you're show boating while free climbing and he is definitely high enough. >> he considers this a form of art. a form of expression. >> he does this for his jolt. he is climbing in south africa. >> look at that. he is entranced. >> i love the way he hangs by just gripping with his hands on those teeny tiny little ledges. >> it's incredible.
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>> how do you train for this? >> no, if you notice, there are pads at the bottom. eventually he does actually connect it. with one hand, stays on and then continues on up to the finish. didn't think that was crazy enough -- >> come on, man. >> now he's going essentially upside down on to that rock. >> he's like, hey do you want to go hang hey, i'm going to surprise a fan and take over her social media. i love this guy. this is us. >> he's also from the art of racing in the rain. milo teamed
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a stranger phone. that stranger being >> oh my gosh. >> off the top, start with photos. they take a few picks and send them off and then they head over to snapchat. take a few fun photos with filters and then in early august so why don't we pick up where we left off. maybe we should watch jerry mcguire. >> and of course it's over. >> just got back to us. josh is ready to go. it's okay. i generally have finger spasms too. >> brilliant. milo texting you though. >> it's sincerely milo. >> then josh comes back. >> jamie, let's get dinner and chat and maybe listen to some poison. >> at this point i feel like,
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yo, milo put down the phone and let's go hang out. >> let's move on to what the phone is actually used for. calling. >> who did he call? >> mom called her. >> i'm great. where are you? >> i'm at a sushi restaurant right now. i have to tell you, i really love the clips that i'm seeing of your new movie. >> thank you very much. >> aw, that's so sweet. >> so instagram, andram, andram, >> milo just took over my phone, so -- >> so anything you haven't liked in the last ten minutes. >> charity and i are available if you want to blind fold us and have a handsome attractive actor go through our phones. >> we can do the exact same thing right here. >> it's all of this, how people
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are so jealous. thank you so down the hall comes some -- >> spooky scary noises. >> the little brother prank with a big pay off. [ laughter ] >> plus some furry rtm viewers. >> look at them on the couch, panting, watching right this minute. >> why they're big fans of watching themselves too. >> we're on tv. ooohhhh ♪
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this goes out to the brothers out there, annoying, annoying, funny brothers. one industrious older brother has a sneaker and it's suddenly playing spooky, scary noises. [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> you got me. >> we head to australia where he has made the mistake of leaving it in his home so we go upstairs trying to find keys and they're digging around and find money and money and more money.
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there's like champagne and a gold card and a bunch of hats and they take them and with a little bit more digging, tada. >> so what are we going to do with this? >> just as many as possible to buy. then comes home and is completely oblivious. >> are you serious? oh m [ bleep ] -- are you [ bleep ] for real? 200 grand car? >> oh, no. no. >> don't find it quite so funny. >> these dogs really like tires
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or they really love the sounds of her voice. >> look at him on the couch, tanting, wat panting watching right this minute. things change. the one on the couch is in the video on the screen with vinny, his buddy. you're on tv, look, you're on right this minute. you're on tv. what about benny? how did benny react? >> benny is on the video too? >> yes, check it out. >> when you're talking, the dog is like -- it's something about your voice. >> i have a captivating voice. what can i say. the dogs love me. >> when benny comes up on the tv, it escalates. >> wait, does this mean most of our viewers are pets sitting at home watching our show? no, this is a video from taylor.
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she has been in nevada visiting her friend's house. she goes in and her friend isn't home but the cat is. did you see the glowing eyes? that's the warning that she should have heeded. >> cats are protective. they're like dogs, man. and the cat's owner, her friend, she said, look, your cat attacks me. he said it does not. it's not as bad as you say it is. she's like okay, i'm going to roll some video and she did. guess what -- >> oh, no. >> the owner said, you know what, don't be hating on my cat. somebody who he didn't know came into the house and he was protecting me. >> i ain't coming in your house no more. >> mountain bikers are sending it down the trail. >> why hope might not be enough. >> oh. >> and -- >> hey guys. >> tina is taking a closer look. >> a very, very close up. >> but see why it will have you
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so the noble canyon british columbia, soft on the side, that's the mountain bike trail. the trail is dry. so he knows it. wade is up front. he has never run this particular trail before. but basically, sending your buddy down the hill ahead of you, hoping for the best. >> he's a crash test dummy. the first one to go down. it's true. just seconds down the trail. we have another incident.incide. it's fun. >> oh! >> that on the side is for the broken ribs. >> all right. just this little jump. >> it's a little jump. what is this? amateur hour? >> i agree with you. so continuing on. well, let's try that again. >> well, they turn around andet up to do it right this time.
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and they landed just perfectly. they deembarrassed themselves. >> deembarrassed themselves? >> yes. >> did they undereembarrass themselves? >> yes. >> a few minutes later. one of them is running over the other guys. >> here we go. and 35 seconds later >> that was interesting. >> it's drew's turn again. head over heels. >> where is the bike. . >> you know, i feel like there's an instagram inspiration to get him through this. it's how you do
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>> now this officially the ickiest part of the show today. he is showing off a very, very close up look of her scalp. >> usually you can actually see like a hole around it but with these layers of, i don't know, dead skin -- >> there's a lot of build up that you don't get to see with the naked eye around our hair folicle. >> that's why you have to wash with apple cider vinegar. >> witch hazel. >> you probably look like this. she uses hair products like we do but she has found a product. and to see if it works, she starts applying it. she is ready to show us what it looks like.
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>> then however it did dissolve the dandruff flakes that you can actually visually see. >> some people believe that if you don't really cleanse your scalp it could potentially lead to hair moms head back to school to meet the teacher night. >> the relatable types putting this teacher to the test
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the dry ingredients but give it a couple of tries. it may be fun and it could come >> if you didn't alrea it teachers are super heros.her. as tiffany will show us, it's meet the teacher night. >> phoenix's birth mother. >> yit's all down here from there. >> there's all kinds of mom. >> hi, the classroom is super cute. >> trying to be hip. >> just make sure none of these mo moms -- >> i don't think you have to
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worry about anyone. >> shady. >> grayson's mom. where is grayson? >> he was there a second ago. >> i'm sure he's fine. then there's that mom, you know, that you. great to meet you. so you should know that i have been class mom in emma's classes ever since kindergarten. >> wow. >> oh. >> i like to keep an eye on trends at all times so if it's cool with you i'll just strap a go pro to him. >> are you being serious? >> so clearly this mom has a little bit of anxiety but it's coming from a place of fear. >> i'm terrified that he is going to get picked on and bullied by other kids and he makes me really nervous. i'll punch a kid. >> what's that?
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>> i'll punch a kid. >> okay. everybody, thank you so much for coming. meet the teacher is over. >> really? that's so weird. on the pamphlet it says that meet the teacher went until 6:00. >> that was a misprint, so. >> no, definitely isss >> take your essential oils and everything else. >> see you monday. >> that will do it for this episode of right this minute. check out right this if you still need more great videos and connect with us on the next all new rtm.
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