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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  KGO  August 22, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the park is busy during the day so any fire has potential to harm several people. dozens of areas of suspected do february to yesterday. >> is it just coincidence, fireworks, homeless encampment, an arsonist. what is the cause? awfully suspicious where you have repeated clusters of fires in the same areas. >> reporter: we reached out to the san jose fire department to get the answers to his questions and at this point we're still waiting on a response. thank you. >> it's 4:30. a quick update on your weather and traffic. >> let's take a look at the visibility outside. you can see it's down to zero at half moon bay. that's where the thickest fog is right now. for everythingry where. missing some of our reporting station. coming up the peninsula, through
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the east bay hills. you'll run into that thick fog and full of moisture. you're going to need the windshield wipers. there's a ton of mist. what we've done is taken the marine layer that was 3,000 feet yesterday and compressed it down 1,000 feet. there's extra moisture and that's why it's muggy and misty. temperatures upper 60s by 7:00. turn mostly sunny. temperature at the 60s in the coast. 78 to 87 around our bay and inland neighborhoods. 84 to 96 during the afternoon hours. still 76 to 90 at 7:00. let's get back to frances. >> talk being about some of that fog and mugginess. a lot of it is across golden gate bridge. traffic is light but a very difficult drive because of fog and low visibility. so just be careful as you make your way across the golden gate bridge. here's a live shot of the bay bridge. looking fine heading in to san
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francisco. the other end, the bay bridge toll plaza there's a back up for the cash paying lanes, fast track lanes looking good. i mentioned that earlier accident in oakland northbound 880 at hagenburger. it's slowing things down. 880 still looking good in walnut creek. a white supremacist group claims it was behind racist and anti-immigrant posters put up around san jose state campus. our media partner reports american identity movement said photos were taken at san jose state. the group helped organize the white nationalist rally in charlottesville two years ago. a woman protesting that event died after a man drove into the crowd. new details of the pilot who crashed off of half moon bay. david leash is a well-known ski media figure from denver. he has a reputation for
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provocative stunts. he denies this crash was a stunt. >> our videos are provocative and edgy but if you believe i crashed my airplane into the ocean as a publicity stunt you need your head examined. >> he said that fuel wasn't as clean as it should have been which could have led to the crash. ntsb will be investigating two other plane crashes in northern california. a private jet crashed and burned yesterday as it took off from the oroville municipal airport. the plane was carrying 10 people. investigators say the pilot aborted a takeoff. fortunately no one was hurt. this is the same type of plane that crashed last week in north carolina carrying dale earnhardt jr. and his family and they escaped unharmed. another small plane crashed near the livermore airport. sky 7 is showing the the wreckage. the pilot was alert and talking
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when she was taken to the hospital. first on abc 7 news independent experts hired by the family of former san francisco public defender jeff adachi believe he died from a heart attack and not from dug and alcohol overdose. a finding that contradicts the medical examiner's up a. it determined he died accidentally from acute mixed drug toxicity of cocaine andth knoll. dylan miller is an independent pathologist and found his death was from natural causes. adachi family just wants to clear his name. >> man arrested on sexual assault charges involving young boys is facing new accusations this morning. more possible victims have come forward. randolph howeman faces 20 counts of various sexual assault charges. the incidents happened from 1987 to 2015. the boys were ages 20616. investigators said the assault
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took place at his home in menlo park. a visit to paradise, return slowly. >> good morning. what's going on. >> reporter: a cheerful welcome for governor newsome. visiting paradise ridge elementary school to check int e months after the camp fire destroyed their town. >> i want to see the progress. i want to make sure we're following through on our promises and i'm proud of the work they've done. >> reporter: nearly half of the schools in the district survived te ng now that smoke damage has cleared and water filters have been installed. >> we expect about 1,000 kids and almost at 1600. so we have some very terrific moments.
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saysadisnifi soolrinteent di-on th schoolshanks iarge part to funding from the state. >> we really can't afford to make cuts especially in the social emotional area. >> reporter: the governor says he's listening. while he knows the rebuilding for par die will be long and difficult this left him optimistic. >> you gate sense quickly how a community is doing through the yiefs children. >> reporter: dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> governor also addressed the issue of rebuilding homes. he said the state is looking into solutions for insurance issues but didn't give specifics. there is a search in discovery bay for a woman that's been missing since tuesday night. her husband flagged down a sheriff's deputy that he hasn't seen his wife since she went out to water plants to hours earlier. there was a search boat docked bethe house.
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chen was last seen yaerg pink sandals. >> golden gate prij is look at a proposal to give fare discounts on low-income riders. staffers recommending a 50% discount. the pilot program is slated to begin later this yearer and would be solely based on fares paid used clipper cars. the meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. at the golden gate toll plaza in san francisco. a new kind of hi-tech car break in making the rounds. we are building a better bay area by helping you protect yourself. >> now there are 22. another democrat running for president drops us. >> apple has a warning about its new credit card. one place you shouldn't keep it. >> that's all ahead. first it's 4:37. we talked about it will be warm this morning. this has taken me a little bit by surprise. 17 degrees warmer in napa.
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7 in oakland. 13 in half moon bay. let's see what our numbers are. 65 in los altos hills. you see mid-to-upper 60s every where but half moon bay 58. south bay, the clouds are closing in on the bay bridge. you need the windshield wipers time to time during the morning commute. a fair commute because of this mugginess out there. cool to hot, on the bay. calmer breezes. no small craft advisories. here's a look at the north bay. in the 60s through 7:00. nearing 80 by 11:00. almost total sunshine. east bay in the 60s through 9:00. upper 70s at noon. down to 71 at 7:00. for san francisco we're stuck in the 60s through 11:00 and hang
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out in the low to mid-70s during the afternoon hours. all these temperatures above average. we're one day away from the weekend. we'll see how it fares going into the weekend. what your watching? >> we got a few problems on the roads already early this morning. some fog and visibility and here's a live shot of the san rafael bridge toll plaza. crews are going out there now and see some of those blinking lights on westbound 580 at caster street. report of a brush fire. they are responding to that scene. here's a live shot interstate 80 headlights moving westbound through berkeley. westbound earlier there was an earlier hit-and-run and it may still be blocking lanes so we're checking out that drive time for you. highway 4 to the maze still 16 minutes at this
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>> it will be warmer than average this weekend. sometimes that leads to poor equatorial. right now the bay equatorial enactment district said we're fine. good to moderate air quality today through sunday. what you'll see is hot temperatures around palm springs. near 100 through the central valley. 85 with afternoon sunshine in los angeles. throw mid-80s through the
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sierra. in the valleys you get up to 1,000 feet in the 90s. tahoe at lake level 82, 84 and 84. >> washington governor inslee has dropped out of the presidential race. he reached the donor threshold but not likely to qualify because he hadn't hit the polling threshold. there are now 22 democrats remaining in the race for the white house. children and parents in santa cruz county are on alert after a teen was assaulted by a stranger. the 13-year-old girl was walking along highway 9 in felton on tuesday when she says a man approached her and grabbed her. she fought him off and got away. her last glimpse of the suspect was him running towards a middle school. this is a composite sketch of his face. he's about 6'4" and skinny.
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your safety is an important part of our effort to build a better bay area. car break ins and theft are one of the most common crimes. police caught an auto burglar who has a way to break in without breaking the windows. >> reporter: on tuesday a vallejo police detective interrupted a suspected auto burglar who had this, a signal jammer now a piece of the evidence likes of which the department has never recovered before. >> it's a portable device that you can keep in your car, in your pocket, on your person, and it will block the electrical signal from your key fob to your vehicle which prevents your vehicle from locking. >> reporter: forget broken windows. you can show up to your car, no damage but your valuables are missing. undercover police investigator explained how that might affect a victim and the police response. >> second guessing whether they locked their vehicle or if they may have left the items that were stolen at home.
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so instantly causes them a delay in reporting. >> shut the door. >> reporter: jeff demonstrating what lots of people do despite the fact he says there are frequent car break ins where he works he had no idea signal jammers were a tool available to thieves. >> scary to think you can put your car safe. >> reporter: i spoke to an auto theft center and signal jammers will break any noise. so double check with your handle it's locked. if you have an automatic key fob listen for the beep or locking mechanism. if you hear nothing lock your car again. we have ways to protect yourself, your property and your neighborhood. all those stoergs have been foftd our website.
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go to, scroll down and click on building a better bay area. >> i haven't heard of that before. another thing to watch out for. >> every time we figure out what they are doing and combat it they go another way, right? look at the roof camera. my goodnes. look at all that moisture hanging in the air. it is a frizzy friday eve morning. temperatures 63 degrees. so we're going to be humid and warm compared to average today. humidity will lower tonight and cooler conditions are on the way so better sleeping weather. extended pattern nearly steady. fluctuate a couple of degrees. cloud cover will differentiate during the overnight hour. for the most part we're pretty steady. longest stretch of steady weather we had all summer. here's a look at the cloud cover. very extensive this morning. also pull back to the coast by noon because it's a little bit lower we can start to warm the
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mountain tops and hill tops and get the air turning over a little bit faster today and then we got a little bit of a breeze developing along the coast. it will be breezy and where we'll find increasing sunshine from north to south today. so mid-to-upper 80s down in the south bay today. get to 90 at morgan hill. up the peninsula a lot of mid-to-upper 80s. then you get san mateo at 82. how about mid-to-upper 60s along the coast today with mid-70s in downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. mid-90s through the north bay valleys. eastbound shore 79 in richmond. everybody else around 80 to 84 degrees. inland 91 to 96. tonight there you go. 50s are coming back to the bay while 60s will hold on in the east bay and south bay. middle to upper 90s every day inland. throw mid-80s around the bay. mid-60s to near 70 at the coast. >> i got better news. couple earlier accidave been cleared.
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we'll take to you first one westbound 880. traffic is flowing well. no leans blocked. looking good westbound 580. earlier crash northbound 880 at hagenburger off the roads and green traffic along 880. westbound 580 from tracy to dublin usual slowing. 37 minutes. antioch to concord 14 minutes and southbound 101 from san rafael to san francisco is an easy 17 minute drive. northbound 101 also fine in the south bay if you're heading to the san jose airport that's 11 mnutes. northbound 280 from highway 1 to san francisco a ten minute ride. looking good on the peninsula as well. razor will be coming out with its own version of a foldable phone. >> wasn't that called a flip phone? >> also apple warning about
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storing its new credit cards in leather like most wallets are made out of. >> reporter: in today's tech bites an instagram hook goes viral duping several celebrities. >> everything you posted is about to become public. >> reporter: among those following the hoax julia roberts and rick perry. >> motorola may be selling its foldable razr phone by the end of the year. >> the u.s. launch will come within the next few months with a price of around $1500. first razr went on sale 15 years ago. think twice before you put apple's new titanium card in your wallet. >> it doesn't clean up well. it may become permanently discolored if stored against denim or leather. >> fancy. >> can't afford that. >> those are your tech bites.
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if you can afford it, there's no fee. >> that's true. just looks expensive. >> yeah. can't store it anywhere. president trump heaps prize on apple's tim cook. >> b.a.r.t. keeping elevators and stations clean. >> a
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>> can you believe our a's going for a sweep of the, you can say the best team. they have the best record in the american league. the yankees. let's sends them out of here with a sweep. how about that? 6:37. 73 is the temperature dropping down to 65 by the time we get the brooms out. >> thanks, mike. veterans with disabilities now don't have to worry about student loans. president trump signed an executive order at the am vets conference in louisville. it will forgive all student loans for permanently disabled military vets. it should help more than 20,000 veterans and cancel an average of $30,000 debt per person. >> president trump is praising apple ceo for one specific reason. take a listen. >> that's why he's a great executive because he calls me. others g and hire very expensive consultants and tim cook calls donald trump directly. pretty good. >> mr. trump's praise comes days
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after he met with apple's ceo at his new jersey golf club. the two talked about how tariffs on china could give samsung an advantage over apple. looking for improvements to issues that affect you. b.a.r.t. said it's made improvements and they've been noticed. the biggest improvement has been seen in elevators. 60% of people surveyed rank elevator cleanliness as good or excellent. two downtown san francisco stations have elevator attendants. the program is about to double to two more station over the next six months. b.a.r.t. plans to hire 15 more cleaners. let's take a look what's going on. working on our forecast for what's going to be a hurricane eventually. i believe it's ivo. not a big factor for us.
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it will bring rough surf to saasaab -- cabo san lucas and those areas. right now the water is 84 degrees and run into temperatures that run into the 60s and lose that energy that the warm water provides that's why it will fall apart. it could break the cycle by about wednesday of our above average temperatures. so if you're heading down the southwest coast of mexico or baja, not a great time to be in the water. >> there's a new injury crash in berkeley. and apparently it was reported westbound at university but now looks like it might be on the gilman on-ramp. a motorcycle rider has a broken arm. with this live shot we have a little bit of view as well. headlights moving on westbound 80 and it looks like it might be on the gilman on-ramp or off-ramp at this point.
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hopefully won't impact the westbound 80 ride. thele toll plaza is backed up for the cash paying lanes. find a very foggy ride with reduced visibility across the golden gate bridge this morning so be extra careful as you drive through the area. >> we're gets our first side-by-side look of the dogs who will star in the upcoming remake of the disney classic "lady and the tramp." >> here's rose who will play lady and next to her is tramp played by a terrier mix. monty was a rescue dog. staffers said they loved him because of his good behavior and sloppy wet kisses. the remake premiers on disney plus streaming service when it launches on november 12th. those sloppy kisses better come in handy because we know about the famous kissing scene. disney is the parent company of abc 7. ♪ this is the night
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♪ the most beautiful night presidential hopefuls making their way to the bay area to get support. >> b.a.r.t. may ban pan handlers on its trains. >> a new program helping victims of hate crimes. >> live look outside at 4:57 as we get our day to a foggy start. kind of muggy too.
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sue. good morning on this august 22nd. a warm and muggy day. >> you feel it? you feel that on thursday morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can't see the tower there's. you're never more than seven minutes away from your weather forecast. >> looks like it should abnormal summer day with fog take over and bringing us cool but kind of damp conditions. no. it is muggy. look at our muggy meter. our dew points amount of moisture in the air in the 50s. 55 degrees. we're well into the low and upper 60s. so we're feeling kind of what it would be like if you lived in the southeast or northeast. here's a look. 63 degrees right now at the


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