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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 22, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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first a foggy and muggy start to the morning. you can see what the air looks like over the golden gate bridge this morning. i know it looks like it could be cool. it's not. >> it's as thick as peanut butter outside. yeah. it's really thick out there. when is the last time you saw dew point of 70 degrees. that's oppressive. that's what's happening in san jose while the rest of us are in the muggy category. usually our dew points are at 55 or below. we're getting a little touch of the tropics this morning and our temperatures are very warm because of that. 63 right now. notice that the mist is happening ihanging in the air. it will cling to your windshield. you need the windshield wipers from time to time. 60s, 70s and 80s at noon. it will be warm and humid this afternoon. we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza because an accident was reported involving
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wide load in lane number 14 or number 16 so that's on the right-hand side. traffic is now backed up all the way into the maze. plan on about a 20-minute wait as you make your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. a slow spot in the south bay on 101. this accident has been blocking a lane at oakland road. traffic is jammed for miles as you approach the scene so that drive time the middle bar there northbound 101 from highway 85 to the san jose airport is 36 minutes. you may want to consider northbound 87 as an alternate. thank you. we're tracking breaking news in the south bay. san jose police are on the scene of a deadly hit-and-run. this is a live look at the heavy police presence near 4th and san fernando street right next to san jose state. police say the victim appears to be a man. we're gathering new details and have a live report coming up in the next half hour. right now abc 7 news is trying
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to help building a better bay area. there's a fierce disagreement with panhandling on b.a.r.t.. one of the board of directors is flooding the idea of banning panhandlers. some groups are gearing up for a fight claiming a ban would be unconstitutional. good morning, amy. >> reporter: this idea the aclu is against it, but a lot of riders we talked to like the idea of a ban. the idea is coming from b.a.r.t. board member deborah allen. she's kicking around the idea of proposing this ban. a ban on panned technologying and busking. that's when you play music and perform for money in the aisle. passengers feel they can't get away had this happens on trains and we did hear that sentiment this morning. >> do you feel trapped? >> i feel trapped it's hard.
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they are human beings just trying to make a living. i think a lot of them sometimes have mental illness too so you don't know. >> i think it should be banned. it's annoying. >> why? >> well, you know, b.a.r.t. for me is my time to relax. to and fro. i don't want to be bothered with people with their loud music and dancing and panhandlers i don't like it either. >> the san francisco examiner reports that the aclu would fight it saying it is likely unconstitutional. the aclu is currently fight similar proposal in sacramento. the president of the b.a.r.t. board says he also would not support this ban. he calls it polarizing. the idea has not been proposed yet but it is already generating a lot of talk. live in dublin, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news devoted a week to covering b.a.r.t. as part of our
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commitment to building a better bay area. we talked to riders and people in charge of making b.a.r.t. better to see what changes are coming. see all of those stories on our website, >> in east bay a disturbing find at an oakland elementary school. this rope hanging from a fence. the rope was found yesterday morning. the school removed the rope before students got there but the incident has made some parents uncomfortable. >> i'm thinking wow in 2019 here i have to have a conversation with my children about a noose. that suretiful. >> the principal emailed parents saying the way it was placed could have been coincidence or indicative of something more disturbing. school officials plan to discuss tissue at a meeting next week. >> happening today there's a new program to help victims of hate crimes. special safe place decals will go up in businesses to alert people where they can go where
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they need help and to call 911. move comes a day after south bay lawmakers launched another program to fight hate. they are calling a regional task force combat speech that targets racism. >> there's a lot of fear in our immigrant community andlgqie >> task force would focus on efforts to protect women, children and minorities especially members of the latino community. also make recommendations on investments in law enforcement intelligence combat the illegal gun trade. two hairstylists in the eastbound believe they have been targeted by the same thief who has swiped purses while work at salons. the bandit struck in walnut creek. the woman went into the employee break room and took a purse. a similar crime happened in pleasanton a few days later. the thieves both appear to be women in their 30s with long
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dark hair. >> a mass shooting may have been presented in southern california. policef threatening his co-workers and guests. he worked at the airport marriott in long beach. police searched his home. found ammunition and an assault rifle. happening today democratic national committee begins its three dayonme meeting in san francisco. >> 13 presidential hopefuls are expected to try to lure delegation, but former vice president joe biden will be skipping the conference in san francisco. many polls show that biden is the party's top contender. pete buttigieg also intends to miss that event. california senator alyssa harrington, billionaire tom %-p. >> the record local farmers just broke. >> visiting the "titanic" for the first time in more than a
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decade. the shock discovery made by scientists. >> here's a look at our weekend temperatures. we'll still be pretty warm for friday and saturday. we may pull back a little bit. sunday will be the warmest day with triple digits in well well well, what have we ♪here? a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls...and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes!
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some of those neighborhood temperatures at 6:10it fls different when you step outside. look what it's doing to these temperatures, mid-to-upper 60s every where. 72 in pittsburg. golden gate bridge mist hanging in the air. that will clear out our beaches. humid especially early this morning. humidity will hang around for the better part of today. going to feel little bit warmer than what the temperatures say. throw mid-80s during the afternoon hours. south bay in mid-to-upper 80s. for the east bay valleys we're in the 70s through 9:00. mid-80s by noon. low to mid-90s with a touch of humidity. it's going to feel pretty oppressive during the afternoon hours. let's find out about the
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aew you'rhehrjust re and couple of accidents on northbound 101 in san jose really jamming things up. one at oakland road blocking a lane and one at mckee and this one has injuries as well. look how slow that stretch is. on northbound 101 from highway 85 to the san jose airport ate 35 minute ride. very long delays there. you may want to consider highway 87 in san jose northbound traffic for taillights moving well right there towards the airport. bay bridge toll plaza, big rig accident reported in the number 14 or number 16 lane. new at 6:00 scientists reached the wreckage of the ecade and made a shock discovery. the. >> there's a metal eating bacteria that's causing the ship to decay much faster. the discovery was made earlier this month when a team of
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researchers sent a submersible with a camera. the iconic captain's bathtub used to thereabout and now it's gone. >> health alert this morning about your iphone. new research showing the phones might be putting out more radiation. >> tiny basketball player with an
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>> new sfroo phoenix. that man attacking his own attorney in court. he was facing trial for attacking a jail guard back in 2016. the man said he was trying show the judge that he wasn't happy with his public defender. that attorney is okay. all right. it is 6:15. wildfires still burning out of control in the amazon rain forest prompting a warning from scientists now. they say there's been more than 74,000 fires in the amazon so far this year and that's up 84% compared to the same time period in 2018. this is important because amazon produces about 20% of the oxygen in our earth's atmosphere. scientists are warning the fires are a devastating blow in the fight against climate change. in the thst for wine helped sonoma reach a milestone. wine grapes make up 70% of
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sonoma county's entire agricultural products. emerging from years of drought helped farms, wineries and ranches in 2018. total value of all their goods jumped by 24% compared to 2017. two young brothers grew up to be the next steph curry. take a look at this social media star. his mom posted a video. he makes it. the now 4-year-old shares with his brother. their mom says he likes to score but likes to celebrate just as much. she says valentino taught him how to pla baske year old. both boys hope to make it to the nba to be just like steph. >> i love this. i love his celebration dance. he's got it, just like this. >> look at that court they have. >> pretty nice backyard, i would say. good for him. >> very cute.
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>> i enjoyed that. that was nice. for us, not so cute outside. >> frizzy. >> icky i heard. damp. yes. muggy. soupy. you know, here's a red, white and blue sun frizz the east bay hills. kind of patriotic this morning. you look back towards it. humidity above average. a bit. stickiness. average humidity loss tonight. it won't last very long. minor day-to-day changes. a bit of a cold front more like a dry line because once it pushes through later on this to evening that's when we usher in more normal humidiy levels for us. until then it will be really steamy today when you tart to hit the mid-to-upper 80s in the south bay and tenderloin the extra humidity. hotter than you normally would be. you look at the thermometer not any hotter than yesterday. low to mid-90s. heading up to the peninsula 80s
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from 82 in san mateo. we'll have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s with increasing sunshine along the peninsula coast. may not completely clear out around half moon bay. downtown san francisco and sausalito, we'll clear out sooner in the north bay. upper 60s. upper 80s and low 90s in the valleys. eastbound shore, fremont 84. 79 in richmond. cool spot. look at these low to mid-90s in our eastbound valleys. 50s are back. mid-50s to mid-60s. much better sleeping weather with that lighter humidity. notice the minor fluctuations. we'll be within two to four degrees of our highs every day of the seven day forecast. frances? >> we'll show you a live shot in san jose because we have lots slowing along that stretch of northbound 101. here's northbound 101 for headlights. 880, what you'll notice northbound 880 traffic is jammed
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because past this intersection is blocking lanes. 101 looks good but very heavy before you get to that interchange because of a couple of accident. one at mckee blocking lane with injuries reported and one at oakland road that they are trying to clear from tolerance. so there are a good 20 minutes plus delays through that stretch. southbound 680 starting to get really heavy through the grade with an accident. that's slowing things down. if you're headed to the bay bridge toll plaza plan on a delay into maze with an accident in one of the -- number 14 or number 16 lanes. thank you. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. >> and we have a look at what's ahead. >> reporter: good morning. coming up here on "gma" the amazing escape. this plane skidding off the runway, bursting into flames and everyone made it out without serious injuries. we're live there on the scene. amusement park close call.
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cords on this slingshot ride snapping just before the launch. those men are now telling their story exclusively on "gma". plus have you seen this message going on around instagram. it's a hoax. i want has tricked celebrities and politicians and we spoke with instagram and now have a reality check for all of you. what you need to know about your privacy. no calming down here. it's happening. taylor swift is taking over central park for our biggest party of the sum ear day before her highly-anticipated new album is released. can't wait to hear all of her music and of course see all of her fans. it will be a big one. you don't want to miss it. >> another health alert about vaping. may have caused one teen's lung failure. >> these tiny frogs released at yosemite. the role the san francisco zoo played in saving these species. >> you can hardly see anything. can't make out the bay bridge, so foggy and kind of muggy and
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hello, bae-bae. this is a live picture from the national zoo. he's enjoying a special frozen panda cake with fruit on it because it's his 4th birthday. >> he better enjoy it now because he's leaving for china later. >> later this year, perhaps. so, you know -- >> is he coming back? >> last birthday in america. >> i don't think they ever come back. >> so you enjoy it. >> we don't get to see him. he'll be gone. >> act fast. >> see him right now. >> we'll skype later on. that's fun. boy. need some ice like that, some frozen fruit later today. warmer than average temperatures. we got humidity levels that we don't normally have to deal with here. our dew points are in the muggy category. normally we're in the comfy. this is at 7:00. heading out for lunch we're still muggy just about every
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where. not until 7:00 tonight we start to pull those dew points back to comfortable levels. it will be warm and sticky today. thank you. starting today jurors in oakland are on recess until after labor day. deliberation went back to the beginning this week after three jurors were dismissed and replaced with alternates. two men face 36 counts of invroman slaughter at the deadly fire at a warehouse in 2016. another example of dangers of vaping. a texas teenager was hospitalized and vaping was the cause. >> tristan said he was unable to breathe. he was taken to a hospital in fort worth for lung failure. >> i woke up. throwing up every where. my chest the going 100 miles per hour. >> his parents later learned that the 17-year-old had been vaping without their knowledge since he was in the eighth grade. in fact he used up to three vape
6:26 am
pods a week. cdc has identified 153 cases of severe lung illness associated with e cigarette use in 16 states so far. the agency is investigating and has not yet identified a particular device in connection with those diseases. the federal government is now looking to see if apple's iphone and other iphones meat safety standards. apple iphone 7 emits more radiation than loud. independent lab here in california discovered apple's iphone 10 comes close to exceeding those limits. similar tests show samsung galaxy s8 and 9 along with two motorola phonesassed. for the past three years they've been breeding and raising frogs. on monday they released the 1,000th frog in yosemite and tweeted the video. it's a big deal. these frogs are nearly extinct.
6:27 am
they are native to yosemite but disappeared from the park 50 years ago. coming up next we're tracking breaking news in san jose. a deadly hit-and-run investigation. we'll have a live report. >> this attack near san francisco is not the only one. there were two more in the last two
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to help you get a jump start on your projects. early
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now at 6:30 a manhunt for a sniper who shot a sheriff's deputy in broad daylight. what saved that deputy's life. right now san jose police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run downtown. i'll have what we know so far. >> a drug overdose or heart attack. the new questions in the death of beings's late public defender jeff adachi. >> so scary. >> that slingshot ride coming apart moments before launch. first we're waking up to a muggy morning across the bay area. humidity as you walk out the door. can you barely see anything along the embarcadero this morning. things are going to heat up. good morning on this thursday, august 22nd. >> weird weather. >> yes, completely out of normal for us. you look at that oh, it's just
6:31 am
foggy this morning. it will be cool outside. i'll enjoy kind of the cool dampness. i'm going dispel everything that you think is normal right now by digging deep into our file foer folder and talk about this graphic. we're usually in the low to mid-50s. dew points inhibits your body from cooling down. the higher the dew point harder for your body to cool down. we're oppressive in san jose with 70 degrees dew point. temperatures can't drop below dew point. that gives you a basis for our temperatures. it's pretty much in the mid-to-upper 60s. humidity will hang around. wvead i years because 90sege of that extra humidity. so listen to your body. it will be even hotterng
6:32 am
today. >> we have new motorcycle crash just reported westbound 24. i think things might slow down there. a couple of issues at the bay bridge toll plaza an easterly big rig stall. now we have another stalled report reported in lane number nine. traffic is backed up into the maze. muggy and oppressive conditions, visibility is very limited as well across the golden gate bridge. the hot spot still in san jose, northbound 101 recovering from a couple of earlier accidents but it's very slow up torts 880 with another crash on northbound 880 past 101. thank you. now back to our breaking news we've been tracking this morning in san jose. >> police investigation under way after a deadly hit-and-run. this is all happening on 4th and san fernando right next to san jose state. abc 7 news san jose with what's happening now.ere and
6:33 am
came under the tape just a few seconds ago, here near the corner of san fernando and 4th streets. when officers arrived they found a man's body in the roadway and are now calling this a hit-and-run. the body is still in the road right now and police say east san fernando street between south 4th street and south 5th street will be shut down until about 8:00 a.m. there are bta re-routes because of the closures. check you route and see if it's been impacted today. i've asked officers if they have a vehicle description or if witnesses here, if there were witnesses here when police arrived. they've not been able to answer to questions for me this morning and hoping to get an update in the next hour or so. >> developing news concerns over possible arson in the south bay. a string of fires has caused damage in neighborhoods across
6:34 am
downtown san jose. take a look at this map. it shows dozens of suspected arson cases around downtown from late february until just yesterday. that's where nine small grass fires broke out in the area. firefighters think that this could be arson. san jose fire department says a suspect was detained for possibly starting fires on purpose. we're waiting on an update from investigators. >> develops news in southern california where there is a manhunt for the sniper who opened fire on a sheriff's deputy. the shooting happened in the parking lot of the lancaster substation yesterday afternoon. the deputy is okay because the bullet proof vest he was wearing stopped the bullets. police searched for a suspect until 11:00 last night and did not make any arrests. san francisco city leaders plan to increase foot patrols and social services outreach indefinitely along the embarcadero after a recent series of attacks. yesterday the mayor met with the police chief as well as the heads of health and homeless
6:35 am
departments. there's a recent rise of violent altercation in that area includingidt atcked. a white supremacist group claims it was behind racist and anti-immigrant posters put up around the san jose state campus. our media partner said the american identity movement tweeted photos claim were taken at san jose state. that group helped organize the white nationalist rally in schaf charlottesville, virginia two years ago. new details about the pilot who crashed off half moon bay and then recorded the whole thing. >> this happened on tuesday. david leash is a well-known professional skiier and social media figure from denver. he has a reputation for provocative stunt in promotion of his clothing company. he denies this crash was a stunt. >> our videos or provocative and edgy but if you think i crashed
6:36 am
my brand-new airplane into the pacific ocean as a publicity stunt you need your head examined. >> he said the fuel wasn't as clean as it should have been. ntsb will be investigating two more plane crashes in northern california. a private jet crashed and burned yesterday as it took off from the oroville municipal airport. it was headed to portland, oregon. the plane slid off the runway and caught fire. this is the same type of plane that crashed last week in north carolina carrying dale earnhardt jr. and his family and remember they escaped unharmed. >> around the same time another small plane crashed near the livermore area. independent experts hired by the family of former san francisco public defender jeff adachi believe that he actually died from a heart attack in february and not from a
6:37 am
it's determined adachi died accidentally from acute drug toxicity of cocaine and ethanol. dr. dylan mill certificate an independent pathologist and found his death was from natural causes. adachi's family is surprised by the medical kminer's autopsy conclusions. >> oh! looks like we skipped ahead there to the wrong video. adachi family says it just wants to clear his name and get the truth out. >> we want to warn you about a new kind of hi-tech car break ins making the rounds. we'll take a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we'll bring an update. there we go. up 146 points. how the markets are doing coming up next.
6:38 am
>> apple issues a new warning about its new credit card. >> you're never more than seven minuteswa froour ac weat t is. feels like almost like, looking like halloween if it could be this misty and puts you in that kind of vibe. did you believe me when i said it would be so much warmer. we're up to double digits. let's talk about our neighborhood temperatures. low to mid-60s either side of the peninsula to even 67 in redwood city. menlo park it's 68 degrees. it's 70 in san jose. 73 in antioch. 62 in san francisco. one of the cool spots. look at all that thick mist and fog you have to drive through as you come towards the toll plaza. looking to the east. watch out for that when you're driving the morning. humid to hot on mass transit. north bay 67 through 7:00. low 80s at noon.
6:39 am
mid-to-upper 80s from 1:00 asar the east bay shore line we're in the 60s through 9:00, around 80 at noon. hang on to the low 80s. down 71 at 7:00. through 11:00. low to mid-70 this afternoon % down to 67 at 7:00. so temperatures will be pretty close to where we were yesterday but with that added humidity out there it's going to feel much different, much warmer, so don't let that surprise you when you step outside. we'll talk about when our dry air comes back and how long this heat comes around. i want to bring frances up. any snishs -- any issues. >> use your wipers. it feels muggy outside as you step out the door. lots of slow traffic but there's an injury crash westbound 780 if you make your way. doesn't seem to be causing much of a delay at this point. where we are seeing slowing is westbound 24.
6:40 am
motorcycle crash is off to the right-hand through the area and southbound 680 jammed as you make your way through with an accident still blocking a lane. slow ride there. you'll find the usual crowded conditions actually even heavier than normal westbound as you make your way across the san mateo bridge. here's a live shot 680. traffic is slow approaching 24 and westbound 24 slows as well because of that motorcycle crash. we'll have
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let's take a look at these dew points. this is how much moisture is in the air and why it's so hard to school down. we're staying in the muggy category not just this morning, as we head towards lunch still muggy outside. for most of us 4:00 still in the 60s. by 7:00 into 8:00 we start to see the 50s take over and continue to drop those back to normal levels tonight. one day of tropical air. feel like we're in hawaii. upper '90ed through the central valley. 111 in palm springs. oh! this slingshot ride at adventure park in florida is supposed to be scary but that's not what nick and his friend signed up for. a few days ago the two were bracing to be launched at 100
6:44 am
miles per hour. they didn't get very far. one of the ride's cable snapped and shed seconds before their launch. the men expressed utter relief feeling they just donald death. i can't imagine going on this ride when it's working. no none of this is imaginable to me. abc 7 news is helping to building a better bay area. there's fierce disagreement about panhandling on b.a.r.t.. one member wants to ban it. >> reporter: good morning. commuters we talked to this morning do not like panhandling on the trains. but some are a little torn on whether it should be banned. there's one b.a.r.t. board member deborah allen who is thinking about proposing an idea to ban panhandling on trains and also busking when you see people playing music and dancing on
6:45 am
board and then ask for money. the president of the b.a.r.t. board said he would not support this calling it polarizing and two other members are also against it. the aclu also has concerns. but passengers say they just don't like the feeling of being trapped on the train while this is happening and some say they worry about safety. >> it's a chance for them to practice their talent with an audience. i get that. i believe in the arts. that's a form of art. i just don't like the feeling of being locked in and have to participate. i like choice. >> people break dance on b.a.r.t.. women and children on the poles. i seen a guy almost get hit in the head. i take b.a.r.t. every day. it's starting to get outrageously out of control. >> the san francisco examiner reports that the aclu would fight it, saying it is likely unconstitutional. the aclu is fight similar
6:46 am
proposal in sacramento. the b.a.r.t. board member who is considering it hasn't proposed it yet but the idea has people talking with a lot of people calling this one a complicated one. reporting live in dublin, abc 7 news. your safety is an important of abc 7's effort to tell stories to building a better bay area. car break ins affect people in several cities. police caught a crook who used technology rather than just breaking windows to steal from victims. officers say they interrupted a suspect who was using a signal jammer like this one and they says it's the first time they recovered a device that blocks you from locking your car. undercover officer explains how this works. >> it's a portable device that you can keep in your car, in your pocket, on your person, and it will block electrical signal from your key fob your vehicle, prevent your vehicle from locking. >> police recommend that you double check to make sure your
6:47 am
car is locked by pulling on the door handles. we work to protect your family, prompt, neighborhood during safety week part of our effort to building a better bay area. all stories have been posted on our website. washington governor inslee dropped out of the democratic 2020 presidential race. his single issue was climate change. he reached the donor threshold but didn't qualify because he didn't hit the polling threshold. former presidential candidates john hickenlooper announced he's running for senate and challenge corey gardner. now to your morning money report. rumors san francisco uber could be leaving for texas. >> you per said the rumors aren't true. the company did announce it plans to open a new office in dallas. >> we have a tip. if you applied for apple's new
6:48 am
credit card don't store that card in your leather wallet or pocket of your jeans. leather and denim can permanently discolor the card. the company warning hard surface like plastic can scratch the white finish. very delicate card. >> i guess so. all about the look, the aesthetics. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange. you can see we're up 123 points so far this > taylor swift's la debuts tomorrow and she will perform a concert for millions of abc viewers a short time ago. ♪ >> there she is. her performance filling new york cityov bugilon csn robin robert
6:49 am
she feels there's something special about this album. >> one thing about this album that'sal is the first one i will own. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, she went there. yeah. you can see more of her performance coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 right here on abc 7. what are your thoughts, feelings? >> they are very supportive. >> she has nice lipstick >> i was a going to skbu that. >> what about her clothes? >> okay. right now -- >> frances is a big fan. >> this moment in time it's very popular to hate on taylor swift for some reason. >> is she the new nickelback????
6:50 am
>> what did she do? >> i don't have hate for taylor in my heart. >> i don't either. my mama said nothing nice to see go on. isn't that a gorgeous sunrise. let's look at contrast, exploratorium extra, you can barely see from one edge of the building to the other edge. that's how many humidity is hanging in the air. going to feel muggy. lower humidity, cooler conditions tonight. we only have to deal with it for one day. nearly steady temperatures. cold front will usher in some dry air but not until we get into the evening hours. more like a dry line than a cold front. won't drop our temperatures any whatsoever. we're still in the 90s in places like morgan hill and gilroy. upper 80s. feel warmer than this because of the humidity. we're not used to that. 79 in millbrae. 82 at san mateo.
6:51 am
mid-to-upper 60s along the coast with increasing sunshine. half moon bay not as much sunshine as everybody else. mid-70s downtown. sausalito. sunshine along the north bay coast first. upper 60s for you. upper 80s to low 90s in your valleys. east bay richmond at 79. everybody in the throw mid-80s. east bay valleys low to mid-90s. going to the game this evening, going for the sweep of the yankees, 6:37. 73 by the end of the game. we're locked in the mid-60s to near 70 at the coast. throw mid-80s around the bay. low to upper 90s inland. we have problems for folks heading to the tobay bridge tol plaza. shot around to take a look. it may be blocking a lane so traffic is slow through the area. also westbound 80 a sond accident in that very same spot.
6:52 am
traffic very heavy westbound 80 through berkeley into emeryville. ride on 680 a crawl through because of an earlier crash. in fact southbound 680 drive time from dublin to mission boulevard south is a 45 minute trip. we got lots of slowing tracy to dublin. here's a live shot of interstate 80. fog very thick as
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> good morning. hold on if you're about to head out the door. i want to tell you about seven things to know. it's super muggy. i haven't seen it this muggy in a decade, maybe. i mean, really. tropical air mass over the top of mt hanging in the air. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s this morning. on our way to humid mid-80s to mid-90s. live breaking news in san jose. east san fernando street between south 4th street and south 5th street just re-opened following a deadly hit-and-run. a man was killed. number three today b.a.r.t. board member may request to consider a plan that would ban panhandlers on trains as well as people performing music and
6:56 am
dance and asking for money. aclu is expected to fight that proposal if it's approved. first on abc 7 news independent experts hired by the family of san francisco public defender jeff adachi heart attack. not be in san francisco. former vice president joe biden and pete buttigieg, both plan on skipping that event. and number six if you're headed to the bay bridge there's going major delays westbound 80 at the berkeley curve. here's a live shot at emeryville. a vehicle fire started a brush fire. two right lanes are shut down. visibility an issue. >> "wheel of fortune" is coming to fairfax. pat and vanna were in the city yesterday taping peopleos. wheel mobile will visit next month when you can audition for episodes airing next spring. >> they have everything there.
6:57 am
>> they have everything there. >> they have so that early retirement we planned. >> they have everything there. >> they have it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? no problem... and done. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale!
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good morning, america. and as we come on the air we need to tell you about a sniper, a search for that is under way. station's parking lot by a mystery gunman. >> i think i'm hit in the right shoulder. i heard two shots. >> hundreds forced to shelter in place. the search for the shooter right now. also this morning, an attack on a marriott foiled after a hotel cook was discovered with an arsenal in his home. a hero co-worker who tipped off authorities in time. lucky to be alive. this plane sliding off the runway bursting into flames. how everyone escaped without serious injuries. we're live on the scene. president trump's frenetic week doubling down with insults of denmark and attacks on


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