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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 24, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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news to build a better bay area. this >> we are starting our look at the weather. good morning. >> good morning. we have low clouds and fog. we will be looking at sun at the coast today. looking at current numbers in the 60s around san francisco and novato. in the mid 60s towards our east bay. it has been warm there. today will be the cooler day out of the weekend because tomorrow the marine layer compresses more so. as we look at our 7:00 hour, we have patchy fog in the north bay. as we get towards noon time, you notice the reds coming into play, that's the east bay. 80 in san ramon.
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63 in san francisco. we will climb to the 70s downtown today, and looking at numbers in the 90s inland. we are talking upper 90s by sunday afternoon. details on the rest of the weekend and next week coming up. >> thanks, lisa. many of the democratic presidential candidates are making their way through san francisco this weekend. they are here for the democratic national committee summer conference. the dwindling pool of candidates is now down to 21. "abc 7 news" reporter liz kreutz spoke with some of the presidential hofuls. friday night with presidential candidates. >> can i show everybody? >> yes, you can. >> reporter: kamala harris, cory booker, sttom steyer, andrew ya, some of the hopefuls seen maneuvering from caucus to caucus, making their pitch to democratic national members. >> what do you need to win over voters? >> work, work, work. >> we can afford to make public colleges and universities
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tuition free. >> reporter: in this warehouse, bernie sanders addressed supporters on college affordability. >> has anyone made up their mind and is still shopping? >> you. >> what are you looking for today? >> i guess to be inspired. >> reporter: that feeling shared by many. >> i got to see senator harris speak. the one good thing that's ou osn litf have bee here is everybody is super excited. senator harris was able to rally the crowd. >> the biggest surprise was andrew yang. we have so many. >> reporter: another common theme of the dnc meeting, climate change. young activists want the party to allow for debate. it was voted down but candidates told us they support it. >> i'm ready for a climate debate if it comes up. i think it is one of most pressing issues and one of the more urgent reasons we need a new president. >> reporter: there was one candidate noticeably missing,
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that was vice president biden. one dnc member told us they thought it was a strategic error. another said it is a long campaign, we have plenty of time to hear his pitch. liz kreutz, "abc 7 news." san francisco and santa clara county are declaring a victory. a federal court ruled that president trump cannot withhold federal funding because of sanctua sanctuary laws that protect immigrants from i.c.e. raise. santa clara county stood to lose $1.7 billion in federal funding. the court issued a preliminary injunction and the order never took place. yesterday the court issued the final ruling creating permanent protection for sanctuary counties. the mother and stepfather of a 15-year-old girl are in jail after allegedly abusing a 17-year-old found in their
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daughter's closet. abc 7 reporter luz pena spoke to the daughter of one of the suspects in the house and said it was self-defense. >> reporter: inside her 15-year-old sister's bedroom as she says, her mom and her stepdad found a teenage boy hiding on thursday around 2:30 a.m. >> they be so scared because they find someone in the closet. they jump because everybody was sleeping. >> reporter: her sister catherine came out of her bedroom when she came the bedroom, alleging the boy hit her mom. >> he punch her and my stepdad, of course, is not going to let anyone hit his wife. so they tried to stop him and he was acting very violent so they grabbed a rope to try to tie him down and calm him down and ask why he was at the house. >> reporter: according to the police, the two and the 15-year-old's biological dad who showed up minutes later physically abused the 17-year-old african-american victim for 30 minutes and threatened to kill him. >> the victim reported
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throughout this attack the suspects yelled at him using multiple racial slurs and he believed his race to be a motivating factor in the attack. >> reporter: some neighbors say they heard loud screams. >> a boy screaming? >> yes, he was screaming. >> reporter: what was he screaming? >> ah, in pain, something like that. that's what i remember. >> reporter: friday morning the three suspects were arrested for charges related to committing a hate crime, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats. child protective services took the 15-year-old girl from the home and now according to san bruno police with the crimes these suspects are accused of can carry, quote, mandatory life sentences. in san bruno, luz pena, "abc 7 news." if your weekend plans included hiking you want to avoid the open space preserve in cupertino. a family of mountain lions is forcing the park to close this weekend. amanda del castillo has more on what is being done.
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>> reporter: a family of cougars was caught on camera walking along a trail at the rancho san antonio preserve in santa clara county. >> we believe there's a mother lion with three adolescent cub that live in or near the preserve. >> reporter: the district initially cut down a few trails to keep a safe distance between pumas and people. after addition allen counters expanded it to include the entire park. park rangers redirected drivers friday, including sung wu kim who says he runs the trails five days a week. >> it is very busy at this place. surprised me. even on the weekends, i come here like 7:00 a.m., the parking lot is full. >> reporter: he says rancho san antonio is busiest of the 26 open spaces it manages and they say wildlife adds to the activity. >> i have seen bob cats, deer, rabbits, snakes, all kinds of stuff and never a mountain lion.
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frankly, i would be good never to see one. >> they're working on restoring balance in the preserve. >> fish and will life has put a few deer carcasses in the preserve hoping that the mother and cubs will come to that to draw them deeper into the preserve. >> reporter: fish and wildlife will follow up with humane measures to make sure that the mountain lions don't continue to come close to humans. we don't yet know when the park will reopen to the public, but we know it will be closed the entire weekend. in los altos, i'm amanda del castillo, "abc 7 news." new details in the college admissions scandal. the father charged with using bribery to get his daughter into usc is now going after the school with a massive subpoena request. the court filing shows a request for all records showing how many students got into the school after their families donated $50,000 or more. usc is calling this a fishing expedition. the organizers of a straight pride parade is refusing to take
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no for an answer. don gunman says it is happening today despite being denied a permit by the city of modesto. he said he is looking forward to exercising his right to free speech and assembly at an undisclosed public location. opponents are planning a counterprotest. a community nearly wiped off the map last year is getting back together. paradise high school hosted the first financial game of the season after the deadliest wildfire in state history. now, the cool estimates about 5,000 people showed up for the game last night, and that's more than double the amount of regular home game attendance. it wasn't just those who stayed after the campfire who went to this game. people who have been displaced across the country turned out for the occasion. >> i mean our community has been lost and so our community is all over the united states, and so for one night and especially today we can all be together. ee let last y game 42-0.feel an
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in the north bay this morning sonoma county will hold its first full-scale evacuation drill as part of a larger effort to prepare for wildfires. it will be held from 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the cave del trinity neighborhood. residents can sign up for an alert when the drill starts and they will practice evacuating their homes and drive through evacuation routes. here is a look at the routes. the red is the primary and the blew routes are thealent. if you want to sign up for the alert we have a link on our website do we have nice weekend in store? >> we do. the heat is on again inland tomorrow. today the cooler day out of the next two. as you see, the low clouds and fog out here in san francisco. temperatures around of 0 degrees. low 60s in concord. upper 50s in santa rosa. kind of a mild start to the day and then comfortable as we go
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through the afternoon. we will talk about the heat, the humidity and the week ahead next. all right. thanks, lisa. coming up next, only on "abc 7 news", the i-team finds new information about a woman who claimed to be a virtual travel counsellor and about the many clients o♪ ozempic®! ♪ oh! oh!
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taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase the risk for low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) if eligible, you may pay as little as $25 per prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. welcome back, everyone. here is a live look at our emeryville camera. people up and at it already this saturday morning. it will be a mild start to the weekend. lisa will have the full forecast in a few moments. an exclusive update from the "abc 7 news" i-team about a woman who calls herself a virtual travel counsellor. but clients say she took their money and never booked the vacations. her parents say she owes them money too.
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i-team reporter melanie woodrow has the latest. >> reporter: some clients say house of aloha hawaii ruined more than their family vacation. for one couple, their upcoming october wedding. i uncovered information about who else is working with wendy tenedora wong. >> as far as love goes they took their time. >> it took me a year to actually ask her for the number. >> reporter: describing their eight-year romance as slow and steady. >> what i love the most is his patience. >> reporter: similarly, after mikey proposed at christmas in 2017 they decided on a long engagement with plenty of time to plan and for their family to save up. the destination, a no brainer, hawaii where mikey took rachel on their first vacation together as a couple and where she discovered the aloha life. >> just a very hospitable culture without strings attached. >> reporter: a friend recommended hiring wendy wong of
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house of aloha to book the entire wedding. >> a to z everything. >> reporter: three months before the wedding they say there were no confirmed bookings, no flight itineraries, always an excuse. >> it is like we were a year and a half out. >> reporter: rachel says far from the aloha life. >> the exact opposite. >> reporter: on august of, an e-mail from wen. >> everything is under water, everything. it is so bad with what happened and having to deal with issues. >> reporter: though issues including a lawsuit out of new york filed july 23 by cash flow funding which bought house of aloha hawaii and wen's future receivables for $50,000. less than 24 hours after receiving the money she defaulted on the first payment of $of600. >> my client is bewildered because it is uncommon in situations like this.
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>> reporter: they are sue hinge wen. the milpitas police department have interviewed 15 victims who paid wen but discovered vacations were never booked. they referred the case to the santa clara county da's office. this week dozens more with complaints contacted me, many mention ing-wen's assistance, jamie rodriguez. rachel says jamie continues to down play the situation. >> it just sounded like she was trying to cover for wendy as well. >> reporter: i learned jamie works in the civil division records department at santa clara county superior court. >> i did not know that. >> reporter: a court spokesperson said court policy requires employees to disclose any outside work, but it is not clear if jamie did. that same spokesperson says the court does not comment on personnel issues. with two months before the big day, the couple and their family are out $27,000. rachel and mikey still need a place to stay the night before their wedding. >> i wish we never crossed paths with her. >> reporter: even so, the couple says their love is stronger than
5:16 am
ever. >> jamie rodriguez has not responded to my request for comment. wen, who had been e-mailing me, has stopped. her parent however are speaking with me. her father and stepmother tell me wen owes them nearly $20,000. they estimate she owes her family close to up to $200,000. in an e-mailed statement her father in part writes, quote, your investigative journalism will provide relief for some of the victims and perhaps, more importantly, prevent future victims. the tenedora family grieves over the devastating losses to so many, including several of them. house of aloha is nothing more than a house of cards, house of deceit and lies. the santa clara county da's office has created a dedicated e-mail address for consumers with complaints about house of aloha hawaii. we will put a link to it on our website, in the newsroom for the i-team, melanie woodrow, "abc 7 news." a southern california woman was reunited with a 100-year-old
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ring she lost at the grocery store. adam mckay spotted the ring after leaving the store on sunday. he left his business card with the store manager. he says some people reached out to him but weren't able to give the right description and then carla dobbs called. >> i told him -- anyway, he said yes, that's absolutely the ring. nobody else could describe it. >> well, dobbs said the ring must have slipped off her finger. it was passed down to her by her late mother. all right. everyone, time check now. it is 5:17 this morning. lisa is standing by with the forecast. >> good morning to you. kumasi, we are looking at low clouds and fog, the typical pattern here throughout the bay area. but we will see changes over the weekend starting with tomorrow when we see some heat really move into the inland valleys. today it is very much the samav utrly flow allowing for cooler conditions at the coast
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and around the bay. you can see the follow-up and down the coast. as we widen the perspective, there is a tropical storm that may really mix things up come next tuesday and wednesday. this is ivo with winds of 45 miles per hour. it is about 400 miles to the west/southwest of cabo, and it continues to weaken as it moves to the north. the waters here of course warmer than they are off the coast. as it is pulled up into the mid latitudes it will sheer apart but some of the cloud cover could be pulled into our wind flow pattern and it could bring a few clouds, maybe even a thunderstorm and it could feel muggy out here come tuesday and wednesday. as for right now we are 63 in oakland, 61 in oakland. 58 in napa. really mild numbers here. we had the south winds that brought in the fog last night. as they relax this morning you see the cloudy skies in the city. cloudy skies to start out. looking at a mild to warm day today, your saturday, and then into sunday temperatures really heat up. in fact, we are talking about
5:19 am
five to seven degrees of warming, even warming around the bay, and with that system being pulled up into next week we will pattern.changes into the as we look at santa cruz, you may want to head to the coast not only today but for tomorrow as well because we will get some clearing and the heat really will be coming into play for your sunday afternoon. so sunny skies, south winds up to 20 miles per hour, mid and upper 60s from half moon bay to ocean beach. 75 in santa cruz today. a nice beach day out there. as we look into monday, check out the highs. we will see numbers at about 100 in antioch. 97 in concord. 80 around the bay. 70s in san francisco. so that heat that we get tomorrow, it continues into your monday. look at tuesday. very little change. those darker shades of red, even the pink in our inland valleys and it is still pretty warm around the bay. by wednesday we are looking at some slightly cooler temperatures, but, remember, we could see that subtropical moisture change up the
5:20 am
atmosphere and things could feel a little bit sticky around here so we'll watch it for you. highs today then very similar to what we had the last few days. 71 in san francisco. a nierce, mild, sunny afternoon for you. 90 in concord. 86 in san jose, with numbers up in the north bay comfortable, in the mid 80s for you for santa rosa. 83, san rafael. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s coast. upper 70s around the bay. low 90s, inland. tomorrow high pressure builds and marine layer compresses. you down the accuweather app and we will keep it hot and on the sticky side through tuesday and wednesday and cooler by the end of the week. some kid back in school already and usually the heat returns when school starts. >> thanks, lisa. just ahds o people spending their weekend at the largest disney fan event in the world. the big
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getting through airport lines can be time consuming and frustrating. what about the services that can help fast track you? "7 on your side's" michael finney is here with a buyer's guide. >> by now most of us know the routine. >> passport, cellphone, all of it. put it in your bag. >> airport security means long lines, taking off your shoes, removing electronics from your luggage, even pulling out your toiletries, or you can get tsa precheck. go to the usually shorter line, keep your shoes on, computer packed and toiletries stowed away. the cost, $85 for five years. that's only $17 a year. now, if you want to step it up
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and make things gouanet clear, all bay area airports. clear offers a vip experience. once signed up, you skip most of the security line by going to the clear electronic kiosk. there your ticket is scanned along with your eyes or fingertips. then a clear representative walks you up to the tsa check point. to get there you go past all of those passengers waiting in line, up directly to the agent where this traveler is waved through. the only part of the line clear subscribers have to deal with is the physical check. >> you get certainty. the airport is a place where sometimes there are no lines, other times the lines can be out the door. with clear you know when you are going to the airport you will have certainty as to your time going through the screening process. >> now, clear costs you a bit, $179 a year. ah, but if youan drop the price
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scanning. if you have a frequent flyer or credit card account with delta or united the price drops to either $119 or $109. kids can be added for free. adult family members, $50 each. now, let's talk about coming home from an overseas trip. yikes, look at that line. but you can skip that line completely if you have global entry. >> usually someone who comes through with global entry is just processed really quickly through the kiosk and they're done. >> do people like it? >> people love it. >> rather than go through the long line and eventually to the u.s. customs and border agent for clearance, you go to a kiosk, scan your passport, fingertips and off you go. the cost, $100 for five years. get this, tsa precheck is included. now, that's a bargain. >> this is just fast and easy and still not a lot of people have it so there's never a line. you know, i get through in less than 15 minutes every time.
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>> one final point. many credit cards now will pay for global entry or tsa. check your fine print or give them a call. i will have all of the information you need to sign up for any of these programs. it will be on our website, i'm michael finney, "7 on your side". may i ask how much this hall costs? >> so far about four grand. >> okay. this is the largest fan event in the world, and it is going on this weekend in anaheim. so far at d23 we are learning more about upcoming streaming service disney plus. one of the shows will be a live action "star wars" series. disney is the parent company of abc 7 and we have full coverage of d23 on still to come on "abc7 mornings," probably not a good idea to check your 401(k) balance right about now. stocks are down, trade tensions are up. we will explain the international issues that could affect what you buy and when you
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news to build a better bay area. this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. we are starting this half hour with a look at this hour. here is lisa. >> hey, kumasi. good mornin to you. we are starting out with low clouds and fog. it is the typical pattern where we are looking at that fog clearing to the coast by midday. temperatures are mainly in the 60s. we have a few upper 50 north bay. actually today will be the cooler out of the next two. the heat will arrive and be in the inland valleys. it will stay with us through the beginning of the workweek. if you like it warm, you will like tomorrow, but of course it increases the fire danger. as for today we will keep it comfortable. a little computer glitch here but we will come back and talk about the week ahead which includes some very warm weather
5:30 am
and programs a return to some clouds, maybe even a thunderstorm. kumasi. >> thanks, lisa. the global economy is expected to be one of the hot topics at the group of seven summit this weekend. president trump left yesterday for the summit in southwestern france. he called for a special meeting on sunday to focus on the economy as fears of the recession loom. it remains to be seen whether the president will call for russia to be allowed into the group of seven. russia was kicked out in 2014 after annexing crimea. yesterday markets closed sharply lower after the latest escalation of the u.s./china straight dispute. the dow plummeted more than 600 points, ending at 25,628. the nasdaq dropped close to 240 points, and the s&p lost 75. china's new tariffs could spell trouble for some california businesses. higher prices on american goods could lead chinese consumers to buy cheaper products from other
5:31 am
countries and cut into the bottom line. "abc 7 news" anchor eric thomas has more. >> reporter: china fired the latest shot in the trade war slapping tariffs on 75 billion dollars in u.s. goods including cars, oil, rice and whiskey. most economists hate trade wars and prefer free trade. >> it is the best thing. it will lead to the most high paying jobs. >> reporter: instead, china will add the equivalent of 5% to 10% tax on goods shipped from america to china, one batch in september and another in december. >> in economics there's a principal that taxes are paid by both sides, the producers and consumers. >> reporter: president trump has been using tariffs on chinese goods sold in the u.s. to pressure china to end what he calls unfair trade practices dating back decades. in retaliation, china slapped
5:32 am
tariffs on farmers who grow pistachios worth 663 million in 2017, almonds and california wines with more than $185 million in sales. whatever the product, grains, spirits or automobiles, chances are they will have to go through the port of oakland to get to china. >> this can't go on indefinitely. how do you run a business? >> reporter: zampa says shipments to china may slow but exports to other asian countries like south korea and japan more than made up the slack for now. >> that's why the port of oakland and a lot of other leading industries in the u.s. are calling for an end to this trade war. >> reporter: instead, just the opposite isappening. president trump announced the u.s. will raise tariffs on another $250 billion in chinese goods. in oakland, eric thomas, "abc 7 news". >> all right. you guys, check out this video of a tesla driver asleep behind the wheel. so people in a passing car, they got this video on i-5 near santa
5:33 am
clarita last saturday. they didn't call the police because they saw the driver wake up and then regain control of the car. the tesla wasn't moving erratically or anything. it was traveling about 70 or 75 befo.lot mode.n i theehle in june this video was taken alon the 405 and 5 in l.a. the person who shot the video said he called 911 when he saw the sleepy driver. and then back in march -- passed out in his tesla. >> yeah. that witness says a tesla driver appeared to sleep for about ten minutes. woke up once, looked around and then went back to sleep. this also happened in l.a., in that area. tesla's website advises drivers that, quote, auto pilot is intended for use with a fully attentive driver who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time. in the east bay a rally today in support of an
5:34 am
87-year-old hollow kaocaust sur facing eviction over a jump in rent at his apartment. it will be held on shoreline drive at 3:00 this afternoon. that's where he has lived for more than 20 years. he survived the nazi invasion into the soviet union. his section eight status is not protecting him from the cost of living raising. his landlord wants to raise the rent by $700. he has filed a complaint with the state accusing his landlord of discrimination. one day a week, that's all you have to get your hands on the hottest chicken sandwich in san francisco. it is creating some crazy wait times. >> the extra hot is ridiculous and the burning is ♪ >> i am standing in line for hot
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bird, nashville hot chicken. i hear it is the hottest thing in town. >> we go from mild to burning. you eat it at your own risk. >> my god, this is going to be great. >> oh, my god. it is so hot. >> burns! whew. >> oh, my gosh. >> going to be good. >> the first time i tried it, i had nashville hot chicken and it was amazing. fried chicken and then it comes with the heat. it just hits you in the back of the mouth and it just lingers with you but it is the most amazing experience. we had to bring it to the bay area. the heat levels with cabanero or carolina reaper which is the spiciest chile in the world. it will blow your socks off.
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>> oh, my gosh. here we go. look at that. >> i tried the hot. it is really good. i have not gone beyond that because it makes you sweat. >> chicken starts here at wet dredge. it then goes into the seasoned flour mix. fried. then dipped in our season spice oil. then we season with the desired level, mild, medium, hot, extra hot, burning. it comes over for the brioche bun, dill pickles and the nice acidity with the cole slaw to bring it all together. >> the comeback sauce is self-explanatory. it has a kick to it. it is very flavorful. >> it is hard to describe. it is a little tangy, sweet, spicy. really moist. delicious. chicken. >> i would say it is spicy, but
5:37 am
i would say it is hot. >> saw the line, thought it must be good so we came and stood in the line. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought it was a fluke. i thought it was a one off but they keep coming back and the line gets longer. >> how long are you willing to wait? >> however long it takes for me to get that chicken. i'm chasing that chicken. >> i got the xtra-hot. >> we have come every single week since it started and we always get the hot bird sandwich. i am a new mom and my baby is three months, and he has had it basically every single week of his life. >> there's two things national does. i feel, one, you say country. two, we say country. two, we say chicken. >> you can check out abc's new brand at still to come on "abc7
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mornings," phone free all day all year long. it is a new rule at san mateo high school and it is getting a lot of attention. we are taking a live look outside right now. it seems like a nice start to our day, mild weeke
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luckily, her dorm is about he10 minutesollege. from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about... 10 minutes! 10 minutes... from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at welcome back, everyone. it is 5:40 this morning. we are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. don't see anybody out just yet. i guess it is still a little early. a few cars hitting the road there. should be a nice day for everyone to get out and about.
5:41 am
if you are looking for something to do this weekend, how about listening to piano concerts in the civil war era fort underneath the golden gate bridge? it is call pian san francisco. it places pianos in unexpected locations in the city. this weekend there is a piano at fort point that is open to the public to play. there also will be concerts from local musicians from 1:30 to 3:30. that happens today and tomorrow. also happening today, a trans and friends rally will kick off the 44th annual silicon valley pride weekend at 4:00 p.m. at cesar chavez park in san jose. the san francisco police department came one of the first in the nation to fly the pride flag. "abc 7 news" was at police headquarters as the rainbow flag was raised yesterday morning. it is to celebrate pride weekend and the police chief says it is also a way to show solidarity with the lgbtq community and the
5:42 am
rank and file. officers noted the significance during yesterday's ceremony. >> this flag remind me that i'm loved. i am appreciated, and i know that i'm in the right place, serving in the right community. so thank you for that. >> pride weekend runs through tomorrow. it also includes a festival and a parade downtown. that parade is tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning. it looks like it might be a little bit warmer there for tomorrow, right? are we expecting to get warmer as the days go on? >> definitely, and i think the fog will retreat pretty early today and even more compress the marine layer tomorrow. that will definitely bring on the heat. as we head outside right now, you can see the flag blowing there from pier 15 from our roof camera. we will have the sea breeze today keeping things in check at the coast and around the bay. this morning starting out in the 60s downtown. 63, oakland. it will be a pleasant afternoon but the heat arrives tomorrow,
5:43 am
will last through the end of the workweek and we will talk about how warm it will get and we will talk about a possible thunderstorm or two next week. >> thank you. coming up, how antonio brown embraced the friday night lights at one local school in the east
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in sports, after a rare friday night off the a's and giants resume the bay bridge series. the two teams split games last week at oracle park. tonight the series shifts to oakland. bumgarner faces bassett. the first pitch is at 6:07 p.m. tonight the 49ers take onthe chiefs in the third preseason game. kickoff is at 5:00 p.m. at arrowhead stadium. jimmy garoppolo hopes to rebound from a shaky performance in limited play last week. abc 7 sports anchor kris alvarez has a preview in this morning's
5:46 am
sports. >> reporter: good morning to you. kris alvarez here. the third game in the nfl preseason often called the dress rehearsal occasion. on most occasions most starters will play as they gear up for the regular season. it is important for jimmy garoppolo as he looks to shake off the rust of the shaky preseason debut at denver and continue to work back from last season's torn acl. >> hopefully we get to string plays together, get good drives and get the offense moving. it is just, you know, taking it from the practice field and bringing it over to the game field and making it happen. >> he hasn't played a ton and that was one of the most discouraging things of last year, that he was going to get that regardless of how the season went. we have a better team. more excited for this year. when he has played everyone has seen his ability and everyone knows that he not only has the ability to be in the nfl, but he has the ability to be one of the better ones. >> thursday night's raiders game in canada played on an 80-yard
5:47 am
field to account for damage after the goalposts were removed. reaction to that playing condition, mixed on both sides. >> we liked the field. we thought the field was perfectly ready to roll. you have to ask green bay about that. it didn't affect our play calling or evaluations. we just adapted as they did to the new dimensions of the feel. >> we certainly have all played on much worse surfaces in our life but it was one of those deals where they weren't playing their starters so we decided to sit 'em. >> gilroy native robert "the ghost" guerrero will step in the ring to take on jerry thomas in a welterweight bout at staples center in los angeles on september 28. in app upcoming edition on the whit authority podcast, he talked about his reaction to the tragedy at garlic festival. >> i had two nieces and a nephew there. one of my older brothers was there. they were pretty shaken up and freaked out about it. thank god none of them were injured, but a few family
5:48 am
friends and stuff like that, you know, got hit and stuff like that with bullets. it is tough. it is tough. but it is my turn to give back. to be able to be in that position to donate a portion of my purse to what is going on and to help out people, i mean it is what we do. >> great work by the ghost. good luck to him. hey, did you see this? high school football beginning around the country on friday night, and raiders wide receiver antonio brown made an appearance at last night's de lasalle football game in concord. he was quite the show and the kids were pumped to take selfies and see a.b. as he gets ready we are hoping for a new season with the raiders. that first game is on abc 7, that monday night opener against the broncos. bay bridge series begins tonight. it will be a huge one. have a great saturday. time check, it is 5:48 and lisa is standing by with a look at the weather for the weekend. >> hey, kumasi. good morning to you.
5:49 am
we are looking at a summertime pattern today, tomorrow and we will throw in changes throughout the middle of the week. in fact, today if you are planning on a cooler day, that is your saturday, sunday, things are going to heat up. as we look towards the bay bridge camera we will have a lot of sunshine around the bay. that sunshine coming up at 6:32 so it will take time for it to retreat. once it does, we will be filled with sunshine today. you can barely make out the low cloud deck in the distance. this is the east bay hills camera, vollmer peak. you heard about the bay bridge series resuming, and if you are headed to the east bay in oakland tonight, 6:07 game time, it will be a mild afternoon with 72 degrees right after 6:00, and clear skies. 70 as you head towards 7:00 and you will notice the clear conditions on through the evening with numbers in the mid 60s. a beautiful night for baseball. looking at sfo where clouds have moved in toward the peninsula
5:50 am
and looking at them to be a little cloudy to start out for your morning hours, for you folks around belmont, redwood city, san mateo but then we will look for sunshine at the coast, numbers at the mid to upper 60s. you can see the typical fog pattern where we are looking at someone who is paralleling the coast like usual. but as we widen our perspective there's a twist in the atmosphere. this is a tropical storm that soon will be tropical depression ivo, and it is being sheered apart as it moves into the cool water. as it moves pair lil to trallel area, i should say california, it will bring up some clouds and an increase in relative humidity. this is today and into tomorrow. it continues to be brought up into our flow as we get to or say about tuesday and wednesday. it could bring even an isolated thunderstorm north of the bay area. so we'll keep you posted on that, but right now we are in the 60s.
5:51 am
63, oakland. 59, santa rosa. fremont checking in at 60. you can see still dark out there, but that sun is up in about 40 minutes. cloudy skies this morning. mild to warm today. the heat builds as we get into the second half of the weekend. also, it will continue into monday, tuesday, even kind of warm around the bay. then as we get towards the middle of the week things will change because it will feel cooler. but as we increase the relative humidity, it will feel warm out there. let's look at the next seven days. in livermore today, 92. upper 90s into monday and numbers dropping off by the end of the week. highs today in the mid 80s in the south bay. 83, milpitas. 82 in sunny trail. on the peninsula, about 76 in san mateo. the coast will be sunny with 71 downtown. it will become breezy. 82 in castro valley.
5:52 am
heading inland we have low 90s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, so today the cooler day out of the weekend. tomorrow numbers climb, and by monday and tuesday not only are we hot, we have the system that will bring in some more cloud cover and it is going to feel stuckey around here midweek. you download the accuweather app and we have the up isser time mat earn for sure. >> i'm enjoying the summer here. it is good. >> we're glad you're here. >> thanks, lisa. >> turning on, san mateo high school is going phone free. it is the largest public school in the country to do this. since our story aired earlier this week it has been getting dozens of other schools interesting in doing the same thing. "abc 7 news" reporter kris reyes has our follow up story. >> i was wearing my name tag and somebody i never knew before noticed it and said, i love this thing. i love what they're doing in san mateo high school. >> reporter: news of san mateo high school's new policy of locking phones in pouches
5:53 am
day avennd resonating with educators across the country. >> the phone has been buzzing all week and we're trying to be timely to support other schools wishing to do this. >> one teacher said students fell less impairsed when being silly because no one is taking pictures of them. >> reporter: at the district level the superintendent is looking at it closely too with an eye on wider implementation. >> this may be the most powerful social, emotional health kind of thing we do as a district, right, is to get kids off their phone. >> reporter: this senior wasn't sure about giving up his phone at first but he can tell the difference. >> the highest screen time i noticed was seven hours. yesterday i was at 30 minutes. >> he said he is working on accessing the gray areas, especially for students who need the phone at all times. he believes it is working because it is an all-out ban.
5:54 am
>> the average bathroom break is two to three minutes, where last year it was 20, 30, and we have students wandering the halls with their head down on their phone. >> there's way more noise. >> reporter: because people are talking to each other? >> yes. they're talking to each other, doing other fun stuff, singing song goes. >> reporter: really, that was not happening with everybody on that phone. >> yeah, without fens you have to find some way to entertain yourself. >> reporter: in san mateo, kris reyes, "abc 7 news." coming up next, new details on the new marvel land
5:55 am
5:56 am
zbrrchlts a all right. new this morning. adventurers assemble. we are hearing about disney's new marvel superhero land coming to california. it will be called at venturers campus. it is set to open next summer. "the l.a. times" reports that the city of permits for projects including a
5:57 am
small brewery, a meet and green area and a retail store where a bug's life land used to be. disney is the parent company of abc 7. next on "abc 7 mornings" at 6:00, it is the perfect weekend for hiking but several trails have been closed on the peninsula. experts explain it is because of this mountain lion and its family. also friday night lights back in paradise. the emotional game nearly one year after the camp fire.
5:58 am
what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough.
5:59 am
news to build a better bay
6:00 am
area. this is "abc7 mornings." good morning, everyone. it is saturday, august 24th. i'm kumasi aaron. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning to you. low clouds and fog with us in parts of the bay area. here is a live doppler 7. another look from walnut creek where it looks nice and clear. another warm day there with mid 60s in redwood city. 63 in san jose. 59 in san francisco. yes, you are looking at mount tam. it looks to be a pretty good start to the day with the sun coming up at 6:32. 60, petaluma. 61, livermore. santa rosa checking in at 59. a little warmer in the north bay. a little cooler in tin land valleys making for a comfortable afternoon one the fog pulls back from the coast. you can see three-mile visibility at the shoreline. wow, isn't that pretty out there? temperatures will climb through the 80s through the mid afternoon inland to the 90s,


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