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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 25, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's sunday august 25th. i'm kumasi aaron. we're starting with a look at the weather. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. we have fog, mist and drizzle. the marine layer is compressed. as you look at live doppler 7, it's not ensemble around the bay, where it is visibility is reduced along the coast about a quarter mile there, four miles up to the north in santa rosa and pretty good visibility inland. the fog will be quick to chase away as the marine layer is getting closer to the surface out there. it is 58 in san francisco, 64 in concord. we're looking at that very foggy skyline in san francisco.
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temperatures will climb quickly. we'll be in the 70s and 80s around the bay and inland by noontime, 60s at the coast, patchy fog, numbers in the 90s in the inland valleys. it's a quick warm-up and 80s around the bay. we'll talk about how long the heat lasts in a few minutes. kumasi. >> thank you, lisa. developing news, turns angeles county sheriff deputy who claimed he was shot in the parking lot lied. the deputy said he was shot last wednesday. but last night 20-year-old angel reynosa made up the entire story. he admitted. he wasn't shot. >> he also told investigators he had caused the holes in the uniform shirt by cutting it with a knife. there was no sniper, no shots fired and
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completely fabricated. >> reynosa did not say why he made up the claim. he will be fired and the district attorney's office will be responsible for filing charges against him. this morning we're learning about a crash in san francisco that blocked gary boulevard for hours. police say an unmarked police car hit an officer and burglary suspect near japantown. abc news reporter liz pena has the details. >> reporter: in this video shot by a witness a man can be seen lying olt ground underneath a police vehicle. he was chased by two others officers earlier. san francisco police confirmed this information. >> they were facing two auto burglary suspects. during that time additional units. at that time an unmarked police car on the scene. >> reporter: a plain clothed
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officer chasing the man on foot. >> that vehicle struck a police officer and the suspect. those two were taken to the hospital. the suspect was in life threatening condition and the officer is nonlife threatening condition. >> hours after the collision the unmarked police car was removed from the scene with a smashed hood. >> now geary boulevard is a well-known area for barakins in san francisco. it's still not know if the suspect was committing a crime before the chase. liz pena, abc 7 news. the search is on for whoever shot at a motorist in antioch yesterday afternoon. this could be a case of road rage. the gunshot went to the outside of the car d valley road. neither he nor his passenger was hurt. the driver wanted to stay anonymous but shared what he
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saw. >> first thing i could say was one-handed, he was aiming the gun at me. i sped up and weaved and heard a shot. >> he said the suspect's car was a newer model silver mercedes sedan with two young men. it looked like he wanted to take a second shot. he called 911. a hit-and-run in san jose, the latest at 3:30 on santa teresa boulevard and san ig inacio. a mananananananan they are looking for a man who killed a driver in san jose saturday morning. he died at the intersection of east san fernando on 4th street on san jose's university campus.
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the democratic national committees summer meeting, it's officially wrapped up here in san francisco. the poo will of candidates is now down to 21. many of them made an appearance this weekend but yesterday's hot topic was a debate that won't be happening. here is abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard. >> democratic candidates running for president made stops at the dnc summer meeting in san francisco. climate change a top issue on most platforms. many green activists pushing for a presidential debate devoted exclusively to climbed change. >> there are plenty of voters disengaged, not paying attention. climate change is a central issue to young people. >> barbara lee supports the idea. >> we have to have the climate debate because it cuts across every single issue. >> party chairman t arguing twroo only allow other single issue debates. >> we want to make sure we don't
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change the rulesprocess. >> under pressure from activists, perez allowed a vote and called on members for comment. >> we need to take this issue seriously. we need to get a bunch of candidates who have asked for it on the stage to have a conversation. >> others said there are too many other important issues to discuss. >> i don't need a specific focus climate debate at the expense of a debate that i would also want on immigration. >> in the end, party members rejected a resolution to hold the climate change debate. activists stormed out of the room. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. the republican national committee had this response to the dnc meeting, quoete --
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coming up on "this week" an exclusive interview with former gop chairman joe walsh whether he plans to challenge president trump for the 2020 nomination. watch the full interview "this week with george stephanopoulos" on abc 7. people rallied in support of an 87-year-old man who escaped the holocaust and now facing eviction. yesterday abc 7 news was in alameda where helping hands of supporters and neighbors at this rally in front of the dune apartments onshore line drive. he's lived there since 2002, and he says his section 8 status is not protecting him from the risi , and hiso raise the rent by $700 a month.o fight on his behalf.
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>> the fact is they get $30,000 a year for his apartment. they are not going givg free reo somebody who is sick. >> he recently lost his son to cancer. margaret tam owns the building and declined to speak with abc 7 news. in the south bay, it is the annual silicon valley pride festival and parade. the event in it's 44th street. dozens of groups will take part in the parade, starts at 10:00 this morning. it's going to be on market at julian street in san jose and then it is at the cesar chavez park. two stages of music and entertainment. macy gray is the headliner for tonight. the festival runs until 6:00 and there's a $5 fee if you plan to check it out. >> hopefully it will be nice down there for people who want to hang out and be there. >> later in the day 90s, coming up 5 degrees from yesterday's readings. starting out nice. mist and drizzly, may need
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wipers. mid and upper 50s along the coastline. marine layer closer and closer to the ground. pretty soon we're not going to see much of it at all. our air conditioning is going to be cut off from mother nature. we're going to see the heat turned on. tell you how hot coming up. thanks, lisa. building a better bay area takes all kinds of solutions. see
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book direct at neighbors helping neighbors. that's the message of the city of santa rosa is stressing. there is a program pushing people towards each other if there's an emergency. lisa amin gulezian has the
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story. >> they share smiles, stories, experiences at ridgeland historic neighborhood. many are meeting for the first time. a new program is pushing them to get to know one another for. t tubbs fire was in itself. it was an event no one ever wanted to go through. something like that really showed the importance of neighbors helping neighbors. >> the north bay fire swept through the area in october 2017. many lesson were learned and now they are being taught in the neighborhoods. >> teaching them there's multiple ways out of the neighborhood and what run streets are. >> vac what's routes and emergency preparedness are top of mind here. >> mostly we bang on the church here because we have supplies already. >> still neighbors becoming friends is what really matters and makes the lifesaving program work. chris was mayor during the fire. >> neighbors helping neighbors, neighbors helping strangers. what we're trying to do is
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create a community where people think about it all the time not just after a disaster. >> so people listen to music, eat andy . >> to me it looks really great inside my heart to know i have neighbors looking out for each other. >> that can only happen when neighbors start being strangers. abc 7 lisa amin neighbors in santa rosa who signed up for the alert practiced evacuating their home and evacuating through routes. they answered questions on disaster prep. sonoma county is identifying high priority areas and plans to work on those communities on evacuation exercises. in the east bay the city of berkeley will hold its third wildfire evacuation drill today. the hour long trill will start at 9:00 near uc berkeley and the
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berkeley contra costa border area. police will go door to door and sound an evacuation siren. you can take part in the drill, you just have to sign up for the city's ac alert for directions. r t fifth straight year oakland kids learn how to design their own. it teaches the teens video design and development. the kids are building a better bay area matter most to them. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has more. >> born and raised in oakley. >> this year's game participants are especially excited about that born in oakland part. 06 train in fundamentals from january to june. >> from june to august they have about 13 weeks to get development teams and build a video game from scratch. >> this summer they designed and created 11 games with automation, graphics and sound.
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these young men designed on automobile side shows with that special oakland flavor. >> we wanted to side shows. >> this all female team took a decidedly different tack moving from road to home. >> a love letter to our pores. >> eric thomas, abc 7 news. the ultimate love letter to mom may be the game design and critical thinking that game heads will help these kids into and graduate from college. as part of building a better bay area, we're focused on homelessness and possible solutions to the housing crisis. yesterday people built movable tiny homes for homeless young people. the volunteers are spending this weekend building 8 x 10 foot tiny homes. they are easy to set up, so they can be set up wherever the neede
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of 26 in a church parking lot in oakland or berkeley. they may end up on a developer's land that's waiting to be developed in a two-or three-year cycle or put on a piece of property that the city of oakland owns. >> volunteers will spend another weekend next month finishing the tiny homes. the goal is to have a dozen of them ready by next month. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by building a better bay area group on facebook. happening today thousands of people will hit the streets of san francisco for america's most beautiful run. this is the annual bridge to bridge run. both the 5k and 12k start at 8:00 this morning in front of the ferry building. the runners will pass through fisherman's wharf and ghirardelli square. a panoramic view of the bridge and back where the run ends. the race benefits special olympics. time check now, it is 5:16 and
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lisa is standing by checking our forecast for sunday. >> hey there, kumasi, good morning to you. we have the marine later. it is a little compressed. that means the fog is dense and mist and drizzle along the shoreline. we'll be looking at this hanging out at the coast today. we widen the perspective. it makes its way all the way down to southern california. we're still watching this system here. either an area of low pressure that will allow for extra cloud cover and humidity to be drawn into our northwesterly flow as we get into tuesday and wednesday. it's going to change the weather and we're changing it today, warmer conditions in the afternoon. oakland, hayward, fremont, mountain view checking in at 65 and numbers in the mid-50s up in santa rosa, 56 in novato. the visibility has been reduced to nothing along the coast. you really can't see much in front of you at all. good idea to slow down out there, four miles in santa rosa,
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7 in oakland and inland not too bad. you can barely make out the buildings here, so a lot of fog outhere to sta your susitth dzz this morning could be a little bit slow going. we're looking at above normal temperatures today, tomorrow. looks like tuesday we'll begin to see cooling, more clouds tuesday into wednesday. could be a little precip, a little too soon to tell, mainly over the ocean. as we look at highs on tuesday, numbers will come down a bit. more of a sea breeze in the 70s around the bay. we're still in the 90s inland. by wednesday, check it out, numbers back to where we should be with 70s and 80s, a few 90s inland by thursday. certainly a cooler day out there. let's take a look at the day by day forecast. you'll notice the increasing cloud cover as we get into monday afternoon. so we've got the low clouds up the coast and higher clouds moving in.
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here we go into tuesday morning, still looking at higher humidity and looking at the dew points coming up probably into the 60 degree range. it's going to feel a little wet out there. this model showing a little precip off the coast come tuesday night. then by about wednesday and thursday, back to some typical readings around here with the low clouds and fog at the coast. as for today, we're warming up. how about 80 today in oakland, 58 fremont. numbers anywhere 2 to 6 degrees warmer than yesterday. livermore 95. breezy at the coast in the mid-60s. from the 60s at the shore lines to near 80 around the bay. accuweather seven-day forecast 90s inland today. hottest day should be tomorrow. notice we're going to keep the numbers warm and keep it a little muggy around here into tuesday. also wednesday and it's not until thursday that we look at numbers coming back down to where they should be for a cooler afternoon. so as for today, we've kind of
5:20 am
been advertising the warm-up. right around the coast or bay, a nice breeze. expect that to be cut off today. >> nice while it lasted. >> exactly. >> thanks, lisa. just ahead barak and lowho knows the righthe powertool has no equal.right. as the leader in outdoor power equipment, we do it right, too. so, you can show your yard who's boss.
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for most of history we don't have cell phones. they do everything from take pictures and check in at the airport. when a bay area many lost his phone in france, he took unusual measures to replace it. 7 on your side michael finney has the story. >> my trip to paris was to visit
5:23 am
museums. >>. >> reporter: bill was having a fine time in paris. that is, until he ran into a surround rely. >> bill stopped me to ask directions. >> reporter: bill pulled out his phone to show a map of the metro system. >> that's all it took. i let me guard down and he grabbed the phone while i was showing it. >> reporter: it was gone in a flash. >> angry at him. >> reporter: bill's insurance would replace the phone but he needed one now while he was in france. >> they have several apple stores in paris. >> reporter: bill decided to get another iphone temporarily. >> apple throughout the day has a 14-day return policy. >> reporter: it's true. the policy says you can return the iphone for any reason. bill went to this elegant apple store in paris. >> i made it clear i'm not going to keep this phone. they said no problem. >> reporter: he bought an iphone x, kept the receipt. when he got back to san
5:24 am
francisco he with that went to the store to return it. >> they said oh, no. you have to return this in paris. >> reporter: to his shock they would not accept the iphone here, he had to go to paris. >> i said i'm not going to paris. they said it's required. i said nobody called me. >> reporter: bill was out $1300 for that french iphone. we checked out the return policy on his receipt. it not only has a lot of fine print, it's in french. >> it doesn't say you have to bring it back to paris. >> reporter: or does it. we found this clause and plugged it into google translate. products can be returned at your expense at any store in the country in which they were originally purchased. here is why. french iphones are different than american iphones. for one thing they use band frequency assigned to french chile phone carriers, not u.s. carriers. also the power adaptor works on european voltage, not u.s. voltage. still, no one in france told bill any of that.
5:25 am
we contacted apple. they declined to comment but did refund. >> i want to thank you for the intervention it really helped. >> reporter: when you're overseas you can go to a local phone carrier and buy a prepaid phone and sim card for a relatively low price. it may be a better option than carrying your own phone with an international plan. check it out. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. san francisco welcomed a historic all women crew to the port. they are traveling around the world to raise mope and awareness for education. they stopped at the san francisco yacht club to share their message. the first team was formed in 1989. they faced a lot of resistance from other sailors. this crew came from travels abroad in egypt, sri lanka sri a hawaii. the cruise will take three years to complete. ♪ ♪
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in the east bay a delightful combination of color art and chocolate made for a fun day. abc 7 news was in berkeley's gourmet ghetto for the 21st chocolate and chalk art festival. it property together artists and chocolateers for a unick presentation. barack obama tweeted his playlist this morning. artist who is made the cut, lil nas x, lizzo, alicia keys, "rolling stone." the list they are listening to every summer. like the previous playlist, a mix. disney dropping all sorts of teasers of upcoming movies. nearly 7,000 people jammed the convention hall in anaheim. they got a peek at the upcoming "star wars" film and "frozen 2." "black panther" 2 is coming out.
5:27 am
all that was revealed was a release date may 6th of 2022. numerous stars have shown up including angelina jolie, dwayne "the rock" johnson, jamie foxx, julie louis-dreyfus. a parent company of abc news. full coverage of the d-23 conference on our website, still to come on abc 7 mornings, lightning strikes during the pga tour championship. that is scary. gosh. several people got injured. witness describe the moment it happened. also a dirty job. a project years in the making finally gets
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good morning, everyone. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here is lisa. good morning. >> good morning, kumasi. we have changes in store. that starts out with mist and drizzle at the coast so you're
5:30 am
going to need your wipers. that fog is dense in spots. visibility down to nothing right around the shoreline. temperatures in the mid and upper 50s from the north bay where it's cool but we've got mid-60s over into the east bay. 62 in san jose. here is a look at the visibility. you can see up and down the coast and locally up to the north, a little over to the east. it is going to be chased away quickly by that warmer air. so as we look at your temperatures this morning, by the afternoon, notice the oranges and reds come into play quickly. we're at 11:00 and upper 70s to mid-80s inland. as we go through the afternoon, the fog is set up along the coast for that sea breeze. we're talking warmer today by 5 degrees inland. kumasi. >> thanks, lisa. suspects and professional golfers were forced to take cover in atlanta when this intense line of thunderstorms developed o c lhtning tree and
5:31 am
here is more. >> felt a little pressure. lightning struck. probably about 200 yards away. >> reporter: a terrifying scene east of downtown atlanta in the middle of the pga tour finale.fe lightning striking a pine tree off the 16th tee.tee. six people hurt hit by flying debris. all expected to be okay. witnesses described the frightening moments. >> everyone dropped to the floor because it was the closest lightning i had ever seen in my life. at that point people started rushing into the fan shop but the stairs were aluminum so you didn't want to stand on there too long. >> reporter: planses immediaamb responded where 30 pga golfers were competing for the cup. athletes ips when it hit. >> the players thought they were going to get back out onto the
5:32 am
golf course at some point. eventually pga tour decided, no, done for the day. too dangerous. >> they suspended play. it will pick up sunday followed by the final round. this the second lightning strike in two weeks connected to the world of professional golf. last week at the bmw championship outside of chicago phil mickelson was delayed when lightning struck the top of his hotel. corina mitchell, abc 7 news new york city. president trump says he's not facing pressure from his allies over the trade war in china. he held the first face-to-face meeting with boris johnson as the new prime minister. johnson says his country wants to see free trade and doesn't like tariffs. the president says he has a right to declare a national emergency to force u.s. businesses to leave china but doesn't have plans at the moment. >> when they steal, intellectual
5:33 am
property theft, $300 billion to $500 billion a year. we have a total loss of almost a trillion dollars a year. for many years this has been going on. we're getting along very well with china right now. >> the president says about reaction toss his tariffs. a texas community mourning the loss of a newlywed couple in a crash minutes after tiger the knot. they lost their lives friday afternoon in the town of warren outside of houston. they collided with a pickup truck towing a traffic. his mom was a file blocks >> i watched my baby die. i did my best to pull them out
5:34 am
of the car. >> the justice of the peace was the coroner. they are still investigating. fires sweeping across the amazon. 40,000 troops deployed along with military water dropping from helicopters. there's an outcry. fires have been burning widespread and out of control. it's unclear whether troops will be doing firefighting duties along front lines. in the east bay police spent day teaching people about dangers of drinking and driving. yesterday abc 7 news was in concord with know your limit program. they spent time at tacofest in the plaza showing people how little alcohol it takes to reach the limit. they invited volunteers to take a breathalyzer to see if they could guess. in california the limit is .8%. a person's limit can vary drastically base the type of dr >> we're offering this so people can see if they have consumed
5:35 am
some alcohol where they would rate in that scale. > everage cost of a dui is around $13,500. impound, fines, attorney fees and insurance hikes. california wildlife officials are asking people not to keep nutria as pets. these orange tooth rodents may soon be added to the lest of prohibited pets in the state. burrowing causes damage to waterways and the semiaquatic animals can birth up to 12 in a lirt. they were imported from south america for the fur trade before that market collapsed. a cat in suburban l.a. is getting a reputation for scaring off predators. he's called a gray kitty and he looks cute, right? no, not when it comes to coyotes. look at this video from the security camera. so yeah. gray kitty wasn't playing around. he's adopted by a family but
5:36 am
prefers the great outdoors so the family says he fights off at least one wild animal a week. >> he's come back with some pretty big wounds from fighting something. we're not sure. i've taken him to the vet several times. he does not back down, i know that. >> right? the family says gray kitty doesn't meow, he growls. that could be scaring the coyotes away. a new landmark at the presidio. for the time being you might be forgiven if you mistook it for a mountain of dirt. what will it become? a world-class experience. here are the details. >> reporter: crews were moving mountains in san francisco's presidio. 50,000 cubic yards of soil that will be the foothold for one of the most unique destinations anywhere in the bay area. half park, half freeway, and 100% jaw-dropping. >> you'll be able to walk out of our visitors center out onto
5:37 am
this incredible new park, panoramic views of the downtown skyline, golden gate bridge, places you can bring your family to have picn4 a new m bowland ie director for presidio trust. he showed abc planned path of ilru uer doyle drive. that was only the bottom half of the plan. the top part, 14 acres of park perched on top of doyle drive tunnels, the same tunnels thousands of commuters pass through every day from marin county and western san francisco. >> for 75 years doyle drive broke the presidio in two, cut off from the main post. when doyle was rebuilt it created an opportunity to create a new park. >> the drawings show what the tunnel top park will look like when finished, swirling green ovals of open space surrounded by trees. it will also include barbecue circles, a 4 acre youth campus and environmental learning
5:38 am
center for kids and families. now all that's required for the dream to become reality is hard work and tons and tons of dirt. >> we want to make sure this is a park for the ages. the soil has to be deep enough to zo plants can grow and be healthy forever. >> dan ashley, abc 7 news. that looks awesome. the tunnel top is expected to be complete in about two years. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, is san francisco, the bay area, a great american city? of course we know the answer is yes. catch up with pat sajak and vanna white when they rolled into the city for a special game show shoot. right now we're taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. not much we can see right now. is it wet out there, lisa? i don't know what's going on. maybe a little bit. but we see a few cars making their way thr
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5:40 am
5:41 am
happening today volunteers will pick up trash at baker beach in san francisco. the surf rider foundation is celebrating 35th birthday. it organizes cleanups and educational events throughout the year and its mission is to find creative ways to prevent plastic from entering the ocean. they are asked to bring their own gloves, grabbers and baskets and starts at 10:00. will it be as hot close to the water. >> no, beautiful there. they will get sun. great place to be. the fog clearing out and temperatures in the 60s there. right now, wow, can't see much at all from our emeryville
5:42 am
camera. really fogged in. temperatures in the 60s from the east bay to the south bay to inland valleys and cool in the north bay with mist and drizzle along the coast with that dense fog. we've got it all this morning, a much warmer day out there for the next few days and then we'll see more changes. my accuweather seven-day forecast is coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also coming up, a nice bounceback game for jimmy g. against the ch alright, so this is how you are gonna say:wn. you'll get the best deal of the year on xfinity tv and internet! and you even get this.
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in sports a's and giants will wrap up this year's bay bridge series. facing brett anderson at coliseum, first pitch at 1:07 p.m. thursday night they will play the final game of the preseason against chargers at levi's stadium. last nim jimmy garoppolo returned to the stadium where he tore his acl last december as niners took on the chiefs. chris alvarez has highlights in
5:45 am
this morning's sports. saturday night was the perfect chance to get over hurdles for jimmy garoppolo, the mental hurdle where he tore his acl, physical for performance in denver in the preseason. marquise goodwin, high-five all the way around. last year's mvp patrick make homes, damian williams tackle, 62 yards later he is gone 7-0. kc right out of the gates jimmy garoppolo. jimmy g looking good, finds richie james, connection, niners in the red zone, garoppolo up top. diving catch in the end zone. jimmy g, touchdown and no picks wilson jr. to the outside and in. san francisco retakes the lead. wilson again bs how about another score, improved 3-0 with
5:46 am
27-17 win. >> last week wasn't nearly as bad as it looked but it definitely did look that bad live. today everyone is on the same page a little better, move the chains a couple times. get into a rhythm and start forgetting about things and playing football. >> i thought it was good to come back to kc where everything started. get that out of the way, another step in the right direction. >> former stanford star and current colts quarterback andrew luck is calling it a career. reports of retirement circled saturday night. luck said constant injuries took away his passion for the game. we'll have reaction. you can find that later on giants and a's split the brief two-game series in san francisco last week. saturday night the two teams renewed their rivalry in the east bay. more than 53,000 on hand for the game. buster posey at the plate. drive to right. the sun is over there. steve bisciotti, he caught that ball.
5:47 am
sometimes better be lucky than good. he's both right there. starter chris bassitt loves it. madison baumgartner. five innings, four hits, two earned, five strikeouts for madbaum. giants with a run. down 4-2 but they explode for eight runs in the 8th. former athletics believe in vogt. i believe in him. that is it for sports. enjoy your sunday. all righty. good morning to you. we have ata e o beachu' gng to see sun. typically cool there. as we look outside, looks a little hazy there, doesn't it? our marine layer is reand. as a result it is squeezing out moisture in the form of mist and drizzle. so we have that to contend with
5:48 am
early on. we also have a quicker warm-up on the way. check out the two cities here side to side. we've got oakland and napa this morning at 9:00 both in the mid-60s. look what happens as we go towards noontime. look how quickly we're warming up in naacp. low 80s versus 70s in oakland. as we continue right on through the afternoon, 2:00 we're in the upper 80s in napa. we're in the upper 70s in oakland. so already it's a warmer day for both cities. yesterday you'll enjoy the numbers, pretty comfortable around the bay. today we've got that high pressure ridge building and expanding. as it does that, it is compressing the low cloud deck to the surface. that's why we have the mist, drizzle, dense fog over the bridge. live doppler 7, the fog looks everywhere. it's really not. in fact, by the time the sun comes up, we'll see it retreating westward. as we look at the big picture, notice the fog all the way down
5:49 am
to southern california. here is the system we're watching that will bring up cloud cover as soon as monday into tuesday. it will feel a little sticky around here as we get towards your tuesday afternoon. 61 right now in oakland, 60 hayward and fremont. it's cool with mist and drizzle and clouds up to the north, santa rosa, novato, 57 napa and half moon bay. visibility has been just about nothing at the coast. one mile half moon bay about 7 miles over in oakland where you have that fog. six miles santa rosa. walnut creek, looks like a nice start to your sunday. it's going to be a hot one. temperatures at least 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. you're just over the 90 degree mark yesterday. coastal fog and mist this morning, above normal temperatures that's today and tomorrow into monday. by tuesday, even monday we're looking at some extra clouds. then cei settling back into the usual 's
5:50 am
cruz.eep falong the coast for partly cloudy conditions, 56 half moon bay. really not a whole lot of difference there at the shoreline. check out what happens as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours. the marine layer pretty much gets wiped out. it comes back into play monday. here we are monday afternoon with those high clouds invading the area through tuesday. south bay look for about 90 in san jose. peninsula numbers 83 in redwood city, 72 downtown in the north bay, a warm one for you. upper 80s in santa rosa, 80 in oakland. warm day in fremont, 85, 95 in livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast warmer inland for monday. tuesday it stays kind of hot and sticky and by wednesday the lobby cloud deck coming back into play. download accuweather app and stay up to date. >> sounds good. thanks,tuhoit
5:51 am
francisc bay area theme? airin asowseve got a behind the scene look at how it comes together. >> no one has ever been that happy about that amount of money. >> we've seen them on wheel of fortune but i got to see host pat sajak and vanna white in the bay area. >> we're celebrating san francisco bay area. >> as we salute america's greatest cities. >> the two filming promotions for shows highlighting san francisco bay area set to air in the spring of 2020. >> the golden gate bridge. >> they visited several locations, including the palace of fine arts, where i got to ask them a few questions. >> what do you think makes the san francisco area so great? oie to figure out where you are. downtowns look a bit alike. you know the moment you're in san francisco, one of the most
5:52 am
unique in the world. you k you step if the on it. >> beautiful, the scenery. it's so different. here we are standing in front of this beautiful palace and you can be on the himself in another area. there's so much. >> if you had a whole day to spend here in the bay area, what would you guys do? >> eat and then eat some more and then possibly eat after that. >> maybe. >> and then take a nap and eat some more. >> all next week on wheel. >> right here on abc 7. >> if your droem is to see pat and vanna as a contestant, you can audition when the wheel comes to the area next month. >> if you come out to a wheel event, have a good time. as long as you know the show and understand how it works, you don't have to screw on your game show contestant face. there will be sort of a natural. just be yourself as corny as that sounds. the san francisco episodes they will air in the spring but you can watch wheel of fortune
5:53 am
every week night at 7:30 on abc 7 and comes on right after jeopardy. next, it is much more than a day in the the annual fundraiser that helps provide wellness programs for northern california children
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5:55 am
. all right, everyone. here are the winning numbers from last night's $50 million powerball drawing. 5, 12, 20, 21, 47, and the powerball number 1. nobody picked all six numbers so wednesday night's jackpot grows to $60 million. the winning numbers from last night's $7 million superlotto plus drawing, 4, 6, 14, 24, 45, and the mega number is 21. no one picked all six in that drawing either so wednesday's jackpot increases to $8 million. happening today, hundreds of people will open theireas and their wallets to celebrate the taylor family foundation. abc 7 is a long time crowd
5:56 am
sponsor of the annual day in the park fundraiser. chronic illness too in livermore. tet miknicco and traf be there. this event starts at 11:30 in the morning. coming up next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, a shocking turn of events in southern california. a deputy reported he was shot confesses to making up the story. unmarked san francisco police car strikes a fleeing suspect. investigators now trying to figure out how it happened.
5:57 am
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good morning, it's sunday august 25th. i'm kumasi aaron. let's start with the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, mist and drizzle at the coast, clear inland. live doppler 7 shows you half mile visibility at the shoreline. as you cross the bay, it's a little bit better but not totally as you get over into oakland and emeryville. temperatures are ranging from the cool 50s to the north, to the 60s to the east. goitsing it a it's going to be a warmer day expt


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