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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 26, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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business for a trained law enforcement officer that's involved. the pacific police department put out this wanted ad for the woman that unlawfully pulled the fire alarm in their lobby. she's 46-year-old maria danatti a san francisco police sergeant. i'm dan noyes from channel seven. i need to talk to you about the fire alarm. can you tell me what happened? >> no, no, i'm not talking. thank you. >> why not? >> it's clear. >> people there at the time tell me she a pacifica resident was not happy of a meeting to a task force on homelessness was closed but wouldn't give me her side of the story. it's clear? >> clearly why i'm not talking. >> san mateo district attorney steve wag staff is considering filing misdemeanor charges. >> there is danger in it.
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think of the fire department. what if a fire department responding to a fire alarm gets into a car accident and somebody gets hurt. there is always potential danger. that's why it's against the law. >> the sfpd says she's on the job while they conduct an administrative duty. the case appears to show a serious lapse in judgment. >> if they are not exercising good judgment in personal life or on good duty, that puts you on notice to look and see is this the right person for the job? >> reporter: i pulled the dispatch recordings from the day. >> engine 72 fire alarm manuel pull. >> reporter: it was a busy everything. serious medical calls came in. >> a 57-year-old male with a stroke symptom. >> reporter: and a 45-year-old heart patient with chest pains, a 97-year-old woman having difficulty breathing. the fire department also had to respond to this false alarm. >> 72, we made contact with the
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pacifica pd. >> if you can pull an emergency vehicle out of one area and away from the next emergency that comes in and that's dangerous. >> i reached out to the san francisco police officer's association but didn't get an answer. the d.a. expects to make a charging decision this week and of course, i'll get back to you on that. ama, dan? >> wow, all right, thank you. new developments in the story of a hawaiian virtual travel counselor accused of taking money prom bay area residents but never booking their vacation. a brks krrbc 7 news melanie woo been covering every angle. she's in the newsroom with the latest, melanie? >> dan, that information affects anyone with upcoming travel booked of house of aloha, hawaii. the business announcing it is officially closing. in a new email to a house of aloha client, the purr ps pose this letter will notify you it will be permanently closing down as we suffered ir recoverable
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losses. any current and future bookings will be cancelled. we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. wendy wong who goes by wen tells me clients were impacted from the end of june on but has never explained why. clients like rachel and mikey boyd who say they realized just months before their upcoming hawaii wedding that despite paying nguyen, there were no confirmed bookings or itinera itinerari itineraries. wen's family says she owes them money. her father writing quote house of aloha of hawaii is a house of cards, deceit and lies. those that know the history between my dad, my step-mom and i are not surprised by their actions. who does this to their children? the police department has referred the case to the santa clara county district attorney's office. wen's assistant that works at santa clara county superior
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court has not responded to my request for comment. wen's attorney has not responded a. spokesperson told me that the airline does work with trusted travel agents that same spokesperson said we don't have any relationship orbitz -- or business with wendy wong. they have a dedicated email dress. we'll put a link on our website abc 7 p in the newsroom for the i-team, melanie woodro, abc 7 news. >> thank you. in the south bay, at least three suspects are on the run after a smash and grab robbery at the great mall. the sound of shattering glass sent some running to the exit. this is the second rob by of its kind in a matter of hours. a similar crime unfolded at the vintage fair mall around 5:00 a.m. abc 7 news leah melendez joins us live with what she's learned about the investigation, leeann?
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>> reporter: police are just about to release the photos that show these three suspects, the three suspects rather they believe were involved in this burglary. now i am told, though, even wit ew photos police are not sure if the two cases, the one in modesto and here in are related. there were no signs of broken glass inside the great mall. we only saw a covered display case but last night police say as three men smashed these cases, the sound of shattering glass confused many customers, some falsely believing there was an active shooter. people quickly ran out and posted on social media. >> what happened recently on gilroy and el paso and what's happening nationally, people are hyper sensitive and we understand that. >> reporter: a nearly identical heist occurred a few hours
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before at the same jewelry store valliani in modestmodesto. four men were caught using what appears to be sledgehammers possibly also used in the burglary. >> in our investigation there was three suspects described as black men wearing dark clothing. >> reporter: in the modesto incident they were wearing different hoodies. >> we have to make sure our detectives will talk to their detectives, look at photos, find any additional videos we may have that aren't actually from the store. >> reporter: police told us there are always four permanent officers on the premises and that's how police say they were able to respond so quickly. today people visiting the mall understood why people panicked. >> because things keep happening all around and as soon as you hear something happening, people get scared. they don't have the full information and start moving around and -- >> reporter: assume the worst. >> exactly. you never know. >> reporter: so again, the
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modesto burglary occurred at about 5:00 p.m. yesterday and the one here in milpeda ocs occd after 7:30. police say that's enough time to have committed both burglaries. lynk yo police are revealing details tonight about a shooting involving an off-duty san francisco police officer and homeless man. police say that homeless man is 44-year-old thomas vincent whalen. happened last night just before 11:00. police say whalen used a rock to assault the officer. the officer shot him. police, the contra costa sheriff's office and pd are conducting investigations. the officer is on paid administrative leave. >> now this is a story we've been following since saturday. that's when an unmarked san francisco police car struck a burglary suspect and an officer. witnesses have been gradually peacing together for us exactly what went down and abc 7 news
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anchor spoke withg?hewalike thi car just came out of nowhere, the police officer was holding the suspect down here and that witness says that car ran him over. it's hard to watch this video, the blurred aftermath of a man run over by a car. imagine seeing it happen in real life. >> i mean it. it's a pretty horrific site to see someone get run over. >> reporter: joy told me she was walking along gary boulevard saturday afternoon with her fiancee when she saw a plain clothes officer chase a man and pin him to the count. >> i remember that moment because my fiancee was next to me. >> reporter: she didn't expect what happened next. >> and then sort of out of whe, this other vehicle just drives up, you know, jumps the
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curb and slams into the bus station and essentially runs over the people but i think the two people on the ground. >> reporter: she didn't know that car was being driven by another officer. >> the way it was driving, it did seem the way that it came up, at the state it was driving, i don't know whoever lost control of the car or whatever. >> reporter: in shock, she watched as officers tried to free the suspect. >> the police officer, one of them came up pretty close to the person and sort of grabbed him by his arm and dragged him out from under the car somehow. >> reporter: today crews removed the bus stop damage when that car jumped the curve. i was caught on this camera, managed by the japan town community benefit district. they told us they turned the footage over to san francisco police. now not too long ago, san francisco police told us they arrested a second suspect
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30-year-old leunides may and he's facing several charges including burglary. tonight that other suspect is still in the hospital with life threatening injuries. reporting live, abc 7 news. in the south bay an early start to celebrate women's suffrage as hundreds come out to make their voices heard but as much as the vent was a nod to the past, i was about fighting for the future. chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: in the capital of silicon valley, there is no telling these folks to get off their soapboxes. with many dressed in white, hundreds gathered in front of san jose's library to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote. >> our ability to bring everybody together in one arena to fight for women's rights, women's rights are human rights. humans' rights are women's rights.
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>> reporter: the first in the state to celebrate the centennial. the vote was to encourage voter registration. >> this isn't about being the cutting edge. this sablt having a cois about values of equity. >> reporter: this comes as the u.s. census burro says the staff would go until mid october and urging participation saying this routine process will help ensure the accuracy of the census count. >> the more we have these events, the more inclusive they become and we can reach other under served populations. >> reporter: mary one of the last living rosie in the south bay stopped by to express support. an opportunity to bring more people into the fold come 2020. >> there has to be a change, that we know something is going on and that, you know, right now a lot of women don't get equal pay as men and i feel that with this movement, a lot can be done. >> community members coming together to amp flify their
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voices. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. one passenger is dead and another seriously injured because a drunk driving suspect. police say they caught a man for the crash. their hearts were in the right place but there is a problem why a bay area recycling center is experiencing overload and having trouble finding someone to take its stuff. take a look at the warriors bright and shiny new toy. if you think the outside is nice, wait until you see what is waiting for fans inside. spencer christian, if you're tired of the current heat spike you d ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps...
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. a man is facing charges after he killed one passenger and seriously injuring another. >> it happened early sunday morning in santa clara. how police tried to stop the suspect moments before the crash. >> the suspect vehicle was driven by the single male adult and was traveling southbound on the expressway when he failed to stop for a red light. >> reporter: it happened about 1:30 a.m. sunday. the suspect is san jose resident 32-year-old claudio perez. he was arrested and charged with murder driving under the influence, auto theft and driving under the influence. 28-year-old carol lynn major from santa clara was in the backseat. she died in the hospital. another passenger is still in critical condition while the lyft driver is expected to be
6:16 pm
okay. >> it's our understanding the ride share vehicle was driving within safe speed limits. >> reporter: now just prior to the crash, sunnyvale police put the suspect's vision under super vehicle from this parking lot after they deemed that that vehicle was listed as stolen. they tried to deploy a tire deflation device. >> all four tires of the suspect's vehicle were in tact at the accident scene so it's our understanding that that device did not work in the correct fashion it's supposed to work. >> reporter: police decided it was too dangerous to pursue the vehicle when it took off from the parking lot late night. instead, sunnyvale p.d. sent an i letter. craig robinson said he's yet to talk to the victim's family. >> we would be happy to sit down and explain our reasoning behind that and just how sorrowful we are this is the end result of this action of this drunk
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driver. happening tonight, the san francisco police department is teaming up with glide momeemori to host reflection and reconciliation design night. it's a forum for the lgbtq community to offer suggestions how to increase and trust and communication with the police. it's on the anniversary of the compton cafeteria riot that took place in the 1966 tender loin. it was a gathering spot for transgender people. the riots were sporkarked by a crackdown. a walnut creek teenager is talking to us what it's like to be bitten by a rattlesnake. he was walking into the front gate when he felt a jolt. he believes it was a baby rattler. friends s immediate recalled 91 >> it felt like someone zapped me like someone electrocuted me. it was really weird. of course, i'm freaking out like
6:18 pm
what was that? at first, i didn't see the snake and my friend said it's a rattlesnake. i said no way and turn around and see it rattling and freaking out and i run inside and i was like i'm going to die. >> well, he didn't, thank goodness. if you want a reminder what a rattlesnake looks like, here is one brought into the wildlife experience. for caden, he's being released from the hospital today and expected to make a full recovery. this is peak season for rattlesnake so be careful if you're on the trails or in the woods. >> especially with the hotter weather and people outside doing outdoor activities. >> spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> we have summer weather. here is a look. fog is developing along the coastline and beginning to push over the bay and inland areas that sizzled today. this is the view west word, you can see the fog building up. 67 here in san francisco. we cooled down quite a bit in the city. oakland 71.
6:19 pm
86 redwood city and san jose 83 and 59 half moon bay and showing that fog beginning to push out over san francisco. we have more temperature readings right now. temperatures in the low to mid 80s in san to ta rta rosa and 94 so you can see there is a lot of heat locked into the inland areas this evening and this is the dreary foggy picture at the golden gate bridge and the forecast features so foggy conditions near the coast and bay overnight it will be hot inland, again tomorrow and we'll have higher humidity tomorrow night through thursday morning. it will feel quite muggy with the heat holding on for awhile. overnight lows will be on the mild side upper 50s to low 60s with the fog at the coast and locally over the bay and a few high passing clouds and those clouds continue to have moisture that's the remanence of tropical storm that fizzled out and none of the moisture is moving in our
6:20 pm
direction that will make it feel muggy tomorrow and into wednesday and even thursday morning. so we'll start the day tomorrow morning with some lingering low clouds and fog and won't disappoint predi disappoiear until midday and th humidity increases and we'll get a muggy feeling as testimonies rise in the afternoon hours. it will feel a bit uncomfortable. look for highs of 72 tomorrow at half moon bay and 74 here in san francisco and 89 napa 93 santa rosa and 100 moving over to the east bay, fairfield 98 and 96 concord and 97 antioch and 91 san jose and 96 and around the bay shoreline, mid 80s. it will be quite warm to hot away from the coast and speaking of hot over in the tropical atlantic, tropical storm dorian, 606 mooils p 60 miles per hour and will be a category one and moves south of puerto rico and moves over to
6:21 pm
san t santo damingo. south florida, we'll continue to watch how strong it will be and what effect it will have. here is the accuweather seven-day. koot down on wednesday, it will be just a slight cooldown but we'll feel the difference. still kind of muggy. muggy into thursday morning although it will be much cooler on thursday with inland highs in the upper 80s and temperatures level out in a seasonal stable pattern through the weekend and have a slight increase on temperatures and temperatures on sunday back down to about 90 degrees inland on monday and upper 70s around the bay and much more typical late summer pattern. >> nice. >> yeah. >> thanks, spencer. part of building a better bay area means doing what we can to help the environment. >> we are going to take you to an east bay recycling center
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building a better bay area and this means finding solutions for problems from safety and transportation to the environment. >> a couple weeks ago we looked at a recycling center flooded with people because of the recent closure of other centers. there was a long line of cars parked down the street just waiting. >> with the closing of
6:25 pm
california's biggest train of recycling centers and the trade war with china, the pressure is trickling down. >> luz pena has the story where the non-profit recycling operation might have to close soon. >> this is where your recyclebles are, it's accessible to 330,000 people a year. the pile of recyclebles grow, s does this. >> we're not able to sell anything. we have to pay to get rid of our paper, we're having to go to third world countries, which we don't feel good about. >> reporter: for more than a month, several piles of mixed paper have sat in this warehouse. >> with more ma terecycling com running out of time and space so now they areavg to pay $90 a ton to send some of the material to a lake to be>> ist china
6:26 pm
used to buy 90% of what you see from the united states but with the trade war, they buy close to zero percent. in july, union city tried to buy some time by charging residents an extra $22 a month to keep the center afloat. but with other centers closing, more recycling ends up here. >> i think it would make sense just to have a conversation with at least the majors in alameda county because we have a mayor's conference where we can discuss this issue because it is an issue that impacts all citi cities. >> reporter: there is a budget to stay open until march and wants the state to take action. >> what's the next step? >> the next step is the state of california and needs to create infrastructure and trecyclingy mo ts material, keep it doluz
6:27 pm
pena, abc 7 news. so where nickname notorious rbg come from? the orgin, in her first public appearance since being treated for pancreatic cancer. you'll be surprised which government agency needs people to grow pot for research. >> the g 7 is in the books but a simple statement had a
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it seems like just about everything under the sun was covered at the latest g 7 summit including one thing that whipped on wall street and raised questions about a possible recession. >> president trump on his way home from france following meetings with the world's top leaders at the g 7 summit. >> today the president addressed questions about climate change, north korea and on going war with china. >> trever says the president is looking ahead to the next g 7 summit. >> i want to thank you for it. >> thank you. >> wrapping up what he called a
6:31 pm
truly successful g 7 today president trump toted the unity of the world's leaders. >> we were accomplishing a lot but i think more importantly, we were getting along very well. >> the president addressing his on going international battles insisting china has been deeply hurt by the tariffs he's instituted and that their leaders want to make a deal. >> i'm not sure they have a choice. i don't say that as a threat. i don't think they have a choice. >> reporter: trump defending a volatile style of rhetoric toward china alternating between calling president xi a friend and later an enemy. >> the way i negotiate, it's done very well for me over the years and dog better for the country. >> reporter: the on going trade war with china among several issues the president says should have been handled by his predecessors and forth korea's nuclear arsenal. >> north korea should have been done a long time ago. i'm doing it. i'm doing a lot of things i shouldn't have to be doing. >> reporter: after skipping the meeting on climate change, the
6:32 pm
only one of the seven world leaders to do so, the president fielding questions about the earth saying he wants clean air and water and called himself an environmentalists but not to the point he's willing to sacrifice america's wealth. >> we want to take care of people because of the great wealth. we can't let that wealth be taken away. >> reporter: next year's g 7 is here in the u.s. and president trump floated the idea of hosting it at his doral golf % resort. critics accused him of trying to profit from the presidency. today he said i don't care about making money. trever alt, abc news, washington. >> investors liked hearing the united states and china could be headed back to the table, the stocks bounced back after taking a beating on friday when president trump announced a new round of tariffs. here are the closing numbers. the dow climbed 269 points, the nasdaq rose 101 and the s&p 500 gained 31. disgraced hollywood movie
6:33 pm
mogul harvey weinstein pleaded to his sex crimes trial. he ignored questions. his trial was scheduled to start in two weeks but delayed because of the new indictment. it's the fourth in his criminal case. defense attorneys said the government's case against weinstein was weak and indisarray. attorney gloria allred that represents some of the accusers said she wonders why the defense is afraid of additional witnesses testifying. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg made her first public appearance since being treated for pancreatic cancer and accepted a degree from the university of buffalo and teached on her health but this may have the best take away. ginsburg explained how she got the nickname the that tonotorio >> she called it the notorious rbg after the notorious
6:34 pm
said after all, one important thing in common. we were born in brooklyn, new york. >> great, right? the justice detailed why she got into law. california and 18 states sued the federal government to change how long migrant children can be detained. the lawsuit sernlts focuses on settlement that says it should be kept on the least restrictive setting and shouldn't be kept more than 20 days. the federal government wants to remove court oversight. >> this administration has failed to follow the rules. and now they want to write them, as well do you want to know how you're performing as a state an
6:35 pm
young people. >> california does not have any immigration detention centers but gavin knnewsom argue california has a duty to file a lawsuit because so many immigrants live in this state. add people to the list of those trying to help stop a massive fire roaring across the amazon rain forest. ceo tim cook says the company will be making a donation over the weekend act tore dicaprio said he'll be donating. war planes have been brought in. >> reporter: the amazon rain forest is on fire. 44,000 brazilian troops have been deployed to fight the fires to cover detroit to los angeles. this video showing military planes dumping water out of two giant jets. neighboring bolivia is using this 747 super tanker which
6:36 pm
carries 19,000 gallons of water, but those assets are minuscule given the scale of fires erupting across this region. in brazil alone, 80,000 fires have burned. many of them set by farmers to clear the land. the fires have levelled a record amount of rain forest worth believe 20% of the world's oxygen is produced. on the front line at one fire, twice the size of new jersey, only 30 men are fighting the flames with no hoses, sometimes just kicking the fire. abc is there. >> the tools they have, you can see, they have these look like floor mats and cars and they are using sticks to slap down the fire. >> reporter: and then through the smoke this man appeared. he says he was first to report e rendd i himself. >> he showed how he was p fires >> reporter: the fire burning the shirt off his back but he stayed on the front lines along with those weary firefighters.
6:37 pm
meanwhile, thousands of brazilians are protesting their government response to the fire blaming president for gutting environmental laws encouraging the clearing of the land in the amazon. at the g 7 summit in france, global leaders are standing together vowing to help brazil confront this crisis. the department of justice is looking for more cannabis growers, it needs them to do research but the process is moving slowly. they began accepting applications three years ago and received 20 of them however it's not moved on them. for years the university of mississippi has been the only place with a federal license to produce cannabis for research. the dea says it will give researchers aid variety to study. we'll explain why it's not only good for the fish population but your wallet, as
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if you love soalman, we're
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experiencing the best in years. >> the harvest is plentiful and prices have dropped for consumers. >> here is dion lim with this fish tail. >> there is nothing fishy about this story. because of fishery management and perfect weather conditions, there is a lot more of this king salman available to you. >> my dear, that is for you. you keep that in your pocket. thank you very much. >> reporter: at jp seafood, fourth takes pride with customers. >> i've been seeing his work for a long time. >> reporter: for the first time out of this tiny seafood counter, he's selling up to 80 pounds of salmon a day thanks to the most bountiful season in decades. >> you got to go back to the '70s and '80s where we have a good abundance like this year. >> reporter: the harvest is good in monterrey bay and san
6:42 pm
francisco bay. most of the salman come from the sacramento river and it's tributaries and that is where the fish spawn and swim to the ocean. new the salmon that gets caught now is the very first class to benefit from record rainfall in 2017 when our five-year drought finally ended. not only does the added rain and favorable ocean conditions help the salmon population, it also means more feeder fish. as a result, consumers are seeing salmon prices drop by 30% to even 50% and a fresher product because of turnover. >> next year should be better. the following year should be better. it makes me happy. >> reporter: a bright light for now during a time of concern because of climate change. in alameda, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> that looks good. >> yeah. not every day you get to rub elbows with a former president. >> spencer is going to give us for your heart... your joints... or your digestion...
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see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. hundreds of people raised a lot of money in livermore to send kids to camp. abc 7 was a proud sponsor and partner of the taylor family foundation's 29th annual day in the park fundraiser. i was there along with other members of the abc 7 news team including reggie, mikenikko.
6:46 pm
it raises money for kids dealing with life threatening and chronic illnesses. thousands of children are given the opportunity to attend the camp and meet other kids like them. $1.5 million was raised to send kids to camp at no cost to their families and so far in the 29 years, they have sent about 60,000 kids to camp. fun to be there once again. great. >> well, talking about another special celebration, this was in georgia this weekend celebrating the birthdays of former president jimmy carter and his wife roselynn. >> spencer is here to share little bit about that experience. >> it must have been overwhelming. >> it was. it was held in america's georgia which is where the carters live and my relationship, my acquaintance goes to the '80s and '90s at a place they were building houses for habitat
6:47 pm
humanity. this is a picture we took after the event saturday night that featured musical performances and tributes to them. it was a long but glorious evening and you can see the smiles on their faces looking happy. i was invited in this is a picture from that event in 1999. not much has changed. at least with him. the old guy in the middle might not look so good. this is from 2010 president carter was here on a book tour for his book at that time. we can't have peace in the holy land and did an event. they are incredible people. they continue to do this wonderful humanitarian work and they seek no publicity for it. they just want to do good deeds and we need more people like that. just incredible. >> so sweet.
6:48 pm
married, what -- >> 73 years they have been married. isn't that incredible. >> congratulations. >> i'm overwhelmed. let's talk weather. we've got some clouds, low clouds at the coastline right now and fog will move locally out into the bay, lows in the upper 50s to low 60s and tomorrow another hot day inland and we'll see lots of mid to upper t upper 90s. and some mid 70s at the coast and muggy tomorrow because we got some subtropical moisture moving up in our direction, thee remanence of the tropical storm. thursday will be the coolest day in the forecast period, although, might not feel so cool with the humidity building up and through the weekend, we'll have a steady stable pattern of seasonal high temperatures up to about 90 inland, upper 70s around the bay, mid 60s in the coast. doesn't look like any
6:49 pm
significant warmup once this cooldown begins. >> all right. thank you so much. >> okay. >> spencer isn't the only one getting to do something very cool. >> chris alvarez, what you got for us? >> very cool. let's go on a tour of the chase center coming up in sports, we'll talk about the downtown arena home to the
6:50 pm
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don't take entresto with or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next? after years of planning we're down todays and hours before the chase center opens
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friday,epmber 6th. maalia and san francisco sin fon kn symphony will open the doors. the regular season home opener thursday october 24th against the clippers but you don't have to wait that long to get inside the chase center. here is your official tour. >> welcome to the chase center. i've been waiting seven years to say that. can i say that again? welcome to chase center. >> about an hour. >> we see this quite frankly as probably one of the coolest spaces, some of the best sidelines. >> here we are high atop the chase center. the warriors and banners, will they add another one? we can't wait to find out. >> oh my. [ laughter ] >> awesome. >> sweet life at the chase center. >> got a sweet for you. this is one of our 44 club
6:53 pm
suites. thesere nic he. th is ectiha . iind seat here. >> i want to talk about the court from oracle. >> that is from oracle arena, the court used it is all fans, all fan signatures. >> they told us the tasting part of the tour. very excited. >> there is about ten different restaurant partners that we have that we worked with to come up with a taste of sort of san francisco, bay area and oakland. >> does this look great to you? >> it looks amazing. >> is it one of snefeverything? >> no. >> i'm going to do one of everything. >> pizza. >> it's a lobster roll. >> are you so hungry? >> starving. [ laughter ] >> this is for my bosses. i got to find room greens. >> do you know how to eat?
6:54 pm
>> no, i don't know how to eat. >> the seats up there were good, we're on the floor now. we're on the east side looking out to the water, the west side looking down to the plaza. i was really important to us as we design and built the chase center, whether you sit on the floor or in the last row of the building, you have an unbelievable experience. >> wow. >> fired up. >> four home runs and 474 average. the american league player of the week. they begin a huge road trip. they will be in the bronx over the weekend. keller had a start to forget. bases loaded. profile walked this way. onruscores and pass. two walks go to two runs. 2-0. siemian at the plate
6:55 pm
ripping one to right center. bases clearing double that made it 5-0 a's and how about this top three? brown big league debut first career. he's 2 for 2 to begin his career. 6-2 at that point. the a's are 11-2 in the fourth. now for your daily antonio brown helmet update. good news, ab was at practice raiders' fans. he lost both grievances but is moving on wearing a league helmet. today practice with the team two weeks away from the regular season opener. monday night showdown against denver september 9th. you'll see that here on abc 7. the raiders finished the preseason thursday in seattle but i'm still thinking about the chase center for some reason. pectacul facility. boling >> what wmpsse you? >> besis the? how n eveths. see them whene.
6:56 pm
they see it, the players. i don't know how much they saw what we saw today. the locker room we shouldn't show but felt like the bat cave. it will bewarriors. >> join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm liz here in san francisco where members of the lgbt community and san francisco police department are coming together for a night of reconciliation that starts any minute. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. >> san francisco international airport is closing its busiest runway. what one airline is doing to help travelers that could be impacted. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 bachelor in paradise followed by grand hotel. then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> always stick around. jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35. the guests are julia and steve. >> good stuff. that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news any time
6:57 pm
on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. >> i'm ama daetz, for spencer christian and stuffed chris alvarez. >> i'll go walk that off. >> have a good night, everyone. >> the lobster, right? >> lobster. >> fancy. >> do you know how to eat? >> lobster rolls.
6:58 pm
six captains.
6:59 pm
12 teammates. 18 of the most celebrated "jeopardy!" players have been invited back to play again, but this time as members of a team. and now the $1 million... here is your host, alex trebek! [ cheering ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome, everyone, to a unique event in the 35-year history of "jeopardy!" programming. for the next two weeks, you folks are going to enjoy watching some of our most celebrated champions as well as some of our most popular champions competing in a format that we have never ever before attempted-- a team competition. the "jeopardy!" all-star games will feature three players on each team.
7:00 pm
now, the overall tournament format is fairly straightforward. there will be four matches, each match a two-game total point affair. now, the winners of the first two matches automatically go on to the finals. of the remaining four teams, only the three highest scoring teams get to face off in match number three. and the winner of that match joins the other two in the finals and plays for the grand prize-- and our thanks to consumer cellular for assisting us with the financing-- the grand prize of $1 million. yeah. you can applaud that. so there's gonna be a lot of pressure on the captains. we think they're up to the task. and we'd like to introduce them to you right now.


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