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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 27, 2019 1:07am-1:40am PDT

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loyal listeners of kfog. why tonight the police chief is apologizing to members of the lgbtq community. i'm amanda del castillo in san jose. soon you'll see people going door to door in your neighborhood with laptops. the link to the 2020 census and the likelihood of challenges. abc7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now, news to build a better bay area from abc7. with those call letters going, it's like the dream is over. >> oh, it is the end of an era for bay area radio, legendary rock station kfog is signing off for the last time after nearly 40 years on the air. >> corllnardo of t longtim deejays. fdream now those legendary call letters are being retired. it's a big blow to listeners
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>> it's 10 at 10:00. >> reporter: it's the rock station the bay area grew up listening to. >> when i was in high school, living in the bay area, i always listened to it. >> reporter: laura fox is one of those loyal listeners known as a foghead. her fog horn sound effect isn't bad, but soon kfog will be no more. >> i can't believe it's going to be off. >> reporter: after 40 years of rock and roll, cumulus media, the company that owns kfog announced it will soon become >> sports le ersot an opion. >> l 2016, a listener sent us a message in the bottle, save kfog. >> longtime deejay rosalie was among a group of radio personalities let go in 2016. she would later return to the station, butd not.
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lieveskfog ion thryone c ag teens to school and in carpool on the bay n us y know, entertaining and f. >> reporter: and who could forget kaboom, kfog's own production with live concerts and amazing fireworks. >> they got almost half a million people on the water front. >> reporter: laura fox will miss the fireworks and the music. >> oh, i'm so sad to see it go. it was a really wonderful radio station, bay area classic. >> yes, it was. kfog was recently inducted into the bay area radio hall of fame. the station will sign off and change format september 6th. >> that is a shame, cornell. thanks. new developments. police have arrested two of the three people involved in an outrageous shooting and pocehe t strt tuesy.
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in y're identified as 18-year-old laron simpson and 21-year-old elijah earnest. a gun was recovered. police say the third suspect is a juvenile but has not yet been caught. new developments and new pictures tonight from milpitas and the sunday night robbery at the great mall. milpitas police released surveillance images tonight showing the thieves smashing jewelry display cases at valliani jewelers. officials say the sound of shattering glass confused some customers into thinking there was an active shooter. they were seen leaving in a black sedan. a nearly identical heist occurred hours earlier in modesto. new developments about a series of store burglaries on san francisco's union street. the owner of ambiance cg score sws a breakingto durg t e
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hours of august 14th, stealing cash and items from the store. merchants say there have been eight to nine break-ins from the past month and a half. police say they have no suspects but are increasing overnight patrols. let's take a live look from our abc7 roof camera tonight of heat and humidity. let's get over to abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> that humidity will be coming from remnants of once tropical storm ivo. you can see that moisture already starting to stream into the south bay, which is why we've been noticing the dew point starting to come up. as you take a look at future radar and satellite, we will see plenty of clouds here. right now the showers and thunderstorms remaining off the coast, but worth monitoring. here's what you can expect. higher humidity tomorrow, an increase in the high clouds filtering the sunshine. dry lightning offshore, but if this does get a little bit closer, we could be looking at isolated thunder in the north bay tomorrow night. stay tuned.
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>> sandhya, thanks very much. new at 11:00, trying to make amends. san francisco's police chief offered a formal to the lgbtq community for years of mistreatment by the san francisco police department. abc7 news reporter liz kreutz has the story. >> we, the members of the san francisco police department, are here tonight to reflect and to apologize. >> reporter: it was an apology more than 50 years in the making. san francisco police chief william scott formally apologized for the way police treated the lgbtq community in the '60s and '70s. >> we're sorry for what happened. we're sorry for our role in it, and we're sorry for the harm that it caused. >> reporter: the remarks came during a reconciliation meeting community. the meeting symbolically held on the 53rd anniversary of the compton cafeteria riot when a group of trans women stood up to police in the tenderloin. >> i was at the dance.
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>> reporter: joanne chadwick is 82, an activist who lived through that era. >> i don't need the apology, but a lot of people who are no so i'm here to accept the apology on their behalf because they either died of aids. >> reporter: chief scott got applause for his comments but the night progressed with candid moments like these. >> i feel that it somewhat rings hollow. >> reporter: this individual is formerly homeless and lgbtq. he said youth like him are still unfairly targeted. >> you're essentially doing the same thing, and i said that if you want to truly apologize for something, you have to stop doing it. >> reporter: chief scott told the crowd he apologized for the past, that the community can now look to the future. liz kreutz, abc7 news. u.s. census workers may soon be knocking on your door. teams of people will be walking certain neighborhoods to make sure your address matches their records.
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aman d amanda del castillo is live with why that has some residents -- >> any apprehension comes from the current political climate. in person, door to door verification by the u.s. census bureau could prove to be a bit difficult, especially in immigrant communities. >> we're constant lip reminding our immigrant community not to open the doors to people they don't recognize or don't know. and here we have, you know, census canvassers out confirming addresses. it does present a little bit of a unique situation. >> reporter: addresses verified in this current count will determine where the bureau will send workers in 2020 but will fear or concern keep people from dercount funding. >> this is not a count to be does not putou on a l leads od.
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it's not e permitting issue regarding whether your garage is up to code. >> reporter: the county communities across the country. >> due to the number of childrn under 5, immigrants, folks in high density housing, multi-generational and unfortunately a large number of unhoused residents as well. >> reporter: the county submitted more than 77,000 addresses to the census bureau just last year but worry among immigrant communities could make for a challenging verification process, a concern understood by the county and community organizations. >> there has been a lot of damage that's been done, you know, with the messaging to our immigrant community. >> reporter: so if someone shows up at your door, be sure to check for i.d. badges, black canvass badges, and laptops all with the census 2020 logo visible. we're told this door to door verification process is expected to last through october. in san jose, amanda del castillo, abc7 news. i'm dan noyes. a police sergeant is under investigation for pulling a
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aerial images over the amazon continue to capture the flames and thick smoke that are devastating the largest rain forest on earth. the fires currently cover an area the size of the u.s. from detroit to los angeles. aid to battle the fires is increasing. french president emmanuel macron pledged $20 million in emergency funds. brazil's president is applying more thanp fight the fires. meanwhile thousands of brazilians are protesting their government's response, blaming the president for gutting environmental law and encouraging the clearing of the land in the amazon. meteorologist sandhya patel will have your local. a police sergeant is under investigation for pulling a
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false fire alarm at a police department in another city. i-team reporter dan noyes has exclusive details on this case. >> reporter: the pacifica police department put out this wanted alert on facebook earlier this month asking for help identifying the bottom who unlawfully pulled the fire alarm in their lobby. they've identified her as 46-year-old maria donati, a police sergeant who runs the traffic window at the hall of justice where i caught up to her. i'm dan noyes from cha 7. ieelk to mwhhappen thank you. >> why not? >> it's clear. >> reporter: people there at the time tell me donati, a pacifica resident, was not happy that the meeting of a citizens task force on homelessness was closed to the public, so she pulled the fire alarm. but donati wouldn't give me her side of the story. >> it's clear? >> cle n talking. >> reporter: san mateo county district attorney is considering filing misdemeanor charges that could bring six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.
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>> you know, there's danger in it. think of the fire department. what if a fire department responding to a fire alarm gets into a car accident and somebody gets hurt? there's always potential danger. that's why it's against the law. >> reporter: the sfpd told me today donati remains on the job while they conduct an administrative investigation that will be referred to chief bill sco formanrancisco police commander rich kariya says the case appears to show a serious lapse in judgment. >> if they're not exercising good judgment in either their personal life or on duty, that puts you on notice to look and see is this the right person for the job? >> reporter: another issue, i pulled the distapatch recording from that day. it was a serious medical calls came in. and a 45-year-old heart patient with chest pains. a 97-year-old woman having difficulty breathing. the fire department also had to respond to this false alarm.
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>> you can pull an emergency vehicle out of one area and away from the next emergency that comes in, and that's dangerous. >> i also reached out san francisco police officers association but didn't hear back. the d.a. tells me that he'll make a charging decision later this week and i'll get back to you with that. dan noyes, abc7 news. new details on next month's runway closure at sfo that's expected to cause major flight delays and cancellations. united airlines says it will waive change fees for the duration of the 20-day closure so flyers can avoid sfo altogether. it needs to dig up and build a 2,000 foot stretch of runway. officials say the base of the runway is showing signs much fatigue. a walnut creek teenager is talking with abc7 news about what it is like to be bitten by a rattlesnake. >> 15-year-old cayden zingg was walking into the frontt creek
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over the weekend when he felt a jolt. thankfully he had friends with him who immediately called 911. >> it felt like something zapped me, kind of like a -- kind of like someone was electrocuting me. it was really weird. then my friend was like, it's a rattlesnake. i was like no way. i turn around and see it rattling. i'm freaking out, and i run inside. i was like, i'm going to die. >> he's okay, you'll be glad to know. now, it is a peak time for rattlesnakes. here's what they look like. this was brought into the lindsay wildlife experience over the weekend. cayden was released from the hospital today and is expected to make a full recovery. a story theo tre everybody is out trying to get the end of summer activities done. >> it is winding down fast, isn't it? meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> yeah. dan asknd ama, a change in the r as we head towards tomorrow. right now i want to show you what you're used to in the bay area which is the fog. visibility is low, so take it easy tomorrow morning. live doppler 7 showing you some
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fog along the coast. it's even in over parts of the bay. temperatures in the inland valleys today up into the upper 90s and low 100s. actually seeing a nice cooldown from earlier. 60s, 70s inland. 50s along the coastline and mainly 60s around the bay. if you're done with the heat, you might be happy to see the change that is coming. livermore's average high, 87 degrees. tomorrow it's still going to be hot, not as hot as today, but those numbers dropping as we head towards wednesday, thursday, friday. so definitely a change coming, and you will notice the ar.ckiness in the air as well. exploratorium camera showing you san francisco under grays skies. a little misty out there. humid afternoon. still hot inland, and it is going to be noticeably cooler midweek. i want to show you a time lapse all afternoon and heading into the evening, watching the high clouds rolling in from the south. those clouds are all in association with what was once a
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tropical storm. remnants of ivo continue to spin up in our direction. as a result beer going to be seeing a little bit more in the way of humidity than we're used to. 5:00 tomorrow, look at the dew points. low to mid-60s. when you get into that range, that's muggy. 5:00 a.m. it is going to feel muggy, and that continues into 8:00 a.m. for some parts of the bay area. you will escape it, but not all as you will notice heading into the lunch time hour, might be a little uncomfortable for you. fast forward to wednesday. best chance of thunderstorms right now north and east of the bay area, but we can't rule out anin t watching for that just i das it shifts a little bit. first thing in the morning watch out for the fog. visibility will be low so your commute may be slower. low 50s to the mid-60s. humid tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, it's going to be sticky as well. gilroy 95. 88 in sunnyvale. extra clouds on the peninsula. 83 san mateo. 70 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 74 degrees. north bay, clouclouclou
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81 in oakland. 86 fremont. head inland, it's going to be hazy, hot and humid. 96 concord. 95 in livermore. humidity lingers right on through thursday morning, but notice those temperatures are going down later on in the week, going into the holiday weekend. weather will be back to our usual pattern. should be nice with 60s to 90s by then. >> thanks, sandhya. well, tomorrow on "good morning america," gary clerk jr. gives a special performance of number one in overall network performance.full of "awards". highest in wireless network quality performance. highest in wireless network quality performance
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mattel is honoring rosa parks and sally ride with their own barbies. the rosa parks doll is a salute to the woman who refused to give up her seat to a white passenger and move to the back of the bus. and sally ride was the first american woman to fly in space. mattel is honoring historical role models who paved the way for generations of girls to dream bigger. >> that's a good idea. on tosports. a treat tonight. >> chris alvarez is here. >> real big treat.too a tour ofw
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>> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. e warr call s francisco home the dubs play their first game in the brand-new chase center in october. here's a sneak peek. >> welcome to chase center. i've been waiting seven years to say that. can i say it again? like welcome to chase center. >> klay thompson goes up. >> awesome. >> suite life at the chase center. >> got a sbit fuite for you. this is one of our 44 club suites on the oracle suite level. >> this is the theater section of the chase center, and it's pretty cozy. i could find a seat here. >> that iro signatures. >> do how to eat? >> no, i don't know how to eat.
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♪ >> i thought the seats up there were good. we're on the floor now. ♪ >> no word if steph curry will be at lobster rolls this season. two baseball. the giants are hosting the d-backs. some future giants, look at these youngsters decked out and ready to play. top eight, d-backs up 5-2. adam jones, solo last to left center. into the bleachers. look at the fans fight over that baseball. 6-2 game, but the giants rally like they always do. kevin pillar to left center. tim le castro can't make the play. 6-4. mi d-backs win 6-4. different game in kansas city.
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a top three, a's up 5-2. what can brown do for you? how about his first career hit? an rbi. he had two heats and his fily was there to cheer him on. the ace had 22 hits total. marcus semien, see you later. 10-2 oakland. welcome to the 30 home run calabasas. matt chapman hit it off alex gordon. oakland currently holds the second wild card spot in the american league. this abc7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. >>
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all right. that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for chris, sandhya, all of us, thanks for being here. on "jimmy kimmel live," julia louis-dreyfus. >> see you tomorrow. tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute."
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outrage as str to the suspect's home. ever hear of that cyclist move? >> tuck and roll. >> the moment it becomes an absolute life saver. she is skydiving in a cow costume then -- >> things get a little saucy. >> see why it's the perfect escape. >> she's utterly fabulous. and look who is freaking out. >> by what she doesn't see in their living room. >> i would rather live with no couch than live -- >> where is our couch! >> why giving away the couch is no joking matter. >> you got me. get my couch. simba! >> it's not every day you see somebody holding a lion cub like
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this, imitating the lion king. the lion cub does not like it. that's because this lion was recovered by police in south africa because of the criminal trade of lion cubs. that video got released in the organized crime unit. the lion was eventually recovered. >> you're telling us this guy is a jerk. a straight up jerk. >> three people were taken into custody and were questioned. there have been no charges filed yet. this lion cub has a street value of about


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