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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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daughter's bedroom. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. this l pena. >> spoke to accused couple who said never hit boy, found inside daughter's closet, thought he was intruder. first time after arrest for what police categorized as hit crime against african-american boy. they spoke out. >> never hit him. he can say whatever he wants. it's not true. >> reporter: says the 17-year-old boy punched her in the lip trying to leave the house after her husband found him hiding in 15-year-old daughter's closet. >> arm is better but was a lot of bruises on my hand and he smashed his husband's hand in the door. >> reporter: the 15-year-old's
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biological dad also all booked into the san mateo jail, facing charges of hate crime, kidnapping, assault with deadly weapon and criminal threats. police released a video statement that painted a different picture from the family today. >> victim reported throughout the attack yelled at him using multiple racial slurs and he believed his race to be a factor in the attack. >> reporter: we asked them, said not racist. >> not thinking in that moment about the race. doesn't matter. >> reporter: what about the rope the police say they used to restrain the victim? says they had it at home for pinatas, but he quote, never used it to ti him. also asked the couple what did happen inside the home for 30 minutes police say the 17-year-old victim was quote kidnapped. about imateo ct attne sd
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th threeil in inrste 580 through oakland are back open after shut down after high speed chase and officer opening fire. traffic in the area, closed freeway at junction with highway 24. leslie brinkley is live with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. i was up on that stretch of freeway for a long time. all started this morning when a chp officer in dublin got word to be on the lookout for a silver chevy impala driving recklessly. saw the car, tried to make a traffic stop and car sped off on westbound 580. pursuit was joined by two-officer chp unit out of castro valley.
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10:15 at westbound 580 and highway 24, driver tried to pass east bay transit vehicle driving between the bus in far left lane and concrete wall. got stuck. chp unit tried to block him in with push bumpers and the suspect began ramming the occupied chp car and transit bus in attempt to escape. one officer fired at least one shot, didn't strike the suspect, no one was injured, the suspect was eventually arrested. westbound 580 closed for four hours as chp's investigative service unit and drone were dispatched. among drivers, there was confusion. somehow that woman got through the barricade. diverted traffic for causing serious delays. reopened at 3:00. says the suspect appeared to be under the influence of a
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controlled substance. again miraculously, no one was injured. inbrey, abc7 news. in the north bay, a scare for cote oughty police officer nearly hit by suspected drunk driver overnight. mike meier arrested for nearly hitting officer, leading police on 100-mile-per-hour chase. police say their officer had to jump out of the way and meier nearly hit a second patrol. crashed into park and was arrested. south bay, police looking for man they say bit a police officer and dragged officer with the car. tell us stopped what is described as suspicious car just before 11:30 last night. then the officer was bitten and dragged. officer is recovering at home. other officers later found the suspect's car abandoned. former google engineer faces
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federal charges accusing him of stealing trade secrets and taking them to his new employer, uber. anthony levandowski helped lead google's efforts to develop self-driving cars and trucks through the company waymo, claiming he stole files from google before taking similar job with uber. say illegally downloaded 33 different files that belonged to >> each of the trade secrets was reasonably protected by google, had economic value and was not generally known. >> anthony levandowski is innocent of these charges. he never stole or attempted to steal anything. >> uber already agreed to pay waymo $245 million to settle a suealing with theft of trade secrets.
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>> dan noyes is digging into levandowski's background. it's extensive. >> lot to look at. >> first spoke to levandowski about work with self-driving vehicles 15 years ago. take a look. technology was rough. anthony levandowski was a cal graduate student building autonomous motorcycle for a competition with a prize. >> victory is important, we want to win. however we realize the amount of engineering work is tremendous. >> worked on it for years and led to job at google. cofounder and technical lead on waymo. technical indictment says that still at google, started side company for autonomous trucks that would become otto. resigned from google w acquired hired levandowski.
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google sued uber, settled in 2017, uber paid google. levandowski refused to testify in the case pleading the fifth. out the l road in the ted to, s industry. >> after leaving uber spent many nights in berkeley think of what is next. >> today they removed him as ceo and his name from the website. said from marin county but current address is napa county, appears to be his parents' home. had a state tax lien this year. civil losses to settle, charnels not big surprise in the stry.mi utbout the
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tis mea forhe furelfri fascinat >> lot of money on the line. meantime, uber and lyft drivers coming in from across the state to fight for a pro union bill under consideration in the senate. sky7 over the protest in san francisco. anser hassan is live with the latest on the fight to unionize. >> reporter: that's right. drivers calling this 500 mile pilgrimage to the state capital. began in los angeles, two rallies today, san francisco and oakland. in support of stengor befits d pay. >> picking up seven people >> reporter: drives full-time for uber. says the working conditions need
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to change. >> by california law supposed to be paying minimum wage for 52 cents a mile. we're getting 6 cents a mile. >> reporter: garcia among several thousand rallying at uber headquarters in san francisco supporting california state assembly bill 5, seeks to make a small change in employment status with huge change for the gig economy. >> drivers have become poorer and poorer. that has to be fixed. >> reporter: right now uber and lyft drivers are independent contractors. if made employees as ab 5 seeks to do, will be given benefits, unemployment insurance, health care and overtime pay, guaranteed minimum hourly wage. bill has the support of presidential candidate pete buttigieg, on hand for the rally
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as well. >> how can you tell somebody to be grateful for a job but when they want job protections tell them it's not really a job. >> reporter: chair of the labor center says there's a strong case, uber platforms set the terms, they should be classified as employees. >> this is important on the minimum pay and guaranteeing earnings after expenses. >> reporter: uber and lyft both declined on camera interviews but issued statements, working with lawmakers and labor unions for some of the benefits drivers are demanding. heading to sacramento tomorrow. reporting live, abc7 news. teacher at richmond high school was arrested last night for allegedly having opriatip w underage student. police are working with the principal and school district in
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the investigation. case is being reviewed by the contra costa district attorney's office. san jose wants tock crowned friendliest city in california. >> fight over foie gras may have reached end of legal hopes. largest bounce house no longer coming this weekend. rocket test for spacex.
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accessory dwelling units, adus, gone by wide variety of names. granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages.
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>> whatever you're calling them, san jose wants to make it easier to build them. build a better bay area by building in better backyards. >> housing in area that desperately needs it. >> san jose is trying to streamline the process. >> reporter: trip to the permit center in any city can be excruciating. >> now >> reporter: but in san jose could be a thing of the past especially for landowners trying to buiesry unit. >> backyard homes can be a solution. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo announced initiative to transform san jose in friendly adu city. meet with staff for single review of the application. no revisions needed, could have building permit in less than 90
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minutes, for qualifying homes, could shave off 20 business days. also looking at creating a forgivable loan program. >> get the loans to build adus in exchange for keeping the rent affordable. >> reporter: more than 120,000 single family homes in san jose have room for adu, inclu inclu u willow view and calgary flame brien. attractive to young people. >> millennials don't want to live with parents but can live there 0 with freedom and space. >> reporter: also can use design preapproved by the city. sny opportuni >> looking to create efficiency, this is one of the best things that a city c bld better bay ar grannyniat time. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7
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news. also in south bay, santa clara board of supervisors voted to declare a climate emergency. immediate action to stop, reverse, restore, address the consequences and causes of global warming. battle over foie gras has ended for napa restaurant. animal group has sued them for violating ban on foie gras. lost appeal. group dropped the suit after the restaurant promised to stop serving the dish. report in 2003 swedow are anning. b house was shi
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accoin tress -- lot has no grass and needed it for variety of reasons. emerald cup, catering to cannabis users, reason grass was destroyed. also heavy rains played a part. will have bounce houses in duo other events next month. if you take public transit, google maps is stepping up software to make it easier. new feature, last mile services near public transit. works with lyft, uber, commuter bikes and estimat routes safer for bicyclists. rolling out feature to 30 p hayrd tweeted that truck piec
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of pvc piping blocking 880. instead of getting upset, people jumped into action, working together to clear the road and get traffic moving again. saved a person and dog from house fire off brush glen way this afternoon. can see them giving the dog oxygen and performing chest projections. have had special equipment for animals for years. >> good work. midweek forecast. toasty. >> and humid although it feels okay to me. >> good way to notice things. it was muggy this morning. right now humidity hasas but will be cme interesng. liveicre fro o east me.isom rea
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ga, moisture evaporating before it hits the ground, moving into contra costa county but not reaching the ground. be aware of the fact this is leftover moisture from former thunderstorm ivo. what you can expect next 24 to 48 hours, humid conditions with high clouds through thursday morning. much cooler weather this weekend and we're expecting the heat to return next week. look at our live sutro tower camera right now, fog rolling in, high clouds above. fog from live doppler 7 perspective is near the coastline. watching the sierra nevada where they're seeing thunderstorms firing up, are going to produce possibly hail and heavy rain. severe weather in the sierra nevada. dry lightning could spark fires,
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that's a concern. remnants of ivo, area of low pressure spinning up. red flag warnings and fire warnings that region. thunderstorm threat, northern california and sierra nevada for wednesday. keep it in mind. dew point forecast. 6:00 p.m., few spots in the north bay where it's muggy. 60 degree dew points. tomorrow morning dew points drop, will improve. tomorrow afternoon, some of the moisture continues to, low 60s s again. humid. from the south beach sf tic fog. napa, 78. 97 in fairfield.
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accuweather seven-day forecast, watching the moisture continue to drift over the sierra, calif. slight possibility that north bay may see dry lightning. first thing, humid, temperatures upper 50s and 60s. low 90s inland, cooler than today, coast side, warm one. mid-60s to low 90s. coolers and breezier for friday. heats up on the weekend, low 90s back in the picture. good news, friday the humidity is down, will feel much better for the holiday weekend. in case you have outdoor plans. until then, slight risk of isolated thunderstorm in the north bay in the overnight hours. >> don't get those often. >> no. >> could be interesting. one cliff, two
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that's a bus. that's a bus. >> oh. >> well that bus they're talking about made it out okay. passerby captured this rock following in utah yesterday. people below showered with smaller rocks, tree branches and dust. three hurt, going to be okay. >> second car has gone over cliff in big sur less than a week. big creek bridge south of big sur. >> truly a miracle. >> reporter: fire calling this a chain reaction accident. driver of the silver gray pick-up had a medical emergency, collided head-on with black van with family of five inside. >> driver who suffered the
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medical emergency based on witnesses, pushed black vehicle over the cliff. >> reporter: officials say two researchers were nearby when the cars busted through the locked gate. one dove, other ran down a path, neither injured. silver suv was damaged but didn't go over the cliff. >> this location had numerous vehicles off the edge this couple miles of highway, not. >> reporter: what was a nice surprise? >> found out everybody was conscious and breathing and more or less okay, we were all very thankful. >> by the way, person who suffered from the medical emergency is expected to be okay. spacex sent up next generation rocket this
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afternoon, highest flight ever for star hopper. prototype for sending people and cargo into deep space. climbed 500 feet, hovered, gently landed back on earth. founder elon musk says the technology will be used in future starship rocket to take people to the moon or even mars, if goes according to plan. out of marin county, brush fire spurred evacuation. spirit fire burned five acres. firefighters have resources on the ground, in the air, sky7 is willie mccovey is next. thanks javier for this picture of the estuary at point reyes. share your
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i'm ama daetz, coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, car burglary in middle of the day, thieves loot suv as cameras flash. breathalyzer like no thald crack down on stoned drivers. plus -- >> sheoing to let me use it again, is she? back to bicycling for me. >> surprise for supervisor filling in for mayor breed, all coming up. dozens of bay area sports
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greats hit the links in honor of arguably most popul francisco giant of all time. >> barry bonds at willie mccovey golf classic, supporting one of f man that he was.s, junio>> itd and in our hearts, still is. it's significant to be able to carry this name on. >> junior giants is free noncompetitive program serving 24,000 kids ages 5 to 18. great program and effort today. >> bring the joy of baseball to so many kids. my son did it, first taste of baseball, all free. >> great program. >> "world news tonight" > s
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strength, churning straight toward puerto rico. major concerns about the power grid. parts of the east coast all watching this closely, too. ginger zee with the new track. the new and alarming images just in tonight. the suspect taking off in reverse in a police suv, later crashing into two other vehicles at 97 miles per hour. one of the vehicles with seven children inside. two dead, one in critical condition. tonight, the new images, actress lori loughlin and her husband in court, facing charges in that nationwide cheating scandal. the major new clues as to how they'll defend themselves. the outrage in new york city. more than a dozen accusers of jeffrey epstein speaking out. and tonight, the one accuser now


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