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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 29, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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good morning, america. as we join you on this thursday, hurricane dorian is now heading for the east coast. a state of emergency already declared in florida. bracing for a hurricane, the race to prepare fo lashing puerto rico and the caribbean islands with heavy winds and rain. now threatening to slam into florida as a category 3 storm. with winds topping 120 miles per hour, the new track and timing as we head into the holiday weekend. we're taking you inside the storm with the hurricane hunters. airlines on alert for the storm and the holiday rush. with millions set to fly, more than 100 flights already canceled. will this be a nightmare weekend for travelers? urgent vaping alert. the major city now warning
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residents to stop vaping immediately. 16 people in the state hospitalized with severe lung disease and now the new report this morning, how juul is trying to stop underage vaping. deadly boat crash. "shark tank" star kevin o'leary on a boat that crashed into another killing two people. what he says happened. candid camera. ring doorbell cameras helping hundreds of police departments form a new neighborhood watch. now, the new privacy questions. and eruption in italy. the major volcano sending lava and rocks flying. tourists fleeing and a massive cloud of smoke more than a mile into the sky. good morning, america. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. and we want to get right to hurricane dorian. now a category 1 storm and gaining strength on the path
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toward the u.s. mainland. >> yeah, overnight the storm traveling through the caribbean. here's what it looked like in st. thomas. puerto rico thankfully avoiding that direct hit, but the island is still dealing with heavy rains and strong winds. >> let's take a look at the satellite showing the storm churning through the atlantic. you can see how big the storm is. >> our team is spread out across the storm zone with the very latest. rob marciano, he's going to start us off with the storm's track right now in the studio. good morning, rob. >> good morning, michael. this is st. thomas yesterday, 82-mile-an-hour sustained winds with gusts up to 111. a half a foot of rain, just got hammered in the u.s. virgin islands. puerto rico just got skimmed. the composite. the radar beginning to fade as it gets farther away from the radar site in puerto rico, about 175 miles north of the island there with 85-mile-per-hour winds and heading towards the northwest at about 13 miles an hour. so the track is for a category 1 today becoming a category 2. that means winds of 96 miles an hour and then category 3
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tomorrow. and then look at the track getting towards florida here as far. as the forecast area is concerned four or five days out it's about 200 miles. so that means even though the track right now between ft. lauderdale and cape canaveral, really all of florida is in play here and then beyond that we have to watch that into the gulf of mexico potentially. here's what's driving it. high pressure, low pressure, high pressure will win out and dive down to the south and drive this and turn it off towards the west. there's some individual computer models to give you an idea of how uncertain we are with the track of this thing. not only that, but it's a small storm at the moment. these are really difficult to track and often can rapidly intensify. that may very well happen in the next 24 to 48 hours. we'll watch it. cecelia? >> yeah, it's going to be a dire next few hours. rob, thank you. puerto rico as we said thankfully avoiding a direct hit, but not escaping the effects of the storm. as many there are still recovering from the devastation of hurricane maria two years ago.
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victor oquendo is in san juan, puerto rico, with the very latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. a huge sigh of relief here in puerto rico. at one point dorian's path shifted so much the entire island was bracing for a hit but it was the u.s. and british virgin islands that ended up taking the brunt of the storm. hurricane dorian taking aim at the u.s. and british virgin islands. >> yeah, it's for real. >> reporter: gaining strength over the open atlantic leaving a wake of flooding and damage in its path throughout the caribbean. >> we'll start to see it build upward and out, starting to become a stronger storm. >> reporter: the so-called dirty side of the storm coming in strong. packing intense winds and up to 8 inches of rain. knocking out power to almost 40,000 people. these residents taking cover as the intense winds began to get stronger. >> it is here. >> reporter: and these boats tossing back and forth in the high tides in st. thomas. dorian already inundating the island of martinique on tuesday. heavy rains causing severe flooding leaving this bus trapped and many more stranded.
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here in puerto rico, they dodged a bullet. the governor speaking out overnight saying, thank god we were not affected. the community still reeling from hurricane maria. this was the first major test for puerto rico since maria killed nearly 3,000 people in 2017. from the local municipalities to fema, they were ready for dorian and they know the season is far from over. tom? >> but, victor, you said earlier puerto rico dodged the bullet. the latest track has the hurricane heading towards florida now under a state of emergency. residents racing to stock up on supplies, leaving empty shelves behind and concern is growing dorian could be a category 3 hurricane when it reaches the mainland. gio benitez is in miami now with the latest on how people are preparing. gio, good morning. >> reporter: hey, tom, good morning to you. we're already seeing stores running low on water and supplies. people here aren't taking any chances, even though this storm is still days away.
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floridians up and down the east coast gearing up for hurricane dorian. residents hitting supermarkets in droves stocking up on the necessities. >> batteries, paper towels, liquor. >> reporter: the main thing on everyone's list, water. this costco in miami trying to maintain order making customers line up single file. >> hey, hey, hey, everybody, relax. this is the same line. >> reporter: limiting members to only four cases of water. >> gosh, it was crazy. everybody was scrambling for water. >> reporter: a similar scene at another costco north of miami. >> i don't know how fast they're getting the word out but as soon as i have a truck that backs up i have a line forming for that water. >> reporter: in jacksonville late shoppers finding stores with empty shelves. did you come here looking for water? >> somewhat, yeah. >> reporter: drivers swarming gas stations waiting in long lines fearing potential fuel shortages that plagued the state in the wake of hurricane irma.
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>> you get ready and that's it. you can't do anything more. >> reporter: and we keep emphasizing this, time, if you are anywhere along the southeastern coast now is the time to prepare when you can still get your hands on water, supplies and gas. it's just so important, michael. >> thank you, gio, as we see people preparing multiple airlines are preparing as well issuing travel waivers and canceling more than a hundred flights. this as millions prepare to hit the sky for the holiday weekend. steve osunsami is at hartsfield airport in atlanta with the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. traffic here is moving well this morning, but the airlines are watching this storm closely, worried about the impact that the storm will have on their flight schedules. so far they're offering travel waivers to passengers flying in and out of 32 airports, mostly in florida and the caribbean. nine airlines are issuing those travel waivers, delta airline, for example, is one of them headquartered here. so far all of the flight cancellations we're seeing are in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands, but that will change depending on the track of
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the storm. travelers hoping to take advantage of those flight waivers need to check with their airlines because they're only good for specific dates. 12 cruise ships have also had to change their schedules because of the storm impacting tens of thousands of travelers. royal caribbean is also closing its private island in the bahamas for a week. tom? >> yeah, the timing really couldn't be worse. all right, steve, thanks so much. even without a hurricane this would be a chaotic travel weekend. a record 17.5 million passengers expected to fly over the next few days. nearly 3 million passengers on friday alone. today is expected to be the busiest on the road especially between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. let's go to scott rife in california. >> good morning, tom. traffic in l.a. just seems to be getting worse and worse. look at the santa monica
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freeway. it is tough. from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. this afternoon we're expecting grid lock. it will be painful. 1.5 million passengers expected to go through l.a.x. we have some of the best weather in the nation, but we pay for it with some of the worst traffic. cecelia? >> scott, thank you. we'll have much more on the travel rush and hurricane dorian. we are going to turn to the morning's other top stories. questions growing this morning about new rules from the trump administration that will make it harder for children of some immigrants serving overseas in the military to obtain citizenship. this appears to target the children of service members who are legal permanent residents and not u.s. citizens, but also could impact some citizens living outside the country if they can't prove they lived in the u.s. for a period of time. speaker nancy pelosi tweeting,
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this shameful policy must be reversed immediately. this morning, now new developments in the race for president. the democratic field is a little less crowded. new york senator kirsten gillibrand dropping out after failing to qualify for our democratic debate in two weeks. gillibrand had been struggling in fund-raising and in the polls. she says that she will endorse one of her former democratic rivals in the primaries. 20 candidates still in that race, and you can see the next debate thursday, september 12th right here on abc. michael? >> all right, thank you, cecilia. we turn now to the investigation into the fatal crash involving "shark tank" star kevin o'leary. he was a passenger on a boat that collided with another killing two people. t.j. holmes is here with the story. good morning, t.j. >> good morning to you. and it was kevin o'leary himself, not police, that revealed that he was involved in this fatal collision. but in his statement, he pointed out that it was the other boat that didn't have navigation lights on and it was the other boat that fled the scene. well, police are now contradicting some of that statement and trying to figure out how two boats on leisure cruises resulted in two deaths.
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>> reporter: kevin o'leary has been a shark on the hit abc show the past 11 seasons. >> the chances that this is a business are practically zero. >> reporter: this morning he finds himself at the center of a police investigation after revealing he was on a boat involved in a fatal collision on a lake in canada over the weekend. o'leary said in a statement that the other boat had no navigation lights on and then fled the scene of the accident. police say both boats left the scene and police are asking for any witnesses to come forward. police are also trying to determine if alcohol was involved. 64-year-old gary poltash of florida died at the scene. 24-year-old susanne brito died of injuries days later and three other people on the boats were also injured. poltash's brother lawrence tells abc news i hope it was a pure
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accident and nothing more. >> there has to be a better way. >> reporter: the businessman and reality tv star who says he is, quote, fully cooperating with authorities has a home on the lake in ontario and often posts pictures from there on social media, and just last summer posted this picture of what he called his new bad boat. o'leary says, my thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected. now, o'leary says he is cooperating fully with authorities. guys, they point out at night on a lake, you have got to be careful. you cannot see a thing, but that's going to be key to whether or not those navigation lights were on. >> right or wrong, two lives were lost. >> two lives gone. >> thank you, t.j. >> you got it, guys. now to that new medical alert about vaping. milwaukee health department urging residents to immediately stop using e-cigarettes. abc ' kaylee hartung is here. kaylee, this is a major move. >> it is. earlier this week with learned of the first death believed to be associated with vaping. now one city's health officials
7:13 am
are issuing a very direct plea in an effort to protect its citizens. this morning, an urgent warning from one major city, stop vaping now. >> after two people, we should probably have sent out word sooner. but i'm glad we're doing it now. >> reporter: milwaukee's health department urging residents to stop using any e-cigarette devices immediately after 16 people in wisconsin were hospitalized with severe lung disease. according to health officials, patients ranging from teens to people in their 30s, all users of vape products and many report using vaping oil infused with thc. the active ingredient in marijuana. kim barnes' 26-year-old son dylan among them. she says he had been vaping for less than a year and almost died earlier this month. doctors putting dylan who has asthma in the icu after finding damage to his lungs and heart. he was diagnosed with pneumonia, treated and released. >> i didn't think he was going to come out of it. i thought that i was seeing my son the last time. >> reporter: this alert coming just days after officials in illinois announced the first death believed to be related to e-cigarette use. the cdc is currently investigating nearly 200 cases of severe pulmonary illnesses linked to vaping in 22 states. like 20-year-old alexander mitchell from utah.
7:14 am
the once avid hiker turned e-cigarette user hospitalized earlier this summer with acute respiratory distress syndrome kept alive by two advanced life support machines. >> i don't have the stamina that i used to. i don't have the strength that i used to. they're hopeful i'll recover. >> reporter: 17-year-old tryston zohfeld starting vaping in the eighth grade. last month he was put into a medically induced coma because of a blockage in his lungs. >> i woke up just throwing up everywhere and my heart was just pounding out of my chest going 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: these warnings are being delivered in very broad strokes and that's leading to some criticism. the vape technology association saying public health officials have a duty to warn with facts, not scare the public without facts and the cdc and the fda acknowledge they need to gather more information specifically what substances and products triggered each of these cases. guys, they know it's not just nicotine that's been vaped. >> with all these warnings, juul
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is going on the offensive this morning. they're pledging $100 million? >> they are. juul is not going to stop selling its products, but it wants to keep their products out of the hands of minors so they're offering more than $100 million in incentives to retailers to install new electronic age verification systems. so juul purchases will be blocked until the shopper's government i.d. is scanned, and verified they will stop selling to any retailer that doesn't use this by the summer of 2021. >> thanks so much. there is a new study about kids being exposed to secondhand vaping. we'll have much more in our next hour. cecelia? okay. we're going to head overseas now to that volcano eruption in italy. take a look at this really incredible video. the famous stromboli volcano sending lava and smoke spewing into the sky near the island of sicily. residents and tourists were forced to flee. abc's james longman has the latest. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. this was a major close call. take a look. tourists out for a boat ride in italy got the shock of their lives when a volcano erupted right in front of them.
7:16 am
you can hear them shouting in panic as the smoke and ash shoots up into the air. 1.2 miles up, in fact. as their dinghy is pulled a cloud of hot ash breaks out towards them across the water. it really is like something out of a disaster movie. this was on the island of stromboli, the second time since july this volcano has erupted. luckily no one was hurt this time, but the warning is if larger parts of the volcano break off into the sea, well, that could create dangerous ocean swells. scary stuff, guys. >> the warning, james, if you see a volcano, go in the opposite direction too. >> just go. >> faster, faster. >> that's right. thank you, james. we'll go to the u.s. open and a big win for serena williams surviving a scare at the open last night. the 23-time grand slam champion dropping the first set to unseeded 17-year-old american cat mcnally, but she's battling back to take the match in three sets and serena is now a perfect 19-0 in second round matches at the u.s. open. her opponent wasn't even born
7:17 am
when serena won her first u.s. open title in queens and now she now moves on to the third round. you can see all the action on espn and espn2. talk about -- serena is young to me. how old does that make me? >> us. you're safe. also this morning we're following new developments in a tragic crash involving the so-called fastest woman on four wheels. what happened when she tried to break a record -- get this -- hitting more than 500 miles an hour in a car. the investigation right now. the new privacy concerns this morning over those popular ring doorbell cameras as the company partners with hundreds of police departments around the country. but first, let's go back over to a very busy rob marciano this morning. >> good morning again, guys. quick update on other things that we have to deal with. hurricane dorian,
7:18 am
this is win of our computer models that indicates a foot or two of rain across parts of south florida. miami has seen over a foot of rain above average already. now you're talking about areas close to sea level and high water table and on top of that, a new moon this weekend so that's not good for flooding inland. all right, houston, texas, you had severe weather last night, big-time winds and rain blowing sideways. you're familiar with hurricanes, none coming your way thankfully soon. a rough night and now a severe weather threat across the midwest, omaha to des moines, davenport up through milwaukee and chicago. strong winds, large hail. a tornado or two possible as this cold front slides down to the south. your local forecast just 30 seconds away, but first, your hot cities sponsored by jeep wrangler. strong winds, large hail.
7:19 am
let's go international. look at this video out of madrid, spain, a rough week earlier this week. flash flooding. epic stuff coming down with rainfall in that hilly city and a tornado just to the south in spain.d r hei t t sd id gs.oui >> he's keeping your team busy. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. busy. we'll be right back. apple card is here. and here. it's a new kind of credit card.
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good morning to you from abc mornings. a judge is expected to decide if a man should remain in jail. austin vincent is accused in an attack that happened earlier this month. the barth extension to the south bay getting a boost. $125 million allocated to bta to speed up the approval process for the extension through downtown san jose into sant clara. let's get a check oncommute. >> a lot of slow traffic. especially on the eastbound. no injuries reported. traffic has been heavy all morning as you make your way out of antioch. the fire reported in san jose southbound at mclaughlin.
7:24 am
it's just been cleared. all lanes open. you'll see lots of the normal slowing in the northbound direction of 280 and north 101 through san jose. bay bridge toll plaza backed
7:25 am
7:26 am
good morning. check out the temperatures. very mild. mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods thanks to the cloud cover and extra humidity in the air. it's mainly quiet if you're out this morning. mild to warm. afternoon sunshine on the bay. it's going to take the better part of the afternoon to get the bay completely cleaned out. humid this weekend and a little bit warmer than today. more like summer. >> mike, thank you. still to come on gma, the tragic death of the faster woman on four wheels. she crashed a jet car trying to break a record.
7:27 am
what her family is sharing this morning. and we'll have another update in about 30
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can help harvest a better tomorrow. ocean spray. harvest goodness. welcome back to "gma." you are looking at the satellite image of hurricane dorian now on the move churning in the atlantic and heading north. it could hit florida as a category 3 storm by monday morning. >> yeah, overnight dorian making its way through the caribbean bringing heavy rains and wind to st. thomas. puerto rico also feeling the effects but thankfully they spared a direct hit. >> now they are stocking up in florida ahead of the storm. take a look. store shelves are already empty. we're going to go back to rob for the latest on the track and the timing. hey, rob. >> hi, again, michael. this thing has odyssey. it's islands with big mo and refus t and 's over the open waters of the southwestern atlantic. you see the eye filling because it's further away from the radar.
7:31 am
this is an indication of just how strong it is. we expect to see strengthening. water temperatures here, 85 to 86 degrees. that is toasty. that is going to give it the fuel it needs and a small storm and potential rapid intensification later on today, tonight and tomorrow. all the way up to a category 3 making landfall somewhere along florida, potentially georgia in here, the margin of error as well, sunday night into monday as a category 3 storm. that means widespread damage where it hits and these are some of the key points from the national hurricane center. of course, it will be a dangerous storm surge, hurricane force winds, heavy rainfall, a foot or more. you can expect winds to arrive sometime at the earliest saturday night, most likely sunday so travel preps need to be done by saturday afternoon. we mentioned this rainfall. we have got a new moon as well, so it will be coastal flooding along with this. all aspects with this hurricane as we continue to track it. michael? >> very intense, rob. we turn to the investigation under way into the tragic accident involving racing star jessi combs known as the fastest onour eels, kied yio break a re. paula faris joins us with more.
7:32 am
good morning, paula. >> what a sad story. good morning, michael. good morning, everyone. jessi combs knew what she did was dangerous, even crazy, but she also said that those who are willing are those who achieve great things. >> i live for after-burners. >> reporter: known as the fastest woman on four wheels, jessi combs lived her life to the extreme whether she was racing cars or hanging off the side of a helicopter as a "mythbusters" host. but on tuesday while attempting to break a land speed record on a dry lake bed in oregon, combs' jet car suddenly crashed, killing the professional driver instantaneously. >> the jet car that we've got crashed, and the pilot is fatally injured. >> reporter: combs' family tello becoming the fastest woman on earth, a 512-mile-per-hour record, which was set in 1976. >> she just never failed.
7:33 am
everything she set her mind to she accomplished. she was always looking ahead at what was next, and this was just one of many goals. >> reporter: on sunday she posted this photo of her jet car to instagram writing, it may seem a little crazy to walk directly into the line of fire. people say i'm crazy. i say, thank you. but her attempt at making history took a fatal turn. combs was no stranger to jet car racing. this 2013 auto blog video showing her previous attempts at breaking the record and describing the emotional conversations with her mother about the dangers involved. >> she's like, is there anything i can do? really, mom, there's nothing you can do but you can help me get my will ready. >> reporter: this morning her mother remembering her daughter's fearless nature. >> she was not afraid to go fast. anybody who knows her knows that r e past f yrs, they i oe id sh
7:34 am
documentary on jessi's to become the fastest woman on earth and the family says they will finish it in her honor and also be starting a gofundme page to help fund that documentary. >> so sad. >> so tragically sad. >> thanks, paula. we've got new concerns about those wildly popular ring doorbell cameras after news that the company is partnering with over 400 police departments around the country. ring calls this the new neighborhood watch, but this is raising serious privacy questions. will reeve is here with more on this. good morning, will. >> good morning, cecelia. with technology connecting everyone and everything, sharing information has become easier and faster than ever, and it's often on camera. this morning, police around the country are tapping into that power in hopes of using the community to stop the bad guys. doorbell cameras have spotted porch pirates nabbing packages right from doorsteps and also captured kidnappings. here a woman's daughter taken into this vehicle in broad
7:35 am
daylight. >> help me. help me, please. my daughter just got kidnapped. >> reporter: that video helping to lead to an arrest. and earlier this month in tennessee, police apprehended this escaped convict after he was spotted on a couple's ring camera rummaging through a refrigerator. >> she said, that's him. that's him. i prepared for if he tried to come inside, and then we called 911. >> reporter: now ring which is owned by amazon, is putting that power to broad use. announcing wednesday it's partnered with more than 400 law enforcement agencies across the nation to use their cameras as a tool in fighting crime. the police department in norfolk, virginia, was one of the first agencies to sign up. >> this is a way we can interface with them. we have community members willingly sharing crime and safety-related information. >> reporter: through the neighbors by ring app, users can post their own videos and view potential criminal activity
7:36 am
in their surrounding area. imagine i'm a bad guy and you see me coming up to your house through your ring camera, you can post this video to the neighbor's app. that helps law enforcement find the bad guy and also tells people in your community to be on alert. it helped police catch this suspect who broke into adrienne jenkins' vehicle earlier this month. that suspect pleading guilty. >> we shared the ring video on the neighborhood app, and the police reached out and they came over, took fingerprints and they actually caught the guy. >> reporter: but some privacy experts are concerned. >> in neighborhoods where there are serious crime problems, people are relieved by something like this. but the other thing you don't want to have happen is that people can continue to allow their privacy to be eroded. >> in response to those privacy concerns ring told us overnight customers choose to post publicly on the neighbors app and give explicit consent. users can decline requests from authorities to use their videos but you don't have to own a ring
7:37 am
to be part of the network. anyone can upload footage from a different doorbell camera or cell phone. the neighbors app is an information portal, a way for the community to stay aware and hopefully stay safe. >> okay, thanks, will. >> thanks so much. now to a colorado couple lucky to be alive after a mother bear and her cubs broke into their home and attacked. abc's clayton sandell is in colorado and has the story. clayton, the couple fought the bears off with a bat and a whole lot of adrenaline, and also a bolt of lightning. >> reporter: that's right, tom. this is a case of breaking and entering. the suspects going right to the kitchen to look for food. wildlife officials say it turned into a dangerous boxing match with a bear. this morning a colorado couple recovering from a terrifying home invasion. >> there was a bear in the house. it attacked my husband. we have blood all over the house. >> reporter: a mother bear and her two cubs caught on surveillance video breaking into their house through a screen door. >> i was going to do whatever
7:38 am
was necessary to defend, you know, her. >> reporter: jon johnson and his wife george ann field were in their basement when they heard a noise upstairs. >> when i turned the corner there is the bear looking at me right in the face. >> reporter: that's when momma bear took a swung at jon. >> she swiped me across the nose. >> reporter: without hesitation he fought back. >> i smacked her on her arm. >> reporter: that's when his wife ran up from the basement, attacking the large bear from behind with a baseball bat. >> i just know there was nothing i wouldn't do to get that bear out of the house. >> reporter: the bear slamming into the wall. >> that's an imprint of her head, right here. >> reporter: running out of the home followed by those two cubs. >> my adrenaline was higher than i've ever known it to be. >> reporter: now wildlife officials say that because that bear attacked humans, she had to be euthanized. they're trying to find the two cubs and rehabilitate them and hopefully release them into the wild. guys? >> wow. clayton, thank you.
7:39 am
>> that wife was so brave. in another interview she felt a jolt of lightning when she went after the bear with a bat. i can't believe it. >> the reverse of goldilocks. thbearread that book. it's our turn. coming up, we're not done yet, labor day sales. shopping, yay. before black friday. before black friday. what to what if you had fewer headaches and migraines a month? botox® prevents headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® injections take about 15 minutes in your doctor's office and are covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life- threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache.
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at pier 1, the color is calm eucalyptus. the style is yours. style your mood with 20 percent off dining tables and seating. come see what's new. visit pier 1 today. all right. back now with the countdown to those labor day sales. we are just a few days away from the last big savings of summer.
7:43 am
becky worley is in san francisco with a preview of what to buy. maybe what you want to wait on. lia. you're right.n big hobig holida. so we put together the key details on how to score the best deals. and this year labor day offers some of the best prices on mattresses, appliances and clothing. >> you can expect better sales this year than previous because every year gets more competitive and retailers really need to stand out if they want to make a mark. >> reporter: experts don't see a big change in the labor day discounting from last year with some attributing it to retailers' fears of rising wholesale prices as the tariff battle with china escalates. one area to avoid during your shopping this weekend, tech. items like big screen tvs and the amazon echo will get much ac
7:44 am
ay ino another item to avoid, iphones. with a new product rollout expected this fall, all of the existing models are likely to get a price cut. day monday. almost all of them are live now in stores and online. also if you really want to do your homework, you can visit shopping sites like for an edited pick of the best discounts and craziest website name ever,, check to find if the price is the best one that's been there all year. >> speaking my language, friend. it is the end of summer. tell me more about the seasonal deals you can get, kind of last chance. >> oh, yeah. shoulder sales, outdoor furniture, definitely on clearance. an example, pier one has 50% off umbrellas, outdoor sectionals and outdoor accents.
7:45 am
i love this one from wayfair. it's an enclosed trampoline, 25% off along with all their other play yard items. looks pretty bouncy. i think it would be fun. >> i think tom is already on his phone buying one of those right now for his kids. good time to buy clothes too? >> always clothes. 45% of sales last labor day were on clothing. we expect the same this year. an example, all the gap brands have sales. so offering 50% off a ton of their inventory and an extra 25% off everything. so, you know, if you need some basics get out there. >> yeah, we always do. thanks, becky. we appreciate it. you guys ready to go shopping? >> yeah, you need anything? i'm buying. oh, i guess not. cue the music. ♪ i'm a sucker for you that's right. you'll be a sucker for this. it's our "play of the day" when we come back. we come back. ♪ e back. ♪ hat boots up as fast as 6 seconds when you're running late? (whispers) it's switching time or how about a battery that lasts up to 12 hours?
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♪ i'm a sucker for you oh, yeah, i love this jonas brothers song. back now with our "play of the day." meet ella, everybody. she's got it all figured out that all you need in life is some good music, some sweet moves and a french fry in your hand. >> i mean you don't need anything else. >> yeah, she's just a year old but looks like she's already got her signature move down. her mom says every time she eats, she dances and she likes her music. she loves this song and she loves "old town road" by lil nas x and billy ray cyrus as well. >> kill them with the shoulders.
7:50 am
>> kill them with the shoulders. >> she's 1 and already got more rhythm than i do. pretty sad. she can move. >> come on. you're cuter. a little shoulder shake there. coming up, how to shed your debt. the single mother who paid down nearly $80,000 of debt in just eight months. it's incredible. we'll tell you about the three strategies she used to get there. >> commercial break. >> commercial break. >> the commercial break. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin an overly sensitive immune system could be the cause. so help heal your skin from within, with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, nearly four times more patients taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin compared to those not taking it, and patients saw a significant reduction in itch. do not use if you are allergic to dupixent.
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7:54 am
110 yesterday, that's a record. your morning low, 86. 106 in phoenix. you had a rough night with storms and another excessive heat watch for parts of southern california. could see dry lightning and red flag warnings are posted as we are into fire season. coming up on "gma," the new alert about secondhand vaping and how it affects children. also, this morning, tips from the budget mom, how she paid off nearly $80,000 of her debt in under a year. and our interview with the cast of "hustlers," jlo, cardi b and more. this segment is sponsored by unit
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning to you. meteorologist mike nicco has your forecast. >> hi, everybody. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. slow sunshine. humid but temperatures pretty close to average. if you have yard work, at day to do it. get the backyard ready now. temperatures mid to upper 60s. half-moon bay, san francisco. low to mid seths around the bay and low to mid 80s inland. temperatures below average today and tomorrow. it warms up this weekend but the humidity hanged around too. north 101 at 280, a crash. live camera shot of the san mateo bridge in the eastbound direction there was a wrongway driver. westbound traffic is slow on the right-hand side. it's been a crawl through the east bay. traffic is jammed from highway 4 out of pittsburgh.
7:57 am
>> thank you. just ahead, a new alert about secondhand vaping. what parents need to know this morning. we'll have another abc7 update in about 30 minutes and always on
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. state of emergency. the race to get ready for dorian. the storm gaining strength right now on a path to become a major hurricane by tomorrow afternoon. the new track aimed right at florida and the timing as we head into the holiday weekend. digital privacy. is your amazon smart speaker turning on when you'cording? "consumer reports" with a new alert right now. new this morning, the urgent warning about your kids and vaping. the rise in teenagers exposed to secondhand vape. how it could affect them. what parents need to know. dr. ashton here with the latest. ♪ i got bills ditch the debt. meet the divorced mom who found herself with almost $80,000 to
8:01 am
pay off. how she did it in just eight months, and the three simple tips you can start implementing this morning. how smart are you when it comes to your emotions? the biggest mistake we're making every day with our feelings. we're one-on-one with one of the leading experts in the field. how his program is changing classrooms and why he says you have to name it to tame it. ♪ works hard for the money and say hello to the hustlers. sitting down with the all-star cast, j. lo, cardi b, constance, keke and lili and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. thank you guys for being with us on this thursday morning. "old town road," it's been the hit of the summer. >> that is true. so this morning we've got a new version of that song and the famous video this one made by the staff and students at a
8:02 am
michigan school. so many sharing this and singing along. the principal and the team will be joining us ahead. >> that prince. >> caller: can sing. it's pretty funny. as we get ready for labor day weekend, we have all-star chefs here to upgrade our hot dogs and hamburgers. what's the number one secret to success with your burger and also have an awesome slider recipe. >> we get to eat? >> you know we do. >> we don't want to cook it ourselves. first we have a lot of news to get to. we'll start with the latest on hurricane dorian. it could hit florida as a category 3 storm. we're going to go back to rob marciano who last been tracking it all morning long, good morning, rob. >> good morning, michael. not the best of labor day weekends for the state of florida. this is what it looked like in martinique as it came on shore across the caribbean islands. damage to the roadways. flash flooding. look at the rain and wind across st. thomas. this is from yesterday where winds gusted to 111 miles per hour, about a half a foot of rain with this. now it is into the open waters of the southwest atlantic. a bit of an eye there and the
8:03 am
tropical storm force winds extend to the northwest 90 miles an hour. see the convection beginning to flare. water, 85, 86 degrees so it will intensify to a potential major hurricane by tomorrow. on the cusp of florida, sunday into monday making landfall somewhere between really miami and jacksonville within the margin of error. we don't have a whole lot of agreement with our computer models, so beyond day three and four, we don't really know what's going to happen, so folks in florida will have to prepare for big wind, waves and we'll update throughout the day. >> you'll head down there soon. thank you, rob. to a new alert on your digital privacy. another report of amazon's echo speakers recording audio without you asking them to. janai norman joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so some of us have wondered if this happened, and this comes from researchers at "consumer reports" in northeastern university conducting tests will the amazon smart speaker turns out without
8:04 am
hearing the wake word and turns out it sometimes does. when the speaker hears a word that sounds similar, that's the word chosen to get its attention. if that word is alexa, it might turn on if someone says it's actually or a like followed by a word starting with an "s". when it happens it stops recording within seconds and similar reports about apple's siri but "consumer reports" did not test those. >> amazon responding yet? >> yes, and amazon is admitting that this does happen. they tell us in rare cases echo devices will wake up due to a word in a background conversation sounding like alexa or one of the other available wake words. the company points out a blue light will come on when it's recording. amazon says it continues to work to improve speakers' performance so they're not listening to you when you don't want them to. >> thank you. >> it's happened in our house and once the kids learned how to us it too it's dangerous. it starts playing in the middle of a conversation. anyway, all right.
8:05 am
coming up, the new concern about secondhand vaping. this is actually very legit and very scary. and she's known as the budget mom. how she paid down almost $80,000 in debt in just eight months. and we'll head upstairs. it's time for houseplants 101. what could work for you at home and at the office and outside. our chefs are upgrading your labor day grill game. we'll be right back. labor day grill game. we'll be right back.
8:06 am
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(announcer) verizon is america's most awarded network and the only one with the galaxy note10 5g. right now, when you buy one, you get a galaxy note10 free. that's verizon. ♪ yeah i'm gonna ride my bus down my hometown road i'm gonna drive and -- welcome back to "gma,"
8:10 am
everybody. that song you are hearing is "hometown road" a remake of "old town road." it will have you singing along this morning. we're talking to the school behind that video. that's coming up just ahead. very entertaining. the kids getting ready to go back to school. it is time for "pop news" with sara haines. >> michael used one of the staff as a hurdle and literally jumped over her on the way to set. >> i still got it. i still got it. >> he likes to remind us that he was a football player. message received. >> good old days. we begin "pop news" with matthew mcconaughey or should i say professor mcconaughey. that's right, the academy awardy of texas at austin as a professor this fall. he's been a visiting instructor since 2015 but now he has officially been appointed as a professor of practice.
8:11 am
he's been -- [ applause ] yeah. co-teaching the script to screen film production course and even helped develop the curriculum to give a behind-the-scenes view of each stage of a film's production. the oscar winner earned his own film degree in 1993 from the university and says, quote, it's the class i wish i had had when i was in film school. >> wow. can you imagine how class starts every day instead of like, hello, everybody, he goes, all right, all right, all right. >> i'm just imagining how you're not going to be able to get in that class. everyone will decide they're a film student real quickly. but now to the lat ongoing bromance between justin bieber and cleveland indians pitcher shane bieber, no relation. just to refresh your memory, earlier this month a new baseball card for shane accidentally identified him as justin in the bio. shane tweeted about it and justin wrote back, i feel like we have a special connection so when it came time for shane to step on the diamond at players
8:12 am
weekend, he wore a jersey that said, quote, not justin. he was also -- he has it in red as well, and now the bromance is progressing even further. justin bieber was just spotted on his motorcycle wearing a not shane bieber jersey, writing on instagram, thanks, shane, for the jersey. >> i love that. >> that's so cute. finally, we all have that one friend who is a prankster. it might be michael strahan but at the mystic aquarium in connecticut that happens to be a beluga whale. take a look. the whale is checking out the crowd when he suddenly sucks in some water and sprays everyone. here he goes. >> oh. >> but now wait for it. you'll see him laughing. belugas are known for their playful nature but this one has quite the personality. mystic aquarium home of three belugas, luna and keela and natasha.
8:13 am
unclear which pulled the prank but if we had to guess it would be natasha. she's 37 years old and just got to the park in february. my comedy peaked at 37 too. >> thank you, sara. >> thank you, guys. [ applause ] we got our "gma" cover story to tell you about. more on vaping and a good thing there is a doctor in the house, i'll attempt to talk, walk and do live tv at the same time. this is about new concerns about secondhand vape. a new study finds an alarming rise in the number of children and teenagers exposed to it. dr. ashton, hi. >> good job, by the way. >> thank you. >> is here. we are glad you're here. this new study finds one in three, these numbers are incredible, one in three students are being exposed to what they're calling secondhand aerosols in public places. do we know if there's a direct connection to vaping here? >> i mean it certainly looks that way. this is it an interesting study that research letter actually that's out in jama network and really it's asking that is the exposure like?
8:14 am
what are the numbers like and how have they changed recently? if you look at this now, it's about one in three middle school and high school students exposed to secondhand aerosol exposure up from one in four just four years ago, so, again, we know that esig -- e-cig use is up, and also middle school and high school kids are doing it, but they're also exposed to it. this survey found that 75% of these students live at home with someone who uses an e-cig. >> we know a lot about the dangers of secondhand smoke. >> right. >> vaping is relatively new. >> it's relatively new. >> do we know about the dangers -- proven dangers of secondhand vaping. >> yes and no. there are many study has show that secondhand aerosol from e-cigs contains a bevy of toxic chemicals. it's not a reach to assume they can do damage. what we don't know is 10, 20, 30 years down the road but if you look at this list, cecilia, what we do know about secondhand smoke exposure, we know that it is conclusively linked to asthma, respiratory infections,
8:15 am
ear infections, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and sids in babies so, again, this is a situation where you can't assume that there is no harm when the early studies suggest that there is. >> and parents, so many of them. we talk about this so much. they're concerned because their kids come home and tell them how many students around them are vaping. should they be concerned? >> 100% and i have to tell you because i have two children in this age group, everyone is doing it. athlete, straight "a" students, if it's not your child it's someone they're sitting next to or playing on a team next to. educate yourself and err on the side of caution. you cannot play russian roulette with young children's lives and their health and right now there is accumulating data there are real harms to this, not only direct use but exposure. >> we talk about this almost every day but cannot emphasize this enough. this is dangerous. thanks so much. michael, over to you. >> all right, cecilia.
8:16 am
thank you so much. now to our series, ultimate debt diet. helping you get debt-free at any age and this morning we've got a really inspiring story from a single mother known as the budget mom who used three categories to pay down nearly $80,000 of debt in a year. rebecca jarvis is here with more. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, michael. yeah, people are cheering because $80,000 is a huge number, but the reality is that big life changes, divorce, illness, they not only take a huge emotional toll, but they can also come with financial hardship, but this single mom that you are about to meet has the strategies to help you take control. meet 33-year-old kumiko love. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: she's the financial counselor behind the blog, the budget mom, where she shares her best tips for living debt-free. but she wasn't always a savvy spender. >> i didn't manage my money in my 20s and i had no concept of what debt truly was or what that meant for me in my future. >> reporter: as a newly single mom, starting over in her 30s,
8:17 am
the combination of a car loan, student loans and credit cards added up to more than $77,000 in debt. >> my first reaction was tears, but for the first time in my life, i knew exactly the mountain that i needed to climb. >> reporter: she used what she calls the budget by paycheck method to get back on track. step one, track your spending and create a realistic budget. >> creating a budget is not about creating a budget based around what you want to spend. it's based around what you're realistically spending and tweaking, perfecting as you go along. >> reporter: step two, the calendar method. she writes down every expense and due date, including additional expenses like holiday gifts. >> everything on your budget calendar for that month needs to be included and worked into your paycheck budgets. >> reporter: and for those fluctuating monthly expenses outside of your bills, step three, the cash envelope method for entertainment, clothes and food.
8:18 am
>> i dedicate and give myself a limit to each one of those. >> reporter: within eight months, the majority of her debt was paid off. >> amazing. but we have several viewers in their 30s. they have questions relating to their debt. first up is stephanie from the bronx so let's take a look. >> hey, rebecca, so i have about $10,000 in credit card debt on multiple cards and i am making the minimum payments, but i just don't feel like i'm making a dent in my debt so what am i doing wrong or the real question is what should i be doing? >> all right, that's a great question, stephanie, a lot of people are facing this issue, michael. they're making the minimum payment but not making a dent. here's why, we have this nifty little demo to show you. here is the minimum payment, right? if this is your $10,000 of debt, if you're making the minimum payment that's equivalent to this amount of sand this. is what you're giving back to the credit card company. no dent there but on top of it, you're paying interest on this, so each month that you make that minimum payment, the interest comes back in.
8:19 am
do you know how many times you have to go back and forth between these two things to pay down $10,000 worth of debt? 44 years, michael. to get that $10,000 finally paid back. you're talking about $35,000 total that you will ultimately pay on that $10,000, if you make the minimum payment. instead, you should be making the maximum payment that you can, especially with credit card debt. it is the worst because it's the highest interest rate debt. it's going to cost you the most over time. >> but 44 years feels like a lifetime. >> that's right. >> without a doubt. we'll walk over here real quick. another question from our audience from bray. bray, what is your question, my friend? >> so, what's a good rule of thumb for someone with credit card debt that also has a family to take care of? >> all right. so bray, we took a look at one youfr financ of your finances, and michael, here's one of the issues. where that money is going right now in your finances, a lot of it is going towards housing. i get it. housing is expensive right now in this country, all over the country housing is expensive but instead, you should be putting
8:20 am
about 35% maximum to housing, instead of 25% to transportation, at the maximum you want to put 15% rather towards your transportation. and here when we're talking about debt paydown. you want a much larger amount of your money going towards debt paydown. you want to maximize that number if you can, 15%. savings, increase those savings, not just into a 401(k) but a rainy day emergency fund. you want to be putting as much towards that and then for other things, other necessities, your you -- utilities, some of the things that are your wants, you can put 25% towards that amount. but the biggest thing is lower the costs on housing. lower the costs on transportation and increase those savings and the debt paydown. >> very nice. you got it? >> thanks. thank you. >> we got to thank bray because bray, the way we set it up he shared his monthly budget in relation to his salary and that's how we came up with it. thank you, bray.
8:21 am
great question by the way. [ applause ] rebecca, thank you. >> thank you. >> always learning something from from him. >> rainy day fund, people live in hurricanes know all about that. great stuff, rebecca. want to show you what the impacts are going to be with this storm as it makes landfall, likely florida but georgia is in this, the carolinas, you're not out of it either. dangerous storm surge. hurricane force wins and heavy rain, already seen half a foot in many areas. this will become a major hurricane, maybe rapidly intensifying, and when will you feel impacts? in florida sunday during the day, 39 plus mile per hour force winds. you'll want to get that done on saturday. th
8:22 am
and welcome back. as kids head back to school, around the country educators are increasingly focusing on their emotional development. abc's deb roberts is here now and sat down with education guru marc brackett to learn about his new program helping kids understand their emotions and others, and deb, this is not only gad f only good for kids, but also for their parents. >> that's right. you have kids heading into school. i do too. as they settle in many have packed up and are bringing with them a lot of emotional stuff. studies show that three-quarters of kids report being tired, bored or stressed and many are now getting a handle on their lives because they're getting permission to feel. >> reporter: thousands of school kids around the country say they're in a better mood these
8:23 am
days thanks to an increasingly popular program getting them to think more about their feelings. what are the biggest mistakes we're making from day to day in dealing with our feelings? >> ignoring them. suppressing them, denying them. >> reporter: marc brackett director of the yale center for emotional intelligence, and author of a new book, "permission to feel" says so many of us are burdened by stress and anxiety because we don't talk about our emotions. >> feelings are information. they are important for our decisions. they're important for our relationships, our health. our everyday performance. and when we acknowledge them, and use them wisely, great things happen. >> reporter: he says kids are paying the steepest price. research showing that american teens lead the world in violence, binge drinking, marijuana use and obesity it stress levels off the charts. more than half of college students are coping with anxiety, a third of them, depression. when you think about the world, there's a lot of stress. there's a lot of anxiety and
8:24 am
talking about our feelings will help that? >> it will because as we said, you have to name it to tame it. >> we're going to list the five table. >> reporter: that's why this high school outside chicago has implemented brackett's ruler program as an integral part of its freshmen curriculum. >> the ruler are the five skills of emotional intelligence, recognizing emotions in one's self, understanding consequences, labeling them, learning how to express those feelings and at the top of the hierarchy is regulation skills. >> reporter: they use color coded language to help kids explain their mind-set on a given day, red if they're anxious or upset. blue if they're down, yellow means they're happy. >> included, do you guys want to feel included. >> we want them to say, hey, mrs. parker, i just came in and want you to know i'm red and i'm going to use some strategies right now. that's what we're doing here. we're lowering shame. >> at first it just didn't seem like i would use it every day. every decision i make, i use it.
8:25 am
>> it helps me be stronger so now i feel a lot more confident. >> it'll let me put myself in someone else's shoes and realize me being wrong is okay. >> these are just life stills that you need to know. >> reporter: even parents noticing the difference. >> i'm seeing that she can come home and, you know, open up. >> my kids actually now ask me how i'm feeling and what they can do to make my day better. it's that life learning lesson that they don't get from a book in a regular classroom. >> and that is key. dr. brackett says getting adults involved in the conversation, checking in, tom. so i have to ask you how are you feeling? >> i feel good but it's early, right? but what this doctor says, once you name it, you can tame it. how do you do it after that? >> what's key is once you know what you're feeling, it's all about those strategies to help you deal with it. for instance, maybe deep breathing to kind of take you down if you're feeling a little too tense. you know, visual identifying yourself in a better place. that makes a big difference and practicing a positive point of
8:26 am
view. sounds very simple but all of o in and sort of calm yourself and he says it makes a huge difference in schools across the country. they're seeing a big, big difference. >> parents, taking the time to stop and say how do you feel? >> exactly. >> thanks so much. coming up we're talking to the stars of the back to school video going viral. stay with us. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna ride my bus >> announcer: tomorrow marshmello and kane brown electrify your weekend like never before in total 360-degree virtual reality and with this "gma" backstage pass anything can happen. just go to to get your backstage pass tomorrow, it's the "gma" virtual reality concert event presented by king's hawaiian. t presented by king's hawaiian.
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good morning, everyone. there will be more police patrols at terra no school after suspicious graffiti was found. the principle said it was reported to police. there will be an increased police presence at the school for the rest of the week. all right. we're seeing lots of slow traffic around the bay area. especially on 101. northbound into san francisco there was an earlier problem past 280 that's been cleared. you can see everything is heavy toward the intersection, even northbound 280 heading toward downdo st of pittsburgh, southbound 2 and southbound 680 until you get past the tunnel.
8:28 am
bay bridge toll plaza backed up into the maze. >> thank you. mike n
8:29 am
unfortunate news. the latest update, category 4 monday as dorian, hurricane dorian possibly just pummels florida. it's going to be a very dangerous and sad situation if that comes to fruition. at home everything is good as
8:30 am
far as the commute. mild this morning. warm this afternoon. nothing too hot. you'll notice the humidity is going ♪oing ♪ welcome back to "gma." it is safe to say you probably heard the song "old town road" by lil nas x, right? >> a few times. >> if you haven't, you're behind. but we have -- have you seen this video? it's for "hometown road." the parody to kick off the new school year made by the staff and students at a michigan school and it is going viral. take a look. ♪ yeah, i'm gonna ride my bus ♪ i'm gonna try to do my best in school ♪ ♪ i'm gonna ride that bus down my hometown road ♪ ♪ i'll be all right because my teacher's cool ♪ ♪ we got the books in a stack >> well, you can see why this
8:31 am
video has already ra 72 hours. so we -- yeah, that deserves a round of applause. we want to chat with the folks that came up with it. joining us from swartz creek high school in michigan are the superintendent ben mainka, jim kitchen and a whole bunch of their students. good morning, guys. >> good morning. [ applause ] >> so, mr. mainka, principal kitchen, you guys can really carry a tune. we are seriously impressed. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we know it can be really hard to motivate kids to get back to school. what's the response been like? >> the response has been fantastic. we have been just honored and humbled and blessed by the response from people within our community and even outside. but, you know, learning is something that is supposed to be really exciting and fun and so we've done a couple of these videos in the past and we've had a great response to them. our students have been very engaged with them and so teaching and being an educator
8:32 am
and even being a student is really tough. so we thought -- going back to school, we wanted to make it fun for everybody and up the ante a little bit and everybody had a lot of excitement all over. >> it seems like you have done that. and jim, what made you choose "old town road" this time around? >> well, lil nas x is a genius and obviously he made a masterpiece here. it was number one on the charts for a long time and so there's no better song to use than this one to really connect with students and families. >> mackenzie, we know you're one of the students that attends the school and got to be in the video as well. does this make coming back to school after summer a little more fun? >> yeah, it does make it a little more fun because i got to experience making this with my friends and staff and administrators are amazing and i think these videos really engage our community. >> well, the video has engaged the entire country. everybody has been watching it. jim, have you heard from lil nas x and billy ray cyrus yet? i say yet, because if you
8:33 am
haven't, i'm sure they're going to reach out now. >> we have not yet and if they're listening, i would love to meet them. [ applause ] >> well, if they are listening how about we let them hear you sing a few bars. you want to take us away and give us a taste of what it sounds like. >> we could do that. we could do that. ♪ yeah i'm gonna ride my bus down my hometown road i'm gonna try to do my best in school ♪ ♪ i'm gonna ride that bus down my hometown road i'll be all right because my teacher's cool ♪ >> yeah. [ applause ] >> that's what it's all about. >> that is awesome. thank you guys for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> they can definitely sing. >> oh, yeah. now we're going to take a turn way far away from high school and school buses to the
8:34 am
fall's most hotly anticipated movie, "hustlers." >> oh. >> starring jennifer lopez. just a little bit of a u-turn there. adenrt t she's li fin los angeles. hey, adrienne.>>eporter: good m you, too, tom. fans are excited about this. very grown-up. very provocative film full of scenes based on real criminal cases. it's raw with a compassionate message about love and friendship. a star-studded female led drama where the women flip the script. >> sisters. >> sisters. >> reporter: inspired by true events "hustlers" is about a group of strippers taking back their power from the men who run the club and their wealthy clients. >> these wall street guys, you see what they did to this country. they stole from everybody. >> reporter: the multifaceted jennifer lopez who plays the ringleader of the group ramona loves that the characters are shown as a family. >> i don't want to be dependent
8:35 am
on anybody like ever. >> how important was it to kind of display these positive female relationships in the midst of a very dark anti-hero story? >> for me the women in the story are very strong. you know, they're very powerful. >> reporter: for these women learning the ropes or in their case the pole was no easy task. >> i realize there is a bearing of soul, vulnerability, but also a power and a strength that they have that is really impressive. it takes a lot of bravery, a lot of courage. >> reporter: with such sensitive subject matter, the cast grew very close. >> i feel like in our society once you hear that type of a profession, whether it's stripping or sex working, anything like that, the judgment stops there, and they don't get to know people as humans and understand their stories. >> reporter: becoming a fierce family. >> we got to be there for each other and we got to take care of each other and got to have a good time. we spent hours and hours on the set. and you don't want to feel like you're wasting your life.
8:36 am
you want to feel like you're living your life. >> i had a blast working with everybody. i was excited to join the project. i've been a big fan of jennifer since i can remember. ♪ they call me cardi b >> reporter: hip-hop star cardi b in her film debut is transparent saying the story line was familiar and very real. >> cardi, what made you say yes? >> i know that scene very well. like i have danced in the new york city manhattan strip club because there's different type of strip clubs. you know what i'm saying? >> reporter: channeling women from her past to depict her character. >> and it's like, oh, man, i'm having flashbacks. because everybody -- even my character like my character remind me of a girl i used to hang out with, her name is jenny. it was, oh this, is jenny, i'm just going to act like jenny. >> reporter: "riverdale" star lili reinhart in a new role. >> annabelle really is the heart, and i think in that sense, she's really the innocence in the most non-innocent sort of way because clearly what they're doing is noinnocent or without faults.
8:37 am
>> it's like robbing a bank except you got the keys. >> reporter: while this movie is like no movie you've ever seen before -- >> that was what i was excited to explore was the humanity of it. and we have seen a scene in a strip club in every tv show and movie ever, and so few have been told from their perspective and that interested me just from a human level. >> ankle hook. knee hook. from here you could do the carousel. we're all hustling. that's the point. that's why the movie in a sense is very universal and many people can relate to it. >> and like the patriarch of society there's only one position for a woman but that's a commentary on scarcity, not gender. and i think our relationship in this movie really proved that because it was all run by women and it was all -- >> women producer, women director, women writer. women stars, women, women, women. >> about mothers, daughters. >> women, women, women. >> and "hustlers" is in theaters september 13th.
8:38 am
guys? all right, adrienne, speaking of hustlers here's one of the stars, our own keke palmer. [ applause ] >> guys, you have to check it out september 13th but today on our show we're sitting down with the dog bounty hunter. >> he's opening up about losing the love of his life, his wife beth. it's a conversation you don't want to miss. >> definitely don't want to miss that. we're going to see you later on "strahan, sara & keke." we have much more on "gma" when we come back. i'll hustle out of here. [ applause ]
8:39 am
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>> announcer: tomorrow, marshmello and kane brown electrify your weekend like never before in total 360-degree virtual reality and with this "gma" backstage pass anything can happen. just go to to get your backstage pass tomorrow. it's the "gma" virtual reality concert event presented by king's hawaiian. [ applause ] back now with another look at a new way to see a concert no matter where you are. getting you even closer than a front row seat, we told you about melodyvr that can take you backstage with the band and more. t.j. holmes tells us how to use the app to see our concert tomorrow in the park. >> that's a lot of pressure. you said closer than a front row seat. >> yeah. >> i tk , to a kelly clarkson concert. >> that was fun to watch.
8:42 am
>> you liked that? >> yeah. >> i'm taking you now to an imagine dragons concert. this was out in denver.e name of the app. everybody needs to download it now. but the way it works you have all these cameras set up on stage around the arena that you can control yourself. you see that? i'm just moving it. i can check out the audience. we got some confetti going. everybody is doing their thing. then we go to the front of the house. i have a different angle but still i can see what i want to see. and so the thing, stra, is that our concert tomorrow with marshmello and kane brown, you are the audience. you don't have to get out of your pajamas. you can stay at home and download melodyvr. a free concert and you can be right there, look, on stage with them tomorrow. >> now, one thing i love about this, you don't need to have vr goggles but if you have them it enhances your experience. >> it will be super cool if you have all this stuff, but you don't need it.
8:43 am
you can hear it, see it and get thd kd cess, stsohiwi be fun tomoowouo some good coirst o w into bfi it. house. don't forget to download the melodyvr app in time for tomorrow's concert. you'll love it. now over to rob. good morning again, guys. we have hurricane dorian. we have erin. here is a list of the 2019 hurricane names. are you or your child's name on this? erin will go away quickly. fernand, gabrielle, humberto and the list goes on and on. hopefully we don't get too many more of these as we get to the peak of hurricane season. that's a che
8:44 am
unfortunately hurricane michael a category 5 and our hearts go out to the folks in panama city. that name michael has been retired. no more. back over to you. >> all right, thank you, rob. now to our series homemade. this morning we're talking about houseplants 101. with summer winding down, it's time to bring the outdoors inside. >> and a lot of people feel like me, like they can't keep a houseplant alive. plant stylist maryah greene is here to show us how. [ applause ] these all look amazing. what is your best advice for folks like me who say there's no way i could do this? i don't have the ability. >> yes, a lot of what i do with greene piece is build confidence with plants. a lot of people think the green thumb is a thing. it's totally a myth. you don't have to have ten houseplants and can never have killed a plant to have a green thumb. doesn't exist. there are a lot of options for people that want plants. it's about having the best for your space. >> okay. >> what's the most crucial thing? you bring a plant home. what is the most crucial thing
8:45 am
to do first? >> get our hands dirty. the first thing you want to do when you take a plant home, you want to take it out of its nursery pot and look at the roots and inspect. we don't want to see creepy crawly things coming out. we want to pull the roots from out of the shape they're naturally in. it's a messy process. can you get up in there and pull those roots out? you're stronger than you think. >> you put me on the spot. >> you got it. perfect. so now that they're out of that circular shape you want to put it in your planter and sit it right in there and add more soil to it until it gets about this tall and then -- >> i'll get my hands dirty. you stay clean. >> not too much. perfect. >> i got the water. >> we'll add soil until it gets up to here and when it gets to the top we just want to press down with two fingers so we have about an inch at the you couldn't wait to add the water, could you? >> i added water all over the table. not actuly in -- >> this one is rdyo go. >>hat's why i have a
8:46 am
it's all good. >> you must hear a lot of excuses about when people get plants that they don't know what to do with them, they don't know how to keep them alive. one of those excuses is that plants can be expensive. >> totally. >> you say? >> a lot of my favorite plants at my home were the discounted finds that i find at a nursery, and sometimes those are the ones that don't really look so nice, but there are a couple of steps that you can take if you decide to go that route to buy those plants that aren't full priced. first thing -- >> sale rack plants, i like that. >> totally. so the first thing you want to do, you want to talk to the experts at the nursery. they're your friend. they can tell you the watering schedule and the light for each of these plants and that way when you take it home you can inspect it and you also want to look at all of the dead pieces, we want to take these -- i'm putting you to work and cut off anything that doesn't look so happy. >> okay. >> the leaf like that. >> it won't hurt it. >> these guys. >> i feel like a surgeon over here. >> right. >> the last thing you want to make sure you don't want to repot it as soon as you get home. it's a pretty traumatic
8:47 am
experience to bring a plant back from the nursery to your space, so just wait before you decide to go and re-pot. >> there are certain plants people should know they can go out and buy for sunlight, or don't need as much sunlight especially if you live in new york city with not a lot of sunlight, natural light coming into your home. >> thank you root to rooted in new york city for provided all these beautiful plants to us. maryah, thank you. up next how to upgrade your labor day grill game with serious hot dogs and hamburgers. we'll be right back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
all right. welcome back. you know labor day just around the corner. that means it is time to upgrade your grill game. >> yes, celebrity chef ryan scott and doug adams out of portland taking our favorite
8:50 am
summertime classics, hot dogs and hamburgers to another level. i got to be honest. the two tips you're about to tell us, i've been grilling forever. i had no idea about these tips. amazing. >> i have two tips especially for the holiday. when you're cleaning a grill instead of using that big brush i take an onion and rub the top of the grill with an onion and perfumes it and gives it flavor. use butter. >> i use butter and a paper towel. probably super dangerous. >> another thing i do, unclassic tip. i freeze the slider hamburgers first. that way you get them caramelized on the outside. big steaks take the temperature off but freezing sliders -- >> they're small. >> get them medium rare. we'll build my italian hoagie, right, guys? big old hoagie slider. come on, tom. roll your sleeves up. get over here with me. >> can you roll your sleeves up
8:51 am
with that? i don't know. >> we'll build it. once you make a mayonnaise. nicoise olives in it, pepper, salt and a little bit of garlic it takes the smallest whisk in the world to make this, and whisk it in the world's smallest bowl. we'll make this together. i'll take this bread that i have all slathered with butter for you. garlic butter, now we'll take this aioli. it goes on top. >> this is what we just made. >> make it from scratch and now what we do, put a patty on top of each one and we'll go all the way down. one, two, three, four, five, six. >> a serving for one. >> this is our afternoon snack, my friend. so we'll take pancetta or a little crispy prosciutto that goes on top. my italian version of a burger and take lettuce that goes on top, and we'll take some tomatoes right here. pepperocinis, wrap it up with a little italian dressing. it's good. >> how do you close this thing? you know what, there's not a long enough segment to close it up.
8:52 am
there's a competition with doug over here, so let's see how this goes. >> you are the hot dog grill master. >> for sure. >> you can't have labor day without hot dogs. >> you can't. >> make sure you buy a great local hot dog. i love meat and grilling but it's also about the sides especially in summer. fresh corn, fresh tomatoes and in portland, oregon where bullard is we utilize a lot. potato salad. my dad's recipe. >> potato salad on the hot dog? >> on the hot dog. also, absolutely with hard boiled egg. we make our own barbecue spice. we spice up everything. for texture on this dog, we have our house-made barbecue potato chip. >> when it comes to toppings for hot dogs, go as high as you can? >> absolutely. if you're having a barbecue, you already have sides and
8:53 am
utilize them on the hot dog. add as much flavor, freshness and texture as you can. we have the barbecue potato chip with the hot dog. >> another one down here. >> absolutely. we have a fresh corn salad. >> that looks amazing. what's in that? >> this is grilled corn and bread and butter jalapenos. >> smells so good. which one is your favorite? >> i like the corn. this is creamy poblano dressing. >> oh, wow. now this one -- >> you guys, you got to. >> ready? [ applause ] >> hot dog. >> hot dog or hamburger. >> so let me help you out here. you can get these recipes on our website at we will be right back. tom needs a break after that. sleep number 360 smart sale of the year on a can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed.
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"good morning america" is sponsored by verizon. america's most reliable network. all right. so we have a saying in television that goes, watch, watch again and we want to see that one more time because that is epic. tom llamas for the win. >> we'll always have that moment, chef ryan. moment, chef ryan.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
> good morning, everyone. here's mike with our forecast for today. good morning, mike. >> good morning. hi, everybody. some unfortunate news. look at this. four. and monday morning.oing to be e stronger and before devastating, hurricane dorian. the forecast came out. i feel bad for those folks. hopefully they're getting out of there. mid to upper 60s half-moon humid today and through the weekend when it gets warmer. >> extra slow almost everywhere. here's the east shore freeway. the drive time about 40 minutes westbound because of several accidents. it's been a crawl on southbound 680 through ball n-- walnut creek. >> time for a live with kelly and ryan. we'll be back at 11:for midday.
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, actress uma thurman and we catch up with vanessa williams. plus, straight from the "jersey shore," nicole "snooki" polizzi. also, your chance to win the perfect grilled pizza. all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [upbeat pop music playing] ♪ >> ryan: hey! [cheers and applause] >> kelly: i mean... >> ryan: whatever you need. good morning. ♪


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