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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 30, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> have a great day. see you again in half an hour. at 6:00. the. tonight, bracing for a monster. the life-threatening storm seen lighting up the sky. the state of emergency across florida this holiday weekend as hurricane dorian continues to gain strength, already a major category 3. rob marciano standing by with the brand-new track just in. as residents rush to stock up on supplies, police escorting fuel trucks, concerns about a gas shortage. nasa even pulling its launcher from the pad. the travel impacts already being felt. where evacuations have just been ordered and hurricane warnings just went up. new tonight from the white house. president trump's personal secretary, one of his closest aides, forced to resign after revealing personal details about the first family.
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to reporters. the autopsy is in. authorities revealing a deadly drug cocktail killed a major league pitcher, found unresponsive in his hotel room. the 911 drowning outrage. a dispatcher on her final day. what she said to a woman stranded in her car as flood waters rise. >> this will teach you next time don't drive in the water. >> that woman would not survive. tonight, the investigation. the mystery deaths at a v.a. hospital. at least one homicide confirmed. several other suspicious deaths. what's going on, and who's to blame?and, never give up. the lucky lottery player who is now a multi-millionaire, and the simple strategy that finally paid off three decades later. and good evening. it's great to have you with us on a busy friday night. i'm tom llamas, in for david. we begin with hurricane dorian, growing to an extremely dangerous category 3 storm. and now taking a menacing turn
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towards florida. take a look at the track. it's expected to grow even stronger before striking the east coast of the sunshine state. a weather satellite capturing flashes of lightning inside the churning storm. in florida right now, there's a frantic rush to get people ready, collecting sandbags and boarding up windows. parts of the beach already looking like a ghost town. gas stations running dry. fuel trucks replenishing supplies under police escort in west palm beach. and with the threat of storm surge, boats headed to safer harbors. rob marciano starts us off, tracking it all on the beach. rob, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. as you mentioned, dorian now a category 3 storm. a dangerous and potentially damaging hurricane. now less than 600 miles away from this florida coastline. here you see it on the satellite imagery. it has made the westerly turn. the eye, 30 miles across, a distinct signature of a hurricane. and warnings for the
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northwestern caribbean, where some of the warmest water is. and that's why we anticipate further strengthening to a category 4 status. the official track from the national hurricane center does slow it down. late monday into tuesday, potential landfall as a damaging hurricane, and then taking a right turn towards the north. but a lot of uncertainty, the computer models we continue to watch have not come into agreement. the two most important ones, the american gfs and european model are not agreeing. american well within landfall. the euro keeps them offshore. so a long-duration event. the question is, landfall or off-shore? we're hoping for off-shore, but emergency managers are not taking any major action because of this until at least tomorrow. tom? >> rob we'll track it through the weekend. rob, thanks to you. and 17 million people bracing for the storm. it's not just homes and businesses that are being battened down. airports, construction sites, even the kennedy space center is on high alert tonight.
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abc's gio benitez is in miami again for us. >> reporter: tonight, residents along florida's east coast boarding up. the clock ticking on final preparations as more than 17 million residents wait for word on evacuations. >> if you're in an evacuation zone and you're ordered to evacuate, please do so. >> reporter: many cities, including miami, handing out free sandbags. hurricane irma is fresh on gabriel velazquez's mind. >> when irma came, the whole apartment, the whole complex, the first floor was flooded. to prevent that, this year, i'm getting sand. >> reporter: the hunt for fuel is on. in southwest miami-dade, long lines at 2:00 a.m. and they're not letting up. by midday, pumps running dry at more than half of the gas stations in the miami-ft. lauderdale area. i'm looking for gas myself. but at the stations with no lines, well, that's because the pumps are covered up. they've run out of gas. the florida highway patrol now escorting tankers, bringing in more fuel. in ft. lauderdale, a parade of boats heading to safer water.
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at the kennedy space center, nasa moving that 400-foot mobile launcher from the launch pad to inside the vehicle assembly building. the florida air national guard flying f-15 eagles from jacksonville to safety in ohio. this is the view from inside the eye of dorian, now a category 3 storm. our station wftv with the hurricane hunters as they gathered data 45,000 feet up thursday. >> that is the central dense f . right now, our dropsonde is falling through the atmosphere, taking measurements. >> reporter: back on land, crews securing construction cranes that dot the south florida skyline, making sure they can stay balanced and rotate in the wind. hurricane irma sent cranes spinning, and several snapped, including this one in miami. >> gio benitez joins us now. gio, a very busy scene behind you. the gas station just got a fuel delivery? >> reporter: that's right. and that's why this one here is just so popular.
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in fact, you can see that line forming right there on the road. we just checked gas buddy. it says that here in the miami area, more than 60% of gas stations have no gas. tom? >> gio benitez live in miami for us. thank you. and before dorian reaches the u.s. mainland, it will barrel through the bahamas, where hurricane warnings are now in place. flights expected to be cancelled there. the leading edge of transportation disruptions on the way here as well. as of now, the orlando airport will be closed monday morning. amtrak trains suspended already in florida. and cruise ships are being rerouted. here's marcus moore in the bahamas tonight. good evening. >> reporter: tom, they are preparing for a direct hit here in this part of the bahamas. you can see they have cleared out the marina, no boats. hurricane warnings have just been posted. evacuation warnings at this popular vacation spot. we're told most of the tourists have left. we should start to feel the
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effects of dorian late tomorrow. some cruise liners trying to figure out where to send their ships on their way here or back to florida. we've seen people frantically boarding up homes and businesses here. and you can see the line at the supermarket where people are stocking up on food and supplies. the storm surge here could be as high as 15 feet. they're preparing for the worst. tom? >> marcus moore in bahamas tonight for us. thank you. we move on to the staffing shake-up at the white house. president trump's personal assistant at his side since day one of the administration has been forced to resign. kyra phillips joins us now. the president just spoke about what happened? >> reporter: that's right. her name is madeleine westerhout and she's been the president's chief gatekeeper at the white house. she actually sits right outside the oval office, but she was forced out after the president learned she was sharing potentially embarrassing details about the trump family during an off the record dinner with reporters. essa s hing a banight drkianyou
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said. tom? >> kyra, thank you. and now to the new details in the sudden death of major league baseball's tyler skaggs. the autopsy report revealing the angels starting pitcher died of an accidental overdose. here's adrian bankert. >> reporter: tonight, a texas medical examiner reveals the cause of death for major league baseball's tyler skaggs. the autopsy states the young los angeles angels pitcher suffocated after ingesting a mix of alcohol and the opioids oxycodone and fentanyl. the death ruled an accident. >> tyler skaggs taking the mound for the angels. >> reporter: skaggs' sudden passing in july stunned the league and baseball fans. found dead in his dallas hotel room the same day the team was set to play the texas rangers. >> a possible death investigation. >> reporter: his family tonight demands answers, saying tonight
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in a statement, we will not rest until we learn the truth about how tyler came into possession of these narcotics, including who supplied them. tom, the angels tonight saying they are deeply saddened to learn what caused skagg's tragic death. and they're fully cooperating with the investigation. tom? >> adrienne, thank you. and the brother of the world's best gymnast facing murder charges. 24-year-old army specialist tevin biles-thomas, seen in a photo with younger sister simone biles has been charged with murder and other offenses in a triple homicide at a new year's eve party in cleveland. biles has not directly commented on her brother's arrest. and we turn to the suspicious deaths in a v.a. hospital in west virginia. one patient confirmed to have died from insulin injections, although he was not diabetic. there appears to be many others like it now under investigation. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: the sudden death of 82-year-old felix mcdermott, a vietnam veteran here at the clarksburg v.a. hospital, is now at the center of a horrifying
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mystery. last year, authorities say, someone at the hospital injected mcdermott with insulin, even though he was not diabetic, and it killed him. the medical examiner flatly saying, "the manner of death is homicide," after being administered by an assailant. >> we want to know. we need answers and the family needs answers. >> reporter: mcdermott is one of potentially 11 veterans who died at that hospital under suspicious circumstances, and there is now a broad federal investigation that includes the fbi. his family has filed a wrongful death claim, alleging the other patients were also injected with insulin that they did not need. >> there is a complete system failure here that would allow this many people to be killed without any accountability. >> reporter: mcdermott's family members say investigators have told them a person of interest has now been identified. and the hospital says the investigation does not involve any active employee. tom? >> pierre, thank you. turning overseas tonight to
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an abc investigation. with so much attention on china's response in hong kong, tonight, china's treatment of a mostly muslim ethnic minority, the uighurs. more than a million uighurs believed to have disappear into what have been called internment camps. >> reporter: we are on the hunt for china's now infamous re-education centers, places the united states government calls internment camps and what others call concentration camps. we have seen glimpses in satellite images. but the chinese government keeps the camps hidden from the world, blocking us at nearly every turn. there's a guy running at us right here. hello? >> hey, how are you? >> reporter: these are the faces of some of the people held captive in those camps, pictures clutched by their frantic loved ones in neighboring kazakhstan. >> my mother. >> reporter: that's your mother. what happened to her? "i hope to see her alive," she says.
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the 1 million missing are chinese citizens condemned for the crime of being muslim, part of a large ethnic minority group, the uighurs. show us exactly how he was cuffed. we speak with former prisoners as they demonstrate the severe postures they say they were forced to hold for hours. later, we go to meet gulzira auelkan, who was confined in three different camps, separated from her 5-year-old daughter the whole time. for two years you didn't see your mom? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: we tried to locate the three camps where gulzira lived. we can't go there because this government official's with us. follows us everywhere with a car. the chinese government denies uighurs are being held prisoner in concentration camps. they take abc producer
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gerry wagshal on an official tour of what they call a vocational center. that resembles a small college campus. dorms with basic bunk beds and a cafeteria. uighurs we are allowed to interview speak in eerily similar sound bites. "i applied to come here," he says. i came here voluntarily. if not for the government, i would someday become a terrorist. experts say scenes like this have been staged for western cameras. abc news reached out to the chinese government with two pages of questions. their response, short and pointed. none of the claims listed in the questionnaire corresponds with facts. no rumors and lies will hold water in front of the truth. >> it's difficult to find out what's going on in those camps intentionally because the chinese government doesn't want you to know. >> that was bob woodruff and his team. across the globe on that story.
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bob, our thanks to you. back here at home and a medical alert. the cdc and fda issuing recommendations about vaping. warning not to buy e-cigarette products off the street, modify them, or add substances like thc or cannabis. the cdc is investigating 215 cases of illnesses in 25 states. and a passing to note tonight, valerie harper who began her career as a broadway dancer and is best known for her role as rhoda morgenstern has died. >> don't look at me. i don't have any makeup on. you're supposed to say, you look sensational without much. >> harper revealed a brain cancer diagnose. shifts 80 years old. still ahead on "world news tonight," the drowning outrage. a dispatcher on her final shift. a woman trapped in rising flood
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waters. and the shocking things that dispatcher can be heard saying. plus, the police officer and the disturbing video now under investigation. seen kicking a suspect on the ground in the face. and one school district sounding the alarm about school bus safety. as america's kids head back to school. stay with us. here! here! here! here! being here matters but the cold and flu keeps some students from being here up to 60 million days every year. introducing 'here for healthy schools' a new program from lysol, dedicated to curbing the spread of illness in classrooms by teaching healthy habits and partnering with a smart thermometer company. learn about our mission at prpharmacist recommendedne memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? next tonight, the 911 outrage. a dispatcher on her final shift taking a call from a woman stranded in her car as flood waters rise. she panics. but it's what the dispatcher says that is so shocking. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, a dying woman's heartbreaking call to 911 as raging flood waters filled her suv in arkansas. the aftermath captured on police body cam. >> please help me, i don't want to die. >> reporter: the 911 dispatcher, under fire for the disturbing responses she gave debra stevens.
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>> i'm scared. i've never had anything happen to me like this before. >> well, this will teach you next time don't drive in the water. i don't see how you didn't see it. you had to go right over it. >> reporter: stevens ultimately drowned, despite frantic efforts, officials say, by first responders to find her. police describing the operator's response as calloused and uncaring at times. >> i completely understand the disgust. we would all hope that we would get a little bit better response. >> reporter: at one point, stevens was getting frantic and got this response. >> these people are out, they can all see me. they're all standing out there watching me. >> miss debbie, you're going to have to shut up, okay? i need you to listen, listen to me. >> reporter: tom, that dispatcher had resigned and was actually working her last shift at the time of the call. police do not believe she committed any crimes. tom? >> alex perez with those chilling calls. thank you. when we come back, the man whose simple formula won him $60 million. we'll tell you how he did it. stay with us. gary, gary, gary...
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night -- now authorities in one maryland school district sounding the alarm about school bus safety. with students returning after labor day, montgomery county police releasing video showing a 16-year-old struck as she crosses to board the bus. incredibly, she was okay. the driver, apparently trying to beat a yellow school bus light, was among thousands receiving citations last year for illegal school bus crossings. and persistence pays off for canada's newest multi-millionaire. edmonton resident bon truong knew immediately he had won a $60 million jackpot. the reason why? he's been playing the same numbers, a combo of personal dates and family birthdays, for 30 years. next up, a family vacation. and when we come back, have you heard of coco mania? 15, fierce, and taking the u.s. open by storm. we take you courtside to witness the tennis phenom. and the big promise she just made to her fans. stay with us. - [narrator] do you remember that day? that day you met your hero?
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finally tonight, "america strong," with a little bit of coco. 15 years old, fierce, and moving on at the u.s. open. >> look out, new york. coco mania is catching hold. >> reporter: that's 15-year-old coco gauff from delray beach, florida, advancing to the next round at the u.s. open. and what a match. coco all over the court in a bruising two hour, 22 minute battle. wowing fans with serves up to 118 miles per hour, including nine aces. and following up that epic win, this promise to fans. >> i'm really so grateful. i'm playing in front of all you guys and you actually believe in
5:57 pm
me, and, like, this is just the beginning, i promise. and i promise to always fight for you guys. and thank you so much for all of the support. >> reporter: remember, she's just 15. the youngest player to reach third round singles since 1996. >> she is an ambassador for tennis now and she's 15 years old. i mean, she is wise beyond her years and we are just all in love with her. >> reporter: coco recently sitting down with our robin roberts. >> when people are watching you play, what do you want them to feel? >> i just want them to feel anything's possible and that, like, honestly, the sky's the limit. actually, no. the sky isn't the limit. you can go as far as you want. and i think that anything is possible at any age or any point in time of your life. >> reporter: coco, who looks up to the williams sisters and even beat venus in wimbledon, has grand slam dreams not only on the court but also in life. >> for me, my tennis dream, i guess, is to be the greatest of all time. but my dad always told me that, ever since i was a little girl,
5:58 pm
that one day i will change the world with my racket. so i hope that one day i can do that. >> we'll be watching. you can watch coco tomorrow at the open on espn2 at 7:00 p.m. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas. have a great evening. good night.
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an important step for ride share drivers. they are one step closer to being uber employees. >> from hanging ten to hanging by a thread, why the future of the maverick surf competition is now very uncertain. that breaking news involves an update to a case that set off fierce immigration debates across the country. >> a california appeals case threw out a gun conviction for a man that shot and killed kate steinle. >> the judge in the 2017 trial failed to instruct the jury on one of garcia's defenses. garcia was acquitted of murder charges. >> he was a repeat offender and
6:00 pm
undocumented immigrant. he was an issue in 2016 when president trump took issue with the city policy that kept local law enforcement from telling i.c.e. that he had been released from their custody a few weeks before the killing. >> my opponent wants sanctuary y cities. >> boo! >> but where was the sanctuary for kate steinle? >> jose remains in custody and faces federal gun and immigration charges. his attorney said he has a trial on january 13th. he says today's decision means san francisco prosecutors have the option of trying garcia gara again. turning to the north bay, among firestorm survivors, a clock is ticking as abc 7 wayne freedman reported earlier this summer, there are additional
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living expenses from insurance


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