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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 31, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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news to build a better bay area, this is "abc7 mornings." good morning, everyone. it is saturday, august 31st. i'm kumasi aaron. we are starting our newscast with a look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey, kumasi. good morning to you. we have a little bit of fog out there, but live doppler 7 shows that it is around the bay in spots, but mainly hugging the shoreline. so as we look at some of our live pictures around the bay, you will notice it looks nice from mount tam. you can see how clear it is. the succumbing n coming coming n from our sutro tower camera, looks pretty, doesn't it? it is warming up quickly. 61 in fairfield with less of a sea breeze coming into play for the bay. you are going to warm up. 54, santa rosa right now. here is walnut creek, and numbers will climb through the 80s to mid 90s, even upper 90s today. looking at a similar forecast
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tomorrow, but warmer around the bay. you will find relief at the shoreline. kumasi. >> thank you, lisa. developing news, hurricane dorian is a category 4 storm packing independence up to 145 miles per hour. it continues to threaten florida's east coast and officials there are not taking any chances. they've ordered the first round of mandatory evacuations. abc news reporter elizabeth hur in daytona beach with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. all across florida everyone right now is waiting and watching with the track of the storm seemingly changing every day, but what remains unchanged is the message from officials, warning residents do not let your guard down. overnight hurricane dorian growing stronger, prompting officials in florida to announce mandatory evacuations beginning tomorrow morning for residents in low-lying communities including brevard and martin counties. this morning the governor urging everyone to prepare for the worst. >> there is a danger to your life if you remain in these evacuation zones.
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>> reporter: in the bahamas the locals are now racing to be ready for anything with dorian set to barrel through that island before reaching the u.s. >> you never really are ready for a hurricane, but god is in control so we will do the best we can to be prepared and be ready. >> reporter: back in florida, the frantic rush also continuing with residents boarding up shops and homes and scrambling to stock up and gas up, leaving some stations at times running dry. >> came early because last year when we came -- when we came for matthew, it was backed right up, the traffic was. >> reporter: reason why this time eileen white and her husband headed out of town for georgia early, while help from across the country is heading toward florida, from first responders to utility crews, and these truck drivers already in position, ready to begin distributing supplies. president trump, who has already declared an emergency here in florida, is set to meet with
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fema officials tomorrow where he says a lot of decisions will be made then when hopefully we know more about where dorian is headed. reporting from daytona beach, i'm elizabeth hur for "abc 7 news". and, of course, that is the biggest question, where is dorian headed and where is it right now. lisa has been tracking it. she is here with the latest. >> hey, kumasi. a lot of uncertainty with this because for the past couple of days it looks like it would be a direct hit for florida. now it is going to take a jog to the north, and it looks like it is going to flood the florida coastline, hug the florida coastline, perhaps flood it as well. then impacting georgia and the carolinas. winds are 145 miles per hour, and we are looking at this movement to slow down and stall a little bit over the bahamas, which will look for several days of big storm surge, heavy rain, and then this is what is important. it could hug the peninsula here and then impact southern georgia, the carolinas with perhaps one or category two
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force winds. we will have to watch it for you. right now 10 to 15 inches of rain, isolated 20 inches in that storm surge on track to hit the bahamas the next 48 hours. kumasi. >> thanks, lisa. so far dorian hasn't caused any flight cancellations to or from san francisco international airport. here is a live look there this morning. but you can expect that to change as the hurricane gets closer. orlando international has already announced it is closing on monday and most airlines are waving the change fees for travelers impacted by the storm. two members of the california urban search and rescue task force, three out of menlo park, they're already in florida. the remaining team members are prepared to go if they need to for potential search and rescue missions. you can keep track of hurricane dorian with the "abc 7 news" app. all you have to do is download the app and make sure that you enable the push alerts so you can get the breaking news updates as they happen. this morning the man who assassinated robert f. kennedy is hospitalized in stable
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condition after being stabbed in a california prison. 75-year-old sirhan sirhan was found with stab wounds at the richard j. donovan correctional facility in san diego county. he has been placed in isolation. sirhan assassinated rfk during a presidential campaign stop in los angeles in 1968. he is serving a life sentence. now to the kate steinle case. the gun conviction against the undocumented immigrant who shot and killed her has been overturned. "abc 7 news" reporter kris reyes has the details. >> the mistake was failing to instruct the jury on a specific defense theory which was that mr. zarate only was in possession of the weapon for a moment. >> reporter: in a statement public defender matt gonzalez said this really wasn't a close call. we were entitled to the instruction and we should have had it. we thought that mr. garcia-zarate would have been acquitted had the jury been instructed this way, so this is very gratifying for us.
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jose garcia-zarate was a repeat offender and undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times when the gun he fired shot and killed kate steinle in 2015. we called the steinle family but they did not want to comment on the court ruling. >> where was the sanctuary for kate steinle? >> reporter: in 2016 president trump took issue with san francisco's sanctuary city policy that kept local law enforcement from telling i.c.e. that zarate had been released from their custody a few weeks before the killing. zarate was acquitted of steinle's murder in 2017. in a tweet, the head of citizenship and immigration services said, how many more innocents will die before sanctuary cities stop harboring violent criminals? >> it is not as if he is going to get off free and clear, that he will be walking the streets of san francisco again. that's just not going to happen. but nevertheless, yeah, i'm sure the steinles are finding this to be yet another difficult day. >> reporter: zarate is currently in custody awaiting trial on federal gun charges. in the newsroom, kris reyes for
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"abc 7 news". a deadly accident in in sebastopol send a car through a walk and into a house. chp says the car drove through a wall, stuck in a tree and landed in a hot tub in the back i can't remember. debris from the cinder blocks went flying everywhere and left all kinds of damage to the house. the driver of that suv died at the scene. the resident was home, but on the other side of the house so no injuries there. san jose police are releasing details about a major bust of a burglary crew. the group is linked to nearly 20 break-ins in more than a dozen cities across the bay area. "abc 7 news" reporter amanda del castillo has more on operation kickstand. >> reporter: san jose police say while they've seen a drop in residential burglaries they noticed a spike in commercial theft. on thursday a multi-agency effort put this crew in cuffs, people who now face charges of commercial burglary, possession of stolen property, conspiracy and more.
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>> 100 different burglaries are not committed by 100 different people. they're committed by crews such as this. taking down one crew like this really will clear a lot of burglary cases up and prevent many more from occurring. >> reporter: sjpd's burglary prevention unit led the effort, they uncovered ammo , stolen driver licenses and other property. they had been at it since january focusing on construction sites, school districts and bike shops. >> we had two, what really fit the case. >> reporter: the bicycle shop owner shared this footage of a 2018 hit. the crook is seen carrying out the first of two $4,000 bikes. that amount plus the cost of repairs meant more money out of mardell's pocket. >> if i get hit three or four times in a year, that's my salary. i'm done. i'm over. >> reporter: thursday's arrests offer release to businesses across the region. as this crew is tied to commercial burlg in san jose, burlingame, oakland, santa cruz
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and nine other cities. >> when we hear good news like this we're like, thank you, i can't believe it is happening. >> reporter: chief garcia described one of the guns seized as an ar-15-type ghost gun. he says this outcome is why the department established a burglary prevention unit. in san jose i'm amanda del castillo, "abc 7 news." if you plan on riding b.a.r.t this weekend you need to be prepared to give yourself extra time traveling between orinda and antioch. the trains are not running between orinda and antioch stations. b.a.r.t and county connection will provide buses serving the areas and the buses will stop at lafayette station. b.a.r.t is performing major upgrades to the tracks that run in the median of highway 24, so drivers may also see delays because of two east bay bound lanes that will be closed until tuesday morning. starting today, hundreds of b.a.r.t station platform signs will have the ability to let
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riders know if the train is cancelled. riders have been frustrated because, say it says that the train gets there in five minutes and the train doesn't come or it may have been rerouted, 400 of the signs will also list if it features two-door cars or three-door cars and they're working on a delay notice for trains holding down the line to help riders plan their trips. i'm one of those people that i'm like, okay, i got five minutes, i'm all right, then where is it. >> time to freak out. we are hoping for a pretty nice holiday weekend for everyone, even though it will be warm inland, we will keep the cool and mild temperatures at the coast. that peens we hameans we have t spread happening. this is tam where it is clear. 60s at the coast, but we have 54 in santa rosa. looking at 57 in fremont. comfortably cool this morning. we are just as warm today as we were yesterday, but we're hot inland and we're cool next week. i will put it all together for you next with my accuweather
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seven-day forecast. >> thanks, lisa. also coming up next, relief could be coming to millions of california renters. the deal struck by state lawmakers. orte i luz pena in pleasanton where a mom says her 5-year-old son was able to squeeze through this fence and get off campus unnoticed schools are having acrto cut sports.y, i'm tony the tiger and i'm on a mission to fix that. ♪ bring back the tigers. ♪ your mighty, mighty tigers. [cheering sounds] buy a box and help all kids be tigers.
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to make refreshing updates throughout your home.
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and with labor day savings, too. so you have ten years experience... i do. but no phd? first kid here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas likes to pull on jewelry so you might want to lose the nose ring. by their second kid, parents are more likely to choose luvs. live, learn, and get luvs. welcome back, everyone. actress valerie harper has died. she is well-known as the funny, brash character rhoda
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morganstern on the "mary tyler moore show." >> tonsil fairy come. yes, doctor. >> harper won four emmys during her career in television. in recent years she became one of america's most well-known cancer survivors, battling lung cancer since 2009 and brain cancer since 2013. then you probably remember this. at age 74, still in the throes of the disease, she appeared on "dancing with the stars", pushing through to week four, and her bravery reduced everyone to tears. valerie harper was 80. in the east bay, a pleasanton mom wants to know how her 5-year-old son was able to squeeze through his school's fence and walk off campus. "abc 7 news" reporter luz pena spoke to the school district about the changes they will be making. >> this padlock was from this chain, and instead of being linked here it was hooked on here. >> reporter: a gap that was big enough for christina's 5-year-old son to fit through, and according to her end up on the other side.
6:15 am
this all happened on thursday during recess at lydiksen elementary school. >> i found out about this from another parent, and my concern is if she hadn't told me i wonder if the school would have even disclosed this to me. >> reporter: according to pleasanton's unified school district, the school's principal called the parent and said a teacher's aide saw the student and he never made it off campus. >> reporter: has anything like this happened before? >> we checked with the school site and i checked with our maintenance team, and we haven't received any concerns. >> reporter: now the proximity of the fence to the street is christina's biggest concern. let's see how long it could have taken her son to get from here to the street. let's time it. over seven seconds. almost eight. >> it is honestly my worst nightmare. >> reporter: the unified school district is gearing up to make changes after holiday. >> the school has tightened the fence so students aren't able to
6:16 am
squeeze through, to make it through the fence. we're also following up on tuesday to see if there's anything else that we can do. >> reporter: but the what-ifs keep circling in her mind. >> i didn't realize how lucky i was to pick him up from school yesterday? >> reporter: min plesant ton, pluz pina. "abc 7 news" is committed to building a better bay area. we have focused on housing and that includes rent. the governor announced a deal reached with apartment owners and developers limiting increases. if approved by lawmakers, rents would be capped by 5% plus inflation every year for the next decade. the law would include a provision to prevent evictions without landlords providing a reason. one of the issues that affects all of us is the bay area's housing crisis, and it is why we dedicated a week of coverage to the topic. you can find the stories online at
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in the meantime a bill that would have ended the long paper receipts was voted down in committee yesterday. assembly member phil ting who authored the proposal said the plan would save paper waste, but restaurant and retail groups strongly oppose the deal, claiming it would limit customer's access to coupons. he plans to reintroduce the bill next year. the mavericks bill wave surf competition may be done for good. the world surf league announced they are pulling sponsorship, blaming various logistical issues. founder jeff clark agrees with the league's decision. >> not various. a huge amount of logistical challenges. finally the red tape is not worth cutting. >> now, the cost alone of permitting that event grew to $80,000. the invitation-only competition started in 1998 but it hasn't been held for the past four years, but there is a bright side for surfers. those big waves still will be out there this winter for all to enjoy. time check now is 6:17.
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i think it would be more fun to watch them participate for me, lisa. i don't know about you. >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> huge waves. >> totally. you know what? the beach will be pretty nice today with temperatures in the 60s to near 70 in some spots with a good amount of sun. right now fog is just hogging the shoreline here, but i want to get you updated on the latest on hurricane dorian. this is a strong category 4 hurricane. it could potentially increase to a category 5 with the water temperature at 75 to 80 degrees. remember, that's the heat engine that fuels the hurricane. then we will see a discrepancy in the storm track. all along we were thinking it would be a direct hit on florida, the west coast, around west palm or boca. now it looks like it will curve and make a jog to the north, impacting georgia, the carolina, right on through wednesday, maybe at the earliest. it is going to stall around the bahamas, the northern werth bahamas today, tomorrow, and bring anywhere from 10 to 15 inches of rain. then as it hugs the florida
6:19 am
peninsula here it weakens slightly to a category three, but it looks like it will stay rather strong with the energy from the ocean as it moves up into georgia and the carolinas. we are really not going to know until the next update, which is at 11:00, w8:00 our time and another one every three hours after that. above normal is the storm surge for the bahamas. the damaging winds, and this could continue on through the u.s. as we go into wednesday. it looks like evacuations probably on labor day to create the end of the weekend pretty messy out here. here is tam. you can see some of the fog there. not a lot of it. 60, san jose. 56, gilroy. it is 60 in oakland, and a very pretty picture here from our sutro tower camera a lot of sun in the city. it will be a mild afternoon in san francisco, getting hot inland. 63 right now in concord. this is walnut creek where numbers will be in the 90s for the next several days. so labor day weekend shaping up
6:20 am
mild at the coast, hot inland, and a cooler pattern that gets under way by the middle of next week as we get into september. so as we look at the coast here, a mix of sun and clouds with upper 60s, half moon bay. mid 60s with some sun, ocean beach. upper 70s for you in santa cruz. a lot of sun. look at the water temperature, coming up into the low 60s there. as we get into your sunday afternoon, still hot inland. 95, concord. 80s around the bay. 70, san francisco. so pretty pleasant with the weak or light sea breeze at the coast. into labor day, very little change. it looks like the sea breeze will kick up a bit monday night into tuesday bringing a little bit of cooling, but not until we get to your wednesday, thursday time period. today, 84 in fremont. 75 for you in richmond. 88 in napa. look for 92 in santa rosa. it will be a warm one inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast keeps similar conditions today, tomorrow, even for the holiday. mid 60s coast, low 80s around
6:21 am
the bay, mid 90s inland. a little bit of a sea breeze on monday, and on tuesday a nice day with temperatures coming down inland and the rest of the week looks cool with temperatures in the 70s around the bay. it feels like fall but we know better around here. we get to jack up the heat come september usually. >> we're in a good place. thanks, lisa. tonight college football returns with a top 25 matchup in texas between number 11, oregon, and 16th-ranked auburn on "saturday night football" here on abc 7. espn college football game day analysts have a preview. >> a great way to start the first full saturday of college football on abc. prime time game, ber auburn. two of the quarterbacks grew up wanting to play for their schools. >> we got a taste of herbert last year. now he has a great test against the auburn defense to see where
6:22 am
he and the ducks are. a big opportunity for the team. bo nix is a kid that grew up in auburn. his dad played at auburn. his entire life he wanted the opportunity and he gets it saturday night to put the uniform on and to run the offense of gus mozon who is back calling plays for the auburn offense. i think it will be exciting to watch. >> huge implications for pac-12 perception as well. in the afternoon on abc, alabama taking on duke crimson tide, suffering a devastating injury to dylan moses on d. >> yes, a big injury. we have talked about it all week and the implications, what this does to the bama defense. if you rewind just a little bit, this is a bama defense that wasn't at their normal peak a year ago. granted, they had good numbers, but in the championship game miscommunication issues. it has been an entire off-season to correct that, and dylan moses right in the middle of it. now he is gone. now you rely on a couple of freshmen. they will be fine against duke, but bigger picture it is something that they're concerned about. >> and with all of those
6:23 am
receivers that are at his disposals, points probably plenty. how many points will there be on saturday night in arlington between oregon and auburn? we will find o
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>> dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america."
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>> good morning. coming up on "gma", bracing for dorian, the scramble to prepare for this category 4 hurricane now barrelling towards the east coast. this morning a possible change in course. where the storm is now expected to hit. plus, the search for answers after a string of mysterious deaths at a va hospital, two being investigated as homicides. what we're now learning. finally, dale earnhardt jr. returning to the track. what he is saying this morning ahead of the first race after surviving that fiery plane crash. it is all coming up on "gma". we will see you very soon. tomorrow san francisco's mission pie will be serving up its last slices. the 12-year-old restaurant and bakery at mission and 25th streets is closing september 1st. mission pie's co-owners say profits started to drop because of the rising cost of doing business in the bay area. unlike other closures, mission pie isn't being evicted. one of the co-owners also owns the building where the restaurant is located. also coming on "abc7 mornings," underground preparations in the east bay for
6:27 am
when the big one hits. the upgrade to water mains to make sure water keeps flowing after the shaking. also, a high school student spending his last few days of summer vacation at a cemetery. how he's helping both the living and did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone news to build a better bay area, this is "abc 7 mornings". good morning, everyone. welcome back. we are starting this half hour
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with a look at our weather forecast. here is lisa. >> hey, kumasi. good morning to you. you can see some fog floating in here around san francisco, but there isn't a whole lot of it. temperatures are mild, in the 60s in the city. over in oakland, also in the south bay. it is cooler in the north bay. here is the peninsula where we can zoo some of the low cloud deck from the san mateo coast. it is patchy and going to clear up quickly. 67, livermore. low 60s in concord. a warm to hot dade pendi dade g where you are. we are in the upper 70s in the san ramon valley at 11:00. we will get a lot of sunshine at the beach. plan on that if you want it cool. inland we have mid to upper it 90s in some spots. we will talk about labor day coming up. >> thanks, lisa. among survivors, a clock is
6:31 am
ticking. as wayne freedman reported earlier this summer, their living exp only a few have retu their homes? >> reporter: in sonoma county rebuilding has become a race against time. >> it will be very close. >> reporter: larry of coffey park owns one of 5400 homes that burned in the tubbs home. not yet one of the 831 completed. he is one case among 2,100 facing an insurance deadline for additional living expenses provided by his homeowners' insurance policy. the checks will stop coming in october. >> i think the right thing to do is to take care of the people that have been paying their bills for the past over 20 years. >> reporter: that's allen williams of fountain grove. when we first met him in october' 17 -- >> we raised our two kids here. >> reporter: allen could nermag years later the house would still be several months from being finished. those additional living expense >> humanity is gone. they don't treat us like human
6:32 am
beings. they treat us like a dollar sign. >> they are retraumatizing our fire survivors right at the time when we are coming up on the second anniversary. >> reporter: since the fire california has passed new legislation requiring three years of additional living expenses, not two after disasters, but that measure is not retroactive. >> this was our house. it was a >> reporter: in wikia, lisa has filed a petition with companies that have not extended. work on her house, she says, hasn't even begun due to county restraints. sta state farm has denied her request and delayed rebuilding by cycling her through nine different adjustors. >> this is a state of emergency. we should not have to prove that i lost my home due to a state of emergency. we should not have to prove that we have good cause. >> reporter: but there's no more money after october. as larry keyser says, at least he is cutting it companies, then again -- >> close only counts in hand grenades. >> reporter: we did hear from
6:33 am
state farm insurance. it says oftentimes the company does need more than one adjustor to look at a case, and they say that they cannot comment on individual cases, especially not at this time. it is also worth noting that some companies have extended payments. they include chubb, farmer's insurance and csaa. in santa rosa, coffey park, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news". now, one of the biggest concerns after an earthquake is whether we will still have water. a critical concern when building a better bay area. east bay water district is getting ready for a rupture on the hayward fault by installing new flexible water mains. "abc 7 news" reporter leslie brinkley has the details. >> we are in the middle of the hayward fault zone and we could be standing right on the hayward fault right now. >> reporter: east bay mud senior civil engineer over seeing pipe replacement is really excited about the new materials they're using. >> right now we're putting in pieces of pipe that are ten-feet long. at every joint, the joint can move three inches back and
6:34 am
forth. so when you add that up or thdurg t, you g quite p even expensive. there are 4,000 miles of watera miles of it using money from july's 6.5% rate hike. >> those rate dollars make infrastructure improvements like this possible, so that we can strengthen our system and make it more reliable. we are prepping our water system for the big one. >> it is definitely a hassle, but i want it to be done so we're safe in future earthquakes. we've had problems with pipe leakage as it is. >> reporter: 11 crews are fanned out across the east bay mud service area, replacing the old pipe with the flexible pipe mile by mile. east bay mud says the new pipes should be able to withstand the seismic pressure of a major earthquake, with a life span of 120 years. that means they won't need to b.
6:35 am
pipeline is being replaced all across the east bay, richmond, orinda, oakland, castro valley, and east bay mulled says that next year they're amping it up a bit, aiming for 20 miles of new pipe. in the berkley hills, i'm leslie brinkley, "abc 7 news." a central valley high school senior spent his last week of summer vacation installing markers at a cemetery. the people buried there are all indigent and unclaimed by family when they died, but one boy scout wanted to make sure others know they still matter. >> a lot of people forget about the dead, but we're here still remembering them. >> william, make sure they're staying lined up. >> i am jacob phillips and i am with the kingsburg boy scout troop 392.
6:36 am
this is part of my eagle project. >> my pastor suggested that i come out and do something for the graves at the travares cemetery. i decided to make metal crosses to place at each of the grave sites out here. these are unclaimed bodies, and i'm here to honor them. >> potter's field, traver cemetery. a lot of names for it. this is where those individuals that are indigent or possibly dn't have family or the family haven't been identified or made themselves known to us. this is where they're laid to rest. >> i had driven past traver cemetery. it is really a basic place. there really isn't anything here. there really isn't grass.
6:37 am
so i felt like when i saw it that it should -- something should be done there. >> so earlier this year we did a mass interment, and several weeks later i was approached by jacob who was a senior at kingsburg high school. he's also a boy scout. and he asked that if part of his eagle scout requirement could be filling, making these crosses and permanently marking these marked just by a wooden cross. he wanted to make new crosses, make them out of metal so they would last for years to come. >> well, i designed the crosses. i had scouts, family and friends help primer the crosses and paint the crosses. and now we're out here placing them today. >> this is the outside of this one? >> yeah. >> the inside of this one is center to center. >> yes.
6:38 am
>> the people here do have names, and this is what makes this so special. every single kid that's participating out here are well aware of what they're doing, the importance of what they're doing, and i think they're taking satisfaction that this program or this project is going to carry on for years to come. >> when you give back, it does give you like a certain joy and happiness that you can really only find when you give back to others and help others. >> it looks good, guys. and you can check out abc's new brand at it is also on facebook and on instagram. still ahead on "abc7 mornings," you will not want to miss one of the biggest cultural festivals in the u.s. we have a preview of this weekend's 154th scottish highland gathering and games. and right now we are taking a live look from our exploratorium camera at the city this morning, brightening up. looking good. lisa will have our full forecast in a few minutes.
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mapping today, a french swimmer who swam through the great pacific garbage patch will pass under the golden gate bridge and return to shore. he left hawaii in june. he and his crew say during the journey they've seen how the patch is changing the ecosystem. he says one day they collected 3,000 pieces of micro plastic in just 30 minutes. he is expected to arrive at crissy field beach at 11:00 this morning. on the peninsula, celebrate
6:42 am
the last unofficial weekend of summer at the millbrae art and wine festivals. organizers transformed the city into a mardi gras-style celebration for the weekend. you can listen to live muse, shop, eat and drink. for the kids there will be carnival rides, face painting and even a zipline. it runs today and tomorrow 10:00 to 5:00 between victoria and meadow glen, and admission is free. every time that little bubble ball, whatever thing that is, i get happy. that looks psyche so much fun. >> it does, doesn't it? let's check it out. >> right. good weather for the weekend. yesterday was 70 degrees at the beach in half moon bay. certainly it began to warm up along the coast, but inland, yes, we had some 90s. today probably five degrees warmer. this is walnut creek. you could hit low to mid 90s today. it is 60 in oakland right now with a cool 57 in livermore. so we're climbing temperature wise for most of you.
6:43 am
how much and for how long next with my accuweather seven-day forecast. thanks, lisa. coming up next, the giants decided to keep madison bumgarner and hope to talk contract extension after the season. his value is pretty clear when you look at a game like las sleep number 360 smart sale of the year on a can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day.
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when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. in sports, this afternoon cal and stanford kick off their football seasons at home today. the 25th ranked cardinal faces northwestern, and kickoff at stanford stadium is at 1:00 p.m.
6:46 am
uc davis battles cal at memorial stadium at 3:30. this morning the a's will try to continue their recent dominance over the yankees. first pitch at 10:05 at yankee stadium, and tonight the giants take on the padres at oracle park at 6:05 p.m. last night the a's beat the yankees for the fourth time in the past ten days. abc 7 sports director larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. it was oakland versus vallejo in the bronx last night as the a's faced c.c. sabathia with the a's looking to continue domination of the yankees this season. music great paul simon at the game. top of the second, no score. until profar goes deep off sabathia and this ball is fair! the a's are up 1-0. c.c. left after three with some knee pain. a's take advantage of the new york bullpen, down 2-1 in the sixth. seth brown, just up from aaa, doubles in. matt olson, tied at three. two batters later, profar down the line, stays in the park.
6:47 am
two more scores. top nine, marcus siemian, his 100th career homer, solo blast, 7-2 a's. aaron judge not happy. a's win 8-2. that's four straight wins over the bronx bombers this season. how about the giants sparky double fisting the ice rsn. ky needing help from mom straigh with the ice crime. bumgarner in need of no help. gave up just one run. giants looking to resign him after the season. all right. working on our ice cream again. bottom five, yes. mike, his 18th of the year, what a find he has been. now we're feeling the sugar rush in the late innings. giants with a rush and an 8-3 victory over the
6:48 am
stanford and cal kick off at home. hosting northwestern, the bears slightly easier taking on uc davis. wisconsin, south florida opening in tampa. jonathan taylor won the award for best running back last year, may be thinking heisman this season. four touchdowns in this game. first two receiving tds in college career, over 2,000 yards rushing last year, had 135 in this game. south florida fans forget it. the badgers roll, 49-0. yes, college football is back. so is after the game chris alvarez will join me. we follow the oregon/auburn game on abc, the prime time game, right around 8:00. we will have the highlights from the top local and national games. finally, he may be the tallest percussion player in music history, nba hall of famer bill walton in mill valley on thursday night at the sweetwater music hall. he is a huge grateful dead fan and the dead's bob weir owns the
6:49 am
sweetwater and plays the show with walton who wears a perpetual smile. shouldn't we all? that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great holiday weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. all right. it is 6:49 this saturday morning and lisa is standing by with a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you, kumasi. wow, what a bonus getting up so early. just beautiful out there right now. mostly clear for some of you, but as we look at san francisco just some patchy fog making for a gorgeous start to your saturday. the sun has been up for ten minutes, and we're going to see a beautiful day here in the city. numbers in the low 70s. for the weekend, in general we are warming up everywhere, especially inland, with temperatures climbing well into the 90s. yesterday you reached about 90 around concord, and today the heat is back. also into sunday and labor day, mild temperatures at the coast though. into the 60s to near 70 at some beaches, but the breeze comes back midweek next week as we begin september. it is going to feel a little
6:50 am
cooler around here. here is the golden gate bridge. we can see it is shrouded in the low cloud deck. as a result, it looks a little gray out there but we are looking at most of the fog hugging the san mateo coast. elear inland. let's get you caught up on the major hurricane. this is dorian with winds of 145 miles per hour. it is a category 4. it is expected to increase to a category 5. these waters near 80 degrees, and that is what fuels hurricanes. it is going to stall as we get towards the bahamas, northwestern bahamas, spreading anywhere from 10 to 15 inches of rain. a prettybig storm surge. then as it gets closer to florida, this is where things have changed since last night. looks like it is not going to be a direct hit. it could hug the coastline and ride up into georgia and the carolinas. so those folks really unsure of where it is going to go. every update at about three hours, so at 8:00, 11:00, and we will see probably evacuations, a lot of them through labor day
6:51 am
along the u.s. coastline. so right now all eyes on the bahamas, with the storm surge up to 15 feet. this is going to linger. looks like it is going to stall a little bit here, and so that's why it looks like monday the evacuations, tuesday and wednesday impacts along the u.s. this is the eighth hurricane with winds of 140 miles per hour to possibly hit florida, so it has been some time with over 20 million people being affected by that storm. look at the lack of wind here in san francisco. 60, san jose. 57, redwood city. 59, half moon bay. a beautiful shot here from our exploratorium camera. 54 degrees in santa rosa. it is cool there as well as petaluma, but we have some low 60s in concord. so looking at numbers in the south bay, a warm one today, 88 in san jose. 83, milpitas. look for low 80s, menlo park. 79, san mateo. sun along the coast, pleasant, 66 in the sunset. north bay, 89, petaluma. 90 in sonoma. near east bay upper 70s from
6:52 am
oakland, mid 80s in fremont. you head inland, we are hot today in antioch at 96. 92 in pleasanton. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s coast, low 80s around the bay, mid 90s inland today and tomorrow. labor day looking a little cooler into next week. if you like it cooler, we have it on tap with a little more in the way of l clouds. you can download our accuweather app to check the temperatures. >> thanks, lisa. well, in the east bay this weekend you can enjoy the 154th scottish highland gathering games. it kicks off today in the alameda county fair grounds in pleasantons. melissa pixar has the preview. >> reporter: this weekend is the 154th scottish highlands games happening at the alameda county fair grounds. it is a two day you don't want to miss. >> the scottish games are held annually here. we are the oldest west of the mississippi. the highlights are the pipe bands and what is called the
6:53 am
heavy events, which the most famous is the caber. >> it is about 17 1/2 feet. about 75 to 85th v pro cabers can be 18 feet to 120, 130 pounds. the scots made anything you could think of out of a game. >> this is heavy. oh, yes. >> can you feel it? >> yes. >> you can let it go. >> okay. whoa. >> it is so monument it is, it is very unique. where else? you don't see any other sport where you do that. there's a caber, there's a weight over the bar, there's the two stones, there's the two hammers, there's the two weights, all nine and we have the sheaf. >> so highland dance is a lot more athletic. it used to be like the military dance. social dance is more done in groups. a lot of the highland done in
6:54 am
kilts. originally it was military dances to show off, like was pleasanton is the biggest games on this traditional scottish sport, we have reenactment, we have the clan dancing, food vendors. there's lots of vendors for pretty much anything you could think of. just a lot of people coming here to have fun. >> it is quite something to see. all right. everyone, coming up next, a labor
6:55 am
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6:57 am
on the peninsula this weekend it is the annual9th yea and organizers expect 20,000 people to visit over the three-day weekend. there will be dancing, rides and activities for kids, arts and crafts, food and drinks. the tickets are just $5 a person, and the festival runs from noon until 10:00 tonight at the holy cross greek orthodox church on alameda de las there's so much going on this weekend. what should people expect? >> it is getting warm out there. on the peninsula in belmont it will be in the 80s, low 80s. but still warm for you. used to the afternoon sea breeze. 68, half moon bay. 79, oakland with mid 90s in concord. in the north bay, upper 80s in san rafael. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we keep it about the
6:58 am
same with the wide range. for your sunday, a little better of a sea breeze on monday and minor cooling on tuesday. getting breezier wednesday, and the number's near average on thursday with pretty mild afternoons. >> okay. sounds like a great week. >> yes. >> thanks, lisa. thank you for joining us this morning on "abc7 mornings." i'm kumasi aaron. of course, along with lisa argen, and "abc 7 news" continues at 8:00 a.m. "gma" is next. managingaudrey's on it.s? eating right and staying active? on it! audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk?
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good morning, america. new overnight, hurricane dorian is changing course. the latest models on the hurricane's path. where it looks to be headed now. the new concerns this morning for a life-threatening storm surge up the east coast. florida's governor ordering the first evacuations. people stockpiling supplies. frustrations mounting as residents anticipate shortages. >> fuel is an issue. >> gas stations running dry across the state. >> every pump you go to has lines and lines. >> store shelves emptied. president trump declaring an emergency ordering federal assistance ahead of the monster storm. >> it's one of the biggest hurricanes we've seen in a long time. >> we have live team coverage on the ground with the latest track of the storm.


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