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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 2, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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tonight, bracing for hurricane dorian. the death toll rising. the devastating images already coming in. the deadly strike. the hurricane churning for more than 24 hours over the bahamas. homes wiped away. gusting reaching more than 220 miles an hour. authorities there saying "pray for us." now tonight, where does dorian go next? dangerously close to florida. will it hug the coast? will it make landfall in the uls as it heads north? evacuate orders for millions. meteorologist ginger zee and rob marciano with the new track and the new concerns as we head into the night. the other major story tonight. the horror onboard a boat just off the coast. a massive fire, an explosion onboard.
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a diving boat. passengers on an excursion. fire erupting in the middle of the night. passengersoz passengers unaccounted fur. tonight, we are learning there were three groups celebrating birthdays. another deadly mass shooting in america. tonight, new reporting at this hour. at least 20 different crime scenes in texas. the gunman fired from his job 15 minutes beforehand. his boss calling authorities to warn them. and it turns out the gunman called the fbi, too, minutes before the rampage. carjacking and killing a postal worker, among others. a 17-month-old baby hit and survived. also tonight, actor kevin hart and the major car accident. what authorities have now revealed. the west point cadet and the deadly accident, the c wnhe no explosives found outside a home. good evening and it's great
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to be with you on this labor day holiday. we are here tonight because there are several major stories. that horrific scene. the deadly boat explosion. the mass shooting this weekend. and, of course, we are tracking hurricane dorian. where will this massive hurricane go next? tonight, hovering dangerously close to florida. at this hour, it is churning just 100 miles off the coast. a major category 4 hurricane. winds of 145 miles an hour, as we come on the air. dorian already landing a devastating blow in the bahamas, hammering the islands rerentlessly for more than 24 hours, a category 5 hurricane there. it was merciless. the images coming in of the horrific destruction in its wake. the flood waters surging in. tens of thousands of homes damaged or destroyed tonight. at least five people are died. that toll growing. tonight, where does this monster hurricane go next? and the models at this hour that show it coming very close to the coast. and how just a small shift in the coming hours could be devastating. chief meteorologist ginger zee is live in jupiter beach,
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florida, tonight, with the newest track and the timing for us. ginger? >> reporter: david, it is so hard to imagine that that beast that is about 100 miles to my east-southeast has been stationary for the last two hours. it has only moved 16 miles since 7:00 a.m. this morning. but it will start its path north-northwest tonight. it will start tonight, go through tomorrow and that's what that track shows. so, it remains offshore. remember, a hurricane is not a point. it is a wider thing than that. 45 miles outside of the center. you can feel hurricane-force winds. so, all the way up through georgia, south carolina, north carolina, we're going to be talking about this through the eend of this week. let's talk about why, though. a lot of people are asking, how and when it is going't well, you've been blocked by this ridge of high pressure and another one, actually, over the south. but you see on this water vapor imagery, that trough is going to help kickeaand i srt to slide ie
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coast and away from the u.s. so, that's what we're looking for. it eventually makesme, you don' it have to hit you to have wind gusts up to near 70 miles per hour like we will here tomorrow afternoon. look at the northern part. daytona at 50. the hurricane watches go all the way up to south carolina. you can also see four to seven feet of storm surge, david. >> and just to reiterate, ginger, this is not about landfall. you will feel the affects of this along the east coat. >> reporter: you will, absolutely will. rainfall, especially up in south carolina and north carolina, too. >> we'll track it all week with you, ginger, thank you. it was a horrific scene in the bahamas. a category 5 hurricane churning for hours. homes wiped away, no power tonight. devastation everywhere you look. and abc's marcus moore was right there with our team. >> reporter: tonight in the bahamas, a life-threatening storm surge sweeping across the island nation. >> this is very deep water.
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>> reporter: the storm came ashore on the aco islands on sunday. category 5 hurricane-force winds gusting above 220 miles an hour. cars and entire homes submerged for more than 24 hours straight. you can see what it's doing here and off in the distance, those waves crashing against the pier. our team moving inside for safety. i don't know how well you can see it, but i want you to listen. to the wind and the howl of the wind as it goes by. we've seen large pieces of debris flying in the other direction. all right. and looks like we've just lost power. the storm soon destroying our equipment. authorities warning residents they're on their own, telling them to use hammers to break through the attic if necessary. as the eye passed over, one mother pleading for prayers live on facebook. >> everyone please pray for us please. please. my baby's only 4 months old. please pray for us. people trying to make it to the other side of where this white
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house is, but some people, the water just took them. >> reporter: the roof ripped off her apartment building. soon sheltering again with other families. >> this is the safest place we could be right now. >> reporter: on grand bahamas island this morning -- >> you sure we can make this? >> reporter: -- john forbes and his family racing to their neighbor's two-story home. >> we are getting a lot of distress calls. persons needing rescue. needing to be rescued. but we cannot get to them right now. >> reporter: we're seeing the catastrophic damage in hurricane dorian's wake. >> lenny's house, used to be lenny's house. what's left of in. unreal. >> reporter: tonight, reports as many as 13,000 homes are damaged or destroyed. and a grandmother grieving over the loss of her grandson. >> they said he drowned. >> reporter: the death toll now at least five and certain to rise. >> and marcus moore reporting in now on the phone from the bahamas. and marcus, i know you and the team were hunkered down over
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this hurricane. when you have the eye over you, there's often a brief moment when you can go outside, a brief break before the second half of that hurricane comes in. you went outside and you could actually hear screams? >> reporter: yeah, david. we heard those screams and looked off in the distance and saw four people at a house that was surrounded by the storm surge, the water rushing by and our producer ran towards them and told them to swim. and they got in that water. it was three women, two teenage girls and a woman and a man, they swam across and made it. and they are thankful to be alive tonight. and it was a race against time, because the eye was moving over the area and we knew the intense storm could return. >> all right, marcus, we're glad you are okay and that family is okay, as well. this is why authorities tonight are saying remain vigilant when it comes to the track of this hurricane. a slight change could spell real
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trouble here at home. tonight, more than 2 million americans are under mandatory evacuations from florida all the way up to north carolina. this is from south carolina late today, all lanes of interstate 26 right there actually heading in the same direction, away from the shore. thousands of flights canceled up and down the coast. operations halted at 11 florida airports. the orlando airport, the main one there, shuts down tomorrow. abc's gio benitez is in new smyrna beach tonight. >> reporter: tonight, with more than 2 million people ordered to evacuate, from florida all the way to north carolina's outer banks, the message from authorities is clear -- >> if you're in a mandatory, you have -- you just have to get out. >> reporter: dorian now menacing the florida coast just ooffshor. some still boarding up. we met lenny glover also we >> like everyone else in volusia county. >> reporter: but tonight, so many have already left their homes and businesses behind.
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we've now made it more inland but just take a look. even here, business after business is just boarded up. people are listening to those warnings. it's a ghost town here. >> mandatory evacuation is now in place. please collect your belongings, vacate and seek shelter. >> reporter: in boynton beach, police going door-to-door. patients at hospitals and dozens of nursing homes are being moved inland. in south carolina, all lanes of this highway are now leading e s tonight, many in charleston are still filling sand bags. our steve osunsami is there. >> people are deciding to stay in many inst getting sandbags at locations all across town. >> reporter: and tonight, about 8,000 troops standing by up and down the coast, emergency vehicles in position. >> let's get to gio, live from new smyrna beach, florida. and you were telling us a short time ago, there are still people who are evacuating tonight? >> reporter: oh, absolutely, david. a lot of people are watching and waiting to see what this storm does. but it's not too late to leave. so, if you do decide to
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evacuate, make sure you're taking your medications with you and, of course, some important documents just in case. david? >> but i'm glad to hear people are heeding the call. gio, thank you. we will go back for another look at this storm track at the end of the broadcast tonight. but in the meantime, we're going to move on now to that horror on a scuba diving boat off the coast of southern california. new reporting on this, as well. an explosion and fire. ssleingthe ew dkn,red,ut ty suived.r erras a massive search for the many still missing. some bodies have been recovere birthdays. here's abc's will carr. >> reporter: tonight, a desperate search for survivors, after a charter boat with 39 people onworld exploded in the pacific ocean. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. i can't breathe. >> reporter: the first mayday call came at 3:30 in the morning.
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all 34 passengers on board asleep below deck. five crew members jump into the water about 20 yards from shore. >> the crew was actually already awake and on the bridge, and they jumped off. >> reporter: in distress calls, rescuers respond to dire warnings that passengers might be trapped in the burning boat. >> roger, are they locked inside the boat? roger, can you get back onboard and unlock the boat? unlock the doors so they can get off? >> reporter: then, more explosions. those hellish flames too hot for firefighters to put out. >> completely engulfed boat. we're not going to make an attempt with our pumps to put it out. main objective is to look for victims. >> reporter: a nearby boat swept in and rescued the crew. one injured man screams while getting help. another crew member limped along, escorted by the coast guard as he ignored questions about what happened. emotional family members raced to the same center, not knowing if their loved ones were alive or dead.e rtcu bt say the surviving crew members
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said they did everything they could to help the passengers. >> the young man was sitting there, across from me and he was crying. and he said that they had celebrated three birthdays that night. >> reporter: the diving boat, "the conception," departed on friday for a labor day weekend scuba trip. the company's website previously posted images of the boat and the bunk room where the passengers slip. late today, the coast guard recovers four bolds next to santa cruz island. tonight, cely o shore. that is hampering the search efforts tonight. david? >> all right, will carr reporting in off the coast of southern california. will, thank you. there was another deadly mass shooting in america this holiday weekend. and tonight, we have new developments just in. 20 different crime scenes in texas. a routine traffic stop turning into a miles lock rampage. families huddling together against the gunfire. the police finally able to move in, taking the shooter down.
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this evening, we have learned the gunman had just been fired from his job. it turns out the gunman called the fbi minutes before the rampage. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman is in odessa, texas, tonight. >> reporter: tonight, authorities are saying shortly before that rampage in texas ended in a swarm of bullets and screams -- >> get down, get down! >> reporter: -- that shooter, 36-year-old seth ator, had just been fired from his trucking job. ator and the employer then both calling 911. 15 minutes before unleashing violence, ator also calling the fbi tip line. >> very cinco heernt call. didn't make any threats. >> reporter: he first fired on a state trooper pulling him over for a traffic stop. tonight, a neighbor telling abc news she, too, once called police on ator for firing his gun. she said throughout the night, you could hear it going pop, pop, pop. i called the cops, but they never came. ator terrorized the area
3:44 pm
saturday, shooting at more than 20 different locations. killing seven people and wounding over 20. including 17-month-old anderson davis, now recovering after slip nel was removed from her chest. he would ditch his sedan, highjacking a postal van and killing mail carrier mary granados. her twin, rosie, racing to the scene. >> i was calling her name to see if she would answer me, but she wasn't answering because she was already dead. >> reporter: that shooter would mail van into a matt gutman reporting in live tonight from texas. he's been there all weekend long. and matt, the governor revealing the gunman had previously failed a gun purchase background check? >> reporter: that's right, david. i just learned from law enforcement sources that he failed that background check because he had been clinically diagnosed as being mentally ill. now law enforcement turning to understanding how he obtained that ar-style weapon illegally. david?
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>> a lot of questions. matt, thank you. president trump monitoring the deadly mass shooting and this massive hurricane and making news with what he said about both. our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl on the questions for the president after another mass shooting in america. >> reporter: after the mass shootings last month in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio, the president vowed to improve background checks required to buy a gun. >> there's a great appetite, and i mean a very strong appetite, for background checks. >> reporter: but after another mass shooting this weekend, the president has changed his tune. >> well, we're looking at a lot of different things, we're looking at a lot of differentbi. background checks. for the most part, as strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it. >> reporter: the president made those remarks sunday, shortly before he received a fema briefing on hurricane dorian. he marveled at the size of the hurricane.
3:46 pm
>> i'm not sure that i've ever i even heard of a category 5. i knew it existed and i've seen some category 4s, you don't seven' them that much, but the category 5 is something that i don't know that i've ever even heard the term. >> reporter: in fact, there have been several category 5 hurricanes since he became president. he also misstated the storm's possible trajectory. >> and it may get a little piece of a great place it's called alabama and alabama could even be in for at least some very strong winds and something more. and so, for alabama, just please be careful, also. >> reporter: not long after that, the national weather service corrected the president, saying, "alabama will not see anymore impacts from dorian." the president, who canceled a trip to poland in order to monitor the storm, spent much of today at his golf club in virginia. cnn capturing these images of him playing golf. we haven't heard anything from the president about the hurricane since that fema bri briefing yesterday, but white house press secretary stephanie grisham says that he has been getting updates every hour all
3:47 pm
day long, presumably, david, including while he was playing golf. >> jon karl with us on this labor day. jon, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. have menwn the west point cadet candidate killed when a rock ledge gave way. we do have news coming in tonight about kevin hart, the suernow after a horrific car crash. what authorities revealed late today. a lot more news ahead on a a lot more news ahead on a monday night. welcome to our busy world. where we all want more energy. but with less carbon footprint. that's why, at bp, we're working to make energy that's cleaner and better. we're producing cleaner-burning natural gas. and solar and wind power. and wherever your day takes you... we have advanced fuels for a better commute. and we're developing ultra-fast-charging technology for evs.. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere.
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3:50 pm
>> reporter: police say his friend, 28-year-old jared black, was driving hart's classic 1970 plymouth barracuda around 1:00 a.m. sunday when it veered off the road and flipped down an embankment. tmz posted this video moments after the crash. >> car went off right there, it was kevin hart. >> reporter: first responders cut the roof off the car to free black and his fiance, rebecca broxterman, both trapped inside. authorities say hart initially left the scene and went to his house to get medical attention but was later hospitalized. david, both hart and black remain in the hospital tonight. broxerman was not badly injured and police say that alcohol was not a factor in this crash. david? >> adrienne bankert tonight. thank you. the scare, the labor day parade suddenly canceled because explosives discovered. and the student pilot whose instructor fell unconscious, the student had to land the plane. he had never done that before. he had never done that before. the index is next. clock king on irreversible joint damage.
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3:54 pm
were unsuccessful after the rock ledge gave way. and the student pilot tonight making an emergency landing when his flight instructor suddenly passed out while they were in the air. trainee max sylvester was guided by air traffic control in perth, australia, safely landing that cessna right there, for the very first time, after his instructor lost consciousness. the 29-year-old's wife and children were on the ground watching it all. the teacher hospitalized tonight. that student pilot says the studying paid off. i'll say. when we come back, we are tracking hurricane dorian, just as millions begin this new work week, and the latest on that track in just a moment.
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back now tonight, tracking hurricane dorian. the newest forecast, the track and meteorologist rob marciano, live tonight in melbourne, florida. even a slight shift here, rob, and we'll see a big difference. >> reporter: for sure, david. the next 36 hours are critical, really, for florida. let's show you the track. this thing, we expect it to be on the move tonight and by tomorrow morning, jupiter and west palm beach are going to be feeling winds of 50, 60, maybe 70 miles per hour. this time tomorrow night, melbourne right here. we'll feel those effects. jacksonville shortly after that. very susceptible to surge, as is savannah and charles on the. as we head to friday, potentially a landfall across north carolina. if that line, that track goes to the west by 20 miles, we're talking about, high impact, destructive event. the next week, really, for the southeast is going to be bad. david? >> thank you, rob. and to ginger, as well. all whole team in
3:59 pm
>> announcer: now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> a frantic distress call captured the terrifying moments the crew of the diving boat packed with passengers discovered it had caught fire. good afternoon, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. a horrific scene overnight in the water off southern california. five crew members were awake when the fire started and managed to survive. but the search is on for the passengers now. four bodies have been found so far. >> the boat was anchored near santa cruz island near oxnard. >> reporter: it's an image of the conception from earlier this year, passing beneath a rainbow. today's i am giuliani as shmages last scenes. >> 43 souls on board off of
4:00 pm
santa cruz island. >> we're not going to make an attempt with pumps to put it out. >> reporter: 39 passengers and crew on board, 34 presumed dead. >> five people were evacuated aboard a good samaritan pleasure craft. none as the great escape. >> reporter: on board that boat, conception in obvious pain. paramedics treat being him once the boat reached the harbor, then wheeling him off to an ambulance. the coast guard says all five of the boat's crew survived. >> the crew was actually already awake and on the bridge and they jumped off. >> reporter: but the passengers were presumed to be asleep below deck and below the flames. to show how tight it was, what caused the fire a mystery. investigating the case and recovering the bodies now even harder. the coast guard said conception went under near santa cruz island. >> fire department crews were fighting the fire when the
4:01 pm
vessel shank offshore in 64 feet of water.


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