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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 7, 2019 8:30pm-8:59pm PDT

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snuck it through lsu. there's the best receiver and the best hands, laying out, just unable to hold onto it. right there, he landed inbounds and had he just been able to secure it -- i mean, there was no question that he was inbounds when he hit the ground. and these two warriors meet. i've called them mirror images and they are. and they both were valiant. >> kirk: tom herman, who recruited joe burrow to ohio state. great respect and admiration for one another and i know it's great for tom herman, sad to lose, but incredibly happy for joe burrow and the way his career has turned out. and what he has in front of him ure he'all ahianhis offense and
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ting m. it's ed orgeron with the victory tonight. he's with maria. >> maria: i want to take you17. you put the ball in joe burrow's hand and he threw a touchdown strike. describe the decision to attack. >> we trusted him. we wanted to put the ball in our quarterback's hands. he got the job done. texas played one heck of a ball game. >> maria: over 470 yards passing out of this offense. what impressed you most? >> i do believe we protect the quarterback, the way we throw the football, the game-planning, steve, him and joe brady. and you have to give the credit to your players. they won the game. >> maria: talk to me about the statement that was knead in a top en away with a win? >> i think it's a big statement. we didn't play good enough to get where we want to do. me and describe the difference that you feel being on this
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field and the ability to have three receivers with 100 receiving in one game. >> yeah, that was big-time for us. i want to give a shoutout to the o-line. texas was blitzing. playing cover one in the second half and our o-line stepped up to the challenge. >> maria: i saw a long embrace with coach herman over there. what was the message? >> just that we love each other. we have so much respect for each other. we stay in contact. great to get to compete against him. i love that guy. >> maria: thank you for your time. >> thanks. >> rece: joe, maria, thank you very much. what an entertaining game. what a performance by joe burrow and by that man, sam ehlinger. final score from austin, lsu, 45, texas, 38. our entire crew did a fantastic job here tonight. stanford and sc over on espn. and next week, saturday night football in orange, 7:30 easter abc. for maria and kirk, i'm rece.
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now, it's time for the ford wrapup, let's go to cassidy hubbar hubbarth. >> what a battle there in austin. welcome to the ford wrap up, i'm cassidy hubbarth. in the other ranked match-up of the day, texas a&m came in with a lot of confidence, against top-ranked clemson. jared hocker promised an upset. but those comments died quickly in death valley, as the tigers made their statement on the field. trevor lawrence, this beauty of a passing td. he also ran for one, as clemson got their 17th straight win, tying a score roerd, 42-10, the find. the top five teams in the country all took care of business. alabama, georgia and oklahoma all scoring more that 60 points. ohio shutout cincinnati. number seven michigan was in nail biter.
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wolverines survive, baifly, 24-21. meanwhile, nebraska couldn't hold off colorado. isaac armstrong misses the 48-yard feel goal. after trailing, and the butches storm back for the 34-31 overtime win. maryland was favored against syracuse, and they show you why. the terps have scored 142 total points in two games this season. fear the turtle. and right now on espn, back12 afterdark. number 23 strap ford at the colosseum to take on usc. the cardinal up 17-10 with ten to play in the second. again, on espn right now. you've been watching the ford wrap wrapup. see you guys next week. ♪
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the black. stanford and usc battling without their starting quarterbacks. "toyota after the starts nos ot how you doing, everybody?
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welcome to "toyota after the game." buckle up. it's been a bizarre 42 to 48 hours with the raiders and antonio brown. >> i posted this. early this morning, will brown play another regular season game or, a., and five minutes later r gone. >> '02 saying there's a chance. >> there's a chance. >> okay. in case you missed the big news. the raiders cut ab this morning. five hours later signed with the patriots. >> maybe you thought brown was crazy or is he a one year $15 million to pay for the patriots. >> it's kind of sensory overload. every tweet and instagram post and this and that and youtube. here is a look at brown's tenure as a raider that lasted less
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than six months with zero games played. >> for me to prove who i am and what i stand for not just my words and actions. >> he can play split end, he can play in the slot. we're excited about this guy. >> hey, bro. >> you know i start today with the commitment for everyone there. >> he's a fun guy to be around. i expected more than a hot air balloon. he might jump out of an airplane. >> we wish the healing process of, you know, whatever is going on be fast. right. >> i think we're all disappointed. he's u. >> so antonio brown with frostbitten feet.
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>> i got a feeling he would play with no helmet. that's how much he loves to play. >> you know it's too much noise now. i'm a little worried about the noise. >> pretty good understanding in spite of what people think. we're ready to get rolling. >> it's time for him to be all in or all out. >> i mean, he's all in and ready to go. >> and the raiders announced brown was being fined and the star receiver threatened to punch mike mayock. >> we have to practice without him. >> all of us here and we have a job to do. >> today we're excited about that. ready to move on. >> the receiver is apparently all in again. check back with me in five minutes. >> if you want to be a raider or not. >> oh, man, i've been trying to be a raider since day one. >> enough is
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he's a good player. a good player. >> that was a great piece, by the way. i love the crazy eyes. can you do the crazy eyes? you look at this whole absurd episode. i really feel like the raiders got played at some point. i think he was in at the beginning but at some point, probably once he fined them he decided i'm done. it's a repeat of the pittsburgh situation. how crazy do i have to get to force my way out of here? so it becomes an untenable situation. >> he did exactly that. this story evolved by the minute. especially today. brown ends up being with the patriots. maybe it's a randy moss 2.0. here is his reaction.
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>> we exhausted everything. we tried every way possible to make it work. all i'm going to say is, you know, it's disappointing. i'm re players. our coaches. our owner, our front office. we did everything we could to make this work. >> trying to support him and everything. >> for the second year in a row, just before the season opener, the raiders lose the best player on their roster. last year was the trade of khalil mack and now ab. that locker room has to be devastated. >> yeah, no, we'll wait to see how they respond. monday night football guess where the game is. >> oh. >> yeah. twitter poll 95-5. >> you just checked? >> i checked. >> we haven't heard anything from ab. this is kind of weird.
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>> someone posted something with him photo shopped in a patriots team. >> they have a great content producing team. emergency with authority pod cast. we just recorded it awhile ago. it's available on itunes, google play, all of your pod cast locations. all right. we move from on from ab. going miss him. college football now. pac-12 after dark is back. >> it is. >> usc both teams playing with back up quarterbacks because of injuries. stanford held usc to only three points last season. how will they do tonight in the cardinals would answer. davis mills used their back up.. 7-3 stanford. first play of the second quarter is cameron scarletw witin the quarter on espn.
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17-10. oh, they added a field goal. 20-10 stanford. >> you're like ab over there. 1-0 looking to surpass last year's total against tulsa. brooks ran the ball for 80 yards. 7-0 visitors. found the end zone in the second quarter. josh love to germane braddock. right now it's 34-10 tulsa in the fourth. >> wow. i feel bad for party there. and cal is in a weather delay at washington. my nephew lives in seattle and told me it's nuts. that's how crazy the lightning and the thunder is up there. so may be a light night in seattle. >> pac-12 in the morning. >> breakfast with the pac-12. >> they were trying to do that. may have a 9:00 a.m. game tomorrow. more after the
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more after the awful
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the abc 7 news resume. construction on sfo's busiest runway is underway. we take a look how it affected flights and travelers today. the chase center held the first free unticketed event. how it was transformed into at tennis court. join us for abc news at 11:00. back to you guys. >> thank you. a lot going on at the chase center. >> yeah. all kinds of events happening there. >> they're quiet with the niners lately given all the ab stuff happening. the niners open the season tomorrow atam. jim garop he likes to go on east coast time tonight.
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did he go to bed at up-and-down in the preseason. niners are expecting thing to bring pressure to test the quarterback. >> i think for long he can be. i think that's the change for everyone. no one gets to play a lot in the preseason. especially quarterbacks. you get hit. he got hit a couple of times but not too much. they're ready for us. they can't be but they have to go through it. you hope it happens in the first quarter, the first game. but that usually takes a little bit of time. >> it's been a long time coming. i'm excited to get back out there. i don't know you can't tell that stuff. we got so much going on with our stuff mentally and physically. you're trying to deal with that. that's exciting to be back. >> back tomorrow 4:25 eastern kick. 1:25 on the west coast. it might work in their favor body clock wise. niners begin at tampa bay and cincinnati. they keep that road trip. let's talk about their schedule a bit. possibly 2-0 and face the
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steelers in the bye week home game against the six games home, green bay, home to atlanta, home to l.a., finish with seattle. so the last six games stretch is tough. >> we did this separately. we both predicted their record at 7-9. >> probably not playoff situation. >> no. >> in that case. you never know. >> no. >> i'm saying. -- >> if they get it done. >> a little bit of momentum with the 2-0. >> it's possible. >> they got to start fast. las vegas has their over/under at 8-8. so we'll see what happens. let's talk baseball. giants in l.a. this is going to be chris's final weekend as the skipper of the giants in los angeles. he's obviously retiring at the end of the season. he had 1,994 career wins. so six to go. >> six. >> yeah. just six. .iants and dodgers fans get d m
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it's 1-0. tyler loads the bases. that happened twice in the first five inning against bellinger. struck out five. and gave up four hits. giants clinging to a 1-0 lead in the seventh. and they turned it over. >> the first inning struggle he had. a's taking on the what? >> the 20th of the year. tigers lead 2-1. chris bass set dealing 11. count them 11 strike outs and six innings. >> adding on ap sho center. castro can't grab it. two under and the score is 5-2. how about that. olsen. bye-bye. 29 homers and 9-2 a's in the eighth as they make that playoff
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push. it's september. time to get going if you're the a's. >> i asked about the "star wars" thing because they were making fun of us upstairs, or me, i didn't know a lot of names of the characters in the stands. >> i'm with you. i should have been there to back you up. it's my fault. >> it is and you will be fined. and then go somewhere else. >> yeah. >> and secretly record me and bill belichick will talk. >> sound good to you? "toyota after the game." this show has been the undertaking. college football they started with my undertaker! plays of the day next. and we are well past wethe honeymoon phase.
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everybody loves top plays. this is my favorite from thursday night. this is cory kerrigan fumbles
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the kickoff. oh! he's getting away. >> what? >> and turns this into a 100-yard return. 14 in yardage there. but that's okay. >> yeah. >> the top play. colorado/nebraska. they were down 17-0. come all the way back. tony diving catch. look at that was close. turn over pencil. >> it's all fun andames u mebod up. enter best 22 minute show in the
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