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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 8, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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you guys, way to go. >> take that, bullies. see what tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. missing at sea. the urgent search. several crew members now missing. a massive cargo ship leaving port, suddenly listing in a mysterious accident. tonight, our first look into the coast guard rescue operation high above that doomed freighter. the new surge in the race for 2020. our abc news poll just out showing senator elizabeth warren gaining ground on joe biden and bernie sanders just days before thursday's debate. president trump and the taliban. the president revealing he cancelled secret peace talks with taliban leaders at camp david scheduled for today, and just days before 9/11. why president trump says he pulled the plug. warrants served. the fbi and coast guard serving search warrants on the owner of that dive boat that went up in
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flames, killing 34 passengers. what authorities are looking for. the humanitarian crisis in the bahamas nearing a breaking point. emergency officials fearing the death toll could be in the hundreds. residents desperate for help crying out for relief supplies. this, as there could be more trouble on the way in the tropics. and the wall of fire overseas. brush fires burning out of control, destroying homes. entire towns forced to evacuate. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin tonight with the urgent search for four crew members missing at sea. their cargo ship nearly capsizing just off the coast of georgia. the massive ship listing heavily to one side. 20 people rescued from onboard. tonight, our first look at the rescue operation. a chopper pulling a crew member to safety.
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stephanie ramos leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, the stunning disaster off the coast of georgia. a massive cargo ship overturned, a desperate search under way in dangerous conditions for four missing crew members after the ship burst into flames. >> i just want to confirm that this is the vessel golden ray, the cargo ship that capsized. there's no way to get onboard the vessel. >> reporter: this coast guard video showing a rescuer pulling a crew member to safety in the dead of night. around 2:00 a.m., the first emergency calls came in. 24 aboard the nearly 700-foot ship carrying vehicles. just after it departed port, it made a turn and toppled over. 20 were rescued, but the fire made the search impossible. >> as smoke and flames began to appear, our crews along with the glenn county heavy rescue team assessed that the situation was too risky to further go inside the vessel. >> reporter: the coast guard deploying helicopters and boat crews to assist in the search throughout the day. >> all vessels requested to keep
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a sharp lookout and assist if possible. >> reporter: the ship, twice the size of a football field, remains partially submerged under water. authorities intensely working on stabilizing it so they can continue rescue operations. >> it is a complex situation so we're looking not just for the safety to be able to rescue the people that are onboard, but also to be able to provide safety for our crew. >> reporter: multiple agencies are assisting the coast guard's rescue operation. the fire on the vessel is now out, but authorities are working to find out how it started. tom? >> stephanie, thank you. we turn now to politics and the race for 2020. a new picture emerging days before the democratic debate. only three candidates in double digits, biden with 27%, sanders with 19%, and warren with the most momentum, gaining six points since july, now at 17%.
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senator warren feverishly working the crowds this weekend. warren and biden will be on stage together for the first time thursday in houston. here's rachel scott on the trail, pressing the candidates. >> reporter: tonight, in the race for president, momentum growing for a surging senator elizabeth warren. charging into this week's crucial debate where she'll face off against two of her biggest rivals on the same stage for the first time. here in new hampshire, bringing thousands to their feet. with a two-minute standing ovation. i asked what was behind her recent rise. >> i think it's because i get out and talk about what's broken, and have real plans to fix it. >> reporter: according to that new abc news/"washington post" poll, she's up six points since july. warren is closing in on former vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders. but the big question, who can defeat president trump? biden with 42% of likely democratic voters believing he can win.
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>> hello new hampshire! >> reporter: the former vice president making a general election pitch here in manchester, and fumbling an attack on the president. >> but if donald hump, donald trump is re-elected, freudian slip. >> reporter: you'll be in between sanders and warren. >> that's a good thing. >> reporter: how will you make sure your message breaks through? >> that's not hard, breaking through. >> reporter: the new hampshire primary still five months away. but nearly the entire remaining democratic field campaigning here this weekend. including sanders, who soundly defeated hillary clinton here in 2016. with the three front-runners all in their 70s, younger democrats told me they believe it's their turn. >> what i hear out there is that people are ready for a new generation of leadership. >> i'm just going to go out there and be myself. that's really the most important thing. >> i'm feeling very good about where my campaign is. >> reporter: but for half of likely democratic voters it doesn't matter who the standard bearer is. they'll support anyone they think can defeat president trump. >> electability is my number one
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concern. >> i would vote for anybody who i think can beat donald trump. >> rachel, joining us live. speaking to so many candidates and voters ahead of thursday's debate. we'll see the top ten candidates sharing the stage for the first time. you caught up with senator warren. is she concerned she will be targeted after a recent surge of popularity? >> reporter: tom, she told me either way. she doesn't plan on changing her debate approach. she said this is her opportunity to tell voters directly about her vision for the country, and she plans to stick to that message. >> rachel, thank you. and the big debate thursday, george, david, linzie davis, and jorge ramos will moderate. starting at 8:00 p.m. on abc. plus, pre and post-debate analysis on abc news live. and president trump saying
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he cancelled secret peace talks with taliban leaders at camp david. the president saying he called off the talks set for today after an american soldier was killed in a taliban attack in afghanistan. democrats and even some republicans criticizing the white house for the time and place of the meeting, especially just days before 9/11. here's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, the white house had hoped to surprise the world with the taliban at camp david, signing a peace deal. as president trump tweeted saturday night, "unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major taliban leaders and, separately, the president of afghanistan, were going to secretly meet with me at camp david." but the president cancelled the secret summit after thursday's suicide bombing at a kabul checkpoint, killing a dozen people, including one u.s. soldier. sergeant first class elis angel barreto ortiz was the 16th american killed there this year. mike pompeo greeted his remains at dover air force base. >> the taliban overreached. they killed an american in an
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effort to gain leverage at the negotiating table, and president trump said enough. >> reporter: today the taliban blamed trump for the breakdown, insisting "this will harm america more than anyone else." the idea of inviting the taliban to camp david days before september 11th stunned members of both parties. republican congresswoman liz cheney tweeted, "camp david is where america's leaders met to plan our response after 9/11. no member of the taliban should set foot there." pete buttigieg said this. >> i'm puzzled by the idea that you would invite the taliban to the united states on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary. >> reporter: 14,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan. more than when president trump took office. he has made no secret of his hope to withdraw them. >> we'd like to bring a big portion of them home. so we're talking to the taliban. we're talking to the government. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: the president had talked about bringing 5,000 u.s.
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service members home from afghanistan in the coming months. it's unclear if that will happen. we spoke with an afghan national security source who said that the level of violence in afghanistan, already on the rise, is now likely to increase dramatically. tom? >> david, thank you. and the crisis reaching a breaking point in the bahamas. the death toll rising, and the race against time to find hundreds still missing. search teams struggling to reach victims. this as some are crying out for help, demanding the government do more. our reporter, marcus moore, again in the disaster zone. >> reporter: tonight, frustration building a week after dorian stormed into the bahamas, obliterating entire communities including much of elbow key where it first made landfall. >> the government ain't here doing it. we doing it. just send us the [ bleep ] we need. that's all. that's all we ask. it's nothing much. >> reporter: many upset, blaming
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red tape for holding back critical supplies to the islands of abaco and grand bahama as american first responders continue to help evacuate the sick and wounded. we met frank knowles in front of what's left of his house. >> we left in the eye, thankfully. and when we left in the eye, it was still very much intact. >> reporter: his family now heading to the u.s. to stay with relatives. his wife will have to figure out where to send their kids to school. >> we had each other accounted for, you know, there was no guesswork. i still don't know where my dad and my sister are. i haven't heard from them yet. >> reporter: and where they going to stay at their house? >> they were staying there up until the eye, when we lost contact with them. >> reporter: his dad and sister among the potential thousands who are missing. at the airports this weekend we watched fathers saying good-bye. >> bye, baby. >> reporter: at the docks. >> this boat is here to take you to nassau, okay? >> reporter: bahmian commander william a hais helping lead hundred uncertain. >> i went to the airport, too much chaos. i couldn't get on, so i said
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lord, today have to be the day for me to get on this boat. >> reporter: 1,100 making their way to florida, rescued by cruise ship. thousands fleeing the affected islands where officials say food distribution is a challenge. all of this as the bahamian government grapples with the mounting death toll. >> every single person we intend to account for. >> reporter: more than 40 declared dead, but many victims still buried under piles of debris. is there a chance that some of the victims we're talking about were swept away into the ocean, and perhaps may never be found? >> yes. >> such a cruel reality for some of the victims. marcus, joining us live. it's clear with such a powerful hurricane, bahamian officials are overwhelmed. and residents are making that clear? >> reporter: yes. this storm knocked out critical infrastructure like police stations and clinics. and many people say they feel like they have been abandoned. marsh harbor is a ghost town.
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so many have gone to other bahamas islands and the u.s. tonight, this is an island that had fewer than 30,000 people before the storm. almost every one of them lost their home, lost their job, or has a loved one that is missing. tom? >> marcus, thank you. dorian hitting eastern canada with hurricane-force winds. the winds toppling a crane in nova scotia. no injuries reported. our team tracking at least three other tropical systems. let's get right to rob marciano. rob, there's more trouble in the tropics? >> reporter: this week is the peak of hurricane season. we're already to the "g" storm, gabrielle. it will stay in the midatlantic. the other two circled areas may be a problem. inland areas, denver, a red flag warning for las vegas. heat advisory in the south. new orleans, 99 degrees there.
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a record high. still summer down south, tom. >> rob, thank you. and now to new developments to the deadly boat fire off california. the fbi and coast guard executing search warrants on the company. 34 passengers killed when flames broke out, trapping them below deck. investigators searching for training, maintenance, and safety records. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, the company that owned this boat that burst into flames last week, killing 34 people onboard, teeming with investigators. federal authorities executing a search warrant, carrying boxes out of truth aquatics headquarters in santa barbara, california, and taking photos of the conception's sister ship. officials calling this a standard part of the efforts to figure out what caused the inferno, and whether anyone is criminally liable. >> i want to get to the bottom of what it was, just like everybody else does. >> reporter: investigators also interviewing crew members about those horrifying early morning hours on september 2nd. flames engulfing the galley of
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the 75-foot dive boat, trapping everyone sleeping below. >> roger, are they locked inside the boat? roger, can you get back onboard and unlock the boat? unlock the doors so they can get off? >> reporter: the five crew members, including the captain who made that mayday call, escaping. the ship's owner saying it was impossible for them to save any of the passengers. and tonight, tom, investigators are also focusing on the layout of the boat. saying the only exits from the sleeping quarters both led to the area that was on fire. tom? >> marci, thank you. now to the nfl and a firestorm just as the season gets under way. one of the top players in the game, and one of the most controversial, signing a new deal with the defending super bowl champs. here's kaylee hartung. >> free! >> reporter: this is arguably the best wide receiver in the nfl, renegade all-pro antonio brown celebrating after forcing the oakland raiders to fire him. >> free! fly like an eagle.
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>> reporter: the raiders signed brown last march for $50 million. it was a tumultuous off-season. first, he posted pictures of frostbitten feet from cryotherapy treatments that would delay his training camp. then threatening retirement rather than wearing a new football helmet. much of the drama playing out as the cameras rolled for the hbo series "hard knocks." >> i got a lot of people around me that depend on me to perform and it's my livelihood being on my feet. >> reporter: after publically demanding the raiders cut him, he even released a phone call with his head coach. >> what the hell is going on, man? >> reporter: the raiders finally caving, avoiding paying him $29 million in guaranteed money. >> we just have exhausted everything. >> reporter: then the super bowl defending champion new england patriots swooping in to offer him a one-year, $15 million contract. the team he wanted to play for in the first place. >> at the end of the day i think they came to the realization that he is a cancer on our football team. >> reporter: brown is not eligible to play until week two, which means he will not be on the field for the patriot
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opener tonight. the question now, how will he fit in with bill belichick and the world champs? tom? >> kaylee, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight, " the fatal air crash. what happened when a bystander tried to help rescue those onboard? plus, the hiker missing for more than a week. where he was last seen. and what officials are calling a floating wall of fire. whole towns forced to flee. we'll take you there when we come back. stelara® works differently. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare,
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here's diane macedo. >> reporter: tonight, the search is intensifying for 27-year-old kyle brittain, who set out on his first solo hike nine days ago in hawaii's waipio valley and vanished. >> i said hiking by itself is not the best idea, but you're not doing a long hike. he's been hiking since he was 3, so this is not a new adventure for him. >> reporter: brittain's father says before he left kyle relayed exactly where he'd be and when to expect his next call. but his family says his cell phone last pinged high on the mountain around 8:00 that morning. >> he's read survival skill stuff, and i think, like any 27-year-old boy who enjoys outdoor activities, he thinks he has them, but he's never been called on to use them. >> reporter: now the search team is growing by the day, including helicopters, dogs, and rescuers like javier cantellops, who helped find amanda ellers 17 days after she disappeared during a hike in hawaii. >> this is a very large area. so we're just trying to make sure that kyle didn't push really far in.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: despite not being equipped to be out there overnight, the family says they hope his experience in this area will pay off. and they say they're optimistic will be out there until they find him. >> diane, thank you. up next, a major update to the mother of three gone missing this summer in california. what just happened to her husband. stay with us. en if you're healt, you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia - a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that can disrupt your life for weeks. in severe cases, pneumococcal pneumonia can put you in the hospital. it can hit quickly, without warning, making you miss out on what matters most. just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia. it's not a yearly shot. prevnar 13® is approved for adults to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. don't get prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients.
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engine beechcraft sierra slammed down shortly after takeoff. officials say the plane had mechanical issues and was attempting to return to henderson executive airport when it crashed. a bystander helping to rescue those onboard hospitalized with smoke inhalation. and the missing person case turned into a homicide investigation. police in california arresting anthony gumina. his 33-year-old wife heather reported missing back in july. last seen driving her car in el dorado county. detectives locating what's believed to be the remains of the mother of three. and the hellish scenes unfolding down under. multiple communities in eastern australia under threat from raging brush fires. whole towns ordered to evacuate. and when we come back, the emotional back to school surprise. stay with us. hool surprise. stay with us. but this one can! it's blasting off straight to mars! no. looks like i'm blasting off to the shipping and receiving department. twinsville, ohio. not today. 44087.
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finally tonight, the stunning surprise on the first day of school. three siblings delivering a pledge of allegiance they will never forget. it's "america strong." just outside of toledo, an all-american tradition for some students, the annual flag raising at leal catholic school. ♪ but on this day the kids are getting one more lesson in patriotism. for the last six months, tessa, jackson, and beckett coutcher's brother justice has been away at boot camp. the coutchers are a close family, and not having their big brother justice, only 19 years old, has been tough. so tough, justice, now a naval airman, had an idea to cheer up his family. how about a big surprise to start the school year right. and here it is. reuniting with them right under old glory. >> i didn't even see his face. i just saw his grin and i knew it was him. >> reporter: it hit his sister tessa the hardest.
5:58 pm
>> i've been dying to see him for a long time. it's just amazing. >> reporter: middle brother jackson had no idea what was going on. >> i thought it was the teacher telling me to back up and then i look around and it's him. >> reporter: as for little brother beckett, he's a man of few words. >> good. >> good. >> reporter: justice telling us today how he pulled the whole thing off, hiding inside the school with the help of the principal. >> i was very nervous. i could see out the window, but they couldn't see me. >> reporter: he hid in her office until he got the cue. >> she said, go out the back way. i started smiling and i said, this is it. >> reporter: coming home from training early to pull off a stealth mission his siblings will never forget. >> they say they're proud of me and i could feel it. these kids are everything to me. >> our thanks to wtvg for their help with that story. and thank you. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening. good night.
5:59 pm
travelers running into more headaches because of closures at san francisco international airport. a big move by the attorney representing one of the bay area teenagers accused of stabbing a police officer to death in rome. it turns out a wildfire over the weekend at lake county was no accident. what we learned about the investigation. as we learn more about the deadly dive boat, investigators are ramping up their probe into the owner. new details on that deadly boat fire off the santa barbara coast that killed 34 people last week. >> authorities are serving search warrants at truth aquatics when owned the boat, also searching the company's two remaining boats. the victims were asleep in a
6:00 pm
kraumped bunk room below deck and fire blocked their escape routes. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. a runway clocher at sfo causing another round of delays and cancelations. >> it has frustrated travellers and this is just the first weekend of the work. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larsen joins us before from sfo with the latest on the impact the closure has on today's air travel, kate? >> reporter: dion, eric, this is just day two of the 28-day runway construction and closure. sfo and construction workers chose this 20-daytime period because it's after the summer rush and before the holidays and it doesn't usually rain. but this doesn't take the sting out of the hundreds of delays and cancelations that travelers have been dealing with this weekend. take a look, here are the


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