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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 10, 2019 11:35pm-12:36am PDT

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>> we're out of t appreciate your time. dan ashley. >> ama daetz. for chris alvarez, sandhya patel, all of us, thanks for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ed helms, from cnn, don lemon, and music from weezer. and now, look at this, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming and for joining us on another beautiful day in sunny los angeles, california. you know, i have to say, of all the interesting things i've been hash tag blessed to cover when it comes to our president, i never thought the weather would be one of them. i really didn't. but once again, our commander in
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chief meteorologist has contradicted the weather. he, trump took his show on the road last night. he hosted a pep rally in fayetteville, north carolina where he claimed aboard air force one that people were lined up, waiting in the rain to see him, even though it wasn't raining at all. >> we have now, people standing in line, trying to get into the arena, and i will tell you that they are soaking wet, because roy and everybody just walked into the plane, and you folks were wet. it's bad weather out there. >> jimmy: no, no, no they weren't. if they were wet, they were just sweating, because you are the president. i still don't understand why he would say this, because by all accounts it was not raining in f fayetteville. and just to make sure of that we pulled the local weather forecast for monday, september 9th. morning low running above average at 74. and also no precipitation
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reported on monday. >> jimmy: no precipitation reported, but. [cheers and applause] i told you, i knew it was only a matter of time before he told us the sky isn't blue, but there's a perfectly simple explanation for why trump said his supporters in north carolina were soaking wet when they weren't. he thought he was in alabama. there's a hurricane there, you know. there's literally nothing he won't bs about. i bet melania's name isn't melania. when she tried to correct him, he was like, too late, too late, that's your name. it may not have been raining, but the president was soaking up the love. he gave a special shout oads in. >> i have about ten women in the front row, and you confrom north carolina and they come from all over the place. hold up your hands, i see you all over the place. they look rich as hell to me.
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>> jimmy: that's -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's why mother pence won't let mike go to the rallies. the president heaped a good deal of praise at the rally on, who else, himself. he used all the best words to assure the crowd that he keeps his word. >> every day we're making good on the motto, "promises made, promises kept." in fact, we are keachieping eve more promises by far than we made or we promised. so many more. >> jimmy: wait, what? i think we need the chalkboard for this one, guillermo, please, because sometimes it helps to see it in writing. all right. thank you, guillermo. so the president said every day we're making good on the motto "promises made, promises kept".
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fine. in fact, we're keeping even more promises by far than we made. or than we promised. so many more. [ applause ] thank you. thank you. [ applause ] he's keeping more promises than he even promised. oh, add raul is therall is the ? we slowed him down for tonight's fun in fayetteville edition of drunk trump. >> it's a lot, okay? i always have to preface it. because they'll do headlines.
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headlines, trump didn't tell the truth. all day. so i've always, i've gotten n n extremely cautious. >> jimmy: mm-hm. yes, nothing. there's nothing if not cautious. now shockingly, the president's approval rating has taken a tumble, according to a new abc/"washington post" poll, his approval rating dropped six points before we found out he invited the taliban for dinner. his approval rating is down to 38%. with just a little bit of effort, he could, i see a path for him, easily boosting that up to 88%. trump, of course, lashed out at the polls. he called them fake. everything he doesn't like is fake. the only thing that's real to him is twitter and arby's.
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as hayis ratings keep dropping,o do the number of people who work for him. a day after the subject of the meeting with the taliban at camp david he fired john bolton. he tweeted this morning that bolton had been fired. but john bolton had a different story. >> the president has just fired his national security adviser. his tweet. i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white house. and then of course we heard from the just-fired john bolton. i offered to resign last night, and president trump said let's talk about it tomorrow. >> john bolton just texted me. he's watching. >> can you read it? >> yeah, he said let's be clear, i resigned. md i talking and he wrote yes. so john bolton just texted me to say "i resigned". >> jimmy: he said yes? as long as he minds, i'm sure
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it's fine, but this is john bolton. and one of the reasons he was fired or resigned is because he was unable to keep his glasses on his face. so john bolton is out. he's now the third national security adviser to leave this administration. trump's the only down to two candidates, sergeant slaughter and captain crunch. yesterday the president's son, djtj, donald trump jr. unveiled the company's new line of merch. well, hello handsome. that's don jr. in a trump camouflage shirt. that's a new product on their web site. some people noticed a stain. the stain is actually here, right on top of his neck. he had a stain on his shirt. a camouflage shirt covered in
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grease stains. you have to admit, they know their customers. by the way, i went through the site. there's a camouflage key chain. because who doesn't want to make their keys harder to find? got to, they've also got a rustic dog leash for $40 and a rustic d rust rustic dog collar. as you can see, it fits any size dog at all. and if you give them a good belly rub, he'll be your best friend forever. the best part of this big merchandise announcement is the trump family still isn't making their crap in america, after all the talk about american-made this and that, they still can't spend the extra $2 to have their garbage made here instead of wherever, in fact, the closest they got with this new line is this "decorated in america". what does that even mean? decorated in america.
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does that mean someone in florida ironed the patch on? not only is the junior boy making cool camo gear, he's surprisingly getting into the toy business, too. ♪ donald trump jr. ♪ he's so peculiar ♪ he'll fight for daddy's love >> hasbro presents gi shcmo. he comes with a vanilla latte and plastic straw. he never served in the military but fights for freedom his own way, on twitter. gi schmo comes with a spray-on beard, a pile of daddy's money and a helicopter to shoot from. ♪ an action hero ♪ he's not a zero ♪ this son is number one >> gi shmo, american! made in china.
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>> jimmy: they make the best stuff, i guess. meanwhile, here's another gem from fox and friends. rob gronkowski was on the show promoting, i guess he's got a new line of products, powered cbd. >> is it for muscles? is it for joints? >> muscles, joints, arthritis, muscle pain, muscle bruises. >> it's working for you? >> yeah, it's working great. it's not going to heal something like a major, like absolutely, devastating injury. >> jimmy: side effects include difficulty pronouncing words like "devastating". thank you future president gronkowski. this is something a president gronkowski can look into. the nba is cracking down on what they call ninja-style head wear. pl players will no longer be able to wear headbands that tie in the back like this.
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they say it's a safety issue. what's the worst that could happen? you havigoing to choke on those? they say they need time to vet them, there's no precedent for them on the basketball court. i find evidence that says they have been on the basketball court many times. not only are they banning ninja h headbands. demarcus cousins will not be allowed to wear his crown. kyrie irving his pith helmet. i would watch an all cowboy boots nba game. in cupertino, apple unveiled their new stuff. the leaves are changing, the pumpkin is spicing and apple rolls out a bunch of iphones we don't need. the iphone 11, 11 pro and pro
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max. the pro has three cameras on the back. that seems like too many. this is like when jill out a razor with so many blades. they added a phone to an ipod and put a tv on it. and now, because they have to release something new every year, every year we're like, this is it? this is just a phone with another camera on it? what the hell? you suck. why aren't we being teleported by this? they must hate us. they really must. anyway, based on this new ad they're running, it almost seems like apple's had enough. >> from the company that brought you screen comes something new, something different. introducing new screen. new screen may look exactly like old screen, but new screen is not old screen.
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it's new. check out these kids playing with new screen. they love it. and look at these friends laughing with new screen. they are happy inside. point is, old screen is bad now. [ bleep ] you old screen. we hate old screen. if old screen were an animal, old screen would be a rat. lucky for us, there's new screen. i screen, you screen, we all screen for new screen. new screen. from the people who brought you old screen. >> available at walscreens. >> jimmy: they really do have everything there. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from weezer. don lemon is here. and we'll be right back with ed helms. so stick around. [cheers and applause] ♪ abc's jimmy kimmel live, brought to you by verizon. d cou♪ ♪ each careful step ♪ along the byway
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♪ >> jimmy: tonight, from cnn, don lemon is here. then, their forthcoming album is this -- "van weezer." weezer from the mercedes-benz stage. this is a very exciting announcement. you can see weezer live on the hella mega tour, with fall out boy and green day. tickets go on sale september 20th. tomorrow, we will have music from fall out boy. sharon osbourne and bill burr will join us. and on thursday, sean penn, danielle macdonald and green day, after the debate. so please join us for that. >> jimmy: you know our first guest from one "office" and three "hangovers." he's a very funny man whom you can see spelunk as a tour guide in the new movie "corporate animals." it opens in theaters a week from friday. please welcome ed helms.
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♪ >> jimmy: please, relax. >> hey. >> jimmy: relax. i know you've been very busy, haven't you? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you've been doing a lot of stuff. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: are you okay? >> i'm exhausted. i'm ready for a nap, and i was hoping you had a couch. >> jimmy: can i say something? i i'm serious here. if you wanted to take a nap for eight minutes, i'll sit here quietly and watch you, i'll be happy to do that for you. >> i do. i talk in my sleep, so it works for a talk show. >> jimmy: this could kill two birds with one stone. >> i tell horrific details about my life. >> jimmy: do you really? do you talk in your sleep and
11:55 pm
your wife hears you? >> i moan, i've never heard it, but i make a sound, and i know it coincides with nightmares. i make a noise that my wife describes as i was in a horrible chase or fighting somebody. can you imagine how infective that would be in a real night laaaaalaaaaaa. >> jimmy: if i was fighting somebody and they started doing that, i'd probably flee. did you get to take a vacation this summer? >> i did. i've had a very busy year but also some great travel. >> jimmy: what did you do? >> well, my, my wife's family is very outdoorsy. so we were up in the wilderness, did some camping. >> jimmy: the way you put that makes it sound to me that you are not very outdoorsy. my wife's family. >> i'm on the outside of that
11:56 pm
outdoorsy thing. no, i love being in the outdoors. i'm not sure i'm, i'm like made for it. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> it's, camping is one of those things that, that you like having done. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> but you don't necessarily like doing, i guess. it's, you know, but they are super fun. we had a lot of great travel. >> jimmy: and you have a baby. did you take the baby camping? >> no. >> jimmy: your daughter. how old is she? >> she's just coming up on two years. >> jimmy: what is her name? >> her name, weirdly, is jimmy kimm kimmel. >> jimmy: oh, that's very nice. >> yes. >> jimmy: i didn't know that. i'm flattered. >> you shouldn't be, because that's very narcissistic of you. it was my grandmother's name. >> jimmy: oh, that's your grandma's name. well, that's.
11:57 pm
[cheers and applause] >> jimmy: please give her my best. >> my god, you are arrogant! >> jimmy: when did the office go off the air at nbc? >> well, that's an embarrassing question, because i don't know the answer. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> but a bunch of years ago. >> jimmy: some time ago. >> yeah. yeah. >> jimmy: and now, it's become, from what i understand, even more popular than when it was running new episodes on netflix. [cheers and applause] the jump one most, like most minutes watched of any show that they have. >> apparently, yeah. it's totally insane. >> jimmy: do you get any of that money? >> all of it. >> jimmy: good. are people now, like recognizing, kids knowing you from that? >> what's weird about it now is that, you know, it was a hit at the time. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but it was sort of like night time
11:58 pm
adults. now it's 8, 9, 10 year old kids that binge this thing on netflix. i'm hearing affirmation, and all your kids are watching it, and it's awesome. i'm so proud of the show. that show is one of the greatest professional experiences of my life. and so, to see it sort of like stay alive in this way is so cool, and it's actually kind of touching. and the only down side is when i'm in airports and, you know, back in the day, like a person would come up and say oh, hey, you're andy bernard. it's so great to meet you. now 10 year old kids are rid, dit, dit, dit, da, doo. doo they don't have the same
11:59 pm
[ la ]int. as older. >> jimmy: yeah, your movie, "corporate animals" is about a retreat, an office retreat. >> yeah, like a corporate retreat. >> jimmy: that goes awry. is that fair to say? >> very awry. we thought of this movie as dunder mifflin m m the flies". >> jimmy: am i going to ruin anything? >> yes. but go for it. >> jimmy: there's cannibalism in the movie. >> what? are you crazy? people eat people in this movie? >> jimmy: yeah, they do. >> i can neither confirm nor deny. >> jimmy: can you confirm that demi moore is in the film with you? >> yes, the great demi moore. >> jimmy: did you fknow her of about you need movie? i know you are one of the
12:00 am
producers on this film. >> yeah, i am one of the producers on this movie. i didn't know her before i made this movie. i've been a huge fan of hers forever. but man, is she cool. she is like the greatest. kind of a weird, weird thing happened. >> jimmy: with her? >> will, not with her exactly, but related to her. >> jimmy: okay. >> so we finished shooting the movie a couple months go by. i'm on a vacation with my family and my wife's family and i get a call from my publicist, and she says, i'm off fishing by myself. and i get this call. i think i know the answer to this, but just double-checking, you're not in a romantic relationship with demi moore, are you? and i was like, no, i'm happily married. i'm on vacation with my family, what are you talking about? and my publicist tells me there
12:01 am
is a tabloid article that is out now that apparently says you guys had a romance on the set of this movie. and this is really awful. i mean, this is part of why tabloids are so horrendous. they make up stuff and it can really kind of hurt people. >> jimmy: sure. >> and so i'm mortified. and i'm thinking, like, this is terrible. i have to get to my wife. i just want to tell her before she hears about this, this ridiculous story somewhere else. and i, i'm really anxious, and i get back to the house, and i walk back to the house. and she's sitting there with her mother. >> jimmy: oh, great. >> and before i can say anything, they go demi moore, high-five! and i'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold, what? hold on a second. what are you talking about? they're like, can you believe this tabloid thought that you
12:02 am
and demi moore could be a couple? i mean, that is insane! and i was like, well, i, i'm glad nobody's like upset or, or like threatened here, but like can't you be a little upset? this is hurting my feelings i mean, it's kind of plausible, right? no. >> jimmy: apparently, it is not. ed helms is here. his movie is called "corporate animals." we'll be right back after this. >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by ikea. make the dream yours.
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what the [ bleep ] just happened? >> that was a geologic incident. >> what? >> yeah, little tectonic tremor. >> in english. >> earthquake? >> oh, my god. >> so what do we >> ah! >> holy! >> [ bleep ]! >> hey! >> jimmy: well, run, is what you
12:08 am
do. that's ed helms from "corporate animals" with the tour guide, did you like need a tour guide or study a tour guide to base your character? >> i miean tour guide is not th right term. he's like an adventure guy. >> jimmy: an adventurer? >> yeah. i based him off bear grylls. i did bear grylls' show many years ago, and i love bear. he's so cool and amazing, and obviously very debonair, quite the adventurer. and so i -- >> jimmy: where did he take you? where did you go with him? >> we were in the mountains of colorado. >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> very, very big, very high mountains in colorado. >> jimmy: and what harrowing experience did he put you through? >> well, so it's funny, actually. you have a conversation with bear like a month before the
12:09 am
actual production. and he's like, oh, it's going to be great. we're going to have all this fun and do all these incredible things. what are some things you don't want to do? what are you afraid of? and first i'm like, terrified of heights. what i didn't realize is i'm giving him a list of the things they want to put you through. i'm claustrophobic. >> jimmy: very deceptive. >> oh, it's very shrewd. >> jimmy: and he puts you up as high as he can? >> so i show up, and they're very cryptic. you get there and i'm like, so what's going to happen? and they're like, don't worry about it. put this harness on and stand over there. i'm standing in a field by myself like okay. and then i hear chopper blades. and then i see bear being lowered. he's like hanging from a rope. this is quite an entrance. bear's making quite an entrance, he drops down, and he's like, get over here!
12:10 am
we're hookin' up. what? he hooks me to him, and the helicopter takes off. >> jimmy: that's very romantic in a way. >> well, it was. it was. yeah. >> jimmy: did he make you eat anything weird? >> of course. that's part of the show. you always have to eat something weird. >> jimmy: what did you eat? >> he caught a squirrel which was really cool. he cooked it and we ate that, and it was awesome. >> jimmy: it was? >> yeah, i'm kind of a fan of squirrels. i also, i also eight ants. >> jimmy: oh. >> but they had the audacity to cut that out of the episode. so i ate a handful of ants and got no credit for it! but i'm telling you right now. >> jimmy: well, maybe it will make the dvd. >> yeah. but one of the best things about bear is that he wears that rope all the time. you saw my character has that rope on. >> jimmy: you modeled the rope after him. >> that's bear.
12:11 am
i always picture him in the airport ordering a la la they're like what's with the rope? it's my thing. >> jimmy: ed helms! "corporate animals" opens in theaters a week from friday. we'll be right back! ♪ for barcelona? we did promise we'd go. [dog] take that trip! [dog] take it! take it! take it! take it! [sfx: mastercard checkout sonic plays] [dogs] they get the miles...we get a pet-sitter. [dog] whoa! [sfx: mastercard checkout sonic plays] [dog] music to my ears! use the card that gets you miles closer to your promise. we should do this every year. [dog] they should do this every year. and start something priceless. hey... over here! (shrieking) okay, okay, okay take a deep breath. you're safe here. (breathing heavily)
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go time daddy! [ giggles ] number six, number six. ohhhh man. took my hat off. [ "to love somebody" by bee gees playing ] [ crowd cheering ] that's crazy! let's go mets! let's go mets! [ crowd chanting ] let's go mets! ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: our next guest is an emmy award-winning journalist and least favorite lemon to our orange-in-chief. watch him weeknights on cnn. please welcome don lemon. [cheers and
12:24 am
♪ >> oh, my god. wow. >> jimmy: i'm glad you're here, but there's news happening, shouldn't you be at work? >> i'm on right now. we're competing against each other. >> jimmy: you're competing against yourself in a weird way. how's everything going? >> it's going. it's a little exhausting. how's it going for you? >> jimmy: well, it is exhausting. i would imagine it's much more exhausting for you. when do you prepare your show? >> five minutes before. in this day and age. we start in the morning. >> jimmy: start in the morning. >> literally, sometimes five minutes before the show. >> jimmy: everything changes. >> everything thi sure. >> jimmy: it makes me crazy, and i feel he's doing it to me on purpose. >> he is. he'll say something in front of the helicopter or the plane or whatever. even at night, the whole world will change. i have to rely on my producers.
12:25 am
you know what i say, you do the same thing i do except you do it with humor. i'm not sure whos has the more important job, because we need to laugh. >> jimmy: no, no, it's not me. i think it's guillermo. >> i love the naked picture of you. the painting you were doing. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i'd like to hang that in my office. >> jimmy: guillermo, i gave it to you, but i think you should give it to don. >> ah sure, i'lo g it in you want to. >> jimmy: yeah, we're doing something for als. i'm going to draw a picture of somebody. and they can be nude if they want to. >> all right. >> jimmy: they don't know what the hell's going on. don, hundredyou had a, i guess d be skriefbdescribed as a surpri. you wake up toum m on television, when askin least
12:26 am
racist person in the world which he also put in quotes, as if anyone other than him has called him that. what goes through your head when you see this? >> that's not the first time he's said that to me. he said that to me in interviews in 2015, 2016. he didn't say he wasn't. he just said he was the least racist. what does that feel like? he's tweeted about you. >> jimmy: yeah, but not that. you're not even the dumbest don on television. there's him, there's his son. right off the top of my head. >> i'm so glad my name is not donald. it's just don. i just kind of blow it off. i don't even follow him anymore. >> jimmy: you don't? >> no, it's too much. can you be informed without being inundated. >> jimmy: do you ever turn yourself off completely to the news. you take a break and say i'm not paying attention to any of this stuff. >> i try, but you're not
12:27 am
helping. >> jimmy: at night? >> my fiance and i have a no-trump policy. everywhere i go people want to talk to me about it. it's the first thing they do. i do it for two hours every night on cnn, five nights a week. it's exhausting. so it doesn't often work well, especially with my mom. >> jimmy: oh, your mom, your mom caught up with all of this? >> my mom is obsessed, jimmy. >> jimmy: my mother's completely obsessed. >> do you talk, first thing? >> jimmy: oh, yeah, we talk about it a lot. >> on the way home is when i decompress and call my mom in the car. that's how i know she's doing okay. she's like, i can't believe he did this, and this segment you did on this. >> jimmy: she watches you every night? >> she records and she'll watch the rebroadcast. >> jimmy: that's good. >> when i go home to visit her i have a couple days off when i go to louisiana. and i go home to visit her. i get out of the car, and she has this little porch off the
12:28 am
garage. there's a giant flat screen on the porch. it's on cnn. i walk into the family room. there's a giant flat screen over the fireplace, it's on cnn. in the kitchen a tv on cnn. in the guest room, a television on cnn. they're on, except for the guest room, 24 hours a day. if you turn them off -- >> jimmy: it's on all day long. who, besides you is her favorite anchor? >> that's a point of contention. i think it's chris cuomo. chris doesn't talk back. she and i get into mom-son arguments, but chris just loves her. >> jimmy: he knows your mom. >> yeah, they hang out. >> jimmy: chris hangs out with your mother? >> yeah. >> jimmy: really? chris and you are friends. >> people don't believe we are, we go fishing and we hang out on the weekends. my mom says he is, we were at
12:29 am
lunch and she said what are you doing? i said we're hanging out. having lunch with chris. and she says he's like the brother you never had. >> jimmy: what does he eat? does he eat with his hands? >> i can't tell you. besides steroids? i'm just kidding, chris. >> jimmy: he is like the brother you never had. >> besides steroids and tequila. he eats everything. he had popcorn shrimp and he's huge. he's very, very intense. jo >> jimmy: he's a big, scaryish guy. you mentioned your fiance. when are you getting married? >> i haven't figured it out. but it's just like heterosexual people. because it's like when are we doing it, and the other one is like, can't we just be engaged for a while? >> jimmy: because you don't want to go through the whole thing? >> because we've had two
12:30 am
engagement parties, and they've been pretty big affairs. other people have thrown them for us. sort of famous people. and you get like five minutes with everyone, and i would rather not do that. i would rather elope and go to someplace really nice and just have me, him around the dogs. i think he would want a bigger affair. >> jimmy: can you have two weddings? >> i mean, i can probably have as many weddings as i want. >> jimmy: how would it work for the bachelor party? >> are you going to help me pay for it? >> jimmy: the bachelor party? >> the whole thing. >> jimmy: oh, no. the bachelor party i'd probably be in for. >> bachelor party, remember, it's a gay bachelor party. >> jimmy: even better. i've never had one of those. >> is it come beiing and hangin drinking or are you popping out of the cake? >> jimmy: if we can save a little bit of money, i'll pop out of the cake. [cheers and applause] you guys will be like "get back
12:31 am
in the cake"! >> i think we might like that. i'm having a pre-bachelor party in a couple weeks. all my college buddies are coming from louisiana. >> jimmy: you know what kind of cake we're having at our bachelor party? a lemon cake. congratulations on your impending nuptials and keep going, keep making mom happy every night. >> a huge, huge fan. >> jimmy: thank you, don. >> jimmy: don lemon! watch "cnn tonight with don lemon" weeknights at 10:00 eastern. and we'll return with music from weezer. ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by the 2020 g-class. mercedes benz. the best or nothing!
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.thk ed helms and don lemon, apologies to matt damon. "nightline" is next. this is their upcoming album, van weezer. here with their new single "the end of the game" -- weezer!
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♪ ♪ hey suzy where you been today i'm looking for you every way ♪ ♪ no sign of you when i wake up i'm on an island with no sun ♪ ♪ i feel like i've known you my whole life ♪ ♪ you got my crying like when aslan died now you're gone ♪ itut youlody can't find you
12:35 am
i guess we've reached the end of the game ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh hit me ♪ ♪ i know that you would crank this songaiguiting h your headphones on ♪ ♪ we dig the same type of melodies the ones to get you next to me ♪ ♪ i was mick and you were marianne you would harmonize when i felt bad ♪ ♪ but now you're gone ♪ the melody can't find you i'm incomplete without you i guess we've reached the end of the game ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh hit me ooh-ooh ♪
12:36 am
♪ am i your go-to or am i uncool with all of these extremes that i go to ♪ ♪ all i want is to be wanted by you to be wanted by you ♪ ♪ nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah ♪ ♪ the melody can't find you i'm incomplete without you i guess we've reached the end of the game ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh hit me ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh hit me ooh-ooh hit me ooh-ooh hit me ♪
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> s tonight, tub sixtho vaping now makes headlines. meet the 18-year-old who almost didn't make it. ? it was terrifying. >> in the habit's savage grip. taking us inside her own harrowing vape journey. just one of an avalanche of cases across the country of lung illnesses possibly linked to e-cigarettes. plus, around the table. >> broccoli and amy's famous potato bombs. >> beto o'rourke kicking off our new series, at home with the presidential candidates. breaking braid


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