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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 11, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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i'm in santa rosa, a family is heartbreaker after puppy died suddenly from drinking toxic algae at local part. >> lisa amin gulezian in san francisco, 12-year-old boy hit in crosswalk, man accused of crashing into him is arrested. >> amanda del castillo in remont, looking to lock down the homeless navigation center location, brought out hundreds of people, including in this overflow area. abc7 news now. and that breaking news is a vote in favor of contract employees. state senators just passed a measure to give new wage and benefit protections to workers for so-called gig economy companies like uber and lyft. >> make it harder for companies to classify workers as independent contractors. now heads back to state assembly for final approval over strong
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republican opposition. governor newsom is expected to sign the bill. happening now, overflow crowd, hundreds jam a fremont city council meeting to weigh in on fate of homeless navigation center. >> two locations proposed. amanda is live. >> reporter: council members are nearing end of deliberations, decision could come down any moment. we're outside city hall with the overflow crowd, residents are divided. >> frankly we demand that you listen to us. >> reporter: more than 400 public speakers hope to sway the decision. shirts, stickers, signs and ideas of how to best help the homeless. first speaker of the night. >> doesn't matter the location, just need a navigation center,
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keep it brief and concise that we support it, it's huge win for the community. >> reporter: temporarily house 45 homeless people six months at a time beginning mid 2020. cost roughly $7.7 million to build and operate. those against maintain the numbers don't add up. >> use this money to find better way to help more people. use $7.7 million to help more people. >> reporter: two locations up for debate, lot on dakota road and this lot behind city hall. >> reason is really access to the different social services, ki clinics, leave the area sometimes so access to b.a.r.t. and bus. >> reporter: more than 600 homeless people on fremont streets. 37% increase from 2017. >> need more opportunities to bring people off the street and
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get them focused on housing and into a more stable living situation. >> reporter: definitely a long night for the city of fremont, sounds like they might be nearing a decision next few minutes, we're out here with both groups, one saying no on center, one saying put it here at city hall. overwhelmingly a lot of council members vote -- spoke in favor of the city hall location. we'll have update as soon as that comes tough. reporting live in fremont, amanda del castillo, abc7 news. questions about the motive behind a purported plan by president trump to crack down on homelessness in california. federal housing officials in los angeles right now on fact finding mission. some ideas include tearing down tent camps and housing people in government facilities. one l.a. city councilman
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believes it's just a political move. >> create a wedge issue to create enthusiasm with his base and bash other people. s it his shtick. >> the president has previously criticized democratic leaders for dog notng to improve the homeless crisis but the federal fact finders are in los angeles right now looking at the problem. new details, 12-year-old boy has life-threatening injuries after struck by suv in golde goe gate avenue aleavenworth street. >> police say boy was in crosswalk when hit and man accused of crashing into him maz been arrested. moments after crashed into, mab behind the wheel agreed to field
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sobriety test. from minutes from cooperative driver to suspect after he failed the test. arrested him on the spot. >> ran the little kid over, didn't just hit him. look where his clothes is and front of the vehicle, that means he ran him over. >> tenderloin residents are upset another person has been seriously injured. seen several fatal crashes. vision zero was meant to stop this. aims to drastically lower pedestrian and bicycle injuries and fatalities by 2024. supervisor matt heaney insists it's not doing enough. >> our neighborhoods are not freeways. people driving too fast, fast turns from one-way streets on to other one-way streets. i've been fighting as hard as i can to slow down traffic. >> boy is being treated at san francisco general hospital.
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lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. former raiders wide receiver antonio brown has been accused of raping his former trainer. brittany taylor says brown sexually assaulted her twice, june of 2017 and one in 20 achb 2018. brown released a statement saying the relationship was consensual and will work to clear his name and protect other athletes against false accusations. judge in brock -- starting first year as coach of junior varsity girls tennis team. recalled after sentencing turner. held a meeting for concerned students tonight. issued a statement saying perski hashly qualified applicant
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with high rating from u.s. tennis association. new at 11:00, richmond's police chief stepped down after no confidence vote by union. announced the resignation tonight. city only would say he's out of the office and assistant chief appointed active chief. criti critics say he's responsible for departures and low morale in department. san francisco can handle two major events. chase center and oracle park. dave matthews and giants game. both within miles of each other. many heeded advice for public transit. didn't see traffic backups in the area. >> smoothly. more delays at sfo because of runway construction not going smoothly at airport. reporting 111 cancellations and
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335 delays. since it closed saturday, approximately 1,075 flights have been delayed, nearly 500 canceled. runway not scheduled to reopen until september 27th. north bay, a santa rosa family is heartbroken after puppy died suddenly from toxic blue-green algae. >> believed ingested at rin con valley community park. spoke with family who hopes the story will save oefrthers. >> reporter: wasn't even a week ago brought home the sweet lab. never imagined talking to news crew. >> just came down here. >> reporter: took her to community park in santa rosa. within minutes of fetching ball under bridge something was wrong. >> wasn't walking, couldn't move
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back legs. >> reporter: home, got worse. >> loaded her up to the clinic. and her liver was done. >> reporter: vet told them it appeared that kona had ingested toxic blue-green algae at the park. >> our kona was gone, scream crying, really sad. best friend. >> reporter: recently warned people at lake but first at the park. >> called sonoma county and they lunched investigation to determine the status of the water. >> reporter: for now the city posted signs to warn the public. even handwritten ones posted by strangers. rubys know they can't get kona back but hope will help others. >> throw the ball around and let dog get exercise and within minutes something weird like
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that happening, last thing you think. >> reporter: abc7 news. apple unveiled new cell phones. will it be enough for declining sales? next. family trapped without cell service. >> inspiration that helped them get rescued. >> meteorologist sandhya patel. "jimmy kimmel live,". >> going to like this a lot. >> back in the day say hey, you're andy bernard, great to meet you. now ten-year-old kids are running around
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breaking news to tell you about now. fremont city council unanimously voted to approve putting first homeless navigation center in parking lot behind city hall. >> after hours of debate, hundreds of people showed up for and against and months of discussions. staff reports show that navigation center, as you look
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at live pictures, cost $7.7 million to own and operate over three years' time. decision to build it in parking lot behind city hall. family stranded on top of waterfall in salinas was saved because of actual message in bottle. help on bottle, message in receipt tucked inside. found its way to hikers downstream hours later. alerted authorities who launched chopper and found the family. apple fans fired up. tech company revealed newest generations of iphone, iphone, h watch, all the details. >> today i'm thrilled to share the newest iphone. >> reporter: iphone xi, this
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year on the defensive with sales on the decli. most basic retails for $699. >> see if there's hype by how many line >> reporter: signature feature is three camera lens. apple wasn't shy showing off how it can be used, pro filmmakers on stage. >> divided into individual feeds. >> reporter: apple acknowledging that iphones alone can't keep customers. need to provide content to. arcade and apple tv plus will offer music and tv shows. jennifer garner's return to the screen. >> we're going to give you features that matter, innovation that matters.
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reason it's interesting, that was subtext of what was talked about here, they know they have to catch up. >> reporter: no big celebrities on stage but spotted looking at demo, wife of late steve jobs and johnny former lead designer who stepped down this year. we'll have features, launch dates and pricing on the website. abc7 news. high school swimmer's disqualification for showing too much swim on appeal tonight. >> bottom of the suit rode up in swim. some believe that as mixed race curvier teen she's being targeted. >> rest of the team was wearing the same uniform and she was only one disqualified.
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it's my opinion she's been targeted and singled out last year. >> confirms that swim suit was team issued, worn three previous meets. turning attention to the weather which feels a little fall-like, not for long. >> changing again. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> yeah. temperatures are soaring coming days. from the emeryville camera, a lovely sunset. notice there isn't much cloud cover or fog as sun is going down. indication of what's to come into tomorrow. pretty view, live doppler 7 showing some fog year the coast. isn't established marine layer, quick clearing. 57 in half moon bay now and 66 in concord at this hour. show the temperature trends. santa rosa, 87 degrees tomorrow,
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warmer. even warmer for thursday and friday, into the 90s, then drop as we head into the weekend, going into early next week, noticeable change. from sutro tower camera, lovely few. and from east bay hills camera, you can see for miles. visibility is good. 12-hour planner. patchy fog, 50s and 60s. sunny and warmer at noontime, clear and breezy into the evening. fog around the beaches and locally temperatures low to upper 50s for most of you. light extra layer but the afternoon, short sleeve weather. south bay, 83 cupertino, san san jose. warmer day. 82 in redwood city. 67 in pacifica. san francisco, mild in the
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sunset district. napa 87, santa rosa and east bay warmer, 80 in castro valley, 77 in oakland. inland, feel the heat, 89 in livermore, 85 in in in in in inn it's going to be clear and little breezy. accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures on the rise for wednesday, warm to hot thursday and friday. upper 90s to low 100s. near the coast warm, low 70s as we expect around this time of year. heat eases on saturday. sunday it's going to be a welcome sight, cooler and breezier, mid-80s for warmest spots. early next week, slight chance of showers monday. stay tuned. tomorrow on "good morning
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the courthouse and might feel like something is watching you. art installation is called the dream. dreamer is an internnocent chihuahua, and creatures are the world he dreams up. >> like a kraken. on to sports. coming up, both bay area baseball teams in action. johnny quale returns for the giants. ace bats. how many runs
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and the power of 1 2 3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at houston astros scored nine runs first two innings last night, 15-0 win over the a's. tonight oakland returned the favor and believe it or not, added even more runs. astros fan, call that a style. definitely a look. a's scored seven runs in the first, six different guys, rbi
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singles, 12 batters to the plate. houston's wade miley didn't get out of the first inning as you would imagine. khris davis, 20th home run of the year, 9-1 oakland. up near the railroad track. crazier. home run derby from, that's matt olson. here's sean murphy. marcus semien, home run, olson again, and murphy going to go deep again. led 19-2, first two-homer game of olson's career. a's win by football score, 21-7. hits and runs the highs of the season. good job. giants and pirates, here's johnny cueto, first start since tommy johns, perfect first inning. huge smile. four strikeouts, good night for him. bottom five, giants up 3-0, i
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believe in stephen vogt. first four-rbi game since 2016 but giants bullpen barely hangs on to win 5-4. bruce bochy four wins record. kevin durant, time with warriors didn't look like nobody could get full acceptance of me there, hasn't been back to bay area since leaving for brooklyn. giants fan, hey crawford, if i get autograph, students will read books. kids will be hitting the books. and look at teacher, happy to bring home a souvenir tomorrow. this sports report by river rock the wait is finally over. the new samsung galaxy note 10 with the powerful s pen has arrived at sprint. and you get it for 50% off when you switch.
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superior accuracy in the palm of your hand, new accuweather app from abc7 news. minute by minute forecast, realtime radar and alert, keeping you safe. search in your app store and download now. >> we're out of time. appreciate your time. dan ashley. >> ama daetz. for chris alvarez, sandhya patel, all of us, thanks for being here. "jimmy kimmel live," e
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